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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. a new terror warning issued overnight. security officials worried right now that al qaeda is desperate to strike on the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death. heightened security at u.s. airports and around the world. brian ross is tracking the latest on the threat. give her back. the parents of little isabel, speak out for the first time in an emotional plea, begging for their child's return. a key witness reveals what she heard the night isabel vanished from her bedroom. the heated battle over having a baby. a catholic schoolteacher dismissed after she asked time off to get pregnant. why won't the church let her create a family.
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we got a dog running around like crazy. >> the little pooch that brought one of the busiest airports to a standstill. how the 30-pound puppy snarled the tarmac. how did she escape from cargo? who let the dog out? i love the dog. what did i do? >> birdie had some fun yesterday. i cannot get that drumroll. >> a couple people mentioned that. i do it subconsciously. >> now, i'm waiting for it. the trial of john edwards really heating up today. his former aide, andrew young is the prosecution's star witness. but edwards' lawyers are tearing into him on cross-examine. they are trying to show he is a greedy liar who hates his former boss. and we showed you the dog on
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the runway. birdie? was that her name? look at this. this jumbo jet, struggling to land. very heavy winds. flights had to be redirected after it got so bad. we're going to show you these incredible moments. i'm taking a flight after the show. that's exactly what you want to see. >> those guys do a great job. and another amazing tv reunion ahead. the entire cast of "laverne & shirley" back together. while our cameras are rolling. robin and lara are there. they have a special tribute of their own. it's part of our "gma" tv reunion blowout. i've been kept secret from this little surprise. >> well. and we didn't even tweet any outtakes from it. we've been very good. that's coming up. we're going to get to the new terror warning overnight. officials fear that al qaeda is planning a possible attack on the upcoming first anniversary of osama bin laden's death, next wednesday, may 2nd. abc's brian ross is here with the latest on this. a lot of concern. >> reporter: overnight, the fbi
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and homeland security issued a four-page bulletin to american law enforcement in advance of next week's one-year anniversary of the raid that killed bin laden. while the bulletin obtained by abc news, says there's no specific threat. it goes on to warn of al qaeda's renewed efforts to target western aviation. and the possibility of a so-called lone wolf attack. the death of bin laden led to calls from al qaeda leaders to avenge his death. and leaders tell abc news, there will be extra vigilance at facilities in the next several days. al qaeda leadership has suffered setbacks since the death of bin laden. amman al zawahiri has rarely been seen in the last few years. as the u.s. has stepped up attacks in pakistan, where he's believed to be located. greatest concern for u.s. officials, is the al qaeda group
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operating out of yemen. who represents an enduring threat to the west, robin. >> its not uncommon when we have the anniversaries that are upcoming to have the terror warnings. is there anything different this time? >> reporter: they feel that al qaeda is looking for a symbolic victory and desperate to achieve one to reachieve their global relevance. >> it was two years ago they had that attempted bombing here in times square. >> brian, thank you very much. that was your first day on the air. >> the first day i arrived. a stunning story to arrive to. that is for sure. hard to believe it's been a year. what do you say let's do some news? >> let's do it. >> we're going to begin with a black eye for the tsa this morning. four current and former agents have been accused of taking cash bribes in exchanged for turning a blind eye a to drugs in suitcases.
