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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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like it's almost may, or that it was nearly 80 degrees two days ago. >> if this is what global warming is supposed to mean, maybe we need to look -- opened our eyes about what is going on out here. >> they filled up at a gas station in keysers ridge. the temperature here has held steady all day at 29 degrees and this note is well over 6 inches deep. -- the snow is well over 6 inches deep. he said even with his experience here it just does not look right. >> i've lived in this county all my life and i've never had an -- and april like this. >> these kids got to pull their sleds out of storage. in mchenry, the ski resort that closed for the year at the end of march is once again snow- covered. but then again, so are the votes, that have already been launched at the bottom of the hill at -- boats that have
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already been launched at the bottom of the hill at deep creek lake. >> it is not unusual for this area for us to get snow in april. >> it may not be unusual to get a little bit of snow in april but this is really unusual. this is thick, thick, heavy snow. it is not really all that wet. it's cold out here. once again west of cumberland and frost per -- frostburg it is cold. 29 degrees here all day long. we have not seen any rain at all. it is a steady, heavy snow. i do not care what they say this is unusual. >> thank you, brad. as bad as it is there, it is
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worse in other places. power outages spread across parts of pennsylvania and new york. there are about 50,000 homes and businesses without power. some could see up to 16 inches of snow before the storm is over. schools were even close in some areas as the snow made for rather slippery roads. >> i like the pictures at a distance, don't you? >> yes. >> fortunately, we did not get any snow around here. but we are definitely getting colder temperatures. >> doug hill has the first deck of the forecast. >> i will give you one specific -- statistic. 43 degrees in arlington right now. according to climatology, we should be closer to 70 this time of day this time of april. we will start about with a look at a time lapse. from southwest virginia, they are up a few thousand feet but it has been selling most of the
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day there. western maryland western heads avina, the jackpot for this very heavy snow. -- western maryland, western pennsylvania, the jackpot for this very heavy snow. you get west of keysers ridge and it is still all out snow and will be until it comes to an end. moderate rain over portions of southern maryland. all of this will sweep to the southeast and and this evening the cold air will be in tonight and tomorrow and we should be warming into the 50's. rain and temperatures holding into the 40's. >> you want to see more pictures of today's april snowstorm, go to and get a check of the complete photo gallery. >> the search is on for two? that attack the man trying to
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protect three children. -- for two dogs that attacked a man trying to protect three children. live in northeast washington with the latest. >> the folks that live in this neighborhood are very afraid because nobody knows where those dogs are right now. police are focusing on this house to my left for two reasons. one, neighbors said that is where the dogs retreated to after the attack on friday night and they also believe that is where they are being kept. just across the street from their house is a day care center. this is the attack caught on surveillance video friday night. for 13 minutes on queen street, two huge white dogs chased three kids, ages 10, 11, and 13. you can see them jumping on top of cars trying to get away as their mothers watched the dog in horror. >> they look like they're ready
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to attack, to kill someone. >> we were scared. >> a neighbor returning home from work save the day. you can see him on the tape trying to run the dogs off with a knife, and he paid the price. >> i'm still hurt and i'm still sore. i'm just glad to be alive. >> he told us his wounds are now infected, his left arm and hand swollen, and he has just ordered a series of rabies shots. neighbors said the dogs run into this apartment building down the block. you can still see the bloody paw prints here and no one has seen it? since. >> we had a report that night after this happened -- no one has seen that dogs since. >> we had a report that night after this happened at the docks were taken away. >> they need to give us an apology. they need to do something. >> the police chief is calling the good samaritan and his stepson heroes for trying to
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save those kids. the police just came by and gave them tickets to their -- to the wizards game for their efforts. in the meantime, police are asking for the owners of the dogs to come forward and help with the investigation. it is unclear whether they would face any charges. >> thanks. the marine accused of killing a fellow marine this week in front of a judge today. here's a first look at surveillance video from near the murder scene on eighth street. that is where police say michael potts stabbed and killed lance corporal marshawn early saturday morning. this may even be investigated as a hate crime. witnesses said he yelled homophobic slurs before getting into a fight with the victim. a second person has been caught in the baltimore beating caught on tape. authorities are still looking
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for two other suspects. the incident happened on saint patrick's day. cellphone video capture the suspects punching and kicking and un-aren't in the created man. instead of helping him, the crowds -- inebriated man who was unarmed. instead of helping him, the crowds watched while he was beaten. >> horse holmes is live from prince george's county police headquarters. the >> police charged the suspect in the lenny harris murder and two unrelated cases. one of those murders day back to 2005. prince george's county police arrested tyrell lewis in january and immediately charged him with the death of community activists lenny harris. they began immediately to look at harris. a stolen atm card lead them to lewis.
