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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he will likely spend the rest of the year and an undisclosed location waiting for trial. >> now we are trying to figure out how to keep an secure and safe. >> this was the most disingenuous and sincere thing i have ever seen. it is insulting to the family who are sitting there grieving. >> then there is this photo taking moments after the shooting appears to show the bloody the back of his head. it may be the first evidence backing up his account that the shooting was in self-defense. >> his lip was swollen and cut. there were two vertical dashes on the back of his head. >> the hearing and bail about -- amount has sparked debate in our area as well. >> i think that is too low for what the crime he has done. >> the judge is not saying
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exactly when george zimmerman will plea. he will have to wear an electronic bracelet. >> thank you. george zimmerman will need to put up $15,000 to make bail. his attorney said he expects the family will come up with the amount. the father indicates he may take out a second mortgage to post bond. we are on storm watch. some much-needed rain is heading in our area. >> it is beautiful. it has been a terrific start to the weekend. that is part -- this weekend is expected to be wet. doug hill joins us with a look at the forecast. >> no worries about rain tonight. this is a live shot on the weather network into the north of the matter region.
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-- metro region. some clouds in the horizon. temperatures 70 at the weather center in arlington. the rest of the area is in the low 70's. sunny and mild but through this evening. temperatures will fall through the 60's overnight. we will start the day tomorrow partly cloudy. this is our drought issue. dry weather through most of the area. the rain coming through the weekend is coming from a cold front near charleston. we will make up a lot of the deficit. we will have timing and details in a couple of minutes. >> you can track the ran all weekend. it is all available on an app for iphone and android. you can find a link on >> new developments on the abuse at a day care. the man accused appeared in
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court. randolph keying it faced a judge for the first time. -- king faced a judge for the first time. jennifer donelan is live with more on the story. >> according to court documents this is a case of attempted rape of a 3-year-old boy. the suspect was held without bond until his next court appearance on tuesday. the judge ordered he stay away from anyone under the age of 16. a arrested by u.s. marshals 24 hours ago, he pleaded not guilty today to attempting to rape a 3- year-old boy at the zion baptist church day care center. it has sparked outcry from child abuse -- the day care coordinator witnessed keen that on top of her son failed to tell
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her fort two days and fail to call police for three days. what i felt like they were trying to cover it up. >> they need to find out who the man was and did he receive training. >> she says the day care coordinator and the facility needs to be fully investigated. >> the district has laws that require child care workers to report immediately. >> the persons should be fined not more than $300 or imprisoned for not more than 90 days or both. a sex abuse survivors network has been watching the case and today they said -- >> he should have been locked up the first day. all of the children of all, the eyewitness. >> as far as he would have
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jurisdiction over being able to report the church, that would be the office of attorney general. they told us they are aware of the situation and are taking it seriously. they are in communication with police and the attorney's office. we just got off the phone about the day care license. they have been in business since 1994. their license is now suspended. i am jennifer donelan abc 7 news. >> new details on the scandal surrounding the secret service. at least three new employees are expected to lose their jobs according to a federal official. that would bring the current headcount to six. among those is david dick cheney. he broke to --chaney. he joked he was checking out sarah palin when following her on the campaign trail. much more on this coming up to
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6:00. >> police are looking for a suspect in the sexual assault of a george washington university student. happen last night as the student was walking home from a bar on 18th street in northwest. the suspect robbed and sexually assaulted the student. anybody with information is asked to give police a call. >> to a dangerous drive around part of the district. two are accused of using drugs while driving a garbage truck in the middle of rush hour. >> we are outside a national park service made its facility in northeast washington. when park service temporary employee has been fired and another staff employee is on administration -- administrative leave both facing termination. >> on the national mall today trash workers were busy on their
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rounds in a small trash truck. police a fretted before last two park service employees and a big truck were stopped at the light here at north capitol and k backing up traffic as the like kept changing. >> the officer stopped their cars and activated their lights to see if they were broke down and needed assistance. as they approached the truck they detected a strong odor of pcp from the truck. >> the police report said when asked what was wrong the passenger said, we are just chilling while the driver was staring blankly into space. the police ended up having to fight both of them. the driver had to be physically removed from the driver's seat. >> there were struggling with him. the truck started going into reverse into traffic and the officer had to jump in to stop the vehicle. >> as for public reaction, surprised? >> i am not surprised.
