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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 22, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. the u.s. embassy if lockdown. under siege. police opening fire on the crowds. as violent clashes spread after american generals apologize for accidentally burning korans. new battle lines in the race for president. mitt romney lashes out at president obama. as the fight over faith breaks out, chris christie joins us live. aamerican producer for "the amazing race" found dead in his hotel room. was the father of two part of a shakedown done bad.
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and rolling in the bleep. is the superstar singer getting ready to say i do to someone like him? swooping down into times square this morning. good morning, everyone. we have a lot to get to. a crucial few days in politics. a speech where rick santorum said satan had his sights set on the u.s. and chris christie joins us. >> inside a bizarre love triangle on trial. man accused of gunning down a woman outside a day care sent her said he was vn an affair
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with. >> a strange one. you're heading out to california. >> i am. our very own "gma" silent movie premiers. there's winston, there's lara. this could be best picture. you're going to love it. in just a little bit. first, let's get in the news josh. including a violent day in afghanistan. the u.s. embassy there under lockdown. violent protests erupting across afghanistan. thousands are protesting what officials are saying was the inadvertent burning of the koran and other religious documents by u.s. troops. how serious could this get? >> reporter: u.s. officials are worried that the protests will spread throughout afghanistan and beyond. the protests have turned violent. afghan citizens are burning tires and setting fuel trucks on fire outside of u.s. bases
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afghan security forces killing at least three of the protesters. these continue to have u.s. officials apologizing. this is certainly something that the taliban can capitalize on. this morning, american personnel are being told to stay in the compound for the foreseeable future, josh? >> we'll stay on top of it. we're following breaking news from the uprising in syria. two western journalists have been killed, including marie colvin. she lost an eye while covering global con frikts. she worked with us here at abc news just recently. she and a french photographer were in syria when shells hit the home in which they were staying. and a setback in the nuclear standoff with iran.
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investigators have left the country after iran refused to give them access to a nuclear site. the conflict causing another spike here at home. gas prices jumped seven cents in the last week to national average of $3.58. and ohio land mark wiped out in a flash. just seconds to take down the fort steuben bridge. explosives did that. september the span plunging into the water. another sign that the president may have designs on a whole different spotlight. he welcomed b.b. king and mick jagger to the blues celebration. he was reluctant to sing at first. he could not refuse when mick handed him the mike. ♪ come on baby don't you want to go ♪
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♪ same old place ♪ sweet home chicago >> i mean, hey, if you can do it, why not? that is the blues anthem of the president's hometown, sweet home chicago. right on key yet again. >> that's his hometown. >> how do you say no the mick jagger. we turn to fighting words on the campaign trail right now. the leading republican candidates taking on the president on religion and faith. we're going to talk live to governor chris christie in a moment. first, john berman joins us. >> reporter: as for the debate tonight, one key republican close to mitt romney said, expect fireworks. he's been running for president for much of the last six years. now it comes down to just six days to determine his political future. what do you call a guy that has backer that outspent his opponents last month 5 to 1 who
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seemed the inevitable nominee just a few weeks ago. >> mitt romney is the comeback kid. >> reporter: he better be. he's trailed rick santorum in his home state of michigan. in a national gallup poll, santorum is up by 10 points. >> plan on winning. hope to win. >> reporter: the comeback plan? >> he's being seen for first time in many home. and his background and mine are different. >> reporter: being seen in homes with a lot of help from negative ads from romney supporters. >> santorum voted to raise his own pay. >> reporter: there are constant reports on his conservative views. like this 2008 speech suggesting satan is attacking america. >> if you were satan, two would you attack in this day and age? there is no one else to go after. >> reporter: that raised rush
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limbaugh's eyebrows. >> he'll have to deal with it. he'll have to answer. >> reporter: santorum faces reper rerepeated issues about sensitive issues. mitt romney blasted the white house as anti-religion. overnight, santorum responded to the attacks. >> i'll defend everything i say, because they come from here. >> reporter: later he added. >> if they want to dig up old speeches, they can do so. >> reporter: don't forget newt gingrich. he's been strong in past debates. some republicans are saying there could be another resurgence. and second, expect mitt romney to lay out parts of a newew tax plan as soon as today. it will be bolder and flatter than his previous plan. george? >> we'll talk to one of his top supporters right now, new jersey governor chris christie. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, george.
