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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on the american legion bridge in both directions near tyson. pretty uneventful in and out of baltimore on 95 and 295, across the bay bridge and through northeast washington. we will keep an eye on metro rail. first trains out on normal service. now to news. >> drivers and parts of western maryland are putting snow scrapers to the news today after nor'easter dumped several inches of snow? . it started falling sunday night and became heavier through the day yesterday. local crews used snowplows to clear the road. parts of the northeast had tens of thousands of customers without power in and around new york. >> it's 5:00. 7 is on your side with important information for metrobus riders for. >> one bus has been removed from service after a driver was diagnosed with viral meningitis. john gonzalez has more. >> the 6 metrobus driver had
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been on vacation so the agency believes his only reason shift was last friday want. -- the sick metro bus driver. still it is a bit concerned to hear one of the drivers had viral meningitis. >> it's very upsetting. >> his friday morning schedule was 14th street and buchanan streets to l'enfant plaza at 7:13. a second trip from l'enfant plaza to 14th street and colorado street. and another from 14 cents colorado again. the bus has been removed from service until it can be sanitized. metro will disinfect all 164 buses as a precaution. it is not aware of any passengers coming down with viral meningitis from this driver. the system is warning them to get medical attention right away. sister includesymptoms include neck stiffness
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and vomiting. >> a deferrable later did not work as a man suffered a heart attack on a metro train. the 51-year-old man died last week at pentagon metro station. metro says the december later that they used to try to save him did not have sufficient battery charge. the tri-state oversight committee will review metro procedures now. metro has also launched its own investigation. >> it appears d.c. councilman marion barry has stuck his foot in his mouth again. this time it's over comments made about filipino nurses. jummy olabanji is at the wilson building in northwest with more details. what happened this time? >> he made the comments while speaking to officials from the university of d.c. they were at the wilson building yesterday for a budget meeting. in barrie was trying to tell school officials that need to train and hire more nurses and teachers whop are d.c.
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residents. he said "it is so bad that if you go to the hospital now, the number of immigrants who are nurses particularly from the philippines. let's grow our own teachers and nurses so we don't have to hire people from somewhere else." these comments come this week after he came under fire for comments he made about asian business owners in the city. he told supporters a few weeks ago that something needs to be done about asian business owners coming toward aid and opening "dirty restaurants." mayor vincent gray and other members of the d.c. council few weeks ago really scrutinize marion barry for these comments. he later apologized. so far, there's been no apologies about the recent comment. reporting live at the wilson building, jummy olabanji. >> thanks so much. we want to turn to the day
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ahead. there will be a vigil outside four need for the soldier charged in connection with one of the largest leaks of classified information in u.s. history. the vigil and protests around the world comes with pretrial hearings for private first class bradley manning resuming today. he iallegedly passing secrets to wikileaks. opening statements will likely begin today in the trial of former foster to democratic party chair michael gardner accused of touching three young girls in a sexual manner during a sleepover if that was held at his home last june. he pleaded not guilty. this trial could last a week. he's the husband of a falls church councilwoman and former mayor robyn gardner. >> gop presidential primaries being held in five states today if. gingrich has hinted he may withdraw from the race if he has a poor showing in delaware. delaware is a winner-take-all state. 17 delegates at stake? . primaries are being held in
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pennsylvania, new york, connecticut, and rhode island. president obama of focus on student loans during a visit to the university of north carolina chapel hill today. during a speech, he will urge congress to stop interest rates on student loans from doubling in july the. while at the university, he will take an interview for the show late-night with jimmy fallon. >> the secret service prostitution scandal is widening. a 12th military member has been added to the probe. the pentagon has suspended the security clearances of all the military personnel implicated and the secret service has taken action against 12 of its employees. white house spokesman jay carney said that an internal review shows no evidence of misconduct by actual white house staffers. a new york city judge expected to decide this week whether a hotel maid's lawsuit against former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss- kahn can move forward. the made claims that he tried to rape her in a manhattan hotel
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room last year. they dropped criminal charges because of concerns about the woman's credibility. dominique strauss-kahn denies wrongdoing. 5:05 on this tuesday morning, 41 degrees. >> more troubling news about social security. how it may run out years ahead of the earlier projection. >> new options for women want to start a family. how was simple blood test can determine how many eggs a woman has at any point in time. >> a look at traffic and the forecast ahead. there's 395 at shirlington. we love
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>> rise and shine. we want to look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> it's cold outside. >> i am slowly facing it. by t-mobile and the next day -- by tomorrow and the next day, my tools will be fixed. is cool. right now, 37 in gaithersburg and frederick 42 in martinsburg, 39 in manassas, 37 in culpeper, 42 in the district. you will need a winter jacket this morning.
