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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 3, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and blizzard warning. heavy, blinding snow falling across the center of the country. as the major winter storm is set to dump over two feet. snarling travel on the eve of super bowl weekend. new trets against america by iran. new concerns about a surprise attack by israel. palm beach shocker. the multimillionaire taking drastic and bizarre steps to protect his fortune. adopting his 42-year-old girlfriend. and our super bowl blowout. josh is live in indianapolis. we'll hear from tim tebow, madonna, and the big celebrity
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fans. america gets ready to party for a clash of the titans. happy friday, everyone. you see that josh is excited about our super bowl blowout today. he's there in indianapolis. oh, behind the back. nice touch. and well represented here in the studio, we have giants fans, patriots fans. >> a few more giants fans than patriots. >> we are new york. donald trump having a good time shaking up the republican race. yesterday, a bit of a guessing game going on. in the end, he endorsed mitt romney. will it help or hurt? >> at first, some people thought he was going gingrich. new warnings what about is in your orange juice. levels of pesticides in your
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o.j. this morning. and poor scotty, pippa may be off the market. a guy named george percy. he's the heir to a throne. he's wealthy. worth about 300 million pounds. sorry, scotty. >> had it not been for that, you had a chance. >> i was this close. this close. we're going begin with the monster storm hitting the midwest. first, sam, of course, tracking it all. >> and robin, in the year where most of us have not seen snow or winter-like conditions, denver has been pounded. look at the white around the area. if we look toward the west, we is snow falling about 2 inches per hour. the snow will move east. goodland, north platte, des moines, seven states with winter
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storm watches or advisories. in the area of red, 10 to 20 inches of snow. if 14 inches of snow falls in denver, it's the biggest february snowfall ever. 24 inches? that shoots to the fourth largest snowstorm in denver history. clayton sandell is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. well this truly is one of the best ways to get around denver right now. we have had about 6 to 10 inches so far. it's coming down at about a half inch an hour. and right now, road conditions are just terrible. we have seen whiteout, blizzard conditions in parts of colorado and nebraska and kansas. if people have is to go out on the roads, they're warned to take food and water with them. they tell us there are about 200 canceled flights at the airport. in pueblo, further south, a
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plane slid off the runway. schools are closed all over the place. >> bad news for the storm. when it moves into warm air, we have severe storms to talk about later on. now to the news breaking overnight. escalating tension over a possible military attack on iran. one day after leon panetta warned that israel may attack nuclear spots in the spring just this morning, iran's supreme leader struck back saying any attack on iran will quote harm america. the pressure is racheting up. no issue worries american officials more. >> nothing worries american officials more. you have heard thoughts from leon panetta. he won't talk about it. the administration is spending a huge amount of time on this issue. as the iranians bury the nuclear
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materials deeper in the mountains, the israelis worry more. time is running out. later is too late is what ehud barak said. >> what happens next? what happens to the price of oil? is there retaliation against israel? there could be an taken to united states. >> that is what is really worrying the americans. an attack on the homeland. i have never heard the intelligence chief say anything like that. there might be sleepers here willing to attack if israel attacks iran. >> the u.s. officials think that the sanctions against iran could work. in the end, they know they can't stop israel if israel wants to attack. >> israel says, we want to attack, we will. >> thank you, martha raddatz. to the big shakeup in the republican race. donald trump's surprise
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endorsement of mitt romney. it's "your voice, your vote." david muir is there in las vegas to size up the odds. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. happy friday to you. 24 hours way from the nevada caucuses here. the big headline, that endorsement from donald trump. but will help from this high roller make a difference? >> governor mitt romney. >> reporter: mitt romney campaigning into the night in reno, buoyed by that surprise endorsement. >> get out there and caucus. >> reporter: donald trump came to las vegas with that endorsement cloaked in secrecy. >> it's my honor, real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. telling us that trump and mpaign governor romney previously held a meeting. they would not say who asked for the meeting. >> governor romney, go out and get 'em. >> reporter: and as fast as word
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traveled, the democratic national committee was out with this. >> you're fired. you're fired. >> i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >> reporter: trump hasn't always been supportive of romney. right here on "gma" with george. >> if you look at his record as governor, it wasn't totally stellar. his job production was not great at all. >> reporter: trump told me he's spent time with romney lately. he's best suited to create jobs. newt gingrich campaigning in nevada said he watched the whole thing in amazement. >> i like hiring people. i think finding way to hire people is really good. >> reporter: and gingrich stepped up his attacks on romney's comments about the very poor. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net in place. >> reporter: last night. when asked about that, he
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expressed regret. >> i misspoke. i wish i hadn't said it that way. i'm concerned about all americans. >> he said he would protect the net. that's important. have a good time. >> reporter: it didn't bother you then? >> i thought it was very unfair reporting. >> reporter: not only did donald trump tell me he's defending romney's word choices on the trail. donald trump said, i celebrate my own wealth. he says he's considering donating some money to romney's superpac. >> we'll be watching for that. now to the brewing text between money, politics, and breast cancer. it started when susan g. komen for the cure withdrew money from planned parenthood. claire shipman joins us with more. good morning, claire. >> reporter: 26 senators now
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urging komen to reverse its decision. seven affiliates in california saying they oppose the move. one top komen official had re n resigned. another is threatening to quit. the clash of two titans. the susan g. komen foundation and planned parenthood. >> we provide basic health care to 5 million patients every year. >> reporter: all lies. you have lost my support. playing politics with the lives of women. i'll never by pink again. >> i think that it's unfortunate. that it has to get political. >> reporter: and it got political fast, when the komen foundation decided to pull funding for breast screenings from planned parenthood. insiders say komen was worried about controversy surrounding planned parenthood's abortion
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services. this uproar has caused a cash infusion. >> the outpouring in support of women is extraordinary. >> reporter: just in week, they raised over $1 million. komen's ceo nancy brinker has offered changes explanations. >> these changes mean that we'll be able to do more to help women and advance the fight against breast cancer. >> reporter: monique learned she had a lump this her breast through a planned parenthood screening. >> it's a detriment to the women and the communities. >> reporter: health care, an issue of high anxiety for women right now. 17 million women are without coverage. komen had wanted to avoid controversy. it's plunged right into the middle of it. robin? >> and you talked about the
