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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 4, 2012 7:00am-8:00am EST

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gad morning, america. this morning, whiteout. an epic blizzard for the record books. five feet if parts of colorado as major highways are closed. flights are canceled. and entire cars buried. it's not over yet. and war games. provocation from iran this morning. launching new naval maneuvers through waters with one-fifth of the nation's oil flows. why have nearly 100 dolphins beached themselves on cape cod. the race is on to stop more from coming ashore and to help the ones that are stranded. and madonna strikes back.
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critics are trashing her new movie. her new music video is getting mixed views. but 100 million people will watch her tomorrow night at the super bowl. can she silence the haters? i don't know. i think with a career as long as hers, i wouldn't bet against her quite yet. good morning, everyone at home. a lot of news to cover this morning. a twist in a baffling murder mystery. something you have been covering all week. the shocking case from one of the wealthiest towns in america. now the lawyer of the husband under suspicion for the murder of his wife floats a new theory. did the handyman do it on his own over a debt he was owed? >> they set him free with zero
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explanation. the family of jane bashara super-upset this morning. on the eve of the super bowl, probably the most talked about football player of the year. hannah storm is here. she went one on one with tim tebow. this burning question. can tebow sing? we'll let you judge for yourself. hannah will be here with that. and speaking of tebow, this is the week end that some of the world's best athletes show off. athletes like this guy. the 18-month-old. this little guy will join us live this morning. >> a lot of people say it's like watching a young tiger woods play golf. we're going to start with the massive snowfall. the massive blizzard burying
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denver. this winter storm warning as the beast moves east. clayton sandell is out in the thick of it. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. we have portions of major interstates shut down in colorado, nebraska, and in kansas. check this out. the storm is moving out of the area, we still got five inches of new snow here in denver overnight. the system that is bringing us all of this is headed east. it's a monster storm that keeps on giving. >> we can plow it if it's just snow. but with the wind, it covers it back up. it's a long time before we win the battle. >> reporter: as crews worked through the night caused by the single heaviest snowstorm for denver in over 100 years >> reporter: after pounding colorado with up to five feet in some areas, other states are
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bracing for impact. >> it's been tough. just going down the highway at 10 miles an hour, i'm in a skid. >> reporter: as snowplows try to keep up. >> they're not essentially equipped to run, you know, a foot of snow on the road. so we always have the risk of getting stuck. >> reporter: in the rocky mountains, new avalanche warnings. while at the denver airport, an avalanche of flight cancellations. at times, it was tough to catch a bus. now it's already snowing in omaha. i just got off the phone with the national weather service. they say by tonight, omaha could see nine inches of snow. des moines, eight inches. >> our meteorologist, ginger
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zee, is tracking the storm. where is it headed next? >> southeastern nebraska is getting it now. denver seeing the last of the flakes coming through. let's talk about how much snow falls with the next 24 hours. open ha in the bull's eye. north platte already up to a foot of snow. they're going to get some more. where is the thing moving next? the low will track slightly southeast. the rest of the storm is really a rain-maker. maybe a wintry mix by tomorrow for washington wa, d.c. my friend, ron claiborne, is here with more. >> my friend, too. >> breaking news out of iran. iran has launched some war
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games in the persian gulf. jeffrey kofman joins us with more from london. what is iran trying to show with this apparent show of force in that region? >> and good morning you to, ron. call it an overt flexing of muscles. the focus of the straits of hormuz. iran has repeatedly threatened to close the strait. one-fifth of the world's crude oil travels through that strait of hormuz. >> heightened tensions. bellicose language out of iran yesterday. >> that's right. there's talk of an increasing
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threat of an attack on iran be israel. the ayatollah said yesterday that any military action would hurt the u.s. or israel many times more than iran. this is definitely one to watch. >> thank you, jeffrey. reporting from london on the iranian naval exercises going on in the persian gulf. in syria, more than 200 people killed and hundreds more injured since last night. the army pelted anti-government activists with mortar and nail bombs. and an explosion near a military base in california has left at least one person dead. a propane system caused the blast in a housing area near the
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marine training center in coleville. and federal investigators are dropped the doping charges against lance armstrong. despite repeated allegations, he's never tested positive for illegal drugs. finally, every heard of the wing bowl? >> no. >> wing bowl xx. a competitive eating champ, kobayashi shattered the old record. he ate them all in half an hour. he beat a guy, his nickname is el wingador.
