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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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take 11 state's overall. he feared better than just about any political pundit would have predicted. he said in other ways that his efforts were supported by evangelical members and pro- life supporters will be uprooted. >> i want dodd and said, game on. -- i walked out and said, game on. this game is far from over. we will continue to make sure we defeat barack obama, that we when the house back and we take the united states senate and stand for the values that make us americans. >> a big announcement. do not be confused by the wording of this, a suspension of the race. it means you do not technically and a campaign because that we can still fund raised which is still important to rack up the big debts on the campaign trail. >> a good deal.
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thank you, scott thuman. abc 7 news is your political station and we will have much more at 6:00 including a look at what this means for the other candidates. will anyone else drop out? plus what mitt romney is now selling about santorum dock all of that at 6:00. >> war breaking news about the trayvon martin shooting case. the members of george zimmerman's legal team just announced they are dropping his case. >> there describing their client as having gone rogue. he stopped responding to text messages coming emails come and phone calls. he is talking to the media without counsel. in a press conference going on as we speak, his two attorneys say they feel obligated to step away because they have been taken out of the loop. take a listen. >> we are withdrawing as counsel
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for mr. zimmerman. we lost contact with him. up to this point we have had contact every day. he has gone off on his own. i'm not sure what he is doing or who he is talking to. >> the has reached out to members of the media without counsel and appears to have set up a web site on his own. he is seeking support. they are already in the process for a legal defense fund and it appears he did it on his own. all of this is going on as they are waiting for word as to whether or not zimmerman will be arrested in the shooting death of trayvon martin. the lawyers say they will take his case back up if he reaches back out and starts talking to them. a developing story we will continue to follow. abc 7 news. >> the winning mega million ticket has been officially claimed. it is not the woman who first said she had the winning number.
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maryland lottery officials are calling them "the three amigos." we know a little bit about them. they are choosing to remain anonymous. >> of this has become something of a shrine. they hope the lock rubs off on them. they are pretty happy about the people who have come forward. all three worked in public schools in the state of maryland. hidden behind the monster check are the real maryland winners of the mega million jackpot. obviously, they want to remain anonymous and the head of the maryland lottery said there's is a good story. >> we feel particularly pleased that these folks were able to come in. >> they are talking -- calling
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themselves the three amigos. one is an elementary school teacher, a special-education teacher, and the last is a school administrator all working side jobs to make ends meet. together they bought 60 tickets at three locations. tonight, each of them is worth $35 million after taxes and they plan to keep working. >> good for them. teachers deserve it. maybe this will teach my kids. correct that with the consensus of those be told. >> i'm glad to hear that. i think the teachers do not have a very good salary. they are raising a new generation of people. >> some people are offering a different opinion of mirlande wilson who claimed she had won the lottery last week. she even went so far as to call a press conference with a lawyer.
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>> you have to question her sanity. she was going to get busted. what she has been busted. we cannot tell you the identities of the three amigos but they did confirm wilson is not among them. these people all plan to keep working. lottery officials asked them if they're going back to the classroom and they said they could not leave the kids. in milford mill, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> they sound like great people. the winning ticket sold in maryland and kansas have been claimed. the third ticket sold in illinois is still out there. the winner has not come forward. when he/she does, they will are required to be publicly identified. >> the three amigos sound cool. >> good for them. >> let's talk about the weather. another mild but dry day around the metro today. >> we could really use some
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rain, but is there any in the forecast? let's get the latest on it with she meteorologist doug hill standing by with a first check of the weather. >> a few sprinkles near the maryland-pennsylvania border and a slight chance tomorrow, but generally sunny and 63 in arlington outside of the belfort furniture weather center. in chesapeake beach, you can see the western wind pushing the cloud these word. on the western side on the eastern shore, the water is very choppy. another day of red flag warnings because of the wind and dry mild air. 73 in quantico and fredericksburg. 54 in hagerstown, so a big spread from south to north. we will get colder, 34-42 overnight.
