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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news overnight. fighting words. as north korea threatens a provocative missile test, president obama fires back. deadly defense. new details in the death of trayvon martin. the lawyer and a friend of the alleged shooter talks. tiger woods in a final group. does he have it again? >> tiger roars back. it's been 2 1/2 years since he last won on the pga tour. now he's got the masters in his sights. now, "titanic' back.
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a look at jack, rose, and the king of the world. ♪ i know that my heart will go on ♪ just for you, george. just for your return. you're the king of the world. >> all right. >> you have the vacation glow about you. >> i had a great time. i wasn't doing anything as adventurous as james cameron. >> he tweeted he just arrived at the ocean's deepest point. hitting bottom never felt so good. >> 11 hours. big news over the weekend for dick cheney. after five heart attacks, at 71 years old, he had a heart
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transplant. the opportunity arose after 20 months on the waiting list and he took it. and the story of an agent under fire, taking models to new york, playing up his christian values. the young women. >> let's get to josh elliott, first. >> welcome back, george. good morning to you both. we're going begin with the breaking news overnight. president obama in south korea this morning delivering a stern warning to the north. jake tapper is traveling with the president. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning. president obama is participating in a summit here in south korea. looming large is the nuclear threat from north korea. a country that the president saw firsthand when he visited the
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demild demilitarized zone. north korea saying any criticism of the nuclear program will be seen as a declaration of war. >> i want to speak directly to the leaders in pyongyang. by now, it should be clear, your provocations and pursuit of achieved the security you seek. they have undermined it. >> reporter: the defense ministries of south korea and japan say they're preparing to shoot down the north korea missile should it violate their air space. crowds lined up outside the supreme court today for the chance to witness whether president obama's health care law is unconstitutional. only 16 spectators allowed.
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and rick santorum's latest remarks have him on the defensive. he said mitt romney is the worst republican in the country to challenge president obama. then he angrily pointed at a reporter who says santorum cursed at him while accusing him of distorting his words. and in cuba, pope benedict is headed there. people under the out the see him in mexico, where he donned a sombrero and urged followers to use faith to discourage drug violence. did these airport security officers use excess i have force. they tasered man who apparently tried to bypass security to see newt gingrich. they pinned him to the floor and dragged him away face down. the man was later released and not charged.
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and simon cowell found a woman in his bathroom. she had broke an window and gotten in. he said it was a scene from a horror movie. and, oh, yes, the final four are set. kansas taking down the tar heels of north carolina. here are your matchups. kentucky and i don't know who's beating them, playing cross-state rival louisville. that's an appetizer. the buckeyes facing off with kansas. >> that's so good. and the women will start the final four set the field for us -- >> the baylor bears led by brittney griner. two once away from a big year. we're going turn to the latest on trayvon martin.
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the 17-year-old was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain one month ago. up to 75,000 people are expected to turn out to mark the day. we're going to hear from george zimmerman's friend and attorney later. first, matt gutman has more. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's been a month since trayvon martin was killed. last night, we got to speak to the lead prosecutor. she says it's not a slam-dunk case. it could be weeks before charges are filed. this morning, despite the nationwide clamor for his arrest, the lead prosecutor tells us convicted george zimmerman won't be easy. florida's stand your ground law gives enormous leeway for people
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like zimmerman to use force. >> the stand your ground law is one portion of the justifiable use of deadly force. the state must be able to prove its case. >> reporter: zimmerman said he acted in self-defense the night he shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old. an eyewitness is giving a new account of that night. telling abc news that martin pinned zimmerman down. that voice pleading for help is zimmerman. in fact, his lawyer said, zimmerman's nose was broken and head bloody. somehow, zimmerman separates and fires the single deadly lot into mart martin's chest. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: from hoodies on the hill in the nation's capital, to
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los angeles, to sanford, florida. and the entire miami heat team donning the hood. in so many churches, a clear message. >> will all those with hoodies stand for us all? >> reporter: and tens of thousands are preparing to gather here in sanford today to protest what they believe was a crime, a hate crime. the department of justice is investigating this as a possible hate crime. they'll have to prove that zimmerman specifically targeted martin because of his color. >> we're joined by joe oliver, a close personal friend of mr. zimmerman and his legal adviser. we just heard matt talk about the protests in sanford later this afternoon. thousands convinced this one th was in some way a hate crime. you would not be speaking out
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for mr. zimmerman if you had evidence that he had been motivated in the past or in this shooting by racial prejudice? >> no, i wouldn't. i had a chance before i came in this morning, i ran into the reverend jesse jackson. who i have met several times in the past. i acknowledged that in the big picture, yes, this is a racial issue. but in the thing that spark eedt all, this one particular confrontation, it had nothing to do with race. >> on the 911 call, many people have heard what they think is a racial epithet from mr. zimmerman. >> people are making interpretations of what may have happened from what they heard and have seen so far. they haven't heard from george. they haven't seen the evidence. one of the things that's allowed this to swell so big is historically, we have seen so much evidence in other cases
7:10 am
presented to the press and allowed to be seen by the public, until that evidence gets out this conversation is going to keep ballooning until it explodes. >> we know from the 911 tapes, the dispatcher is saying, as mr. zimmerman is chasing trayvon, he's saying you don't need to do that. >> that's not exactly what is on the tape. i forget what is exactly on there. i think it is we don't need you to do that. there are other -- 911 tapes that have not been disclosed. other events, other things that happened that night. once those things come out, it will tell the complete story. we don't have to complete story yet. once it comes out, it will show that george zimmerman acted in self-defense, he did have a right to defend himself. we need to have that come out. we have the frand jury convening on april 10th.
