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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> five big stories beginning brazen robbery spree. there are new attacks tonight. a new alert for every parent. >> you go on-line to have these encounters with people all over the world. child may be doing targetthat makes them a of a predator. a big decision reached tonight keep $20 in your pocket every week. see who just told the show "no." >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a robbery spree across northwest washington. has happened once again this evening.
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>> residence in two neighborhoods remain on high alert. in this one, like you said, were three armed robberies. tonight two similar incidents nearby. according to district police, suspects committed two twoeries in a span of only minutes. thought thatt have of this place. >> i was a long to hear a about it. you have to watch your back. since january been 10 armed robberies in an area unaccustomed to of violent crime.
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cases masked gunmen approached victims, took their money and cell phones and escaped in a nearby getaway car. three robberies occurred monday night. was only one block away from tom's house. >> it is disturbing because i just 45 minutes after that. been me or mye wife. >> so far nobody has been injured. neighbors fear those terrorizing could bethe city capable of escalating matters. >> what has read as -- residents neighborhoods concern they believe the most suspectsn prison remain on the list of the hour. violent and most brazen on thepects remain loose. new payroll tax deal will keep the cuts through the end of the year.
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benefits to the unemployed. people making $50,000 a additional $20 per week. >> we are learning about the battle within the gop to challenge president obama in the fall. santorum's campaign is gaining more steam. this may limit the power local have and who ultimately challenges the president. as rick santorum's campaign gaining majors steam. notgop front-runner would in -- on the ballot in virginia. two campaigns could not be any different. mitt romney runs a well-founded organized campaign. >> if i cannot turn around the in three years, i will at a one term proposition.
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riseh, thethe -- rick santorum. >> we have seen the consolidation of power in a that believe they than you.r >> with a new poll showing his favorability surpassing mitt romney. be a front runner flip-flop? >> rick santorum is surging at a are not manyre alternatives yet -- there are many alternatives left. >> when it comes to primaries, specifically virginia, some the ricky the lack of name will hurt if he is still searching. decided what i do a bout that primary at that point. mittme super tuesday, last manll be the standing. think he is the darling of the right right now. that is a niche, but i think be mittm it will
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romney. to note,nteresting santorum is surging in michigan. a political insider says it is anybody's game. >> thank you. new at 11:00, a bill that would marriage movesex maryland. the move on to the full chamber. it comes after about 1000 same- sex marriage supporters rallied front of the mall. >> we are learning more on the plans to remember the life of icon whitney houston. we have learned that the gospel give a eulogy. staffl be flown at half
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houston's memory. the death remains under investigation after she was dead in a bathtub at the hilton hotel. any donations in her memory be sent to the arts focus public school in new jersey. the artist intended it as a child and is now named after her. turning now to the forecast. still, and out -- things are still calm and comfortable out there. >> we have had one or two sprinkles. those in ourou time lapse. now on live doppler, there not anything going on there. the storms can. is what is left of the low .ressure our temperatures well above average. about our average high temperature. tomorrow, weugh a mild right back into
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pattern. sunshine. many daysl you how been above have average. >> we will see you in a few minutes. we are learning more about the deadly shooting of a culpeper a police officer. culpeper's police chief released statement acknowledging the recent loss. the officer opened fire. police officer remains on leave.trative >> 7 is on your side with an alert that every parent needs to see. this is the case if your children use the computer at home. >> it centers around the chat really popular with teens. it could put your son or daughter at risk. >> chat roulette, the internet sensation that has doubled and
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tripled and popularity's since a created it years ago. a everybody pretty much as computer. fees, no are no registration, and no policing. >> you can see that. >> he says it sounds like an innovative idea. of what you are encountering is blatant sexual contact. our regis and high risk activity for kids. >> they are worried the site gives sex offenders a haven for activity. >> i am real paranoid about it, honest with you. according to a survey, approximately one in eight are rated involved in content. >> -- r rated content.
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>> i try to watch her as much as i can. but there are too many predators there. to installsay trying a monitoring program that shows you where children have been the internet. put it somewhere it is in plain the and always keep internet history and locks available. is virtually an honorable on-line through rillettes. entire concept is chat roulette. will come know who up. >> according to the 1996, hetions act of not a publisher and therefore -- liable to the of third-party users. >> also new tonight, president the first lady took themselves to celebrate valentine's day.
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they dined inside. it was described as a private dinner. of the biggest names of told "dancing with the thank you but no thank you. is at the center of world once again. >> tonight to the airline --keting [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut.