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contributions, claire. i know the new york mayor has done nated thousands of his own money. new concerns this morning what about is in your breakfast glass. traces of an illegal fungicide found in orange juice here in the u.s. abc's senior national koerntd jim avila has the story. >> reporter: newest thes show that not all the orange juice from brazil was stopped at the border. some of it is here. stored in huge, three-story high tanks in florida. tanltsed with the same or higher levels of the same pesticides. and will soon reach american grocery stores. the fda says that's okay. >> in the case, we've been cautious to be sure they pose no safety concern. >> reporter: news that the pesticide was found in the domestic supply sounds
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worrisome. >> i'll probably squeeze my own a little bit more. >> we haven't purchased orange juice since the stories came out. >> reporter: the fda says neither the orange juice stopped at the border or in the tank are dangerous. critics say thing on juice contamination shows the system is vulnerable to imported food supplies. >> for this orange juice, we're really lucky. the real concern is that -- the next hazard that's going to enter through imported products. >> reporter: the american juice processers are not being asked to clean their tanks. the fda says they'll let the fungicide wash its way out of the system. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, washington. >> i think i'll stick with my green tea in the morning. now, with josh in indy,
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andrea canning has the rest of the news. >> we begin with breaking news. word that two american tourists have been kidnapped in egypt. they were traveling to a resort city and were kidnapped. their guide was kidnapped as well. violence flares in cairo this morning. the protesters were angry that authorities did nothing to stop the deadly soccer riots. we turn to the economy. concern number one for millions of americans jobs. government reports this morning is expected to show that the economy added 150 now jobs last month. that's not enough to keep up with the number of people trying to get back in the work force. the unemployment rate is expected to stay unchanged. where are the new jobs being
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created? in nursing and biomedical engineering. there's a new player this morning in the race for the white house. everyone smile. roseanne barr, the comedian, has filed paper to represent the green party. conflicting new this is morning about superstar colts quarterback peyton manning. espn reports doctors have cleared manning to play again. but the owner of the colts, jim irsay is denying that's the case. manning missed this season recovering from neck surgery. and finally, how you resist a chicken wing cupcake. take a look. this is the newest fad courtesy of a bakery in albany, new york. it's a cornbread cup cake with blue cheese icing. chicken wings are second behind
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chips and dip as america's favorite football food. it comes with one other thing, a vomit bag. >> i was very biased against it when i read it. i looked at it, they don't look that bad. >> who are you? what have you down with george? i have to say something. it's wear red day for the american heart association. you didn't get the member moe. i present you with this red -- >> isn't that great? >> it's the number one killer. heart disease. >> i'll wear this next hour. >> sam got the membo. >> george, really? i was doing just fine until they showed that. the storms ahead of the snowmaker. we have had tornado watches and warnings out overnight and early morning. austin, abilene, wichita falls,
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wichita itself. we think some of this in louisiana and well near oklahoma city today could get tough storms. particularly in those zones. most of the country is dealing with warmth. atlanta, 63, washington, d.c., at 50 degrees. this is a beautiful look at
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the tidalse over basin this morning. there's the lincoln memorial and the jefferson memorial on the screenand side of the cooler thanticeably of days.couple manassas and even degrees in hagerstown and frederick. pretty straight forward today sunny and cooler today. a little uncertain about the weekend >> happy friday, everyone. there's -- something missing. robin, george? >> right here. think we'll take care of that in a moment. >> straight to indianapolis. josh is live out there for our super bowl blowout. look at that smile. how you doing, josh? >> hey, guys. how are you? first of all, can we discuss those chicken wing cupkax? i'm still trying to gather myself. what on earth was that?
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of course, chicken wing cupcakes can only mean one thing, super bowl xlvi. reflecting the national mood and character. two teams from the northeast corridor playing in it. you think new york and new england, you thing yankees and red sox. this sunday, think again. ♪ this weekend's biggest of games is not just a rematch between rival football teams and their star quarterbacks. it's also a clash of the east coast titans. aerosmith versus the ramones. wicked versus, fuggedaboutit. and the yankees and red sox. how much of that rivalry bleeds into this? >> there's always the argument,
7:19 am
boston, new york. the sports fans. the rivalries are there. it's no different. >> even though the red sox timely got over the hump and beat the yankees, i think it's fair to say boston fans spend a lot more time thinking about new york than new york fans spend thinking about boston. >> reporter: those title-hungry frans from the east will travel to the midwest. perhaps proving once and for all who has the best fans. >> i think patriots fans probably want to fight more. >> they're passionate people. they love their patriots. >> reporter: las vegas bookmakers may have made the patriots slight favorites. this is more than touchdowns, field goals. it's about hometown pride. who do you thing wins this? >> well, my head says the giants with the better team on paper.
7:20 am
but -- colllichines being what are, the game isn't played on paper. >> if the patriots win the super bowl, i'm going the call b.s. on defense wins championships, forever. >> if the patriots win, a lot of red sox fans will forget about baseball for one sunday. >> give us a sense of the atmosphere. >> i was out last night. the people have not all arrived. >> for a little bit. >> i was doing research. doing research. the fans are already here. and if preliminary -- my preliminary research proves correct, the giants are traveling this year. >> well represented here in the studio as well. we have scotty. representing and angie. as she's telling me five seconds to tell you new details coming
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning at 7:26 and friday, february 3. track work will cause delays and metro this weekend. trains will not run between bottom and and foggy
7:27 am
line will be no blue pentagon anden bottom and shuttle buses will be available. red line trains will single ness andween vsan friendship heights. today is the last full day of nevadaning before the caucus tomorrow. mitt romney got a boost when donald trumpogul endorsed him yesterday. polls show romney has a lead in the silver state and newschannel 8 will have more up in a live in-depth report in a few minutes. let's check in with lisa baden. >> this is live from newschopper7. way to 95 inheir maryland. the traffic is moving quite well between 198 and the beltway. iccc.blems on the there were looking at that between georgia avenue and 270 and 270 looks good pre 95 on the street bridge is running at
7:28 am
speed. >> we love the weather today. not as warm as the last days, about 10-20 cooler this morning and yesterday at this time. partly cloudy skies but over the area, told sunshine right now. 37 degrees downtown and 27 in frederick, on0 in degrees and the be a light wintry mix possible. thanks for joining us and we at 7:56.ack
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ ♪ i'm a different kind of girl ♪ you have to check in to my world ♪ that is madonna, of course. getting ready for the super bowl as only she can. her new single, give me all your lovin', is out today. she reveals who she is really rooting for. you get one guess. we say good morning, america, on this friday. >> will she prove elton john wrong? boy, tim tebow proved all his fans wrong all season. he's speaking out, unplugged, talking about the critic, how he's dealing with the fame. his prediction for the big game.