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he weighs 230 pounds. kobayashi weighs 127 pounds. we're going turn to another big day in the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote." republicans in nevada are headed to the caucuses this morning. the first contest fought out west. mitt romney has a commanding lead there. his opponents are looking ahead and starting to hone in their message against him. jon karl joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. romney is hoping to build on the landslide victory he had in florida with a big win today in the nevada caucuses. mitt romney is trying to put together a winning streak. >> thank you. >> reporter: he comes into nevada with big momentum from the florida primary. he's got an endorsement from the most famous hotel owner in vegas. >> governor romney, go out and
7:10 am
get 'em. >> reporter: friendly territory for romney. >> this is a battle about the soul of america. >> reporter: mormons are pektsed to make up 25% of caucus growers. newt gingrich is 2r50iing to regain his footing. >> hang in there. >> that isn't good enough for the republican party to nominate obama lite. >> all right, she's going to wonder about this. >> reporter: he's under fire for comments he made the day after he won in florida. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it breaks, i'll fix it. >> that's not the republican party i want to belong to. i want to belong to the republican party that cares about every single person having the opportunity to rise in america. to create something for themselves.
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>> reporter: ron paul came in second in nevada four years ago. now a strong organization is hoping for an upset. >> he comes in and says, i'm pimping for paul, they're going to have a real good time. >> reporter: at the very least, he seems to have the hooker vote locked up. he's the only candidate that is in favor of legalized prostitution. you need 1100 to clinch the nomination. if romney wins today, he'll be the first candidate to put in two victories in a row. a winning streak. >> i want to ask you about yesterday's jobs report. the unemployment rate fell to a three-year low. that's great news for the americans. it can be tricky for the republicans and the president to respond to it. how will this change things? >> it would dramatically change
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things. the central republican argument is that obama has failed on the economy. in terms of how they reacted to this, romney said yesterday, yes, in economy may have improved a bit, but nowhere near enough. and obama has done so much damage, he's extended the recession. that's a much more difficult argument to make, instead of look how bad things are, we need a new president to improve it. >> we have to leave things there, jon. thanks for joining us this morning. >> you got it. new information on the mystery illness scowooping throh a high school in upstate new york. the case getting national attention. and involvement from erin brockovich. could this new theory explain all of it? >> reporter: finally, new theories attempted to explain this mysterious illness in leroy
7:13 am
new york. >> i'm on 9 prescriptions. >> it means the sudden onset of symptoms like tics and/or ocd. >> reporter: this doctor is awaiting test results on several of the victims. now the first adult victim has come forward, a 36-year-old nurse. the other 15 victims who have come down with these mysterious tix are teenagers like lydia parker. >> i can't stand for more than 2:00. i'm in a wheelchair. my vocal and -- everything gets really bad at night. >> reporter: doctors are weighing in from across the country. some say it's morgellons.
7:14 am
a doctor that's treated some of the teens says it's mass hysteria. >> and i'm not taking it anymore. >> reporter: erin brockovich believes that a chemical spill from the 1970s might be the answer. a study released yesterday didn't find those causes for these illnesses. a latest results of a test by a firm gives no further clues. it recommends more testing. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. why have more than 100 dolphins beached themselves on cape cod? the race is on to save the ones that are on shore. this has happened before. >> reporter: that's right. but never this bad. it's a mystery of nature for sure. in the past two weeks, 116 dolphins have stranded
7:15 am
themselves. 81 have not survived. >> one, two, three, up. >> reporter: it's a frantic race against time, as rescuers struggle to save hundreds of dolphins stranded on the shores of cape cod. >> as of right now, we're looking at about 116 since the 12th of january. >> reporter: one of the theorys is they're getting caught in low tides that then force them to shore. they're washing up in groups of as many as ten. >> the water levels drop, the animals come on shore and get stranded. >> reporter: they're trying to save the stranded dolphins and keeps others from doing the same. >> everyone in the back needs to pull out the back. >> reporter: the international fund for animal welfare has already rescued 31 dolphins. they've put tracking devices on them to see where they go next.
7:16 am
>> we're up to about 66%. we release them from beaches where it gets deep quite quickly. >> reporter: cape cod is known for its dolphin-friendly waters. it atacts visitors from all over. this could be the largest ever single-species stranding ever in in northeast. one special patient with a shot at new life. >> we had a pregnant female dolphin we were able to release. we did the health exam and found that the dolphin was pregnant with probably a third trimester calf. >> animal advocates were in washington yesterday to brief the government on what was going on. >> frustrating story. thank you.