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hopefully, at that point, it will come out. >> even someone going in front of the grand jury has the right to come out and tell their side of the story. >> yeah, i hope he gets to tell his side of the story. i don't know that that is true. i hope he does. >> you're not sure he's going to testify? >> i don't have the -- i don't have any details. >> joe, you have described this as a life and death struggle going on, even told david muir you're not sure who pulled the trigger. >> no, i'm not. i'm not. >> did george zimmerman tell you he didn't pull the trigger? >> no, i can't say that he did or didn't. the only thing that i have talked about george was to confirm the things that i had gotten through his family about what happened and what was going on. i needed that to hear from him.
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before i could sit here and talk on his belaugh. >> why are you so sure he wasn't the aggressor? why aren't you sure he pulled the trigger? >> that's the evidence that's going to come out. >> what have they told you? >> plus the fact that -- i'm sorry? >> what have they told you? his family? >> i can't do into that, george, because that would be the evidence that's going to be presented in the grand jury case. george has been told by the investigators not to say anything. he's in hiding now out of fear for his life. there's a bounty on his head. i wish i could. i really do wish i could. but i've got to follow george's lead. this is his life now. >> you've also said based on your conversations that he died for days after the shooting and is sorry about it. >> no question about it. i mean, when i first heard that it was george, my first thought
7:13 am
was, no. it can't be. this is a guy that -- you would trust with your life. this is a guy who would bend over backwards to do anything for you. he was doing what he thought was the right thing at the time. it turned out wrong. >> what does he want the protesters to know? >> first and foremost, he's not a racist. this particular incident is not a racial incident. this is a horrible, horrible happening where someone who thought he was doing the right thing has virtually lost his life right now. >> what would he say to trayvon martin's family? >> that he's very, very sorry. he's very, very sorry. in many ways, he's lost his life, too. >> bottom line, you're convinced
7:14 am
he acted in self-defense? >> i am. >> gentlemen, thank you both very much. >> thank you. a month later and still so many unanswered questions on this case. now to the latest on former vice president dick cheney. he's been battling heart disease for decades. at 71, he's orlando thlder than average patient. >> reporter: this morning, he's in intensive care recovering from his transplant surgery at a northern virginia hospital. a friend tells abc news he's quote doing great. the next 48 hours will be critical to cheney's recovery. doctors determine if his body accepts the new heart. for dick cheney, heart trouble is way of life for almost four decades. he was just 37 when he had his first heart attack. not long after suffering his
7:15 am
fifth heart attack, doctors implanted a battery operated device. what happens if you don't change the batteries? >> it starts to beep. it's on the -- when the power runs out, you get to the point where you have to change the batteries. the battery looks like this. they're good for about ten hours. [ beeping ] when i do this, of course, whoever is -- >> i thing you should put it back in. back then, he was unsure whether he would have a transplant. >> i'll have to make a decision at some point if i want to go for a transplant. >> reporter: after 20 months on a waiting list, he had the opportunity to go for a transplant. some may find it surprising that someone his age would get a
7:16 am
heart transplant. last year, 332 of the more than 2300 people that got them were over 65 years old. a cheney friend tells abc news that the surgery went really well. a spokesman said they do not know the identity of the donor, they'll be forever grateful for this life-saving gift. >> i'm sure they will. we go to ginger zee in for the vacationing sam champion. >> i would like to call this reality monday. we're back to what march should be. i mean, monday's already monday. you wut in that pick of march. boy, sit going to feel like this. high temperatures last week, thursday, friday, all in the 80s. record-breaking. burlington, down to 15 from the 80s. look at the freeze watches. if you planted, why did you do that? we tried to tell you not to. look at the freeze watches.
7:17 am
i'll leave you with a look at the western storm that could bring severe weather to the dakotas. bright sunshine all across the region. a 49 in hagerstown, 66 in the district -- 56 in the district. a very mild start to the day. will be dropping before tomorrow. as for this afternoon, a lot of sunshine.
7:18 am
63 at the high temperature. breezy out there. wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon, sunny and >> there's a lot of warm air on the map. it's right about here. i'll talk about that coming up. >> bring it up here, ginger. now, tiger is back. more than two years after the scandal that sent his career off course. wait for it. you'll see the first fist pump. first win in over two years. josh elliott here with more. >> 924 days. if you had that in the office pool, you win. that is the lepgt of time since we last saw tiger woods do what he did on the pga tour. a tour he once seemed to use as practice rounds. his aura of dominance long since removed. he returned to the top of the leader board. it began if a familiar place.
7:19 am
>> tiger woods in the final group is a winner again. >> reporter: an old sight familiar once again. tiger woods, a winner on the pga tour for the first time in 30 months. >> watch out boys on the pga tour. tiger is back. >> it feels really good. it's been a lot of hard work. >> reporter: less than two weeks after he had to withdraw from a tournament, he was the picture of health. not just winning the arnold palmer invitational, but owning it. tom rinaldi caught up with him after the win. >> when the final putt dropped, you shouted and shouted again. how do you translate that? >> pure joy. it feels good to come and play. i lived here for over a decade. >> reporter: also helping matters, the course itself. when the final putt dropped and the chants of tiger rained down,
7:20 am
he was a winner here for the semp seventh time. two years after a lurid sex scandal and numerous injuries derailed his career, he seemed to be where he hoped to be when he visited two weeks ago. >> when do you think that will translate into the victory? >> that's the process. i have to be consistent. i'm starting to get there again. it's matter of making the right putts at the right time. >> it was a win that hadn't seemed far off to tiger or robin. the masters now looms. a few weeks away. on augusta national. he's some what familiar with that, too. >> you fired him up. >> once i beat him on the video game, he said, that's it. 72 winners since he last won. coming up, not just pretty faces. the agent accused of using christian values to lure aspi
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> 7:26 right now on this monday morning, march 26. good morning. there are no reports of any damage or injuries after rocked aftershock central virginia.
