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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and extreme weather. a scorching day of record-setting highs, broils the northeast. thousands of runners back out of a sizzling boston marathon. and incredible scenes of packed beaches in april is. this as flash floods pack texas with rain. the enbarsment rocking the white house. our cameras go inside the club where agents between prostitutes spilled outside, after agents bragged they were working for the president. the photo family lessons. the first lady showing off her high school snapshots. and revealing why she does not want sasha and malia copying her
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style. her weekend of paris with posh pals. all just hours before her companion with the toy gun, landed her on front pages around the world. vertigo for a minute. >> we parachuted in today. >> how was your day yesterday? it felt like summer around here. people at the beach, in the middle of april. and sam is tracking the latest on the heat. >> everybody was outside yesterday. we have an abc news exclusive. diane sawyer spoke to mitt and ann romney. the governor has some fighting words for the president. polls have romney and the president in a dead heat. and he gave the first details for a search for the running mate. it has begun. and it's the book that a lot
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of people have been talking about and reading on vacation and stuff like that. now, the writer behind the smash hit "fifty shades of gray." it's not late enough in the morning to give a book report on that. >> your research is thorough and comprehensive. >> i have to have a better understanding. >> always well-prepared. plus, speaking of hot and bothered -- >> whoa. all righty then, george. >> in the ballroom. that's william levy right there. >> it is. he has a shirt on. you couldn't recognize him. >> exactly right. he was heating up the place. and how about the smooch? where is it? derek, he takes his shirt off, too. but not before, there it is. it was real. >> oh, my. >> and it has everybody talking. that was a real one. >> we'll talk about that coming up. first, let's get to the heat wave across the northeast. >> from body eat to air temperature heat. good morning. we are going to talk about that.
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we're talking about two dozen record high temperatures slammed yesterday. in many cases, we're almost used to this heat. but it's 30 degrees above where it should be. let me show you pictures out of boston where the marathon was running. 4,300 people wisely chose not to run. of those who did, 2,000 people needed medical attention. 120 people were taken away in an ambulance from yesterday. the temperatures were sweltering. here's the notable records. we're talking about hartford, connecticut, at 92 degrees. albany, 91. philadelphia had their warmest temperatures since august 8th. and they've been keeping records since the early 1800s. they've never had a warmer first three months of the year until this. there's never been warmer than this. we're dropping the temperatures today. boston down to 58 on wednesday. 66 on thursday. philly, down, as well. d.c., down, as well. one more mild morning. it's cooler as we go through the day. we'll talk about what else is going on in the nation. there's a lot, when we come back. >> looking forward to that. sam, thank you. exclusive, new details in
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the scandal shaking up the secret service. more members of the president's advance team in hot water, with new allegations of what happened inside that nightclub. abc's reena ninan, is in colombia with the latest. good morning, reena. >> reporter: good morning, robin. abc news has learned exclusively, the men revealed themselves by boasting about working for the president of the united states of america. a bouncer at this club in cartagena, and other sources tell abc news, that at least 11 members of the president's advance team came here wednesday night for sex. the men, drawing attention to themselves. abc news has learned exclusively, after allegedly bragging they worked for president obama. saying, quote, we're here to protect him. [ speaking foreign language ] was this the place where the secret service men came? it's called the pley club, rundown on the outside.
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but overnight, we found posh play rooms, where women wearing almost nothing, offer services starting at $160. sources tell abc news, after throwing back several bottles of top-shelve whiskey, the men apparently received services from the highest-priced prostitute. but at the end of the night, o of the members of the advance team, refused to pay his bill. police were called. and a fight began, spilling into the street. on monday, the pentagon says it is investigating as many as 20 members of the military, from each of the 4 branches, who have also been involved in the partying. >> we let the boss down because nobody's talking about what went on in colombia, other than this incident. >> reporter: 11 agents for the u.s. secret service were also stripped of their clearance on monday. >> the allegations in question, clearly are not indicative of the culture of secret service. the culture of the secret service is one of pride and honor. not the allegations we're
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addressing. >> reporter: an organization whose slogan, worthy of trust and confidence, may have been traded in for the pley club's motto, from fantasy to reality. the director of the secret service and colombian police, confirm to abc news, that the investigation is now widening, to include local strip clubs in the area. robin? >> a lot of questions there. reena, thank you. let's get to josh with the other top developing stories right now. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the other big scandal rocking washington. allegations of wasteful spending and kickbacks at the general services administration, or gsa. at a congressional hearing, jeff neely, pled the fifth about an conference in las vegas. it shows him soaking in a hotel hot tub and drinking wine. allegedly spending $1,200 for
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one party in his suite. and new developments in the trayvon martin case, shooter george zimmerman's lawyer, is trying to get the judge removed. there may be a conflict of interest because the judge's husband worked for a lawyer that declined to represent zimmerman. that same lawyer is also serving as a tv analyst during the trial. and some breaking news this morning from the italian coast, the remains of the minnesota couple missing since that cruise ship sank off of tuscany in january, may have been identified. authorities identified the last five bodies at the "costa concordia" site. 16 american passengers stranded on a cruise ship off of antarctica, has one more day to wait. the ship had engine problems and has been stranded since last tuesday. fortunately, they had enough food and watter to last the week.
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and a government investigation blames pilot fatigue for a nose-dive. the pilot mistook another plane for the planet venus. so, he overrode autopilot, plunged the plane. a terrifying drop would injure 16 people and damage the inside of the plane. you can see it there. the report does note that all of those injured failed to comply with the seat belt warning. and this morning, history's been made at the kennedy space center. take a look at this. moments ago, the final flight, if you will, of the now-retired space shuttle "discovery," leaving on its final voyage. hitching a ride on the back of that jumbo jet, on the way to the smithsonian museum, where it's put on display for everyone to see. flying down the florida. and later, it will fly over several washington, d.c. landmarks. bon voyage, "discovery." and spectacular images to bring you this morning, bursts through the surface of the sun.
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remarkable pictures. i don't have to tell you. a solar flare, captured by a nasa spacecraft yesterday. you're looking at superheated particles and plasma. not to be confused with -- >> magma. >> shooting deep into space. the temperature at the time, nearly 150,000 degrees fahrenheit. that's a heat wave. >> he wasn't paying attention. he's looking around going -- >> i missed that. >> never mind, sam. >> go back behind the monitor. sam, why don't you watch "your voice, your vote." diane sawyer's exclusive interview with mitt and ann romney. it comes as new polls show challenges and opportunity for romney. abc's john berman is here with me. our poll shows romney still faces a challenge getting romney to like him. but the gallup poll, dead-heat with the president. >> reporter: tied as close as it can get. but a presidential race is like "thunderdome."
