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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to derail. and after five people died in a carbon monoxide situation, what the authorities are doing now. if >> a preview of a must win a game of the washington capitals against boston. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> its wednesday morning, april 25. good morning, washington. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment, but first adam caskey. i am getting concerned about the weekend weather. >> if we wili am concerned about the apf tonight. 38 degrees in shepherdstown right now 42 in chevy chase, 37 in winchester, 35 in la plata.
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cold out there to start the day. normally we would be near 50. scattered clouds, sunshine, near 70 this afternoon, warming up nicely. >> starting nicely around the beltway. interstate travel is good. green light in and out of the district. now to news. some metro rail passengers hope they're not in for any trouble today after a train derailed last night at the rosslyn station. thousands of passengers were forced to find another way. >> john gonzalez is live in arlington with the developing story. how is it looking for the morning commute? >> metro has issued an update this morning. we understand the blue line in rosslyn has been restored to normal service along with the orange line, which was temporarily shut down overnight while metro proust made the repairs and tested the track. but this morning they are trying
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to figure out why this happened in the first place. thousands of commuters headed home last evening and left stranded after a train derailed at a busy transfer station in rosslyn, creating massive delays. metro officials say at 7:00 the six-car train left the station headed to springfield when the front car derailed. everyone got out safely, about a thousand passengers, no injuries reported. critical questions remain. >> the pltrain jolted and then we stopped. >> they said the driver announced through the loud speaker that there were screeching problems >> . the train started shaking and then derailed. >> they put three shuttle buses in place to try to reroute thousands of commuters, but even the backup plan created more delays and confusion. >> apparently the orange line,
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there was a problem just before then. it is an old system and things breakdown. >> the switch points on the real system are considered the most vulnerable on the trap. it is still not clear how close the train was to this switch point, but it appears st service has been restored. >> a with abc 7 for the latest updates on the situation. for a photo gallery from inside the rosslyn station,,,, >> the mental status of a man charged with killing his socialite wife in georgetown will be the subject of a court hearing today. >> doctors are expected to tell the court that albrecht muth is still mentally competent to stand trial. they will recommend that the state's elizabeth's hospital in southeast d.c. he is charged with killing 91- gerald viola drath.
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-- 91-year-old. >> five people were found dead inside a home in oxon hill yesterday. investigators say they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. jummy olabanji is live in that neighborhood this morning to explain what exactly firefighters are now doing today. >> in just a couple hours later this morning, fire officials from prince george's county will be going all across the county going door-to-door talking with residents about fire safety and carbon monoxide safety. they don't want another family in this county to go through what this family went through yesterday. >> how can you explain? it hurts. >> tanya cannot put into words how painful it was to learn that her favorite aunt and uncle are dead. prince george's county fire
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officials say that 56-rolled oscar chavez and his 44-year-old wife were two of five victims who passed away. fire officials believe the cause was carbon monoxide. another family member made a horrific discovery. yesterday discovery the prince george's county fire chiefs of the level of carbon monoxide firefighters discovered was over 500 parts per million and that was so high it could of killed quickly. >> 30 parts per million is deadly. >> the other victims identified as the sister of sonya chavez and two men who rented rooms in the house. all five victims were described as active in their church and strong in their faith. >> it's hard. >> autopsies are being performed this morning.
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and an investigation is under way. the fire chief says right now they believe the cause of all this is a broken furnaces report. and live in oxon hill, jummy olabanji. >> wednesday morning, a former head above tsaof the tsa says that they should stop looking for weapons that cannot penetrate. a penetrate >> so i should be able to carry a knife? >> yes. they should only be looking for explosives or toxins, things that can kill a lot of people very fast. he says agents should be running airports asking questions and watching shady characters. it's 36 degrees in leesburg this morning. >> still ahead, we have a chance for you to take part in our biggest facebook giveaway.