7:27 am
the u.s. geological survey says e magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck virginia around 11:30 last night. the maryland senate could vote allow casinoll to gambling in prince george's county. also allowed table games at d plannedting an casinos. pass not clear if it will the bill before the session. our sister station, news channel more in a live report coming up in a few at 7:30. right now, let's get a check on morning commute. >> it is a beautiful day, unless you're going to drive. first of all, delays through stafford. we start the day with an the that has been cleared now. take you to maryland. stop and go traffic right here.
7:28 am
270 has -- to honor 70 is slow. 56 right now in the district. a warm start 2 hour day. it will be in the lower 60's today. o have a freeze watch warning. warm along the mason dixon. sunny, below average tomorrow. >> adam, thank you so much. sunny, below average tomorrow. >> adam, thank ythis isuch. an rc robotic claw.
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go ahead, and try to break the window out right now. >> what window, what window? >> the lobby window, hurry up. all right, sounds like an urgent call from a hotel front desk. but it's really a prank. it it's happening all across the country. >> people monitoring it online. also we're going the take a look at a model agent under fire. he lurd proe tenl models with the usual promises of fame and fortune but also by promising to protect their christian values. they say he didn't do it. "the hunger games" week last week. you're the only one here that
7:31 am
has your hearing. did liam hemsworth put a ring on it? the big rock on his girlfriend miley's finger. so many people are buzzing about this. we begin with a group of new york mels suing their agent for sexual harassment. linsey davis is here with more. >> they say one minute, he was praying with them. the next, he was preying on them. they moved from small towns to the bright lights of the big apple by a mentor who said they would be big models. they're suing him now, calling him a bible-thumping creep. blinded by the glitz of new york city and hoping to grow in their christian faith, these aspiring teen modeled packed bags and moved into a manhattan boardinghouse run by this man.
7:32 am
aristeo tengco. >> i met him. he told me he loved me and he wanted me to move to new york. >> he told my parents i would be the next supermodel. god had chosen me to come to his new york city apartment. it seemed picture perfect. >> reporter: he said they forced them to live under relentless sex-based fare. >> he would touch my leg, my arm. >> he put his hands -- on my thy. he sta thigh. he started talking about god. >> reporter: in a suit, the women claim tengco seduced them and their parents. he promises to help young women who want to pursue professional
7:33 am
careers as fashion models. >> i met designers, great photographers. i made a lot of contacts. um -- haul that was great. i was living my dream. >> reporter: she got to walk the runway in fashion week in february. but instead of sharing his faith and contacts, they say he began to withhold their earnings and repeatedly roping them. >> we would have meetings about the self-journey we're going through with jesus and it would be at 9:00, 10:00 at night. there would be touching involved. >> it was inappropriate. we would go to our rooms and cry. >> reporter: he refused comment. his lawyer say this is h is an extortion plot. he says he has e-mails from some of the models saying i'm doing
7:34 am
this to get me money back and get my contract canceled. i'm moving out of my apartment to move in with my boyfriend. the three women deny writing that e-mail. he said he would land them paying modeling jobs. they say they've never earned a dime. the young women say this is in the about the money. they want to protect other young girls. >> hope they're able to do that. now to the romantic royals. the queen crashing a wedding this weekend. surprising the bride and groom after declining the original invitation. romance was in the air. >> the things we do for amore. >> ah. >> from crashing weddings to love bird reunions, perhaps a kindled relationship, you would think buckingham palace was
7:35 am
doused by love potion over the weekend. from the queen crashing weddings. to newelly weds being newelly reunited. love is in the air in london. this morning, prince william is back home after six weeks training in the falklands as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. >> he's been gone for six weeks. they had a romantic reunion this week we believe. >> reporter: now back together with his bride, they're planning a ski get away to switzerland. >> i would like to say thank you. >> reporter: not to say that the duchess hasn't kept herself busy the last six weeks. and maybe another royal romantic reunion afoot. rumor has it prince harry and his on again off again girlfriend chelsy davy were looking very chummy together
7:36 am
over the weekend. he was spotted wearing a pendant believed to have been given to him by davy. >> she clearly makes him happy. i think eb would love to see them together. never say never. >> reporter: and yes, even mer majesty was feeling the love. crashing this couple's wedding over the weekend. john and frances booked the venue months ago but stuck with the date when it coin sided with the queen's diamond jub le visit. they invited her, but she declined. she stopped by any way. >> we're just two working class people. at the end of the day, for that moment, you felt very, very special. >> you can imagine their surprise. she didn't crash the wedding solo. she was accompanied by her
7:37 am
husband, prince philip. the royal drop by was a wedding gift for them. >> they're going to have stories to tell and tell and tell. >> famous for them. it's time for the weather. ginger zee in for sam champion. ginger? >> good morning, everybody. let's start with woodleaf, north carolina. that's all large hail, not a snowstorm. a ton of it there. over the weekend, severe weather we were talking about. we'll do it again here on this monday. it will be in the dakotas. large hail, gusting winds. i want you leave you with a look at the monday outlook overall. cooler he s are already in the 50's. we have bright sunshine. highs around 63. , but breezy.
7:38 am
near-freezing tomorrow morning with t >> los angeles drying out today after they got almost an inch of rain and very windy. they'll be calmer. for now, back to robin and george. >> our roses match you. see that. >> an accent. i love them, thank you. >> we're trying to hang on to spring. coming up, a new hotel danger. an epidemic of hotel phone calls that turned out to be pranks. come on back.