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two will enter. one will leave. and this morning, we're getting a clearer picture how each campaign prepares to emerge victorious. overnight, mitt romney says the president's time is up. >> this man is out of ideas. he's out of excuses. and in 2012, we will make sure he gets put out of office. >> reporter: some polls show the president with the lead, a gallup poll shows the race a statistical dead-heat. but in an exclusive interview with diane sawyer, romney made clear he doesn't think it will stay that way. >> what will each of you say to president and mrs. obama? >> start packing. >> reporter: the obama team and his supporters are launching a scathing response, that could be titled, mitt romney is really, really rich. >> his own tax return from last year, reveals he made $21 million. yet, paid a lower tax rate than many middle-class families. >> the president is going to try to do everything possible to divert the attention of the
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focus of his record. he's going to try to make this campaign about the fact i've been successful. >> reporter: a bigger problem for romney? he has the weakest favorability rating in our polling since 1984. that's where ann romney comes in. >> my responsibility is to let other people see the other side of him, which is not an accurate perception of what people have of him at this point. he's funny. he's witty. he's fun to be around. >> reporter: she is interjecting herself into one of the most infamous romney moments, when they put their family dog in a crate on top of the car for a family road trip. >> would you do it again? >> certainly not. the attention is received. >> you said it was the most wounding thing in the campaign so far. >> the dog loved it. >> but the dog got sick, right? >> once. we travel all the time. and he ate the turkey on the counter. i mean, he had the runs. >> reporter: now, that aside, romney's favorability issue is serious. he's the first nominee in our poll under water at this time.
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more people have an unfavorable view of him than favorable. no incumbent has been doing this badly in the gallup poll. >> we learned the first details of mitt romney's search for a vice president. he's picked one of his loyal aides to lead it. >> reporter: beth myers was campaign manager for romney four years ago. if anyone knows mitt romney's mind, it's beth myers. this pick is interesting for one of two reasons. she's a powerful woman. the woman issue, woman voters, the battle so important in this campaign. finally, picking someone this early, it shows they're taking the v.p. search very seriously. a contrast to the mccain campaign. >> we could see the president and mitt romney on "saturday night live." >> it's a right of passage. >> at the same time? >> that would be a show. >> okay, george. now, to john edwards. his trial, hitting a rough patch before it even starts.
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the former presidential candidate, denying charges that he used almost $1 million in campaign funds to hide the pregnancy of his mistress, back in 2008. abc's jim avila has the latest on all that. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the trial is expected to start next monday. but more than a quarter of the jury pool has been dismissed in the john edwards case, after many said they could just not be fair. 50 prospective jurors will see the judge today. plenty to choose from. and few doubt john edwards will finally get his day in court next week. the handsome one-time presidential candidate, who liked expensive hair cuts, is now a defendant. accused of soliciting nearly $1 million to hide his affair and child with an expensive woman, from his cancer-stricken wife. and more importantly, prosecutors allege, from voters. he now knows who will testify against him. >> this was completely john edwards' idea. completely john edwards plan. >> reporter: the star witness, granted immunity for his
7:14 am
testimony against the former senator, his aide, in charge of the cover-up, andrew young. who admits handling more than $900,000, from two wealthy supporters to pay for private jets, luxury hotels, and rent mansions where he and his family moments later, they were having sex in a manhattan hotel. now, the senator faces trial for conspiracy, accepting illegal campaign combinations, and making false statements. and there on the witness list for prosecution and defense, is his former mistress. >> i didn't violate campaign law. and i never, for a second, believed i was violating campaign law. >> reporter: his attorneys call the case crazy. and expect to hammer away at andrew young's book and testimony. accusing him of pocketing much of the money. the defense says the checks may have come from donors, but they were personal gifts, not
7:15 am
contributions. >> this is a lousy case. this case is being brought because they hate john edwards, not because he broke the law. >> the former senator's wife, elizabeth, died during the scandal. the baby is now 4 years old. we do know john edwards eldest daughter, cate, is on the witness list. >> thanks very much. a colorado toddler, in the backseat of his family car when it was stolen. when the thief dumped the 3-year-old on an icy street in the middle of the night, he knew what to do. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: tracy gillberg, was startled by a middle of the night knock. >> i opened the door. and a little, tiny boy was standing there. saying help me, i'm coil. >> reporter: just moments earlier, he had been in his father's car. he says he left his son in the
7:16 am
car, for just a few seconds, keys in the ignition, engine running, when a man ran up and stole it and royalty. >> he hit the gas so fast. and i couldn't catch him. >> everything that a mom shouldn't go through, i was going through it. >> reporter: the alleged car thief probably realized he had become an accidental kidnapper and kicked royalty to the curb. it was 2:30 in the morning and snowing. but this amazing 3-year-old started walking. eventually reaching gilbert's door. >> what a hero. i feel life was in jeopardy. >> reporter: abc news was there overnight, as royalty's parents met gilbert for the first time. >> hi. how are you? >> thank you. >> do you remember coming to my house? >> she helped you? >> you were a brave boy. >> thank you so much.
7:17 am
>> reporter: the family is reunited. as for royalty's dad, he'll never leave the kids or his keys in the car again. >> you saved my boy. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> what a precious little boy. >> running for that hug. >> i'm glad the daddy said, you can't for a second, leave a child in a car like that. he learned his lesson. hey, sam. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start with pictures out of corpus christi, texas. unbelievable rain totals. a little over a day, 16 inches of rain fell. when you see pictures like this, you're thinking that's totally possible. but it's unbelievable to think about it. two inches of rain in an hour there. that rain moves east today. we're looking at heavier rain in the deep south. new orleans, jackson, montgomery. atlanta, you're getting rain. and much of the south needs rain. the other thing the cold front will do is knock down the temperatures later today, in the northeast. some of this could be severe, from atlanta, to charlotte, to macon. a quick look at the big board.
7:18 am
sunshine all across the region. our hd camera in fairfax. 60'shere, we're in the this tuesday morning. it will be noticeably cooler and comfortable than yesterday. t now, 59 in winchester. 55 in lexington park.
