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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 11, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. a massive earthquake rocks the entire pacific rim. fierce shaking, lasting almost four minutes in some places. triggering widespread panic. people racing to higher ground. the tsunami watch for the entire indian ocean. we're tracking the latest from the quake zone. fighter planes intercept a korean jumbo jet off the canadian coast. how it had the pentagon on high alert. hand hazard? is the polish you're putting on your nails really safe? a new report on a toxic trio that's raising eyebrows this weekend.
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and a ballroom stunner. last night, as sherri shepherd says an emotional good-bye to "dancing with the stars." >> thank you for letting me live a dream. >> even the judges were crying. she and partner, val, join us live, right here in times square, just hours after her dramatic loss. good morning, everyone. we want to get to the breaking stories right away. lots of information and pictures coming in from the indian ocean. 8.6 magnitude quake. you see people out on the streets right there. it was a big one. the buildings were shaking. patients had to leave hospitals, the i.v. still in their arms right there. power was cut in some places, as well. >> and a tsunami watch for the entire indian ocean. sam's tracking all. we'll have the latest coming up. plus, we're going to get the
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latest on the fright in midair. fighter jets racing after a bomb threat on a jet. >> there's a lot of attention there because of the north korean missile test. let's get to sam on the tsunami and the earthquake. tsunami watch right now. no wave yet. but another aftershock. >> george, this is all happening right now this morning. as you are tuning in to us, we're just getting this information in. a couple hours ago, the initial quake, first thought to be an 8.9, then, an 8.6. now, we have an aftershock an 8.8. the numbers are often adjusted. they get the official readings, then they get in and look at it. two things going on. the earthquake and then the aftershock. and we have to talk about fear of a tsunami. there are and immediately were tsunami watches, warnings and advisories, put out by the pacific tsunami center. a buoy that was located in that area did see a little sea level rise. there's not been the initial impact of a tsunami anywhere. the first earthquake was more of a horizontal slide.
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and it makes total sense. the other kind, the vertical slap, if you put your hand in a bathtub and slide it sideways, you don't push the water very much. if youou put it in vertical, you're going to create a wave. and that's the same thing that happens with a tsunami. they immediately took the people off the coastline in the areas that were effected. they put out tsunami watches and warnings for the entire indian ocean. we have to watch and wait. >> that watch goes to south africa, india and iran. all across indonesia. it's been extended for a couple of hours. even though we've seen the earthquakes, these numbers, are both above 8. >> if you look at the entire list of worst earthquakes and run them down in line, the five of the worst earthquakes since 1900s, have been in the last ten years. this will be eighth or ninth on that list. we're going to get to the scare in the skies over the pacific northwest.
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u.s. fighter jets scrambled to meet a korean airlines boeing 777 that just took off from vancouver and escorted it to a military base on vancouver island. it comes after we get word on escalation in the nuclear standoff with north korea. abc's martha raddatz joins us now with the very latest. good morning to you, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. first, to the commercial jet. a plane packed full of passengers who thought they were headed for seoul, south korea. instead, two u.s. fighter jets appear and escort them to that military base in canada. the precaution was taken after a call claiming explosives were onboard. nothing was found. but this is a tense time. korean airlines is one of several airlines that travel to asia, which are changing their flight paths to avoid a long-range rocket that north korea is launching in the next few days. in fact, just this morning, the north koreans began trumping fuel into the rocket. the north koreans say the rocket
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is putting a satellite into space. but the u.s. and others don't believe it. and are calling it a provocation and violation of resolutions prohibiting nuclear and ballistic missile activity. but north korea, josh, is not backing down. >> we'll keep our eye on that. martha raddatz, thank you. wall street begins the morning on the worst losing streak of the year. the dow dropping 214 points tuesday. now down 500 in the last 5 days. much of the concern stemming from the continuing european debt crisis. but an encouraging profit report from blue chip alcoa could turn things around today. meantime, the world's most valuable company is worth even more. the market value of apple has surpassed $600 billion for the first time, edging closer to the record set by microsoft in 1999. and a high-profile college football coach is out of a job, after admitting his affair with a former athlete and team aide. the university of arkansas has
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fired head coach, bobby petrino, after learning that petrino hired his mistress to help with the department. nobody knew about the affair with jessica dorrell, until they were in a motorcycle accident. after which, petrino tried to cover up that dorrell had been on the back of his bike. the married father of four has apologized. a dramatic scene on a los angeles freeway. police ending the chals with a hit and run suspect. the suspect would not surrender. they had to fire bean bag rounds at him. he goes down. but look. he's back up and looking for more. that's what he found. they fired again. and that was enough. it took five officers just to drag him to the police car. and finally, one more reason not to text while walking. bears. take a look. this one roaming around southern california neighborhood. montrose, california. a man almost -- runs away.
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keep your head up. montrose, california, by the way, uncle paul and aunt terri. i hope you two are all right. i can assure you, they do not see bears down the street in the neighborhood. obviously, they did get the bear safely back to the woods. yes. where it belongs. >> going to bed early tomorrow night. >> right. thank you. now, to the dramatic twist in the trayvon martin case. and the big question, where is george zimmerman? his attorneys announcing they are withdrawing as his counsel. abc's matt gutman is in sanford, florida, with the latest developments here and there. fast-moving. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. it was a highly unusual press conference in which his own ex-attorneys publicly questioned george zimmerman's sanity, saying he had gone awol, and leaving him without an attorney, just as the special prosecutor hinted she could press charges within days. overnight, angela corey, the special prosecutor investigating
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trayvon martin's death, made a surprise announcement she will hold a press conference within if next 72 hours to release new information in the case. saying media coverage would be limited, due to safety concerns. it looks like george zimmerman's defense is in disarray. his whereabouts are unknown. and his former tones are befuddl befuddled. >> not returning my messages. not returning my texts. not returning my e-mails. >> reporter: in a hastily-scheduled press conference of their own 250uz, george zimmerman's attorneys say they are quitting. saying they haven't heard from their client since sunday. and he may have tried to cooperate with the prosecutor. >> we were a bit astonished. we heard today that george had contacted the prosecutor's office directly. one thing every defense attorney tells his client, don't talk to the prosecutors. don't talk to the cops. don't talk to anybody. >> reporter: the attorneys say they never met george zimmerman in person. and now fear he may have come unhinged. suffering from posttraumatic stress from the shooting. >> i can't speak to the last
