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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 21, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EST

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line in recent months. and it is a fascinating glimpse into a hidden corner of this world. full edition of "nightline" tomorrow night. kimmel's next. >> dicky: tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> you can always tell when steven tyler's back in hollywood because we all feel just a little molested inside. >> nathan fillion. >> everybody should think about, if the google map car's coming down my street, what am i gonna do? [ laughter ] >> dicky: josh hutcherson. >> we had this crazy lady that lived next door to us that always yells and walks her cat
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- nathan fillion. josh hutcherson. and music from far east movement. with cleto and the cletones. and, now, hold on tight, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, yes. thank you, cleto. hi, again. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ]
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thank you for coming. well, well, well. if it isn't my studio audience. you have some nerve showing up here. [ laughter ] i hope you're all doing well tonight. hey, how are you, guillermo? >> doing great, jimmy. >> jimmy: you doing all right? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how is your diet going? >> not too good. >> jimmy: not too good. three weeks ago, guillermo announced that if he didn't lose ten pounds by february 28th, he was going to shave his mustache. why did you announce that by the way? >> that's the only way i can lose weight because i don't want to shave my mustache. >> jimmy: and how many pounds have you lost so far, in three weeks? >> like five. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: don't make me bring the scale out because you have not lost one pound, have you? >> maybe like two. >> jimmy: maybe two. [ laughter ] instead of dieting, have you
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ever thought about learning to love yourself the way you are? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you have? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he tweets about this diet pretty much nonstop. you know, if you exercise your body as much as you do those twitter thumbs, you would be taylor lautner by now. you realize that, right? [ applause ] this is a tweet, a guillermo tweet from early this morning. he said, well, i think i'll ask for extension. my diet isn't doing too good. you gave yourself six weeks to lose ten pounds. and you want an extension? >> maybe two more weeks. >> jimmy: no, no. i'm not going to grant an extension. i'm not. but here's a deal i will make with you. if you want to forget this thing altogether, we can shave half your mustache now. [ laughter ] should we shave half of the mustache now? and then -- or do you want to wait it out? >> no. i'll wait it out. >> jimmy: you'll wait it out? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: don't get too thin. remember, we don't want you to
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be skinny. a chubby guillermo is a funny guillermo. >> well, i don't think it's going to happen. >> jimmy: you don't think it's going to happen. all right. we'll go out for pizza after the show. we'll talk about it. okay? >> great. >> jimmy: tonight on "american idol," the hollywood round began. they come to hollywood, as idol hopefuls and leave as starbucks baristas. i don't like the -- i'm fine with "american idol" traveling around the country, collecting karaoke singers. but don't bring them back here to hollywood. take them to guantanamo bay or something. [ laughter ] the ratings for "american idol" are way down this year. i think i know why. i've noticed that the judges have been very gentle lately, letting the bad singers down. when simon was there, he would tell people they were horrible and to get out. but last year, after he left, it shifted to, they would say, this competition is not right for you. and now, this season, they're telling everyone, you're not ready. they're telling terrible singers they're not ready. people in their 40s -- as if next year, they will suddenly
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develop the voice of an angel. [ laughter ] i prefer the honest approach. in fact, i would like to see them do this on "american idol" -- >> it's time to officially begin the hollywood competition. ♪ mother mary comes to me ♪ that will take your breath away ♪ ♪ i would find too love >> having fun here, randy? >> jimmy: it's tough love. can we do that with "real housewives" too? it could come in handy for a lot of reality shows. steven tyler had a lot of accessories on tonight. quick advice for contestants on "american idol." don't stare directly into steven tyler's dreamcatcher necklace or at midnight you'll turn into beau bice. you can tell when steven's back
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in hollywood because we all feel a little molested inside. with that said, it's time for "steven tyler's creepy leer of the night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ my life was so unkind but you're the key ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: in politics, you know, they had three republican primary elections yesterday. in colorado, minnesota and missouri. and in a surprising turn of events, rick santorum won all three of them. i think people are voting for rick santorum for the same reason they voted for sanjaya. [ laughter ] is it a joke or something? santorum won by five points in colorado, by 18 points in minnesota and 30 points in missouri. i tell you what, someone got some -- last night. part of me thinks that rick santorum is running for president, just to show his high school crush should have gone to the prom with him. but he's doing well. he's the most conservative of
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the republican candidates. he even called global warming a hoax, which is no surprise, coming from a guy who is clearly in the pocket of big sweater vests. i also think he's doing well because he's confident. he's a confident guy. and he shows that confidence by pointing a lot. people like to see a leader point. and rick santorum is one of the best pointers. here he is. this is angry pointing. you u see wacky pointing. [ laughter ] here he is, pointing at his hair. he's cocked and ready to point. showing you where his eyes are. here, he's pointing at a computer. pointing at the ceiling tile. and for his grand finale, this is his double-point. the man likes to point. and we like to watch him point, i guess. [ cheers and applause ] newt gingrich didn't do so well yesterday. newt gingrich finished third in colorado, fourth in minnesota. and he wasn't even on the ballot in missouri. but he plans to continue in the race.