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do you miss those days in the 70's with sunshine at? it's coming back. >> that sounds like a tree. -- a treat. osama bin laden's death has left an opening on the sbi top 10 most wanted and it is filled by a former public-school teacher from washington, d.c., wanted for child pornography charges and his knowledge of the internet makes him dangerous. we have the latest on this. >> the fbi says what else makes him dangerous is that he easily gained the trust of adults which gives him easy access to victims. he was a teacher, a camp counselor, and he set up a male nanny blog. he has been missing for four years and today the fbi turned up the heat. he used to be a teacher at this prestigious school in the
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cathedral. he is now on the fbi emblem as top 10 most wanted list joining the ranks of osama bin laden. >> we believe he is a clear and present danger to your children. >> in 2008, he was teaching third grade at beauvouir they believe he was producing the pornography in maryland. >> i'm glad he's on the top 10. it's a shame he had to wait this long. >> one of his last known addresses was here in washington. >> it came out after my children left there and the community was devastated. >> the fbi said he quickly traveled to indiana to see his parents. days later he was in madison
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wisconsin, using an alias to buy a cell phone. days later, his car was found at the airport in minneapolis. they found a suicide note, but nobody. he was cited at a homeless shelter in phoenix one year later. >> he will go to bed tired every night, looking over your shoulder. >> when they found his car, they allegedly found more evidence of more child victims in other states. he is the third child porn suspect to make the list, the 14th d.c.'s suspect and this list has a 95% capture rate. live from northwest, jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> police are investigating what caused a driver to plow into a bank. the car went through the front of a bank of america. horace holmes is live on the scene with the details. what happened? >> it was a frightening the
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moment for the customers and employees of the bank behind me. the driver pulled up right in front of a bank and kept going. >> there were a handful of employees and a few customers in the bank early this afternoon when suddenly a big part came crashing through the front door. a mcdonald's restaurant is right next door to the bank. the employees at the drive- through window saw it all unfold in front of them. "steepled up by the bank and never stopped. just kept going. >> right into the front lobby. the car became stuck in the entrance. this botha was taken by customer inside the bank. the driver was an elderly woman and had a medical emergency and lost control. >> we just saw the handicap ramp. no curb.
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>> witnesses say she was trapped inside the car and those in the bank were not able to get out until crews arrived. what they helped the people get out from inside. >> workers around here tell me are chronically this is not the first time this has happened. the exact same thing happened around this time last year. as far as this incident come under charges have been filed against the driver. she was taken to the hospital for observation. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> please make an arrest after a 6-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed himself. we will tell you where the child down the gun. >> why an activist group is going after eric holder. >> a warming tonight -- warning
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tonight about chemicals in some nail polish. >> how this will render
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>> there is a new effort to bring an end to a cell phone that. >> the top cops gathered to announce a new plan. kendis gibson is live to explain how this would work. >> think about it for a second. there were 27,000 phones stolen in some of the major cities. while these are very pricey to you and me, it to be as they are worth a lot more. they plan to the value the bonds. -- they plan to devalue the phone. >> it is the status that comes along with having a knife on. >> increasingly number of people have become victims. >> she was standing on the street corner sending a text, and a guy just swipe it right out of her hand. >> a new plan announced today
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will help police stop the trend working with the four major carriers, soon any smartphone stolen will be disabled. right now, thieves can easily remove a card and send it back to the black market. >> if i had my phone stolen, i would definitely wanted to be no good. >> they are involved in the cell phones. an increase since 2007. police chief cap the lanier said in many cases cell phone robbery's lead to more violent crimes. >> this is putting lives in jeopardy. it is the biggest deal i have. >> it is expected to be up and running and within the year-and- a-half, the stolen funds will be worthless on the black market. the plan also calls for a major public relations campaign.
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it also includes legislation on capitol hill to make it a federal crime to tamper with the hardware on most people's cell phones. kendis gibson, abc7 news. >> 7 is on your side with a strong warning about a very popular beauty products. california regulators have found high levels of toxic chemicals in nail polish. the department toxic substances reported most of them were used and stole -- sold in salons. they contain dangerous levels of one or more chemicals linked to birth defects. >> nationwide, while buyers are destroying it acres of land. flames led up the skies as their ripped through this forest heading for two dozen homes. firefighters in jacksonville, fla. finally contain this fire sparked by lightning.