7:19 am
yesterday, near 90. today, comfortable. >> all of america's weather coming up, in the next half hour. robin? george? josh? take a look at this, sam. the first lady like we have never seen her before. michelle obama, on "ellen" monday, showing off her prom snapshot. and revealing why she would never let sasha and maria copy her high school old-school style. take a look. >> i don't think i've shown you my prom picture. i want to show you my prom picture first. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you. thank you. >> love the dress. >> thank you -- >> love the dress. >> thank you very much. that was a table cloth at one point. now, i heard you have a good one, too. so, i thought i would share
7:20 am
yours. [ applause ] >> that slit was a little high. >> yeah. >> i don't know if i'd like my kids to go out with a slit that high. >> no. >> let's not show this to malia and sasha. >> were you shopping at pier one or something? >> you've never done the wicker chair shot? >> no. i've seen the wicker chairs before. but i didn't know it was standard. >> that's funny stuff. >> wicker throne. >> my goodness. coming up on "gma," party pippa revealed. the incredible pictures of her weekend in paris. kicking up her heels with the jetset. all just hours before the shocking photos that grabbed headlines around the world. and the latest on a frantic search for a 22-year-old in
7:21 am
california. why an active-duty marine may be the key to finding her. and heidi klum and maria the key to finding her. and heidi klum and maria menounos, baring all right now. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. . a long walk. a walk with you. a walk i smelled squirrels on, but i stayed by your side because i could tell, could feel, that you had a bad day... and me being bad wouldn't make it any better. but being there was already helping a little anyway. and then we found that wonderful thing. waiting there. waiting for you and me. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided right when i picked it up, i would never, ever leave it anywhere. ever. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that had made you smile.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and a good morning to you. s of the clock 26 right now. i am cynne simpson with a local news update. 7:26 right now.
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boy, those pictures of pippa partying in paris are on front pages all over the world right now. what a party that seemed to be. elaborate costumes. one report of a striptease to "god save the queen." and it came hours before that man with a toy gun right there. that is a crime in paris. a lot of explaining to do right now. and that desperate search for a 22-year-old young woman, last seen friday evening in san diego. she vanished. but police saying, now, a marine may hold a key to tracking her down. >> the marine serving in afghanistan. and ricki lake will be here this morning, weighing in on
7:31 am
"dancing with the stars." she'll take us inside her surprise, secret wedding until now. >> we had no idea. under the radar. it happened a week ago sunday. first, let's get right to pippa. kate's sister, all dressed up in costume. those pictures taken hours before she was caught on camera in a car next to a man brandishing what we now know was a toy gun. cecilia vega joins us live now from paris. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: it's a rainy, gray, beautiful morning in paris. and usually, pippa middleton is in the headlines being called her royal hotness. this is the headline in one of the papers in paris. boy, does it say it all. pippa, the gun, and the paparazzi. the girl who made headlines of being the beautiful sister of the would-be queen, is now making headlines for a whole, new reason. a weekend of wild parties in paris. pippa middleton dressed in
7:32 am
costume. and right by her side, the head of a french clothing line. that's him, on a throne, wearing a dog collar. but the craziness was capped with this now-viral photo. pippa smiling as another friend pulls out a very real-looking gun. pointing what is now believed to be a fake, directly app the paparazzi trailing behind. will she or won't she? pippa called in by paris police in a gun scandal? it is illegal to brandish even a fake gun in france. but no investigation has been launched. no one has even filed a formal complaint. and so far, pippa is off the royal hook. >> i think the gun scandal ultimately is going to be a cause of huge embarrassment for pippa. she hasn't put a foot wrong, which is impressive if you think of the pressure and the scrutiny she's under. >> reporter: adding to the pressure, the photos in this morning's "daily mail," snapped
7:33 am
during a wild party in paris on friday. pippa had a bodyguard by herself. and the entertainment included dwarfs and strippers bursting out of a cake to "god save the queen." it's not just pippa under scrutiny. the young french aristocrats in the car, also under fire. we made a trip to the paris offices of one of them. workers in his fashion design company invited us to see what they call the toys. but they ultimately refused, saying they no longer wanted to talk about the situation. but the paparazzi who looked directly down this barrel, they are talking. the one who snapped the now-famous photo said he knew all along the gun was fake. he's telling people we spoke with, he never felt scared. another one reportedly says he even touched the toy, when they all pulled over to have a laugh. >> it became such a big scandal, because if you're going to be driving around the central of paris, and waving a gun around, the fact is, anyone around is
7:34 am
seeing a gun. the repercussions of that have the potential to be catastrophic. >> reporter: now, brandishing even a fake gun here in france can carry up to a two-year sentence. paris police called call pippa in for questioning. but so far, robin, even as of a few minutes ago, they are telling us that is not in the works. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. duncan larcombe joins us from london. he is the editor of "the sun" newspaper. good to have you back with us. you heard cecilia's report. it is known it's a fake gun and the photographer did not feel in jeopardy at all, does that change things at all in your mind? >> well, it makes it less serious than brandishing a real gun. what seemed astonishing in light of that, if it is confirmed officially, is why on earth did pippa's spokesman stay quiet? why didn't they nip this in the
7:35 am
bud. the royal family's name is being dragged through the mud. it seems crazy to me. >> and the palace is remaining mum. this is poet control for them. she is not royalty. they normally don't discuss. but because of this case in paris, do you think they will step forward? and do you think we'll hear from pippa? >> well, i think this story is not disappearing. it's still raging. and the longer they stay quiet at the palace or pippa's lawyers don't issue some kind of statement to draw a line under this, i just see it rattling on and on. >> and the pictures show, she's 27. she's having a good time. she's not hurting anyone. and this is the first time that there has been what we call a misstep. she and her family have been very good. so, do people cut her a bit of slack here? >> well, pippa's not the royal. she's the sister of a
7:36 am
high-profile royal. but what seems so unfortunate and surprising for me on this, is the amount of time, effort, money and logistics put into media managing kate, media managing prince william. and then, out of the blue, this can come along and derail that careful attention being paid to brands kate, brands royals. >> and you said maybe she'll be getting some help because she's so high-profile. duncan, thank you again, for joining us. we really do appreciate it. have a good day. let's turn to san diego, where a 22-year-old has been missing since friday. an intense search is under way. and police have a new lead and a possible suspect in the case. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: an urgent search overnight for 22-year-old brittany killgore. san diego investigators tell abc news, they now believe foul play may be involved in her disappearance. and police say an active-duty
7:37 am
marine may hold the key to what happened. police are questioning 45-year-old louis perez, about killgore's disappearance. saying perez may have been the last to see her alive. perez, who is based here at camp pendleton, was arrested sunday, on an unrelated charge, in position of an ar-15 assault rifle. >> mr. perez was not cooperative, coming in for his interview. >> reporter: abc news was unable to reach perez, who has not been charged in killgore's case. killgore told friends she was going to trendy gaslamp quarter friday evening. but authorities say she never made it. her cell phone was later recovered in the area by trolley security. can you tell us who she was supposed to be going to the gaslamp with? >> at this point, no. >> reporter: was it mr. perez? >> at this point, we're not ready to release that information. >> reporter: on monday, more than two dozen deputies searched this canyon area, as well as her
7:38 am
apartment for clues. killgore is married to a marine, named cory killgore, stationed in afghanistan. cory killgore plans to return from afghanistan, to help search for his missing wife. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> a long flight home. let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, everyone. after all of the discussions of the big heat, here's a headline that got missed. let's look at the air ahead of minnesota. an april snow day for the kids. a foot of snow in minnesota. it's a little unusual to get that much. they can get a couple of inches at this time of year. that was a big, heavy snowfall. and some rain will hit in the deep south. we're looking at big rainfall totals. montgomery, and jackson. and you're getting heavier rain. and once you get in the elevation of the mountains in the carolinas, into southern
7:39 am
virginia. we'll get some drier air in the southwest. and the temperatures will go up eventually. comfortable day. the 60's right now. at 74 this afternoon. partly cloudy conditions. cooler with some areas of rain spots south of the me all of that weather was brought to you by frontline plus. >> thank you, guys. hidely klum, deborra messin maria menounos. these stars are baring all. that's not the whole story. [ male announcer ] ever wonder what's behind two little fleas? the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas.