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the agents could face life in prison if convicted. isabella had just gone through security in wichita, when she ran back to hug her grandmother, who hasn't been screened yet. the tsa says it was then necessary to pat-down isabella because she made contact with someone who hadn't yet been screened. frightening moments at this airport in spain. this plane trying to land in very heavy winds and does. that is the very definition, of course, of a hard landing. no one was hurt, thankfully. but watch what happens a short time later. another plane trying to land. could not do it. has to abort the landing. in all, four flights were diverted from that airport because of the weather. and the supreme court seems to be sympathetic to arizona's controversial law on illegal
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immigrants. protests on both sides are now intensifying across the country. but during oral arguments wednesday, the justices did not seem troubled by arizona making its own immigration law. it does require police there, during routine stops, to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. critics call that racial profiling. the court's ruling is expected in june. and one, big fake. that's what experts are saying this morning about north korea's latest weapons haul. analysts say the missiles, you see here, showcased at a recent parade are not only fakes but really lousy ones. a so-called mishmash of components that could never fly together nor be a fourth grade science project. and finally, some people are crying foul over there. take a look at what happened last night. rangers/yankees game. two fans, catching a foul ball that was thrown in the stands. as you can see there. there's a boy, though, sitting next to them, who was hoping for
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the ball. he's reaching for the ball. you hear, they can't give it to the kid? now, again, it's loud. the guy did just catch a ball. he's excited. let's just say, for him, though, it's a baseball. for the kid, it's the greatest day of his life. >> i guarantee the player was throwing it to the kid, too. >> of course, he was throwing it to the kid. finally, someone steps up. they did get him a ball. >> but not the ball. >> not the ball. we're going to turn to isabel celis, the 6-year-old arizona girl who fannished from her own bed this weekend. her parents are speaking for the first time as a key witness comes forward with what may have happened on saturday. neal karlinsky is in tucson, with the latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is the house where it all happened. little isabel's bedroom is on the far side of the house.
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her parents are not here right now. but we did hear from them for the first time yesterday. it was very emotional. but that is not all. >> we're looking for you, isa. we love you. >> reporter: the agony of sergio and becky celis, parents of missing 6-year-old isabella, speaking publicly for the very first time. >> we are here today to plea for a safe return of our baby girl, isabel. >> just please, please, to the person or persons who have isabel, tell us your demands. tell us what you want. >> reporter: as police reopened the family's street, abc news spoke to a possible key eyewitness. alecia's bedroom is just feet from isabella's, right next door. she says he was startled from sleep early saturday. >> at 6:30, my dogs were going crazy. that's what woke me up. and i noticed their dogs were going nuts. i woke up briefly. i heard a couple male voices.
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>> reporter: she told police what she heard. she thinks the men were speaking english. but she wasn't sure. >> i think she was comfortable enough with these people to go with them. >> reporter: the fbi launched an intensive new canvassing effort, reinterviewing neighbors. and another neighbor, who following his own, apparently, tense interview with detectives, suddenly showed up with his father at the celis house. coming and going inside the front gate, even though the family wasn't there. just a sample of what police are dealing with, as they gather a mountain of evidence, but say they still do not have a suspect. all while a family waits, tortured by the thought of a little girl taken from her bedrdroom, out there. somewhere. >> we love you. we miss you so much. and we will never give up. we will never give up looking for you. >> reporter: so hard to hear. it's unclear where the parents are right now or what their plans are going forward. police say it's absolutely
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essential that they remain cooperative. and so far, that is exactly what's happening. robin? >> good to hear that. all right, neal. thank you. now, to the high-stakes trial of john edwards. key witness and former aide, andrew young, expected back on the stand. a fiery day in court on wednesday, as edwards' lawyers asked young if he hated his former boss. abc's bob woodruff is at the courthouse in greensville, north carolina. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as you know, john edwards is one of the most unpopular men in this country. but his lawyers are getting a chance in their cross-examination for the second day in a row, to try to dig into andrew young, who is accusing him, that he lied and made mistakes and inconsistencies. we have seen for that reason, a slight change in the demeanor of john edwards. there's a little more spring in his step now. until now, his adversaries in this trial have controlled the stage. but edwards' team is striking back in dramatic fashion.