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time now for the weather and meteorologist ginger zee is back in the house. >> we start with the southern end of that storm. it was lots of snow in parts of colorado, now nebraska. but the southern part in texas. just north and west of houston, it's where college station or texas a&m is located. much-needed rain. but four inches or so on top of very dry land, there will be flood concerns. more to come. arkansas, far eastern mississippi. we're talking lots of rain. today's high temperatures in parts of southern california, los angeles, 77. warm all the way to san francisco, above average in seattle and portland. lots of sunshine will stick around. it will be great weather-wise. i'll leave you with a look at the national outlook. a whole l good morning, a little taste
7:18 am
of winter this weekend after a balmy week. temperatures are in the upper 20's and, wins. around increrease just thehe west and a rain sysystems way and we concede a snowstorm in the upper plains. that,l see a taste of topping out a about 50 degrees d snow of rain and >> let's get straight to the twitter and facebook photos. want to begin with a foggy look. it's been really foggy in illinois for the last couple of days. this morning, north dakota, south dakota waking up with that. that's the top of the capitol in springfield. and that is called horror frost. >> what? >> horror frost. the big one-on-one interslew
7:19 am
with tim tebow. even though he's not playing in the super bowl tomorrow, tebow-mania has not faded one bit. he really was the big story this year. espn anchor hannah storm scored a big sitdown with him. hannah is here this morning. >> i think you'll like this. tim tebow, he didn't start at quarterback at the beginning of the season. when he finally got his shot, a string of comebacks, quote unquote miraculous wins, had many wondering about the power of prayer. an evangelical christian went from an nfl star to a cultural phenomenon. what is the craziest question you were asked? >> i heard a cool quote from abraham lincoln. whether god was on the union's side or not. it's not a matter of whether god is on our side. it's matter of if we're on god's
7:20 am
sign. >> reporter: his story was already a thing of legend. his mother was ill when pregnant and told to abort him but refused. >> i call him my miracle baby. he almost didn't make it into this world. >> reporter: he wears his faith on hez sleeve and on the field. he goes down on one knee and prays at the end of games. a move so well known is part of the national lexicon. you kneel down, what is now known as tebowing. tell me about that moment. >> for me, it's a great opportunity in a public platform the get on a knee, humble myself, and thank the lord for the blessings he's put in my life. >> it's a personal conversation between you and god? >> absolutely. >> why do you think you're so polarizing? >> think a lot of it has to do with my faith, win or lose, hero
7:21 am
or goat, i'm is same person. ♪ our god is an awesome god he reigns ♪ >> i think you were singing a hymn, right? >> i know god's graced me with a voice. i try to make some noise. i don't have a good voice at all. >> that could be one of your faults. tebow mania, a shocking playoff upset against the pittsburgh steelers. there was a funny coincidence. you passed for 316 yards. that's an eye black you put on in college. >> that verse is very meaningful to me. thank you the next day and half, 94 million people googled that verse. >> if you look at google searches, you're more popular than jesus. >> i don't think that's a good
7:22 am
thing. >> but his popularity has inkrooesed 50% since your playoff run. >> that's good. >> any cracks in the facade at all? >> no, no. it's not a facade. that's the thing. he walks the walk. he's welcomed christ into his heart since he was 15 5. he was carried out on a rip tide. he was saved and went home and told his mom. he's the real deal. >> you think he has any sense how big he's become? >> he has a sense, he doesn't care. it's like tebowing right. all the hoopla is going on. he's sitting there in and act of prayer, he's humbling himself and speaking to god, that's the way he lives his life. you can bust twitter, google, go crazy. all these things around him, it doesn't matter to him. he wants to live his life.
7:23 am
he does service work. he's opening a hospital in the philippines. he has a powerful foundation. he cares about his family and service work. >> great interview. >> fun to be with you. >> i love that he listens to frank sinatra before the games. for much more, tune in for a special four-hour edition of "sunday nfl countdown" on espn starting at 10:00 eastern. who is the man who reportedly killed a mom in the wealthiest suburbs in michigan? why is he free now? you shouldn't just get it fast, you should also get it for free. that's why at h&r block... you could get money that's both fast and free on an emerald card. just bring in your tax information and get a refund anticipation check... in 7-14 days, for up to $9,999.
