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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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is a family united by the church, by christ. they consider each other family because they're here without the real family. >> friends and family say the home belongs to a family that rented rooms to three other adults. none survived. the level of carbon monoxide, over five of parts per million was so high that it could have killed quickly. >> at 30 parts per million and extended periods, it's deadly. at the door, they discovered 140 parts per billion. at 5 rendered parts per million it would be pretty quick. >> an investigation is underway and autopsies are needed to confirm the cause of death but it appears a detached and rest out furnace exhaust system is to blame. >> if it separates, it releases carbon monoxide into the home. the thermostat indicated that it was on and it would have been
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pumping that right into the house. >> tragically the fire chief said this could have easily been prevented if the home had a fairly expensive carbon monoxide detector. that would have sounded an alarm and the family could have gotten out. coming up at 5:30, we will have more about the people lost their lives here today. >> what a tragedy. to give you an indication of how high the carbon monoxide levels were at 35 parts per million got my personal experience headaches and dizziness within six hours. at 100, a headache will come in about two hours. when it gets up to 800 nausea and convulsions can occur within 45 minutes. the house was reading about 550 parts per million. for more information on carbon monoxide poisoning and what to do in your house, go to.
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>> marion barry once more at to work in the d.c. hospitals, but -- let's go to northeast washington for more on what he had to say. >> marion barry was back at work today, setting the record straight about his words yesterday. >> he wants everyone to be clear -- >> the nation has a national shortage of millions -- of nurses to the point it has to hire foreigners and immigrants to do these jobs. that's all i said. >> that in response to media coverage of what he said yesterday that oversight hearing. >> it is so bad at hospital, we find the number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the philippines. no offense, but let's grow our own teachers, let's grow our own
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nurses so we don't have to be scrounging around in our community having to hide people from somewhere else. >> he said that was not about who hospitals should or should not higher, it's about training more nurses to answer that national service. >> [unintelligible] >> it that comment comes on the heels of his statement about asian business owners weeks ago. >> [unintelligible] >> i think he says things to get attention. >> people are making a big issue out of nothing because it is marion barry. >> that's their problem. it's not my problem. >> he says reporters to a kiss "out of context. -- took his "out of context.
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>> do you think marion barry went too far this time? 83% of those who took the poll said yes while 17% said no. >> today finally felt like april. temperatures started to go up in the right direction. >> let's get a first check of your forecast. >> we're making progress temperature wise. outside the weather center here, partly cloudy skies. the time lapse looking back across the city had a beautiful afternoon. we will keep an eye on those clouds. they will diminish tonight at that will allow temperatures to get pretty chilly. this is the latest satellite image -- you can see a little snow cover on top of the blue ridge. on the left-hand side of your screen, that is the coverage from the big snowstorm
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yesterday. the melting is already underway. the warm-up and the central plains will push eastward and we will get a taste of that on wednesday. for the rest of this evening breezy and cool, 57 and into the lower 50s by sunset. partly cloudy and chile by morning. we will look at warmer days to see if that lasts through the upcoming weekend. >> fire officials say a fireplace started a massive fire that destroyed a montgomery county home. it set 75 firefighters nearly three hours to put out the flames. news choppers haven't caught what was left of the home. everyone inside the property made it out safely. the homeowners said they used the fireplace last night. damages estimated at $60,000. >> 810-year-old case the stand and michael gardner's case.
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-- a 10 year old girl took the stand in the michael gardner case. >> that little girl was the only one to take the stand in the courtroom. she wore her sparkly sunglasses while she answered questions because she said she was nervous. >> inside this arlington koran a 10-year-old girl took the stand and identified her attacker. she pointed to michael gardner and said he was a man who fondled her at a slumber party at his house last june. the 10-year-old said she heard him fondle another girl sleeping near her in the basement. in court, the attorney read the statement to police, saying you told the detective it was too dark to see who was. the detect give said it did you see his face? the 10-year-old set know.