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in court wednesday, painting andrew young, the prosecution's key witness, as a vindictive liar out to sink his former boss. you really hate him, don't you, edwards lawyer asked young. i have mixed feelings, he replied, to audible gasps in the courtroom. if they don't think he tells the truth, is the case over? >> it may be. his credibility is the foundation of the prosecution's case. if he isn't telling the truth, this whole house may crumble. >> reporter: on the stand, young has also asked about his relationship with elizabeth edwards. who young and his wife nicknamed ursula, after the evil see witch in "the little mermaid." i know elizabeth hated me. the defense team will go after young again for several more hours today. and he has given them plenty of ammunition to attack. writing a book, making dozens of media appearances. >> john edwards' slow lies. >> reporter: talking to the fbi
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and the grand jury. each time, the defense says telling stories filled with inconsistencies. isn't it true, that in every one of those instances you lied, pressed edwards' lawyer? no, sir, young answered. i did see his wife, cheri go into the court and disappeared in a back room. but the cross-examination of andrew young will continue today, maybe tomorrow. let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams now. how much damage did john edwards' lawyers do to the prosecution case? >> they did some. you have to wonder whether he's pleased with a vengeance point of view or a legal point of view. young's been a mixed witness. and they have, it seems, a better argument against him on one of the two key issues. two key issues in this case. did john edwards know about it? and what was the money for?
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young's been very powerful with regard to did edwards' know about it. as to what was the money for? was it for illegal purposes? to influence the campaign, as opposed to a personal cover-up. that's been tougher. >> when the talk of ursula comes up, it helps the defense, right? >> every time elizabeth edwards' name comes up in the case, it's actually helping to the defense. the defense's position is, this was a personal cover-up. not a political activity. that's one of the key focuses for the defense, when it comes to this cross-examination. undermine young with regard to what edwards' knew about this. crucial question. >> we've been told edwards, staring at andrew young during the testimony. will he take the stand? he has a lot of practice before juries. >> yeah. and everyone talks about how he is one of the people that are so well-spoken and so charming. i don't think he takes the stand. i think he's risking far too
7:14 am
much to face all of these difficult questions. remember, the defense is essentially john edwards' is a bad guy. you want that bad guy to get up there on the witness stand? i don't think so. >> he's been too tarnished by this. >> it's safer for them to say the prosecution cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> thank you very much. now, to one couple's fight for a family. an indiana catholic schoolteacher, allegedly fired for getting fertility treatments. the school's pastor calling her a sinner for undergoing in vitro. abc's alex perez is in ft. wayne, indiana. good morning, alex. >> reporter: emily herx says she started in vitro, a year before she was fired, with her boss' blessings. one of the reasons she can't understand why she ended up without a job. it's a war they never thought they would be battling. their right to have a family.
7:15 am
herx, a well-respected teacher was fired last june, after she asked for time off for in vitro fertlization. but like all diocese employees, herx signed a contract to respect the catholic faith. her dismissal has some here picking sides. >> they fired her for wanting what probably everybody in the congregation has, a family. >> i'm not really sure it is unfair if she signs something that says they have the right. >> reporter: herx says e the school's pastor told her she was a grave, immoral sinner. and her actions could cause a scandal if anyone found out. herx filed with the eeoc and won. legal experts believe a supreme court decision earlier this year will hurt her chances. >> if you're a religious school, you can terminate any employee you want for any reason you want, even if it's for a discriminatory purpose. >> reporter: in court documents,
7:16 am
herx says she had no other option. she suffers from a condition that causes infertility. but the diocese stands by its decision and argues in vitro kills embryos. calling it morally unacceptable. now, herx says the doctrine the church says she violated was never explained to her. she doesn't reveal in her lawsuit whether she's progress. robin? george? >> alex, thank you. now, we get to the runaway puppy who caused all kinds of trouble at la guardia yesterday. birdie, the ridgeback, was out and caused all kinds of delays. abc's jim avila has the latest on that. >> reporter: first, it was birds on the runway at jfk. now, it's birdie at la guardia. a beautiful, brown, rhodesian ridgeback puppy, who made a flight from her cage en route from new york to memphis. she did not want to go.