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>> let's talk about the religion comments. satan has his sights let on america and is making progress. he's not packing down. but he says it's not relevant. is he right? >> i think anything you say as a candidate is relevant. by definition, relevant. you're asking to be the president of the united states. i think it's relevant. i think people want to make an evaluation of anybody who asks to sit in the oval office. i do think that's what we should be talking about as party? no. >> you saw mitt rom any saying president obama fought against religion. that came after santorum comments. is this the debate they want? >> i don't think so. the fight against religion part of this goes more to the obama-care issue. i think that's an interesting
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conversation. an important one to have in the context of overall obama-care. what that will mean for the country if it goes forward. in the end, i think, what i see in new jersey, people want to hear about what are you going to do for the economy, how do you create more jobs, how do you put me and my neighbor to work so we can support our families? >> you introduced your budget in new jersey yesterday. you titled what you called the new jersey comeback. unemployment has gone from 10% to 9%. can the president make is same claim about the united states president that the united states is on a comeback? >> i'm sure he will. the people will evaluate the same way the people of new jersey will evaluate my claims. in 2009, we lost 113,000 private
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sector job. i said the new jersey comeback has begun. it's not comcomplete. we have more work to do. people made sacrifices. shared sacrifices. now shared benefits. >> with the income tax credit. >> sure. we're spending more on k-12 education than at any time in the state's history. we're doing the investments we need to. we're saying to the people, you made sacrifices. let's get you some money back. >> what happens if mitt romney loses in michigan? some are asking you, privately, still, to think about getting back in the race. is that true? >> yes. >> what are they saying to you? >> listen, same things they said before. i said i'm supporting mitt romney. i'm doing everything i can for
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him. ? no way, no how you're getting in. >> listen, i don't know how many times i have to sate. the answer is no. i'm supporting governor romney. i have gone to places around the country supporting him. >> why can't he close this deal? >> think part of sit the nature of the way we changed the rules. we voted against it in the new jersey delegation to go to proportional divisions. i voted no. i hope the people in the party who voted yes for that are rethinking their position. >> john mccain says this long campaign and the tone of it is hurting republican candidates. a new poll out showing the to the opening up an eight and nine-point lead over the governor and rick santorum rum spp this campaign hurting your party? >> i think it always does. i thing you saw wit the hillary clinton and barack obama battle
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as well. it was a much more competitive race as they continued to beat each other up. once we settle on a nominee. i think it will be fwompber romney by frill or so. i think it will be that early. i think he'll establish momentum. maybe not have the delegates in hand. but will clearly be the person who will get the nomination. then it will tighten up again. people say, okay, now i'm comparing mitt romney to the president. you'll see it tighten again. i'm not draedfully weadfully wot it. we should have never changed the rules. now we're creating problems we don't need. >> governor, thank you very much. >> thank you. now the new uproar over the stage collapse tragedy as a sugarland concert last year. now the lawyers seem to be
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suggesting that their fans are partly to blame. reena ninan has the story. [ screaming ] >> reporter: it was a stage collapse that happened in an instapt. seven killed, 58 injured, including an 8-year-old girl. as fans awaited sugarland. >> what went through your heart and mind? >> i wept. we are forever connected. to those people because of the evening that we shared and the moment that we shared and the tragedy that we shared. ♪ even more than faith >> reporter: but now some victims and families say they don't think sugarland is taking their fair share of the blame, after they attorneys claim the victims were partially at fault. a civil lawsuit was field. they allege sugarland and the companies involved in the stage's construction failed to provide a safe area and ignored
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the weather. the band's attorneys countered saying that the sudden storm was an act of god. and that some or all of the plaintiff's claim eed injuries were their own fault, they assumed their own risk by attending the show. >> it's been hard enough dealing with the loss, being hurt, having several surgeries. then to hear them not take responsibility partly for keeping us out there? yeah, that hurts. it does anger me. >> reporter: the band's manager told abc news people want to point fingers and try to sensationalize the disaster. the most important thing to sugarland are their fans. the attorneys declined to comment and are seeking a jury trial. now to alarming new information about women and heart attack. a study just published found that you don't have to have chest pains to have a heart
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attack. when compared to those with chest pain, women under 45 without chest pain are the most likely to die. dr. richard besser is here. a lot of people, when i said that, they said, what are you talking about? >> if you're a woman younger than 45 who thinks all heart attacks have chest pain and they only happen in old men, you need to listen to this. they looked at more than a million when and women hospital lied with heart attacks. they occurred in every age group. they didn't all have chest pain. 19% of women under 45 didn't have chest pain. if you don't have chest pain, it's a bad sign. women under 45 who did not have chest pain, 15% of them died in the hospital. compared to only 2% of those who showed up at the hospital are chest pain. >> we have been talking about the classic symptom. what are they? m
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>> chest pain is still the number one. there are unusual signs women may not know of. shortness of breath. back pain. jaw or neck pain, nausea. stomach pain, fever. those are signs that can tell you that you're having a heart attack. >> you look at those symptoms. that's the flu, that's a lot of different things. how do you differentiate? >> do you have a family history of heart disease? take it seriously. did a group of these symptoms come on suddenly? are they more severe than you have had before? women are much more likely to delay getting it checked out. that leads to death. >> doctors have to know, too. classic cases of women going in, the doctor and staff are say, no, no, no, you're a woman. >> doctors are slower to detect this in women. for a woman, if a woman has a lump in her breast, she knows
7:17 am
what to do. she gets it checked out. a lot of women don't know the signs of a heart attack. over the course of your life, heart disease is more likely to kill a woman than breast cancer. >> something to keep in mind. >> we have these online. check them out. let's go sam and the weather. >> we're going to start where severe thunderstorms will be rolling. we have a big, spring-like pattern. nashville, knoxville, charlotte, atlanta. all a powerful round of storms. we thing it will continue for a couple of days. we may have a powerful system of storms by the time we get into thursday. a big system in the northwest. big-time rain in the same area again. not a big snow with this until the storm gets on the other side of the mountains. that's at the end of the week. take a look at the temperatures. enough said.
7:18 am
e look ons a liv morning. we have some sunshine elsewhere. of clubs throughout w sprinkles andfe eveningowers later this after sunset. 43 in the district. 36 in gaithersburg. the high today will be right around 60. a mild afternoon. a little breezy at times later today. near 70 tomorrow, then cooling.
