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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 12, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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stay ♪ >> considered to be the greatest voice of regeneration, whitney houston's sound was singular. she began singing her mother's church in new jersey. singing was in her blood. when clive davis courage whitney houston -- purged whitney houston. she first performed at age 19. her debut album in 1985. 1987, her album "whitney."
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170 million albums and singles sold worldwide. >> ♪ and i ♪ >> a three grammies that year alone. her marriage to singer bobby brown would bring a cherished daughter. ♪ that the voice would begin to fade, damaged by drugs. and a rare interview, diane sawyer asked about it. >> the biggest double among you. -- devil a minute. >> that would be me. nobody makes me do anything i do not want to do. it is my decision.
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my best friend and my worst enemy. >> it was two years ago whitney houston had a hope of a comeback. ♪ ♪ heaven,hear me now ♪ ♪ i look to you ♪ >> we will have much more on whitney houston's passing "on good morning washington." >> we will turn now to politics. mitt romney had a huge weekend and president obama lab a big day of its own tomorrow. he will unveil his budget for 2013. it is not without controversy. we will talk everything politics. i want to start first with the
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mix -- mitt romney the victory. winning the caucuses in maine. >> it puts a hold on the centaur momentum. -- rick santorum momentum. he has a lot of money. he is able to get this conference in this corner through that. the maine caucuses, and nobody expected. the only real competition was kron paul. the way we cover elections is not about a statement. this was an opportunity for mitt romney to have a better day a better couple of days than he did last tuesday, when rick santorum won the caucuses. >> you have michigan and
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arizona coming up next. rick santorum was appearing on" meet the press" today. he said he is ahead in michigan. mitt romney was born in michigan. >> we will see what the case is. people expect that mitt romney would do well in michigan. his father was the governor of that state. it has been a long time since he was the governor of that state. mitt romney has said some things on the campaign showed that may not sit with some of the blue collar workers in michigan. some of those reagan republicans, you know, who work union jobs,. >> has it turned into a two-man race? >> for the moment. newt gingrich has made comebacks
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before. the republican party made some changes to the way it does its primary nominating system in between the last election and this one. they have more states that have more proportional representation. people tended delegates even when they list states. as a result of that, you are likely to have a longer primary process. >> the obama administration is going to present the budget. is that an exercise in futility? >> expresses the idea that the president wants. a lot of energy spending, infrastructure spending, education spending. this is the president saying, this is what i would do if i could put forward a budget. there are some assumptions that do not ever have to be realized. >> thank you. >> to a preview of the week
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ahead. it will be weak to of testimony in the uva murder trial. the tape shows george huguely after police accused him of murdering his former girlfriend. during the interrogation, he responded in disbelief. he admitted to drinking heavily the day before her death. he was also questioned about -- investigators believed that he tried to delete an e-mail that he sent to her. stay with us for complete coverage of the murder trial. we'll be back in the courtroom tomorrow. you can follow her tweets. the former suburban hospital worker who killed his boss is said to be sentenced tomorrow. he was convicted of stabbing his superior morgan 70 times of new
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year's day in 2011. -- more than 70 times on new year's day in 2011. he faces life without parole. >> saturday will be the start of a tax free weekend in maryland. it is only for energy star products. you can save yourself 6% sales tax. the weekend runs from the 18th through the 20th. still to come, we will take a look at the national stories that will make headlines next week including the notorious former illinois governor. >> donald trump has a new project here in d.c. >> a candidate embarks on a mission to reform speed cameras. >> not as windy tonight but a cold start to art work week. are yo
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>>, rod blagojevich has until thursday to turn himself into prison authorities. he was sentenced to 14 years. among the accusations that he attempted to trade or sell president obama's former senate seat. >> president obama will submit his budget for fiscal year 2013 to congress.
