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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> the big story is the american soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians meets with his attorney for the first time. >> army staff sergeant robert bales talked with john henry browne for several hours today at fort leavenworth. the meeting comes as we wait to hear what charges he will face. jay is live with the latest. >> the seattle-based attorney was in kansas today for what is expected to be the first of several meetings this week with his client. the attorney called the first meeting with the suspected killer an emotional one. 38-year-old staff sergeant robert bales is being held in isolation at fort leavenworth. he is accused of killing 16 afghan civilians. he met with his lawyer today. prior to the visit, browne talk about the magnitude of the case. >> it has legal and social ramifications.
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you cannot imagine a bigger case. >> he told the associated press he has read about those serving in afghanistan but it is totally different when you hear about it from someone who has been there. bales grew up in ohio. >> outgoing and funny. >> a former high-school football teammate only remembers a stand- up guy. >> he would do anything for anybody. i would not think anything will change. >> bales socotra tours of duty, and ends with the law, a field business -- a failed business, and lost a promotion. the day before the killings, a friend had his leg blown off by a roadside bomb. >> everybody deployed to the middle east will probably have some form of ptsd. i heard he has a head injury. people are asking questions why he was sent back to afghanistan.
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>> u.s. officials announced he will be formally charged within a week. his trial will be held in the united states. victims and witnesses will be allowed to testify. >> we will continue to follow this story on the air and online at >> the chain reaction bus crash has sent dozens of students to the hospital. that accident happened about 3:45 this afternoon. witnesses say three buses had just left douglass high school when one bus stop suddenly. the others crashed into each other from behind. 26 students were taken to the hospital. injuries were minor. police are investigating the cause of the crash. >> two metro employees have pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from fare machines. a machine repairman and a
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veteran police officer admit they stole money while transporting point. as much as $600,000 may have been stolen. prosecutors say the men deposited the money in bank accounts and bought thousands of lottery tickets. each faces up to 30 years behind bars. >> now to the race for the white house. one primary on the calendar for tomorrow. it is a big one. illinois voters will go to the polls. 54 delegates are at stake in tomorrow's primary. a win for rick santorum would tighten the race. for mitt romney, it could mean a wider lead. scott is live with more. >> high-stakes. this is why. we're talking of a large number of delegates. more than some states that we focus on. while this may be obama territory in november, for now it will play a real role in possibly picking the gop nominee. under a statue of ronald reagan
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rick santorum gives illinois voters his own speech. >> we need someone who can talk and strike blows for big things like reagan did for freedom and america. >> he ratcheted up the rhetoric against the man leading the polls, mitt romney. >> he simply abandoned freedom when he was governor of massachusetts. he abandoned it when he promoted obamacare in 2009. >> santorum faces another uphill battle due to poor organization. his team failed to line up delegates in the district. in another someone threw the petitions we by accident. that means he is unable to win 10 of the 54 delegates. that is bad news when you consider the puerto rico sweep over the weekend for mitt romney. >> these pancakes are as large as my win last night in puerto rico. >> italian now has him out 521
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to two under 53. -- the tally now has him up 521 to 253. he is talking dollars and cents. >> i am not an economic light weight. president obama is. we're not going to be successful with another economic light weight. >> is the tactic paying off? it depends on which poll you look at. one has him leading by 4%. another has a leading by 15%. misinform illinois director -- neither gingrich nor ron paul campaigned in illinois. >> president obama is moving along well with his fund-raising efforts. the president's reelection campaign has reportedly brought in $45 million since last month. mr. obamas team says 3 and
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48,000 people donated. contributors during the 2008 campaign obama broke all fund- raising records by bringing in nearly $750 million. >> budget measures are keeping maryland lawmakers busy this week. the house committee is considering a law to raise state income taxes. the measure has passed in the state senate. delegates are working on a controversial bill that would split teacher pension costs between the state and county. another measure would close the loophole to allow counties to cut per student spending. >> the nonpartisan center gave the commonwealth and f in the state integrity investigation. they looked at access to information and ethics enforcement. virginia is ranked 47 among all the states. >> with the cherry blossoms have
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arrived early and so has the traffic. tourists and residents were out hoping to captch a glimpse of the blooms. many parking lots next to the tidal basin are closed or full. getting around requires patience and creativity. >> we know what parking is ligh -- like down here when everyone converges to see the flowers. you have to have a motorcycle. >> joyce terry -- perry and her husband to ride motorcycles to avoid parking problems. the cherry blossom festival officially starts march. >> still to come, the cost of filling up the tank is taking another job. the latest prices from around the area. >> starbucks is stepping out of its comfort zone to sell another country.
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>> the state of maryland says it mistakenly targeted seniors for thousands of dollars they do not over. that story is coming up. >> what a week we have. stay with us.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we continue with a financial scare for seniors in the state of maryland. >> more than 1000 senior citizens got letters saying they owe more taxes than they paid. the pricing mistake was caused by a volunteer tax preparer. >> herald has been retired and living off savings for 12 years. when he got a letter from the maryland comptroller's office saying he owed $1,300 in back taxes, it scared him. he wondered how he would pay his medical bills. >> i ain't got much in savings. but i like to keep what i got. >> he was not alone. >> over the last few weeks, 1800 maryland seniors have received such letters by mistake. it says they claimed pension exclusion's there were not entitled to on the 2008 tax returns.