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near 60 this afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds and breezy. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle mainly northwest of washington later on today. back down to near 40 degrees tonight. warmer tomorrow, closed where we should be for this time of year with a fair amount of sunshine 67 degrees. low 70's on thursday. we also have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms on thursday. any issues on the roads? >> no. no accidents to report. we did a lot of overnight construction on the beltway but we are off to a good run. virginia and maryland alike. looks good on 295 in d.c. and and quiet on the southeast southwest freeway per in a complicated on kenilworth avenue and new york ave. looks good near navy medical on 355. rolling through relatively unscathed.
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steve chenevey said that it's cold outside, adam fix it. >> we will hold him to that. it's around 40 degrees. >> coming up, facebook making more moves. the company posted latest purchase. -- company's latest purchase. >> my message is good buying >> . chris christie wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we want to check your top stories. people in western maryland
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putting their snow shovels to good use after a nor'easter dumped several inches of wet snow in that region. snow plows were clearing roads in garrett county and there was no in other parts of the northeast, leaving thousands of people without power this morning. metro says passengers on the bus that ran along 14th street in d.c. may have been exposed to viral meningitis. the driver was diagnosed with the disease after friday morning shift. the bus is being cleaned. viral meningitis is less severe than bacterial meningitis. it appears d.c. councilman marion barry stuck his foot in his mouth again. there's a report he made comments about filipino nurses who work at d.c. hospitals. comes months after he complained about asian businesses in ward 8. >> social security running out of money even faster than previously thought. a new government report finds the social security trust fund will run out of cash in 2033. that is three years earlier. than earlier this was moved up because of the slow economy and
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rising energy prices. medicare plus insurance fund expected to run dry by 2024. that projection is unchanged. immigration will be the focus of a senate judiciary committee hearing today. lawmakers will examine the constitutionality of provinstate and local governments regarding immigration law. for the first time since the depression, more mexicans leave the u.s. than enter the u.s. the report cites factors such as tighter border controls and a weak u.s. job market. >> 7 is on your side with a cutting edge test that gives women a better idea of whether they can have children. it is a blood test that can determine roughly how many eggs a woman has at any point in time. it's possible for a woman in her mid-30s to have the eggs of someone much older. the test is expensive but your doctor might not even know about it yet. there's more on that coming up in the next hour.
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>> facebook has made another big purchase. >> rob nelson has details. >> facebook is paying $550 million to microsoft for hundreds of patents that it purchased from a wellol. intel says its next-generation chips will go on sale next week the first to be made with a 3d structured to be faster and use less power. now even bathroom scales are smart. this new one measures your weight, body mass index, and body fat, and sends the information wirelessly to your online account. >> when i stepped on the scale this morning and then i came to work out was able to log into my account and see a much i weighed this morning? . >> its $130. i am rob nelson. >> or you could just look at the
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number on the scale to find out how much you weigh. >> we want to say good morning to aaron on twitter. he sent the picture on a recent metro ride. thanks so much. if you see these ads, snapping pictures and tweet it to us. >> thank you. good stuff. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. feeling a bit better than yesterday with all the snowfall. still not where we want to be a. >> there was a report northwest of frostburg, 6 inches. that was the highest in our area. temperatures are moving upward. a slow process recovering from a northeaster -- . we will recover especially tomorrow into the thursday. let's look at the numbers this morning. 37 in frederick and gaithersburg. widespread 30's in outlying areas.
