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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  April 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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news. >> having some fun. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a great tuesday, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, it's a busy day in politics. voters in the district and will cast ballots for e republican presidential primary and a number of other races. tuesday morning, april 3. i am steve chenevey. i am cynne simpson. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. baden in a moment, but first meteorologist adam caskey. e back. >> it is a cold start to this tuesday morning. look at the advisory. freeze warnings along the mason- line, from carroll county westward all the way to to
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berkeley. frost advisory in montgomery, n county, until 9:00 a.m. we are at the freezing mark at frederick municipal airport. gaithersburg, 45 in martinsburg, 46 in winchester. , 67 y sunny, comfortable r the high temperature. tomorrow, slight chance of an showers. >> overnight construction being including the east springfield near already gone is the construction in landover on the beltway near 202. getting rid to move the barrels of the beltway between route 1 270.the exit for an even where there was construction, traffic seems to
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relatively smoothly. here is the beltway where they signs and moving barrels. again, even with construction no delayst volume, and through that area. we will have more on traffic in a little while. now to a news. votersthis morning, maryland, and wisconsin are headed to the polls. they will cast ballots in the republican presidential primary. maryland and d.c. open at 7:00 and close at 8:00 tonight. maryland and the district are holding closed primaries. partyeans only registered members. rick santorum criticized the of pulling out.
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romney is not a very effective communicator. mitt romney says it's time to start focusing on president and not the other candidates. >> president obama is cutting critics somen during the republican presidential contest. but he took exception to a that romney made on the weekend claiming that he is weak in protecting american paula broad. the president said that its 2004 democratic convention speech was american exceptionalism. maryland and d.c. voters will on several other races today. maryland will whittle cabinets from the u.s. senate and house. voters in d.c. will choose a city council candidates as well as at a candidates and representatives. marion barry is facing four
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democratic challenger is today. if he is worried, he is not letting it shall come. don't have a record of achievement. i urge them to run as hard as can, because the people know what is best for them. >> his challengers include gaston, patterson, and williams. coverage of election returns on news channel 8 and " and a wrap up on abc 7 news at 11:00. whoo the maryland woma the $656one part of million jackpot. she is speaking out now. >> are they fighting with cuba >> ? yes. >> have you gotten a lawyer? ?- are they fighting with you >> yes. >> her co-workers at a baltimore
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said that shed's aught the winning ticket with pool. the maryland lottery says no one has come forth to claim the prize. bigger problems find the winning ticket. >> a big problem. turning to sports, a great game for kentucky basketball fans. the wildcats beat kansas last night to win their eighth ..c.a.a. title 2012.tucky champions >> kentucky jumped out to a big lead early. kansas tried to make a comeback, enough as not kentucky wins, 67-59. police near the campus of the kentucky inf lexington, officers made several
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dozen of arrests after of the victory. some people said colleges and a car on fire. out numerousanded citations, many for alcohol offenses. >> a little rowdy. ford wants to send sales staff back-to-school. >> another company hit hard by the pink slime controversy? . linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> let's begin with pink slime. ground beef processor facing chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. is-widespread coverage cut into demand for product. another company last week production suspended at three of its plants. attractlooking to younger, healthier buyers for its linkedin brand. dealerships will go through a training academy to learn how to much like atomers
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hotels expect 24-hour online concierge service. .- lincoln brand is looking into revised fourth quarter numbers for groupon. " facebook's new time line make ?ou feel sad i will explain in the next hour. i'm linda bell at bloomberg in new york reporting for wjla. >> it's 45 degrees of. >> still ahead, the latest in a deadlytion into shooting pat a small christian university in central california. gunmanlice say about the killing seven people. >> prince george's county police make a break in a murder case. arrest in then
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of a suitland woman. >
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tuesday morning. let's jump into the forecast outsideit is cold deadliest north and west of the metro. will be a little n what we had
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yesterday afternoon. 41 in arlington and chevy frederick is 37. 37 in warrenton. 35 degrees in aldie. this afternoon will be sunny,ul, mostly around 67. mid to upper '60s this afternoon. increasing clouds tonight. southwesterly breeze keeping ok.eratures downtown at this time tomorrow. low 70's tomorrow afternoon. mostly cloudy and a slight showersf a few isolated tomorrow.he day that's the forecast. >> travel times in our favor. that is a wonderful thing. overnight construction barrels are being put to bed. we are moving nicely on 95 in maryland and virginia. also in good shape is the