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police found clues they claim tied him to two other prince george's county murders. >> as we work these cases and we come across names and people give us information, we keep an open mind as to where it will lead us. >> and associates, a 23 year-old calvin walker, they now say lewis and walker robbed and then shot and saw -- and killed a 17-year-old gesten isaacs. his mother found her son's body on the front steps of their home. >> i touched him and i said, justin and adjusted screaming and i lost it. >> police say is also responsible for the death of a cab driver in 2005. when they got to the addison road metro station he robbed him and then shot him in the head. >> both lewis and walker are in jail right now lewis in
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virginia being held on the harris murder charges, and walker in charles county on home invasion charges. >> prince george's county police also announced a big drug bust today at the news conference. several hundred guns, more than 500 grams of marijuana the -- marijuana and ecstasy. police have arrested dmitry wells, brian walz, and sheila kohlman. >> george zimmerman is out of jail tonight after posting bond. he is not required to stay in florida for his own safety. the police chief has officially resign from his position. >> only hours after george zimmerman bonds out of jail, the sanford chief of police blasted for not quickly arresting him has tendered his resignation. >> for all of the commotion
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around the tree on martin case, there was little fanfare after george zimmerman posted bond. monday, an attorney said -- a martin attorneys said the victims' parents are our devastated he was able to be out on bond. >> it is incredible that he is able to walk free among all of us. >> he was whisked off to a secret location and appeared to be wearing a bulletproof vest under his brown jacket. >> there are places we can hopefully keep him safe. >> the stanford police chief to step down temporarily last month while facing harsh criticism for not pushing for zimmerman posing immediate arrest had tendered his resignation. at this hour, city commissioners are debating whether or not they
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will accept his resignation. some commissioners are clearly in his corner. >> i am so deeply saddened. someone has to stand up for our city. someone has to say, we are not a racist city. we are a great city and we have a great police department. >> those commissioners are scheduled to vote on his resignation any moment. as for george zimmerman he faces a 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. curfew and he is being monitored with a gps device. >> coming up, hear what happens when singer jennifer hudson took the stand in the trial of a man accused of killing three members of her family. >>plus, when seven men convicted of killing a woman 27 years ago are getting a new trial. >> and he was once one step away from the white house. now john edwards is one step away from possible jail time. the trial is
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>> now to the scandalous trial of john edwards. he's accused of using campaign
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cash to hide his affair. >> john edwards is a man who has committed many sins, but no crime. that is the theme of his defense today. an admission that, yes he tried to hide his affair, but not from his wife -- but from his wife, not his political life. for the man once dubbed a favorite son of the south, it must have been a painful walk. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> ok. >> he does now face up to 30 years in prison, accused of using close to $1 million from two wealthy donors to quiet the mother of his illegitimate child, all while he was running for president and his wife fighting cancer. >> this was completely john
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edwards plan. >> added andrew young, former aide and confidante who at one. claim to be the baby's father. he is now the prosecution's key witness. but he is also a hot water when it is found out that he contacted other witnesses to talk about the planned testimony. while it is unclear if he will testify, he has denied knowledge of the money which paid for private jets country hotels, and hunters medical care. -- private jets, luxury hotels, and hunter's medical care. >> hunter is on the witness list but john edwards is a highly accomplished lawyer where he made a lot of money and a lot of fame and some analysts said they would be very surprised if he does not find a way out of
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this. >> now to another courtroom. emotional testimony from jennifer hudson today. she broke down in tears while testifying at the trial of the man accused of killing her mother brother and 7-year-old nephew. her remarks were brief but hudson told jurors that she did not want her sister to marry him. he has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges stemming from october, 2008 killings. >> the start of the hospital show "er" was led off in handcuffs this morning. no wiley was arrested during a protest urging congress not to cut medicaid. many protesters said they will do whatever it takes to get congress to listen. >> if i need to go to jail, i want to go to jail.