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couple days. >> he's emotionally alone. and you might say emotionally crippled by virtue of the pressure of this case. >> reporter: over the past 36 hours, zimmerman has set up this website, featuring a paypal link for donations. reached out to an old friend. and apparently even called fox news host, sean hannity. >> he reached out to me. we spoke on the phone about his case. and i agreed not to report on the contents of that conversation. >> reporter: as you just mentioned, the biggest question, where is george zimmerman? yesterday, we learned he is far, far away from florida. and investigators close to the case say they don't know his exact location, which could complicate an arrest, if charges are filed. robin? >> all right, matt. thank you very much. going to bring in "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. that press conference by the former attorneys, bizarre. >> i've never seen anything like it. it was really about them rather than about george zimmerman. why did they need to hold a press conference to come out and announce, not only are we not
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representing him. you want to call the prosecutor and say, hey, look. by the way, we haven't been able to get in touch with our client. we may not be representing him anymore. fair enough. but to go out there and effectively throw their client under the bus. and say, in effect, he might be a flight risk. there were all sorts of problems with that press conference, if you're looking at it from george zimmerman's perspective. >> and they say they have never met face-to-face with him. >> which is unusual. it's not totally unheard of. but pretty unusual for lawyers to say, we've never actually met our client face-to-face. particularly in a case like this, where there wasn't any real reason for them not to have met him. meaning, i can understand them saying he's got security issues, et cetera. so, they have to go to him. but the fact that they had never spoken to him is certainly odd. >> right. they claim the injuries he had, they admit they never saw him. so, how do they know? >> right. they are advocates. they are advocates advocating his position. i don't take what they say
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necessarily as gospel. >> now, the news conference that could happen at any moment with the special prosecutor. what do you think will happen here? >> angela corey, announcing in 72 hours she'll have some kind of announcement. if you're a supporter of george zimmerman, you have to be nervous. you have to be very concerned about the fact that, "a," she's coming out and making this announcement. but, "b," coming on the heels of the bizarre press conference, we just heard. she may be worried. she may be saying i don't have counsel to assure me i can find george zimmerman. that's how it works. the prosecutor will call the defense attorney and say, counsel, i want to let you know, your client's going to be arrested. the attorney says, okay, i'll make sure we can do this in an orderly fashion. if she doesn't have anyone to contact now, that may be the reason. >> and the lawyer said he tried to reach out to her. >> that is bizarre. it's not as unusual to reach out
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to sean hannity. i talked to many prospective defendants, defendants, et cetera. but to reach out to the special prosecutor? you can understand why the lawyers are concerned. they just didn't need to air it out on public -- you know, on television. >> like that. all right, dan. thank you. stay tuned. now, to the big news in the race for the white house. with rick santorum's surprise decision yesterday to end his campaign, the path is now clear for mitt romney, setting up the big race for barack obama. it's "your voice, your vote." and abc's jake tapper is here, now, with more on the battle plans of the two campaigns. it is on, jake, right now. we saw mitt romney last night, wasting absolutely no time. our poll yesterday, shows he has a huge gap with women. well behind president obama on women voters. and he struck right at it yesterday evening. >> the other day, there's been some talk about a war on women. the real war on women has been waged by the obama administration's failure on the economy. >> a little jujitsu there.
7:13 am
he takes one of his biggest weaknesses and tries to turn it to one of the president's biggest weaknesses. >> reporter: that's right, george. you're going to hear from the romney campaign, a lot of this. trying to turn the war on women on its head. mitt romney, later today, will be at a business owned by a woman in connecticut, talking about how the vast majority of those who have lost their jobs during the obama administration have been women. if you look at what romney and obama are doing today, you will see the path to the entire general election. romney, hitting the issue. disappointed in obama. disappointed in his economic failures. and then, of course, president obama, today, will be talking about mitt romney and the buffett rule, to require those millionaires to pay their fair share, in his view, in taxes. >> they say mitt romney's 14% tax rate not close to what people that well should be paying right now. we also see mitt romney ahead on
7:14 am
the economy, versus president obama. but the obama campaign believes that he's not the right messenger to prosecutor that attack. >> reporter: that's right. they're going to cast him as a multimillionaire, robber barren, of some sort. they will have them at the white house, pushing for higher taxation. they look at romney with disdain, the obama administration. and they think he is the exact wrong messenger for any message on the economy. this is going to be a vicious battle, george, between the message of disappointment from romney and the message of disdain from obama. >> we have close to 200 days to go. jake tapper, thanks very much. >> you're counting. we're going to switch gears to a major consumer alert about nail polish and new questions about what exactly is on your hands. a government report says that some polishes that claim to be toxin-free are not. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: a beauty industry secret. now exposed.
7:15 am
regulators in california discovered a number of nail polishes, commonly found in salons, have high levels of chemicals linked to birth defects, asthma and other chronic health conditions. even though some manufacturer warning labels claim the nail polish are toxin-free. at risk, frequent salongoers and staff working with these products. >> the risk is how much exposure you get. >> reporter: investigators randomly chose 25 brands of polishes. many of them claiming to be free of the so-called toxic trio. chemicals, known at toluene, dbp and formaldehyde. 10 of 12 products saying they were free of tolulene, contained it. with 4 of 12 products having dangerous levels. but the industry says the report paints an incomplete picture. >> they tested a few local brands, small companies.
7:16 am
what the study really shows is these ingredients have been removed from nail polish for the most part. and consumers can feel comfortable and safe. >> i had major reactions. >> reporter: jenna says nail polish has given her nose bleeds and rashes. while she doesn't know if the so-called toxic trio was in brands she's used, she's taking no more chances. co-creating what she says is a toxin-free nail polish. >> ask yourself, what's in the products? >> reporter: this morning, one company mentioned in the report tells abc news, it's investigating its manufacturing procedures. saying, at no time did the company knowingly or willingly mislabel its products. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> something to keep in mind. let's get back over to sam. >> good morning, everyone. and there's still some pretty large aftershocks going on in the indonesian zone for the earthquake even at this hour. we'll continue to watch that. we're going to talk about the strong to severe thunderstorms that are rolling from denver to el paso today. these are going to be kicked off
7:17 am
by the cold front. there are tornadoes possible. remember the warmth we saw in march and trees started to bloom and people were putting plants down early? now, we have freeze warnings and advisories out. the second night in a row we've been below 20 degrees for hours. we're talking about real problems in minnesota and michigan, with fruit trees and other things like that. 18 states near or below freezing with this cold shot of air. there's plenty of arm air in the deep south. but that's exactly what we didn't want to see after that early season warmth.
7:18 am
it is a chilly start to our morning, widespread 30's. you can see the clouds on the increase over fairfax. there will be a few peaks of seven but 41 in the district. 37 degrees in frederick and winchester and 30 degrees in culpeper. we are on our way to the 50's jacket onou want your isolateda few sprinkles likely into >> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. we're going to solve a television mystery now. for a few shows that have been along longer than "the simpsons." and we knew they lived in springfield.