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i did not hear about it. i am surprised we do not see more of that. >> pcp is pretty popular in the washington, d.c. area. >> pcp users among those testing positive for drugs has soared from 17% five years ago to 36% now. >> people's lives are involved especially driving. >> two officers received minor injuries and were treated at the police and fire clinic. the arrested men are identified as michael christian. one was fired and was placed on leave. they are investigating this incident. reporting live, sam ford. >> just when you think you have heard it all. one person is that following an accident near dulles
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international airport this morning on the access road. it caused road closures for most of the morning. officials said a taxi and a mini van collided. the passenger in the tab diet. the cab driver and the driver of the minivan were hospitalized but their conditions are unknown at this moment. >> the prince george's county firefighter burned battling a house fire this year is finally heading home. kevin otoole has been recovering since february. he suffered second and third degree burns but he is out of the hospital and with much fanfare from his colleagues. suzanne kennedy is live. >> there is a tradition in the fire service that a call is not officially over until all of the firefighters involved in the call return to the house. today the call of started on february 24 was officially ended as cavan otoole returned here to
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his fire station. -- kevin otoole returned here to its fire station. >> i am feeling pretty good. it is a great privilege to walk out and see everybody. >> the volunteer firefighter was critically injured in a fire that was intentionally set. he had second and third degree burns over nearly 50% of his body. it has been a grueling rehabilitation. >> when they wrote me in that i, i made a commitment that this will not take me. i will fight my way through the spirit that will get back to who i was. >> he has been a defiant here firefighter for four years. his chief says he was an odd at the stamina during the 22-year- old's hospital stay. -- in awe of the stamina.
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>> this is an example of a true hero. >> today he had a celebrity status among his fellow firefighters. >> i am glad he came through. >> he has a long road ahead but he has a new found positive outlook. >> i have a whole new lease on life. >> amazingly he kept up his college studies in the hospital so he will graduate next month with a degree in fire science. tomorrow he will return to his full-time home on long island. he will begin several months of rehabilitation. >> thank you. >> unbelievable. a hero. >> we are just getting started. still ahead, a montgomery county man heads back to court with
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hopes of getting a shorter sentence. we will have the latest. >> see why health experts are worried that the measles may be making a comeback. >> a dangerous situation a denture a virginia classroom. >> we are seeing what happened that forced a plan to make an emergency landing in new york
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>> a virginia teacher is facing 12th felony charges after taunting with a handgun. he pulled out a blank shooting handgun. he fired at students as many as 10 times. he is now charged with 12 felony counts of brandishing a firearm on school property. now, a video of a frightening incident that nearly took down a passenger plane in new york. >> a flock of birds hitting the engine that forced an emergency landing.
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>> it was a smooth take off on a beautiful day to fly until -- here is it again. a flock of large birds heading right for the engine. the pilot reacts instantly. >> we have had a failure engine on the right engine declaring an emergency due to a bird strike. >> cool under pressure he shuts down the engine, turns it around, and puts his 172 passengers back on the ground safe and sound. this passenger captured it all on his ipad. >> you could smell a burn. it was like chicken. >> at least one of the birds churned through the turbine sending smoke into the cabin but not waves of panic. what's the landing was better than some landings i have made with two engines.
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>> happy to be here. >> it is very scary. we did not know what hit us. >> plans like this are built to fly, land, even take off with just one engine. but with the pilot's steady hand, they avoided a tragedy. >> he did the exact thing they needed to do it a professional way. >> bird strikes happen 20 times a day. thanks to the cool heads in the cockpit and the safety of their machines, there has not been a fatal crash in two years. >> it smell like chicken. >> a good weekend to grow up? a mexican grill. once again to around 3:00 in the afternoon, rain chances will climb. we will get rain here. possibly ripe for sunday. let's get a look at things to run the area. this is damascus.
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a little fog this morning. we had a beautiful day with a few fair weather clouds. temperatures climbing into the 70's. delightful weather. if you have an outdoor plants this evening it will be fine. 72 in barack bill. 72 in gaithersburg. 66 right now in annapolis. some cool air starting to build across the upper great lakes. mild temperatures -- 79 right now in syracuse, new york. a cold front will come in tomorrow and a storm system coming up the east coast for sunday. cool air is coming down. things are starting to organize behind the cold front. nice and mild ahead of the front and cooler behind the front. this is what our futurecast seas. the front coming through with scattered storms late at
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tomorrow afternoon and night. then on sunday a coastal warm up will come on up and that will produce rain. it will be widespread and could be heavy especially east of the i-95 corridor. it will come inland rather than going of the coast. that will add to some gusty winds and a few showers for monday. here is the rate falls for this year. -- rain fall. we are nearly 5 inches below average rainfall so far. we will take a big chunk out of the deficit over the weekend. here is what our projected rainfall suggests. only a half-inch in petersburg. as economies toward, the potential for the rain -- this is person the evening starts to come up to 1 inch and a half over the district. there will be some spots here. it will be closer to 3 inches of rain defending on the final track of the storm. partly cloudy and mild.