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38 in hagerstown. 37 in orange and culpeper. 43 along the water in lexington park in southern maryland, mary's county. here's a look at the satellite and radar. radarwe still have some energy and clouds, but the clouds insulates the air at night, so that keeps us a little warmer along with a breeze, preventing the temperatures from getting even colder. the clouds will move out of here. we will have a fair amount of sunshine through today. a mixture of sun and clouds. the clouds will be coming and going throughout the day today. this is what is left of the nor'easter and low pressure system. here's the next system. it is in western canada at this time. warm front is just about to develop a head of that. that will pull warmer air into washington over the next couple days mainly into the thursday.
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that is when you will really notice the spike in temperatures. we will be in the low 70's. there will be instability in the air and chance of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms by thursday. today, a mixture of sun and clouds, a few sprinkles northwest of washington. near 60 for the high temperature with a west wind at 10-20. partly cloudy tomorrow, warmer, pleasant, back in the mid to upper 60's, right near where we should be for the high temperature this time of year. the average high is 69. we will exceed that on thursday, 73. friday to the weekend, maybe a little unsettled with a chance of rain here and there. it's early to tell exactly where and when. right now we have during chance on sunday. that may change. that's your forecast. a little better today on the roads. >> for now. 95 no accidents between richmond and baltimore. and we are making the trek
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northbound out of fredericksburg to get past the marine base. in good shape on 395 across the 14th street bridge. travel times in our favor in maryland as well. 270, a person in medical distress on a bus southbound between the lane divide for the beltway at old georgetown road. headlights are just past that incident on their way to the beltway and heading over to a navy medical and n.i.h on 355 looks like everything's in good shape on the beltway between 270 . and 270 back to you. >> thank you. 5:20, 41 degrees. >> they w have >on this many consecutive games since 2007. -- have not won this many games. >> ufo sightings skeptics speak out. >> it defies logic.
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>> surprising developments out of blacksburg, virginia, yesterday. virginia tech held a press conference to announce their firing his coach seth greenberg. had no idea what was planned. coming off of a down season last year. >> 5:24 right now. greenberg says that he was shocked and blindsided by the decision. as a record 170 victories and 123 losses over nine seasons >> . now the rest of. sports of. >> hello again. the capitals off yesterday. they will travel to boston today. tomorrow night is a winner-take- all game seven. you make a mistake like this
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with a pass to the middle and you pay. this listened to a this. >> its nerve wracking, but it's fun. when the pressure is on and the games are tight, those are the games you want to be a part of and the games you will remember. if >> the wizards beat the bobcats last night for their fourth win in a row. the nationals play in san diego tonight. have a great day, everybody. >> oklahoma city under guard james harden will be real bad today after he departed from lakers player meta world peace. >> it was pretty nasty. >> hardernn was struck in the side of the head by meta world peace. harden will probably not play in the final two regular-season
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games. the nba has not handed out punishment yet but he is expected to receive a punishment. >> the new jersey nets fans, the team played its final home game in the garden state after 35 years in new jersey. the nets are moving across the river to brooklyn. new jersey governor chris christie yesterday during a press conference to not hold back his anger about the move. >> you don't want to stay, we don't want you. i will not be in the business of begging people to stay here. it's one of the most beautiful arenas in america. it's in one of the company -- country's most vibrant cities. if they want to go to brooklyn good riddance. see you later. >> i don't think he will be a season-ticket holder. >> the nets lost their final game in new jersey to the philadelphia 76 hours, 1 05-87
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>> looking at 40 degrees. >> coming up, new developments in the trayvon martin case. more on the fate of the police chief criticized for how he handled. the handled >>-- how he handled the investigation. >> and a live report on a sick metro bus driver. >> temperatures are warming up. i will have the [ female announcer ] it all begin with our powder. then we introduced liquid detergent with stainlifters. followed by the numonr-one ssuper-concentrated liquid detergent. and now the mcoost concentrated all eve introducing new all mighty pacs™. packed withwill's active stainlifters... each mighty pac delivers more cleaning power per ounce to help tackle your family's tough dirt and stains the first time, every time. new all mighty pacs™. powerful clean. mighty results.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this tuesday, tuesday a health alert for metrobus riders. or live with details on a bus driver now diagnosed with viral meningitis.