7:19 am
>> all eyes begin to focus right there. right there. robin roberts, right there. what does that say to you? you're leaving when? ♪ i'm leaving on a jet plane the most closely guarded secret in the royal family today. the cocker spaniel belonging to will and kate. we still can't see it. we know the name now. >> reporter: he's the newest member of the royal family. the pooch. >> we have been trying to find out the name. it's been the most tightly kept secret to school kids. >> reporter: kate just whispered it to him. it's lupo, which is wolf in italian. the royals say showing lupo is a
7:20 am
breach of privacy. someone already set up a fake switer page. the royals love dogs. you're watching royal flunkies carrying the queen's corgis off her private jet. >> i think they offer something for royals. lupo doesn't know he's one of the most famous dogs on the planet. >> reporter: and he's keeping kate warm while willie's away. >> he's been thrust into an important role at a young age. >> reporter: sometimes people get a dog before they start family. not suggesting anything. just observing. for "good morning america," nick watt, and, london. >> and if we go this crazy over the dog -- >> exactly. an emotional day at the honeymoon murder trial. why the man says he did not
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning to you. i am cynne simpson the maryland senate expected to take a final on this week to legalize
7:27 am
gay marriage. the house of delegates passed week.ll last and alexandra neighborhood on man attacked a teenage girl. she was watching two small children at home. police say the man confronted her when she checked in noise at the front door and was pinned to the ground. was not injured. we will have an in-depth report up in just a few minutes. a check on traffic. >> we are going to jump right cameras today. .t has been a busy morning we had a crush at to 70 at the lane and divide. look at gaithersburg into rock bill. moving slowly. typical. news chopper 7 was looking at the green way and the dulles toll road traffic. look at traffic life and settled coming throughy,
7:28 am
rested. we are going to zoom right over caskey in the weather center. clouds moving overhead. just developed. much warmer, though, than yesterday at this time. 43 now in the district. 37 in gaithersburg. 36 in winchester and 44 to start day in hagerstown. sprinkles or light showers later this evening. deal in terms of rain. big deal with temperatures near tomorrow. you so much, adam. it
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7:30 am
this is one bizarre murder trial. that man said barry white and olivia newton john came to him in a vision, told him to gun down his romantic rival. he did right in front of a day care center. right in front of the man's trial. we'll get to that. >> so odd. and elizabeth smart, ten years after her kidnapping. we go inside her very happy day. exclusive details and great photos. we knew she was getting married. didn't know it would be so quickly. >> look at that smile. meanwhile, what was adele thinking. yes, that is exactly what you thing sit there. what is she wearing on her right finger and what does it mean?
7:31 am
we're going to get into that. >> she says she's happy. she's so happy. and deservedly so. let's get to the latest testimony in the so called honeymoon murder trial in alabama. injury yors heard from the leader of the fatal scuba diving trip. elizabeth vargas has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was a dramatic and tense day here in the. bm court yesterday. as the dive organizer took the stand to describe that final morning, that fatal dive by gabe and tina watson. under a brutal cross-examination. it became clear tina haed no business being in the water that day. the man in charge of tina watson's dive admitted he had no idea that the 26-year-old newlywed had never dived in the ocean before. her only experience was a
7:32 am
handful of shallow dives in an alabama pond. >> did you ask if she ever had problems with her certification? >> no. >> reporter: in fact, she had panicked underwater while learning how to dive. wade singleton admitted he violated regulations by letting her take the dive with her husband without a guide. >> if something happened to gabe under water, could tina have helped him? >> probably not. >> reporter: it was wade who spotted her on the ocean floor and rushed her 100 feet to the ocean's surface to give her cpr. prosecutors called tina's younger sister to the stand. >> my dad said there was an accident. >> reporter: she told jurors that gabe never contacted tina's family. he reassured her mother that he stayed with her the 40 long
7:33 am
minutes they tried to save her. >> he promised us all he was with her the whole time. >> reporter: in fact, fwab was on a different boat, far from the frantic efforts. while prosecutors were able to raise troubling questions about his character and judgment, they have struggled to present any evidence that he actually killed her for money, as they claimed. and when prosecutors tried to show that his request at the funeral home was suspicious, the judge angrily dismissed them. >> he did all of that and planned it all here so he could go over there? so he could get the engagement ring? >> reporter: the judge seemed to be tough on you today. >> i wish we had gotten in the stuff he ruled out. i can't do anything but move on. >> reporter: prosecutors have one more day to make the case. the judge made it clear hrks does not think much of the
7:34 am
evidence presented thus far. the victim's father is in court every day, as i said, seated with the prosecutors, right next to the jury box. he stands up each time the jurors file past him, trying desperately to make eye contact with each and every one of them. none of them is looking at the victim's father as they walk past. >> such an emotional case. we move now to the other bizarre murder trial. the killer gunned down a reman tick rival. he is claiming insanity. saying that dells that looked like barry white and olivia newton john told him to kill. very strange. >> reporter: it is. the suspect, tommy newman was a top manager of thousands of employe employees. one of them is the wife of the man he admits to gunning down. his attorneys say he did it buzz he suffers from mental illness.
7:35 am
prosecutors say that was an act. he wanted rusty sthider man out of the way. demons, angels, and two famous singers took center stage in the murder trial. >> the deft claimed he was visited by demons that looked or sounded like barry white. >> reporter: in the months before killing rusty sthiderman, the engineer was visited by that demon and an angel with a face of olivia newton john. the defense team says their client suffers from mental illness. prosecutors say he had a cold-blooded plan to kill rusty snyder man as he dropped off his 2-year-old son at a day care in 2010. >> as rusty walks to his car, the defendant approaches him and shoots him two times.