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now to the bizarre string of phony phone calls fueled by the internet causing havoc at hotels across the states. david kerley that has the story. you're at a hotel, the front desk trantly calls. >> i'm sorry to wake you. we have an emergency situation on our hands. >> reporter: an emergency says the serious voice, telling you to grab something heavy. and break a window. >> ma'am we don't have time. use the toilet tank lid. >> i'm only 110 pound. i cannot get it. >> reporter: it's all a prank. it just happened friday outside baltimore. a guest convinced to break off fire sprinklers because, according to the caller, there
7:43 am
was a gas leak. eight rooms were damaged. this is no joke. the cost to the hotel, estimated to be $100,000 in damage. and it's happened all over the country. >> go ahead and break the window out. >> what window? what window? >> the lobby window. hurry up. >> reporter: guests, workers all tarts of the call. >> they're telling me we need a fife foot pi five foot section of the window busted out. >> how am i supposed to break the tv? >> grab the toilet tank lid, sir, and just throw it through the screen. >> reporter: the group, believed to be orniginating in canada listen to these things online. a damage in a prank test of alarms. in tulsa, they hijacked a
7:44 am
hotel's phone line. >> we may just send a rick shaw. go in the rick shaw area. why do they do it? >> let's have fun. let's see if we can manipulate people. this is about power and control. >> reporter: in new hampshire, workers at a fast food straupt were fooled, too. told to pull the fire compression system and they were soaked with chemicals. >> power and control. you start destroying property, it's a different case, right? >> you have now moved into a felony. >> reporter: just ask this man. he's credited with this prank in texas, hosted on prank net. >> wreak out at least four windows out of the lobby. >> break the windows. one, two, three, four. >> reporter: when he did it again, police nabbed him. he was sentenced to five years for making a terrorist threat.
7:45 am
for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> a long way from prince albert in the can. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and kate winslet joins us to talk about "titanic" 3-d. e in t. we covered every reflection they could look in. ♪ style is long lasting when hair is nourished. ♪ that's why new dove style plus care with nutri-style complex nourishes and conditions so your style can go the distance. new dove style plus care. better style through better care. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.
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here's "the play of the day." >> well, "the play of the day" has arguably already happened. george, welcome back. >> thank you. >> you look tremendous. ginger in for sam. take a look. it's the ultimate family photo op. the birthday girl posing with a couple of great grandkids and, oh, my gosh. >> aw! aw. >> going to make me cry on monday. >> she hasn't seen her grandson in almost a year. [ screaming
7:50 am
] >> oh, that's great. >> happy birthday to you. >> i love that look over. but, grandmas are not the only one that gets excited when somebody comes home from overseas. take another look. this is chuck the boxer when daddy got back from his deployment. it's fair to say, that is the happiest dog in all the land. speaking of dogs, one guest i was holding in the palm of hi hands still to come. donald sutherland from "the hunger games" still to come. relief for your life. feeling stiff and acheky. time to try heat therapy. how can it help with your aches and pains? go to and click on pain management. anything for a headache... like excedrin, ohhh, bayer aspirin... ohh, no no no.
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still ahead, kate winslet live talking about "titanic." there she is. as it steams back into theaters in 3-d. stay with us.
7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is 7:56 now on this monday morning. it is march 26. good morning. at the cherry blossoms are gone after all of the rain. the cherry blossom festival, just getting started. it was on at the convention center and what a show it was. 100 years since japan gave d.c. the trees. story in the district today where the health-care debate is stage this week. e justices will hear three
7:57 am
of arguments on the constitutionality of the overall. are addressing a mandate -- protesting a mandate to buy insurance. it is 7:57. out what is on the road. plenty.nswer is plenty happening on 66. eastbound out of gainesville. collision on the shoulder. 28 is open. delays on a 95. a collision we had before the gone for northbound traffic. 270, south the delays have cleared out. ofks better now out germantown. out over onspilling to the outer loop. around 95.sistent consistency is what we have for caskey. bright sunshine, highs in the
7:58 am
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♪ you're here there's nothing i fear and i know that my heart ♪ she would have had a little more of a peach. a beautiful song. >> it's a beautiful song. everyone knows that song from "titanic." we're playing it because "titanic" is coming back. there are jack and rose. they're going to be in 3-d in theaters soon. right here, kate winslet will join us live to talk about her role. >> we hate to tell her that sometimes we're ready to talk to her. and he's the hottest
8:01 am
sensation to shake up "dancing with the stars" this season. he's referred to as the latin brad pitt. call him what you want. he's just plain old hot. william levy. and cameron mathison is here, too. >> it didn't feel right premiering the show while you were gone. >> like he was watching on vacati vacation? >> thanks for asking. i also missed all of "the hunger games" mania. boy, did it rule at the box office this weekend. we have the villain who stole the show, donald sutherland. >> president snow. and beyonce is here. beyonce in the house. will you take a picture? she's live. oh, there she is. the smallest puppy in the world. is she? pretty darn close. she's with us on set.
8:02 am
look at her fit in that coffee cup with room to spare. >> i got a lot of requests to sneak her into my pocket and take her home. >> you'll have to stand in line. first, some news from josh. >> we're going to begin with this new warning from president obama to north korea. one day after visiting the demilitarized zone, he said they would become more isolated if they continue to use nuclear testing. man wearing an afghan army uniform attacked a coalition base in the south, killing two prish soldiers in the process. such attacks have been on the rise since the burning of korans last month. the lawyer for george zimmerman says he acted only in self-defense. he was not charged and is in hiding. family friend says zimmerman
8:03 am
cried for days after the shooting. as outrage grows, a new analysis of police records show zimmerman did not call 911 about suspicious activity as often as was first reported. gas prices jumped again. some $3.90 per gallon. up 11 cents in two weeks. analysts say prices may finally be peaking. a new survey finds teen girls are twice as likely to use electronic devices as are boys. talking on a hand-held phone remains distraction number one. and it took but a few seconds for the old am way arena to crash on down. lit take six weeks to clear away the debris. that seems like every afternoon with sarina.