7:19 am
but we didn't know which springfield. until now. john berman has the story on homer's hometown. >> reporter: one more of the world's great puzzles has just been solved. who shot j.r.? her. who is deep throat? >> your lives are in danger. >> reporter: him. and now, where is springfield? home of "the simpsons." for years, the exact location of homer, bart and lisa's hometown has been shrouded in mystery. >> springfield. springfield. springfield. >> reporter: there have been tantalizing clues. >> you can see the four states that border springfield. ohio, nevada, maine and kentucky. >> reporter: springfields around the country have fought for the honor to be "the simpson's" springfield. in massachusetts, they point to a statue that is like the statue. the former manager of springfield city light and power, bears likeness to
7:20 am
montgomery burns. >> excellent. >> excellent. >> reporter: now, we know the truth. in an interview with "smithsonian" magazine, "simpson's" creator is finally coming clean. it's springfield, oregon. he said, when i was a kid, the tv show "father knows best" took place in springfield. and i was thrilled because i imagined it was the town next to portland, my hometown. town officials tell us they've known for years. in 2007, groening signed a plaque for them. yo to springfield, oregon, the real springfield. groening gave deceptive answers for years because he wanted to feel ownership. because we're all dysfunctional and we all like doughnuts, we all live in springfield. >> i agree. >> one way to look at it, john. thank you. coming up, alec baldwin, not backing down. the actor lashing out at his accused stalker. is he just fueling her obsession? plus, he's the man who went
7:21 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. could wednesday morning at 7:26 on april 11. the mother of a teenager shot police of
7:27 am
filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city. the 18-year-old was killed in d.c. in april of 2011. police say he was carrying a bb gun designed to look like a handgun. for the family said not have ar did weapon. the florida prosecutor investigating the death of martin will soon make an announcement in the case. the lawyers for george said they are quitting the case. newschannel 8 will have more na live in that report in a couple of minutes. let's get a quick check on the g commute with lisa baden. the baltimore-washington parkway had a couple of issues southbound inside the beltway. they are gone and that is affecting route 50/maryland traffic. at the nasa employee exit
7:28 am
is nearnd, the crash on themill road baltimore-washington parkway. other side of town, travel times are in your favor. clouds are on the increase, moving into town from the north west and we could have a few raindrops falling from those clouds later today. it is only in the 30's right now. on hand because theill only make it into this afternoon and it will warmer to moral and the weekend will be near 80. we will be back at 7:56.
7:29 am
7:30 am
you know you've seen that picture. it's worth way more than 1,000 words. a photographer snapped it and captioned it, ridiculously photogenic guy. google that and get more than 9 million hits. how photogenic is he? there in silhouette. >> i see you. i see you. >> don't give away anything. >> i won't give it away. and megafaker. to get on a dating reality show, "millionaire matchmaker," he claimed he was worth $400 million. now, he's in court for fraud. and all of the drama on "dancing with the stars" last night. it was a little sad.
7:31 am
you had melissa gilbert's injury. and sherri shepherd, which was a real surprise with me. she was sent home with val. she flew overnight. she'll be in our studio. >> i love how she said it. if you're afraid of something, run towards it. she'll be here, live, with val in our studio. alec baldwin, not holding back. slamming the woman for stalking him. is publicly lashing out at her a smart idea? cecilia vega is here with that. >> reporter: good morning. alec baldwin is no stranger to controversy. but this time, provoking his accused stalker may be one of the worst things he could do. a judge may have just ordered the woman who is accused of stalking alec baldwin to stay away. but baldwin is not standing down. the star known for his twitter ranting, did just that. lashing out tuesday at genevieve
7:32 am
sam born. isn't it odd, baldwin tweeted? when an accused stalker is in handcuffs being taken away from cops, yet smiles at the camera. another one to his new fiance, but for all of his twitter followers to see. i'm lucky and grateful in my life now, no matter what the motivation of certain others. late tuesday, "access hollywood," showed hilaria thomas, ignoring the paparazzi, hounding her for a reaction. as for the canadian actress that seems to defy the stalker profile, the question now is, will the blonde bombshell back down? >> he gave her what she wanted. he responded to her. she got a reaction from him. and that's what stalkers want. >> reporter: baldwin and sabourin met a decade ago on a movie set. court records show they once
7:33 am
also shared a dinner. reportedly baldwin offered her advice as a favor to a friend. but baldwin told police things took a frightening turn when sabourin tried to track him down three times over the past two weeks. and court documents laid out these e-mails, allegedly written by sabourin. i'm less than ten minutes away from you tnt. say i do to me. i'm excited about creating genevieve baldwin. and i need to see you now. sabourin will be seeing a judge again soon. she is due back in court next month. experts say getting a reaction is exactly what stalkers want. and by tweeting about her, that could increase danger to baldwin and his family. prosecutors say it could damage his case in court. how will his lawyers prove he's afraid for his life, if he's responding to her online? >> excellent points, cecilia. thanks so much. we're going to turn to the surprise guilty plea by the reality show contestant that pretended to be worth $400 million. michael proser appeared on television telling everyone he
7:34 am
was practically made of money. he is not a millionaire. he only plays one on tv. now, he's appearing in court and owning up to the fraud. linsey davis has the story. >> my name is michael prozer. >> reporter: he was the megamillionaire hot shot, with the mansions, private jet, and enough money to buy love. or at least compete for it. >> i was estimating modestly my net worth to be $400 million. >> reporter: that was michael prozer's tape for "millionaire matchmaker." >> if i find the chemistry, i make the right match. >> reporter: prozer, father of two young boys, seemed to be a man who had everything, except a woman to share his lavish lifestyle. telling television audiences he was ceo of an online company. >> i'm the ceo of an internet company that provides transactions over the web.
7:35 am
>> reporter: it seemed picture-perfect, until federal prosecutors blew the whistle on what they say is a 36-year-old scam artist from tampa. his megamillions, all a lie. >> he was able to describe a banker to demonstrate that he had millions of dollars on deposit in the bank. and that's what makes him convincing. >> reporter: investigators charged prozer with fraud, saying he paid a bank employee to illegally secure a multimillion-dollar lone. and that's not all. prozer is being sued by others, who say they conned him out of money. with a former associate saying his appearance on the show made it easier. >> if he can point to the fact he appeared on this show, that gives him some degree of credibility that, yeah, he's been vetted. and he's a millionaire. >> reporter: but this morning, three years after the reality show that gave him national recognition, prozer is behind bars, after pleading guilty monday to bank fraud charges. >> i think he figured the government had the goods on him. his frauds have been exposed.
7:36 am
and it was time to cut his losses. >> reporter: now, the man who once called himself a multimillionaire could be facing a multiyear sentence in prison. he showed up what was a hick outfit. and offered his date microwave potato skins. and he said he had to go to the bathroom. proceeded to step behind bushes and take care of business. bravo, not touching this one. they have no comment. i was thinking, this sounds like someone i once dated. >> i do not believe that for a minute. >> i do believe. a hot mess on that date. how about some weather, sam? >> how did potato skins get in it? they're actually good. microwave potato skins, that's a good thing. the rest was bad. let's start with what's happening out west. san jose, bakersfield, l.a., early morning rain around those areas. this is going to continue for a while. and temperatures are cooler than
7:37 am
they have been because of the first low dropping in. phoenix, will drop about ten degrees. salt lake city, right on the edge. you'll probably come up with a high temperature there. and there's a second round of rain that moves in. you're in for a soaking couple of days. deep south, i love this. i could stare at this all day. the coolest day week, in the 30's now and on to the 50's later today with isolated sprinkles and0 breezy. >> all of that weather was brought to you by quicken home loans. we have to hurry up to get to the ridiculously photogenic guy. he's here, live. that's the photo. you'll find out what he looks like in real life in just a minute. thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany. so how much do we owe you? that'll be $973.42.