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obviously, we're not the only ones waiting for rain. >> exactly. the dry weather and wind. >> when you're in a long-term drought, it is an issue. >> we still have the red-flag warning until 8:00 p.m. tonight and no progress -- no hope for any coming up. each be whether camp in damascus showing clear skies this morning and very similar skies. sunshine giving way to clouds and that is the way it is now in damascus. cooler through the metro area right now. 64 in oxon hill with light wind at the moment. dew point very dry 27 degrees. when you get this a very dry air, that is prime condition for anything to start burning that it will spread easily.
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hagerstown at 54. 60 -- 73 in frederick. 66 in the nation's capital. temperatures will drop tonight. temperatures by morning will be in the upper 30's to lower for the's. but to give you a little set up here. current temperatures a lot cooler air and not that further to the northwest. warmer air to the stock. hang on. this is coming. in the meantime, the cool as they of the week is coming tomorrow and it is not out of the question that some of the mountainous areas may see a few snowflakes. it will be a cooler day. we have a large area of pressure that will pick it out of iran thursday allowing high-pressure to build a backend bout will be the beginning of a nice warming trend. here is a little bit of a spin,
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shower activity to the north. this rotate out tomorrow and cooler air comes in from the west. it is my chance of a sprinkle and shower. this computer model analyzes worries in the mountains and it will be a one-day deal. the high pressure will build back in and we will have a nice warmup toward the end of the week. later tonight, partly cloudy and cooler, 38 for an average rate up temperature and a lot more cloudiness today. still breezy but then the warmup will return to sunshine. los 70's on saturday. more sunshine, sunshine and the mid to upper 70's early next week. >> and the whether will be beautiful for the cherry blossoms. thanks. >> this week, you could wind vip tickets to see a taping of "jeopardy!"
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>> we're giving away five pairs of these tickets. go to today's winners are listed on our website, >> coming up, accused of taking a serious illness. what happened when her husband found out. >> there is more exposure than that by just sunbathing. it comes at you from all different places. >> a medical warning about getting it to many dental x- rays. cook the board of elections is talking about prosecuting a group that pretended to be
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>> a conservative activist group tried to prove a point why voters should have to show an id. >> a man posing as eric holder was going to be allowed to vote but he did not have to. the d.c. board of elections is investigating. >> sam ford is live with more tonight. >> the same people who use the hidden cameras against npr and acorn, project veritas, is
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behind this. are accusing the group of disrupting the voting process with fraudulent activity. >> we will beat referring this to the proper authorities. >> the d.c. board of elections are not laughing about this video in which a man with a hidden camera went into d.c. precinct nine suggesting he was attorney general eric holder and worker was ready to sign him in. >> i was -- i forgot my id. >> you do not needed. you are here and you are on your list. >> we did not place any votes. >> we talked to the video makers from new jersey. >> our video makers have shown the ease with which one can be offered a ballot without showing id. >> they say it is about voter fraud, but opponents like the ennaacp is to keep but the poor,
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elderly, to keep them from voting. >> there is no evidence that there is a real problem. >> we found many who just assumed you had to have an id to vote. >> i see. quite the resume people have to have i.d.? >> it would make sense. >> they say id is a problem. >> as long as they can get into one of the buildings there is a lot a person can do. >> it is used to discriminate against us, and it is. if you want to vote, just do it. >> the board of elections saved his precinct is one of at least three project veritas hit.