7:17 am
shutting down the tarmac. delaying flights. >> the dog has me running around like crazy. >> reporter: for ten minutes, birdie would not be moved. finally coaxed into the cargo hold, as passengers aboard the plane tweeted, dog on runway at la guardia. causes mayhem. passengers not allowed to deplane. birdie and her owner finally made it to memphis. >> is the dog okay? >> she's okay. she's good. >> reporter: it's not the first time this has happened. a far less cute coyote alarmed pilots at boston's logan field two years ago. >> it looks like a coyote dead-center on the runway here. >> reporter: at jfk last summer, diamondback terrapin turtles en route to the beach to lay their eggs, were in no hurry to cross the runway as a jetblue pilot waited to take off. >> we have a couple of turtles storming the access road here. >> do we use the word storming about a turtle? >> reporter: perhaps that's why a balloon above cincinnati air
7:18 am
space was smiling. >> an aircraft just landed, reported a yellow balloon about 250 feet. and it's recorded as a happy face balloon. >> i need one of those. >> reporter: don't we all? jim avila, abc news, washington. >> my goodness. >> may that be the least of your troubles today. time, now, for the weather. guess who decided to come back home. sam champion. >> i had a little water in my ears still. >> we were debating whether or not you'd wear the wet suit. >> no. >> that was great. >> that was an awesome day. sometimes. sometimes. let's get to the boards. you know, the west has been broiling. but now, the count is in. more than 1,000 record-high temperatures in the past week. 185 yesterday. some places in west texas, also in oklahoma, have never been warmer in april. and this baking heat continues in that area today. midland at 100. lubbock at 96. ril? san antonio at 90 degrees.
7:19 am
houston at 85. and then, into the northeast, we've got some definite chill going on here. so, the areas that you see in the pink and the blue have got freeze warnings and frost advisories out. the only reason we have to put them out now is because we've been above those numbers and have things blooming already. the bulk of the moisture this just south of
7:20 am
washington, especially moderate near stafford, a few light around the beltway from to the south down the beltway in springfield. the sports batch of rain is moving southeast and more action moving her way and we will that rate later this morning. thunderstorms later in day, near 70 this afternoon to sunshine back but >> florida has some of the most beautiful weather on the map today. wishing it was 85 in orlando. i'm here. that's today, robin. robin? george? >> but you had a great time. >> i did. >> good to have you back, sam. coming up on "gma," turn yourself in. how the stepdaughter convinced her stepmom to do the right thing. and the hot, new dating website that sends jetsetters to their dream destination for free. it's a real steal if you look good enough. and millions of people have watched this woman transform
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:26 and this thursday, april 26.
7:27 am
investigators are still for the cause of tuesday's metrorail train derailment in roslyn. human error is most likely to for the incident. wheels and jumped the tracks as the train left the station and matra said two employees are tested for drug and alcohol. it will soon cost more if you ride and a metro train. the transit agency board is 5% fare to approve a hike july 1. metro will offer an unlimited 28-day pass. newschannel 8 will have more in an in-depth report minutes. check the morning commute with lisa baden. it is well outside and that add time to your travel car wrecks, one on at 66.1 outbound 301, medevac has come
7:28 am
but there was a crash get into akirk to upper marlboro. are watching the live doppler 7 with areas of rain, beneficial rain, stafford toward fredericksburg. that is pushing to the east and light sprinkle around the beltway. most of the rain this morning just south of the metro area and a few thunderstorms and afternoon and a little of some mixed in between, near 70 today and back to to mark. we will be back at 7:56.
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♪ i prayed a thousand times that's the aspiring reality star, brittani senser. she is in a family battle that pitted her against her stepmom. the dramatic testimony in court on wednesday. how she talked her stepmom to turning herself in for a deadly crime. >> lot of twists and turns in this story. if you want to see the world, you can see it in high style. it comes from a controversial dating site that matches attractive women with men with money to burn.