7:31 am
we'll go live to josh in indianapolis for that. a lot coming up. >> i don't think he stopped throwing the ball yet. the bizarre move by the multimillionaire polo baron in palm beach. he's speaking out for the first time about why he adopted his 43-year-old give. and pippa might be off the market. he is a wealthy prince charming. the shocking allegations about the husband at the center of the michigan murder case. the mother of two found murdered in her car. an avalanche about his alleged secret life. dan harris has been on this since the beginning. >> reporter: overnight, we spoke to bob bashara's attorney. he says he doesn't expect that his client will be charged with murder. he says if any charges do come, all the reports about his secret s & m sex life could taint the
7:32 am
jury. he's wiped away tears. publicly proclaimed anguish. and now this morning, bob bashara's attorney tells us that despite reports his client failed a police polygraph, a new, privately administered test, shows his client was not 1r068ed in the murder of his wife, jane, found strangled in her mer cedes nine days ago. >> the administrator said in his opinion, bob bashara did not kill his wife. and bob bashara had nothing to do with his wife's death. >> reporter: according to attorney david grimm, this is the man who should be blamed, joe gentz, who, according to police sources, has confessed. he claims bashara paid him less than two grand to do it. the attorney says gentz is not credible. >> by last count, he's told six
7:33 am
different stories. each of them contradicts the other. >> reporter: meantime, the killing has knocked one of america's wealthiest communities back on its legals. and unleashed a river of allegations about bob bah shall ra's extraordinary extracurricular love life. reportedly in the weeks before she was murdered, jane bashara learned that her husband had a mistress. >> i thought they were friends at first. he would take her dog for a walk during the day. >> reporter: bashara's extramarital activities apparently didn't end there. seen here in a youtube video promoting a local bar, the hard luck lounge, he was, according to reports, involved in an s & m den, a secret sex club located down these stairs beneath that bar in a building he owned. >> bl or not bob has an alternative lifestyle, that doesn't make him a criminal, a
7:34 am
wife killer. it makes it very difficult for us to get a fair trial. if he's charged. >> reporter: meanwhile, this morning, there's this. time is running out for police in grosse pointe park. they're only allowed to hold joe gentz for 72 hours without arresting him. that time is up. the clock is ticking. >> people are waiting to see what happens. we'll watch you this weekend, dan, thanks. now w to the bizarre legal move by a multimillionaire. the polo baron is now speaking out for the first time about why he adopted his girlfriend. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, john goodman, facing charges of dui manslaughter admits he adopted his 42-year-old give to safeguard his money. the statement released by the 48-year-old founder of palm
7:35 am
beach's international polo club doesn't hide his motive. it would provide her with the status and ability to protection family assets. the money is held in trust for his teenage children and their now 42-year-old sister. according to the police, goodman left his opulent palm beach estate on the night of february 12, 2010, driving his bentley at twice the speed limit, loaded with twice the legal limit of alcohol. >> he knocked the car of scott wilson into a drainage canal and he was drowned. >> hopefully, i'll get justice for my son. a 23-year-old. that's lost his life. >> reporter: goodman will stand trial for that manslaughter trial soon and then face the
7:36 am
wilsons in civil court three weeks later. >> let's get more on this now from dan abrams. i saw this strategy described by one lawyer as either awful or brilliant. which do you think? >> it's definitely awful. but it may be brilliant. the lawyer talking to his client saying, i know this is going to sound crazy. i have this idea where -- wait, hold on, you're going adopt your girlfriend. can you imagine that conversation? the reason it may be a little bit brilliant is if it ends up working, great. there's a lot of risks there. the kids' trust was off limits. it's now back on the table because of this maneuver. >> and there's a couple hundred million in there. >> that's right. huge numbers. number go, he's also got a criminal case pending, right? let's assume he's convicted in connection with the criminal case and there's sentencing.
7:37 am
judges are human. they don't -- they're supposed to just focus on what was presented in the courtroom. but they're human. when they hear that this guy has been engaging in what are at best legal shenanigans, i don't think that can help him. >> doesn't this make a mockery of the adoption process ? could the adoption be disallowed? >> it could. the probate will be battled in texas or delaware. the courts that are evaluating the trust could say this is a sham. >> if it goes through. the guy has now adopted his girlfriend, doesn't that open him up to an incest charge? no. i had to look this up under florida law. and have discussions about odd incest questions. the answer is no. because there is no blood relationship. as a result, there could not be an incest charge. if you read the florida law
7:38 am
carefully, if there had been an uncle or aunt with no direct blood relationship, there might have been incest. not with regard to a daughter or -- i'm sorry. any way. it's bizarre. the ins and outs of florida incest law. something i'm in the an expert in. >> dan, thank you. let's get weather from sam champion. >> legal information i never thought i would be able to use in a conversation. the storms rolling. if you get 14 inches in denver, the biggest february snowstorm ever. 24 inches? you jump right into the fourth biggest snowstorm in denver history. take the whole winter and account for that. the low, as it spins out, rough weather ahead of it. running into warm air, it's all rain. no concern that the snow gets out of that blizzard condition temperatures are in the 30's
7:39 am
few upper 20's here and there to the west. sonny and 50 to the chemistry for but not as straightforward weekend >> haul that weather was brought to you by truvia. a gorgeous weekend on the west coast. maybe the nicest all weekend long. coming up, tim tebow. the man behind the miracle season speaks out. we go back to josh in indy. twinkle twinkle little pie, you squashed my willpower like a fly. you looked so innocent and so sweet. convinced my lips that we should meet. you were a relentless flirt. oh no we had indecent dessert. twinkle twinkle hope appears. a stevia leaf erased my fears. it made my willpower a super hero. as for calories, it has zero. twinkle twinkle truvia® star, natural sweetness, i love just what you are. truvia®. honestly sweet.