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the 10 year-old center story changed because she was nervous one year ago. -- said her story changed. >> then she told one story and now she's telling the opposite. on one thing after another and it calls into question her credibility. >> i did try to reach out and touch with other people on the other side of the aisle, family members of the victims, but they had not the court room yet. this trial could go on for several more days. prosecution has 16 more witnesses and the defense has 20. >> thank you. the driver charged in a deadly wreck last year has been found guilty of reckless driving. christophers far as faced that along with an aunt voluntary manslaughter charge. kendra tucker and savannah
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mauritidis were killed. he and four other students were in the car when it slammed into a beer and then into a tree. >> a baltimore mother is in custody after stabbing her daughter with a kitchen knife. she stabbed her baby outside the social services building. the eight month old was taken to hospital in stable condition. it is not known what prompted the other two injured child, but authorities say she will likely undergo a mental valuation. a man accused of stabbing branded banks is going to jail. jason shorter was sentenced to three months in jail. he pleaded guilty to stabbing the kick returner and another man outside of a d.c. nightclub in 2011. >> the man that redskins fans will bring a lot of attention to washington is bringing a lot of attention to new york. >> robert griffin the third is not officially redskin yet, but
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we've got the excitement surrounding him. >> he is taking new york by storm. everywhere he goes, he's trying a crowd and dry in a frenzy. the redskins committed themselves to taking him in thursday's draft. today, the subway shop committed to him by naming a barbecue chicken shub -- barbecued chicken sub after him. he knows he will be a redskin. there is pressure with that and he's falling all of the free draft type through the social media. >> i have been able to see what the fans are saying and they are excited about the be their quarterback and they are excited about teen the redskins can be with me as their quarterback not just because of me. they're not confident because i'm coming, they're confident because of what is already there. >> we will have more on rg3
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later in sports. he was born in 1990 and the skins have had 23 different starting quarterbacks. more than one i years since he was born and that all about to change. >> was at a lunch meat rg3 we saw? >> that was barbecued chicken. that's why i said he is saucy. >> coming up, we will take a closer look into the lives of the five people found dead in a home full of carbon dioxide. >> the second day of the john edwards trial and a 48 dropped some bombshells on the stand. >> she donated a kidney for boss and later was fired. the action she is now taking. >> love them or hate them or -- we
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>> get ready to slow down or face war tickets in montgomery county. >> more speed and red light cameras could go up. >> the camera that you see
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behind me are what the camera officials say works -- they say it slows people down and makes the road safer. authorities are considering putting more of them throughout the county. >> they are the traffic devices motorists love to hate. >> they're terrible. >> more may be on the way. >> looks like a revenue raiser as opposed to is a safety measure. >> the plan would put 10 new speed cameras and 20 red light cameras on the road. >> i don't like them. >> the county sees them as an effective enforcement tool. they raised nearly $10 million in revenue. these proposed camera, a new approach would be used. >> we want to announce where it
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is that let people know this is the speed camera corridor. >> many residents understand the goal of the cameras, but still don't want to see more. >> it would probably cut down accidents, but it's irritating. it's probably going to be more money out of my pocket. >> their initial locations will be announced. >> prince george's county is extending its school day for middle school students starting in august. the defense will be in class an extra 40 minutes and spent seven hours 20 minutes a day in school. officials say it will improve student achievement and reduce
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transportation costs. middle and high school students now ride the bus -- will ride the bus together and that will save the county $5 million a year. >> a pennsylvania weatherman finds it unbearable to do is forecast. family of bears invaded is weather station. he was greeting by this family of black bears. he was a smart guy and went right back inside and decided to give a forecast inside the studio. >> good thing he did not feed the bear everything or they would be back. >> use of a green screen there. >> what kind of furry visitors do you get your weather center? >> mostly it is pretty tame. today was an improvement over yesterday as far as temperatures been warmer.