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♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ oh, that photo right there, seems to have captivated the entire web. one of the photographers just happened to snap that picture. and posted it online with a caption, ridiculously photogenic guy. he's right there in silhouette. we're going to talk to him. but first, the story behind that snapshot. it's the photo that launched 1,000 spoofs. in this one moment, captured
7:42 am
during a local 10k race in south carolina, zeddie watkins little had no idea he was going to be known to the rest of the world as the ridiculously photogenic guy. it all started when amateur photographer, will king, posted the picture with this caption, to his flickr account. and the smiling little went viral, big-time. his fan page has more than 50,000 likes and growing. with adoring fans from all over the world, leaving messages like, it's like the stars and the planets and every sky in every universe and in every galaxy were aligned simultaneously to come together and create zeddie little. and simply, marry me. and the spotlight shining on that high-wattage smile doesn't appear to be fading anytime soon. ♪ everybody loves me so, is he as handsome in
7:43 am
person as he is in the photo? zeddie little, who goes by his middle name, watkins, here with the photographer, will king. it's great to have you both here. adorable. it's something about your spirit and everything, as well. you could not have anticipated, of course, what has happened. fun, overwhelming. what have your emotions been? >> a little bit of everything. i mean, it was like a fluke, to be honest. just running. i was -- we kind of just figured it out. i was running and waving at a friend that was on the sidelines. as i turned around, i caught a camera lens. and that was -- history. >> that camera lens -- will, when i saw the photo, it must have been a buddy of yours that was there. but you had never met. >> no. >> i had a few dozen friends in the race. but i found zeddie there. and he takes a really good picture. >> what was it about him? there's tons of people in the race.
7:44 am
what is it about that mug? >> there's tons of people. he was actually just looking straight at the camera, smiling. the sun was hitting his hair as it was just blowing in the wind. just an all-around photogenic guy. >> when you hear people talking about you like that and you've seen all of the captions and people have asked you to marry them, though you have a -- we're not going to show her. you have a beautiful girlfriend here is here, taking everything well in stride. but how have you reacted to people saying these things? >> i find the humor in it. it's funny. if it had happened to anybody else, i think it's just a great -- [ laughter ] >> what do you think it is -- i know you go by watkins. that's the name you go by. what do you think it is that has really captivated people and made people so happy? >> i really don't know. but i kind of feel honored to be part of, like, a joke that's in
7:45 am
good spirits. sometimes, you know, it can be a little vicious. joking can get bent the wrong way. these for the most part are positive. and it's funny that everybody's taken light to it. it's the most flattering way to get spread across the internet. >> that's true. you're really a good photographer. >> thank you very much. >> you capture it all. how long have you been doing this? >> just about a year and a half. that's it. that's how long i've been studying photography. i've been doing it all on my own. self-taught. >> and watt kin's going to help you here. you're going to run in the new york city marathon? >> i am. i confirmed with the foundation, people know he passed away from aort aortic dissection. this raises money for awareness. >> that's great that you're using this for good. will, all of the best to you. give us one last big smile there. all right.
7:46 am
watkins, thank you both for being great sports. appreciate that. josh has a great smile himself. "play of the day" next with josh. ♪ made with only milk... cream... a touch of sugar... and pure natural flavors. ♪ who knew being natural could be so delicious? coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle. add your flavor naturally. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ?
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ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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hellmann's, make it real, make it different.
7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> i did want to have the texting dude walking into the bear. i found a great story. and i want to share it with you. it's about cade's arcade. there's cade. 9 years old. he hangs out with his dad in his auto body shop. he spent a summer building a complete arcade over the cardboard boxes, that his dad had. he set it up, hoping for just one customer. and he never could find one. not a single person would stop to pay a dollar to throw miniature basketballs in hoops, et cetera. >> very creative. >> one day, a filmmaker walked in because he needed a door handle for his car.
7:51 am
and created a facebook page. and i think you can guess what happens next. after getting messages from as far flung as central europe, caine showed up to a flash mob of people. $1 for the four plays or $5, 200 plays. we're going to work on the business plan. congratulations to you. sherri shepherd and val are here next, live. a dog is not merely a pet. a dog, well, a dog is family. and when it comes to your family's health, you want the best. now you can have it without paying the most. petarmor flea and tick protection. it has the same active ingredient as frontline top spot, and it's just as safe and effective against fleas and ticks, but costs about half as much.
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♪ >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning @ 7:56 on this morning, april 11. metro was planning an across- now wast 5% increasesg smaller learning the 2013 budget will likely be less than expected. e board will make a final in june. investigators are searching for attacked two women for an apartment in alexandria. to an ad andponded at an apartment on
7:57 am
road when the man assaulted them. they escaped and the suspect .led newschannel 8 will have an in- depth report at the top of the hour. out what is happening the roads with lisa baden. better traffic is starting to relax on the baltimore- washington parkway. there was a northbound crashed road thatr mill caused the blaze out of riverdale if and southbound was slowing to look so lanes are open on the baltimore-washington parkway. the outer loop with leaving new hampshire avenue and the normal pace to holy cross hospital. traffic in virginia looks typical from the belt way up to pentagon and beyond to the 14th street bridge. we will see the sun again tomorrow at but it will be theay 42 degrees on bay and 38 at dulles airport in
7:58 am
manassas is 36 degrees. have your jacket the entire day to day. n the 50's, breezy, backbar 60 degrees here80 sunday. >> we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ sherri, sherri baby there's a good reason we're playing that for everyone out there in times square and you at home. it was a stunning finish to "dancing with the stars" last night. sherri shepherd, and her great partner, val, out of the ballroom. saying a very emotional good-bye last night. >> she brought so much enthusiasm to all this. val and sherri have flown through the night to be here with us live. and lara, out in l.a. she was in the audience. want to hear from him about all the drama. >> oh, george.
8:01 am
it was shocking. tom bergeron tolds me after the show, he has never been so shocked by an outcome this early in the season in all 14 seasons. so, we'll hear from him. he'll hear from the stars about sherri's departure. and we'll check in on melissa gilbert. who knew dancing was a full contact sport? it's dangerous out there. we'll talk about that coming up, guys. >> all right, lara. good to see you there. and toddlers & tiaras" and the war of words between two moms. is there finally a truce? plus, trisha yearwood will be here in a little bit. she will be here with family recipes in a little bit. we want to get news from josh elliott. update on that earthquake and tsunami. >> the breaking news all morning long. another massive earthquake has triggered a tsunami warning off indonesia. earlier, an 8.5 struck.