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day with a high o52 just about the same but some big cnges are way.g ourur temperatures are in the upper of theth light winds out north and wwill have colder air later today. this grain system in the will be midsection and just to the that, a major snowstorm hit denver and is
7:28 am
moving to the plains states agreed that will move to our could see a mix o precipitatation late tonight ino tomorrow. a tastste of wier is coming ou way. today at 50 about degrees d moststly cloudy but in hou, look for shares to start thee mixix especially north and the city, 30-37 degrees toght and thatat will continue maybe 1ning hours, as we get to the hours, high- as we get to the hours, high- temperature
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♪ give me all your lovin' give me your love ♪ >> the dulcet tones of madonna. she's at a crucial juncture of her career. tomorrow night, the biggest stage of her life, halftime of the super bowl. she'll be singing this song, "give me all your lovin'." >> i have to say she looks incredible. 53 years old. she's had come backes before. never bet against madonna. it's saturday, february 4th. the boy at the peak of his game at the age of 18 months. this ping-pong playing toddler. this video is a smash hit on youtube. we're going to meet jamie and
7:31 am
his dad. could he be the next tiger woods of table tennis? we're going to start with the latest surprise twist fwh a baffling murder case playing out in one of america's wealthiest communities. the handyman who apparently confessed to killing a mom and executi executive, jane bashara, has now been released with no explanation. joe gentz, days ago, walked into the grosse pointe police station and said he killed jean bashara was let go. >> we're literally scared for our lives. i mean this crazy guy is out. >> reporter: gentz reportedly pointed the finger at his boss, jane bashara's husband, bob, who gentz says paid him almost two
7:32 am
grand to do the deed. now bob bashara's lawyer is fighting back. >> i don't believe he killed his wife. >> reporter: he announced his own theory of the crime. saying perhaps gentz went to the home to collect money he was owed by bob. >> i can see this joe, look at the nice car you're driving. look at the flies home you're living in. why can't you pay me? an argument ensues. the next thing you know, a wonderful woman has a broken neck. >> reporter: in a rather extraordinary 90-minute q & a session, the attorney swore -- >> [ bleep ]. can you -- >> reporter: he also defended his client over the avalanche of leaks and lurid tales about him
7:33 am
having a mistress, running a secret s & m club, and having contact with this dominatrix. >> he had called me out of the blue and asked me if i would be interested in promoting the club and being a premier dominatrix. >> i'm not sure that an alternative lifestyle counts for much in this case. >> clearly a lot to talk about. for more, let's turn to jean casares. why would police release man who has reportedly confessed to murder? >> because at this point, they don't have probable cause that he committed the crime, the murder, of jane bashara. >> a confession is not probable cause? >> it's not enough. they're looking for evidence to corroborate what he's saying. this is going to be a forensics
7:34 am
case. she fought for her life. her nails came off. maybe they don't have the dna results. they're going to look on the nails, under the nails. look for anything that places joe gentz in that garage. it looks like they don't have it yet or they would have arrested him. that doesn't mean they won't get it in. i would think that the dna would have been on a fast track to come back. because they're holding man in custody. constitutionally, they had to release him. >> does it mean they don't think he did it? >> possible. possibly. let's say joe gentz is owed money by bob. i'm going get back at bob, i'm going to go into the police station and say, bob made me do it. yeah, then i'll spend life in prison. that's worth $2,000. that doesn't make sense. >> a lot in the case doesn't add
7:35 am
up. what do you make of the defense attorney's theory? he thought gentz came to the house, got into an argument with jane bashara and ended up strangling her? >> in the garage. on the one hand, it races some questions. it goes against what bob bashara said. he said he knows his wife was at home because the tv was on, her id was there. jane would have had to be in the garage, the garage would have had 20 have been open. she wouldn't have let him in, it look like. it doesn't add up with the facts. >> we have just a few seconds. how damaging is the stuff about the extramarital affair, the dominatrix for bob bashara? >> it shows motive. there's a potential jury pool out there watching all of this. it's not good for him. >> and the defense attorney is worried about the potential jury pool. thank you very much. we appreciate your time, jean.
7:36 am
let's get over to ron with another look at the headline this is morning. in the news, colorado begins digging out from the record-breaking blizzard this morning. five feet of snow fell on parts of the state. denver, 14 inches of snow. the biggest february snowstorm ever. ginger will have the forecast m coing up. and a sold your is facing a court marble. bradley manning could be in prison for life if he's convicted of aiding the enemy. and the komen breast cancer foundation is backing down from plans to stop funding planned parent hood after a fire storm of criticism. the foundation issued a statement apologizing for a decision that may have cast doubt on their mission to saving lives. and a vermont prisoner could
7:37 am
be in big trouble. there is a pig on the dekale of the car for the police. it's time for the weather and over to ginger zee. the number one storm total, 50.5 inches. that's in pine cliffs. the foothill picking up feet of snow. it's coming to an end. the next several hours it will focus over omaha. kansas city staying out of most of it. it will stay a rainmaker there. let's fly from west to east before i show you a little bit of a super bowl forecast. storms ahead of the system. and warm in florida, 81. i'll leave you with, even though it's an indoor stadium, if good morning,, washingn, a a but a taste of winter before we are finished. temperature will be
7:38 am
degrerees and rain tonight snow in the morning but >> this weather report has been brought to you by party city. dan and bianna? >> nice to know the weather in indianapolis is mild. >> even though they're going to be covered. coming up here, madonna facing the music. critics howling about her new song and movie. now she has a chance to silence the haters on her biggest star yet. and a toddler that might be able to beat you at ping-pong. find out how he got so good. he'll join us live. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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well, if you haven't heard, this is a huge weekend for madonna. her movie is opening in parts of the country. she's performing at halftime of the super bowl. and she's just released a new video for the new single off her album. the material girl may have lost her touch. >> reporter: it's football as only madonna can play. ♪ maybe you'll do fine as lochk
7:43 am
as you don't ♪ >> reporter: riding high above on a sea of hands. ♪ give me all your lovin' give me your love ♪ >> reporter: cheer leaders nicki minaj and m.i.a. declaring their love. this new video is part of what may be the material girl's biggest weekend ever. an audience of more than 100 million awaiting her super bowl performance. >> i have never worked so hard or freaked out as much trying to make the most amazing show for the super bowl. >> everyone's going to be watching. everyone wants to judge her. the stakes are incredibly high. >> reporter: madonna is no stranger to high stakes. she's constantly reinvented herself and her brand. the criticism for the latest venture has already begun. >> what would you advice be to ma dod that this year? >> make sure you lip-synch good.
