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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 26, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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all right. thank you so much. thank you, thank you. when they called my name i had this feeling i could hear half of america going, oh, no. oh, come on, why her again? you know. but whatever. [ applause ] first i'm going to thank don because when you thank your husband at the end of the speech, they play him out with the music and i want him to know that everything i value most in our lives, you've given me. and now secondly -- [ applause ] >> -- my other partner, 37 years ago my first play in new york city, i met the great
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hairstylisand makeup artist roy helland and worked together pretty continuously. his first film with me was "sophie's choice" and up to tonight when he won for the beautiful work in "the iron lady" 30 years later. every single movie in between. [ applause ] and i just want to thank roy but also i want to thank because i really understand i'll never be up here again, i -- i really want to thank all my colleagues, all my friends, i look out here and, you know, i see my life before my eye, my old friends, my new friends and really this is such a great honor, but the
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thing that counts the most with me is the friendships and the love and the sheer joy we have shared making movies together. my friends, thank you all of you, departed and here for this, you know, indefatigable eexplicl career. thank you. [ applause ] >> and then there was one. here to present best picture is someone who has been a movie star since he was 19 years old. please welcome a man his entire career is making the impossible possible, tom cruise. ♪ [ ing the theme to "mission: impossible" ] [ applause ] >> tonight is a celebration of
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movies, watching a film on the big screen, enjoying a shared experience of being in a theater with hundreds of other people. there are so many reasons why we all love to go to the movies. here are nine of them. >> what's your name, boy. >> hugo. >> if we win on our budget we'll change the game. >> i just want the you to know that i'm okay. >> ready to change. i'm ready to be a real husband and a real father. ♪ >> in man's palace there are two way throughs life, the way of nature and the way of grace. >> i want to tell you something about the point of view from "the help." >> i'm in love with you. >> you're in love with a fantasy. >> i promise you man to man that i'll look after him as closely as you have done. >> who are you? >> hemmingway. >> hemmingway. >> if you've ever wanted to find
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out where your dreams come from you look around. >> we're going to shake things up. >> dad, mom was cheating on you. >> i'm in a very perplexing situation. >> youary me. do you understand what i'm saying? she's gone. >> be brave. >> find the stairs and you come home. >> i don't want to leave you, but it's time for me to go. >> you rock. >> i think the question we should be asking is, do you believe in this thing or not? >> happy endings only happen in the movies. >> this is our special place. >> it's like seeing dreams in the middle of the day. >> the nominees for best motion picture in 2011 are --
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"the artist." "the descendants." "extremely loud & incredibly close." "the help." "hugo." "midnight in paris." "moneyball." "the tree of life." "war horse." all of them such fine films. congratulations. and the oscar goes to -- "the artist."
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[ applause ] >> thomas langmann, producer. >> "the artist" is a rarity, not only is it black and white and french director's take on old hollywood but the only movie among the nine best picture nominees from entirely los angeles having ten academy award nominations this year, winning five oscars. >> i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to you, members of the academy, to you, r.v., not only because we received tonight the award that any filmmaker would dream to receive but because tonight you've given me the opportunity to pay tribute to a member of this academy that i miss so much, the oscar winner claude berry and he directed movies
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like "the two of us" and produced and worked with directors such as francis ford coppola, milos foreman, roman polanski, and i always thought and remember will i ever one day be able to work with such director, a director that could stand in front of these examples and tonight i know i do because i am the producer of michel hazanavicius and i am glad to be his producer. >> thank you. >> and now, okay, thank you. i'd like to say very, very important things. i want to say hi to my kids and it's 6:00 in the morning in paris, so you should go to bed in 30 seconds. i want to say to my wife, berenice bejo, who is here, that i love you, but it's not just
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that, it's about the movie, you inspired the movie and you're the soul of the movie and the positive feeling of the movie. thank you for being this in the movie and in my life and i want to thank three person, i want to thank billy wilder, i want to thank billy wilder and i want to thank billy wilder, thank you very much. [ applause ] >> well, that's our evening. good night, everybody. [ applause ] >> hotel accommodations provided by renaissance.
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discover 150 locations worldwide with renaissance, hotel provider to the academy awards. air transportation provided by united airlines. united airlines is proud to play the part of the official airline sponsor of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. video projection provided in part by senovva.
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so who gets the award for the biggest morning after oscar party anywhere, live from hollywood? the envelope, please. "good morning america," tomorrow morning get all the inside oscar buzz, the star, the fashion, the parties and all the exclususive. see the whole picture, live from hollywood, tomorrow on a special "good morning america" on abc.