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i don't blame him. truth be told, there's really no reason for anyone to drop out of the race. if you think about it, you come in in fourth place, you become a regular contributor on fox news. you come in third, you get your own show on fox news. if you come in second place, you're in a good position to run again in 2016. only thing you don't want to do, is come in first, because you have to actually run against president obama. at this point, it's anyone's race. and literally, any of you in the audience could enter the race right now and have a legitimate shot. [ cheers and applause ] it might not be a bad idea. you know, i was watching the election coverage last night on cnn. all day, they had wall-to-wall coverage of these primaries nobody cares about. they had reporters via satellite, standing in empty high school gyms. there was one highlight. wolf blitzer -- i think wolf blitzer has been watching too much "gossip girl." >> i'll repeat it. omg, look at this, rick santorum is 75 votes ahead of mitt romney in colorado.
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donna, the last time i said it was iowa. you remember what happened in iowa. that's when the omg. and right now, in colorado, we have an omg going on. >> i'm trying to figure out how to top that. there's no lol at mitt romney headquarters. >> jimmy: i think it's official. the kardashians have won. [ laughter ] omg is the best. omg'd us to death. wolf blitzer, he's really changed since he started dating taylor swift, hasn't he? [ laughter ] i guess cnn is aiming at a younger audience. even the promos seem targeted at the twitter crowd. >> your leaders in cable news bring you cnn's wtf news. >> omg. >> omg. >> lol. >> cnn's wtf news will never give you tmi. we'll brb. and have you and your bffs rofl'ing. cnn wtf news. right after ac 360.
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fyi. cnn wtf news. f.u., msnbc. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. here's a funny story out of india, where all stories are funny, from india. three indian government ministers resigned after being accused of watching pornography during state assembly proceedings. the men denied it but tv cameras caught them passing a cell phone back and forth with what appeared to be a pornographic video on it. you can tell they were all watching porn because they all had bollywood. one of the men -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. sorry. one of the men involved was the minister for women and child development, which makes it extra embarrassing. although, if you think about it, how do children develop? [ laughter ] they develop when women get together with men and create them by -- maybe the guy was just very dedicated to his job. [ laughter ]
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this is great. the "l.a. times" caught up with the laker formerly known as ron artest. he is known as metta world peace now. the lake, lakers in the middle of a six-game road trip. and the reporter asked mr. peace what he likes and dislikes about being on the road. and as usual, metta had a great answer. >> metta, what's your favorite thing about road trips? and your least favorite thing? >> my favorite things about reaches? >> road trips. >> oh, road trips. i was like, roaches? i have bad thoughts about roaches. i grew up around roaches. one leg in my macaroni. another leg in my corn. you know? they just made themselves comfortable in my home. >> it's like you're scarred. >> i'm not scarred. huh? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sounds like maybe he
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smoked one of those roaches. he never disappoints. the heaviest chinese baby ever born was born on saturday. it's a little boy. they named him chun-chun. for real. he weighed 15 1/2 pounds. but it's all baby weight. that's like a snooki and a half. 15 1/2 pounds is a big kid. his mother knew something was up when she was about eight months along and he started sticking his hand out for pot stickers. they breast-feed each other. [ rim shot ] [ applause ] this really happened. this is the video of the birth of chun-chun. and his story from the news. >> a 15 1/2 pound baby boy was born in central china on saturday, with state media reporting the birth could be breaking a new record for the country's heaviest baby. >> holy [ bleep ]. that is one huge [ bleep ] baby. imagine that [ bleep ] coming
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out of your vayjaja, huh-uh. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't know. the mother is healthy and resting comfortably. and the baby is busy making ipods. [ laughter ] last night on our show -- antonio banderas was here last night. [ cheers and applause ] his movie -- he's not here tonight so don't get too excited. "puss in boots" is nominated at the academy awards. he provided the voice of puss. if you've seen the movie, you know that puss in boots girlfriend known as kitty soft paws betrays him. which is a plot line to "the descendants." since deception plays a key role in both of them, we thought it would be fun to replace antonio's dialogue in "puss in boots," with george clooney's dialogue in "the descendants." if this isn't oscar gold, i really don't know what is. >> you really don't have a clue, do you? mom is cheating on you.