7:36 am
>> reporter: shot to death because newman was having an affair with rusty's wife. eight days before the murder, he called 911 after spotting newman at their home. >> there's man who was sleeping in my backyard. he's running. think he has a gun in his back pocket. how to he's running away. >> reporter: andrea snyderman broke down and denied an affair. >> none of those feelings were returned. i made myself clear. >> reporter: in a bizarre twist, a divorce lawyer for newman's wife says she believes that andrea snyderman is lying. >> there will be a parade of witnesses that will crop rate there was an affair, now knowing that andrea snyderman has not told the truth. >> reporter: her inconsistent feelings toward newman only contributed to his erratic
7:37 am
behavior. he's pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. >> i'm here with dan abrams. what do you say -- tell the most bizarre story possible? >> i don't see how this works. even if olivia newton john and barry white are telling him to do this in his head. to make this a valid defense, he would need to not understand that it was wrong? so if olivia newton john is telling him to go kill, he knows it's wrong, even if it's still olivia newton john, that's not guilty by reason of insanity. the fact that he rented a car beforehand. he's wearing a hood. that it seems that there was premeditation to avoid detection is very bad for him. it shows some degree of
7:38 am
understanding that what he was doing was wrong. >> the claim of the affair with the victim's wife. the prosecution and the defense say it was happening. she denies it. >> it is by star. both prosecutors and defense saying, as if it was a given, yeah, there was an i fair between them. and both of them sort of using it for different reason. then you have the very first witness in the case testifying for the prosecution saying, no, there was no affair. and then the prosecutor is cross-examining her about it. it doesn't really matter that much. the defense would have been better off if their position was, well, he was delusional about the affair. and so, no, there wasn't actually an affair. he thought there was. >> everything is just made up. >> that could have set into the insanity defense. they're saying there was an affair and then, olivia newton john and barry white come into
7:39 am
his head and say you have to do this. >> a weird one. zblchb let's get the weather from sam. okay, george. the mountain pictures. avalanche conditions are worse than they have been, if possible. all of the heavy rain falling into the snow. they had to close i-90 there by snoqualmie. the snow is absorbing the water like a sponge. it's heavy and rolling off the mountain faces. more rain comes until that low gets on the other side of the houn tans. then it will kick back colder air. there will be snow on top of that heavy, wet, snow pack. another layer of icy snow. albuquerque, dallas, the northern line of the numbers, still in the 60s and warmer today, compared to yesterday.
7:40 am
yesterday we were in the 20's. high around 60 degrees. near 70 >> all that weather was brought to you by revlon. george? we go inside elizabeth smart's surprise wedding. an exclusive look with great pictures. light as air. your mood... your step... even your makeup. new revlon® photoready airbrush™ mousse make up. makeup like you've never seen or felt before. unique air-infused mousse formula blends easily for a smooth, poreless, airbrushed finish. have 46 grams of whole grains... mmmm. ...and a touch of sweetness. you'll be delighted to discover how good they taste.
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advil congestion relief reduces swelling due to nasal inflammation. so i can breathe. advil congestion relief. and now to the latest on
7:44 am
that happily ever after. elizabeth smart married matthew gilmar in hawaii. joining us now with an exclosive look at the big day and brand new details, betsy glick. you get into detail about how they met and how he proposed? >> we have beautiful details. it's a taste of what we have. it's hard not the feel delight td for her. we have fold her saga for ten years. this just seems like a beautiful happy ever after, as you said. >> we see them on the beach there this hawaii. tell everybody why hawaii was so special. >> it's a beautiful story. it turns out that after elizabeth was freed and rescued
7:45 am
she went with her family to oahu to heal and recover. she spent some weeks there. ten years ago. and she wanted to bring her new husband, matthew, to the place that was so important to her and her family. >> got chills when i read that. >> it's beautiful. >> he did not, her husband, had no idea when that met who she was. >> that's right. elizabeth met this dashing scottish person when they were in france doing their mormon mission work. they became friend. he had no idea who she was. and the romance bloomed orr fwanicily. >> that had to be so refreshing for her. someone who loved her for her. we can see a beautiful blend of both of their mormon faith and his scottish heritage. >> that's right. they did this beautiful ceremony. it was a very, very traditional
7:46 am
mormon ceremony in a mormon temple. he was wearing a scottish kilt. other men were wearing scottish bo bouttonieres. it was very nice. >> when she was here, elizabeth, a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't help notice the engagement ring. she talked a little bit. did she go shopping for her dress when she was here? >> she did. she and matthew had originally planned a summer wedding. then they decided to take the world by surprise and move it up. and she did this mad search for a wedding dress. and wasn't happy with the choices in utah. came to new york and got a dress at kleinfeld's. >> i love it. she did it beautifully. >> it was a really intimate special day. >> thanks for the sneak peek.
7:47 am
give our best to everybody there. "people" magazine with elizabeth smart on the cover this friday. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and you're wondering, what should i put on today? is what you're wearing putting your life in danger? ♪ [ male announcer ] aggressive new styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the new c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. through mercedes-benz the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed.
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here's "the play of the day."
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>> whoo! >> you're like that late america. like that late. >> what are you talking about? >> i'm talking about a bo-f erk r. check it out. look closely. sometimes best defense is just to stand there and let your opponent take it. a mixed martial arts fight. a devastating move. >> did he knock himself out? >> he knocked himself out. >> oh, wow. >> ow, ow. >> sam, you could have walked away from that. >> what does that mean, josh? >> oh! we have a bo-fer for you. a happy note. take a look at lassie. a new job. babysitting. [ baby laughing ]
7:52 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and a good morning to you. time now, at 7:56. good morning, i am cynne simpson. man charged with plotting to capitol in for a hearing. this is part of an fbi sting operation. planned to set off eight suicide best inside the capitol building. also, a charlottesville jury whether georgeay huguely killed his girlfriend,
7:57 am
love.ey the jurors could convict him on charges, however. report cominghe hour.the top of the check in to find out how doing.ffic is george washington parkway, on the george washington parkway, close to 123. causing the grass, but a distraction. go live to ao pictures and show you what to expect. 395 northbound, broken-down vehicles. it is tied to get by. 270 open, the outer loop. also slow. now to adam. we are noticing temperatures the upswing here for the the workweek. 39 now at dulles airport. 43 in the district.