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being in jail is nothing compared to the people stuck in nursing homes. at least when you go to jail, you know when you get out. >> activists came in from all over the country including illinois kansas, georgia, and texas. >> nasa postponed the space shuttle enterprise's flight from dallas today. it is already on the top of a 747 boeing jets. the question is, when is the weather. to cooperate. -- when is the weather going to cooperate. >> they will be calling after they hear your authority of forecast. >> there we go. it is cold with snow and rain. this is the storm location depicted on our storm scan. it is well north of the area
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into new york state and will continue into canada. snow across much of western new york state and southwestern a doubling up. and it still as high as western maryland. a few showers locally as well. there is washington. the southeast of washington through prince george's county, dunkirk area, moderate rainfall. zabul of largo and prince george's county and -- south of largo and prince george's county and just outside of annapolis, scattered showers overnight. it will end overnight as well. when you think about 43 degrees it could be december january -- december or january or february or march. it is april 23.
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since the rain began late saturday over 2 inches of rain, we did not cut the deficit in half but we did make good inroads. we will take every job we get with this system. temperatures are way below average. 43 in gaithersburg and frederick. 43 in cumberland. 46 in culpepper. it will stay cloudy through the overnight hours. lingering showers will end. the 35-42 or the week up temperatures for april 24. this cold area will rotate back to the northeast. we will make half the temperatures back that we lost today. well to the west there is a significant warmup in the central plains. 83 in rapid city right now. we will see the return of warm weather. we will still get the gusty
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backlash of westerly winds around it, but the sun is strong enough to warm us into the 50's tomorrow and into the 60's by wednesday. possible scattered showers by thursday. a chilly start tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow, partly sunny and breezy. upper 50's for the afternoon. upper 60's on wednesday. near 70 degrees with passing showers on thursday. the next system could bring a few showers by later on sunday. >> back to normal. >> i like that. let's get back to normal. >> we said we were going to pay for this. >> i would rather pay for this with rain and not shoveling snow. >> coming up, but dugo was hospitalized. >> men who were convicted of
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>> seven men convicted of a brutal rape and murder more than 25 years ago are back in court today hoping a judge will overturn the convictions and set them free. >> today the prosecution's key witness told the judge that he lied in 1983 because police beat
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a confession out of him. >> the lawyers for the seven men said there is an avalanche of new evidence that proves they are innocent including that many of the witnesses lied on the stand at 25 years ago and they say that prosecutors knew about suspects that could have committed the crime and never told defense attorneys. now it's up to a judge to decide their fate. they are -- they were convicted of raping and killing catherine miller but he says it was alive. he said the policeman beat him and threw him across the room so hard i thought prep my leg. he has an iq of 69 and can barely lead. -- barely read.