8:02 am
and then, an aftershock of 8.2. we show people moving inland. there is encouraging news to report, the quake's movement was horizontal. sam's report explained it doesn't displace as much water as a vertical quake. we just spoke with abc's dina antonio, who described the scene there in indonesia. >> when the quake struck, i saw pictures of the local network showed children crying, women are praying. they headed to the main mosque. some people left and went back to their homes, once they thought after an hour, that the quake was still and no tsunami. >> that first quake triggered a wave about 30 inches high. no major damage has been reported. of course, we'll bring you more developments as we get them this morning. in other news, american fighter jets had to be scrambled to escort a korean airlines boeing 777 to a canadian air
8:03 am
base because of a bomb threat. the plane had just taken off from vancouver on its way to seoul, south korea. it comes amid rising tensions on the peninsula of north korea. north korea plans to launch a missile in violation of a u.n. agreement. and a bizarre twist for george zimmerman. his lawyers have now quit. they say they can't reach him and don't know where he is. even investigators don't know where to find zimmerman, which could make it hard to arrest him. the special prosecutor says she will make an announcement about the case in the next few days. meanwhile, the race for president. mitt romney is focusing solely on the battle with president obama, now that rick santorum has ended his campaign. today, romney campaigns in connecticut and will argue that women have suffered the most under president obama's economic policies. one new york woman is behind bars for pretending she had terminal cancer to get the wedding of her dreams. virtual strangers helped give
8:04 am
her one. the restaurant, dressmaker, jewelry store, donating time and money, and buying that woman, jessica vega, a honeymoon in aruba. even her husband was taken in by the scam. vega faces fraud and larceny charges and is being held on $10,000 bail. here's diane sawyer with a preview of "world news." diane? >> josh, good morning to yop but and tonight, we're going to tell you about the calls you might get from phony government agents, harassing families across the country. tonight, abc news investigates the families are losing thousands of dollars. we'll tell you what you need to know, in case the scammers call you, tonight on "world news." >> an adage as old as time. bacon does make everything better. but does it make an ice cream sundae better? that's what burger king is going to find out. with their new -- don't even wait for it. bacon sundae. vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, strip of bacon.
8:05 am
it's in nashville. it's up to you, nashville. fight's a hit there, it's going nationwide. only you, nashville, can stop this or give it to the people. >> sam's wheels up. >> i would have gone with the bacon crumbles. when you lay a strip of bacon next to the ice cream, you've lost me. >> but the crumbles would invade the entire sundae. i'm with george. it doesn't ruin the sundae. >> the bacon has a spoon. >> genius. now, "the pop news heat index." special edition with lara in los angeles. lara? >> good morning, robin. you look beautiful today. >> thank you. >> gorgeous creature. speaking of gorgeous creatures, betty white. she finally hit twitter. and she's already started trending, immediately. the 90-year-old superstar sent out her first tweet last night, writing, hello, twitter. and they said it would never
8:06 am
happen. wait. that was me. after less than one day, guys, betty is also about to break 100,000 followers. >> of course. >> move over, gaga. looks like twitter has a new golden girl. you knew i was going to do it. good morning, everybody. i had to throw it in there. >> all right one, lara. >> yep. ding, ding. also in "pop news," jennifer love hewitt says she has the secret ingredient for sweetening up your love life. vanilla extract. she keeps it in her purse. a little here and there. and the men go mad. we thought we would share that with you ladies. okay. there you have it. and the baby names -- >> i have to be honest. vanilla. >> nice. >> thanks. >> you look speechless, robin. >> i am. i am. >> we move on.
8:07 am
we move on. to baby names. michael and ashley are always popular and lovely. but these days parents are hungry to name their kids after characters of this year's blockbuster hit. according to nameberry, rue is a popular name. and katniss, and rose. and adele. and the name ivy is a hot ticket. a little fyi. and finally, last night, what fun we had. it was a family affair at "dancing with the stars." and the celebs took some hard-hitting questions from "gma's" toughest reporters in training, duff and kate, my kids. >> how do you feel about going to next week? >> i feel great. are you going to vote for us? >> maybe. >> what is the maybe for? tell me.
8:08 am
>> he may want to vote for donald driver. >> what? >> kate speaks the truth. >> duff, duff, duff. you got a couple years. i'm just -- a little advice from mom. you may want to tell the pretty lady that you're going to vote for her. >> good advice there. >> i'm with you. i'm with duff. >> you're going with the athlete? >> you go with -- i don't blame him. the guys want to go with the athlete. and he's a heck of a guy, donald driver. and he's good, by the way. >> i love that kate knew what her brother was thinking. >> exactly. >> under the bus. >> right away. >> lara, we'll check back with you in a little bit. now, let's get some weather from sam. >> okay. i'd like to start with -- let's start with vanilla, gang. i'm soaking in it now. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to tell you about. as you look at chicagoland. how about a little cold air. this isn't what we wanted. remember in march when we were so warm and everything was
8:09 am
blooming and folks wanted to put things in the ground and have them grow. don't do it yet. in comes that cold air. second night in a row when we had temperatures on the boards. nighttime lows in the 20s in a lot of places. and the high temperatures don't come up much. this is a cold shot of air that comes into new england. it does warm up over the next couple of days. minneapolis, 62 on here is a live look at the bay with a nice sunrise but it is mostly cloudy now. currently 43 degrees in annapolis and the district and like out there frederick and gaithersburg. in the 50's to day, it will be breezy, a few sprinkles here and there this >> we're feeling good even
8:10 am
though it's a little chilly in times square. lara, i know it's a little showery in l.a. >> more than a little showery. thank you, sam. here's what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." a surprising night for everybody on "dancing with the stars." sherri and val gone from the dance floor. but they're with us live. we're so happy to have them. and we'll also get the latest on melissa gilbert's condition after her ballroom accident. plus, toddlers & tiaras, the surprising conclusion to the fight for the crown. and trisha yearwood can sing up a storm. but can she cook? he she's here with some of her family's favorite recipes coming up on "gma." [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there. but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin.
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does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics.
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i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning.
8:13 am
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beneful. play. it's good for you. a shocking moment on "dancing with the stars" last night. fan favorite, and ours, sherri shepherd. she just lit up the dance floor with her exuberance. we'll talk to sherri and her partner, val, in a moment. but first, an update on melissa gilbert's health after her trip to the hospital on monday. in a night filled with more twists on a paso doble. >> this promises to be an eventful night. >> reporter: one star was sent home, while another was home recovering from injuries. in an announcement no one saw coming, from a bottom two no one expected. >> we are in total shock. the thing is, after 14 seasons,
8:16 am
we figure anything can happen. but this is beyond. >> reporter: sherri shepherd and value chmerkovskiy kissed the mirrorball trophy good-bye. a team teeming with tenacity. >> thank you for letting me live a dream that i've always had. i have the most wonderful partner, val chmerkovskiy. >> reporter: melissa gilbert, home after suffering a concussion and whiplash during her paso doble with maks on monday. >> she injured herself. as a precaution, she's going to the hospital to get checked out. >> reporter: for the first time, "dancing with the stars" shows the footage of what really happened in the harrowing moment right after they left the stage. >> i hit my head. >> reporter: melissa bravely
8:17 am
finishing out the dance. but just a few minutes later, complaining of dizziness. >> are you dizzy? >> i hit my head. >> reporter: and co-star, gavin mcgraw, rushing her down this long flight of stairs. >> anybody would have done that. i happened to be close at that time. and she wanted to get out of that room. >> reporter: backstage, her partner, maks, visibly shaken by the incident. >> you feel responsible for your partner. you think, is this necessary for part of choreography? she's in good spirits. >> reporter: at home r recoveryg melissa's thoughts never far from her fellow dancers. tweeting overnight, she was truly stunned at sherri and val's departure. and backstage, we were with the emotional cast after the show. the drama of the show tonight, between melissa and sherri being out. it's a lot. >> it is sad. you know what i mean? you build a relationship here. you build a bond. then, someone has to leave and go home.