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learn how to enter for a chance to win a new car. >> arizona pose a controversial law to fight illegal immigration is headed to the supreme court. we have a preview. >> and a preview of today's
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>> wednesday morning. it is cold this morning. normally this time of year we would be in the upper 40's to start the day. we are in the 30's and in most locations right now. look at the frost advisory in effect for frederick, loudoun, fauquier county and to the west. freeze warning in west virginia. 34 degrees at dulles and manassas, 36 in gaithersburg, 37 in frederick, 46 downtown, 48 in annapolis along the water. a cool start to the day, you need a jacket. short sleeves by this afternoon. scattered clouds, near 70. tomorrow morning's commute will be damp. >> i am glad you said that part about the jacket. i ran back inside. you might need to pack extra
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patients. you never know what you'll find around the beltway. overnight construction put to bed. if accident on 95 between lorton and newington has been taken care of. pedestrian accidents along river road just happened in potomac. no accidents in virginia or maryland around the beltway. back inside. >> if you thought that darnah ipad giveaway was pretty cool, we are giving away a brand new car in may. a ford fiesta. >> all you to do is go to and follow the directions. next monday we will pick the first of 15 finalists during abc 7 news at 5:00. if if your name is called, you will have 30 minutes to call in for a final entry. in the month of may we will choose one lucky winner from the final 15. log on and enter >> .
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that's exciting. what is not exciting as the cold temperatures out there. 39 degrees in rockville. >> coming up, a special honor that brought former congresswoman gabrielle giffords back to d.c. >> the supreme court is set to take we want to protect the house. right. but... home security systems can be really expensive. to save money, we actually just adopted a rescue panther. i think i'm goin-... shhh! we find that we don't need to sleep that much. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? le [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yos? >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> later today the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on arizona's controversial laws aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration. brianne carter is live outside the supreme court this morning with details. >> good morning. already have a number of people lined up out here at this early hour waiting to get into your
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the arguments in the case that will get under way in a matter of hours. justices will begin weighing in on the fate of the controversial arizona law which is considered the toughest state immigration enforcement lot to date. the highest court will review the law that includes a number of provisions. among those, allowing police to question a person's immigration status if officers suspect he or she is in the country illegally,. it also allows police to arrest suspected immigrants without a warrant. supporters argued it is necessary in arizona. the obama administration argues it goes against federal immigration policy. five other states of passed similar laws, part of which are on hold pending the outcome of all this. a decision in this case is expected in late june. they expect the crowd to grow throughout the morning as we get closer to the time the case will get under way. we're not expecting to see justice elena kagan. is not taking part in the case.
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people presume that is perhaps because she worked on the case while part of the justice department. dozens of people already lined up this morning waiting to get into your the case which gets under way later this morning. reporting live outside the supreme court, brianne carter. >> the first criminal charges have been filed in connection with the gulf oil disaster if that started two years ago. a former bp engineer was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. he destroyed hundreds of text messages which indicated the blown out oil well was spewing far more oil than people originally admitted. as lawyer calls the charges misguided. >> another emotional day for jennifer hudson. this was during the trial for the man charged with murdering her mother, brother, and nephew. the singer and actress left the courtroom yesterday to avoid having to see grisly photographs of of the bodies of family members prosecutors. said that her former brother-in- law william balfour carry out the crime in a jealous rage. \ he has pleaded not guilty.
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in the john edwards trial today defense lawyers will get their first shot at cross-examining a former aide acwho was a key witness. andrew young testified edwards had a plan to funnel money from rich friends to hide his affair with his pregnant mistress. edwards has pleaded not guilty to campaign finance rules. >> gabrielle giffords received an award for the women's political organization emily's list. her good friend kirsten gillibrand also. attended also. giffords resigned in january 1 year after being shot in the head during an event in tucson. google is launching a new cloud storage service. >> and there's a new vacuum that cleans and modest -- that cleans and counts your calories. rob nelson has more.
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>> google's drive allows you to store videos and documents and photographs and it is cheaper than another service. appapartially paralyzed man poked up to an electronics computer sends messages to a computer 6 miles away just by thinking them. he directs a small robot to of. a new high-tech vacuum compresses the dirt and makes it easier to discard and it tabulates how many calories you burn. those are your "tech bytes" and i am rob nelson. >> interesting. >> that will give you some incentive to do the housework.