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he is among those who discovered the error. >> i did not know what was going on at first. >> most letters went to the baltimore area. some went to the d.c. area as well. he said he has seen its request for 900 $2,200. some were genuinely frightened. the maryland comptroller's office told us this happen because of incorrect information it received from the irs and that it has sent out a follow-up letters to all 1800 of the original recipient. it adds that no one will pay anything they do not over. abc 7 news. >> next, some people out west may not believe spring will be here in a matter of hours. >> it sure feels like it here. it feels like summer. will the mild temperatures stick around? the forecast after the break. >> peyton manning has chosen to play in denver with the broncos next season. one of the most publicized free agents goes to the mile high
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city. another free agent service is about to begin with tim tebow.
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>> gas prices continued to surge. they are up for the 10th straight day and getting closer to $4 a gallon. >> the national average per gallon of regular is $3.84. a month ago, it was $3.54. i saw a station in georgetown at 400 -- $4.39 a gallon. virginia prices are averaging $3.70 a gallon. >> apple will stop by up -- apple will divide up billions of dollars among shareholders. it will pay $2.65 per share in dividends starting july 1. the 10 dollar billion share buyback program will begin the next fiscal year and run for three years. >> starbucks is going into the juice business. they open their first evolutions store in washington state. they bought the store and plans to sell the juice and restores
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michael foods. >> folks in arizona probably find it hard to believe spring starts tomorrow. flagstaff got up to 14 inches of snow over the weekend. the remarks of accidents. schools are closed across the city. -- there were lots of accidents. the schools are closed across the city. the area is due for more snow tonight. >> 19 inches of snow in flagstaff, a record. it has on average more snow than burlington, vermont. >> one year, the hottest place in the country was phoenix and the coldest place was flagstaff. [laughter] >> he could do the forecast. >> this is a beautiful day. a couple of showers out there. there are still a few showers.
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we're looking out across the bay with the time lapse. let me show you where the showers are. there they are. there have been a couple more. i think we may see some of these pop-up agains tomorrow as we go through the day. a high today was 76. is the fifth day we have been 75 or higher. for five days in a row chicago was 80 degrees or higher. it is not close to the record, but a lot of spots have been unusually warm. here are the chilly areas. 34 degrees in press got rid of prescott, arizona. -- 34 degrees in prescott, arizona. records were set all over the east again today. burlington vt. shattered the record at 78 degrees.
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it was snowing and arizona. louisville was 84 degrees. the warmth will continue with the pattern for the week. the high pressure will be moving off the coast. we will get the easterly wind with low clouds and fog to mark. by and large, is still a warm pattern through much of the country. for tomorrow, there are the clouds. by and large the warm pattern will continue for a good part of the week. to produce tomorrow will be in the 70's for most areas. -- temperatures tomorrow will be in the 70's for most areas. the blossoms can be beautiful even with the fog. a chance for an afternoon shower. later in the week, right back into the high 70's with a lot of sunshine. what a week to head into march.
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later this evening, it is the equinoxes. >> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by local toyota dealers moving afford. >> peyton manning is in the mile high city. >> you do sports and weather. >> it is amazing. it flows out of me. >> peyton manning said to finish negotiations. five years and almost $100 million. that news of lit up the sports world. he then called the titans and 49ers to let them know he made the decision to play in the mile high city. manning has a high football iq is extremely competitive, as a hall of fame resume. tim tebow has buzz and created fantastic finishes. there is a big difference between the two. denver has been shopping tim tebow for the past month.
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landry has left the redskins and signed a deal with the new york jets. he missed 15 games over the last two years because of the achilles tendon issue. the skins did not make a strong push to reassign him. landry will play for the jets. north carolina point guard kendall marshall had surgery this morning on his fractured wrist. his availability for the rest of the tournament is unknown. the former high school star was hurt on a foul. he continued to play for the next seven minutes. they inserted a screw to stabilize the broken bone. his dad says he may play. i will keep you posted. >> he is an integral part of the team to say the least. it will hurt a little bit. we do not know what his status is. we will keep praying for him and hoping for the best. >> the maryland women play louisville with the winner advancing to the sweet 16.
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walls has a strong team. he helped maryland to the national title in 2006. he knocked the terps out of the tournament 2007. there is a bit of a revenge factor. >> like the coach said, is about maryland and louisville. we're happy to be playing in the next round. we want to get the win for our school. >> it will be a great game tonight. the wizards practiced with their new center for the first time this morning. rodney or nana is a banger a physical center will really help the wizard. >> i understand god has a plan. the plan is to be here. i will do my best. that is all i can promise. i will do everything possible to
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help the team and young guys. >> nene. the caps are playing the slumping red wings. the red wings have been the caps 11 of the last 13 meetings. >> how much of a gun to pay peyton manning? five years $100 million. >>
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>> you have a chance to win a new ipad. >> it is hard to come by right now. you can get one by entering the contest on our facebook page. you will automatically get another chance to win. we will announce the winner friday during abc 7 news at 5:00. good luck. >> ready for more of the same? >> it is amazing. what a march we have had. >> a little after 1:00 in the morning, -- we have 8 blog about the first 90-degree day. when you think that will be? that is coming up soon. you can participate in that.
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