8:18 am
>> reporter: everyone agreed, this season simply will not be the same without sherri. the feeling of sadness on the floor when her name was announced. i've covered the show for a long time. i've never seen that. >> i think it stunned everybody. she was a good friend. >> sherri was a fireball. i'm going to miss her. >> she was so inspiring. don't run away from it. >> i never thought in a million years. i just love her. >> that thing that scares you the most, the thing that says i don't know if i can do it, i'm scared, run towards it because it's so amazing on the other side. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome sherri and val, live here in our studio. oh. remember, you get to laugh, too. >> i love to laugh. >> it's great to see you both. to fly in overnight, as you did, to be here, back home. i think fans took it for granted you all were going to be there.
8:19 am
and they didn't pick up the phone like they normally would have. how can you figure this out? >> i don't know. i'm -- i don't try to think about it because it will drive you crazy. but it was just -- it was an amazing adventure. and i'm so grateful to god for the ride that i got to take. and the friendships i got to make. you know? the people i get to keep in touch with. >> keep in your life. you're going to keep that one. >> absolutely. >> you guys are going back and forth. we saw you on "the view," val. but she was dedicated, wasn't she? >> she was the best student, partner, companion, friend, i could have asked for on the show. and i was very lucky to be paired up with her. she took a risk, having me as her partner. and i took that with great responsibility. i wish -- i wish she got to enjoy it a little longer. but i hope -- you know, i did my best, wholeheartedly. i wanted the best for her.
8:20 am
it is what it is. >> it is what it is. and we're all still scratching our head. i lost count of how many people told me to hug you on twitter, sherri. seeing your husband and your son, jeffrey, every week. how does -- does jeffrey understand? i know he was a roshon fan, too? >> he loved roshon. i think jeffrey was voting -- he left momma out in the cold. i think one of the most heartbreaking things was jeffrey because he couldn't understand the voting off process. so, he was crying. and he was going to say, are you going to dance tomorrow, mommy. and he also formed a bond with all of the dancers. i actually have to go back to l.a. to get him after this weekend because he's still in l.a. i had to leave him and come back out to go to work. >> still enjoying himself. >> yeah. >> we loved how you danced. >> thank you. >> but it was also your humor. we put together some of the best of. >> you did? >> sherri sheppard and val. here it is. >> i'm just not able to get through the jive. this is not going to be proud
8:21 am
sherri. this is going to be dead sherri. learn how to pick me up, val. like a big baby. val, once you go thick, you ain't never going to quit. god is real. i apologize to everybody i criticized at "the view." i'm sorry. this is -- short of birthing my child, this is the hardest thing i've had to do in my life. >> that was after the first dance. and that was a real eye-opener how much work goes into it, doesn't it? >> you can't understand "dancing with the stars" until you do it. it pushes you mentally and physically. and it is a life-changing experience. i have to say. thank you for giving me that experience. >> and you came back. i know, you want to be with the ladies on "the view." >> i think it's a conspiracy. i think barbara walters put in a request that she wanted sherri back on the show. >> they miss you so much. >> i miss my ladies. >> how difficult was it to be
8:22 am
here in new york, doing the show and being there in l.a. for the show? >> i'm a mother. mothers multitask. we're used to doing more than one thing. i was in that mother mode. and it wasn't work to me. i loved it. i loved dancing. the whole process. i love "the view." when you're living the dream, it's not work. >> it is work. what is this? >> i twisted my ankle and i skinned my knee when i gave len a lap dance. lap dances are dangerous, i'll tell you something. but it was good. it was a living my dream exhausted. what can i say? >> you lived every moment of it. >> yeah. >> and you said -- i'm going to remember what you said. all of us, if we have a fear, run towards it. >> don't run away from fear. if you don't go towards the thing you fear, you won't be able to say you lived. even if you fail, i got voted off. i wanted the ride to continue. i got voted off. but i got to say, i did it. the thing you fear in your stomach, with the bubbles, run towards it. i absolutely believe that.
8:23 am
>> are you going to keep running towards val? are you going to keep dancing and everything? >> i need dance lessons. and you can be more gentle and nurturing. >> you were so much fun. so real. and wishing you all of the best. and how you handled everything is really a lesson for us, as well. we'll be watching you on "the view." >> okay. >> are you going to take val with you? >> a very intimidating crowd over there. >> you'll do just fine. thank you, both. george? >> they'll be easy on you, val. don't worry. we're going to turn to the latest on "toddlers & tiaras" and developments that could make you feel better about the contestants and their moms. cecilia vega has the few that spun out of control and the fence-mending that could do some good. >> reporter: more than six months after paisley dickey strutted her stuff in this "pretty woman" costume, two of the biggest little stars is
8:24 am
finally over. it all started when fresh out of the spray can booth, 5-year-old isabella barrett, fired one across the catwalk. >> last time, here, paisley was trying to copy me. and my mom doesn't dress me up as a hooker. >> reporter: in a cut throat rhinestone world, those are fighting words. it came that her mom fed her the line. >> children pick up on things. and i should never have pushed my personal views through my daughter. >> reporter: paisley's mom called her mom, a sick person. behavior for miss congeniality? probably not. but it was a tiny tot throwdown, made for reality tv. >> i only got the princess the whole pageant. >> reporter: and a new episode airing tonight, a fresh set of moms and daughters feel the harsh reality of losing that coveted crown.
8:25 am
>> i don't know why i'm crying. >> stop. think. feel. >> reporter: with their latest beauty battle on the mend, now these girls are lacing up the gloves. not to duke it out. rather, to make a pageant peace offering. it's a reunion with a strong message. >> i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings in any way. and i think you have a wonderful daughter. >> and the same thing here. it's the past. it's in the past. >> reporter: with the pageant moms looking on, paisley and isabella are starring in a public service campaign. what are you doing here today? >> we're doing a photo shoot. >> reporter: for what? >> for anti-bullying. >> reporter: do you know what a bully is? >> yeah. >> reporter: what's a bully? >> it means when you get mean. it means you said something that you get sad about. >> reporter: is it possible that these toddlers shared a life
8:26 am
lesson? are the girls learning from you? or are you learning from the girls? >> well, this may be a situation where we are learning from the girls. and this is good. >> the message is just, even at that level, at a 5-year-old level, very simple, stop, think and feel. >> reporter: a lot of people who have watched this feud might say that you didn't do any of those things. >> right. >> reporter: when it came to some of the words you chose. >> after two months of dealing with the public feud in the media, when it was a huge thing, we went home and we reflected. >> reporter: perhaps a new model, or at least words, to live by. stop and think before you speak. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> let's hope they stick to it. "toddlers and tiaras" airs wednesday nights on tlc. coming up, trisha yearwood.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. atgood morning once again 8:27. d.c. mayor vincent gray and ofbers of the economic team travel toplan to china in late june. to mayor says one goal is d.c. businesses with partners.chinese wither goal is to meet l foreign investors about opportunities in the d.c. real estate market. ofk santorum has dropped out the republican primary race. he withdrew after his severely hospitalizedwas weekend. s more on whatha means coming up in an in- minutesport in a few
8:28 am
8:30. let's check on traffic with lisa baden. dc to 95 southbound at the dddot saysrkway, vehicle in the center of the road. you can go kenilworth onto to 95. live to 395.u this is the pace from the belt way to the washington boulevard. two car wrecks along the way the beltway on southbound 270 from falls road get to 495 which is typical. if you look at this picture you can see a few white in the sky. it is knowing a little bit in frostburg, maryland. other see that in today in theer potomac highlands but otherwise our way to the
8:29 am
50's, breezy but warmed the next few days. we will be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] great crowd out there in times square this morning. listening to a little trisha yearwood. what a voice. there he is, right now, cooking up a great feast. some of her favorite home family reci recipes, including chicken and dumplings. that does look good. >> wait until you see what she cooks for dessert. mm. it's scrumptious. speaking of cooking, a lot of big stars get themselves into hot water. that's when they need judy smith. she is one -- she's the number one crisis management expert and the real woman behind the hottest new show of the show "scandal."