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look at the time lapse from the naval academy and fair weather clouds are moving out. the wind is at the back of those sailors and cadets. the wins will diminish tonight and it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. some temperatures right now -- leesburg at a low of 33 this morning. 35 in laurel. in the district, 39 degrees. temperatures now in the upper 50s to lower 60s. no big surprise here, with the rain, the pollen counts are getting high again. i bet you grass pollen, those measurements are up as well. around the region, in the '60s. cooler somewhat than average but warmer than yesterday. not as warm as it will be
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tomorrow. when you get back up on kaiser's ridge, temperatures there are about 39 or 40 degrees. our temperatures will fall in response to clearing skies and trend down into the '40's. mid-30s in suburban areas. temperatures in the northeast are cool but comfortably so for this time. warmer in caribou maine. warmer as you work westward and if you get far enough west, it is getting pretty warm indeed. 85 in rapid city. this is when we start to see the early season spikes in heat and sooner or later this activity in the atmosphere will come stronger than the cold air from the north and you will know that because of forecasting temperatures in the '60s and '70s, you will see our numbers
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go up into the '80s were highs. we are not there yet. that upper level low spinning and spinning with a few portions' across pennsylvania. they will diminish tonight and high pressure will move then. watch the sun shine. on thursday, things will start to change a little bit. a cold front will have opportunities for showers and thunderstorms as we get through the day. the problem is over the weekend. this front will slip to the south. isolated showers with a little influence could come into play of late friday and saturday. there is your express forecast -- climbing into the upper 60s. a 70% chance of storms and
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isolated showers through friday and saturday's with temperatures holding just a bit below normal. >> another contestant is going to waltz off "dancing with the star's" tonight. last night was motown night and catherine dinkins was number one. >> that is incredible. that is a comeback. >> i don't know what to say. last week brought us so much closer together. >> gladys knight was in last place. you can savor tonight at 9:00. >> we have a new facebook contest and it's our biggest giveaway ever. >> you have the chance to win a brand new ford fiesta courtesy
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of tyson's four. just had to to enter. in may, we will pick one up lucky winner from the final 15. good luck. >> make sure you keep your phone charged up. coming up, why one woman is allowed to take a breast cancer drug not yet approved by the fda and why others are asking to take the same drug. >> a police chief is sentenced but as punishment is raising a lot of questions. >> [ male announcer ] this
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>> the edward campaign did not reveal or disclose these payments. no doubt because they wanted to keep the entire affair secret probably because of campaign finance violations laws. >> there was a monthly allowance of between $5,000.12000 dollars. >> the difficulty will be compiling the evidence necessary to prove this type of payment was for campaign purposes. >> edwards claims the money was a gift from friends who wanted to help him keep the affair a secret from his ailing wife. young has spoken privately about his knowledge of the affair before. >> that night they were in the same hotel together. >> tonight, he revealed new
5:26 pm
details, that he set up a bad phone to call him after elizabeth became suspicious about the affair. he also testified edwards called his former mistress a crazy slut and said there was a one in three chance to as the father of her child. young would end up claiming the child was his before the truth came out. young is expected back on the witness stand tomorrow. >> an armored car driver is in custody after police say he murdered his co-worker and ran off with more than $2 million. the fbi said he was on the run for two months. in february, he allegedly shot his partner in the back of the head. investigators say he took $2.5 million and ran off. he was found in a florida home with two guns at more than a million dollars. he reportedly stashed money in various places. he will be heading to pennsylvania to face a long list
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of charges. >> still at, interest on college loans is set to go up this summer. the president hit the road to talk about how to -- how to prevent rising debt. >> look at this video -- see you comes to her rescue, just ahead. >> five people died from apparent carbon