7:31 am
>> that's right. it's a dating site. we can't wait to show you our "gma" tv reunion. schlemiel. schlimazel. no. don't give it away. wait, george. you're not going to see it. >> i want to hear more of the song. i live that song. >> lara and i have a little fun that you'll see. we're also going to check in on the woman whose transforming herself live in our makeup room. who is she transforming herself into? 100 million hits. >> chameleon, get it? it is thursday. first, that high-profile trial that is pitting a stepdaughter against her stepmom. aspiring pop singer, brittani senser, said she had to turn in her stepmom for a deadly hit and run. but defense attorneys say she's just looking for publicity. abc's paula faris has much more. she is all over the place.
7:32 am
>> reporter: this family dynamic is being tested right now. a dramatic courtroom on wednesday, as the daughter not only testified against her stepmom. she claimed that her own father's actions were not trustworthy. in this minneapolis courthouse, a stepdaughter now pitted against her stepmom. one accusing the other of a crime, with this man, former nfl player, joe senser, in the middle of the mess. ♪ the after life >> reporter: joe's daughter, brittani senser, is an aspiring reality tv star and singer. joe's wife and brittany's stepmom, amy senser, is on trial, accused of a fatal hit and run last august, which killed a man as he filled his stalled car on an interstate ramp. joe senser said his wife was not drunk on the night of the crash. his wife did not turn herself in
7:33 am
until his daughter threatened she would. >> it isn't just prosecution versus defense. in some ways, it's family member versus family members. >> reporter: on the stand wednesday, brittani, emotional how she forced her stepmom to admit to the crime. saying she was angry after media reports linked her to the accident. i wanted my dad to stand up for me and say i didn't do it, she told jurors. for people to think i killed someone made me angry. ♪ seems i put my trust into ♪ ♪ someone who couldn't put me first ♪ >> reporter: but defense lawyers told jurors, brittani was angry that the hit and run had hurt her career. saying britanni was more upset about losing a charity singing gig. brittani once had a strong relationship with her stepmother, that is now, no doubt, strained. >> she's testified against her stepmother. she has testified against her
7:34 am
father. and you have to wonder how that family's going to be together after this trial. >> reporter: amy senser has pleaded not guilty. she faces three counts of vehicle homicide. according to minnesota law, they're forbidden to talk to the media during an ongoing trial. >> probably best. thanks so much, paula. appreciate it. new details in the investigation of octomom, nadya suleman, for putting her children at risk. police combed through her home after these disturbing photos were released. and they concluded that her 14 children can stay with her now. she spoke about the situation in an exclusive interview with abbie boudreau. >> reporter: octomom nadya suleman is back in the spotlight and speaking exclusively to "gma." after he hairdresser allegedly snapped these photos, later posted on tmz. the hairdresser allegedly said
7:35 am
that suleman locked her young children in a room using a chair. and forced her toddlers to use training toilets outside. >> she thought it was unacceptable they were half-naked and going potty. >> reporter: suleman admitted her children used the portable toilets that day because the one in her house wasn't working. she says, it's fixed now. as for the chair? >> i didn't want one of the older kids to go up there. one of the older kids jammed the chair up there. >> reporter: it wasn't to lock the kids in a room? >> no. >> reporter: according to tmz, the hairdresser also claims suleman, who tells "gma" she receives $4,000 to $5,000 a month in public assistance, paid $520 for a brazilian blowout and a hair cut. suleman says that's not fair. she paid for 14 other hair cuts. that's a lot of money. >> i am making money.
7:36 am
>> reporter: but you're also on public assistance. >> this is our last month on help. >> reporter: on tuesday night, child protective services and local police inspected suleman's home and determined the children were safe. >> they didn't discover any mistreatment. and so, no further action was taken. >> reporter: you think you were set up? >> i think maybe. we were set up. >> reporter: when abc news showed up, her maid service was hard at work, she says courtesy of tv host dr. drew. still, we saw broken glass on the front door, holes in the walls, water damage on the ceiling and graffiti all over the place. and what about this recent seminude spread she did for a british magazine? she says she did it for the money, not for fame. >> i've been using the media to pay the bills. any offer, now, is to take care of my kids. >> reporter: people think you've been hypocritical, though. at the beginning, you said i would never need public assistance. and i would never pose nude. >> i have to eat my words.