7:58 am
on our way to near 60 this afternoon. a few showers possible. light sprinkles. near 70 tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us. another news update for you.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ great crowd with us this morning. some folks from massachusetts, from los angeles. from all around the country. here with us on this ash wednesday. you know, we're going to look at when clothes attack. it's a little more light-hearted than it sounds. if you're not feeling well, it may be thanks to what you're putting on this morning. the styles that could be turning you into a victim. also, michelle williams. the best actress nomination for "marilyn." before making waves have, they
8:01 am
was making waves on "baywatch." look at that. what she and some other people did before they were famous. >> we dug up some great stuff. >> sorry. we did. i'm playing with the new star with the team. we're into our final countdown. best picture nominee "the artist" has made silent films the talk of the town. and that guy, uggie. we have our own celebrity here, winston, we're starring him and everyone else in a special production. >> and so -- ♪
8:02 am
surfing the internet will soon be as easy as, well, looking into your glasses. by tend of the year, google will unveil flaszs featuring a small screen on the lenses that can stream information to eye balls in real time with a 3 or 4g connection. you might be able to watch a silent film of your very own. meanwhile, the u.s. embassy is under lockdown this morning after violent anti-american protests erupted in major cities across afghanistan today. reports say that at least six people have been killed. thousands are protesting what u.s. officials say was the unintentional burning of korans and other religious document there is. an american downlist is among the latest violence in syria. marie colvin, seen there,
8:03 am
working with the lond pd times, was killed in an take on in the city of homs, the center of the uprising. baby was among 40 other vick ti reportedly. and the republican candidates are sharpening their attack lines ahead of a debate tonight. polls show mitt romney leading rick santorum in the state. when polls look at the general election race, president obama leads everyone by at least eight points. and police near atlanta are calling a mass shooting a murder-suicide. five people were killed, including the gunman, who was prortedly arguing with one of the victim before he opened fire. this just in from italy. divers have found what appear to be four more bodies on the cruise ship. it would still be some time
8:04 am
before they were recovered. 150 people are listed as still missing, including a couple from minnesota. and a freelance producer for the hit show amazing race has died in africa. jeff rice was found dead in his hotel room, along with his production assistant that is reportedly this a coma. they may have been poisoned after a confrontation with a rival game. a newspaper there is saying a cocaine overdose was to blame. here's diane with a preview of tonight's "world news." so many jobs have moved overseas. some companies are bringing jobs back to america. we wanted to show you which ones and what it says about the future of the country. let's take a quick look. spectacular image this morning. a solar eclipse.
8:05 am
cool. and really, really hot. great, great, great image. >> how can you concentrate. the whole time, lara is doing this, talking into her microphone. getting prepared for pop news. >> i'm thinking you don't see me doing that. i'm talking to the control room. >> winston licking his shops. let's get to pop news. good morning, everybody. you know how moms sometimes embarrass their kids. sort of hike robin did to me, as a sister. oscar producers are so hoping that that happened to george clooney when his mom talks to them. they've asked several mom-inees to come on and talk thasht kids for what is sounding like a fun oscar broadcast. >> we did it last year.
8:06 am
it was so well received. glad we're hearing from them again. also, it's time to "the bachelor." what happens when the show travels to switzerland? >> this week has been incredible. i have three wonderful women here. that i'm falling in love with. it was very insightful. i got some answers i was looking for. i feel good about where i'm at right now. all my concerns are laid to rest. >> hi.
8:07 am
>> holy [ bleep ]. >> wow. so what is she doing back? you will find out monday on "the bachelor." 8:00 eastern on abc. >> he said he's falling in love with three women? >> yes, he did. >> tune in. the internet is abuzz this morning with reports that adele may be engaged. she was spotted wearing what looks like an engagement ring at the brit awards, like the u.s. version of the grammys. that was not the only finger that has people talking. she took a page out of m.i.a.'s book reminding producers she's number one. a huge crowd gathered in washington, d.c. for the pancake race. >> a well done transition.
8:08 am
>> from you, acompliment. they ran, they flipped, they tumbled. hoping to get the golden mrs. butterworth's prize. >> he didn't flip his pancake. he didn't. >> we're going to say that. >> i was watching. >> lara, thank you. >> thank you, robin. >> enjoyed that. >> see you later, robin. let's get outside to sam with the weather. sam? >> hey, robin. we'll do the pancakes one better. how about a burrito in space? let's roll the video tape. something you have never seen before. kansas teens were the pioneers who sent the first ever burrito into outer space. a hi deaf camera, a weather
8:09 am
balloon. after a ten-hour voyage, it landed 100 miles from where it was. it was cold, it tasted like lasagna. let's get to the boards. one or two things. the west coast, into the southwest, as this low pulls out and kind of brings that rain out of the northwest, it will kick up the winds. we have strong winds. that unseasonable warmth. barely a headline anymore. memphis, 77 on wednesday.h i thought it would be the church to show fairfax. 41 degrees at this time. 44 downtown. n lexington. warmer than yesterday morning. we will climb to 60 degrees for the high temperature. notice a breeze a little
8:10 am
afternoon, like yesterday. light areas of rain. especially south of the metro. >> hi, sam, i'm sam, what is your name, sam? >> yes. >> we'll go inside now to? >> lara. >> nicely done. a look at what's coming up, could the killer heels be killing your health? the high price your body may be paying for high fashion. and viola davis sharing the screen with jennifer lopez. this year's best actress nominees before they were famous. and "the artist" is proving that silence is golden. meet our top dog starring with the whole gang in our own silent movie. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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on hulu plus. and this is your brain with a little sprig of mint. will (v.o.): hulu plus. catchphraser3: "that's hot" will (v.o.): an evil(er) plot to destroy the world. enjoy. welcome wac to "good morning america," 8:14. as you get dressed this morning, ask yourself this question. what is more important, looking good or feeling good? as you squeeze into the skinny jeans, doctors say danger lurks. the style conscious have long suffered for fashion. just tuesday, beyonce was in these ankle breakers. how about the dazed and confused skinny jeans struggle.