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okay, now. well, sizzling pictures revealing shots of some hollywood's hottest stars who decided to take it all off, and appear nude in the may issue of "allure" magazine. it's all about overcoming body image issues. and here, sharyn alfonsi, is back with us. you look fantastic. >> reporter: thank you. i can appreciate the body images these women have. you have a body image? let's talk. the photos are gorgeous. the women look amazing. and they are oozing confidence. but don't be fooled. these women say, they were nervous. to get nude in front of the camera, it takes courage.
7:44 am
and in one case, a little shot of liquid courage, too. they are beautiful. honest. and not afraid to bare it all. female celebrities posing nude in the new issue of "allure," part of the magazine's look better naked spread. showing everyday women how to feel comfortable in their own skin. >> i just did a nude shoot. i was just buck naked for "allure." >> reporter: 43-year-old actress, debra messing, says she had a weapon on the set. >> i needed a little sip. >> reporter: and while she may be more comfortable in front of the camera, "allure's" cover model, heidi klum talks candidly, after having four children, she refuses to go under the knife. i'm proud to say in this day and age, i haven't done anything. surgery just doesn't look pretty to me. >> the reason women want to see
7:45 am
celebrities take their clothes off is so they can identify with them and learn to feel more comfortable in their own skin. >> reporter: "the project runway host," who filed for divorce in her husband, seal, earlier this month, says as far as reconciliation rumors go, i don't know. time will tell. i'm in the eye of the storm now. and it's all a little bit crazy. >> what we wanted to do was celebrate the female body and have celebrities sit down and have that moment of truth. >> reporter: actresses leslie bibb, and along with "dancing with the stars" phenom and "extra" co-host, maria menounos, were also featured in "allure's" spread. >> i wanted to face my fears. and nudity is a huge fear of mine. >> reporter: we couldn't help but dancing partner, derek hough, got a glimpse of the spread. >> we were in rehearsal, when i
7:46 am
popped up. oh. and i totally forgot that i had done this. derek's like, what is that? that's me nude. >> reporter: i'm not sure i'd forget. the big question was awe natural natural or photoshopped? they were photoshopped. they were a little retouched. >> what's the purpose of doing it? >> we shall all be retouched. >> it is great to have you back. >> thank you. great to be back. thank you. we have josh's "play of the thank you. we have josh's "play of the day," coming up. walgreens introduces [ woman ] i got it. where's your brother? [ dog barking ] ♪ [ telephone rings ] [ dad ] hello. [ female announcer ] quality everyday products at a way better price. [ boy ] mom? ♪ [ female announcer ] now that's nice.
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here's "the play of the day." >> you can pick this one, josh. >> oh, thank you. it's kind of a bo-fer.
7:51 am
the mirror is not your friend early in the morning. take a look. this dog is not happy with himself. who among us have not been there? [ laughter ] >> of course, a few bars. take a look at what happens when a cat sees himself or herself in the mirror because this might be -- oh. >> josh. >> josh. >> bring out the aspca. >> josh. >> bring out the aspca. what are you doing? [ sea ] hi! this is the sea calling. i'm talking to the sea? is this for real? [ sea, laughing ] yeah! what's what what what is what... [ sea ] i want you to close your eyes and imagine a place in the middle of me where the world revolves around you. can i go now? [ sea ] sure! ♪
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. tuesday, april 17. to do.rning i am cynne simpson. the space shuttle discovery's final flight is now under way. it is going to the museum in chantilly. it will fly over washington dulles airportat around 11:00 a.m. montgomery county investigators find the people robbing the driver's
7:57 am
side rear ending them. our sister station news channel e top ofave more at th the hour. d now, a third biggs over to steve. -- i turn things over to steve out what is happening on the road. an accident which was just off the roadway over to the shoulder. .verything is open see there is still delays all of to springfield. 95 and a 395. montgomery county south on 270, all the way down the lane and divide. adam. won the on to point out on camera at 395, the tree was to blow in the wind. -- one of the things i want to out on the camera at 395, blow in was starting to
7:58 am
the wind. 59 in winchester. gaithersburg, 53. partly cloudy. mid 70's for high temperatures. comfortable that all around. >> all right. sounds a spectacular. another news update at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] that crowd out there in times square this morning. enjoying the summer weather here in the northeast. hi, dad. and on "dancing with the stars" last night, what a sizzling night. there he is, william levy. he is on top of the leaderboard right now. we have dance pro, tony dovolani, here to tell us about "dancing with the stars." >> and ricki lake. >> how is that? cannot wait to hear from both of
8:01 am
them, weighing in on "dancing with the stars." and our friend, ricki, just got married. snuck it in under the radar. good for you, doing that. and it has -- you are an open book. and your book right here, ricki, i'm telling you. just -- it's just marvelous how she opens up and shares. helps us all. >> can't wait to hear what she thinks about her partner, derek, and the kiss last night on "dancing with the stars." >> i thought that was a question. >> that's my question for later. >> sorry. meantime, you mentioned books. there's a new book out. i don't know if you've heard about it. it's called -- oh, yeah. "fifty shades of grey." >> first, in "pop news" we heard about it first. >> i aim to please. anyway, the juicy best-seller that has the hearts of women everywhere beating a bit faster has been a mystery. her persona has been mystery. until right now. speaking out for the first time, on camera, right here. >> hmm.