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>> some parts of maryland and the northeast waking up to this -- snow. it's a few days before may. good morning, washington. it is april 24. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we want to get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast. will things warmup eventually? >> we are slowly warming up. it takes a little patience with a nor'easter and temperatures will respond. today will be warmer than yesterday. a cold start to this tuesday morning. 39 degrees in rockville and burke, 37 in olney. in columbia, maryland, 36 degrees. in the 30's to low 40's. 42 degrees in prince frederick currently. a little sunshine will go a long way today. we will make 60 with a breeze and a few sprinkles or west of
5:31 am
washington? . i will have extended forecast. >> 270 southbound, a person in cardiac arrest on a bus to. the driver pulled on to the right shoulder after montrose road but before old georgetown road. back to news. >> drivers in parts of western maryland will be extra careful while on the road today. this is calling yesterday's snowfall. it started falling sunday night and then got heavier throughout the day. several states in the northeast received snow, leaving thousands of people without power. we have a photo gallery we love to share with you on >> new this morning the investigation continues into a double shooting in hillcrest heights, maryland. two men were shot in the 3700 block of branch avenue, not far from iverson mall. police are not releasing any information on the victims'
5:32 am
conditions or what led to the shooting. we don't know if officers have any suspects. 7 is on your side with morning with an alert for metro bus riders. >> metrobus from service after the driver was diagnosed with viral meningitis. john gonzalez is live this morning in northwest with details. good morning. >> good morning. metro says this morning that this employee drove three separate routes friday morning. all of them primarily along 14th street. even though health officials say this is not a serious -- as serious as bacterial meningitis, anyone showing symptoms should go see a doctor. metro says that they are fortunate because the six metrobus driver had been on vacation -- sick metrobus driver, so this is likely the person pose the only recent shift. but it is a big concern for passengers to hear that one of
5:33 am
the drivers as viral meningitis. the driver's friday morning schedule was 7:13 trips from 14th street and buchanan streets in northwest to l'enfant plaza and an 8:00 trip to 14th street and colorado. finally the bus headed back to l'enfant plaza at 9:00 a.m. the bus has been removed from service until it can be sanitized. metro will disinfect all 164 buses at one location as a precaution. it is not aware of any passengers coming down with viral meningitis, but the symptoms include headaches next business, and vomiting, and sensitivity to light. all the buses have been scrubbed and cleaned at one location. there are five different types of meningitis. usually it takes about seven days to 10 days and is dangerous for children under 5 and for those with a weak immune system. reporting live from north west washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much.
5:34 am
of virginia teenager -- teacher faces charges for allegedly waiting to report allegations of possible child sex abuse. two students at the elementary school reported the allegations to her after an assembly last month. she is accused of waiting two weeks to tell authorities. virginia law requires people who work with children to report the claims within 72 hours. >> maryland governor martin o'malley scheduled to meet with the legislature's presiding officers to discuss holding a special session. the general assembly adjourns from its regular session without passing the revenue package. the governor says that he still does not know if a special session would include discussions of the casino gaming bill. >> u.s. capitol police jeep plans to retire at the end of may. he said his leaving for a new position in the private sector.
5:35 am
he would not provide details. he spent 28 years with capitol police and served as the chief since 2006. actor noah wylie was among more than 100 people arrested during a protest on capitol hill yesterday. he was part of a group urging congress not to make cuts to medicaid which provides low- cost health coverage for millions of poor americans and people with diabetes. he said he has never been arrested before, but he called the experience a real. -- surreal. >> a big day at the john edwards trial. who will take the stand and why he is a crucial witness for prosecutors. >> ♪ >> getting down to motown on "dancing with the stars." which celebrities got the highest scores. >> first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back. 5:35 on this tuesday morning,.
