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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc "news at noon," on your side. >> if you can believe it, a late winter storm is brewing. >> not that far from the nation's capital. it is moving across the east
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coast. john gonzales with the surprise conditions. john? >> steve, in rockville, it rained all morning long. it stopped for a time, but the ominous clouds and never left. at this hour, it is raining once again and very cold in montgomery county. the wind is picking up. about 130 miles west of here, we could have a couple of inches of snow before all is said and done. >> this is what residents in western maryland woke up to on this late april day. snow. old man winter comes back. >> it is area unusual. >> this powerful late-season nor'easter has already drenched and blanketed some areas from the florida keys up to new england. several areas remain under a flood watch. in the d.c. region, many people cannot believe how cold it is. >> this is crazy. i guess it is spring. anything goes. we have the sprinkler on last
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week and the kids were running through it. >> people like this rockville president went digging back in her closet for winter gear. >> in two weeks we're going to say -- do you remember how nice it was two weeks ago? yesterday, i pulled the wood from the back house and i started a fire. the >> of the saturated ground and heavy winds could pose a problem. montgomery county crews are keeping a close eye on large trees and power lines. this advertisement offering 20 cent per cent more is getting whipped around. >> again, the wind whipping around. helen, and is maryland snow -- how uncommon is mayor when the snow? it does not happen every year, but it happens.
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just to think, if it would have been a little colder today, we could be talking about 1 foot of snow this afternoon. live in rockville, john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> want to see some real snow? how about we go to pennsylvania? this is outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania today. the snow is not letting up. after summer-like temperatures a few days ago people are now gearing up for a winter storm. about a foot of snow in some places. >> crazy stuff. let's get over to adam caskey with a look at our forecast. >> in western pennsylvania, the leaves are on the trees. the heavy, wet snow will likely cause some downed trees. in frostburg we're looking at frostburg state university. not as ominous a picture.
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it will probably give between two inches and 5 inches between tonight and tomorrow morning. we have a winter advisory posted. they're under the winter weather advisory. the pink area is the winter storm warning. locally, some areas of very light rain along 66 and fairfax county. 270, as well, and around the beltway. some very light, scattered rain. higher elevations for the snow. the temperatures today article. highs in the mid to upper 40's in the metro area. cumberland, 39. our average height and the district is 69 degrees. we will not even be there tomorrow. i will be back with the extended forecast. >> you can always get weather information and the latest super doppler radar views online at our website, >> the beltway and montgomery
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county has now reopened after a deadly crash stalled traffic most of the morning. the crash shutdown all left lanes of the outer loop in silver spring this morning. police say a tractor-trailer and two cars were involved. it is believed an oil spill caused the crash. one person was killed and another was taken to the hospital. a car loses control and slammed into a prince george's county home in clinton, maryland. what happened? >> steve the car was traveling this way on old branch, and jumped the curb, and knocked out the mailbox at that home, and then continued on, slamming into the side of this home right here. i will step out of the way so you can see the big, gaping hole next to the garage. this is where the car was just hours ago. we do have some video of what it looked like out here a couple hours ago. according to prince george's county police, it was about 7:00
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this morning when the driver was traveling at what police believe was a high rate of speed. for some reason, they lost control and slammed into the home. three people were in the home upstairs of the time. they were not injured. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we talked to the next-door neighbor, who was asleep at the time. he said a loud boom woke him up. >> we just happen to walk down to our neighbor's house and saw that a car had run into their house. we were in shock. we did not really expect that to happen. it was really something to see. >> prince george's county police are still looking into why exactly this driver lost control of his vehicle. the building inspector was out here a short time ago. the family still does not know whether or not they will be able to stay here tonight. police believe that is not likely. police have not released any