12:15 am
that's what we fought about. when i was home at christmas, i caught her with a guy. >> caught her with a guy, what does that mean? >> i was on my way to swim in the pool with brandy. and suddenly i see mom and some [ bleep ] guy walking into a house. >> some guy, it could be anybody. >> he had his hand on her ass. it was gross. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, you know, kids have to learn about infidelity some time. one more thing. when black history month started last week, we sent my cousin sal out on to hollywood boulevard, to ask white people who their favorite black person was. and it was uncomfortable. but it was very funny. and a lot of people online have been asking me to do the same thing, but reverse it. to ask black people who their favorite white person is. and because we're people-pleasers, that's just what we did. ♪ >> who is your favorite white person?
12:16 am
[ laughter ] >> that's going to take me a minute to think about it. >> i'll give you three minutes. >> charlie sheen. >> matthew mcconaughey. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> ellen. >> bill clinton. >> bill clinton. >> my kindergarten teacher, mrs. smart. >> that's nice. >> what's your name? >> my name is black lion. >> black lion. >> yes. >> all right. i'd like to ask you, black lion, who is your favorite white human? >> jimmy kim. funny man. real funny. >> who? >> jimmy kim. >> jimmy kim? >> yeah, that's his name, right? >> yeah. >> least favorite white person. who is it? >> george w. bush. >> i think joan rivers. >> probably carrot top or carrot head. >> yeah? >> i don't have one. >> no? >> i like everyone. >> we can all agree on carrot head, right? >> yeah. >> on a scale of one to ten, how much do you like white people? >> probably a ten. >> ten. >> 8 1/2. >> that's fair.
12:17 am
>> ten being worst? >> no, most. >> one. >> okay. >> me, too. one. >> one is good? >> no. one is bad. >> oh, my god. ten. >> you're locked in. you're locked into one. thank you. very nice of you. [ cheers and applause ] >> all: happy black history month. >> jimmy: nice. tonight on the show, josh hutcherson is here. we have music from far east movement. and we'll be right back with nathan fillion. so, stick around. [ cheers and applause ] in the final round the audience choice ingredient bud light! and here we go. looks like chef dubois is emulsifying the bud light into a foam, what's his competitor doing? he appears to be having a really, really good time. cheers.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, hello there. welcome back. tonight on the program, starting on friday, you can see him in the new action adventure movie, "journey 2: the mysterious island," josh hutcherson is here. and then, with music from this forthcoming album, called "dirty bass" or maybe it's "dirty
12:25 am
bass." it's either about music or fish. from the bud light hotel in indianapolis, far east movement is here with us. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night, we'll be joined by courteney cox, from the super bowl champion new york giants, mario manningham and ahmad bradshaw will be with us. and we'll have music from tony bennett. so, please join us tomorrow night. [ applause ] our first guest made the very wise and reasonable decision to leave a potential teaching career in his native canada to become a beloved tv star here in america. he plays the novel writing and crime solving dick castle on "castle," watch it mondays at 10:00 here on abc. please say hello to nathan fillion. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. thank you for having me back. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. before we get started, i want to show you something, though. i think you know about this because someone tweeted this to both of us. >> i think i know. >> jimmy: this is from the tv listing. this is what time warner subscribers saw.