8:02 am
>> i'm excited. let's get some news, josh. >> we're going to begin with the growing investigation, into the scandal rocking the secret service and the u.s. military. abc news has learned at least 11 members of president obama's advance team, allegedly paid for sex at a colombian nightclub, bragging they worked for the president, sources claim after drinking and spending time with high-end prostitutes, one agent refused to play. police were called and a fight spilled on to the street. the alleged incident is separate over another dispute for payment for sexual services at a nearby hotel. in the race for president, encouraging news for mitt romney. a new gallup poll shows a dead-heat among registered voters. however, our poll has romney with the weakest nominee rating since 1984. congress has derailed the so-called buffett rule. it would have forced the rich to pay at least 30% of their income
8:03 am
in taxes. and a father says amanda knox's acquittal and trial over shadowed his daughter's death. her father, john, says that his daughter was beautiful and intelligence. and saying that knox was jealous. saying, quote, amanda hated meredith because people loved her more than amanda." and quite a scare for a tv newscaster. take a look. he was on air, just as a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck chile this morning. you see him holding on to the desk. that studio's in santiago. the quake, centered about 70 miles away. look at the broadcaster, rolling on through. wondering aloud if it was a major quake or a minor one. it did trigger mudslides. no injuries were reported. and you got your news in real-time. >> impressive. >> congratulations to that guy, because i'm heading for the hills. now, diane sawyer, with a
8:04 am
preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning, josh. and tonight, they are so beautiful to watch, as you know. but struggling to find food. the polar bears. the ice they call home is vanishing beneath them. you're going to hear something new, how some americans think they may save them. and that's tonight on "world news." >> very important story, indeed. we'll all be watching, diane. >> josh, thank you. starting to break this morning. >> there's a lot of pressure in "pop news." good morning to you all. hard to tell who was more sparkling yesterday, angelina or that diamond, when she stepped out in hollywood. they caught the -- they being she and the diamond, caught the eyes of cameramen, as angelina arrived for a business meeting in los angeles. it's the first time she's been spotted in public since the news of the engagement. the ring is one of a kind. it was custom-made by brad with
8:05 am
a famous jeweler for a reported $500,000. >> doing nobody any favors there, except for angelina. you were saying? >> thank you. new couple alert. ashton kutcher has been spotted out and about with "black swan" actress, mila kunis. if it seems comfortable between the pair, perhaps the two has had practice. they played a couple on the sitcom "that '70s show." as for the former mrs. kuchar, after three months of radio silence, demi is back on twitter. yesterday, she sent out this photo. in the foreground, those are her eyes, the glasses. the tweet said one word, testing, dot, dot, dot. and she is using the twitter
8:06 am
handle, at mrs. kuchar. not sure if it was -- come on, sam. we're not sure if it was this reaction yesterday. your reaction to the outraged over reports that maggie smith might not return to "doubten abbey" after season three. the show has issued a rebuttal to our report saying, they do not comment on the future story line. but it is not true that she's leaving. >> yay. >> yes, sam. >> the bromance gets into full swing. dane maggie's reps didn't instill the same confidence. they simply said no comment. but it's closer. >> you raise us up. you bring us down, lara. >> it's going to be okay. >> we're getting closer. finally, who remembers rock
8:07 am
'em, sock 'em robots. an iowa bar is using the red and blue boxing toys and turning it into a life-sized drinking game. >> what could go wrong? >> bar patrons strap themselves into the arms. and it's won when one knocks the head off of his or her opponent, giving new meaning to the term hangover. >> that looks like fun. did sam make it outside yet? >> i did. just a quick sprint to the patch. good morning, everybody. let's look at what's going on outside your doors, as you step outside. you're going to notice that it has been warm in the northeast. and the winds. now, with a cold front coming through, there's more wind behind it. with all of the dry heat, today, the temperatures are warmer than they should be. high fire danger all the way to new jersey, the entire area.
8:08 am
keep an eye out today and keep up with your local abc stations. it's nice and mild on the east coast. it's gorgeous, folks. if we could keep this sunshine this morning. comfortable today than yesterday. down into the 70's. bright sunshine. looks like a couple of hours from now. route cameraour lapse situation throughout the morning. 70 degrees at the district. even >> it is so perfect here in times square. gang, you're going to be jealous. now, it's back to -- >> lara. >> thank you. and here's a look at what's coming up on our morning menu.
8:09 am
ricki lake, revealing all about her surprise marriage. and new details about her battle with her weight. plus, "fifty shades of grey." wow, is it a steamy read. everybody's buzzing about it. now, the author, speaking out for the first time. and william levy and melissa gilbert didn't let their injuries stop them on "dancing with the stars." ricki lake and tony dovolani here to weigh in on that. stay with us. with the capital one cash rewards card you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet?
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8:14 am
that's right. bonnie raitt coming up in our last half hour. ricki lake is here now. she is riding high. a new husband. a new book. plus, a talk show in the works. look at that beautiful photo. she surprised everyone by pulling off that intimate wedding in california. she's out with a new memoir, i love the title, "never say never." opening up about her struggles with her weight to finally finding happiness. you are just -- you're in the zone, as we say. >> i have to say, i'm in a very -- i'm very grateful at this time of my life, that things seem so be falling into place. and "dancing with the stars" was a huge part of this journey. i come back here, and four months ago, was here for the finale. it was life-changing, that experience. and i'm so grateful to derek. i see the old clips. i'm a "dancing with the stars" freak, from the experience. i watch it.
8:15 am
and you know, my life has been not an easy one. but i've had some amazing trium triumphs. some hardships to go through. but i'm glad to be on the other side. >> and you share it. you do not hold back. first, where are my manners? congratulations. >> thank you. >> just a week ago sunday. how did you pull it off with nobody knowing? >> i have a huge mouth. i share everything. >> you're loyal. >> i am loyal. and i wanted it to be for us. it's my second marriage. you know, my children weren't there. they were invited to be there. they felt he was a stepfather to them. he's been living with me for a long time. we wanted to be intimate. i feel like i got to be the princess with "dancing with the stars" twice a week. got to wear the dress. it was just what we wanted. i'm happy to share these beautiful pictures. it was a week ago. and i'm so happy to be with him. >> the photographers are beautiful. >> thank you. >> we pull for somebody -- you're so open.