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denver broncos quarterback tim tebow had a super story to tell tell this season. his last-minute wins on the field made him popular. now he's speaking out about critics, his faith, and dealing with all this fame. josh has so much more. josh? >> that's right, robin. tim tebow, one of the most decorated and celebrated college football players of all time. there were questions on whether his game would translate to the professional level. he answered those questions, as hi celebrations raised others. he is the man behind the miracle season. >> they win it on the first play of overtime! >> reporter: denver broncos quarterback, tim tebow, hailed for a string of improbable wins. and so beloved, his name and the
7:44 am
signature celebration of prayer have become a verb. tebowing. transcending football. done by crowds. across the globe. even under the sea. but also drawing criticism from some corners. some saying he's made his faith too visible. something he's now addressing in an interview with skip bayless, of our sister network, espn. >> i think you saw the skit. >> i'm the reason you won the past six football games. >> i knew it. >> oh, tim, easy, easy. >> how much of a role does god lay in winning or losing a football game? >> mine, that's a good question. i think for me, when i'm praying before games and during game. when i get on a knee in what's become tebowing. i'm asking the lord for strength whether i win or lose, hero or goat, i'm still going to be the same person. i'm going do my best, i'm going to do what's right. part of taking a knee is
7:45 am
humbling yourself and putting the lord first. >> your faith is the biggest reason you're an astonishingly polarizing figure. a divisive figure in the country. >> i'm sure my faith is a part of it. i'm thankful for the support i've received. you're always going to have critics. i'll always have them. i'll use that as motivation. but the support drives me the most. >> reporter: another motivation, one day making passes here in the biggest of games. but until then, he's left only to make predictions. >> i think it will be a close game. it's also hard to go against tom brady, as i found out. he's pretty good. and, um, if i had to cheese, i would probably go with the patriots in a close one. >> and, of course, you can see much more of the interview with skip today, 10:00 eastern this morning on espn2's "first take."
7:46 am
you have a great crowd there. we have one here. coming up, josh the back with "the play of the day" live for the first time. hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researching a role. today's special... the capital one venture card. you earn double miles on every purchase. impressive. chalk is a lost medium. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. was that really necessary? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? cover for me. i have an audition. are made with sweet cherries
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here's "the play of the day." >> the live "play of the day" today. back out to indy. high risk today, josh. you ready for this? >> oh. >> no. no, i'm not ready for this. not at all. all right, hey, guys. thank you. it's super bowl week end. we thought we would try our first live "play of the day." i'm here with cam newton, the panthers quarterback. cam, a heck of a rookie year. how was it? >> thank you so much. it was amazing. >> just me and you, through that hop. winner take all.
7:51 am
you go first. go ahead. >> can i run and put it? >> no, throw it through the hoop. do what you do. >> do what i do? >> all right. now i'm going to do. >> did he get it through? >> come on, josh. oh. >> one more, one more. >> oh! >> another one. ball, ball, ball, ball. >> hey, man. >> hey, george. we're going to keep throwing. >> go for it. >> you should have quit while you were ahead, josh. oh it's clearance time!
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 on this friday, february 3. investigators have made another arrest a number of the alexandria activist lenny harris. old was arrested yesterday agreed police arrested 49-year-old of oxon hill week.r this authorities say they will likely arrests in this case. it montgomery county middle school teacher and high-school track coach faces sex crime charges.
7:57 am
with a 16-year-old the montgomery track team. newschannel 8 will have an in- on bookstores at the top of the hour. let's check in with lisa baden. >> we had a crash on the suit takeway and you can't from pennsylvania -- and't take that fro the escalators at metro center remain out of service. it is settling down across the 14th street bridge. a little sunshine in our eyes in this picture. get used to the sunlight today. a gorgeous friday in store. currently 35 degrees skies.tly sunny cooler than the past couple of mornings. degrees and the district and
7:58 am
winchester, 27 degrees in manassas, on their way to 50 degrees and on the weekend, we see light rain or wintry night into sunday morning. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ let's get it started in here let's get it started in here ♪ ♪ let's get it started in here right here in times square. ready for the super bowl. they're ready out in indianapolis. we're here with our "gma" super bowl blowout. we're ready to get this party started. >> oh, this party is already started, george. i don't know about you. glad the camera's not on us right now. the hottest names are starring in the big game ads. no star hotter than mr. quigley. the exclusive first look at the super bowl ad. here he is right now.
8:01 am
go, mr. quigley. he's going to do some tricks for us. >> he's got some leg strength. he did it after we took the camera away. there's quigley again. that is not josh. >> he's a star. he doesn't just do tricks when you ask him to. >> there's josh. he's there with the people cheering on the teams. none clearing louder than the quarterback wives. we're going to go inside the lives of the first ladies of football. also, pippa off the market. we're going introduce you guys to the man nicknamed the earl of hogwarts. the prince charming who may be worth more than prince william. unbelievable. why you looking at me like that? >> you're up against the prince.