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a nice outdoor evening. temperatures will drop to near 60 degrees overnight. mid 70's by lunchtime. in the afternoon as a cold front approaches, the probability increases to 80%. 90% of rain on sunday. on monday it will be windy and raw. fairly seasonable weather should follow for the rest of next week. >> there are only seven days in the week. it has to run on one of them. this time around and looks like sonny will be the rainy day. but time not to announce the winner of the facebook page -- time now to announce the winner of the facebook contest. >> our winner is sara corral. that card will probably go to good use quickly. >> there is a lot of talk about the latest best seller in your
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bookstore. it is one of the highlights of abc primetime tonight. "50 shades of gray" has readers blessing. that is not keeping it from flying off of store shelves. we begin with "shark tank," at 8:00 and abc news said 11:00 -- news at 11:00. >> coming up, we will tell you which stations will be closed so crews can get upgrades done. >> a surprise visitor in the walls of a florida home. >> they are taping 14 i should be
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>> it big weekend for a game show lovers. >> we have been telling you about this all week long. jeopardy is in town. natasha barrett is live at constitution hall where the shows are being taped. >> right now inside just over here next door a are the teens competing for teen jeopardy.
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we will know who will be the winner and who will win $75,000. >> there is no pressure, right? >> before the show, alex trebek took time to give them all it peptalk. nine lucky teenagers made the cut. the youngest contestant is 16- years old and from california. >> how did you prep to get ready for today? >> i read a lot of trivia books and have played a lot of games. in the past six months i probably watched and read transcripts from at least 500 games. >> are you serious? is that all you are doing? did you have fun between that? >> of course. >> she tried out for jeopardy online because her friends told her to do it. like most on this stage rose has survived several rounds
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from online, to l.a., to right here in the washington. >> i never imagined i would be here. >> the line to get inside only grew outside. they could not wait to see how the show was produced. >> i have been looking forward to this for a long time. >> i caught up with last year's tina champion. -- teen champion. >> the pressure can get you. it is all about not thinking about the fact you are on stage. >> right now you are looking at where the audience members have been lining up all day. tomorrow they will do the same. if you do not have a ticket, you will be out of luck. all tickets have been handed out for tonight's taping at all day tomorrow.
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you should know the champion and about one hour, but i have been sworn to secrecy. if you want to see it it will air on april 30. the winner gets $75,000 tomorrow. -- tomorrow these celebrities compete in power players. >> do i detect a note of envy in your voice? >> how much will it cost us to get it out of her, do you think? >> thank you. you can see more on the jeopardy weekend on we even have a cool video of the state's construction for the show sunup in 60 seconds. >> very cool time line. -- stage's construction for the show set up and enter 60 second here's my rubarb marmalade my cheddar cheese marmalade, my kidney bean
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marmalade... oh, kidney bean again. that's funny. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the weekend is here. for people in one community, but that means forget about finding a parking space. >> construction in bethesda is causing a parking problem. it has business owners worried about their future. >> typically, foot traffic would
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be flooding his stance. >> the last couple of days has really been slow. >> business is down and get 50% from last week when construction crews closed off a parking lot at the corner of bethesda and would want ave. >> it is pretty atrocious. it is hard and challenging to find a place to park. >> there will be an 1100 space public parking garage below. parking will be nonexistent for two and a half years, shoppers are asking, where do they go now? >> the easiest place to park -- there are usually spots available. now they are taking them out. >> weakened down here a lot on saturday and friday night for
5:32 pm
dinner. -- we come down here a lot for dinner friday and saturday. >> redwood honor is creating new ways to keep his clientele from dwindling. >> we are setting up a valid parking and finding other ways to help people get here. >> new developments and then show a four-month old case of murder in montgomery county. police are trying to locate the suspect in a shooting death. a woman walking in the area might have a piece of key information. >> this would this may have seen the suspect or seen what happened and then boarded the bus on this bus stop. >> policethe metro bus picks up
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passengers in the same block. authorities hope the witness rides the bus daily. it was set up a $10,000 reward in this case. >> a buoy state university suspect was released on bond. the attorney sticks by the claim her actions were in self- defense. the trial is set for august. >> here is a look at the top stories. gking pleaded not guilty in attempting to rape a 3-year-old boy. a day care coordinator witnessed him on top of her 3- year-old son and fail to tell her fort two days. >> police say the men backed up
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traffic sitting at a light while it changed. the driver was staring blankly into space and had to be removed from the truck. the passenger, they had to catch him while he tried to run away. today george zimmerman apologized for the death of trayvon martin. one photo you can see was released that appears to show the bloody back of his head the night of the incident on february 26. it may be the first evidence backing up his account that martin attack him and the shooting was in self-defense. >> i speak with diane sawyer about what to expect tonight. >> hello, it seems like this trayvon martin case continues to keep people talking the. >> what a fascinating davis was. we will have more on the developments in the case.