7:37 am
you know what? we're human beings. we're all entitled to change our mind. >> reporter: but most of all, she wants to change her image. >> i want to take a sledgehammer and crack her in half. that's some freak they created in the media. i need it to be done. done. >> reporter: do you want anymore children in the future? >> never, never, never. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. let's get the weather, now, from sam. >>ven with all the extreme temperatures we've had around the nation, we need to remember it's spring storm season. we're going to show you pictures, incredible hail pictures. small, dime-sized hail to half-dollar sized hail. and just on the outside of -- call it east of st. louis. you can see our storm pictures picking up those. this is where we think the storms will light up today. in the red zones, east to denver, to amarillo. also, in the national run to charleston. and just outside of atlanta, it's likely you'll see hail and strong winds in those storms.
7:38 am
and in comes cooler air to reinforce the pattern in the great lakes and the northeast. we don't have the heat that's going on out west. but cooler ahead. we have some areas of light beltway but the heaviest is south of the beltway. scattered thunderstorms to possiblye and nearine, >> all of america's weather, brought to you by hunter douglas. robin? george? >> thank you, sam. coming up here, a controversial way to join the jetset. the dating site matching women with famous faces and men with big fortunes. [ male announcer ] new starbucks blonde roast
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word on the street, great looks can take you a long way. now, they can be your ticket to joining the jet set. a new website is offering to match-up beautiful women with rich men. abc's linsey davis is here to explain how it works. oh, we cannot wait for this. >> reporter: and as you call it, this new dating website,, is proved it not only pays to be beautiful. but looks can even take you places. maybe even around the world. >> are you attractive but you don't have the money to travel? >> reporter: who needs money when beautiful people can travel for free? that's the premise of a new online dating website called
7:43 am the site matches up attractive members with generous members, who plan and go on a trip together. a trip the generous members pays for. >> these generous members are doctors, lawyers. >> reporter: misstravel launched less than two weeks ago. and nearly 20,000 looking for adventure have already signed up. twitter is abuzz, suggesting misstravel is a misstep. that it's nothing more than a high-flying escort service. one guy wrote, is this prostitution? i think it is. someone else tweeted, if this weren't creepy and hookerish, i'd be all about it. this is far from the sugardaddy-type website where men of means are matched with beautiful women. a while back, "nightline" introduced us to this couple, who met on the website, established men. dr. briget lang called sites like this prostitution.
7:44 am
>> i don't think people will be willing to call it prostitution. but any type of julie, bartering, is sex for money. >> reporter: the statement page on the misstravel website, states no escorts. still, one woman we found on the site listed under the name as sassycurve, describes herself as a sensual lady who is very sexual. aren't you a pimp? >> there's no money exchanged between the guy and the woman. the generous person who has the means will pay for the travel. sex isn't being discussed. why are we thinking it could be like prostitution? >> reporter: wade maintains this is nothing more than a site for wealthy men looking to pay for a beautiful woman to travel the world with. all the while, expecting nothing in return. you know, my grandmother used to say, pay now or pay later. i think this might be one of those cases. >> i love when you said, with
7:45 am
all due respect -- he has other websites, too. >> reporter: he has several. what' he has what's your price has men bid on a first date. and seeking arrangements, this is mutually beneficial relationships. the best part is married but looking. >> all right, linsey. thank you, as always. coming up, a very special "play of the day." anchor's choice. it's sam's turn. and one of tv's most famous casts. "laverne & shirley" together again for a reunion you do not "laverne & shirley" together again for a reunion you do not want to miss. . one that continually monitors and corrects for wheel slip. we imagined a vehicle that can increase emergency braking power when you need it most. and we imagined it looking like nothing else on the road today. then...we built it. the 2012 glk.