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his lawyer said he was not competent to confess. his brother has been saying the same thing. >> my brother was 16 years old. he did -- they did the good cops/bad cop thing. >> one has served his full sentence and was released another died in prison, but six of the men are still serving their terms. >>they say other witnesses have also recanted their testimony and they point to two other suspects who police and prosecutors knew about 27 years ago, but never told defense attorneys about. as for the victim, her sister told abc7 news last year she is sure the right manner in prison. >> you don't forget that. that is what they did to her. >> because there is no trial there will be no jury. the judge will decide whether to
5:27 pm
vacate the verdict and said these men free or to send them back to prison. as for detective sanchez and the other original investigators and prosecutors, we have tried over the past year to reach them for comment. we have been unable to find them or they have refused to talk to us. but all of them are expected to be back in the courtroom to testify here in d.c. in three more weeks. >> still had -- still ahead meet michael early. he stars in a number one movie and grew up right here in this area. >> plus, what prince harry is coming to washington -- white prince harry is coming to washington. >> a teenager -- why
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> the trial is under way for the and driver of a car that killed two teenagers. >> many people say this is a dangerous road. >> this was an emotional day inside this prince william county courthouse. this is a sad case all-around. here you have a 19-year-old teenager who is accused of causing the car crash that killed two 15-year old girls
5:31 pm
including his brother's girlfriend. >> it was a tragic accident, a car with five high school students that slammed into a deer and a tree. t of them were killed, -- two of them were killed, both 15 years old. the driver survived, and today went on trial facing involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving charges. prosecutors say they've been doing some been called hill writing, using a combination of speed and no seat belts to accentuate the hills on long mill road. the car was going 68 miles an hour when it struck the deal. the deer had -- the group had just left a party00. there were heading out to be looked outpoint, they said. >> how is he doing?
5:32 pm
>> he is taking it day by day. weroc is taking it day by day. everybody lost something in this accident. >> savannas that testified that earlier in the evening he came home and called for an end to the party but fell asleep, only to get a recall from the police that his daughter had been in a car accident. she would succumb to her injuries four days later. >> the prosecution wrapped up its testimony -- wrapped up its case with this emotional testimony. the defendant all along maintained that he was following the speed limit, but once the at the deer he freaked out he -- free doud and accelerated slamming into the tree and making their accident more tragic. >> eckart drogin driehaus run
5:33 pm
7:00 a.m. this morning. there were three people inside the house when it hit and there were all upstairs and not hurt. they will not likely be able to stay in house overnight. no charges have been filed. a 3-year-old girl has died after fire ripped through her home. the mother, grandfather and daughter were trapped inside. the mother did not survive. it is still unclear what started the fire, but firefighters believe it was accidental. >> and now a look at today's top stories and the one thing everyone is talking about, the winter weather at the end of april. several inches of snow today. for most everyone else it was a cold and windy and rainy day. whether temperatures today stayed just in the 40's. >> a man recovering after he was mauled by two dogs. the dogs were chasing three neighborhood children and that
5:34 pm
is when he stepped in to help. he tried to fend them off with a knife, but was badly wounded. he has had to begin a series of rabies shots. no one knows where the dogs have been sent. >> the city council rejected the police chief's resignation. he decided to step down for not pushing for the immediate arrest of george zimmerman in the death of trade on martin. their man is being held on bonds -- zimmerman is being held on bond in an undisclosed location. >> hello, diane. former presidential candidates are making news in a courtroom this evening. >> will have more on john edwards first day in court. you is fighting charges he illegally used campaign cash. we will be asking if there's enough evidence to convict him. also a study affecting every family in this country.
5:35 pm
some hospitals are charging $180,000 more for the same procedure as another hospital. how you can find out which ones are overcharging and how you avoid them. >> we will see you shortly. >> you can see those stories and more on world news tonight right here after abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> anybody would be happy to win the lottery once in a lifetime, but what about twice in just one day? virginia won a million dollars twice in the same powerball drawing. she had two tickets and it matched five of the six members. those tickets were good for a combined total of $2 million. after she takes her lump-sum-the taxes, she walks away with a cool -- a lump sum without the taxes, she walks with a cool $100,000 -- $1.1 million.