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>> not a bad day today. cold this morning. warming up nicely this afternoon. unsubtle tomorrow. i think there's more beneficial rain on the way. we could still use some showers around here. giving the gardens and natural drink. frost advisory posted for some counties north and west of washington, along the mason- dixon line from frederick, loudoun culpeper, fauquier county and points west. freeze warning in parts of the shenandoah valley especially in west virginia this morning. it's 37 in winchester, 34 in culpeper, 46 in the district, 37 in frederick 38 in fredericksburg. we would normally be pushing 50 degrees downtown at this time. clear skies to start the day. a lot of sunshine throughout wednesday with patchy, cotton
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ball clouds developing in the afternoon. we will shift our attention to the midwest. look at minnesota, wisconsin iowa -- iowa, that is the next storm system to affect us. that will cause rain from the morning commute, light showers here and there, and then for the evening commute, a few thunderstorms developing. warmer air behind a warm front will clip us tomorrow. we will be near 70 today. by tomorrow, well into the '70s and noticeably warmer. cooling down into the weekend. saddam they look a little unsettled, upper 50's the. that's the forecast. >> marc rail is reporting all can the nine trains are running about 15 minutes late because of signal problems. camcamden commuters on marc rail. let me show you a 95 northbound
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moving very nicely at duke street. looks good on 66, quiet on 95 on the maryland side as well. back to you. >> thank you. 40 degrees this morning in laurel. it's the nationals make their way to southern california. did the pitching stay hot? >> going once, going twice. >> a bidding war in the studio. and john cusack is here.
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s things fun. sometimes she lets us pick out stuff we love, like sunnyd. she likes that it has 40% less sugar than most regular soda brands. we just love the taste. ♪ make today a sunny day. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute clucks bouncing the ball right back up the middle. >> that's a nice way to start the season on the west coast. the nationals pinch-hitter became the delivery man and he delivered against in san diego last night. the nationals had a lead and
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they went on to beat the padres 3-1. >> day gio gonzalez pitched three scoreless innings. they are now 13-4. >> now more sports. >> the capitals are in boston tonight it. talk about pressure. capitals and bruins will play game 7. the winner moves on and the loser is done. the capitals a yesterday were reminded about the stanley cup champions. this capital's team is not like the teams of the last four years. these guys at the battle just to get into the playoffs. braden holtby will be as cool as a cucumber. >> it's another game. you read everything about who has been successful in pressure situations, bringing the heat down a little.
5:26 am
playing it like any other game and doing things that make it successful. >> the nfl draft begins tomorrow night at 8:00. the colts have already said that they will take andrew love and argie iiand griffin. >> a company wants to preserve its right to sell trading cards featuring photographs of andrew luck during a 2008 bowl game, but he wants the company to stop selling the cards. will have to wait and see what happens. lakers forward metta world peace has been suspended for seven games from it the nba for hitting james harden on sunday. that means metta world peace could be back late in the first round of the playoffs for the lakers.