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all members of the academy who are eligible are invited to vote their nominations for the best film. in most other categories, the nominations are decided by a vote of the members working in that specific category. then the entire membership chooses from those nominations the recipients of the academy awards. in the documentary, short film
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well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. captioned by the national captioning institute can do it for least. 10 years at going to drop dead am, on stage or on the said. from theg winners win an award ever to newcomers and a host of winners in between. "the artist" turned out to the biggest winner of them all. tonight, abc7 is your official oscars station. complete coverage for now from the red carpet. >> live out in hollywood with from the winners and the big stage and
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behind the scenes. guys. guys. here we are, on the red carpet. it was a smooth show tonight. with the more than usual number of surprises. >> and the oscar goes to -- "the artist." >> and the oscar goes to meryl streep. and the oscar goes to jean de jardin. >> a big night for the winners, the 84th annual academy awards did not disappoint. we arrivedme that departure, which happening now behind us. one of the big prizes tonight went to the best picture. and "the artist" sydow late. it was expected, especially
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picture and best certainly best jardin.r jean de a lot of people felt there would an upset for -- "the artist." but no upset. they saidee what the big winter cress i to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart. -- after the big win. i want to say thank-you from of marquardt. for only the award that any film maker would be happy to receive, but you offered me the toortunity to pay tribute of this academy that mind, the oscar berri.claude have been all not the fanfare around "the not for thet were n de jardin.jea >> i still think that it was a set that he got a best
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actor. clooney had ite in the bag. >> it was a surprise. he was excited about that win this take a look at animated acceptance. if george valentine could [speakingett said french] >> fantastic. another big award, highly going in, best actors. >> and one that i thought was call.ose to be viola davis or streep? be meryl meryl streep has won and i is glad.eryone is her third oscar. when they called my name, i
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could heareling i of america going, oh, no. [laughter] oh, c'mon, why her again? you know? but, whatever. this is such a great honor, but counts the most me is the friendships. thank you so much. became -- sheep to be claime into margaret "the iron lady." best supporting actor, people very happy for christopher plummer, a very gracious man and gracious actor. >> how could do not read for him. oldest academy award winner ever at 82 years old. he said that, when he received speech, this was the climax amazing career.
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take a look. the cream on top. it is lovely to be accepted because you know beyond the of working in front of is ae audience that there work.l acceptance of your and octavia spencer, a want mention her because she has been going out on the field on of "the help" for at now. a year standing ovation she won for best supporting actor. >> without an entourage, could nicer.e been all happy for her tonight. >> most definitely. voting forople were her and rooting for her. nevertheless, it was a very emotional acceptance from her. a share this with everybody. you, steven spielberg. . i am wrapping up. am freaking out.
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>> it was not a surprise. surprised as she seemed to o won the golden the saddle warned this year. s thisand the sag award year. they call the kodak theatre chapter 11 theater. the kodak fair it is now broke. >> this was his ninth year hosting. he added a lot of drama to the show. there was some acting. there was some singing. dancing. some in little bit of everything. look at this. >> the nine nominated films are -- he won't talk
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♪ don't ask him ♪ he won't talk ♪ don't ask him >> a lot of fun with billy crystal. the redashion on carpet, what did you think? the oscarsot have without fashion. a lot of big winners tonight. but one person everybody will be evening isut this lopez.r revealingvery plunging neckline on. some people questioned whether she might have showed a little intended to. will leave that to you to decide. was just a shadow jolie had a beautiful gown on. of leg, very sexy. think the fellows like it. >> fine with me. [laughter] you.t's head it back to
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>> we are practicing are posed with are legging out. pose are practicing a our with our laeg out. >> a great line. that. to the winners, show provedand the be the big buzz online. heard about it -- did you possible wardrobe malfunction? whether or not to jennifer too lowwas a little cut. it has some people talking. there was even an awkward moment or two. is the most important to then when it comes ed carpet -- wearing?e you about your outfit.
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>> and the stars did not disappoint from jennifer lopez muni murrah. they need no help when it comes walking the red carpet. williams gave marilyn monroe air run for her money. -- a run for hermine. sandra bullock face a backlash with fans fuming -- oh, poor, poor sandra, just know. and penelope cruz, the tweets were not sweet. . >> who are you wearing? geranimals. >> the men were debonair.
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target asest became a can be in such a baron cohen spilled an urn of kim jong il's ashes all over him. inobviously, it was all jest. our team was busy watching what twitter. the fashion, it was host billy cluster. it was announced -- a resounding great job for him. you can go to we have a slight show of tonight hit and mrs.. -- hits and misses. >> neither one of us is wearing kim jong il. nor-- our money armani. >> we're looking at a warmup for
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it was an emotional day for families with firefighters to injured in a fire. firefighters are being treated. one suffered burns in his air way. burns on moreed than 40% of his body. salted.mate was sexually early this morning. ed happened at city sixth street d nstreet. another student woke up to a touching her in her dorm room.
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money raised would help pay a transportation projects. be $3 billion next decade. the county board of implement acannot on its own. general assembly has to or has to be on a ballot referendum. reallyather in l.a. is nice. r skies, a good indication to more.s on the way temperatures. high today at reagan national airport, it made it up to 49 degrees. our final stop texas over to rockville.
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weperatures will cool off as move through the overnight hours. 36 in winchester. if you're looking for the milder air, head to the southwest. 60's.atures were in the of this warmer air is on its .ay tomorrow and mild temperatures are expected for tuesday. coast, thees off the change direction. it will be more out of the southwest. this is our future casts. in the next 48 hours, clear skies early tomorrow morning. increase just a bit as we move through the late afternoon hours. this is part of the week frontal throughhat moves on overnight. of sunshineplenty with yet another system. this approach as late tuesday wednesday. bring us the better raine for widespread
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across the mid-atlantic. e forecast for tonight. clear and cold. a nighttime low -- otherwise the upper-eezy in .0's to lower 60's a good chance for showers on wednesday. temperatures around 50 degrees. lower-50's on thursday. sunshine anthis weekend. you have a chance, head over .o we have a wonderful photo gallery -- underwater canines. check it out. >> it is really popular. thousands and thousands of people are looking at it. >> it is pretty cool. >> you should be in force for the daytona 500. a lot of rain. who


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