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>> good morning. my name is kamyra. we are students at martin luther king jr. >> good morning, washington. >> that is the kind of energy we
5:39 am
all need on a cool morning like this. temperatures in the 30's in outlying areas to kickstart our tuesday morning. this is a sign of fall, lake- effect snow in parts of new york and pennsylvania on the backside of the low pressure system, the nor'easter that brought us all the soaking rain. that put over an inch dent in the rainfall deficit we had. a good a healthy soakings rain for us healthynow in i. 37 degrees without in frederick, 37 in gaithersburg. i think you get the idea this morning. you need a heavy jacket. this afternoon, a little sunshine will warm us up to about 60, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday if with a breeze out of the west. tomorrow, even warmer,. 67. >> not very pleasant on the maryland side of town. there's a person on the metroaccess bus in medical
5:40 am
distress. our reporting cardiac arrest. the driver pulled over on to the right shoulder southbound after montrose road. more equipment has arrived on the scene to assist the person in medical distress. southbound 270 will be impacted coming through rockville. as far as virginia, not bad 66, 95 395, moving nicely. this is 270 after montrose road. back to you. >> thank you. motown was the theme of last night's "dancing with the stars ." smokey robinson, martha reeves, but sedations performed. >> 8 contestants david their shot and had to perform a solo dance and then a cha-cha dance marathon. when the night ended, opera singer katherine jenkins was on top once again. she is really setting the bar
5:41 am
high. she earns nearly a perfect score and earned 10 points for her dance marathon as well. jaleel white came in second filed by dell driver and william leavinvy. gladys knight is in last place. the bottom two couples will dance for the judges. that starts at 9:00 on abc 7 it. boys to men will perform. >> it will be great to see them again. i look forward to that. >> that's later tonight. right now it's 5:41, 42 degrees. >> a chilly start. more trouble for one of the white house party pressures. why virginia's attorney general is suing tareq salahi. >> new developments in the trayvon martin investigation. city commissioners in
5:42 am
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>> coming up as 6:00, montgomery county drivers should get ready to smile. more than a dozen new speed and red light camera is coming to streets near you. >> and your retirement benefits could be at risk much sooner than you think with social security. >> and invited guests crashed 11:00 news at a station in pennsylvania and. we will show you what happened, at the top of the hour. it's 5:45 right now. the florida police chief criticized for his department's handling of trayvon martin's debt designed only to be overruled by city leaders. under city commissioners rejected copolice chief bill lee's resignation. george zimmerman said that he shot the gun on 17-year-old in self-defense and is facing murder charges and is free on bond. emotional testimony from oscar- winning actress and singer jennifer hudson.
5:46 am
she broke down in tears a yesterday while testifying at the trial of the man accused of murdering her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. told jurors that no one in her family wanted her sister to mary william balfour. prosecutors say that he went on a violent rampage sparked by jealousy. he is pleading not guilty. >> john edwards will be back in court today for his trial. >> is accused of violating campaign finance laws to cover up an extramarital affair. tahman bradley reports that edwards' once loyal aide is taking the stand. >> they're trying to convince edwards of violating campaign finance laws. the star witness of the prosecution, andrew young, will be back on the stand today and to tell what he knew about the affair. they accuse the former senator of an illegal scheme to hide hunter from hisill wife and
5:47 am
voters. >> this was completely john edwards' plan. >> there was a voice mail. but young is far from perfect as a witness. he improperly contacted other witnesses in the case to ask about their planned testimony. he also had a one-night stand with one of them during the 2008 campaign he said that he fathered a baby with rielle hunter which we later learned was john edwards' child. >> john edwards did not engage in criminal actions. >> andrew young controlled cash payments given to rielle hunter your. the main question is whether john edwards knew about the money and whether he knew it was to save his campaign from embarrassment. >> the difficulty will be compiling evidence necessary to prove this type of payment was for campaign purposes. >> if found guilty, the charges
5:48 am
could put edwards behind bars up to 30 years. tahman bradley, abc news. >> other court proceedings the defense will present its opening statements and the roger clemens perjury trial today. the seven-time cy young award winner is accused of lying to congress when he said he never used performance enhancing drugs for. yesterday the prosecution presented its opening statements trying to portray him as a man who told lies and other allies to cover up those lies. >> there's more trouble for white house party crasher tareq salahi. >> virginia's attorney general ken cuccinelli has filed a lawsuit saying the man cheated customers who bought one stores in northern virginia. the suit claims he canceled tours and then did not offer a refund. several months ago ken cuccinelli settled another complaint against the man for making false statements and soliciting donations for the cure foundation without being registered in the state. rex the estranged wife of former nfl star deion sanders was
5:49 am
arrested on domestic violence charges last night. deion sanders showed a picture on his twitter pages of his children filling out complaints to give to police. he says that his children witnessed their mother and a friend jump him inside your house. they are in the middle of a bitter divorce. >> time to take a look at traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey. >> western maryland got up to six inches of snow yesterday, just north of frostburg. if you go 30 miles north of there in somerset county pennsylvania laurel summit that 23 inches of snow. that was the exception. that's how much they got at that elevation. unbelievable. let's look at the trafficharge.