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information on whether or not this driver will face any charges. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a 3-year-old girl has died after a deadly fire ripped through her home. the young girl, her mother, father, and grandfather became trapped in their home last week. the little girl's mother died. the other fire victims were treated and released from the hospital. two renters living in the basement apartment made it out safely. it's not clear what started that fire. >> the disturbing story of a marine accused of murdering another marine. he is expected to be tried today on murder charges michael poth. bushong was based in north carolina. poth was stationed in d.c. it now looks like washington will still be providing military support in afghanistan. officials have said the u.s. has
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pledged to back the afghan military for at least one decade after the country formally takes control of its own security. lawmakers say the u.s. agree to help afghanistan against its enemies, but only with afghan approval. the agreement still be approved by both countries' leaders. >> the man charged with killing unarmed florida teenager trayvon martin is now out of jail. george zimmerman walked out of a florida jail at midnight. >> zimmerman will spend about one year in an undisclosed location as he waits to stand trial. brianne carter. >> the 28-year-old walked right out of jail after posting bond. >> george zimmerman, the man accused of murdering trayvon martin, is now in an undisclosed location after he was released on bond overnight. >> there are several possibilities that we have to where we can hopefully keep him safe. >> the 28-year-old walked out of a florida jail around midnight, carrying a brown paper bag
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reportedly wearing a bulletproof vest under his brown jacket. with so much attention on this case, his safety remains a concern. >> there are still a lot of emotions erupt around the case. we are worried that some of those emotions are still negative. >> before his release, zimmerman was fitted with an electronic monitoring bracelet, as part of the requirements. he is not allowed to drink alcohol or have a fire arms. he accepted a nightly curfew. he is not allowed to let any contact with the martin family. this morning another lawyer reacted to the news of his release. >> it is tough for them to see their son's killer walked free again. they do understand that the court was bound by the florida constitution, which does give a person the right to bail. >> zimmerman's lawyer had asked the judge to allow his client to leave the state of florida well out of jail. it's not clear if that was
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agreed to or not. it could be weeks or later until we see him back in court. back to you. >> we want to know what our viewers think about this. on our abc 7 poll, the question for the day is, should murder suspect george zimmerman be allowed to leave florida state? log onto and let us know what you think. >> 6 agents now out of a job following the secret service scandal. officials say more could come soon. ranking members of the homeland security committee say they expect more fires in the colombian prostitution scandal. it involved a dozen members of the secret service and 11 military personnel. the secret service has confirmed one of its agents stayed at the same hotel where president obama eventually state. the > barry admitted he was wrong when he made comments about asian businesses. he said in an interview that he should have used better words.
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he suggested they run 30 shops and should leave. his comments sparked outrage. >> president obama spent the day remembering the holocaust. he signed an executive order at the holocaust museum of rising sanctions against countries that help regimes like syria or iran. it also provides for the atrocities prevention board. >> this is not an afterthought. this is not a sideline in our foreign policy. >> the atrocities prevention board will meet for the first time today at the white house. the president says it will focus on cambodia, rwanda, and darfur. >> the godfather of go-go chuck brown, is in hospital. the 75-year-old musician is suffering from joint plan and inflammation, according to "the washington post"."
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it is posted on the page that he is in recovery but doing better. still to come on abc 7 -- was it a close encounter? what caused a loud boom in california? >> lady gaga demoralize in wax. >> we're still on storm watch.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon with steve chenevey and cynne simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon, on
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your side. >> the corruption trial for former presidential candidate john edwards is now under way. he faces a jury on charges he violated campaign finance laws. prosecutors allege he hit nearly $1 million from campaign contributions to cover up an affair. and words denies the allegations. >> 911 call centers on the west coast were flooded this weekend. >> all because of something from outer space. some thought this was a massive fireball. others thought maybe something a little more supranatural. what ever it was, in made a loud bang and shook houses. astronomers say it is a meteor. >> the space shuttle enterprise will stay in the region and a little longer. the bad weather forced nasa to postpone today's flight that was supposed to go from the dulles to new york city. no word on when it will be able to make that trip.