8:16 am
you were allowed to have that precious moment, just the two of you. you write in the book about the divorce. i hate that after this beautiful wedding, to talk about the divorce. did you ever say never? >> i was that cynical woman. i was married for ten years. and my divorce was not an easy one. i didn't believe in love for forever and ever again. it took me meeting christian. it took a lot of things. two years ago, if you asked me if i would do "dancing with the stars," i would have said never. would you get married again? never. and would you ever do a talk show again? never. i'm eating crow. and happily. >> i encourage people to do this. you have a list of things you said you would never do. and you crossed them out because sometimes we limit ourselves in saying, we're never going to do something. talk about the talk show. i did not realize until i read the book, you were 24 when you did the talk show the first time.
8:17 am
>> 23, when i did the pilot. you have no life experience when you're that age. and who are you to have that authority and that platform? but i was gratel to be in those shoes. and i feel i learned so much about humanity having that platform every day. and now, going back. i've lived a lot longer in these eight years. i've been divorced. my children are growing. i made documentaries, "the business of being born." i'm hoping that the show will reflect that. >> you seem comfortable in your own skin and everything that's happening to you. >> it's a work in progress. i think i've come a long way. i'm not not anymore. i'm not unhealthy. but it's something i do. i'm not in the shape i was when i did "dancing with the stars." you can't sustain that, doing six hours a day of dancing, seven days a week. you can't retain that. but i'm healthy. i'm a healthy sides. i have to love myself every day. i'm working on it. i'm getting better and better.
8:18 am
>> healthy, that is the key. this is john waters. he sums it up in the forward. the first line. let's get this right out of the way. i love ricki lake, fat, thin, chub chubby, rich, poor, dating, single, and married again. >> i am so grateful for john waters. he's given me this amazing career for two decades. and for him to write the forward, meant so much for me. i'm proud of the book. i worked hard on it. and i'm grateful for the life experience. the good, the bad. it's made me today. >> george wants to ask you about derek kissing maria or something. >> derek did not put one on my lips. there was a moment during my rumba. >> he's going to be angry i took his question. for more on ricki and an excerpt from her book, "never say never, got go to "good morning america" anon yahoo!
8:19 am
we are excited out here on military island because we're talking about the blockbuster novel that's really taken the publishing world and hollywood and possibly yours and your neighbor's book shelf by storm. we're talking "fifty shades of grey." it's the steamy novel that everyone is reading. the woman who wrote this blazingly hot tale has been totally quiet until now. >> until now. >> thanks to elizabeth vargas. "20/20," first big interview with her. so, who is this woman? >> well, wouldn't we all like to know? you and i both read all three books. >> research, right? >> research. the "fifty shades of grey" trilogy has become the hottest book in the nation. the publisher says in this country, one is sold every second. who is this literary best-seller? and where did she get this x-rated material? we travel to london to find out. meet the working mom who has all
8:20 am
of america talking and blushing about her books, "fifty shades of grey." erotic literature as front and center in mainstream bookstores. and e.l. james is the reason why. >> i like just being in my house. just sitting in front of my computer. >> reporter: like it or not, james is getting a lot of attention. her book has sold more than 2 million copies in the last 4 weeks. putting her in the top spot on "the new york times" and amaz best-seller lists. had you written novels before? >> no. >> reporter: where did it come from? >> i was inspired by stephanie myers. she flipped the switch. >> reporter: that's stephenie meyer of "twilight" fame. they inspired her novels, about an innocent, young woman, falling for a dashing billionaire, prone to bondage. this is difference than the
8:21 am
"twilight" series, is there's a lot of sex. >> yes. >> reporter: graphic sex. >> yes. well, it's a love story. people who fall in love have a lot of sex, don't they? i seem to remember that. >> reporter: james' first posted her titillating tale on a "twilight" fan fiction website, and the word of frenzy began. then, the publisher put the books online. and in less than a year, 250,000 ebooks had been sold. did you imagine this would take off the way it has? >> never in a million years. never, ever. it's taken me by more than surprise. >> reporter: when did you first get the first inkling that this touched such a nerve? >> i think i got an e-mail about the film rights. and i fell off my chair. >> reporter: and the shocks keep coming. just weeks ago, after a hollywood bidding war, the movie rights told for a reported $5
8:22 am
million. how do you think your life is going to change? have you thought about that? >> i haven't had a chance to think about that. >> reporter: you know it's going to. >> i'm not sure how. >> reporter: you'll have a lot more money. >> i'll have some money. that will be nice. i can get a nice kitchen. >> reporter: a kitchen and anything else she might want. but what james wants now is to maintain normalcy for her family. as much as that's possible for a mom bringing s&m to the masses. you have two teenage sons. >> yes. >> reporter: have they read the book? >> no. >> reporter: how would you feel about that? >> embarrassing. >> reporter: after the whirlwind she went through, there is something she is ready for. after this kind of success, what's next for you? >> i want to lie down in a small, dark room for some time. or a beach with a large cocktail in my hand. >> okay. that research. erica says she did visit one sex shop to look at all of the
8:23 am
devices that are featured in the book. she did most of her research on the internet. also, with personal research with her husband. who had the attitude of what? again? >> wow. >> i tweeted out, who would you pick to play christian and anna? >> i can't stop thinking about that. >> we got hundreds and hundreds of responses. my favorites that i heard were henry cavel. and the young actress, from "the descendants," as anna. >> we shall see when it comes to the big screen. >> absolutely. >> you can see more of elizabeth's interview on "20/20" this friday. >> great job. george, take it away. "dancing with the stars" time. they turned up the heat last night for latin night. and dancing veteran, ricki lake, back to talk about it. and one of our favorite pros, tony dovolani. give me your overall, who won
8:24 am
last night? >> i thought katherine and mark. and i also liked donald and peeta. >> donald was great. but i didn't know how he would perform. >> torn ligament. >> i don't know how he's standing on that foot. and cheryl did a great job. >> great, great, choreography. >> and melissa came back from a concussion. you had injuries, as well. >> i had a broken rib. i feel the pain in the morning. it's hard on your body. you become like an athlete. >> we were surprised to learn that melissa did the move again. maks did not like that idea. >> he didn't like the idea. but you have to put it back into it. in order to get over the fear of that step, you have to do it again. >> you would do the same thing? >> i wouldn't question it twice. i did it with melissa rycroft. we missed the lift one time.