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do not be surprised if you see more speech and in coming days. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 5, the frantic 911 call the day at a military jet crashed into a virginia beach apartment building. >> it happened very quickly. >> at a bus driver has a medical emergency and one students remics caught on camera. >> an arrest in the accidental
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> abc 7 news. on your side. prince george's county authorities have charged raymond brown who allegedly left a loaded handgun on the floor inside a child's backpack and he accidentally shot himself. >> stephen tschida is live from police headquarters with the latest. >> a 20-year-old man is behind bars while investigating continue to work on this case. they're trying to figure out who owned the gun and how it wound up in a child's backpack. the family of the little boy is grieving inside their home today. shortly after the shooting last night, a relative at pondered the tragedy. >> i have not seen or noticed a gun inside the house. >> the child found a loaded
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handgun inside the spider-man backpack about 3:00 and within moments he was dead from accidentally self-inflicted gunshot. >> i cannot get into the family dynamics but the 6-year-old it stay there with relatives. >> raymond brown, who apparently did reside in the home is charged with reckless endangerment and allowing a minor access to a firearm. brown was not home at the time of the shooting. the apparently put the gun in the backpack and left it on the floor within easy reach of the 6-year-old boy. >> it is a sad situation any time a grown person leaves a weapon where a kid can get to it. >> richard lives next door and he frequently saw the little boy playing or walking with his grandmother. like many, he is angry and outraged. >> it takes a sick person to do something like that. >> brown could face additional
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charges since investigators are trying to figure out who actually owns the gun and it had been stolen. reporting live, stephen tschida abc 7 news. >> here is an update on some of the other stories we're following. a man accused of producing child pornography when he taught in the district has just landed on the fbi top 10 most wanted list. eric toth had been missing since 2008 and replaces osama bin laden on the list. >> we do not know their names but we know details about the three people who want to share the record breaking mega millions jackpot. one is an elementary schoolteacher, another is a special-education teacher, and the last is a school administration. all want to remain anonymous. >> a major shakeup in the republican race tonight. rick santorum announced he is
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suspending his campaign. this should clear the way for romney to claim the nomination. gingrich says he is staying in the race to give conservatives a real choice. >> that announcement will be headlining "world news." what you have coming in tonight? >> as you know, it is now game on. santorum officially dropping out of the race and we take you behind the scenes in the romney camp and tell you what it is like as they now raced toward november. we have a new poll asking the question which candidate do you like the most common obama are romney. the answer is very telling. if you found someone cheating in the checkout line, we have proof on tape and show you how everybody is paying for it. >> i like to see it any answers come back as "o'romney."
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take care. you can see those stories and more right after abc 7 news at 6. >> a quick thinking seventh grader is being called a hero after his bus driver passed out behind the wheel. his name is john shandy noticed his bus driver with having what looked like a heart attack. in seconds be rushed to the front of the boss and grabbed the wheel. he and another boy slowed it down as they steered it to the curb. he actually has some literary >> -- literary books to sink. >> i was reading a book in the super hero was telling him to turn the ignition off. >> a school administrator happened to be driving behind the bus so once they got the bus over to the curve he was able to jump on and provide the driver with cpr.
5:35 pm
>> the right place at the right time for the administrator and the student. >> today we took the drive to stay alive program to washington-lee high school in arlington and spoke to 400 generals about avoiding distractions behind the wheel including cell phones. that young lady there was the highlight of the day. she said she did not have radio in her car. >> it really? [laughter] >> it time now to check on the traffic situation. >> 395 southbound seeing delays past pentagon working your way toward duke street. traffic moving away is the southbound side. 95 thou found, delays from fairfax to 123. it d.c. 295 northbound near eastern avenue, there is a stalled car in the center of
5:36 pm
the roadway. innerloop, traffic across the american legion bridge, slow traffic working away from the dulles toll road to the 270 spur. also traffic on and off towards 66. alder loop toward georgetown road and eventually georgia avenue, some jammed traffic there. college park on route 1 towards 50 some traffic there. delays on the beltway heading to montrose road. 370 to middlebrook, the camera at 121 thinning out just a little bit, but delays north heading toward the 109 highet south. >> still to come, the identity theft dangers lurking on linkedin. what's all of those old people. it owe, my god. >> year the pier in the voice of those that call for help after a military plane crashed in apartments. like summer vacation season is
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>> tonight, we are hearing the 911 calls from the day the military jet crashed into a
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virginia beach apartment building. >> no one was killed, but still a very scary situation. natasha barrett is in the satellite center with the emergency calls made that day. >> all of these are from friday. some people do not realize that a jet crashed. others are heard tending to the callers. just seconds after the past 18 jet crashed into a virginia beach apartment complex -- cut the apartment building is completely destroyed. >> these are the frantic calls. >> all those old people. oh my god. >> a jet just hit an apartment building. i see the smoke right now. >> the pilot just hit an apartment complex. >> the fuel in the jet explodes. was in the background of this call. >> oh my god. >> something is exploding or something.