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the election-year proposal reflect his policies for cutting the deficit and raising revenues and will also include economic forecast. the budget is highly anticipated. >> looking ahead to tomorrow, the westminster dog show gets underway in new york city. it is being held monday and tuesday at madison square garden. >> romance will apparently be in the air this valentine's day. a new survey finds 4 million people expect to get engaged on a holiday. the american express survey finds up 14 million expect to take that step sometime this year. >> the first signs of spring. this week's spring training for major-league baseball gets underway. players will start reporting to various camps to prepare for the 2012 season. >> as the nationals get ready for their season, the capitals
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and wizards are still very busy. the capital start the week monday at home. on friday, they had to florida. the wizards are on the road this week. first stop is portland on tuesday and then on to los angeles. this week, we learned that donald trump plans to turn one of d.c.'s most recognized buildings into a room luxury hotel. >> the historic old post office on pennsylvania avenue. >> a lot of the details still have to be worked out. this pavilion has gone down quite a bit since its heyday in the 1980's. it is costing the government $6 million a year to maintain. the solution? donald trump. the old post office pavilion on pennsylvania avenue is picturesque and prime real
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estate. >> it is historic and beautiful. >> it has lost its crowds and cachet over the years. donald trump has been awarded three development rights. he plans to turn the building into a luxury hotel. >> we are extremely honored and committed, it says daughter ivanka trump. city leaders say it is great economic news. >> we are in limbo right now. we do not know what to do. >> others to enjoy the historic ambience have mixed feelings. >> if they are losing lots of money on this, and maybe it is a way to do it. >> there is the iconic clock tower.
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you can take an elevator all the way up to the observation deck. >> in case it is no longer open to the public, i want to take a look. >> under the deal, and he must maintain public access to the tower and preserve the building's historic features. this is a long-term commitment. they have awarded trapped a 60- year lease. once again, they expect work to start in 2014 with the hotel doors opening in 2016 or 2017. >> still to come, new speed cameras in our region are controversial. a surprising group that is
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>> we are looking at 33 degrees. that was the high temperature today for reagan national airport. it felt even colder than that with the wind chill factor. 28 degrees at reagan national. the wind chill factor of 19 degrees. 25 in arlington. rockville had wind gusts of 42.
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24 degrees right now at children's hospital in the district. the high temperature was 28. temperatures are slowly cooling into the 20's off to the west. 19 in manassas. the core of the cold there is well to the north of us. -- cold air is well to the north of us. but look to the west. we had wind chill factors that were well below zero. a 40 degree change in how it feels outside. that is a good indication of what is in it -- on the way for us. tuesday and wednesday temperatures will be 12 to 15 degrees warmer than it was today. high-pressure overhead, that moves off towards the east. clear skies for the day tomorrow. temperatures are 45 to 50 degrees. an approaching storm system will
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of arrive late tuesday night into early wednesday. that will bring as increasing clouds and a better chance for some rain across the raid -- across the metro area. here is our forecast for the overnight. 18 to 25 degrees. sunshine for tomorrow, 45 to 49 degrees. 49 with a chance for showers on tuesday, clearing by wednesday. another round of showers on thursday followed by temperatures around 50 by the end of the week. is your source for the latest news and weather forecast, 24 hours a day. >> all right. the drive tomorrow morning is not looking too bad. we like that. >> it may be good for you to slow down. >> we will let you know why even aaa whoever said that "less is more"
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>> one d.c. community is fighting against speed cameras. residents say they victimize the elderly. >> many of those speed cameras are approved merely to make money and not to make the streets safe to -- safer. >> almost every time she leaves the house she has to go by a speed camera.
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>> this is an issue. i called it a land mine. >> the stretch of road as a 25 mile per hour speed limit downhill. >> we have all tried its. you have to keep your foot -- foot on the break. >> she has already gotten three tickets from the city, to warnings and a $125 fine. >> i live from paycheck to paycheck. >> experiences have brought members of the community out to protest the speed cameras. they serve to generate revenue and not to -- and not for public safety. >> we are calling upon the incumbents to gets rid of this. >> aaa spokesman says the group has received many complaints that the locations do not make sense.
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>> you have not done your homework. you are in trapping motorists. >> the police department has pointing out in 2010, the city saw a record low of 25 traffic related deaths. residents said they will continue to ask the mayor police chief and councilwoman for better ways to make the streets safe. >> the controversy continues.


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