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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  February 26, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> an update on those injured firefighters, the families of n who were critically hurt battling a blaze in prince forge's county speak out the first time. >> campus alerts after two separate attacks. have the latest. the biggest night of the year for movies. >> we are on the red carpet. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc7 at 6:30. >> their loved ones face their n mortality while battling a fire. family of those are speaking out. >> official said the two men a fire developed
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during friday night strong wind. they remained in critical tonight. >> we are outside the house were that the fire occurred. take a look. you can look right into the living room. is where firefighters ran trouble. from the people most this, firefighters and their families. >> is an emotional day after a terrible fire. a blaze that injured seven remainhters, two of them hospitalized. >> we are one big family. >> the fire ripped through this around 9:00 on saturday -- on friday night.
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like -- a lot of screaming. >> all seven members escaped alive. has burn injuries down to lungs. >> on sunday, the nurse is allowed them to have a brief visits. he was treated and released on saturday. still with there have not banned. >> -- not been. methis will not stop whatsoever. >> a look at all the damage
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inside the house. has a long road to recovery, months of rehab. , no officialause for the fire. this was a vacant home. local universities are issuing alerts after students are insulted in two separate incidents. georgetown, a student was sexually assaulted on 36 straight are around 2:15 this morning. police are investigating and suspect. for that park, a female look mano find a strange her leg inside her dorm room. before 4:00 this morning. the roommate confronted the suspect. he claimed to have walked into the realm by mistake. they noticed their laptop was missing. >> as if things were not
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days, it enough these bite in more to grab a fairfax county. e considering a tax on meals at restaurants. but go towards transportation projects. they need $3 billion to meet transportation demand over the next 10 years. county supervisors cannot simply the tax. by theto be approved voters.assembly or by in maryland, same-sex marriage is set to become law. thursday, the governor o'malley will sign the measure in a ceremony in annapolis around 5:00. maryland will become the eight toyed in the country legalize same-sex marriage. >> less than 48 hours away from michigan and in arizona. candidates are making that last- minute sprint to the finish. mitt romney received a key endorsement today. >> santorum ran into races on
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sunday, the michigan primary and the daytona 500. he is the sponsor and namesake this car. the front when it really counts. d be his campaign plan, too. he lost 10 points in a week to chief rival, mitt romney. >> that is the team i am on. the team that supports a free market and free people. somethinggreed with to voteiple, but he had for it. >> mitt romney was at the daytona 500 and person. up a high value to partyement from a tea arizona governor. >> the person that can win. >> a loss to michigan would be
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psychologically crushing to his campaign. d be a huge blow. he has been able to concentrate his resources. >> a santorum win in michigan make him a commanding favorite. >> the last lap is under way. >> the checkered flag falls in today's. >> -- two days. >> of the country's governors for the winter meeting. tonight, president obama will host them for dinner. but the arizona governor will be there. she got into a finger-pointing the presidentwith last month. oscars,ng out to the ticking and excitement is building. the red carpet arrivals have already begun. the ceremony is less than two hours away. >> arch campbell and cynne
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on the red carpet covering the 84th academy award. they join us live from hollywood. arch campbell is even getting a head start. >> it is a beautiful day out here in los angeles. we are looking at mid-60's, light went. out shining. >> we saw george clooney a minute ago. >> my goodness. right across from us is where d out sinceeen stake early this morning. the audience was so excited to e george clooney. >> i think it will be his night. think he will win the best -- the oscar for best actor. what about best actress? i think it is the category that is too close to call. received 17 oscar "iron lady"or the
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as margaret thatcher. she has won the golden globe and british academy awards, along several critics' awards. has received great help."in "the this year's best actress oscar is too close to call. who do you like as best actress? the way.all >> meryl streep. i thought she was great. >> i do not know. if i could use both, i would say both. i if i could choose both,
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would say about. would vote for davis. davis fan,uge viola but meryl streep since the gold standard. >> that is the category to watch tonight. cannot wait to find out. a lot of the focus is on fashion. the show starts, it about the big category. >> who are you wearing? >> calvin klein. >> i am wearing brooks brothers. very dapper. the will of all the wrap up from as -- a red carpet showll as the oscar tonight at 11:00. >> they both look absolutely
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beautiful. thank you. they will be live tonight immediately following the after the's oscar special. >> the multimillion-dollar man, extension for the of the washington nationals. >> how about temperatures back degrees? my forecast is coming up. >> it is oscar night and a lot people in the metro area are havi
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dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, your feet will feel so good... ... you'll want to get up and go. we have this breaking news the district. of ae are on the scene stabbing at metro center. this happened within the last hour. police tell us to groups of teenagers got into a fight on the platform. one person was stabbed and the assailant is now in custody.