5:41 pm
"and concern for the pilot. >> there were two parachutes. they're trying to find the pilot and get them treated. >> that they started to show up in people's backyards. >> a pilot is on your patio? >> yes. >> investigators are poring after the intermission, removing the black box, and talking to the people. the two big engines under the hornet will remain until specialists can take a closer look in trying to figure out why the jet crashed. the two navy pilots are out of the hospital and there were five people taken to the hospital that day had only minor injuries. it was remarkable considering nearly 50 apartments were destroyed that no one was killed. live from the satellite center, natasha barrett abc7 news. >> that is so hard to believe. thank you. up next on abc 7 news that by but, a bride is busted for
5:42 pm
allegedly lying about having cancer and now she is being really serious charges. >> too many x-
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collect your its best to get to the dentist twice a year per cleanings, but a new study says you should limit how many acts. you get during those visits. >> 57 was the average age of the participants in this study, so they were not -- they were exposed to much more built x-ray as opposed to the more popular digital x-ray. dentists are learning about this report that links the dental x- rays to brain tumors. >> you worry about it. digital x-rays are 90% less radiation than traditional film. >> digital technology does decrease the amount of radiation significantly. according to the deal report, by-wing x-rays and had x-rays can still be particularly
5:46 pm
dangerous. >> i'm still concerned about x rays. i feel like i have had too many. >> does it cross my mind? yes. >> i will look into it in the future. >> it goes into the lining of a brain and have a lag time of 20- 25 years. their most commonly found in people 40-70 years old. 1-5% are cancerous. is still advise dental x-rays but does not as often. what did you were to miss an infection, it could be life or death. >> the american dental association recommends children wait two years between x-rays that they have no problems. adults should waited to three years. >> yield researchers say x-rays do cause of harm. when the fighting to have them, the benefits should always outweigh the risk.
5:47 pm
>> one bride is charged with grand larceny and fraud after baking cancer to have a lavish wedding. she accepted thousands of dollars in donations after claiming she was dying of leukemia. she told a new york bridal shop that a wedding and honeymoon were heard last wish. the donations came pouring in. she got married in 2010 and was divorced four months later when her husband found out she was faking it. the couple has since reunited. it >> all right. a teenager was literally blown away on a dream vacation. the young woman stood too close to the runway on the island of st. martin as the plane took off. when the engine roared, she was tossed into the air. she was slammed into the concrete. she is not the only one trying this stunt.
5:48 pm
plain-spotting is what it is called and it is part of a growing trend among the tourists. >> if you're going to poke and the bear, i guess. the humane society has three special needs dogs looking for a new home. a jack russell terrier a pit bull, and a pomeranian were all of it -- all abandoned. each has since recovered although they require ongoing medical treatment. if anyone out there has a big heart and home for special needs dog should contact the washington humane society. it would be great to give those guys a home. >> what sweet faces. >> speaking of, let's check in what is coming up on abc 7 news at 6. >> has anyone ever call do that before, gordon? [laughter] >> we will continue coverage of breaking news from the campaign trail.
5:49 pm
rick santorum has suspended his campaign and the other candidates are reacting. should millionaires and billionaires be betting on a break in their taxes? the president says no. he's talking about it and so are your neighbors. see what the buffett world means for the future of the tax code. >> but of your sweet faces. >> thanks, gordon. >> and other contestants will be eliminated on a "dancing with the stars." there was some drama last night because melissa gilbert was taken to the hospital with a mild concussion and whiplash. otherwise, she is located. she was in the middle of the pack and it was a short list donald driver that the in first while everyone else battled it out on top rock by. -- on rock night. >> we got back to where we were last week which is number two. i'm cool with that.