5:36 pm
>> she can buy my ticket next time. >> we have a heavy spot on 3 hibbert 95 southbound. -- 395 southbound. and heading toward the marine corps base in quantico. it crashed in loudoun county southbound delmarva bridgeway closed south of the greenway. the beltway heading into maryland, slow go. also seen delays on 270 northbound on 370 heading toward cla for road and then up to middlebrook road. >> coming up, a local apartment complex is upset about the security guards there. are they protecting and serving our crossing the line? >> i hometown guy goes
5:37 pm
hollywood and hit the jackpot. i am arch campbell with entertainment, coming up. >> more bad news for so security bank account -- for social security's bank account. stay with that has been moved up. oh dear... oh dear! ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night. i was out helping people save money on their car insurance. 2 more! yore doing it! aren't they doing great?! hiiiiiii!! come sweat with me! keep going richard. keep sweating!! geico. fifteen minutes could save you sweat! sweat! fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> a comedy one big at the box office this weekend. one of its stars is from our area. >> we do produce stars. not just politicians but famous stars. >> i love it when this happens. they did in this area and a lot of people still remember him. it is a romantic comedy that has gotten a rebuilt. the very funny "think like a man" took first place in the box office and knocked out first- place hundred games. michael e. lee, who grew up in silver spring and graduated from university of maryland is now a big-time star. >> plays a waiter who -- he
5:41 pm
plays a waiter but makes others think he is already -- has already made it. he has rules of dating that basically say, the slowdown. he came home for a gala d.c. preview. >> it is a big right for us that you are from silver springs and a university of maryland graduate too. how did you find acting? >> it is a long story, but i will try to make it short two of my best friends were making fl and i thought i could make it better. the following summer they made another film and they may be audition, but i got the part. >> meanwhile, he stars in the week's biggest movie. keep a lookout for michael e. lee.
5:42 pm
another one, the "five-year engagement" with amalie blood. for a long time there were saying, -- with emily blunt. for a long time they're saying the romantic comedies had gone by the wayside. >> you do not have to drag as kicking and screaming for this one. >> you might suggest that. >> [unintelligible] >> good point. [laughter] >> coming up, the godfather of go-go. he is in the hospital. >>
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>> the godfather of go-go, chuck brown, is in a hospital. he is suffering from a joint plant -- joint pain and inflammation he cancel the performance for this upcoming weekend. he posted on the page he is
5:46 pm
recovering, but doing better. fans gave him well wishes all over his facebook page. >> the lady gaga wax figure was introduced this morning. it took several teams of artists for months to make. she will not be a prominent resident of the district. she is on loan from the damages sought in las vegas. -- from mud, but to sod -- madame toussod in las vegas. >> britain's prince harry is getting an award in washington for supporting the armed forces. he will be in town may 7 to accept the award at the atlantic council awards dinner. he was in the u.s. last year to take part in an apache helicopter training. correct analyze demand -- >> and alaska man found the spaull
5:47 pm
while he was out beachcombing. nothing special, he thought. not until he looked at the japanese characters. his white translated and found out it was the name of a school hit by last year's tsunami in japan. tracked down the balls owner a 16-year-old boy, and are now sending it back to him. >> gordon peterson has a look ahead. >> we have the latest on the case of the u.s. marine that was murdered not far from the marine barracks in southeast washington. the suspect in the case, who is also a u.s. marine, just finished a court appearance. will have the latest on that. we will also go to western maryland where the season seemed to be going backwards. winter has returned. people out there are digging out. those stories and more at 6:00 p.m. >> c with a bit. >> it is a big night for dancing with the stars.
5:48 pm
a vote at 8:00 tonight. then at 10:00, a dance floor confidential. it will go behind-the-scenes to reveal the secrets about the dancing, judges, and romances. then stay tuned for abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. what is the latest? >> right now rain showers cold showers in the metro area. a little ice falling. some pretty good rainfall across northern cowart county. i expect there is some grapple some ice pellets as well. along with that, some good rainshowers and it is all continuing to move away from the area. the pattern will diminish over night. some of the heavy rain is falling out.