5:35 pm
we have the highest ranking woman ever to serve a in the secret service speaking out about the scandal telling us why she thinks comments an agent made about sarah palin could be the game changer. our person of the week as an extraordinary peptalk. happy birthday, mr. leon. >> he just gave me my pep talk. have a good weekend. at >> you, too. >> those stories and more coming up right after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> you better expect some delays if you are on metro this weekend. work will last until the shutdown on sunday. buses will replace trains. three stations on the red line will be closed. those are tacoma, fort totten, and brookland.
5:36 pm
>> time now for a check on the friday evening commute. that is usually not an easy one. that does not look too bad. >> it is not too bad in spots. traveling south on 395 it looks a little better at duke street -- duke st.. we are seeing delays on and off toward quantico and on and off again through stafford. eastbound 66 inside the beltway a slow and go. a crash was blocking lands and has been cleared up. traveling into montgomery county on the inner loop starting around the dulles toll road toward the legion bridge. additional delays on the inner and outer loop of the beltway. outer loop delays began before 50. 270 on and off delays again.
5:37 pm
up toward 80 urbana and frederick county. >> have a good weekend. still ahead a disease that has been nearly invisible for years may be making a comeback. we will have a new warning about an increase in measles. >> you will meet our working woman who reached many heights and her historic career. >> american airlines will stay in the air but thanks to a planned merger with another big wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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>> more than 1700 women came together for a leadership conference for females in the military. >> we met a true pioneer. alison starling as tonight's working woman. >> it was the largest gathering of women in uniform in the world. many of them may not be here if not for this woman. >> i did not believe there was a glass ceiling so much. >> she was one of the first woman to go through the flight
5:41 pm
program and become a navy aviator. >> i believe i was in the second class of women going through. >> from there she became the first-ever woman aviator to become an admiral. it was a church did not everybody wanted her to take. >> -- it was a charity not everyone wanted her to take. >> it reflects a narrow mind set on the abilities of other people. i just brushed it off and kept going. >> carpenter knew when she was small she wanted to be a pilot. she thinks many male mentors and her life including her father, a world war ii vet. she still thinks about flying once in awhile. >> occasionally when it is a clear day in october and i looked up and see a small
5:42 pm
aircraft going by a i think about it. >> now carpenter is busy breaking down more barriers. she is the first woman to hold that position. alison starling, abc 7 news. >> good for her. breaking down barriers left and right. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, the gulf oil disaster two years later.
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you're the best mom ever. thank you, sweetie. oh... ♪
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>> new details in the fight over a piece of land that a nonprofit groups wants to turn into soccer fields. >> ben eisler with the latest. >> county executive continues to push a proposal to turn this farm into soccer fields. the surrounding community has objected, even submitted a petition. montgomerie soccer, inc. just signed a lease for the project.
5:46 pm
he said he has heard the community's objections but surrounding residents cannot have the final say. >> it is not up to then to decide whether the one something in their community. this is a broader community perspective. you could never established any thing in montgomery county. >> residents are not upset by the process, they are upset at the project. >> it will not deter me from the day it is the right decision. >> the have also raised questions about campaign contributions. he has received $7,500 from the msi board. >> more supported by the people who work on my campaign. >> there has been no transparency and they're
5:47 pm
convinced that leggeht has not heard the last of them. >> if he wants to sit down and have an honest conversation, we are for that. that is where we are going. a lot of people think this is over. i am here to tell you this is not over. >> ben eisler, abc 7 news. >> a diet full of low-fat dairy could lower your risk for a stroke. this comes from research -- swedish researchers followed women over 10 years. those who ate the most low-fat dairy foods were less likely to have a stroke. high blood pressure is a high risk factor for its drug. health officials warn the measles virus is back in stronger than ever. 2011 was the worst year in the past 15 years.
5:48 pm
it is a significant increase from about 60 per year. people who had the virus were not vaccinated. >> it might be hard to believe but today marks the second year anniversary of the explosion of the oil rig. while beaches are clean and tourism is on the upswing many are concerned the environmental disaster is still unfolding. marine life could be showing signs of oil related illnesses. >> we have some signs of deformed shrimp. >> a recent helicopter tour revealed a clean coastline. the british oil giant clams to spent $8.3 billion to dampen the impact of this bill. but pictures like these show that the impact is all real. >> now, here is a story where curiosity saved in the cat.