5:50 pm
>> they said i rocked it out tonight. that's all that matters. >> that is all the time they will give us. >> he will be leaving the dance floor tonight at 9:00 it followed by the season finale of "body of proof." then abc news at 11. >> what would it take to get his shirt off? >> and do the forecast? or paid his face like gene simmons? >> either way. >> you are about 30 years late for that one. there is a look at the library of top rates the camera looking out from the perch in roslyn. a little breezy, but no longer win the. enjoy these temperatures because temperatures are heading down. 54 in hagerstown. the warmest air is out of the metro. quantico's at 73. 66 in the capital. the futurecast shows a rather cloudy day tomorrow, cooler temperatures and the highest
5:51 pm
elevations may even get a few snow showers or flurries. then we will start to clear out and warming up again as early as thursday in time for the nats home opener. again, just a chance of sprinkles, warming up on thursday and look at the weekend. 80 on sunday. spring weather is coming back in a big way. keep updated with all of the changing weather and interesting features at the online home of abc7 weather look at the moster hail from woodward oklahoma. and one of our favorite hail videows of all time hitting the swimming pool. i think i am done. >> we appreciate you keeping your shirt on. [laughter] >> whoa.
5:52 pm
whoa. [laughter] >> continuing to prepare for the nfl draft and they continue to do their due diligence. rg3's agent said he was at redskins park today. his agent confirmed his visit to abc 7. griffin would not work out for the redskins. he does not see any reason to risk injury when he will be one of the first two taken. andrew luck is meeting with the redskins tomorrow. 16 days until the draft and the redskins are. ready. ozzie guillen has been a suspended for five games without pay for comments he made to "time" magazine about his fondness for fidel castro. cubans want him fired. he met with the media to apologize, there was a protest taken place outside the stadium.
5:53 pm
cubans are very upset and wants him terminated immediately. >> i do not blame those people to think what they think right now because they have the right because i heard a lot of people. >> the caps are skating with a sense of urgency as they close in on their purse playoff game with the boston bruins. take a look at this morning trying to get his skates look that. the right leg is fine, the injured leg, having a tough time getting it up. he cannot even lift his leg without discomfort. more on the goalie situation coming up at 6:00. did you hear at the masters champion today was talking about his impossible shot out of the trees and he knew he was going to win the tournament. most people thought he was done. he said he is comfortable in the trees. he said the was on the fair way people would expect a good shot.
5:54 pm
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>> tonight, a warning for anyone who uses a web sites like linked in. it may be a necessity, but they are also a factor part of the parent dies. >> pamela brown explains you may be surprised how many -- how little information they need this to your data. >> many people turn to the website to fine the next job. intimate business connections. >> daily. >> of the same time, many of these people put themselves in jeopardy of identity theft by posting seemingly innocuous information like where they worked, what they do, where they went to school. >> i did not a people could use
5:58 pm
that information to steal your identity. >> you could potentially be exposing a lot more of yourself and you had planned. >> this online security expert, page. >> they can find your address. once they have that, it probably easy to find out where you bank. >> it is different from other sites like facebook where restricted security settings can save you. hear, the point is the put yourself out there. >> you do not want to restrict access that you are not marketable. >> scrutinize every piece of information you put up and it is not necessary, take it down. >> it may hinder someone from looking at your profile, but they really want to come and they will make the connection. >> i will be more careful going forward. clinton know. i will change my practices. >> one more way to protect yourself, make sure if you have very strong passwords on all of your personal accounts and do not use a birthday or the name
5:59 pm
of your kids or pets because they can usually find all that informational might very easily. pamela brown, abc7 news. >> goodbye. that is it now for abc7 news at 5:00. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the big story, santorum suspends his bid for the white house. >> the announcement came this afternoon in pennsylvania. he told supporters that the race for him was over which clears the way for romney to claim the nomination. scott thuman is following this development and live in the newsroom with more. >> mitt romney the biggest beneficiary of this major announcement. it changes the dynamic for a lot of reasons but that announcement, we wondered if it was going to happen and i wrote


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