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>> it's 5:26 this morning, 41 degrees in adelphi. the news continues at 5:30. >> the latest effort to help the family of trayvon martin. a fundraiser right here in d.c. tonight. >> i am john gonzalez in rosslyn. metro train derailed. i will have a live report. >> chile on this wednesday morning. we will warm up
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a new issue for metro does days before scheduled track work. the transit agency looking into what caused the blue line train to derail last night at the
5:30 am
rosslyn station. good morning, washington. it is wednesday, april 25. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. this time, lisa baden. >> metro rail reporting their back on normal service systemwide. on that coming up. marc rail is reporting all camden line trains are averaging 15 minutes late because of a switch problem. normal travel times on 66 this morning even with a broken-down vehicles on the right shoulder eastbound just before the beltway. no additional time needed through falls church on 395. looks good as far as the maryland commute on 270 70, and the g.w. parkway looks pretty good in both directions between the beltway and the cia. >> it's a cold start on this wednesday morning. 30's to start the day. it will warm up nicely this afternoon. grab a jacket this morning. have short sleeves ready later on today. 36 in montgomery village, 41 in
5:31 am
herndon, 37 in fairfax and in bowie. 34 degrees in waldorf the. there's a chill in the air to start our morning. notice the temperatures will warm up to near 70 degrees for the high temperature. that is average for this time of year. a few sprinkles tonight. tomorrow looks unsettled. and rain showers through the commute, followed by sunshine. thursday we will have areas of rain at the beginning and at the end. we could still use them. >> a stressful ride for about 1000 metro rail passengers last night's. >> a blue line train derailed at the rosslyn station. passengers had to scramble to make other arrangements. john gonzalez is live in arlington this morning with an update on how this morning's commute is shaping up. >> the news is good this morning. metro has been updating us. blue line service in rosslyn has been restored along with the orange line, which was
5:32 am
temporarily shut down overnight while metro crews 3 railed the train, made the repairs, and tested the tracks. -- rerailed the train. metro officials say around 7:00 the yesterday evening a six-car train left the station headed for springfield forthe wheel set of the first car derailed. everybody got out safely, about 1000 passengers on board. no one critically injured. passengers say minutes before everything came to a screeching halt, the driver announced there were switching problems just ahead. transit agency put in place several shuttle buses to try to reroute everyone but that created more delays and confusion. the switch point on the real system is considered the most vulnerable on the track. metro is still investigating how close that train was to this
5:33 am
which point in rosslyn. the good news is the blue line and online are back on normal service. john gonzalez reporting. prince george's county firefighters will go door-to- door today hoping to prevent another carbon monoxide tragedy. firefighters will test smoke alarms and hand out information on the deadly gas after five people were found dead in oxon hill home yesterday if. them died from carbon monoxide positing. authorities say the carbon monoxide came from a broken exhaust pipe on the furnace. >> a military judge in fort meade expected to decide today whether the case against the soldier accused of giving secrets to wikileaks website can move forward. private first class bradley manning's lawyers want charges against him thrown out because prosecutors are taking too much time to hand over required information. he faces several charges including aiding the enemy. maryland governor martin o'malley says that he is not only leaning towards a special session, called two of them.
5:34 am
the first would be a midnight. it wants lawmakers to pass a tax to raise $12 million in debts. he might order a second special session this summer to take up a gambling bill. fairfax county supervisors have given preliminary approval to a 6.7 billion budget. it would raise real estate taxes on the average household by about $80. it would increase spending by $175 million over the years. board members approved several amendments including $3.3 million for affordable housing initiatives. the budget is up for final approval on may 1. >> under the people expected to gather in d.c. tonight to raise money for the family of trayvon martin. celebrities, politicians martin's family members expected to attend at the shadowed room -- shadow room on k street in
5:35 am
northwest. george zimmerman is currently free on bond. it's 5:34 this morning 36 degrees in la plata >> . republican presidential candidate mitt romney, what he says about sweeping all five of yesterday's primaries. >> and an assault case of forming nfl hall of fame player deion sanders. he claims his estranged wife assaulted him. why is he facing charges? >> traffic and weather every ten minutes on this wednesday morning.
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>> i am the executive chef at food & friends, where we prepare and deliver meals to people with hiv aids cancer, and like challenging illnesses. myself along with all our staff and volunteers would like to wish you a -- >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. 5:38, traffic and weather. let's let's start with adam caskey. >> 48 degrees right now along the water at chesapeake beach, a little warmer than yesterday as they prepared to head out in the fishing boats to drop their lines. there's a cloud deck in the distance that will make for a beautiful sunrise.
