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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> now the new sex scandal and how it's t >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11. on your side. >> first at 11, a new sex scandal comes to washington. and involves the man that was to be the next president of france.
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dominique strauss kahn is now involved from sex scandal in the u.s. >> there is aggravated charges that the man once the world's most elites financial figures. and they will take a closer look if strauss-kahn was involved in sex parties. >> dominique strauss-kahn is facing his latest sex saga, charged with obscuring prostitutes for orgy parties here and in d.c. >> i think this is not good for anyone. >> prostitution is legal in france, and this investigation is to determine strauss-kahn's
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investigation, and almost a year ago charged with rape of a maid. still facing a civil suit by the maid, a trial that is set to get underway wednesday in new york. unlike the trials of wrong doing. >> i believe you understand why we believed at the beginning this case was not what it appeared to be. >> once again he is maintaining his innocence, whith his attorny saying that strauss-kahn did attend the parties but not involved in the prostitutes. >> it makes me question his rules of law. >> strauss-kahn was known in france as the great seducer.
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with a possibility of a sentence of 20 years in prison. >> we are following breaking news, from prince william county where a school is on alert where a student could bring a weapon to school. and there was indication of a threat, additional officers will on patrol in that area. and saying that there is no evidence that this graffiti is a credible threat. >> of the president obama's health care overall, tomorrow looking at the constitutionality of the law. and tonight protesters are camped out in favor and against the bill. tom outside of supreme court
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with the latest. >> because tomorrow is such a crucial day. a lot of folks want to get inside to hear arguments. they are camping out. and these 60 people hoping to get in tomorrow. and among them is a group of local teenagers we talked to. >> these thomas jefferson high school students realize they could go 12 miles up the road to alexandria to see what they are learning in school. >> history in the making, and hope to tell me kids about it. >> the only problem to get in, they have to spend the night in the line. and it's the coldest we have had in a while. all up and down the line people are doing what they can to keep warm from the temps and the wind. some up close to the front survived the rain. >> i came saturday at 3 o'clock
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in the morning. >> today's arguments about the penalty of not providing health care is a tax. >> you must pay the tax first. and then litigate. >> but attorneys for and against the health care law want the case to move forward. and today told the justices congress didn't intend this to be a tax. the justices tend to agree with that. tomorrow the argument should get interesting. >> i am on the fence, i think it will be interesting to see what points they bring up. >> a lot of folks sleeping out wish this was last week, when it was 25° warmer at this hour. what they will talk about tomorrow whether it's constitutional to make every american buy health insurance. we are live downtown in washington.
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>> thank you, and now we turn to a phrase we haven't had to say in a long time. freeze warning. as tonight the temperatures are expected to dip. as conditions earlier today hovered what we expect this time of year. and get to our meteorologist, bob. >> hi, it's hard to believe with the march we had. no matter what happens tonight and tomorrow. it's almost guaranteed this will be the warmest march in washington for the records. but meanwhile because we had this shot of chilly dry air. look at the area under a freeze warning. and it includes an entire area nearly. near the bay where it's getting warmer. right now no freeze except around the shenandoah valley. spots like that are in the 40s, for you folks in winchester.
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and the key is how dry the air is and how clear the air is. and see that beautiful shot of venus, and the moon. and this gives you an idea of overnight tonight. temperatures could drop into the high 20s. most of the plants will be okay. but it's been a usually late, cold shot. and tell you how long it will last. >> all right. now we are monitoring a developing story coming from the district where a family of a woman arrested in a high-profile attack is speaking out in defense. hours ago police arrested a woman in attack of an openly gay man. we have this latest on the story. >> tonight leaders within the lesbian, gay and bisexual and
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transgender are reacting to this arrest. but the person who was arrested believes it's not a hate crime. >> this is the uncle of lashawn carson. >> he that says his niece would not target someone for their orientation. but police say that carson and his friends had slurs for the victim. and ligans felt his niece was the one threatened. >> she was defending herself, and as a female not to get attacked by someone gay or straight. >> and one was beaten, and these
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attacks had a massive march by patrick who was thrilled by the news of the ihop arrest. >> he hopes this development inspires other hate-crime victims. >> a lot of them are not reported, which is sad to say. if you get attacked for any reason, report it and let them know how much of this violence is happening towards them. >> the hope is now that this arrest will inspire other leads and other arrests in other suspected hate crimes. the victims in all three unrelated attacks are expected to survive their injuries. >> jay, thank you. new at 11 tonight, the battle of the state budget takes one step forward after the state senate approves a new budget. but a vote that would force the state to pay for pre-abortion
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ultra exams. and earlier in the year, they would require for women to seek this, and now moving to the house of delegates. and now lawmakers one step closer to gambling with table games. and the bill would pave the way for a sixth casino license, in st. george county. if the bill passes the full legislature, it will have to be ratified by a majority of maryland voters. >> we have a possible break-through in the type diabetes ii. there is a comparison of medicine, and both studies found that surgery helped far more
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patients achieve blood sugar levels than medicine. and some people were able to stop taking insulin as quickly as three days. >> how quickly could they come off of insulin? >> some within hours. >> and looking at the numbers of adults that obese. five to 10 million americans are like these studies with these problems. >> more to come up. tim tebow was formally introduced as a new york jet. but tonight fans were hungry to see him stick around in the big apple. and we all heard there are benefits from chocolate. and now the new positive you haven't heard. and now the new positive you haven[ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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♪ >> you are watching abc 7 at 11 on your side. >> rallies for trayvon martin
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from coast to coast. and new at 11 what really happened the night that martin was killed. thousands rallied from baltimore to houston and san francisco, and a rally held today. >> we are learning more about the past of martin, and the gunman, george zimmerman. and the sequence of events ended in death. >> the sequence of trayvon martin and his death. >> that trayvon looked like me, made me know we needed to do something. >> george zimmerman has not been charged. zimmerman claiming self-defense. and that trayvon was the victim. and the person screaming for help in the 9-1-1 that night was not trayvon but zimmerman.