8:04 am
meanwhile, diane with a preview of "world news." >> a long-awaited showdown in the highest court in the land over health care. we're going to try to tell everyone at home exactly what this means for you and your family. see you tonight. >> and so we shall, diane. he's certainly not your typical coach. for certain. in a new interview with espn, the commander in chief revealing his passion for basketball and sharing what it's like to coach his daughter's team. just being a dad. every week, he coaches daughter sasha's game. >> what is your go-to drill? >> with these girls. dribbling. passing. >> start with the basics. >> making sure they're not practicing three-pointers since they can barely get the ball to the basket.
8:05 am
sasha is practicing. she'll be practicing from out here. i'll say, just work on the shot from the block right there. >> he also spoke about title nine. count the president a fan. >> i'm a huge believer that sports ends up being good for kids, and especially good for girls. it gives them confidence, a sense of what it means to compete. >> it's a lesson the first coach hopes to impart as well. >> how do they respond when you take your time-out on the week ends to make sure you're there as a parent volunteer? >> the girls just think of it as dad, right. this is what dads are supposed to do. they take it for granted. what was fun this is now the third year the team's played together. and to see them all develop, to pick each other up when something is not going well. you can't beat it. so go vipers.
8:06 am
>> go vipers indeed. you'll see more of the interview and learn the history of title ix, logon to you think that coach gets lip from players? probably not. >> maybe from sasha. >> that's true. >> only the dad at the end of the day. still just dad. >> pop news for us. good morning to you all. and good morning to you all. forever young madonna hung with the cool kids this weekend. 165,000 electronic music fans roared when madonna surprised the crowd. joining a swedish deejay sensation to spin a remix of her latest hit. girl gone wild. boy, was she. she celebrated the new album, mdna. there's clearly quite an appetite for "the hunger games"
8:07 am
raking in $155 million on the opening weekend. making headline, buzz that one of the movie's stars may be engaged. liam hemsworth with miley cyrus. she wore what looked like an engagement ring over the weekend. but -- the ring is just a ring, says a source close to miley. she may have been hungry to keep the buzz going for her man. >> a good time to lock them up, though. >> don't worry, president snow, i won't ask about that. you're safe. >> can we move on? okay. who watched "madmen" last night. shoobie-shoo. what was that song? how about that star, january jones. she didn't get a ton of screen time last night.
8:08 am
she's getting attention on the internet for her post natal health regimen. it includes a healthy diet and placenta capsulation. i know. i knew you were going to do it. she points out that we, humans are the only mammals that don't ingest their own placentas. i'm trying to educate. i know you didn't want to hear that. >> millions of years -- the right to not ingest your own placenta. >> let's do a final congratulations. shall we move on? >> let's. i would like to congratulate abc's funnyman, jimmy kimmel. he'll host the emmy awards on abc on september 23rd.
8:09 am
it will be his first time hosting the show. guests? he should have no trouble getting an audience. the youtube channel just passed 500 million views. ginger zee out there for sam today. >> we have a high school orchestra. from el paso, texas. orlando folks. people from japan. and it's a little cooler out here on military island in times square. let's check the numbers. other spots that are cold today. we get to the boards. the numbers are all in the -- what happened? it's below freezing. and six in caribou, by tomorrow morning. you have to know the potential for severe generallyes right now the 50's 56 in the district. fredericksburg now 58 -- the
8:10 am
exception. currently at 53 degrees. d be our high locally. afternoon, a lot of sunshine. gusty winds off to the north. breezy winds up today. a freeze on watches in effect >> we've got an 18th birthday and a lot more to celebrate out here in a bit. what a great crowd. in here, let's look at the morning menu. he's the sensation steaming up the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." we're going behind the scenes with him, the latin brad pitt. you'll meet him next. and kate winslet is here live. she's joining us as the block buster film is returning, this time in 3-d. and beyonce here, people. this beyonce. the world's tiniest puppy is
8:11 am
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8:15 am
"dancing with the stars" time. the man who could be this year's breakout star. before last week's premier, most of us had not heard of william levy. he's a big soap opera star in mexico. last week, he wowed the judges and the fans. we sent cam to learn more. >> reporter: as they fine-tune tonight's quick step, william levy and cheryl burke are still
8:16 am
spinning from last week's performance and the judges' outbursts. >> the hottest package of the season! >> i would looing to thank abc for my job. >> reporter: are you used to the cheering and the screams? >> i'm used to it in the latin market. thank god i received the love. i wasn't expecting this love in this market for me. it was a beautiful moment. >> reporter: what is the craziest fan story you had? >> one of the fans took off her pants and threw it on stage. we were live doing the play. i just -- that was one of the craziest i have seen in my career. ♪ you look at me and i >> reporter: he's a former model anymore naked the latin brad pitt. famous for mexican soap operas and for playing jennifer lopez's lover in a music video.