8:15 am
there could be real danger lurking among your designer duds. take your jean, the slimmer the better, right? maybe not. a too tight pant leg can pichl a sensitive nerve in your upper thy. it's a temporary condition. ? it can cause terrible burning and tingling and pain if people who wear tight pant legs. >> reporter: according to one study, skinny jeans have been linked to digestive problems. how do you know? common sense. if you have to be doing movements like this or this or this, chances are -- they're probably too tight. other on fenders include body slimmers and high-waisted belts. academy award nominee octavia
8:16 am
spencer found out the hard way after piling on not one but three pairs of spanx. >> i was trying to overcompensa overcompensate. i'm going for three. after that, i won't do it again. >> reporter: and how about the sexy high heels. if you keep wearing them two inches or higher, they cause bun yons, numbness and fractures. >> do they hurt? >> reporter: our own nick watt discovered this firsthand while reporting on heel angries. >> i'm not just saying this. i cannot wear these for a moment longer. that's absolutely terrible. i love you. >> reporter: but will any of the problems stop us from being slaves to fashion? probably not. >> i would still war my heels. yeah. >> what is the alternative?
8:17 am
wearing a towel and running suits? >> we do have a warning for men out there. ties, since they don't get cleaned as often, they're breeding grounds for infection. robin, i know about the bunions and the fractures. look at what i'm wearing today. i can't help it. >> you came strutting out, we all were like, ooh, yeah. >> you're just as bad. >> we have to move on now. we're counting down to oscar sunday. >> a breeding ground. >> this year's nominees are a talented and diverse group. many of them crossed paths on the way to the oscar race. they had interesting costars along the way. let's take a trip back to the roles they'll always remember and ones they may wish we would forget. we knew brad pitt and george
8:18 am
clooney are good friends. do you recall they both guest-starred on "friends?" for extra credit, what other best actor nominee appeared on friends. the answer, gary oldman. he costars with joey. >> a picture of my wife in your pack. >> reporter: george choonny's e.r. was a training ground. jessica chastain, rooney mara. and there's okay taffe ya spencer. one of the few times she was in a hospital not laying a nurse. she's been cast in that uniform more times. >> you would like a day pass? >> reporter: octavia and her fellow nominee, melissa mccarthy, appeared behind the scenes. >> why did you get rid of the mustache and glasses?
8:19 am
>> to try to look more like alanis morissette. >> reporter: sometimes things don't work out. rooney mar ra wanted to quit acting. seems like queen of the screen meryl streep was always a star. look at her presence here. this was her first television appearance in 1975, a production of the play, "secret service." ♪ god save >> reporter: nominated for "albert nobbs" glenn close's first film was the world according to garp. >> come on, appearing to bay watch doesn't usually lead to oscar gold. that is 13-year-old michelle williams on the beach. >> listen, i'm having a party
8:20 am
friday night. you want to come? >> reporter: lots of future oscar noms ran on the beach. best supporting actor nom any kenneth branagh is just one of the pack. here he is in "chariots of fire." and heat ledger "in the maid's tale." it was viola davis' words that brought her a nomination. >> you're a godless woman. ain't you tired? >> reporter: for her heart-felt portrayal of abilene in "the help" she's found inspiration at home. >> my sister said, in order to get out of poverty, you have to have a dream. i thought i would be a writer, a painter, then settled on acting. >> reporter: lofty dreams for a
8:21 am
girl that was the youngest of six. her career began at the age of 8. >> we lived in a condemned apartment building with tiny closets. i would go in for an hour or two just rewriting the skit. >> reporter: viola was hooked by the acting bug. there's someone she's kept bumping into. she's appeared in three, count them three, of george's films. in out of sight, she's investigated by a cop. and she plays an astronaut in "solaris." >> every job you thing, this is it. this is what's going to make people know me. and it's not. >> reporter: but we know she not her big break. and her mantle already has awards. will the oscar trophy join it? we'll find out on sunday. you can see more on a special
8:22 am
"20/20," "before they were famous" that's tonight. >> we're counting town. the moment we have been waiting for. sure, the artist is leading the pack for best picture. uggie already won the golden collar. all those voters haven't met winston. here's the world premier of "the good morning." ♪ ♪
8:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:24 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:25 am
♪ [ dog barking ] >> that was it. >> all right, come on. >> way to go winston. yes, that's right, winston, the star of the show. he's the star of the disney channel movie, "frenemies." >> you were terrific. really good. >> i loved your acting. really. >> come on.
8:26 am
>> and josh, of course, didn't get me the first time perfectly. he had to throw the ball at my head a lot of times. >> i thought take 17 was the best. speak. >> we have a lot of people to thank. >> we do. they put together this incredible movie. so beautifully done. >> you got up and got for popcorn. >> i did. i might get more. coming up, the biggest night. sunday, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. you'll be out there for great morning monday morning. oscar monday morning. see you then.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning to you. i am cynne simpson. s 8:27.e i the maryland senate is expected final vote on a bill legalize gay marriage. yesterday the house passed the the bill was passed last week. a neighborhood is on edge after man attacked a teenage girl. monday night while was watching two children. say a man confronted her went to investigate a the front door. he pinned her to the ground. s not injured. we will have more on that in just a few minutes. now we check in with traffic. struggle on the george
8:28 am
washington parkway. crashes northbound near fort marsh, which puts it before 123. we expect delays in both directions. they had a crash. here is the collision now. zone moved into a safety -- that is good. the highway. looks like they're getting ready it once and for all. , we take you to maryland. there are blocking the box here as a result. going to adam caskey. mostly cloudy conditions but a little break in the cloud cover. light shininge down. the bay as well. a lovely picture there. 44 in the district. a little bit cooler off to the west. 44 degrees in winchester. near 64 the high temperature. areas of light rain possible. it gets warm tomorrow, right
8:29 am
near 70 for the high. thank you so much. for watching as well. we will have another news update
8:30 am
♪ ooh, they're having the popcorn. i'm surprised we left any. we were chowing here. kudos to our crew. this is our homage to "the artist." starring winston, the dog. >> he's back up in the d dressi room now, enjoying it again. a little more mayhem. he was fantastic. thank you. we're looking forward to sunday night. >> i am, too. >> you're going to be back on that red carpet. >> wow. hello! >> we have to ask you again, now
8:31 am
that we saw the dress. >> i'm not wearing that dress. i loved it. i'll be bringing a dress with me. >> closing in? >> very close. >> don't give it up. >> i can tell you. saw it. >> saw it. >> all right. well, while you're discussing the dress -- they gave you up. >> i have to tell america the truth. >> zow! >> thank you. >> you could go running. a great workout. it kills your knees. if you want to get back out there on the road, we'll give you an option. we'll test drive the elipti-go. sam and i will test drive it. >> i'll not be missing that. do not miss. plus, steve martin has found a new way to the funny.