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time to go to the weather. this has been quite a shocker, adam. such cool temperatures. >> its mother nature's payback for april. the nor'easters do not usually happen this type time of year. i will show you the snow in frostburg, maryland. >> you are jealous now in april? once i love my garden. it is kind of fun to get the snow. >> we could be in the caskey family pool -- those cheap 10 other ones. this is a time lapse of our sky over washington. clouds are moving at about 40 knots over head with this nor'easter. gray skies and a few sprinkles. of course, the heavier rain from over the weekend. here is a look at the last super
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doppler radar. notice a few spotted showers and sprinklers here and there. not all that much action going on, but especially in parts of fairfax county and north of i- 66, especially around vienna, fairfax, clifton, as well. steady little sprinkles going on. farther to the northwest of the area, not as organized, but a few little sprinkles. just enough to keep it damp and raw outside on this monday. notice this white. that is snow falling in frostburg, maryland, and here is alive picture. admit it. a little bit jealous of this today? they will probably see between two inches and 5 inches by early tomorrow morning in frostburg. look at the rainfall totals. this is saturday. hagerstown, 3.31. martinsburg, over two inches.
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in arlington, 1.7. that was a good soaker. if it was cold enough that would probably be 15 to 20 inches of snow over the weekend. course, it was too warm for that. there is the wound up nor'easter moving across penn state at this time. there is the heaviest snow associated with it in western pennsylvania, where they could see up to 1 foot in some spots. a very heavy, problematic snow. 46 now in the district. 41 in winchester. 41 in cumberland. normally, we would be in the upper 60's at this time for afternoon highs. we would normally be in the upper 60's instead, the upper 40's. tomorrow upper 50's. we will have temperatures into the upper 30's overnight. you'll want to break out the winter jacket for tomorrow morning.
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highs tomorrow will make it back into the over 50's 4 highs. a few peaks of sun. will transition into the better weather by wednesday. back to sunshine and into the 60's fioor highs. >> big-name celebrities signing on board to help out struggling schools in the district. sarah jessica parker and yo-yo ma and others. it's part of president obama's the initiative to turn the schools around by bolstering their arts programs. each school will get a federal grant to help. >> there is a new lady gaga in town and fans are lining up to show their love. madame tussauds invited all the little monsters to the unveiling of the pop star's wax figure. everybody who dressed up like lady gaga got free admission to the event.
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the top five got a free ipod and itunes gift card. it is on loan from las vegas until the end of june. >> 12:20 right now. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- i was paying too much with cable. paying so much you want better quality. for the amount of money that i am paying, my cable company should
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>> down day on the markets so far. maybe the gas prices are going down. the national average price for regular gasoline is $3.86 per
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gallon, down 5 cents in the past week. in d.c., average is still much higher at $4.14. and virginia, $3.48 per gallon. virginia railway express packages will soon get a 3% increase. the operations board approved the price hike last week. it will take effect on the first of july. >> if you are feeling a little groggy this new, you may want to drink some water. researchers at the university of connecticut found a dehydration can affect energy levels, alter your mood, and your cognitive abilities. the study showed men and women are affected equally however changes in mood are significantly greater for women. believe it or not, a brain freeze may help doctors understand migraine headaches. scientists believe they have identified the change in the brain's blood flow when you drink cold drinks or deserts. they found the blood flow increases rapidly at the onset of the brain freeze, but diminishes when the pain
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reduces. >> it could be the next few the secret to the stars. " celebrities are lining up. they want to get the new facials in order to maintain their youthful glow. it is called the needle-free botox alternative. dermatologists say you should be careful. they warn that the venom could cause painful blisters. that is kind of counter- productive, i would think. >> i would think so. then you have to go back for another treatment. >> stay with us.
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>> taking a look at the rest of the day, adam. >> spring-like weather in washington by mid-week. tomorrow, you'll want the jacket, especially in the morning. we will start today in the 30's and only make it to the upper 50's by the afternoon. an isolated passing sprinkle. probably not enough to warrant the umbrella. wednesday, back to sunshine and 67. looking good out there. thursday, a final system moves through with a good chance of rain and thunderstorms on thursday. mild pushing 70 degrees. looking the said on friday and into the weekend, as well. a good, healthy rain we had here. >> hopefully we can store it up. >> thank you for watching this midday. we will see you back here for "good morning, washington."
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