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> i did. seven years, george. seven years, apparently. all right. here we go. "play of the day," anchor's choice week. thankfully, i'm on vacation while being at work. sam, back from sunny, florida.
7:50 am
>> i come back and i have to do this. this is, like, this is difficult to do, by the way, josh. we encourage people to help the environment by buying tiny, little smartcars. not only do they get great mileage. but they're easy to park. so easy to park. you just zip that thing -- this is from spain, by the way. isn't this your biggest fear that people are watching you parallel park? not only are they watching you, they're videotaping you from above. now, they get out. now, they get out. they look at the car because it's a problem. so, we're going to leave because that spot is not big enough to park the smartcar. and can't get it in properly there. >> that's amazing. >> best i could do. >> all right. here we go, everybody. it's anchor's choice week. we want all of you to vote on your favorites. we'll announce the favorites tomorrow. to recap, george started us strong. >> that's yours. >> that's tragic. robin, a little lion kinging.
7:51 am
let's see robin. oh, yes. >> very nice. >> and lara had the surprise guest on the dog stealing the show. or not very much. and you just saw this. one more look at it. sam champion's epic "play of the day," there you go. >> smartcar parking. >> go to on yahoo! you vote. we'll reveal your winner tomorrow. >> it's like "dancing with the stars." [ female announcer ] it all begin with our powder. then we introduced liquid detergent with stainlifters. followed by the number-one super-concentrated liquid detergent. and now, the most concentrated all ever! introducing new all mighty pacs™. packed with all's active stainlifters... each mighty pac delivers more cleaning power per ounce
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56 and this thursday, april 26. it is shaping up to be a great washington sports fans. the capitals are one step closer to the stanley cup after off the defending boston bruins in boston last night. it is not clear who they will play in the next round. the redskins could come away from tonight's nfl draft with a quarterback, they are
7:57 am
expected to select heisman winner robert griffin as rgiii.known let's check in with lisa baden the >> it started hours ago with a d inous crash that happene for trafficro coming out of town. that one required a matter of fact helicopter. .anes are open fo it is a 1 hour 15 minute ride to into upper marlboro. look at the accident claimed up. we take you live into virginia next with plenty of traffic with spray north of the bill would pass the pentagon and to the 14th street bridge. you can see the clouds there. is a dreary day today and we few peaks of sun natural later this afternoon.
7:58 am
the morning rain is stead of the metro. some thunderstorms later this evening andto the 70 uncomfortable today and back to sun santamaria. be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
one, two, three, four. five, six, seven, eight. schlemiel. schlimazel. hasenpfeffer incorporated. ♪ we're going to do it ♪ give us any chance we'll take it ♪ ♪ read us any rule we'll break it ♪ ♪ we're going to make our dreams come true ♪ ♪ doing it our way ♪ nothing's going to hold us back now ♪ ♪ straight ahead and on the track now ♪ ♪ we're going to make our dreams come true ♪ penny marshall, and cindy williams, through eight wacky seasons, "laverne & shirley." we're reuniting the cast.
8:01 am
a blowout that we're having. ♪ get set and go now >> nice. ♪ we just know now >> you had to ask, george. ♪ doing it our way >> do a few more. we're also going to look at laverne's drink of choice. i did say look at it. i'm not going to taste milk and pepsi. >> i have news for you. it ain't bad. >> took one for the people. >> you have penny marshall sitting there going, drink it, drink it. >> and i did. >> and? >> it turns out, it's terrible. >> i disagree. it's like a malt. >> just like it. >> well, you'll find out, won't you, now? and we have special guests that are here with us, too. >> we do, don't we? >> katherine jenkins. >> oh. >> i didn't mean those special guests.