12:26 am
when they checked the listing for our show tonight. it says -- new "jimmy kimmel live," actor josh hutcherson. actress nathan fillion. [ laughter ] is there anything you need to tell us? >> who do i know at time warner cable? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you have an enemy over there? >> apparently, one of my -- i don't know. you reach a certain age and you think there's not a lot of firsts anymore. you don't do a lot of firsts. that's a first. >> jimmy: there's no leading nathans. no way they -- it's not like sidney, where it can be either one. >> i've been mistaken for gay. but never -- >> jimmy: congratulations on this. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and congratulations. you won best dramatic actor -- [ cheers and applause ] at the people's choice awards. the people selected you. >> the people selected -- i terrify them at work. at work all the time, i say -- i'd love the sand which, listen, not the tuna, the egg salad.
12:27 am
it's not my choice. it's the people's choice. [ laughter ] but that was a -- it was very exciting. again, a learning experience. >> jimmy: do you know that you are going to win when you get there? it seems like on that show they know they're going to win. >> here's what i learned. that was the first time they sat me in the front row. >> jimmy: that's a good sign then, right? >> i think if you have an aisle seat or a front row seat, your chances are pretty good. that's what i've deduced. >> jimmy: i see, i see, yeah. so, you're sitting there. you know -- >> very exciting evening. >> jimmy: yeah? >> you're thinking okay, if i win, i have to have something to say, hope it comes out natural. i've prepared a couple things. he used that joke. i can't use that joke. you want to do a good job. on my way to the awards, i got struck with the flu. it was immediate. >> jimmy: really? >> we got to pull over. >> jimmy: oh. >> yeah. so, i'm up there, beautiful, jennifer, presented me with an award. i'm trying not to throw up on her. i'm trying to make sure nothing
12:28 am
comes out of either end. >> jimmy: has anyone ever vomited -- during a live award show before? >> it would be just my luck to be the first guy. >> jimmy: yeah. that would be your sally field moment. do you like -- [ laughter ] by the way, we have video of your -- now, you're saying you had a bad flu, right? >> i did. >> jimmy: let's take a look here. we have video from your award presentation. >> the people's choice for ferret tv drama actor is -- >> jimmy: there we have jennifer and -- there's you in the front row, just as you said. and you're sick right here? >> yeah. >> jimmy: the best part to me of the whole thing is knowing that you're very sick. right on the mouth. and right there, too. and that's how germs get spread. [ cheers and applause ] nathan. >> i did not do that. i did not think that. now, i'm thinking don cheadle, the lead singer of maroon 5.
12:29 am
i shook a lot of hands. >> jimmy: oh, you're hands, okay. i didn't know what you were saying. you kissed don cheadle. that's some night for you. >> it was quite exciting. >> jimmy: and you spread your disease all over. >> and i didn't know this much. there's -- i've never had, like, a nice, big award in my house. but i have a house. i bought a house, that comes with -- it has a trophy case. >> jimmy: in the house already? >> yes. lit up. it's glass. it's mirrored all around. >> jimmy: really? whose house was it? >> he wasn't like an athletic guy. i don't know if he had trophies of any kind. maybe he was a golfer. >> jimmy: a great bowler. >> maybe. but now i have this beautiful award that goes right in the middle. and here's what i didn't know. people come to your house. and they want to go, oh, is it heavy? this is really cool. and they put it back up. it's glass. it's filthy. >> jimmy: and covered with germs, by the way, too. >> i've cleaned that thing eight times. >> jimmy: and that's the only trophy you have in that case? >> there's other trophies that no one's really interested in.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: i got you. if you have a trophy case, the pressure is on. >> there's the coffee mug, world's greatest actor. >> jimmy: this is a new house you're in? >> well, it's a new house to me. didn't just build it. i moved not too long ago. there's always a -- you're always excited about the new house. but you miss things about the old house. >> jimmy: okay. >> one of my big things i was missing about my old house that kind of maked it hard to move was if you looked it up on google, the feature on google, the street view, you see the front of the house. you can see my cat. my cat made it into the picture. >> jimmy: really? >> hey. there he is. so, it's kind of like, i'm not going to have that anymore. >> jimmy: were you looking at it regularly? >> don't you? you have to check it out the one time. >> jimmy: so, you go -- hey, there he is. >> there's my cat. >> jimmy: okay. >> and i was a little disappointed because i wouldn't have that feature. >> jimmy: right. >> in my house anymore. i'm standing on my porch. this was like three months ago. i'm standing on my porch.