8:17 am
despite rumors, he insisted this was a professional relationship, yet, today, he dances around questions about his current status? dating-wise, what kind of woman do you like? typically? so the women of america can prepare themselves. >> the woman, think, always needs to b herself. she has to be beautiful. every woman is beautiful. >> reporter: he said he hates rules, loves basketball and fast food. he dropped ten pounds rehearsing and gained two back. >> i like a lot of rice, beans, meat, and chicken. >> you said meat, you changed your voice a little bit. you said, rice, beans, meat, chicken. >> you really did. >> that's like my favorite thing. meat. meat. hey, i never saw meat in cuba. >> reporter: near havana is
8:18 am
where william was born. he emigrated to miami. a quiet, skinny standout on the high school baseball team. not to memorable in class. >> people never knew i existed in high school. they would call my name in every classroom, everybody would say, you? i'm still here. i've been here for the last year. >> reporter: he got a scholarship at st. thomas university in miami. after freshman year, he quit school to model. what is the biggest misconception about you? >> people thinking i'm stuck up. i'm very humble. >> he's very funny. he could be a comedian. >> reporter: how many kids do you have? >> two, a little boy, 6, little girl, she's 2. >> reporter: where are they living? >> right now, l.a. >> reporter: will you bring them to the show? >> yes, i will. they're really, really cool
8:19 am
kids, man. they look like you. >> reporter: they do? >> i'm starting to worry what is happening. >> reporter: tonight, he can expect fans. the quick step makes him feel like a grass hoerp. who was in better shape? >> ready, go, one, two, three. >> reporter: four, i'm already tired. >> this is so stupid. >> okay, okay, you win. i don't want to embarrass myself. i think william might be still doing pushups. i'm glad i bailed out when i did. we talked to his college baseball coach, who said, william was 19, he went to his coach and said, he wanted to quit school and become a model. his coach asked him if he really thought that was a good idea. now i'm pretty sure it was.
8:20 am
now he's got millions of fans cheerg him on. >> you were just being a gentleman, cam. you can learn about william levy and the rest of the cast on on yahoo!. before last week's prenear, i mean, next month marks the 100th anniversary of the "titanic" sinking. it's been 15 years since the movie came out. we're going to talk to kit wince let live in a moment. first, a look back. >> close your eyes. >> i'm flying. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest block busters of all time. "titanic" the first film to gross more than $1 billion at the box office. it's about to get bigger.
8:21 am
hitting the screens in 3-d. it was 15 years ago that america fell in love with kate winslet as rose. >> you're crazy. >> that's what everybody says, but -- with all due respect, ma'am, i'm not the one hanging off the back of the ship here. >> reporter: a woman of strong conviction. who finds love with artist jack dawson, played by leonardo dicaprio. while on board that ill-fated ocean liner. she's been nominated for six academy awards since then. it was "titanic" that solidified her as a force to be reckoned with. >> i'll never let you go, jack. >> reporter: we haven't let go either since she entered our lives.
8:22 am
oh, that scene. kate joins us live from london to talk about the timeless classic. it's so good to see you again. have you seen it in 3-d yet? >> hello. good morning. eye, robin. hello. um -- no, i still haven't seen the full 3-d version. i've seen 21 minutes of cut together footage. it does look spectacular. i have to say. it's very different. it's a different experience. you feel like you're on the fairground ride, really experiencing the thrill of it. as opposed to watching it. you're really, really impersed -- immersed in it. >> when it is on cable, it's the type of movie, no matter where it is, whatever point in the movie it is, you find yourself sitting down and watching it again and again and again. what is it do you think that connects with so many people? >> i don't know. i wish i had an answer that i
8:23 am
could turn out. and speak articulately about it. i think it's something to do with obviously, the ship, and the historic call element of the story of the sinking of the ship itself. and the love story. the rich girl and the guy from ste steerage, who happens to fall in love on the way. the score, the music was so spectacular. i was listening to the clip you were playing before i came on and remembering that music. how it's unmistakably "titanic." unmistakably. there's something very poignant. >> what was your favorite scene? do you have favorite? >> my favorite to watch and my
8:24 am
favorite to shoot are one and the same. the party, when rose joins jack in steerage, and i go up on my tippy-toes like that. i couldn't wait to shoot those scenes. i loved every second of it. i enjoy watching that. really happy to see those. >> i can't wait to see it, too. when you went up on your toes like that and the reaction from everybody. but the iconic scene, you know the one time talking about. the one of you and jack, there at the bow, that's the one that it's a part of -- of cinema history. tell us about how that was shot. >> i know. i can never get on a boat without someone saying to me, oh, do you mind? could we just go out the front. my sister, my mum.
8:25 am
h honestly, i literally offer it up now. form a line, here we go. it does happen. it will happen for the rest of my life, for sure. chuting that scene, i look back and all i remember is it was always a rush. we shot it four or five times. jim cam reron wanted the optionf different lights in the sky, depending on what the sun was doing. it was like, come on, kate, leo, up on to the bow. we would rush up there. we had to shoot it different ways, different versions. in studio, outside, with green screen, without. to be honest, leo and i were like, oh, my god, here we go again. i'm not kidding you. >> capturing the magic our like that, which is so important. and you know, you were in your 20s when your did this film.