8:02 am
>> and maybe it's just love. >> that's true. that's true. >> we'll discuss. >> and you're wearing the proper colors. >> oh, george, again. thank you for my pin. i fit in better. good morning. let's get to the breaks newing this morning about the two americans kidnapped in egypt. alex marquardt is in cairo with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two american women kid mapped along with their guide in the peninsula just north of sharm el sheikh on the way to st. katherine. it's become very lawless in recent months, with bedouin tribes carrying out kidnappings. we don't know what they want. some tribes are aligned with al qaeda. that's not the only place we're seeing lawlessness. four people killed in clashes in
8:03 am
the last 24 hours after the 74 people were killed following the soccer game. they're furious about a lack of security. they say the police stood by and did nothing. here in cairo, they're protesting outside the ministry of interior. they're saying they've created a security vacuum. >> thank you, alex. and overseas, growing concerns this morning about a poe essential military attack on iran. today, the sue preep leader called israel a cancer and warned any attack would harm the u.s. thursday, defense secretary leon panetta was quoted, saying there was a strong lickly hood that israel would attack the nuclear facilities in the spring. a new government report is expected to show that 150,000 jobs were created last month. more people are trying to reenter the work force. the unemployment rate is
8:04 am
expektsed to hold steady at 8.5%. today, the final day of campaigning before the nevada caucuses. mitt romney holding a commanding lead over newt gingrich. we have an update on former model lauren scruggs. this morningst she's been fitted with a prosthetic eye. her mother called the eye beautiful. and said her daughter's physical pain has subsided. now tie yan sawydiane sawyer wi of tonight's "world news." how many jobs can one football game create? we take you behind the scenes of the super bowl. how much of the big game is made right here? how much is not. tonight on "world news." and finally, police on long island, new york, are offering a $5,000 reward to catch two
8:05 am
suspects after a hair-raising theft. they heisted rogaine bottles at a local store. something tells me joshlg is not among the suspects. rogaine is stolen and resold. not to split hairs, but the thieves may need the rogaine for themselves. especially the guy on the left. >> you're in the going the say the last line? >> do i have to. >> it's the bald faced truth. >> i was going to skip over that one. >> a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. >> george, you have the best hair i have seen in my life. >> all real. >> josh would have totally said that line, by the way. >> he has good hair, too. >> he would have owned it. >> and you own the "pop news heat index." >> are you ready to give madonna all your lovin'?
8:06 am
that's the name of the song she'll sing at the halftime show, along are some of her greatest hits. and this morning, the music video is out. yesterday, in indianapolis, madonna took a variety of xw questions from the press. >> i'm only 23, but i love you. >> i have love for 23-year-olds. >> really? i hadn't heard that. >> wow. >> madonna also told reporters she would choose eli manning over tom brady for a dinner date. when asked about giants receiver victor cruz, madge broke into his trademark salsa dance and told the crowd he inspired her. he's 25. on this super bowl weekend. superbad news.
8:07 am
the commercial for his line of underwear will be the last time we see him? such a state of undress. beckham said, my naked days are over. the reason? his three sons. he said their reaction to the new ads that will air sunday was oh, my gosh, daddy, not again. kids -- kids -- kids -- >> any husband said turn away. >> i have a special message to beck's children. mind your business. daddy's working. and mommy likes. finally, everybody. if you want to know who is going win the super bowl, listen to the stats, or the oddsmakers. or the animalmeercats said the will win. but this orangutan is going with
8:08 am
the patriots. his grandmother, new to the odds maiking game, she chose the jinlts. and finally, princess, the camel at a zoo in new jersey, who has an incredible track record is throwing her weight behind the giants. >> angie is happy. we have to go to sam with the weather. hey, sam. >> good morning, everybody. look at this. everybody is out in times square this morning. where are you from? >> atlanta. >> what is your name? >> nipper. >> is this representative of who you're going with? >> absolutely. at l >> you just have to pick someone? >> exactly. >> we're going with the camel. here's what's happening outside. fog in chicago. so much you wouldn't believe that. that's the live shot from chicago this morning. downtown is a whiteout
8:09 am
condition. out by the airport, about three miles visibility. this will be an issue today. these are big airports. they're going to have problems with the fog. denver, problems with the snow. travel will be difficult. if you're flying around the nation today, make sure you check with your here is the big picture of national cathedral early morning with blue skies and beautiful day today with total sunshine. 30 degrees and gaithersburg and degrees in manassas and quantico. noticeably cooler than the last days but near 50 this afternoon. that is still well above average for this time of year. weekend gets tricky and areas of rain or a >> here in times square. i'm snuggled up next to lynchburg, virginia. here's a lock at what we
8:10 am
have coming up. royal secrets uncovered. what will william and harry reveal about their grandmother, the queen? and j. lo and marc. why they're back together right now. is there enough love to make the latest project last? and super wives. the college sweetheart versus the megamod would when their husbands hit the field. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
8:11 am
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8:14 am
it's where the diamond lives. - uniquely beautiful hand-crafted rings with diamonds hand-selected by kay, the newest reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. neil lane bridal. forever begins here. story. it's a big royal anniversary on
8:15 am
monday. queen elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years. now a new book and three documentaries. nick watt with the story on what was uncovered. >> reporter: the queen keeps here cereal in tupperware. her personal motto, i have to be seen to be believed. she noticed you were slightly stalking her? >> she did. >> reporter: she never misses a trick. under the hat is an encyclopedic knowledge. >> when she became queen, elvis presley was leaving school. >> reporter: she's in charge. >> she's professional. her ability to know how to move around to who to speak to. and to engage with people. within a few split seconds of meeting them. >> they go to her for advice,
8:16 am
great deal. with things like the wedding. >> reporter: presumably, beatrice didn't run that hat past her ahead of time. >> when granny enters a room, everybody stops and watches her. it's huge. i kind of go -- >> reporter: that's weird, isn't it? >> well, she is still of the queen, this is, is still fairly awesome character. she's never not the queen. and i think you know, even with something like eugenie, that's probably the case. >> she's able to go into a room and bring it to life. at her age, she shouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: she's still inviting world leaders to buckingham palace. >> an almost private visit to somebody else's house. >> reporter: it's the family home. home to the family she slofs. >> she's very close to, you know, the inner core of the
8:17 am
family. >> reporter: it's a figure on the outer fringes who is gathering headlines today. she's back with her flame. he's heir to the castle they used as the set to the harry potter films. the queen never garnered headlines like these. do you feel she could have any skeletons that we just don't know about in her closet? >> i think there's a lot we don't know. i don't think skeletons in closets are probably there. we live in an age of celebrity. they're supposed to want to give you the details. she just doesn't do it. it's worked quite well for her. >> reporter: the queen keeps an eye on what journalists are saying about her. if she ever watches "good morning america," you might never see me again. i'll be taken to the tower of london and flogged. >> we'll bail you out, nick.