12:31 am
and the google map car is coming down the street. >> jimmy: there's a car? >> you can't miss it. there's all these big google -- >> jimmy: i've never seen that thing. >> it has giant robot eyes all over it. devices on the wheels. they know exactly where they are. and they're taking pictures everywhere they go. >> jimmy: wow. here they come. they're coming right down the -- okay, i need a google map pose. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so, what did you do? >> and i think this is very important. it's something everybody -- i'm looking at you guys -- everybody should think about. if the google map car is coming down my street, what am i going to do? [ laughter ] and this was mine. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i like that. mine would be me in my underpants, going to get the newspaper. have you seen yourself? >> i haven't seen myself.
12:32 am
it hasn't come out yet. i'm very excited. >> jimmy: how long does it take to process? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: are you worried that everyone's going to know where you live now? >> you have to go to every house. how you gonna find out where i live? >> jimmy: they'll find out. believe me. that's something else. >> my only concern is they'll erase me. >> jimmy: they will not erase you. they don't have the time for that. you do see weird things on the google -- they didn't erase the cat. why would they erase you? >> true enough. good enough for her. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break here. we have nathan fillion with us. "castle" is the show. it airs mondays at 10:00. here on abc. we'll be back with more with nathan. [ cheers and applause ] portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by bud light. [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel.
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neighbors heard a hellacious fight and our victim came out of the fourth floor window. >> was that his apartment? >> we're checking. but nobody recognizes him. >> no i.d. but lots of causes of death. >> you mean, other than gravity? >> oh, yeah. you see that bullet wound. >> you think he was shot before he fell? >> and stabbed. >> shot and stabbed? >> and choked. and had the pencil jabbed in the side of the neck. >> gives new meaning to the word overkill. [ cheers and applause ]
12:38 am
>> jimmy: "castle," watch it monday nights. you have a two partner coming up, right? a two-part event. >> a two-part event. >> jimmy: what makes it an event? >> here's my theory. an episode is a regular episode. if a main character dies, it's a very special episode. and if two main characters die, it's an event. >> jimmy: no special explosions? nothing like that? >> no actual events. >> jimmy: you have a big guest star. is she going to be part of the events? >> can i announce it? can i say it? >> jimmy: i think so. it's your show. >> for our two-parter, jennifer beals. >> jimmy: jennifer beals. >> i don't know about you. [ cheers and applause ] right? i don't know about you, jimmy, but to me, jennifer beals is a really big deal. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. our age, growing up, that "flashdance" hits you right in the square of you know where. >> yeah. for me, it was three weeks of trying really hard not to be creepy.
12:39 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and everybody's very excited about her getting there. and making all these "flashdance" references. >> jimmy: they are? oh, she must love that. >> i said, you know what, guys? i gathered everybody and said. i'm sure she gets this all the time. let's make "castle" a "flashdance" reference-free zone. was anybody planning on making a joke or a "flashdance" reference? almost everybody put up their hand. no singing "what a feeling." half the hands went down. you can't call her a maniac. another third went down. was anybody planning on jogging on the spot? more hands go down. how about a big open-neck sweatshirt? all but one hand goes down. and i say, for god's sake, nobody throw a bucket of water on her. last hand goes down. one hand goes up. it's our special effects guy. bobby, yes. it's your job. you can still weld.