5:49 pm
a woman called a friend trying to find out where is sound was coming from. they found out it was this little kid and inside her wall. it is now temporarily staying with the woman posy friend it. >> can you imagine hearing that in the middle of the night. >> the question is how did the cat get in there? >> it crawled its way in. >> a happy ending. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is standing by. >> the fallout from the secret service candle continues. tonight more agents are going to be fired. sarah palin is sounding off after learning one of the agents posted something about her on facebook. also, you can write a message about the late dick clark that will play a role at the next new year's eve celebration in times square.
5:50 pm
>> the deal. see you in a bit. >> for a quick check of your forecast let's head over to the kill. >> it is looking pretty good right now. -- let's head over to dog hill. >> that low pressure area will move up. let's start off with the pollen count. the rain washed the pollen out of the air. comfortable numbers as we speak. 74 degrees at reagan national. 77 degrees rainout in cumberland. we will drop from the 60's into the myth of it -- the mid 50's by wakeup time. temperatures are expected to climb in some areas possibly into the 70's in spots. letter tomorrow afternoon showers and thunderstorms will follow the cold front. it will segue into the next whether system which is a storm center coming up the middle atlantic coastline.
5:51 pm
temperatures on this model only in the upper 50's. a lot will be in the upper 70's on saturday. one-2 inches of rain a possibility as we head for the day on sunday and sunday night. lesser amounts to the west. more toward the bay. there will be some jackpot areas, but we will make a bid progress as far as the rainfall deficit goes as we head for the upcoming weekend. we will have more for you on what to expect of the weather coming up in a little bit. >> now if the capitals pulled this off, how many boys in this town will be named greater than one year from now. >> it is incredible. -- braden. >> it is hard to believe less than two years ago he was
5:52 pm
relatively unknown. now he is a near rock star. he is athletic, mobile, and there i say it he may be the long-term goalie they have desperately needed in the playoffs. >>braden holtby is making an impression. the 22-year-old was a game safer for them last night turning away 44 of 45 shots and washington's 2-1 victory. he is making the league take notice. he is tied for third in goals against average at 1.6 a game and his second in save percentage. >> when you have a goal tender on top of his game it settles your team down. he was a leader for us. >> the best part about it is he makes a big save dropped the puck and leans on his post. he makes it look easy. it has to be frustrating as a player when the goalie makes it
5:53 pm
look as easy as he does. >> may be the only person who sees flaws is him himself. >> i felt pretty good. there were still some lucky times. there is some improvement to be made. >> win or lose, he does not seem to get rattled even when 18,000 fans are chanting his name. >> it is great to have the fan support. it can get your car racing pretty quick. my job is to control my emotions and -- it can get your heart racing pretty quick. my job is to control my emotions. >> they were all chanting his name. >> keep it up.
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>> kevin had received 20 years for a crash that killed three of his friends last year.
5:57 pm
it was a crash that devastated the community. today he had said back to court to get the sentence reduced. >> he did get the sentence reduced. today instead of facing 40 years he will face 15, seven of those suspended. basically he faces an eight year prison term. he also could be eligible for parole as early as next year. we know the facts of this case. kevin caffey was a graduate. he was out celebrating with his friends after their freshman year of college. he was a drunk and got in a car. his three friends were also drawn. he crashed the car. three of his friends died. one of the friends survived. he also fled from the scene that aggregated -- aggravated the
5:58 pm
sentence. the judges called him cowardly and selfish. but they ask, should he pay the price for societal -- heat they call the 40-year sentence imposed excessive. the courtroom was packed for this three judge panel. should they reduce the sentence and keep at the same or increase it? you see students wearing a brightly colored t-shirts. those are called the happiness foundation founded by mcguire's family. defenders of cavan, i talked to them. they are thrilled for him. we also talked very briefly to some friends of the families who said, there are no winners in this. they say they are reliving the tragic way their children died last year.
5:59 pm
>> thank you, kimberly. that is all for us here at 5:00. >> more secret service agents being fired over the prosecution -- prostitution scandal. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. >> remorse in court today from the man who shot trayvon martin as the judge decides to post bail. details on the price hike of taxis coming up. >> live and i nhd this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your sdie. >> a scandal involving secret service agents continues as more agents are reportedly about to lose their jobs. >> this stems from a party in columbia just before the president's arrival for the summit of the americas last week.


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