8:26 am
it launched the nominations and the wealth of work you have done since. you were saying you're grateful it happened then, that kind of success. how to there's twitter and so many different ways that your privacy can be violated. you're glad it happened then not now. >> oh, i'm so grateful that it happened then. i think now, being a -- i mean, i turned 21 on that movie and by the time it came out, i was almost 22. i think now, you know, when young people are sort of thrust into the public eye like that, they're almost told they're successful and famous before they know how to compute what that means, before they can understand who they really are. i think there is a lot of rsh now on young people to really be the thing that everyone's telling them they are. >> you have always handled it well. you'll be back.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> glad you're with us on this monday morning. is 8:27 now. those gas prices keep on surging. a gallon of up $0.11ed per gallon over the last two weeks. aaa reports that nationally the average for a gallon of gas of is $3.89. here it is $4.13 per gallon. maryland is $3.92 per gallon in virginia is $3.83 per gallon. vote a billl tonight that will allow casino gambling in prince george's county. our sister station, news channel
8:28 am
depth report an in- just a few minutes at 8:30. now check on the traffic. very closely, delays consistent out of gainesville. that beenle wrecks the damages are redone for the delay. -- but the delayed damages already done. next, we'll take you through maryland. as far as thel is the and improving traffic. lookit that out of gaithersburg. >> look at the camera shaking a little bit. you'll notice the wind gusts up to 35 m.p.h.. in the north, that is the cold direction. 56 now in the district. to 63 with a lot of
8:29 am
sunshine and gusty. tomorrow, only in the mid 50's. >> we are back in less than 30 minutes. at you again
8:30 am
♪ i'm a survivor a nice crowd out there this times square. we're listening to beyonce, surviv survivor. here's why. there's little baby bee yyonce. she's a survivor there. only about the size of an iphone. >> she's got a fighting spirit. we're going play you other muse you can right now. ♪ your dreams are sweet and >> that is the world premier of sting singing "deep in the med
8:31 am
do meadow" that is the song sung by katniss. speaking of, the movie ruled the box office this week end. and the man who plays the villain, donald sutherland. >> if you watched the movie and read the book, you know what that meant. >> been here all morning. i love it. and danielle steel here to talk about her latest page-turner. you're clearly going to be going nowhere. >> her book, called "betrayal" i started it. i'm saving it for vacation next week. we brought you "the hunger games" last week. this morning, we have the bad
8:32 am
guy. he's such a great guy. donald sutherland plays president snow. we'll talk to him in a minute. that will be a privilege. first a look at the block buster opening. "hunger games" hit the box office bull's eye. >> we love hunger games! >> reporter: fanatics flocked. $155 million was taken in this weekend in america alone. the third biggest opening in hollywood history. fandango said at one point, they were selling 17 tickets a second. move over werewolves and vampires. gary ross is thrilled by the success. >> i love that.
8:33 am
>> reporter: driven by the pop law newcomers and hollywood heavy weights. >> it gives you an opportunity to feel the movie and let it grow. >> why do you think we have a winner? >> reporter: and few actors are as great as donald sutherland. a role expanded to fit his talents. >> i wrote him new scenes that could stand upon what he meant. the scenes you see, i wrote them. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. his career spans 50 years. he's appeared in hundreds of roles on the big and small screens. we're lucky to have donald sutherland with us. give a proper welcome to a legend like donald sutherland. i mean -- everyone we had the young stars here. younger stars here last week. i want to make sure. i made that mistake before. and they were fantastic. so down to earth. so appreciative of the opportunity to work with someone like you that has been in film for so long.
8:34 am
what brought you to this project? because at first, your character has a limited role. but you were so dynamic they had to increase it? >> it wasn't because i was so dynamic. gary and i exchanged notes. he's not a bad guy, this fella. he's a president of the oligarchy of the privileged. the people that should be going to see this movie are the 99%. gary wrote the scenes because of what we spoke about with respect to the political situation. >> you think it's important for young people to see this because if you don't walk out of there feeling energized. >> empowered. that you have an opportunity to take control of your destiny. somebody said, i'm not going. because it's a kid's movie. it's a movie for adults to realize, enough of the
8:35 am
oppression they've been going through. >> you were not familiar with "the hunger games the. ". >> i was not. >> you had a doctor's appointment, you realized it was a big deal. >> oh, my goodness. i read the script. i wrote a note to my agent. i said there's probably not anything for me to do in this but it is the most important script i have read in a long time. it could be a great catalyst for young people to find thememselv. they've been dormant for a long time. i went into my -- covered with barnacles. i'm 76 years old. >> come on. >> i went into my determirmatols and they said, what are you doing? i said, i'm doing a movie called "the hunger game."
8:36 am
and suddenly, the bloody room was filled with people. >> i want to play a clip here because this is something that was a little bit added to it. >> they aren't in the book. these are scenes that gary wrote. he's the most elegant extraordinary writer. and jennifer is as good an actor as you're going the find. >> here's a little bit more of "the hunger games. ". >> come, why to you think we have a winner? >> what do you mean? >> i mean, why do we have a winner? hope. >> hope? >> hope. it is the only thing stronger than fear. a little hope is effective. a lot of hope is dangerous. a spark is fine. as long as it's contained. >> so -- >> so -- contain it.
8:37 am
>> i remember that distinctly from the film. >> and he didn't contain it. >> no, he did not. the author, supported this addition to it. >> it amplified what she was saying. >> jennifer lawrence. you've compared her to marlon brando? >> no, no, no. gary did that. i compared her to joan of arc. she has the character. the way she plays katniss has the genius that george bernard shaw wrote about joan of arc. >> what sit about her? >> she has everything you need to have an an actor. she has simplicity, concentration, observation. talent. she has the ability to generate all of that in front of a camera without anybody really saying anything. she's just lovely.
8:38 am
i want to adopt her. >> well, all can be said of you and much more. >> can i say one thing. about hope. you know, you saying okay, hope. they're hoping to survive. hoping to be alive. that exists in this society that we have today. that exists tomorrow. tomorrow somebody on a television screen is going to pick five numbers and then they're going to pick one more number and millions and millions of people across this country are going to home that those six numbers are on a ticket that they have purchased because $326 million is at stake. i mean, like cartoon in the new yorker. where the two guys in the underneath a bridge, they had no money. one said what do you think about the republicans not wanting to tax the wealthy? the other guy says, i think it's a great idea. the guys says, yeah, i bought a loertty ticket. >> you're fascinating. so many layers to you.
8:39 am
we preebt -- really appreciate. >> i'm trying to get my dermatologist to take them off. >> all the best to you. you're welcome here any time. for everything you need to know about "the muhunger games" go t our website. another check of the weather. >> a little boy watching in wichita? >> little girl, tatiana. >> and it's any 21st birthday. boy, what a day wfaa is doing to have. look at the warmth. it's not going to be warm everywhere. so cold in the northeast by tomorrow morning, new england, single digits in some places. hello, march time tomorrow morning we will be down into freezing region.s of our keep that in mind. otherwise, bright sunshine.