8:18 am
have a great weekend. and kate's sister, pippa, the one grabbing headlines today. apparently off the market. our contributor, duncan larcombe is here. nice to have you on this side of the pond. >> great to be here. >> the new flame. tell us more. >> pippa's the most eligible bachelorette from around the world, from the famous picture of her derriere at the wedding. she's now dating a guy called earl george percy. he's from one of the most historic and blue-blooded family lines as possible. and he's come -- comes with a bonus for pippa, that is the castle that is the setting for hogwarts in the harry potter films. >> they've known each other for awhile, right? >> they met at university. they were friends. they've always said they were good friends since then. pippa split up with her long-term boyfriend just after
8:19 am
the royal wedding. after she was seen flirting with prince harry. apparently that was a problem. >> guys don't like that much. it's already seen to be perhaps a little serious. >> well, in england, sometimes the middletons' mother, carol, has been accused of being a little bit of a social climber. i hope she's not watching abc this morning or i'm in trouble. now she faces the real prospect of having two duchesses in the family. that would make pippa a duchess. >> let's talk about pippa's sister, kate. this is her month, february, isn't it? >> it is opinion what . from kate, she's going to start doing her first solo engagements. supporting charities like diana would have done. we'll learn more in the next
8:20 am
three or four weeks than we have learned in the last year. >> she's been so gracious. >> and the queen has never given an interview? >> no. never. it will be interesting to see if prince charles will when he becomes the king. >> all right, duncan, have great weekend here in the states. we turn to the latest on j. lo and marc anthony, making it work after they split. they may be getting a divorce. it hasn't put the brakes on their new reality show. andrea canning gives us a first look behind the scenes. >> reporter: it's the new reality talent show that has people buzzing, complete are song and dance and superstar hosts. the former power cuffle, marc anthony and jennifer lopez are working together, living apart,
8:21 am
and still friends. >> we have to be in each other's lives, on different levels. marriage is one chapter. >> reporter: there's plenty of love left between them. on the new show, they show how they have managed to work through it together. >> jennifer lopez! >> reporter: earlier in the week, she visited "live with kelly." >> on this new show, you're working with your ex. it's awkward for me to ask, let alone how -- >> it is. it's like the question of the week. >> is it a tough question? >> no, it's an easy question. we get along good. we worked together before. we work together now. it's all good. >> it's good? it's not awkward? >> it has its awkward moments. >> you're beautiful. >> i got my eye on a couple of them. that was assault on camera.
8:22 am
>> reporter: and sometimes fireworks erupt around choosing the talent. >> i told jennifer about my famous twins. they were so dope. these are my girls. >> let's try to keep the integrity of the show together and not let our -- >> our what? say it. talk like you really talk to me. go ahead. >> i just want to stay professional. >> reporter: for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. now let's go back to josh. hey, josh. >> hey, george. how are you? as you well know, the nature of the quarterbacking beast, you win, you get the credit. you lose, you'll shoulder a lot of the blame. it's a lot of pressure for eli and tom come sunday. it helps to have special people in their lives. a supermodel and a girl next door that have more in common than you might think. ♪
8:23 am
eli manning and tom brady are set to lead their teams on sunday in front of an estimated audience of hundreds of millions. but both xwb quarterbacks will audiences of one backing them you have. their wives. eli married to abbey for four years. they met at ole miss. they've been inseparable since. brady meanwhile married to supermodel gisele bundchen. she showed her love in an e-mail to friends and family. writing this sunday will be a really important day in my husband's life. i kindly ask all of you to join me on this positive chain and pray for him so he can feel confident, healthy, and strong. signing the e-mail, love g. >> they're in a sense the first ladies of these athletic
8:24 am
organizations. they have to look good to make their man load book. >> reporter: abbey is an all-american girl next door. she loves in this quiet condo. gisele, a world famous brazilian boo beauty who just moved into this mansion. their similarities are surprising. the two couples were married within a year of each other. each woman had her first child right after. >> my job was to just breathe, relax, and allow my body and trust my body to do what it knows. >> reporter: bundchen is known for bounding down the runways. abbey has worked behind the scenes in fashion design. they share a similar sense of style. take a look. >> they both have to be the arm candy of these very successful athletes. they're very keen on the same
8:25 am
designers. they know what looks good on them. >> reporter: as for which husband will leave the field victorious, we have to wait until sunday to find out. now, while gisele is probably used to flying privately, i had a chance to fly here yesterday with abbey manning. i can tell you this, she flew with her little daughter ava and sat in coach in the middle seat. guys. and so, hey, lara, lara, go long. >> thank you, my friend. thank you. miss you, josh. all right, even if you're not a big football plan. you don't care about who wins or loses, you'll likely be watching for the commercials. you can forget about david beckham and matthew broderick for a moment. the mvp may be a pup named mr. qui quigley. here's a sneak peek.
8:26 am
>> we have a late entry, mr. quigley. >> is he wearing running shoes? >> it's legal i believe. wait, mr. quigley around the outside. look at him go, it's gonna be quigley! >> what? >> let's do it. >> he's walking across the finish line. >> the new mid foot strike. >> what do you mean you want a new contract? >> and right now, mr. quigley in the house. along with michael greenberg, the head of skechers. you may have just found the biggest star of the weekend. >> we're so proud. >> i want mr. quigley to let us know. how do you feel about the giants?
8:27 am
good friday morning at 8:27. vincent gray is in new york to district's credit rating. district leaders officials from major credit rating agencies. the -- they hope fundoost in the reserve boost their credit rating and that could save the millions dollars. gop presidential candidate mitt romney got a boost yesterday when real estate mogul donald trump endorsed him. show that mitt romney in nevada.ading newschannel 8 will have an in- report in a couple of minutes. let's check in with lisa baden and look at traffic.