12:40 am
>> jimmy: he's allowed to weld. good. how about when she took her bra off under her shirt? i remember that one vividly. >> yeah, it's etched. >> jimmy: have you had any vacation time? or are you working right now? >> we had two weeks at christmas. my whole family, we went off to bora bora. i don't know if you've seen it. just google "tropical paradise." >> jimmy: i was almost killed there. almost killed by a tidal wave. it was only this big. but i was so scared, it almost gave me a heart attack. >> the water's flat. >> jimmy: not when i was there. there was a ripple. >> did you drown? did you get wet? >> jimmy: i did get wet. but i'm alive. thank god. when i was there, we swam with sharks, which seemed dangerous. did you do that? >> we did do that. my brother and i, that's our thing. we love being afraid of sharks. it's like our hobby. really into it. and it's a big deal when we're in the ocean. always jockeying for position to be the guy on the inside. you want your brother to the
12:41 am
open ocean. and you to the shore. [ laughter ] if anything comes out of the deep to kill you, you've got that buffer. >> jimmy: i see. your brother buffer. >> here we are. it's 30 feet deep. it's clear. you can see all the way to the bottom. there's blacktip reef sharks all around you and there's lemon sharks below you. and some of them are pretty big. we're looking at each other. we don't know what to do. where's the good spot? and we realized, it wasn't just the two of us there. we had our whole family. so he's got two perfectly good daughters. we put them around us. right? >> jimmy: it's called chum. >> right. we kind of looked at each other and said "this is working." >> jimmy: well, it sounds like you're on a roll. nathan fillion, everyone. you can watch the two-part special starting monday here on abc at 10:00. we'll be right back with josh hutcherson.
12:42 am
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and now this? everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get on board a carnival cruise, and get more fun for all. [ foghorn blows ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. still to come, music from far east movement. you know our next guest from the movies "zathura," "journey to
12:52 am
the center of the earth," and "the kids are all right." starting friday, you can see him opposite michael caine and the rock, for real, together, in the new 3d movie, "journey 2: the mysterious island." please say hello to josh hutcherson. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] i have to say, josh, it makes me feel kind of old. how old were you the first time you were here? >> i was 13 years old. >> jimmy: and how old are you now? >> i'm 19. >> jimmy: and it -- >> it feels like only yesterday. >> jimmy: it really does. you've blossomed into a fine, young man. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> jimmy: are you living on your own? >> i am. that's a new development in my life. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> my mom moved back to kentucky with my dad and brother. so, i'm out here on my own, now. >> jimmy: so, when your mom left, did you drive her to the
12:53 am
airport and go crazy on the way home? >> absolutely. just raged all down the 405. >> jimmy: i would think so. >> i miss her. honestly, i feel comfortable to say that. i miss a lot of things. >> jimmy: i want everybody to go oh. okay. continue. >> it's true. i miss my mom. i miss her in a lot of ways. one of the bigger ways is my laundry. it doesn't get done. >> jimmy: how sweet. >> honestly, i have a giant pile of clothes in my room. and i hope that she comes up often enough to clean it. that's how i get by. >> jimmy: how often does she get out? >> thankfully once a month. i do laundry once a month. i actually don't do it. >> jimmy: and she does it all for you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: so, she's more of a servant than a mother in a way to you. >> no. >> jimmy: has she been back since she's been on your own? >> she has. she's in town right now. >> jimmy: is she unhappy when she sees the state of your home? >> well, you know, we made some modifications since she left. >> jimmy: who is living with you? >> my roommate, andre, and i. >> jimmy: he sounds like trouble. >> he is straight-up trouble.
12:54 am
as trouble as it gets. but no, we've added a jack daniel's pool table. >> jimmy: nice. >> which was the living room. we never used it. and then a couch on the front porch. lovely, by the way. >> jimmy: classy. >> and christmas lights up year round. >> jimmy: you do? real? >> keeping it a little kentucky. >> jimmy: the neighbors must be delighted. >> they love it. >> jimmy: like martha stewart's estate. did the neighbors think "the beverly hillbillies" had moved in? >> oh, definitely. that's what i call myself, for sure. >> jimmy: do you know you, your neighbors? >> we have a crazy lady. and she walks her cat on a leash. that's our crazy neighbor. >> jimmy: what does she yell at? >> she yells at them to stop following her. but they're actually not following her. we're just hanging out in my front yard. she's kind of insane. >> jimmy: that's fun. maybe you can get her to do your laundry. on the off weeks. >> that's a good idea. >> jimmy: are you having parties and stuff at the house? >> you know, my mom was a cool
12:55 am
mom so she'd always -- not party, but she's always part of the party, just hanging out. >> jimmy: now that she's gone, are you having nonmom parties? >> yes. >> jimmy: you are? yeah. that might be why your neighbor lady thinks you are following her. >> that's a good idea. that's exactly what it is. >> jimmy: invite the neighbor lady to the party. it could be fun. >> that's a great idea. >> jimmy: cat on the leash. walk around. >> it would be nice. >> jimmy: pee on the heap of laundry in your home. >> stake its claim. >> jimmy: you're going to be in the movie "hunger games." [ screams and applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: i noticed there was a lot of -- are you ready for the crazy fans for these movies? [ screaming and applause] >> gosh. >> jimmy: we have it right here. [ screaming ] >> oh, boy. >> jimmy: the cast of "twilight," they live in a storage shed now. just to stay away from people.