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toll road, 66 centreville and the in bothif, moving well directions. 270.y good, along over to the wilson bridge, quiet allen of southern maryland. nothing between annapolis and the new york avenue. at the beltway at .niversity boulevard ago wean 10 minutes still movingy were construction. that is complete. newschopper 7 will join us in a little while. valdovinos. -- back to a news. >> it's 40 degrees. learn what metro is doing to sexual harassment on trains and buses. >> what happens in vegas stays vegas? what some members of the we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
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>> welcome back. 4;45. the latest developments in at arday's deadly shooting university in oakland, california. police want to know what led to former student opening fire, killing at least seven people. during his surrender, an hour no more. shooting, >> police surrounded the small colleges and paramedics moved victim's. some of them helped this woman. was a bloody and chaotic
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scene. out through some bushes saying she was shot. a> she showed us her arm and chunk was gone. said he is in the shooting up everybody. it's a student inside the sheege at the time said our question >> i know that god protect me, so i am not afraid. collect the suspect most likely before police arrived. they identified him as 43-year- old one l. goh. forest and drove off in the car but surrendered to police an hour later at a store in suburban oakland. the american way it in on the tragedy and the bigger picture. -- the mayor weighed in on the tragedy. >> we have gotten used to seeing like this.illings question their
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ability to get the guns and r need for other services in this community. >> police announced last night old have arrested 24-year- of temple hills. she is charged with first-degree in the death of a 25- on tariffs drive insolent. it's a man under arrest for a metrobus driver around 7:30appened street.h street and i the bus driver was not seriously hurt. not known what sparked the incident. metro has launched a new to prevent sexual harassment on the transit system. of the planays part setting up a system for passengers about reports through e-mail and and online portola. officials will use the results help transit police identify trends and deploy officers. are trying to make our more aware of the fact
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tolerate sexual assault on the metro.ton we wanted to but i feel comfortable writing the washington metro. trackingdid not start untilment complaints last month and has received 16 complaints. >> because of a spending scandal, e general services administration resigned yesterday. fired.ers have been the gsa improperly paid for an session inp training las vegas. the $820,000 conference at the bicycled reader, the giveaway, and a lavish reception. george's county law to propose an the states and the gambling bill. require a minimum investment of $800 million for of a casino inn the county. some state lawmakers and rushern a $1 are pushing for
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casino and national harbor. they say it would be and and international attraction. it is 46 degrees. a look back at an emotional .ight performances on dancing >> ♪ >> we will explain why the dances were so meaningful and is in danger of going home tonight./
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>> welcome back. traffic and weather every ten minutes. caskeys check with adam in the weather center. it is cold out there. >> a chill in the air. typical april weather. by the afternoon, short sleeves. today is one of those days. at conditions outside. have a freeze warning for county and west woodlawn line until 9:00. frost advisory in how lord "go loudoun, and prince s west. county and point the dark blue has the frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. frederick is 32, 39 in cumberland, 46 in winchester, 45 in martinsburg, 48 downtown. manassas, 34. freezing mark in culpeper.
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' sunshine today, 67, beautiful. a lot of sunshine typical. brief thunderstorm to muldrow in locations on wednesday. chance. we could use a little more moisture around here. thursday, sunshine, 62. looking good into the easter weekend. in the day on sunday. 70 degrees. there's the forecast. any issues on the road? no. comfortable right now. welcome back from vacation, adam. tickled pink then i don't have much to talk about. 66, the greenway, the toll road, 95. we will take you across the potomac river. the 14th street bridge, the bridge, the memorial
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bridge and the key bridge as well. is wrapping up overnight construction. on washington boulevard traveling near the pentagon. a live picture of 270 southbound at 109. back inside. >> a little bit of kleenex needed last night while last night's episode of stars." with the >> told sad tales while trying elimination tonight. recap. ♪ ♪ that you are mine >> englert katherine jenkins and with 29 walked away 'sints, scoring the first 10;'s from two judges. she day asked for late father >> . it did mean a lot. >> soap opera star william levy landed in second place for an a
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salsa with a risky move. >> that was dramatic. >> you have to take risks. it is a hard season >> menounous host maria 9's.d to football starce, donnell driver and his partner. brain,strength and his using everything i could think look the best can. >> rochon fegan tied for fifth place. the five other star started. jack wagner, gladys knight, degraw, sherri shepherd, a gilbert all scored 8's.e
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it's only the third week. there are still 11 teams but until tonight when it will duringtled down to 10 the results showed. gavin degraw going home? we will find out. abc news reporting. >> he's having fun out there in hollywood. dancers were very competitive. , a special and. it's 45 degrees. >> still ahead, "consumer reports is weighing in on the new ipad. to learn how
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could polls will open in the maryland for the primary.n presidential about somel you also taking place today. am sole shocked right now. >> and we are hearing from roman claims she bought the winning mega millions ticket. >> lots of excitement. dozens of college basketball the title, but only one team was left standing. the kentucky wildcats, the n.c.a.a. champions this year.


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