8:31 am
and lara had a chance to talk to judy smith. and you're going to bring that to us, aren't you, lara? >> i sure am. what an interesting, cool lady. and how about this, guys? director, james cameron, live, in our studio. and he'll reveal his favorite "titanic" moment. i cannot wait to hear what that is. >> george, back to you. first, we have to get weather from sam. >> i feel like we went to the west coast. came back to you. and -- >> modern technology. >> this went all over america in less than five seconds. i hope you appreciate it. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what's going on this morning. we have a great picture from hiram, ohio. there's some places that picked up a little snow in the cold burst that came down. toms river, new jersey. we show you where the line where the cold front develops this year. there's the denver, amarillo, lubbock, el paso, with the strong storms. dallas and houston, you're in them later today.
8:32 am
but the red zone is where the worst weather will break out today. west coast, i'm so sorry what you're into today. but you need the rain in southern california. you're well behind where you should be this time of year. picking up a little rain. mr. cameron left the west coast and decided to say hello to new york today. that would be west grab your jacket this morning down and the lower only the low 50's this afternoon. tomorrow, still breezy but clear >> all of that weather was brought to you by purina beneful. >> what are you doing over there? >> george? rite's been 15 years since james cameron brought us the classic, "titanic." it's back in 3d," for the "titanic's" launch and the
8:33 am
anniversary. you see it right there. two ships, re-creating the journey right now. people are feeling it. i wonder if you can remember back to how you got so hooked on this in the beginning. >> i think it would probably in my teens and i saw "a night to remember." the black and white film, '60 or '61 it came out. it was such an amazing film. it was such an incredible story that captured the imagination of so many young boys. the heroism of the crew and that sort of thing. i didn't think about making a movie until after they found the wreck. >> but when this first went to the studio execs, they weren't convinced this was going to be the unbelievable hit it's turned out to be. >> it went through a couple of stages. the first thing i did was whip through a big painting of "titanic" and went "romeo and juliet" on the "titanic." then, how much is it going to cost? and, guys, i want to shoot part of it on the real wreck of the
8:34 am
"titanic," 2 1/2 miles down in the north atlantic. >> they're thinking, insurance. >> right. exactly. >> it's all right. if i get killed, it will be really early on. we won't have built all of the sets and everything. >> now, it's coming back in 3d. my daughters are part of that generation that missed it. and they cannot wait to see it on the big screen, in 3d. for everyone who has seen it before, what are they going to get out of the 3d? >> what i'm hearing from people is it's been so long since people saw it in the movie theater, if they saw it at all. a lot of people know it from video. it's a different experience, first of all, on the big screen. with the 3d, you feel like you're on the ship. you feel like your physically present for all of the drama. the desperation at the end. but also kind of the intimate, emotional stuff. it seems to be playing more powerfully than it ever did. >> i want you to clear this up if you can. you had to make a little change.
8:35 am
there's a -- the american museum of natural history said when he saw rose lying on the debris, the stars, the constellations wasn't right. he pestered you about this. >> he's a great guy. and i know him very well. but he can get very nerdy. for that time of year, at that point in the atlantic, about that time of day, it was about 4:00 in the morning, those are the wrong stars. and you should know better. you're such a perfectionist. i said, all right. challenge me. i made him supply us with the exact starfield. and i replaced it. >> and he got it? >> yes. it is in there now. >> you are a perfectionist. you've gone down 30 times. part for the documentary on the national geographic channel, as well. our viewers are interested in there. i will give you a couple questions from yahoo! diane wanted to know, what was the most poignant moment for you personally that truly touched your life about the disaster? >> oh, you know?
8:36 am
it's not one moment. it's all of the fathers saying good-bye to their children when they put them in the boats. you know? and stepping back. and the little lies they would tell. i'll see you in new york. hold mommy's hand so she's not afraid. talking to a 10-year-old boy or 12-year-old girl, something like that. as a parent of five kids, that's hard for me to imagine. having that strength to be able to do that. >> i don't think -- i don't know if i would be able to do that myself. and you've gone down there so many times and be able to see that wreckage up close. people have a fascination, also, with the artifacts. and pam wanted to know, do you approve of bringing up the artifacts of the "titanic." i feel like it should be a sacred burial site. >> i believe that the wreck itself, the structural wreck of the bow section, should be left alone. as a monument to the disaster, it's actually much more poignant
8:37 am
and powerful at the bottom of the ocean. but all of the scattered wreckage when it broke up, there's real power to see it in the artifact exhibits. and people can see it. it relates them to the people. it keeps a sense of the tragedy alive. >> and the documentary. one of the scientists talking about pulling out a perfume bottle and being so touched. >> exactly. >> can't wait to see the movie again. "titanic" 3d, is in theaters nationwide. the documentary, "titanic: the final word" airs friday on the national geographic channel. and
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
so, abc has a new show. it's called "scandal" and
8:41 am
focuses on a crisis management expert. they take on stuff cases and manage to fix everything. the show was based on a real image-fixer, judy smith, author of the book "good self/bad self." and i got to speak to her about the tv show she inspired. >> did you get the money? >> all $3 million. >> we said $6 million? >> did we? >> reporter: in the show "scandal," carrey washington plays to win. >> we play to win. >> reporter: the hard-charging crisis manager, olivia poe. dedicated to keeping her clients' image clean and out of jail. she is a woman who won't take no for an answer. >> just to be clear, that was me threatening you. >> reporter: in real life, scandal-ridden scars like mel gibson, halle berry, tiger
8:42 am
woods, and politicians like former governor eliot spitzer and rod blagojevich, have turned to the firefighters behind the scenes to protect their images. >> we keep an eye on the situation. >> reporter: "scandal" is inspired by judy smith, an influential lawyer and crisis manager. her client list reads like a who's who of scandal. michael vick, who was arrested for involvement of involvement in an illegal dogfighting ring. but her most famous client, monica lewinsky. how do you manage the scandal between monica lewinsky and president clinton? >> what we focused on her was not going to prison. >> reporter: whether or not it was judy smith's idea to hand over the lewinsky dress to investigators for immunity, we may never know. was it your idea to show the blue dress? >> i can't say. i can't say. there's some things that have to remain secret.