5:39 am
i will have a nice time lapse on that. 34 degrees right now dulles airport, 46 in the district, 36 in frederick and martinsburg. back down in the 30's, but we will warm up quickly. by 11:00 a.m., 60 degrees. our high temperature at 4:00 p.m. will be about 69. a jacket this morning, but short sleeves this afternoon. a west wind at 5-15. tomorrow areas of light rain off and on. morning showers followed by sunshine by lunchtime. after that, the thunderstorms later in the day tomorrow. well into the '70s. the weekend looks unsettled especially on saturday. could use some rain and looks like we will get up to 1/2 inch tomorrow and then again into the weekend. >> plenty of traffic starting to hit the road. travel times still in our favor across the american legion bridge for drivers out of
5:40 am
tyson's hands through bethesda,. along 270 at father hurley boulevard headlights are southbound out of germantown gaithersburg, rockville, all looks good. back to you. >> thank you. the space shuttle enterprise will spend a couple extra days in the d.c. area. it was scheduled to be flown from dulles airport to new york 's kennedy airport today, but nasa delayed the flight until friday because of concerns about the weather. enterprise will go on display at the uss intrepid this summer. it's been on display at the smithsonian udvar-hazy center for the past few years. >> it's 5:00 for the outside, 41 degrees in adelphi maryland. >> grab a jacket. we are seeing the first new case of mad cow disease in the u.s. since 2006. health authorities say the animal is not a threat to the nation's food supply. >> growing concern in california where teenagers are using hand sanitizer
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>> coming up at 6:00, take your old cell phone to work with. you this with or an old ipod or laptop. you can give hope to women and children worldwide just by writing metro. we will give you details at 6:00. >> saving the post office. group of senators want to slow the cuts coming to your mail service. >> a white house party crasher now wants to run for state office. we will tell you why and which one of them, coming up the top of the dollar. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano expected to face tough questions about the secret service sex scandal when she appears before a senate committee today. this comes a day after the agency said it was taking action against 12 employees allegedly involved with prostitutes in colombia.
5:45 am
nine employees have been forced out. four have had their security clearance revoked. more people could be implicated. >> it appears mitt romney has all but sewn up the republican presidential nomination. >> he swept all five primaries yesterday. tahman bradley has the latest. >> the general election is well underway. mitt romney claimed the mantle of republican presidential nominee. i can say with confidence and gratitude that you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility. together we are going to win on november 5. >> weeping five primaries today the former massachusetts governor left behind the gop nomination battle and sharpened his attacks on president obama. >> tonight is the beginning of the end of the disappointments of the obama years. it is the start of a new and better chapter that we will write together. >> the president is in full
5:46 am
campaign mode taking his message to the younger viewers of late- night with jimmy fallon. >> now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. >> ♪ >> the president is pushing congress to extend current interest rates on student loans, which are set to double, crisscrossing key battleground states this week, he is courting young voters and try to draw a contrast with his republican rival. without mentioning nam le by name, the president highlighted the fact that he and his wife michelle were not raised in wealthy households. >> we know about this firsthand. we have been in your shoes. >> newt gingrich may have finally gotten a hint that the general election is underway. candidates says that his campaign -- the candidate says
5:47 am
that his campaign will take a serious look at where things stand. correct a dairy cow in california has mad cow disease. it appears to be an isolated incident, the start of an epidemic. they say it was never a threat to the food. investigators are trying to determine how the animal got sick. teenagers showing up in l.a. emergency rooms after drinking liquid hand sanitizer to get drunk. there have been only a few cases, but an expert said this could signal a dangerous trend. sanitizer contains 62% ethyl alcohol. there will be more on this story on good morning america today at 7:00 right after "good morning washington." >> former nfl star deion sanders has been charged with misdemeanor simple assault. >> this is after an altercation with his estranged wife that estrangedher arrested at their mansion in suburban dallas on monday. they live together but on
5:48 am
different sides of their house. the charge against deion sanders not warrant an arrest. it covers any act intended to be aggressive and could be as simple as touching or jerking away from someone's grips. yesterday's sanders' estranged wife spoke with the media after appearing in court. i understand i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. gets a magistrate judge ordered pilar sanders to stay away from her home for 60 days and she has been barred from drowning or harassing her husband. deion sanders filed for divorce in december. >> lindsay lohan goes to washington. the actress will attend the white house correspondents association dinner this weekend. they will be the guests of fox news toast bread events restaurantwho has been known for bringing unusual guests to the annual dinner. >> she brought kim kardashian a
5:49 am
few years ago. turning to dancing, the viewers and judges were not kind to the motown legend during motown week. >> gladys knight and rochon fegan had to face off in a dancing duel because they had the lowest scores. the judges decided to keep rochon fegan on the show. that means gladys knight has to go. the other contestants will return monday night on abc 7. howard johnson hotels are paying tribute to the hit show madmen. >> and linda bell joins us from new york. >> good morning. let's begin with h&r block. it has agreed to pay $28 million to resolve regulatory claims that its subsidiary sold investors subprime mortgage- backed securities without disclosing risks. in 2006 it was one of the country's biggest subprime lenders.
