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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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researchers. give us a little control for more contentment? nod a bad trade. claire shipman, abc news, new york. >> ladies, let go. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> for me, it is terrifying. i do not think it is altered safe. of anybodyink shot or a mass shooting. >> college park in the cross hairs. a threat. to you. is great to see to be gamut the traffic every 10 we will check with adam caskey in a minute. >> we start with travel times in favor this morning.
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we are going to get you the light on the d ulles freeway. get this out of the roadway. but we are on the wilson bridge. it is a good at university boulevard. from us.s heading away adam caskey is next. >> it is going to be warmer today than yesterday. temperatures were on the upswing. it looks like we will be well the middle and upper-60's. 48 in winchester pier 46 in gaithersburg. a mild start to our day today. s becoming cloud cloudy. it is unseasonably warm.
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tomorrow partly cloudy and even warmer. a few isolated thunderstorms cannot be rolled out. lights are in the 70's. >> we began with a developing from afghanistan. fears of new violence. a soldier a massacre afghan civilians. he left the base in southern afghanistan sunday morning going shot people as they slept. of 60 people including women and three children e soldier -- a total of 16 including ninet children.hree marylandiversity of student is undergoing a evaluation after carrydly threatening to a mass shooting. alexander song posted the
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threatening messages saturday night. he wrote that he would go on a shooting rampage that killed make national news. i do not think is altering safe. i do not think of anybody shot or a mass shooting. >> police say he was not armed. no weapons or ammunition is in his room. his face a misdemeanor charge. >> the state will begin defense in the wrongful death lawsuit against debt.ia say the school delay issuing 8an alert. officials said they did the best h the information at the man accused of sending g letters to members congress to be arraigned today.
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he was arrested on friday near portland. letters were sent to members of congress. he sent letters to john boehner and barbara mikulski. >> d.c. council will hold a bill residents to report cases of child sex abuse. they will have to report it to police, 911 or job and family services. penalties could be for the chair to cases.such >> we're going to turn to the 2012 campaign. today will be another pivotal day. alabama and mississippi will hold primaries. republicans and hawaii and samoa will hold their caucuses. hopes to make a two-man race. it is a sane at college campuses across the country that
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never gets old. a lot of excitement. georgetown university. learned that they're going determine it appeared they in the midwestd bracket. is the number one reason. kansas is number two. >> better hope they don't play georgetown. allen joins us live from new with a book from ahead. >> good morning. stock futures are porting to some declines. journal is sank filed in court sometime today. r on, we will hear more stress test results.
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talk oil prices. this is an issue not only for candidates but drivers as well. aaa is saying the price at the s averaging $3.96. is higher than the national average. analysts have warned as of $5 house by the end of the summer. there dapple it to a peak that type because of the fundamental. to the is according houston chronicle. airlines are trying to fix the problem. more on that and i e going up.prices ar i will have that coming up. live in new york. >> everything is going up. >> thank you. >> 48 degrees. >> the priest at the center of a controversy sidelines
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like children's blankets. smells like home. [ experimenter 1 ] okay. take your blindfolds off. ♪ hello? [ male announcer ] and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher p with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. >> good morning. welcome to good morning washington. we are in great shape.
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overnight construction has been made out. will take you to virginia quickly.ngs are moving your gun to buy nothing complicated. 270.ould you on ove we go southbound traffic. traffic at headlights. no issues to report right now. it goes on to the beltway. we are good through silver springs. now we will go back inside. >> we are taking a look at our temperatures and the chance of rain. 36 now. 43 degrees. a wide range of temperatures. some spots right around 50. chevy chase at 49.
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increasing clouds today. temperatures on the warm side. tempters even pushing 70 in a few spots. light rain will develop tonight. some scattered light rain. but cannot rollout it come tomorrowr to afternoon. it will be warmer. >> things are looking up from here. you for that. of a children's on a serious mission to space. launched a shuttle into the stratosphere back in december. waydeo just made its online. he attached the toy and two cameras to whether building. the chip. found a safe and sound. it is 125 miles away. >> still to come, by the priest who made giveines for refusing to gay worshiper is leave. >> when something like this happens, if you wonder if you
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get your life back. >> no. coach accused of sexually a teenager speaks out prosecutors dropped the charges. >> the disaster that transformed charges. >> the disaster that transformed a
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is good morning washington on your side.