7:44 am
>> reporter: the pop star shows she's still got it. strutting herself alongside collaborators half her age. as for the song itself -- >> it's not the best song she's ever done. it's not a bad song. >> reporter: it makes the stakes on sunday oh, so high. great performers can have bad shows. remember the black eyed peas and haul that out of tune autotune? and of course there was justin and janet. >> attention to detail has been paid to my wardrobe. there will be no wardrobe malfunctio malfunctions. >> reporter: can she score a win on sunday? for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta. >> i have to say with madonna, it's the whole package. not just the song or the
7:45 am
performance, it's the persona. >> what about elton john? claws out, huh? >> that started a few weeks ago. we'll leave that between the two of them. coming up on "good morning america," future champion in training. this 18-month-old is a ping-pong super star. we'll talk to him next. we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment for febreze fabric refresher. they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax, take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh. a little bit beach-y. like children's blankets. smells like home. [ experimenter 1 ] okay. take your blindfolds off. ♪ hello? [ male announcer ] and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. cigarette? you coming? umm, nah you go ahead.
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7:49 am
i'm going so much longer than ron claiborne, right? >> while these two ping-pong. obviously, we're referencing the vizio
7:50 am
video we have been showing you all morning. jamie visits us this morning with his father, kevin, from england. hi, jamie. he's so adorable. when did cow knyou know he was to turn into a phenom? >> i think when he was six months old, he started taking an interest. he just grabbed the paddle and we went from there. >> bat is the british way to say paddle. translate. >> i prepfer that. ping-pong runs in the family. it's a popular sport there. >> that's right. his mom's very good. she used to play for the national team. i've played since i was 11. it's in his blood. >> she's passing it down to jamie. now you have a problem.
7:51 am
you can't get him to stop playing. >> that's right. on the table all the time. everywhere with e go, he takes his bat with him. >> look at him. >> this is video we're seeing of him at 6 months old. you clearly giving him help there. when you posted the video on youtube, did you have any sense it would take off? >> no, no, two days ago, about 200 hits. it was just for fun, just for pamly to see him hitting the ball. it's been phenomenal. >> our producer found the story. we have to say good-bye. with you say bye to the camera? >> say bye, say bye, say bye. >> you can come teach dan and ron a thing or two. thank, kevin and jamie. we appreciate your time. we'll be right back. >> be careful. the best part of any great meal?
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7:56 am
they took way our ping-pong bats. >> they're gone. >> thank you for watching abc news. we're always online. make sure to watch "world news" with david muir this evening. tomorrow, josh elliott live in indy for the super bowl. that's tomorrow. big day. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am kathy park. taking a look of some of the stories in our region -- riot gear and on horseback move in on occupy
7:57 am
in mcpherson square. say they are not the victim enforcingters, but the ban on campaign. if you plan to take metro, you run into delays and the orange, blue, and red lines. at, over to dave with a look forecast. after a balmy week, a taste of winter. it is chilly. partly cloudy skies. calm conditions today. big snowstorm in denver is not coming here, but the energy will move to the south, and air will bring a mixture of rain in the district. if you are in southern maryland, all rain. mostly cloudy today. mild this afternoon.
7:58 am
then here comes the rain. how much are we expecting? maybe half an inch of snow, lateng to rain by tomorrow. to 52.47 at the rain/snow mixed, and we rid of that moral and to improve. >> thank you. sounds good.
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