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we do not know the condition of that the victim. are following some breaking news from ontario, canada, where rescue workers are scene of a train derailment. train bound for toronto jumped the city ofn burlington. least three people were killed. e confirmed only one death. still to come, but we have your morning forecast. >> we will take you live to a morning forecast. >> we will take you live to a local os
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trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, visionn changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. >> the clock is winding down to the academy awards. are gearing upks for their own celebrations. we checked out some pre party
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festivities. assignment. great excitement is building. lined up at this theater s ago so they could see the show on the big screen. >> the academy awards may be on other side of the continent, fans windup early in arlington. i am a huge oscar fanatic. i have been watching it for i do many years. >> every year, some folks in the area go all hollywood. they watch the academy awards with like-minded movie fans. >> i am a big movie fan. i have been a fan of the oscars ceremonies since i was a little kid. >> the arlington cinema and house post an oscar -- an annual oscar party. a whole different experience. sitting in the crowd and looking on the big screen. >> this is the d.c. film
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society's 20th oscar party. movie fans can join in a silent and bid on movie memorabilia. >> the cast, the director. >> the real star of this show is the awards ceremony. >> it is lights, camera, action. it is the whole package. >> none of the people here is a the academy, of all of them have predictions. they think the movie the best picture it will be open " the artist." if they are right. >> arch campbell predicted "the artist" as best picture a month ago. >> we had a nice day today. a nice sunday full of sunshine. temperatures are a bit below average, but no complaints.
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high temperature at break and national airport made it up to -- reagan national airport, made it up to 49 degrees. the record is 74. the temperature at this hour is degrees. the wind chill factor is 42. 46, george washington university. alexandria, 44 degrees. temperatures are going to drop quickly as we move through the evening. winchester, 41. just off to the south and west us, st. louis, 63. these warmer temperatures are on the way for the day tomorrow. thursday the on share.
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high-pressure overhead, it moves off the coast. that will allow the warm-up for tomorrow. a week a frontal system are arrives late tomorrow night. the frontal system expected to through dry. will clear for the day on tuesday. move into wednesday, a potent storm system moves across the mid-atlantic. that will bring periods of heavy rain. temperatures will be well above average. here is our forecast for tonight. 28 to 35 degrees for a nighttime low. daytime highs tomorrow at around 60. we will warm things up on thursday and friday. is your online home for abc 7 weather. check it out. a brand new photo gallery.
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opening day is a but a lot of s toonals fans have reason be as excited. strasbourg will pitch march 4. spring training, we are all over it. breaking news about that slugger. zim
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the washington nationals are faces to theiree franchise. the most prevent is ryan zimmerman. here tod baseman is quite a while.
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he agreed to a contract extension this morning upranteeing to keep them through the 2019 season. the agreement contains a narrow clause and adds six years and $100 million. he also agreed to a clause for with theon to work years afterr five retires. yes. pretty good to be ryan >> i am excited to be a part of this organization. the whole team showed up to make nervous to talk to everyone. i am happy to be part of this clubhouse. i would not have done this with any other team. >> good for him. d.c.ood for
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let's not forget about stephen straus burk. -- strasbourg. his spring training on march 4. a 2.54,. i would say he is a pretty good player. the general manager told the media -- >> if that were to happen, i am would do something of that sort. now, we have a lot of talent. talent can only go so far. we are really working hard early on. we will keep going until we get we want to get. >> the daytona 500 was postponed today due to rain. is rescheduled for tomorrow noon. the first time in 54 years a race has been delayed. the first time in 54 years a race has been delayed.
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siemens. answers is now providing answers families need. o tune in tonight abc 7 news after the oscar special. start immediately following the ceremony. arch campbell and cynne simpson will be live from the red carpet. final look atr a the forecast. full gallery, about 12 are under water canines. is just one of the photographs. a lot of fun pictures at
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better chance for rain on wednesday. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. thank[ male announcer ]s. with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. ststandard a at citibank.
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