8:32 am
his tweet to you. josh talks to mr. martin. we're just four days before oscar sunday. we've been telling you about the stars behind the scenes. this morning, the costume designers transforming ordinary people to extraordinary people. >> reporter: her well-dezind duds soared in mt. minority report." remember steve car rel? she designed that shoe, too. >> the old call forwarding. >> reporter: i know from my own career that putting on a good costume can be the key to getting into character. >> max? >> reporter: oh, hi, hundred. can we take to. that was my wife. how did she get my shoe number. that's thanks to deb scott. nice to see you. i met up with deb in the
8:33 am
"avatar" right room. i learned what interviewing a costume designer meant. a fun day of playing dresup. >> you're not as big as he is in real life. it's like war paint. you're supposed to like slowly get into character. >> reporter: as i geared up, i learned that all of the digital warrior design started out as hand-made objects. >> as much as computers can do, you can't draw the way it moves unless you know how it moves. >> reporter: how did you get in business? >> i love creating a character. it's about trying to define a person who lives in a particular time and place. >> reporter: nowhere is her depth of talent more apparent than here. whoa! at the wardrobe archives at fox.
8:34 am
>> here's some costume history for you. >> reporter: the coolest walk-in closet i have seen. >> that's from "big," tom hanks. >> reporter: hanging among them, some of her finest work. >> i come in and revisit old friends. >> reporter: by old friends, she means all the amazing characters she helped create. >> oh, my god, there's jack nicholson's costume from "hoffa." >> reporter: and here are the oscar winning costumes from none other than "the titanic." an entire rack of costumes worn in the movie. >> rose's boarding suit. >> reporter: remember this dress? ♪ what do you thing? >> it's you. >> reporter: and before i knew it, it was time for more dress-up. i like it. and i have to say, trying on the
8:35 am
originals. this is literally from "the titanic." was a pretty good time. come on, how cool is this. king of the world. jack nicholson from "hoffa." >> one of tom cruise's costumes. >> reporter: i was having a ball until deb brought me pack to reality. >> a really good actor cleans up after themselves. >> reporter: how am i doing? >> amazing. where's your hanger? really. >> reporter: it was fun while it lasted. because of the skill of deb scott, at least for a minute, i, too, felt like -- ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> reporter: king of the world, baby. >> yes, you are, cam. we've been tracking who is most likely to take gold this sunday on our abc news oscar stock market. it's tracking real-time reaction
8:36 am
online. turning to wisdom. who might win it all. check it out anytime on our website. we have the latest coverage on on yahoo!. we're the place to be leading up to the could oscars. sunday, 7:00 p.m. let's get out to sam and the weather. >> we're just warming up, robin. we're warming up for the -- oh, no, how. the ellipti-go. >> pull something? >> i think so. we're going to ride. we want to show row this. strong to severe thunderstorms. this is going to be a game we play for a couple of days here. from tupelo, nashville, today, knoxville, charlotte, atlanta, birmingham. the warm air will trigger storms over the next couple of days. by the time we get to thursday, the storms may be powerful.
8:37 am
we have to watch this. we have a winter storm going on into the northwest. not so much today. but by the time we get to tomorrow, the storm on the other side of the mountain, a lot of the rain will be snow. i was doing the -- ellipti-go. i'm a little ou now downtown. overall, we will have a mixture of clouds today. high-temperature, though. right near 60 degrees. a few >> that's right there. that's perfect. all that was brought to you by the citibank thank you card. oh, robin? >> i thought we were going to see more. >> oh, no. coming up. it's called a tease, robin. >> you're such a professional. coming up, becky worley
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
. a lot going on in hollywood next week after oscar sunday. if your workout is getting stale, time to try something new. becky worley did that. she's bringing it to us today. the elliptigo. i guess the trick is staying on. the you do, you get a great workout. >> yeah, good morning, george. there are 50 million adult runners in the u.s. that runner's high is real. but the runner's low of the back pain and the joint pain and the knee, the hips. that's real, too. especially as an aging runner. so, when a friend of mine said, i got this new gadget. you're right. it's funky. like a crazy contraption, but you have to come check it out. i had to try it, george. ♪
8:42 am
>> reporter: you step. you glide. you balance. let check the turning radius. not bad. hey. that's cool. the elliptigo is the new way to take the low-impact workout of the elliptical out of the gym and on to the road. >> boy, i feel tall. i heard about it from my friend, missy parks. i feel it in my posterior. >> i'm sure you're not doing it right. we can go way faster. >> oh. her stellar trash-talking skills come from years of competitive sports. why are you not running? >> 30 years of use and abuse. >> reporter: on your joints, your hips? >> knees. knees. >> reporter: when she and her family wrote letters to santa at christmas, missy asked for a new
8:43 am
set of knees. instid, she received the elliptigo. do you think it's fun? >> downhill especially. for me, there's something about being on my feet. it feels more active. and then, the other thing about riding a bike, to get good workout, you're in for 2 1/2 hours. wheres a th j whereas this, you can get a good workout in half hour. >> reporter: there are downsides. >> they start at about $1800. we have different models. >> reporter: and the other issue? want to race. you get a loss of looks, don't you? >> yeah, oh man. >> reporter: and the workout may be worth it for aging jocks. >> how about that? nice work.