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>> we have breaking news on the secret service scandal -- republican congressman peter king says three more secret service employees have been forced out of their positions. however, to more employees have been cleared. 12 secret service employees and 12 members of the military are under investigation for allegedly hiring prostitutes while in colombia. a total of nine secret service and police have been forced out and three have been cleared. >> more now on the tragic story of five people found dead in and oxon hill home, the victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> you can see some of the family and friends of the victims of the family gathered across the street from the home. they have been across the street most of the day in shock. as family members rushed to the home this morning, you could see them melt under the weight
5:31 pm
of the horrible news. the first here was the one who made the gruesome discovery it 10:00 to check on his dad and stepmother who was on recovering from recent acts to surgery. when no one answered the door he knew something was wrong. >> i got into the house, walked through and found the body of my father and stepmother. everyone inside was dead. >> the house had filled sometime during the morning or night with carbon monoxide, leaking from a broken height -- broken pipe in the air. the picture was taken just last night, holding the granddaughter who died along with his wife. two other men rented rooms in the house. they all perished, overcome by the odorless but powerful fumes. >> my mother was a hard-working
5:32 pm
woman. she worked in the bakery at giant, originally from el salvador. she lived in this house with her husband for five years. >> she says her aunt was here taking care of her mother. all five victims were from el salvador with little family here, but friends say they were active in their church and strong in their faith. the pastor of that church told us most of the victims have children back in el salvador and it's going to be very hard for him to make that call to explain to them what happened here. >> thank you. here is a look at today's other top stories -- d.c. councilman marion barry is catching heat for his recent comments about hospitals hiring immigrants of nurses instead of d.c. residents. he said his original comments were only meant to highlight a national shortage of nurses. he said he is not making a
5:33 pm
judgment on who hospitals should and should not hire. >> a 10-year-old girl took the stand today and michael gardner's sexual assault trial. the girl said gardner fondled her and another girl but last year the girl told police she did not know who touched her. today, she said she did not identify him at first because she was afraid. >> or traffic cameras could be on the way to montgomery county. the county is set to approve a plan to put 10 new speed cameras and 20 new red light cameras on the roads. the county issued more than five under thousand tickets because of the cameras and it raised nearly $10 million in revenue. >> more bomb shells and the court today in the john edwards trial. it's a hot topic on world news tonight and i had a chance to talk with diane sawyer about it. what is the big headline this
5:34 pm
evening? >> we are going to examine the john edwards trial in a new way. seems to come down to what did his late wife know and when did she know it? we will tell you why that is so critical. our hidden america series is on tonight -- this is where we look at people all around us, some of them struggling with things they have no idea because they are not in the headlines. in this case, children going to emergency rooms suffering from something that is easily preventable. we will bring you the first of our big new series tonight. >> i know that hit in america reporting is a passion of yours and you have opened up a lot of work -- a lot of eyes with that. >> thank you very much. great to hear that from you. >> you can see those stories and more tonight on "world news" at 6:00. >> it was a sweet bust at dulles international airports today. they seized 4 pounds of cocaine
5:35 pm
hidden inside chocolate bars and juice boxes. officers found the drug is in the luggage of a baltimore woman returning from a loss of the door. the drugs are worth an estimated $130,000. the woman faces a five-year ban on travel to the u.s.. >> the legg mason tennis classic is no more. citi has become the official new sponsor. there the seventh sponsor over 44 years. legg mason was the longest sponsor in u.s. history, having sponsored the event since 1994. along with the change of sponsorship comes a tournament -- a women's tournament will become part of the main event. time now for a track on air- traffic situation. >> we're seeing some delays on the 395 heading toward duke street. on 295, a slow go.