5:50 am
coach is seeing sales at department stores drop compared to last year. it now has plans to boost the number of men's items by the end of this year. bad news for bargain hunters. it is putting an end to a factory outlet coupons. a free state at howard johnson's hotel if your name don draper. this is in regard to the show "mad men," in which the actor was not able to use the pool on the show. >> thanks so much. i hope they don't change the promotion and someone changes their name. >> that must tell about a lot of
5:51 am
people. greg rather cold to start the day. we will warm up nicely. a jacket this morning and short sleeves this afternoon. you need an umbrella by this time tomorrow. mature the windshield wipers are ready to go. we will have light rain to start the day tomorrow. it's going to be a little unsettled, but not a washout. we have cold temperatures at the beautiful sky line this morning in washington. sunrise at 6:17. clouds in the distance. that will make for a gorgeous sunrises. over the bay, anglers headed on to the water. folks getting ready to go out and drop a line this morning. 46 right now in the district, 34 at dulles airport. the freezing mark in culpeper. that is the exception. 36 industry and frederick, 39 in lexington park along the water if. there's a chill in the air today. have a jacket this morning and short sleeves this afternoon. clear skies to start with a
5:52 am
cloud deck in the distance farther to the east. that will make for beautiful sunrise. here's the area of low pressure developing to our northwest. in the upper midwest, is organizing in parts of minnesota and wisconsin and moving into iowa. that will drop into washington tomorrow and give us unsettled weather and pushed the warmer air our way. today at lunchtime, go outdoors. 64 degrees and sunny. 4:00 p.m., 69 degrees with scattered clouds. we will start the day tomorrow with some rainfall. i expect sunshine by lunchtime. then a few thunderstorms for the drive home. a little unsettled tomorrow, but not a total washout. mid 70's. the weekend looks unsettled especially on saturday with areas of rain, upper 50's by then. >> there is a crash on 66 eastbound at the second manassas exit where you merge onto the eastbound 66 and the
5:53 am
two left lanes are blocked. upstream, no accidents, but plenty of volume, merging at 53 falls church. marc rail says all camden lines are 15 minutes late because of a switch problem. metro rail is on normal service. 270, plenty of headlights are southbound out of gaithersburg, heading into rockville still moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. it's 39 degrees in rockville. >> another restaurant chain coming out with a strange concoction. where pizza hut is marketing
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> 5:56. it seems pizza hut wants to cram everything into the crust these days. expressed unchained recently stuff to the crust in britain with hot dogs. now it is introducing the crown crust pizza to its middle east franchise. it contains tiny cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets. previous versions of the crown crust pizza included meatballs and cream cheese. >> i guess you can still call it pizza. it's no surprise to have a bride or groom serenade their loved one on their wedding day. >> ♪ my first love, got my heart for the first time i was like, baby, baby, baby ♪
5:57 am
>> he admitted he was nervous because he was afraid he would mess up the song. his bride even helps thing some of it, the justin bieber song. he says that he will keep the video and embarrass his kids someday when they have their friends over. that was in the carolinas. >> it's kind of cut. -- cute. much more still to come in the next hour. >> an investigation into yesterday's metro train derailment at the rosslyn metro station. >> and lisa baden helping
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00, a close call on the metro blue line. we have confirmation about last night's derailment in a live report. >> a clean sweep for mitt romney and a presidential slow jam about student loans. >> you are a star. >> she won the judges' cards but not their votes. gladys knight and headed homeis headed home. -- she won the judge


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