8:43 am
>> you're going to camp david to meet with the president. >> reporter: the team in "scandal," calls themselves gladiators in suits. >> once we take you on as a client, we will do whatever it takes to fix your situation. >> reporter: washington is best known for her work on the big screen. she starred alongside jamie foxx in the oscar-winning film "ray." >> i keep wondering what the real ray charles sound like. >> reporter: and while she's in movies, taking the lead role in "scandal," it was hard to pass up. >> it's not often that i'm challenged to play a woman who is so, so much smarter than i am. and so much more sophisticated than i am. and so much more empowered than i am. >> hand in your resignation. >> reporter: but every case is different. she has a few rules of thumb that she thinks applies to every high-profile case. >> you have to want to apologize. you have to want to mean it. >> reporter: with shocking story
8:44 am
lines, rife with intrigue, "scandal" is just as intriguing as the real-life scandals that people can't stay out of. why do smart people do stupid things? >> smart people are no different than anybody else. they all have issues and problems. and sometimes they make bad choices and exercise bad judgment, like we all do. >> she is so fascinating. and the show that judy smith inspired, "scandal," airs tomorrow, thursday, at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. and coming up on "good morning america," trisha yearwood, favorite
8:45 am
8:46 am
that's tomorrow.
8:47 am
but right now, with megastar and best-selling cookbook author, trisha yearwood is here, has a brand-new food network show. it's called "trisha's southern kitchen." it premiers saturday. all about food traditions. it's great to have you back here in our little kitchen. >> i like your little kitchen. >> tell us about the show. >> i was nervous about the idea of standing behind the counter saying, then you add this and add that. when i was approached, they said you can do whatever you want it to be. can i have my sister on? and my nieces and uncles on? it's about family. and it's telling our family and what we grew up on. and we're incorporating new things that we make more on a daily basis. these are on special occasions. this is comfort food right here. >> family traditions. when you think of the family, you think of the kitchen. that's where you tell your stories and everything.
8:48 am
this isn't just any chicken and dumplings. >> no. this is grandma lizzie's chicken and dumplings. >> you're already eating. >> they're down there. >> somewhere down the line. grandma used a hen, because it's an older bird, fattier bird, more flavorful. i'm going to throw salt and pepper in here. you get about -- you know. >> good old hand. >> stick it in and cover it with water and salt and pepper. it's going to cook a couple of hours. >> nice and tender. >> when it falls off the bone, you're pulling it out of the pot, it's ready. the recipe says a couple of cups. but you eye ball it. as much broth as you want. and you make the dumplings. we pulled the hen off the bone here. someone has magically done that for us. dumplings are really easy. it's all-purpose flour and salt and water. and that's it. >> but it's intimidating to some
8:49 am
folks. >> that's all you do. when it gets lumpy, you can roll it out like this. >> we're not too intimidated. >> that's not hard to do. >> you roll the dumplings out really thin. that's the secret. they're going to plump up a little bit in the water. and you kind of eye ball it. >> that's a real cook. you eye ball it. you just kind of know. >> and we're going to put it in -- we just put our dumplings in the broth. >> this is just the broth from the hen? >> right. and you add a little salt and pepper as you go. >> how long does that take? >> it takes a couple minutes for them to get tender. you estimate the time. this is what you get. >> robin, get in there. >> wait. i'm in there. >> come on. >> you put the chicken in. >> put the chicken in. and i -- >> you have to deal with garth in the kitchen. i have to deal with these two. >> we could trade for days.
8:50 am
and there you go. >> that's looks so good. and garnish it a little bit. >> only for "gma." parsley. not at home. >> wow. >> what is that empty plate? >> you went straight to dessert. >> this is the healthy version of chicken dumplings. this is delicious. >> it's good. >> it has a great flavor. but i don't feel like i'm doing a wrong, bad thing by eating this. >> if you stop at one bowl, you're probably good. >> we already went past this. >> this is the bad thing. this is not -- >> tell us the name of this. >> this is bacon-wrapped onions. you use sweet onions from georgia, if you can get them. you can almost eat them like an apple. wrap it in bacon. >> uncle who? >> uncle wilson. he should have his own show. and a little butter on top. you put it in foil and grill it until it gets really tender. and it falls apart, as well. for dessert, or the main course,
8:51 am
your brownie. >> and you can eat it just like an apple. >> and tell us about the desserts that went like hotcakes for our audience over there. >> and brownies. i asked my mom to make brownies for me instead of a birthday cake. garth likes everything frosted. german chocolate frosting is his favorite. i frost them like that for him. i like them plain. you like them like the coconut forecasting. >> we learned that you were allergic to coconut, right? >> yeah. >> i know cpr. >> that would be good tv. >> a great segment. watch josh explode. [ laughter ] >> on the next "gma." these are some of the recipes you'll be cooking on the show? and some new traditions, too? >> we're doing the history of our family. have these passed down recipes. and new things that my sister and i have created and we do with our families now. >> this is so good. >> let me ask you, does garth cook? >> he does. >> he gets in there and rolls them up. >> he does. and he will come along right now
8:52 am
and say, can we add tortellini to this? >> he tells everybody, he saved the day. >> of course. yes. >> trisha, you are welcome back anytime. >> thank you. >> you will forever be part of the "gma" family, cooking like this. give our love to garth and the girls and everyone. give our love to garth and the girls and everyone. congratulations on the new show.
8:53 am
give our love to garth and the girls and everyone. pull on those gardening gloves.. grab the nearest spade. and let't's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with certified advise to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that give us more spring der dollar... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot lay down a new look, with earthgro mulch, now three bags for just $10.
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oh. >> and go. >> robin is supposed to tell you about "deals and steals" tomorrow, which is going to be fantastic. and we have ricky martin and the cast of "evita." they will perform live tomorrow.
8:56 am
>> and thanks again to trisha yearwood. we're always online at on yahoo! have a great day, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. glad you're with us at 8:56
8:57 am
on this wednesday morning. dayswill kick off several events marking 150 years slavery ended in the nation's capital. emancipation day is not until today, citytarting leaders plan to march to -- monuments on the national mall. the d.c. council will vote on furlough pay back plant are wants to repay city furlough daysfour year they took close a budget gap would cost $20 million. let's look at your commute with lisa baden. 270 has settled down and the beltway looks at river road across legion bridge. no problems on the springfield side of town on 95. the left side is northbound out to thengton to get beltway. in virginiaop to braddockloser
8:58 am
road and 66 in the outer loop dorn street to get to road and 395 is an ebb flow from springfield to the theidge and into district on our 14th street . we have clouds overhead and a stream down around sunrise. a little bit of snow in frostburg at this time. for degrees in martinsburg and the district. be a cool day today, only in the 50's. theresprinkles here and have a few wet snowflakes in the northwest suburbs later today. no accumulation and in the 50's today and warm in the next few days. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
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