5:36 pm
on 295, it begins around banning road. traveling on to the interlude of the beltway crossing the american legion ridge, slow traffic there and additional delays on the inner loop near georgetown road. 207 northbound to the middlebrook road, you are on the brakes near clarksburg heading toward the 109. highet's town, watch out for a closure because of a water main break. >> thank you. coming up, ready to pay more interest on your student loan? there's one thing that can stop the increase from happening. >> a 24-year veteran of the fredericksburg police department pleaded guilty to soliciting a
5:37 pm
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>> had the lead detective at fredericksburg police department is a convicted felon tonight. >> he sold -- he pleaded guilty to soliciting a teenager for sex, but he was paired time behind bars. we've got reaction and an explanation. >> the former head of the detective division and 24-year veteran of the force pleaded guilty to soliciting a teenage boy for sex. the judge sentenced him to six years in prison and then avoided the entire sentence. this is raising eyebrows across fredericksburg. >> the fredericksburg police department is without its lead detective. he is off the force, a convicted felon but not behind bars. >> he is a cop. or was a cop. >> neighbors called him a family man who prowled he took a 17-year-old to a
5:41 pm
stafford county motel 6 after driving to fairfax county in an unmarked car to pick him up. they repeatedly had sex. witnesses say the 70-year-old looks much blunter. >> i say that is a predator. >> taylor was arrested when he returned to the motel. >> it doesn't look right. it just doesn't look right. >> everyone knows about taylor and everyone has an opinion. a judge sentenced to six years but suspended the entire term. the attorney stressed the teenager was a willing participant and refused to participate and the prosecution. >> you have to consider the circumstances. he wanted that clearly. >> prosecutors say it's unlikely taylor will have to register as a sex offender. >> he should be treated as a criminal and the registered as a sex offender. >> we reached out to the
5:42 pm
prosecutor but have not heard back. we understand it state sentencing guidelines for these offenses do not mandate a bridge -- and do not -- did not mandate imprisonment. >> up next, she donated a kidney for sick boss. why would she fired later? >> a stage for breast cancer patient gets approval to use the drug not yet approved by the fda. why others are requesting a
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>> a trial drug for breast cancer patients is still in the works and not approved by the fda, but one woman got to use the drug. >> us because of the video she posted online. >> it is a very unique story -- a 46-year-old woman dying of breast cancer makes the unique plea on youtube, desperately begging the fda and drug manufacturers to give her an experimental and unapproved drug. she hopes it will prolong her life.
5:46 pm
>> here i am with a train coming out of my liver. >> she posted this video on youtube, showing how stage for breast cancer left her wasting away. she begged the food and drug administration and the company that makes it the new drug to let her try it now since she is not expected to live until the time it is released. >> it could stabilize me and help. >> she has written dozens of letters to leave behind for sun. >> i have to plan what i'm going to do for my son. >> days after posting this heart wrenching the video, she -- it was agreed at that she would be provided the drug. >> i think it takes courage to stand up and say i eat -- say you have something that could help me. >> it is a new breast cancer
5:47 pm
drug for patients with advanced breast cancer. patients who added this drug lived an average of 18.5 months without tubers growing. it showed a 38% drop in the risk of the disease worsening or death. the new drug is on priority review status with the fda meaning it can be reviewed within six months rather than the usual 10 to 12 months. >> thank you. a woman in new york that when she donated a kidney for boss, she did not get a thank-you but she was fired instead. she said she donated a kidney underbosses behalf to move the ailing woman up on a transplant list. she barely had complications and called in sick several times. when she showed up, she said her boss belittled her and transferred her to a branch 50
5:48 pm
miles away and there, she lost her job. now she is suing. >> she broke my heart. >> atlantic auto group where she is to work says it has done nothing wrong. they issued a statement saying she used her own generous act to make a crowd was a claim. >> it's not what you expect when you walk along the sidewalk. is it teenager falls right through the concrete. it turns out water have eroded the sidewalk under ground and she fell into that 18-foot hole. the cab driver gets out and jumps into the hole to try to help her. firefighters came and got both of them out. family members used the surveillance video to track down the cabbie and thank him for his help. >> lucky people. >> good thing that camera was there. let's see what's coming up at
5:49 pm
6:00. >> we are going back to get an update on the deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. five people died. we have been talking about this since the weekend -- gas prices are going down, but why is it happening now and will prices go up as we get closer to summer? we will see you at a couple of minutes. >> we are getting closer to spring. >> let's go straight out to big meadows at shenandoah national park and look at time lapse. watch what happens as we go through the day. the sun comes up and temperatures start to rise. even the colder temperatures, a lot of that melting away. 57 in hagerstown.