8:25 am
>> melissa was fearless last night. it's great. >> she certainly was. she showed a lot. we have to get to the kiss. let's show it up there one more time. >> i'm jealous. i did that move. remember? >> yeah. hold it for some time. and then -- i think she kissed him. i want to show it. carrie ann did not like it at all. take a listen. >> dance is about the illusion of passion. don't go at it right there in front of all of us. >> you want me to get you a room? may i join in? >> wow. >> saucey and hot. that's the way i like it. >> kisses all around. ricki, what is going on? >> i don't know. i have asked him via twitter. i think they're a hot couple. whether it's happening off the ballroom floor, i don't know. they look great together.
8:26 am
i hate to admit it because derek's mine. >> there are a lot of men and women jealous right now, watching that kiss. what stood out for me, was derek taking his shirt off. on the season of william levy and donald driver. i don't know. >> he's the best. i love derek. you know, he's such a great teacher. and his choreography is the best. >> he pushes the envelope. >> he does every, single time. somebody has to go home tonight. >> i think gavin might have run his luck out now. >> i love gavin. i love karina. >> who would you replace him with? >> i don't know. i guess maybe gavin or gladys. >> yeah. but gavin, at 19, it's lard to recover. >> gladys is still a legend. >> and i missed sherri shepherd last night. >> it was great to have you here. "dancing with the stars" at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning, i am cynne simpson. 8:27 it is the time amount. space shuttle is on its way. it will fly over d.c. before at dulles airport 11:00 a.m. at the be on display smithsonian near dulles airport. you can get the best view of the discovery at these locations. our sister station, news channel it, will have an in depth report coming up.
8:28 am
and now a check on traffic. we will get the beltway, and hampshire avenue, which is extremely slow. we had an accident on the outer loop. beyond here, it looks like an incident. very slow the beltway. 95 northbound is still very slow all the way up. you can see the traffic on the left is hardly moving. from the interchange knowledge street bridge to the district. adam. will start off with a great over annapolis paired the moon rise early this morning. and shortly thereafter, followed the sun rise. as he could see, bright to start blue skies r day. some clouds over the region later on. in the 60's right now, 63 in leesburg. comfortable.
8:29 am
r than yesterday. a open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate. >> thank you so much, adam. joining us as well.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ late at night all alone ♪ ♪ wait for your voice on the telephone ♪ ♪ he returns it's not a thing running ♪ that's bonnie raitt. what do you think of bonnie raitt this morning? >> she's fabulous. she's a rock 'n' roll hall of famer. nine-time grammy winner. her first album in seven years.
8:31 am
it has been more than worth the wait. she's taking center stage for our spring concert series. we heard her sound check this morning. >> it's amazing in person. >> that's true. and speaking of "nick of time," stanley tucci's here. so brilliant in "the hunger games." and he is joining forces with one of our favorites, master chef mario batali. hi, guys. we're getting ready for a special this year. we need your help. when it comes to our dogs, everyone says it's the best. it's your and your dog's chance to prove it. that's the video of your dog doing the most jaw-dropping trick ever. and your dog could be in the race for america's top dog. >> you did that after your "play of the day."
8:32 am
you had the nerve to do that. under the bus. >> i'm often envious of you, george, never more so than right now. here with julia louis-dreyfus. we know her from "seinfeld." she has a new show coming out on hbo. "veep." and that stands for vice president of the united states. it maybe -- first of all, this is not based on any single person. >> right. it is absolutely not based on anyone. it's not a parody. and sitting here, talking in the middle of an island, is very -- yeah. what's happening? anyway, it's not a parody of one specific person. for a whole host of reasons.
8:33 am
not the at least of which is, that would be rather limiting. and it's been done very well. this is really a show about political behavior. and so, e play an unhappy vice president. >> and it really gets to the theme of the vice presidency was once compared to a warm bucket of spit. >> actually, that isn't quite the quote. >> well. >> are we allowed to say what it is? >> i'll keep my mouth shut. if you really think about it, i think if you were to evaluate any politician on capitol hill, i think it's safe to say that you could say, they would never aspire to be vice president of the united states. >> that's not their place. but it's one heartbeat away. but you're in one of the funniest scenes, is where for a vice president believes this might be her chance. >> yes. >> and you say, it does capture all of the little indignities that a politician has to go through every day.
8:34 am
let's show one clip. >> here's your copy. it's really hot. >> can you put it down right there? oh, gary. oh, my god. what was i just going to say? just went out of my head. it will come to me. >> and joan is here from the white house. i told you were too busy to see him. and he ignored me. and by implication, you. >> close the door. quick, quick. god almighty. >> now, it's not based on anybody. but you did a lot of research for this role? >> i did. i mean, so much and spoke to a number of vice presidents. i speak with speech writers, chiefs of staff. i'm not saying everybody. but al gore, only because he said it was okay. and talking about the fact
8:35 am
that -- yeah. i did talk to al gore. and lobbyists and schedulers. you know. you know the scene better than i do, obviously. >> it really gets you close. i wish we were doing this interview in late-night. i could do justice to the show. >> you could show different clips. >> you have a potty-mouth. >> and she has a temper, too. it's great fun to play. the role of the vice president, really, the two constitutional duties are to break a tie in the senate. >> and to be there. >> to be there. right. and to be there to govern in case the president is unable to do so. so, really, the rest of it means to serve as the pressure of your president. and we know that relationship does change. >> it really does. this is a show for our time. this is not "the west wing."
8:36 am
this is not the idealized version. >> this is not "the west wing." this is not a show about nobility. noble people in government. >> it's very funny. thanks for coming in this morning. sunday, april 2nd, on hbo. let's get to sam and the weather. >> right behind you, george. we'll start with our twitter pictures and facebook pictures. one of the most interesting ones was this shot, i guess that's the "discovery," on its way to the smithsonian. they'll put it in a hangar first. just to have that picture, that's an incredible picture. and a little bit of snow in grand rapids, as well. little rock, you're gorgeous and 73. one or a few strong storms will rumble in the southeast. you're getting much-needed rain out of that. l.a., 74. a little
8:37 am
53 in frederick read now. degrees downtown. partly cloudy, 74 today. much cooler and comfortable than yesterday. your airconditioner a break. >> we are back in times square. all that weather was brought to you by burger king. george? >> it's nice on the balcony. >> nice resting zone. we have something great coming up. mario batali, stan d
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." and you know, almost 50 million americans struggle to feed their families every, single day. and our next guest will try to change that, as tonight's food bank's largest fund-raiser, mario batali and stanley tucci are members of the food bank of new york city. >> thanks for having us. the idea in america, in new york city alone, that the food bank provides over 400,000 meals a day, is frightening, almost. the idea about a big event like tonight, is to more significantly raise awareness. >> i love it. you brought with you some
8:41 am
recipes that are low on cost, but high on flavor. and the master chef, stanley tucci, will be put to work. >> and mario did all of the work. >> and are these from molto batali. very simple. mint, fennel seeds, almonds, and chili flakes. as much chili as you want to do. you can emit them if you're worried about the hot heat. >> word on the street is this is pretty spicy. >> word on the street is usually correct. it's spicy but really good. and you puree it, like so. and instead of having a pesto base, we have something a little more intense. and a little more difficult to get out anyway. >> did you put cheese in -- >> i'm going to add cheese at the very last second.