8:28 am
>> it got busy all the sudden of a crash eastbound a between rte. 50 and nutley street. that is the only delay we have marshall and vienna at 123.of the wreck find it has been moved into a safety zone. we are showing a the pace of road andetween edsall seminary road and that is the on 395.ay the outer loop was good until it the mormon temple. here is the delight from boulevard past road and lanes are open after georgia opened. ave. it will be sunny for the rest day but tomorrow and into the weekend, it tricky. ofay there will be a lot sunshine and this is annapolis where it is 36 degrees. 38 degrees in the district. very straight forward today, it's sunny and we could have mixt rain or wintry night into sunday
8:29 am
morning. we will see you again at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ let's get it started in here let's get it started in here ♪ the crowd out there already got the party started. you see the signs there. we love mr. quiggly, too. >> you got the memo. we're going talk about your closet. is it overstuffed? we're going to show you how to narrow it down to seven essential pieces you must never throw away. you may just have them. you, too, may have them. >> he's got something to say this morning. a little bit of a growl going on. >> we're coming back with his pick. he's ready to talk. josh is ready out at super bowl central. hey, josh. >> hey, george.
8:31 am
how are you? of course the game is not all -- we're talking about on sunday. we're talking food. and so today, we have a very special challenge for you. two chefs. one, a giants fan. and one a patriots fan. smackdown. straight ahead. it will be judged by a very special guest. >> she is here with a very special guest. >> indeed. looking outside. you know we have a special guest. everybody is pressed up against the window like that. we're counting down to the academy awards. joining us this morning, the wonderful glenn close, nominated for best actress in her role as the title character in "albert nobbs." a lonely woman living as man in ireland. i enjoyed it thoroughly. i watched it last night. it was so emotional. it caught me offguard how
8:32 am
emotional abecame. it with auz passion project for you, wasn't it? >> it was. i did it a long time ago, off broadway in the beginning of my career. there was something about the character of albert that just fascinated me. >> what do you thing that was? >> i think it is her combination of brave belief and innocence. and also as an actress, i was fascinated by what would it be like to be invisible for 30 years and then try to come out of that? you know, what are those dynamics, what is that psychology? >> you said 30 years ago, you could not have probably brought to it the big screen as you did. >> i had only done -- i think ied a filmed "the world according to garp." i don't think it had come out yet. i didn't know the languages of film. the challenges of albert benefited by my 30 years of
8:33 am
experience. >> i think it did. it's an unconventional character. >> very. >> i want to play a clip so people can have a better understanding. here you are as albert. you're asking out a -- maid that you work with. here it is. >> i was wondering, miss, if you would care to come out for a walk. >> pardon me, mr. nobbs? >> i'm off duty at 3:00 tomorrow. if you're not engaged -- >> engaged? no, i'm not. but -- are you asking me to walk out with you? >> i am. >> i know people are again looking and saying, that, what, looking at you, looking at the character. even your makeup team, they are nominated for an academy award. >> it's so thrilling.
8:34 am
their challenge was to transform janet mcteer and me with the least possible makeup. to make us look believable in those roles. and it's masterful. the finesse of the art of special makeup. >> i was watching it over and over again. and -- there's something also, this is set in 19th century ireland. it's still relatable today. you said and others, it's true. many of us hide behind something. we have some secrets. >> i think we all do. i think we arrange our faces every day and we're dealing with issues that most people have no clue about. i also think there are a lot of people in the world who feel invisible and powerless and -- so i think albert's story speaks to that. it's of isolation and even with all the communication, we're supposed to be so
8:35 am
well-connected. i think -- my bones tell me there are people that don't feel that connected or empowered. >> i think you're on to something. with that. and also, the last time you were here, how is your sister, jesse, doing? >> she's wonderful. she and my nephew just spoke in san luis obispo. they've become advocates for mental illness. i'm so proud of them. >> it's a powerful campaign. it got people talking. it was a joy to have you here with her and she's continuing to do well. >> she is. >> what is next for you? do you get excited as we do? this is your sixth academy award nomination. >> i'm very proud of that. i'm very excited. i'm in great company this year. i -- you know, i think there's a very, very strong stable of
8:36 am
actresses now in hollywood. think particularly those of us who have been around awhile, yes, but the young ones coming up, very exciting. and so to be part of that kind of multigenerational group of women, i'm very proud to be part of that. >> you're more than just a part of it. love you in "damages," too. that's going great guns. are you sticking with that for a little bit? >> we're in our fifth season. slooti i shooting in brooklyn. it will be our last season. we're having a great time. >> continued success and blessings in everything. congratulations with the nomination. this is so important to you, you co-wrote it. you're so involved. more people will see it. >> i hope so. >> and "albert nobbs" in she theaters now. we're right outside the window and watching you and glenn in the interview.
8:37 am
this is great view. such a great view. i would stand out here every day. what's your name? >> christine. >> and? >> patricia. where are you from? >> washington heights. >> new york. let's get to the boards. we can see everything from times square. we'll start with -- i know, it's a big crowd. oefrg happening. our twitter and facebook pictures. atlanta, part of the heat. game-time weather? here's the deal. a rainy day on saturday. the rain ends in indianapolis by the time you get to sunday morning. i know the game is inside. tailgating always happens outside. here's where the blizzard watches and warnings are. they're 38 degrees downtown and to 50atures will rise today. sunshine that the
8:38 am
weekend will have increasing light tomorrow and a rain/snow makes a saturday in tucson that. >> all that weather was brought to you by and robin, i'm tweeting that picture of you and glenn close from the window. i'm tweeti ining it right now. >> i know i'm in when i have matching shoes with glenn close. that makes me feel like, you know what, i know what's going on. know what, i know what's going on. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. es your cand more...keep charging you more... and more? stop payining so muchfor .
8:39 am
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8:40 am
it probably also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers! i mean, who wouldn't want a piece of that? geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
8:41 am
. is your closet a little bit overstuffed? or filled with things you're in the sure you like? are you having a hard time finding anything to wear? you're about to meet someone just like you. we sent "marie claire's" zanna roberts rassi to a woman's home to give her a sense of style. >> hello, i'm ashley. check out my closet. this is what i'm working with. it's a little bit of a mess. my closet is so full. i know that there's things in here that i don't wear. things i would never wear. so, i definitely need some help. ♪ >> here we go.