5:50 pm
63 in at fredericksburg. it will be partly cloudy with winds ranging in amid a -- clouds and as we had through thursday, a warm front will approach. later in the afternoon, the cold front will come through. as we had through thursday, it will be breezy with a chance of showers and storms. check out, home of abc 7 weather. there are some wild calculations about how much rain fell yesterday. check that out when you get a chance. >> don't you think there is a point where this much attention might be a bad thing?
5:51 pm
>> wins the last time you saw a red skin get this kind of attention? >> it takes a lot to get the folks in new york city buzzing about the nfl draft. today, at a sandwich shop on fifth avenue, a bevy of camera crews caught up with the future quarterback. >> everywhere he steps foot, a frenzy of people are waiting. today companies that buy a subway sandwich shop. he answered a brush of questions. >> i think it's safe to say i will be no. 2 and i'm not satisfied with that, but i'm glad to be in washington. >> i have to go and prove it to
5:52 pm
them. you cannot come in thinking you are the big dog. i might not be the first pick, but i still have to beat recs grossman. >> it's a lot easier to chant that. >> it is a challenge the heisman trophy winner is ready to accept. >> pressure is something you feel when you don't know what you're doing. but if there is no pressure, there is no diamond. you want that pressure because it means you have a chance. >> he said his family's will be with him including family from new orleans considering they open the season against the saints. >> we will have more coming up at 6:00.
5:53 pm
let's look at our shot of the night. a basketball shot to remember -- how about this without a balance on the bucket. he's 15 years old. the simply impossible shot goes in and that is our shot of the week. >> get out of here. even a guy holding the camera said "are you serious." >> that israel. >> i don't believe you. coming up, -- >> college tuition rates could go up a lot if congress does not intervene in the next couple of months.
5:54 pm
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>> a california teacher has been named teacher of the year. she teaches seventh grade english and she was recognized
5:57 pm
with finalists at the white house today. she hosts family night, sends out memos to parents and even hosts a class facebook page. >> after meeting with teachers of the year, president obama hit the road to talk to college students. >> the hot topic was a student loans and the interest they will be paying off for years to come. >> today the president was speaking specifically about federally backed loans for lower and middle-income students. we're talking about rates that are locked at 3.4%. it would jump to 6.8% unless congress decides to extend that. >> for students like this one there is a burden beyond studies. student loans -- in case -- in
5:58 pm
his case close to $100,000. >> you have to worry about graduation, but you're going to be able to pay it back. >> the national tennis $870 billion. >> do you have any idea how long you'll be plot -- how long you will be paying? >> 15 or 20 years. >> the president called on congress to freeze the rate at 3.4%. >> we have to make sure you are not saddled with debt before you even get started in life. can i get an amen? >> in virginia, a similar push from gov. bob macdonald, asking colleges to keep tuitions near the average. the sea bumped its rate a whopping 24%. -- vcu of its rate a whopping
5:59 pm
24%. >> the college that for our young people right now is stifling and not acceptable. >> i think it is important to help the people who are going to be the next generation of businesses and government, to help them out as much as they can. >> back to the federal loans -- we're talking about a one-year quick fix getting some rare bipartisan support. there are concerns because the cbo estimates it will cost roughly $6 billion just for one year. >> that is it for us at 5:00. coming at 6:00, -- >> a community is in mourning after five people are found dead in a home. >> relief for drivers at the pump. >> two years after the disaster, the first criminal charges are made in the bp oil spill investigation.


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