8:42 am
>> why wait to add the cheese? you don't want it to bust up. and it makes everybody nervous that might be lactose-intall land. you put the cheese on at the last second. we put in the hand-made penne. >> not going to hand-roll your penne? >> not time this morning. >> stanley has time. >> as you prepare this, i want to ask stanley. we've seen you cook in "big night," and "julie and julia," but you have a passion for this? >> i love to cook. >> a cookbook is in the works? >> yes. we had a cookbook that came out about a decade ago. it's being revised now. >> as you watch mario, do you want to teach him anything? >> i do. i want to teach him how to teach me. >> as i continue on with our hand-rolled -- it could be
8:43 am
spaghetti, linguine, elbow macaroni. the trick is understanding that you don't need to put it back in the pan. when you make good pesto dishes, just toss them into a bowl, no heat whatsoever, so it doesn't discolor, and adds the wonderful flavor. i'm going to add this. and i see my hungry friend, george, right here. >> george is first in line. >> there you go. >> i want to congratulate stanley. >> come on. put that microphone down. >> "hunger games" number one for the third week in a row. you're on a roll, my friend. and, mario, can you tell us quickly about your side dish? >> the side dish is roasted pepper, and with a little handful of baby spinach. inexpensive, delicious and
8:44 am
nutrition. and these are in the food bank pantry. >> you said it was a little spicy? >> is it too bad? >> no. >> breakfast is always a little spicier than afternoon pasta. >> oh, my gosh. the fever, gone. >> we'll have information on the food bank of new york city. the can-do awards. both of you on the board. thank you for your time. thank you for visiting. mario, you're going to "the chew" together. >> the party continues. >> party of one. for more information on these recipes on our website, on yahoo! thank you, fellas. coming up next, speaking of hot, bonnie raitt.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ you know that i need your love ♪ you are in for such a treat. nine-time grammy winner, bonnie raitt, is back. though, she never, never left our hearts. her new album is called "slipstream." it's out in stores now. it's her first album in seven years. she has a tour kicking off may 1st. right now, she's here for our "gma" spring concert series. give a proper welcome to hall of famer, bonnie raitt. >> hey, robin. >> it is so good to see you. i know you took a break. took some time. and now, that you are back with this music, what does it mean to you to be back on the stage? >> well, it's -- we were saying offmic, it's a luxury to be able to take some time off. i had some family lost. my folks and my brother, within a short period of time.
8:48 am
and after my 2009 tour i took 2010 off, to just heal and process and grieve. and it was really healing. and i wanted to stay away long enough until i missed it. and you can bet i missed it after 40 years. so, i have great songs together with some help from wonderful song writers. these guys have been touring with me on and off for 30 years. >> you have been entertaining us. >> we're so in the shoot. ready to rodeo, man. you can't keep us down. >> and you have your own label now. i like it. red wing is what it's called. >> red wing with a little white feather on the top, yeah. it's wonderful, in this day and age, with the digital world and the internet, you can release your own records. somebody's that's been around like me, my fans have blessedly stayed very loyal. >> and this "right down the line."
8:49 am
>> jerry rafferty had this song in 1978. i loved it. and i hadn't heard it for a while. and i thought, i got this cool arrangement that i want to do. and everybody is liking it, too. >> absolutely. bless you. bless you, boys. you're going to hear -- the name of the new record is "slipstream." and here is bonnie raitt, performing what she said, "right down the line." >> all right, guys. ♪ you know i need your love you've got that hold over me ♪ ♪ as long as i've got your love you know i'll never leave ♪ ♪ when i wanted you to share my life ♪ ♪ i had no doubt in my mind ♪ ♪ and it's been you, woman
8:50 am
right down the line ♪ ♪ i know how much i lean on you ♪ ♪ only you can see the changes that ♪ ♪ i've been going through have left a mark on me ♪ ♪ you've been as constant as a northern star ♪ ♪ the brightest light that shines ♪ ♪ it's been you, oh, baby right down the line ♪ ♪ i just wanna say this is my way ♪ ♪ of tellin' you everything i could never say before ♪ ♪ yeah, this is my way
8:51 am
of tellin' you ♪ ♪ that every day i'm lovin' you so much more ♪ ♪ 'cause you believed in me through my darkest night ♪ ♪ put somethin' inside of me ♪ ♪ you brought me into the light ♪ ♪ threw away all those crazy dreams ♪ ♪ i put them all behind and it was you, oh, baby ♪ ♪ right down the line
8:52 am
♪ i just wanna say this is my way ♪ ♪ of tellin' you everything i could never say before ♪ ♪ yeah, this is my way of tellin' you ♪ ♪ that every day i'm lovin' you so much more ♪ ♪ and it's been you, oh, baby right down the line ♪ ♪ it's been you, oh, baby right down the line ♪ ♪ it's been you it's been you ♪ ♪ right down the line
8:53 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ oh, yeah. the great bonnie raitt. so good. i feel like i'm back home. have a great day, everybody. ♪ >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
>> and a good morning. at 8:56 is the time now. i am cynne simpson. you may be able to see the space shuttle discovery this morning. it will be flying over d.c. between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. it left florida at daybreak. modified a jumbo jet. you can see it there. dulles be landing at airport for and go on display at smithsonian. d.c.'s annual attack on potholes' begins today. potholepalooza. vdot will work to repair it within hours. it to american legion bridge in at georgetown. the rights plan getting by. up, springfield passes. very heavy. try to get up over to maryland.
8:58 am
also, 66 very slow. over to 270. still all the way down the lane divide. adam. some amid a level clouds rolling over head. cooler thanh yesterday. give your air conditioner a break again. so to quantico. -- 72 quantico. partly cloudy today. a little bit of a breeze this but a refreshing breeze. even cooler tomorrow. better chance of rain which go into the weekend. all right, adam. much for watching. f we will be live here let's play indoors this weekend. all we need is a couple of gallons of our hardest-working rkpaint... ...from the get-it-done place that gives us more top-rated brands than anywhere else... prices that won't shake up our budget.
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