8:42 am
>> hi. >> are you ready to have your closet cleansed? we can fix it. we can fix it. let's go. one way to make your life easy would be to have key pieces. get away with essential and make so many outfits. the only way to do this is everything out. no, no, no. >> no, no, no. >> you have -- here we have your seven key pieces. they're very versatile. denim shirt. fun, flirty girlry dress. camel circle skirt. knit, jersey nautical dress. from miami, a girl needs sequins. classic yet versatile trench coat. number seven, every girl's best friend.
8:43 am
>> a good pair of jeans. >> a good pair of jeans. doesn't it look so zen and clean? >> let's get to it. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> so what's cute? >> and we are joined by "marie claire" fashion editor zanna roberts ros roberts rassi. >> thanks for coming. >> thank you. there are three big roles everyone can apply. number one, compartmentalize. store everything in your closet by silhouette and color. blouses with blouses, jeans with jean opinion it sounds so obvious. >> you do color quoord nation?
8:44 am
>> within that, exactly. >> the seven key pieces are -- >> a mixture of classics and trend. a played sleeveless shurt, it can double up as a vest. this fabulous plated skirt. easy to wear. big trend for string. the jean, obviously, essential. the boyfriend shape is great right now. a blazer. >> you like stripes? >> we like stripes. >> horizontal stripes can be tricky. >> they can be worn. >> and a pencil skirt. >> it's fun, it's lady like. >> spinning sweater and jump suit. can we see these in different ways. >> number one, rock and roll lady here. mixing the two prints together. polka dot is an easy print to mix. >> i would look insaid if i wore it. somehow, she looks fantastic. >> then we have the jeans, obviously, something casual, comfortable.
8:45 am
easy. we could throw on this on the top and give her another layer. >> then the ping sweater again. now coupled with -- >> this feminine flirty skirt. it flows nicely over the hips. it can hide a multitude of sins. >> and is jump suit. >> easy to do. add accessories. >> next up, there's the played shirt again. >> we added a belt. a feminine skirt. i like mixing those two worlds together. >> i need you to come to my closet. >> and we have dressing up your d denim. casual friday in the office. the blazer pulls everything together. >> and finally? >> back to the jump suit again. we have added the sweater.
8:46 am
you could maybe do that. >> seven key pieces. thank you, zanna. we want to thank the models for coming today. coming up, well this chef is a giants fan. one is a giants fan, one is a patriot. we'll see who wins the
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right. are you ready for some football? i hope so. super bowl -- a couple of uber chefs who are also uberfans. patrick connelly. his brother, dan, a center for the patriots. and over here, iron chef mark.
8:49 am
at rebel atlantic city. welcome to you both. we have a special judge for you today. none other than miss america 2012. [ cheers and applause ] great to have you. i could be bought. you are above reproach. i want to ask you, why are you here in indianapolis this weekend? >> i'm here for the taste of the nfl. a great charity that raises money for food banks across america. anyone that wants to donate, visit >> you ready ady to judge? >> i am. >> we're doing an ode to new england. a huge lobster roll. a bunch of lobster meat. a deconstructed tartar sauce. >> what is it like, the
8:50 am
inveterate rate residepatriots working in new york. >> that's why i have my hard hat? >> it's not that bad. new york fans don't like to brag, we just win. >> oh, and thus it begins. why don't you begin. i don't want to run out of time. >> you have the lobster salad. >> and a big hoagie roll. stuff it with lobster meat. >> that's the final product. >> take a bite if you would. >> you get started, mark. i want to make sure you have plenty of time. take a good bite. all right. now think. remember that. >> i will. >> what are we working on? >> this is a sandwich i've nicknamed the bad sandwich. it's got bacon and apples and a
8:51 am
little dill. the spread, a romesco, almonds, vinegar. this is the kicker here. pickled apples. >> you take a taste of this product. >> dip it in there first. >> dip it in the sauce. ? here we go. we have about 20 seconds left. it will be tough. and the winner is? >> they're both great. both great cities, both gate team. but based on the sandwiches alone -- >> wow. >> it's gonna be okay. it's gonna be okay. congratulations. for the recipes,
8:52 am
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somebody help me down.
8:54 am
are you ready for some football? i know josh is. have a great time in indy at the super bowl josh. we'll see you. >> i will. >> all right. >> all right. >> now we're going to see that 100 times, too. but we want to see right now, mr. quiggly, the super dog. let's do it. >> let's do it. what do you think of the new
8:55 am
york giants? what do you think of the giants? we need to know. you better give me the right answer? oh, no. oh, no. that doesn't look good, mr. quigg quiggly. what do you think of the patriots? oh, no. mr. quiggly. well -- the man has spoken. the star of the super bowl. you heard it here first, george. >> we did. i don't know what the crew is going to think about that. >> the dog traper has spoken. >> have a great time. look at our wonderful crew. split right -- well, kind of split down the middle. leaning toward the giants. >> it's giants. >> we'll see you live from indy on sunday on "gma." next week, all about love. tim mcgraw and faith hill live. >> i love this. >> it's already started. have great weekend everyone.
8:56 am
it's memory make eres search. your chance to say thank you with a customized disney dream vacation. so magical, the memories will last a lifetime. who wouldn't want a gift like that? go to on yahoo!. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 8:56 and a
8:57 am
hearing will be today on accountability at cemetery.national from the army and the government accountability office expected to testify. numerous problems were found of the settlement -- cemetery a and duringhalf ago whether recent management changes are adequate. the virginia senate is expected wouldrove a bill that repeal the state's current one handgun per month cap. delegates already approved a similar piece of legislation earlier this week. let's look at traffic. it was a good morning until looprash on the outer after georgia ave. look at that pace in this from new hampshire avenue past georgia avenue and connecticut to avenue, things dramatically improve. no problems to report right now the american legion is good through tyson's on the beltway and the been easyl road has commute.
8:58 am
live totake you springfield, va. and there is as volume north as south. if you take metro rail, they are normal service systemwide. warmave the sunshine to you up and it will be cooler than the last couple of days but compete with 60's 70's and early february. dulles is only 31 degrees. right at the freezing point in frederick. straightforward weather today -- sunshine but the weekend gets update have an we can have a light saturday night into sunday. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
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