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it's simple. more spectrum means m more freedom. for everyone. abc 7you are watching at 11:00 with leon harris, starling, bob ryan, and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on side. the wisdom of a father was passed on to his 10-year-old son have saved a life. >> the young man sprung into
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action. tell us what happened next. was not sure much on his son.ff last week when he saw a that a choking, he took action fast. >> life changed last thursday. >> everybody is still saying job each day. the lunchroom here school whenntary his body started choking on a hot dog. clay demonstrated on his brother did next. >> at this started doing this to his back. and it started coming up more. ended up coming out. >> his coolness under fire may be inherited. he comes from a long line of who loved two things --
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baseball and firefighting. his great-grandfather, grandfather, father, two uncles a slew of cousins have all been firefighters. his father says he knew what to because of an incident last summer. >> he actually asked me what would you have done if i was really choking. i just went through the steps. >> one step before the high muck was punching someone in the back. saved his friend's life. >> being 10 years old and being that >> is clay the next firefighter the family? >> what do you want to do? i went to be a fire -- i want to be a football player. could be a firefighter, i do not know. his friend has been thinking school since at this happened. >> thank you, tom.
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country's most popular lipsticks contain at trace levels of lead. the food and drug administration resisted singing the levels cause a safety risk. >> we have heard herman cain's but we will not get a chance to see him dance. word tonight that he has turned "wn an offer to compete on stars."with the still out there promoting tax plan. adele is taking a break from music. says she may go on a five- year hiatus. concentrate onn her love life. says from when she has put
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first, it has led to hard brick in the past. >> and all of her best-selling songs. valentine's day, some flight may have booked a on flamingo air. >> what goes on behind the of no concern to us. i think our customers really expect that. air has been in years and shows slowing down. has flown thousands of the flight of fancy. have sex while on flight. they even play up the romance by cushion the love seat. they change the those love seats. >> good point.
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>> i hope they do not do one of those zero gravity moves either. be ugly.ould >> what is the latest on the weather? >> we had a warm afternoon with lots of sunshine. it is valentine's day, by the way. has -- you have somebody ?pecial just checking. lapsee today, our time saw some clouds. hard there really sprinkles. officially in washington. was notot wet, it official. that.l say temperature, 45 degrees. of everyree-quarters this winter going to december 1 have been above average. days above average. look at the high temperatures today. the 50's.
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even folks up in hagerstown were been aight have snowflake or two, up in the 40's. how many winters have we seen frost on theany ground now? is what is left of the sprinkles. snowflakes up wet around scranton moving into system here. it was a really weak system that came through. that is about the end of it. overnight tonight, i think we clouds move on. little ripple breaks up. some dry air coming in. a mild day again. we will get into some northwesterly winds. some high pressure on us tomorrow. of moisture begins oncome our way as we get into late tomorrow. there will be an increasing clouds. go into washington. there will be some snow to the again, anything here
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rainshowers, be probably right during the afternoon. back to some sunshine as we head into the weekend. as we get up and head out, tomorrow at 7:00. earlier untilo be march 11. is when we start daylight savings time. breezy and mild with sunshine tomorrow. the 50' into a chance a primarily afternoon showers. once again mild. as we get into the holiday weekend, i think we will see sunshine. keep an eye on some clouds. way, you can always keep on the weather. we have something brand new. you canour weather app download. i would tell you more about that tomorrow. >> thank you. mathers vcu for
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. game of thecollege andt -- george mason
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virginia tied for the lead. he lets it go for three and hits bottom. 60-59. george mason trailed by one. 3.8 seconds left. watch him let it fly. he lets the celebration began. the patriots -- george mason beats vcu to retain part of the lead. as the to clemson. an upset in the making. mind virginia had to play without joe harris. that will start the break. takes it. 50-41 clemson. they beat virginia 60-48.
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the wizards are planning a portland.e in story in the nba is jeremy lin. let me take you back to toronto. this game was sensational. they trailed by 17, butlin the old-hem back fashioned way. tied at 87 with the final seconds. waits. splash for the wind. lin for the win. six wins in a row. new york never led until that bucket. >> the capitals' season is slipping away. he says this is as good as he has felt for a long time. green had surgery to repair tear in his stomach lining. be back soon. do they need him. he is itching to make the road
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trip this weekend. >> it is important that i come when i am ready. i definitely do not want to have another setback. that would kill me. we are in a good place right now. mike green of the capitals. woods has added a new tournament to his schedule. tiger will play in three state tournament, the masters starts april 5. that night of basketball? >> it is a sin not to believe in lin.
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>> our photo gallery, the wild is trending011 right now. also, which counties are among in the nation. and abortion related laws under in the nation. and a[ male announcer ]ws under with citibank, it's easy
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibabank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citiba popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> we are going to be seeing skies overnight. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the low 50's. another day that is above average. showers coming in a more on thursday.
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then sunday -- some cloudiness on. have to keep an eye sunshine tomorrow as well. >> thank you. >> that is it for us tonight. what's good night. ♪
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