8:40 am
63, >> this weather report has been brought to you by choice hotels. >> yes, you can go now, mr.
8:41 am
8:42 am
come in close, here, guys.
8:43 am
what you see there is jay-z, snuggling up to beyonce. almost three weeks old. little dachshund puppies. she's really the size of a hot dog. first, take a look at this. ♪ i'm a survivor >> reporter: what does this song and this puppy have in common? you're about to find out. she's the cutest accessory for the iphone. she'll make your cup overflow with love. her name is beyonce. this 2-week-old puppy was born. t her mother was scheduled to be put down and the grace foundation rescued her. >> beyonce wasn't moving much at all when she came out. she was trying to take some
8:44 am
breaths. but wasn't able to inhale air. we decided to try massagiing it chest. it was able to take breaths. >> reporter: after beating the odds, what else could her forestforest -- foster mom name her but beyonce, after the song i'm a survivor. >> i have bono. >> and -- >> i have jagger. and betsy. >> this is mom. casey. >> an incredible story. you saved this tiny little girl a few weeks ago with the mouth to mou resuscitation. you're bringing her here for an important reason. they're all rescue dogs. they're all up for adoption. mom and the puppiepuppys were go
8:45 am
be unieuthanized. >> we want people to think about spaying and neutering their pets. but also, go get a rescue dog. they're hardy. they're survivors. >> we have a couple of rescue dogs at home. otherwise, i would be stealing beyonce at home. she's going to get a little bit bigger. >> to be honest, we -- we thought she was going to be stillborn. we have no idea how big she'll get. by the charts, they say, a pound or pound and half. >> that's all? >> do you think she has a shot at being a healthy adult? >> i do. >> at first, we didn't know. she does everything just like her siblings. she's just much smaller. >> and jay-z, taking such good
8:46 am
care of her. >> i have a little helper. >> if she comes in at a pound, pound and half, does she have the shot at the smallest dog. >> we just got word. she is the shallest puppy. guinness doesn't have a category for smallest puppy. we're hoping they'll look at it. in the world academy, she's the smallest puppy. >> if people want to adopt? >> we're the grace foundation of northern california. they can go to our website. we have many other dogs. every dlollar helps if people want to support. coming up, one of the want to support. c[ male announcer ]he this was how my day began.
8:47 am
8:48 am
a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
8:49 am
it's always wonderful when the brilliant danielle steel is here. she's the best-selling author alive. over 60 million copies of her books have sold in the u.s. alone. her riveting new novel is out today, it's called "betrayal." you still make time for us. thank you. >> thrilled to be here. always thrilled to see you. >> i picked it up. i'm on vacation to the keys next week. i stopped so i could enjoy it a little more. the backdrop, a female director, very powerful in hollywood, on the set, major motion picture. give us more without giving away too much. >> she has a partner in her partner is her producer. they make movies together. an assistant she trusts and loves implicitly who is her best
8:50 am
friend and a trust worthy accountant. somebody is embezzling. >> who, who, so many of them. tallie is the main character. some people have said is some of what she is going after what you are? kind of a similar character a little bit? >> a little bit. my wardrobe is a little better than hers. she looks like a bag lady. she doesn't like all the dpliter that goes with fame. and i'm a bit that way. >> you are much the tasame. so philanthropic. you have art work and music. you have suffered betrayal. how do you get past it? >> i think it depends on the person. different people get through it different ways. any kind of betrayal, of, a lover who betrays you, a husband, a business partner.
8:51 am
anyone, it's a huge shock. you have -- and especially if you're embezzled. you have to get over feeling stupid, too, because everybody looks at you, like, how could you be so dumb you didn't know it was happening? i think some people get past it with time, religion, or the support of your friends and family. you have to get past it and trust people again. i didn't want to get to a place where i was suspicious of everyone and paranoid after that and bitter. it happened to me. and -- in a slightly different way. i think it's very important to let it go. and to not carry that with you. >> you're the one damaging yourself if you don't, actually. >> it's a heavy burden to carry. >> and we all have, my mom always says, we all have something. >> even if conditisomeone break your car you feel violated. >> let's talk about the new
8:52 am
ventu venture. writing music. >> it's a whole new thing for me. it's very humbling. very excitinexciting. fun to learn something new. a composer in france came to me last summer and said, would you write lyrics for some of our songs. i don't write lyrics. then i said, why not. i took a shot at it. we've done about 30 songs. we're talking to different labels about the album and the right singer. it's so cool to me. because writing is so solitary. i'm all alone in my night dpoun in a room. and there i'm working with four come pose composers. you have -- >> you have minnie mouse.
8:53 am
>> she's so cute. >> never enough time. thank you very, very much. labored breathing ]
8:54 am
[ coughing continues ] [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts. more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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what a happy monday. >> it was. it was a great monday. >> oh, so much. and we have the "gma" twitter party tonight, "dancing with the stars." get the latest on yahoo!. check out "world news" with diane tonight. big day at the supreme court. see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. once, now 8:56. former vice president dick still recovering after a heart transplant on saturday. is 71 years old. had heart failure and a heart attacks for the past 25 years. on the cardiac transplant list for more than 20 months. doctors say his odds of survival are good. obama will be in the e house garden today with students in schools in d.c. look at traffic up there. >> hello. we are in slow traffic now manassas and a of 66.ille on eastbound has improved dramatically. to this. carry you up
8:58 am
lower 14th street. signals andraffic pennsylvania up to avenue this morning. live we will take to the traffic .ow typically, this time of data set otherstruction on the side. better now. adam caskey? whether wise, not bad today. 63 for the high temperature. little breezy, though. tonight is going to get cold. it will take a nosedive. watch for the metro area warning out west. just briefly tomorrow morning. sunny, mid 50's. 73 on wednesday. being with usor morning.onday
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