8:44 am
>> reporter: now i had to endure my friend's trash talk the first time. it was pretty easy to balance. i got good at it. you have one there in the studio, sam, lara, i dare you. i double dog dare you. >> we got this. a demonstration. lara will do the high impact run. i'm doing the elliptigo. >> no impact. >> let's go. shall we. >> josh is just going to be in the way. lara, as an athlete. it what, wait, wait, wait, wait. >> stop, sam. stop, sam. >> now -- i will say -- >> how does it feel? >> you try it. [ crowd chanting lara ] >> give it a push. give it a go. remember the elliptigo is about $1800.
8:45 am
it's an expensive ride. josh, i feel a firmness kind of feel a slight workout zone that was particularly targeted by the e lipt go. lara, you should come -- sweetie. come back with the elliptigo. >> she's going to make a path. >> i hope you enjoy your shopping. oh, no. oh, no. there are people. lara! >> she's out in the wild. she's in the wild. duck. duck. >> hit the dirt. incoming! >> is there -- is there a -- is there a tag to this segment. how about thank you to all? there's certainly more outside as we get lara out of jail. george? >> thank you, sam. i love that helmet. coming up, steve martin.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
steve martin is a musician and cheed kran, actor, author. there are far too many things to provide a full accounting here. speckly, he's an avid tweeter. recent ly tweeting, if i can't think of anything interesting to say, i'll just go on twitter. it's called the ten -- in make that nine habits of very organized people. steve good enough to join us. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> i had to be pulled reluctantly to twitter.
8:49 am
when you first hard of it, what did you think? >> i thought it was ridiculous. what could you say in 140 characters? >> it became an exercise in brevity as a writer. what was it for you? >> i actually thought it was going to be a commercial vent e venture. meaning i could talk about projects i was doing. promote things. i disbanded that. because i found that people that they're just completely uninterested. >> and so you have 2 million people plus. what to you find they're interested in? >> comedy. they like tributi contributing jokes. it's reflected in the book. we use a lot of people's responses. >> does it dismay you when somebody may have a better one up than row? >> it doesn't bother me at all.
8:50 am
>> how often are you tweeting? >> it varies now. for awhile, it was every day. and or sometimes three or four times a day. now i just do it when i have something funny to say as opposed to earlier on. >> you also involved your wife, often. >> only as a character. >> it does sort of become a real-time involvement, to a degree. >> i make up a lot of stuff. i create an artificial world that i live in. i try not to expose my private life too much. >> i don't know how you fit everything into a 24-hour day. what is the book exactly? >> it's a collected best, which is obviously not very good. no, it's -- i noticed after awhile, that sort offing look back, it -- you know, i'm
8:51 am
critical of my own work. some of it, i thought, this is funny. not only was some of it funny, but the responses were very funny. they were making me laugh. i would go in to my wife and say, thereon thlisten to this, this. there were stories being told. narratives. i started to think about it in terms of a book after it was completely written. >> it's people-sourced to a degree. i want to ask you. today's tweets are sponsored by creepy guy. whempb you want something down around the house, hire creepy guy. it's a man who looks vaguely familiar. >> someone september me an artistically made green wax hammer. i thought it was a fine object. i looked at it for a long time. i looked at it for two years. i finally thought of something to do with it. it's a beautiful green wax hammer. i had a wig from an old movie
8:52 am
lying around and soy got dressed up and had my wife take that photo. there it is. >> i'm sure people -- there it is. i know people i'm sure always ask you, begin that you have so many interests. >> by the way, there was a tweet. i put in that was the last thing bin laden saw coming at him. >> call creepy guy. when ever you need something done. what is next? what will tickle your fan sni. >> this summer, i start another banjo tour. we do a muse you can and comedy show that is going well. i am back at my roots to have comedy and music again. >> again, make that ten, make that nine habits that organized people know. >> it fits in 140 characters.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we have to thank win son to one here time. >> we do. >> such a dd dog. such a great part of our "gma" silent movie premier. you're on the red carpet on sunday. you and lara at the afterparty. on tuesday, the brand new cast of "dancing with the stars." a big week for "gma" out in hollywood. >> i think lara is still on the elliptigo. i have to go, too, to l.a. have great day.
8:56 am
marry poppens live on broadway. now, "gma" is giving you the chance to experience the high-flying super hit musical for yourself. go to on yahoo! to find out how to enter. you just might win a vip trip to new york city. with round trip air fare and accommodations paid for by delta. that's what we call a jolly holiday. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
>> good morning to you. the time on this wednesday. i am cynne simpson. frederick county now the first n maryland to make english its official language. of commissioners approved the measure last night. all county business communication has to be conducted in english. the metro wants you to help it stations first five along the silver line to dulles airport. d an online survey get your input. you have until march 21 in order to submit your idea on metro's website. now a look at traffic. >> it has been a long morning. things are settling down for us now. did have a crash eastbound 66 before the beltway, but that is way. out of the i was a huge traffic live in springfield, virginia. plan ahead if you normally the 14th street on the lower 14 street of
8:58 am
the ground-breaking ceremony of for the american african scheduled tos begin around 9:30 this morning. to close a portion street there on avenue as a loss constitution in the area. >> considerable cloud coverage has developed early this morning. will see this cloud move on up and be replaced by more clouds. variable cloud cover or a clouds if you and will. 44 in the district, 43 in winchester. of a taste of spring later on today. after sunset, cannot rule out a quick shower. near 70 tomorrow. >> that sounds amazing. thank you so much, adam. for watch
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