12:56 am
>> i heard that. it's tough times. as far as being ready for it, i don't think there's any way you can kind of get ready for that kind of attention but at the same time, i'm really excited about it. i had a couple crazy experiences, actually. when i was home for the holidays this past christmas, it was the 26th, and we're having a post-christmas dinner with the grandparents. and the doorbell rings. and as soon as i open the door, there's a mom and two girls. and they instantly just tears and screaming. oh, my god. are you okay? i didn't know what was going on. and they had actually made clothes with my face all over it. like pants, shirts, cell phone covers. and they had driven down from chicago, which is like a six-hour drive to my house in kentucky. don't get any ideas. [ laughter ] and so, they drove down on the off chance i could be home for the holidays. then they told me -- we waited until you finished eating dinner. we saw you eating dinner. i was like, thank you for that. >> jimmy: thank you for being respectful. >> they were passionate. >> jimmy: and you had them arrested, i hope.
12:57 am
>> that was the next step. >> jimmy: "journey 2: the mysterious island," you're working with the rock and michael caine. they haven't worked together in a while, have they? >> no, it was such a -- honestly, when i heard the whole cast they were putting together, i was, like, wow, this is random and exciting. it's a hodgepodge of different people. michael caine is full of so many incredible stories. >> jimmy: you got to spend time with him? >> a bunch. anything he says in his voice -- is just, i could lisp listen to him talk for years. >> jimmy: is good? did he give you a good one? >> he told me the first time he went to las vegas, on a private plane with frank sinatra. i'm like, all right. you win. forever. like, i mean, he's just a legendary guy. every story that he says is incredible. >> jimmy: wow. first on a private plane with frank sinatra. >> yeah, i know. i was like, oh, that's cool. >> jimmy: yeah. who was the better actor. michael caine or the rock? be honest. >> probably the rock. >> jimmy: the rock? yeah. >> i think michael caine's a living legend.
12:58 am
>> i heard the rock sings in this. >> he does. >> jimmy: is he a good singer? >> he's a fantastic singer. a soothing, calming voice. >> jimmy: it's like beauty and the beast all combined into one. >> exactly. yeah. >> jimmy: you have all these big movies coming out. that's a big deal. congratulations to you. >> thank you, yeah, i've been traveling a bunch. just got back from australia. and mexico. and i leave tomorrow for paris and london. staying very busy. >> jimmy: i hope you enjoy it. >> i will, i will. >> jimmy: i hope your mother's back at the house washing things. >> she should be. >> jimmy: josh hutcherson, everybody. "the journey 2: the mysterious island, requests opens friday in imax and 3d. when we come back, music from far east movement. [ cheers and applause ]
12:59 am
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>> jimmy: from the bud light hotel in indianapolis, this is their upcoming album called "dirty bass." here with the song, "jello," far east movement. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ jello jello ♪ jello ♪ 'ello, 'ello we downtown l.a. ghetto ♪ ♪ girl shake that a, jello
1:02 am
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1:03 am
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1:04 am
♪ downtown l.a. get up ♪ call it out tip it up ♪ keep that drink up in my cup ♪ call it out tip it up ♪ keep that drink up in my cup ♪ turn it up turn it up ♪ ♪ turn it up now everybody scream. >> jimmy: i want to thank nathan fillion. i want to thank josh hutcherson. apologies to matt damon. tomorrow night, courteney cox, mario manningham, ahmad bradshaw from the new york giants will join us, and tony bennett will be here to sing. now from the bud light hotel in indianapolis, this is their upcoming album, it's called "dirty bass." playing us off the air with the song "girls on the dance floor, once again, far east movement. good night. >> "jimmy kimmel live"! come on. get your hands in the air. ♪


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