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>> japan pause to mark one year country was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami. the earthquake struck northeast japan. most of these communities are in the fields. people died. it checkered a nuclear crisis left a small piece of the country uninhabitable. it is one year since a yoke a beaten tooyee was death. her co-worker was eventually convicted. held and open house and her memory. >> a d.c. police are looking for the gunmen had opened fire northwest shop.
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say the shooting from an argument. the victim is in critical condition. theade headlines for denying it. l coachhigh schoo speaks out. >> this comes days after prosecutors dropped charges. >> this is my whole life. s what i do. do not want to do anything else. >> the charges have been dropped. t know of life will normal.urn to
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>> i miss so much. i really miss basketball players. when something like happens, you ever give youran life back. >> police accused him of having sex on two occasions last spring year old girl who he coached on the cross-country team. ask if that ever happened. cannot let him answer that. quite the attorney says for too not letsince he will him answer. he says he's never seen the details. trouble acan cause refiled >> once the statute has run out, he can say whatever he wants. >> he did say this. he was too close to female students. >> i've never been with my students. iam close with the kids
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teach. every allegation that was could have been proven. prosecutors agreed. it is not a legal for a part- .employee no matter how old be a full-timeto teacher or employee. that was not the case here. >> deputies say the case was not dropped for lack of evidence calls ause of what he in maryland law. >> it is something that we are actively trying to change. it is absurd. >> he is a full-time employee with the school system. is only considered a part- time employee. to drop thethey had charges. although his attorney would not
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answer that question not the sec's happen, the attorneys that he has been willing to a lie detector test about the accusation. abc 7 news. >> the nation's oldest aircraft carrier on its last voyage. a seven month deployment in the middle east. if your return to virginia in the fall and will be on december 1. was featured in the film "top gun." it played a prominent role of back in the cuban crisis. >> a daring mission for the u.s. called into action rescue a woman from a cruise appeared she complained of problems and needed medical attention. they hoisted her and her husband ship appeared she was flown to a nearby hospital. no word on her condition. >> the governors of maryland and
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.a many debate chairman ofley is the association. the dow has a republican governors association. we had 24nt obama, row of positive job month.n every >> we have lost 864,000 jobs. thathat maybe the best can do.bama as good as americans really need. >> he supports mitt romney. the economy will be a major deciding this year's presidential race. >> thank the cat made its first appearance. here you go. >> something is happening in america. that phone keeps on ringing. >> it does not have funds. caninesd sponsored by
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tomorrow. far no response from hank. >> on the attack at, he was not releasing his birth certificate. >> let's crosses over to lease up. wreck.ave one minor we just talked to police. they anticipate to get out of the way very shortly. no problems on route four or five. it is good in the district. on new york avenue, quiet south town at the wilson bridge. we're glad to take you to a theure of traffic on beltway. will go back to all of you. >> we are sharing the good news for this nice warm weather. >> a very springlike week. we're talking highs for the most the 70's.
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>> we could start with 80 degrees. generally, we will be in the 70's. 80's will be possible. >> this will be a good week. 45 in the district. 47 at dulles airport. skies. some cloudy a cloudy day. anticipate this. a been overcast developing after lunch time. there are some areas of rain expected. mostly overnight tonight while we are sleeping. area of low pressure in the country.n of this will track well. the energy will clip us. is our because in some areas
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n from kentucky down to tennessee. of the sprinkles will move our way. is our future by about 11:00 p.m.. very light rain. tomorrow afternoon we could see a pop up thunderstorm. f our another sign o springlike weather form. >> thank you. shy ofto mature is just degrees. the girl scouts make a milestone. >> the film that supposedly
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>> what are they doing? >> the animated movie is the one at the box office. silent house's fourth. scout organization, 100 years old. >> they are celebrating on march
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