5:49 pm
an inch and a half to an inch and three-quarters in some locations. it could take a good 20 percent off of what we are lacking. -- 20% off of what we are lacking. 3.8 inches below at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. these are the numbers that we expect to see on a winter afternoon, and certainly not the april 23. cloudy and cold with lingering showers. that is the latest. back to you. >> the clock is ticking. >> it really is. this may be the most important week in redskins football history. as we know it. the nfl draft is just three days away and the redskins fans believe that robert griffin iii will get the redskins back to
5:50 pm
glory days. this guy is a renaissance man. he will not be overwhelmed at all by washington. he says he is going to finish his master's degree in communication, writes poetry, wants to learn guitar, and he is one heck of a lack -- an athlete. >> robert griffin iii has very few witt -- but few weaknesses and is an explosive dynamic quarterback appeared >> i have a hard time believing he is anything but a very good quarterback in the nfl. >> i will be there thursday night. we will have more coming up at 6:00 p.m. this justin, seth greenberg has been fired as head basketball coach at virginia tech. this past year virginia tech finished a game below 500. still, his overall record is 170 wins against just under 120 losses. he says he is surprised by the
5:51 pm
firing and virginia tech will have to buy out the remaining four years of his contract. did you see this yesterday? world peace celebrating the sand -- the slam dunk when he unleashed. he said the contact was unintentional, but the elbow raised above the shoulder and hit hard and flush. he suffered a concussion. he has a seat -- a history of violence the league. the suspension is coming. minor league hockey, look at this guy from youngstown. that is a go of a week. spectacular fashion. up and over and into the net for the goal of the week. >> that is pretty sweet.
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>> students at thomas jefferson high school and yale university are morning to night. >> they are in mourning of the popular alumni who committed suicide while attending yale. >> traditionally, news media does not cover suicide, but in this case his own parents said the way their son died did not take away from the fact that he touched the lives of thousands. many here at thomas jefferson high school have immortalized him with his class from last year. they also said he did more in his 19 years than many of us will dream of doing. what does the -- what is a 19- year old curly headed kid from alabama doing here? >> he lived like on his terms. that's what makes this all harder to accept. >> hard to imagine that the kid who inspired friends and never met a stranger who kind of the
5:56 pm
world around him -- >> izhak with the kind of guy that when he walked to the room it brightened up. >> he would end his days after 19 years and astonishing accomplishments. >> so many kids have taught themselves how to live. >> he learned russian and was an elvis impersonator. he was called by teachers the brightest kid in all senses of the word. you could not miss him. and oh, how they miss him. >> we are grateful for what we did get from izhak. >> news of his sudden death lost wednesday the spread from one place to the other. to honor his free spirit where he was freshman class president a four-year track athlete, and a
5:57 pm
senior superlative life of the party. but there was a dark side that he kept hidden from the very world he lit up. >> we do not think zack intended to do this. there's nothing that tells us that he had any grand design. but his parents -- >> his parents believe depression and immense academic pressure and exhaustion greeted the perfect tragic storm. >> we probably should have had him slowdown, but i do not think we could have. >> the ceremony for him is planned this sunday at 11:00 a.m. in the park. the public in bright colors are welcome. >> a security guard brought in to protect residents of an annapolis the apartment complex. >> but the residents say the guards are crossing the line when it comes to serving in protecting them. >> gerard parker lives near the woodside gardens apartment
5:58 pm
complex in annapolis. he was recently banned from the property after a trespassing citation. but on april 13 he said he was just walking on the street near the building when a security guard said those words. here's what happened next. >> i came and told him about the do that hit me. he sprayed in the eye. >> the scene was caught on tape, but evergreen securities said the video does not tell the whole story. the company was brought here 2 years ago at the request of management and annapolis police due to high crime. >> they have responded to about 900 calls for service to the area last year. most of them more for drugs or trespassing, but occasionally security guards themselves called for things like a punctured tires. >> residents say they are a bit overprotective. >> they fear for their life. the children do not even want to come out here. they harass people.
5:59 pm
they don't use it in front of your house. they keep coming up with different rules. >> police are investigating the pepper spray incident. apartment management said they are willing to listen if they are fearful of the very people meant to keep them safe. >> and that is it for abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. coming up next at 6:00 p.m. >> believe it or not, this scene is playing out in the state of maryland just two days after it was 80 degrees. i will have a live report. >> and a murder case involving two marines goes to court. >> and a new fallout and the secret service scandal. the latest on the military service members being investigated right now at 6:00 p.m. >> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> our big story at 6:00 p.m., the unusual 48 hour


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