5:50 am
look what the nor'easter did. we are a little less than four inches below average for our precipitation since january 1. reagan national since the start of the year, 7.28 inches of precipitation. that is. 4 inches below average. it's 42 degrees from our district, 39 in manassas, 41 in winchester, 37 in frederick, off 37 in gaithersburg. bob, a retired meteorologist in upper montgomery reported snowflakes. that was yesterday. there is ongoing lake-effect snow happening far to the north of us. today, near 60 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds.
5:51 am
tomorrow, well into the '60s and pleasant, and extensive brain on thursday. >> we have a live picture from newschopper 7. there was a passenger on a metroaccess bus who suffered cardiac arrest. southbound on 270 after montrose road, the activity moved to the shoulder. the person has been transported to the hospital. the ambulance has left the scene. traffic is getting through to access 495 south coming out of the local lanes and mainlines things will start to settle down. back to you. >> thank you. 5:51. the wave of the future, smartphones replacing dollars and credit cards for. >> looking for job? try looking in the u.s. tourism industry. linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. hotels are in hiring mode. economists from the u.s. travel association say that a rise in leisure and business travel is creating jobs in the travel industry nationwide that.
5:52 am
is benefiting our economy. u.s. lodging operators have a record of more than 1 billion visitors in the past 12 months. wall street today, netflix shares could take a big hit in today's trading. shares already plunging in the pre-market trading. the reason is the company is projecting a slowdown in growth for companies that streamed video. while the company may post a profit for the second quarter investors are looking at subscriber editions instead. mobil pavements are on the rise. -- payments. nearly two out of three respondents in a survey feel most people will fully adopt mobile payments as normal by the year 2020. that is business news. like the bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. it's 41 degrees. >> more bad news for the rest
5:53 am
will known as the heart attack grill.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> it has happened again. a customer suffered a heart attack at it the heart attack grill. >> the restaurant owner said a woman collapsed on saturday night while eating a meal called the double bypass berber. she was also smoking and drinking a margarita.
5:56 am
-- double bypass burger. >> this woman had given her body every single thing it could handle and the body finally gave out. >> the woman is expected to recover. previously, a man in his 40's had archetype heart attack while eating a 6,000 calorie hamburger. >> the two-year-old tyson. he is the winner of this year's beautiful bull dog contest in des moines iowa. look at the many faces of tyson. 49 other dogs were in the competition. it kicks off the annual drake relays track and field meet. other prizes included mr. congeniality and best dressed. >> th chee chef did not look happy. an important message for metro. a bus driver was diagnosed with
5:57 am
viral and dasa meningitis. >> so
5:58 am
>> a health scare for metro passengers on a popular bus route to northwest. we will have a live report. >> day two of the john edwards
5:59 am
trial resumes with the prosecution's key witness back on the stand. i will explain how the witness is far from perfect. >> following a double shooting investigation in the d.c. suburb. good morning, washington. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. tuesday, april 24. it feels a little more like winter once again. we are off to a cool start. glad you are waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey in a moment, but lisa baden first. >> it will get better, southbound out of gaithersburg into rockville on 270. we had a medical distress near montrose road. everything has been resolved. here's the pattern of traffic that


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