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>> i think he is surprised how this a national issue of claim of race. >> a friend spursued the teen because there was a rash of break-ins. >> george had no intention to take someone's life. >> prior to that shooting, martin was suspended from school for 10 days for marijuana suspension. and the demands that zimmerman have intensified. >> i know i can't bring my baby back. but sure to make changes so this doesn't happen to another family. >> and back here in d.c., the schools without walls will hold another match for justice tomorrow, marching from their
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school to the white house. >> now we have good news for weight-conscious chocolate lovers. people that eat moderate amounts of chocolate are thinner than those who don't. those eating chocolate reduce their heart disease risk by one-third. and they should exercise each week as a chocolate bar will contain some 200 calories. >> tim tebow has hit the carnegie deli. look at this, it contains corned beef and salami and white bread. and this is the first using
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white bread and mayonnaise versus rye bread. and the price is $22. >> what about the calories? >> it weighs 3.5 pounds. >> and signed. >> what a change. we haven't had this in a while. >> ohio or oak? which one? >> can you say both? >> it's a combination of both. >> the pollen was way up and the enthusiasm was up. >> but we almost won. >> outside tonight wonderful clear night. look at our chopper get that beautiful crescent moon. and you can see the not illuminated dark part of the moon, because of earth shine. what a beautiful shot. our temperature outside now here in washington 46°.
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the record low, you think it's chilly? 20° from 1894. look at the high temperatures around the country. you don't get closer to the moon than that. and that brilliant jewel was venus. 65 billion miles away. the moon is only 250,000 miles away. tonight 60° our high temperature. and look at the high temperatures in the middle part of the country. a little brief chill in and around us, even with the temperatures and sort of feels cool. this will end up being the mildest march of all-time in weather records in washington. and even so our temperature may feel chilly but it's close to average. and we have this one cold night and that's the reason for the freeze warning. and that clear air off the coast. and the pattern for the jet stream well to our north.
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over the night and the low temperatures in the futurecast. nothing in the way of cloudiness, and you folks in hagersto hagerstown, and the temperatures will be dropping into the mid-20s. there could be a bit of damage here and there. and not much you can do, no one has planted thereto -- their tomatoes. and this march is running 11° above average and then clouds on wednesday. and as you head out, bundle up. maybe the last day to bundle of the season. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. the winds will diminish as we get tomorrow afternoon. and then we get southwest wardly
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winds and a chance right back into the 60s and 70s. and as we head into the week temperatures a bit above average. keep you post about the weather and the blog of venus. but cold morning. >> thank you. >> buffalo shuffles into washington and this game tomorrow is becoming monstrous. tebow signs in the big apple. labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ]
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[ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts. more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> for the third straight home game the wizards decide the game in the final bucket in the last
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second. you just knew -- let me take you back to the verizon center. and here with na na with good, strong move. the game is tied. watch rodney stuckey, he takes the last seconds and makes it look like a saturday afternoon playground game. pistons win, 79-77. >> if you keep running into the same guy, and he keeps punching you in the face. you are going to learn to get your hands up, aren't you. this is three straight times. >> tomorrow night the caps play buffalo. and today nickson on the ice, and saying he is feeling good. with or without him, they have
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to beat buffalo. this game is huge. >> the last week or so, it felt like every game we have to win. and when we lose a game, it kind of feels like in the playoffs when you lose a game. it's big. so it's exciting. >> alison told you that tim tebow made his debut with the jets. and they have tebow mania. so many media members showed up at the facility, that the news conference was held in the center. >> i am going to be myself and just have fun with it. and that word what i can't control, that's something that i learned early on in florida. if you can't control it, don't worry about it. i will try to be the best teammate and football player i can be. >> how about those gators, and
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showing payton to be leaving and seeking counsel from bill parcels. and if payton s appeals the suspension he could coach. and we have the list of the all-american teams. >> kentucky is looking good. >> how good? >> pretty --
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>> well, we have a new facebook to give away this week. just in time for spring. we are giving away patio furniture worth $3500.
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>> we had to wait a while but got cold weather. >> feels like march. >> one morning and tomorrow the temperatures will be a -- above freezing, the tomato plants will be fine. >> the tomatoes will make
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