8:02 am
>> is that the lost video? >> this is great. >> oh, boy. >> i haven't seen this. >> she was eloquently trying to get us to something else at that moment. >> we've been waiting for them -- >> when are we going to see the whole thing? i want to see it. >> some time in the next hour. >> that's why we call it a tease, sam champion. thank you so much, george. we're going to see katherine jenkins and mark ballas. they're here live. they have topped the charts on "dancing with the stars" almost every week. who knew both of these guys could dance -- they could sing as well as they dance. both of them, so talented in their own right. we'll hear that and see that. >> cannot wait for that. and we've got -- culture club. remember that? we're playing it because this woman has become an internet sensation, using just makeup to transform into famous faces. a total surprise who she has
8:03 am
turned herself into. we cannot get to any of that until you give us the news. >> we're going to begin with a new terror warning issued overnight. security officials are concerned that al qaeda could be planning a possible attack next week to mark the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death. their warning about renewed efforts to target western aviation and the possibility of a so-called lone wolf attack. being plotted possibly by the al qaeda group in yemen. there's no specific threat. but security is being increased at airports, transportation hubs and u.s. military facilities. and there's breaking news this morning concerning the fagt of one of the world's most notorious war lords, connected to the blood diamond trade in africa. an international court has just found the former president of liberia, charles taylor, guilty of supporting rebels that slaughtered tens of thousands of people in sierra leone. back here at home, john
8:04 am
edwards' former aide, andrew young, is returning to the stand in edwards' trial. analysts say young's credibility is key to the prosecution's case. and a big medical headline this morning. researchers at harvard have found that eating blueberries and strawberries each week can help prevent memory loss later in life. slowing mental decline in women by as much as 2 1/2 years. they say one cup of strawberries or half a cup of blueberries can do the trick. and speaking of the human brain, scientists have uncovered new evidence showing that our brains don't fully mature until we're 24 years old. now, i have a peanut gallery for the news. they say the adolescent brain before 24, far more prone to
8:05 am
risky behavior and more to deal with drugs and alcohol. here in new york, an exhilaratingpectacle. take alook. one world trade center, quickly reaching up towards the sky at ground zero. one day, it will surpass the height of the empire state building and reclaim the title, tallest building in new york city. when it's finished next year, the tip of its spire will measure the symbolic 1,776 feet. standing crowd in the skyline here in new york city, guys. >> thank you. how about a little "pop news," lara. >> we shall. kate and will will celebrate their first anniversary this coming sunday. can you believe it was a year? last night, the love birds looked blissfully happy. they were out to raise money for african wildlife in jeopardy.
8:06 am
and the duke of cambridge made sure his wife did not a bad hair moment. he shielded her from the london rain. it is the couple's first public engagement since william returned home from his deployment. no word on how they'll spend their big day on sunday, hopefully out of the media spotlight. coldplay fans, including myself. and fans got a nice surprise at the band's concert in canada last night. well, we'd like to call it a musical bo-fer. not only did they get chris martin. but rihanna made an appearance. she popped up on a giant screen behind the band, as the audience gets a sneak peek for the new video of the cold you know play song, "princess of china," on which, rihanna contributes. all right. here we go. alicia silverstone, responding to criticism over the controversial video she posted online, showing her birding.
8:07 am
prechewing her son's food before she feeds it to him. she tells "entertainment tonight" she has no regrets in sharing this parental practice. >> i can understand that it would make some people feel uncomfortably possibly because it's new to them. it's beneficial to the babies, providing that the mommy's healthy, which i am. >> she is still breast-feeding. this is part of the weaning process. introducing little bear, to new foods. you can see the conversation on "entertainment tonight" tonight. and speaking of eating like a bird. this parrot is hungry. and he's not going to take it anymore. listen up. forget the bird feeder. don't think about bread crumbs. he smells what you're cooking and he likes it. >> what does he want? do we know? >> is it pot roast? perhaps a little chili. >> that would be nice. >> this guy will not rest until
8:08 am
he finds out. >> isn't that hot? >> i don't know, josh. don't ruin my moment. >> my bad. no follow. this is a follow-up-free zone. >> it is? i guess that's "pop news." outside right now. let's get out to sam. sam? >> good morning from times square. hello, everybody. let me introduce you to mary, right? >> mary. >> where are you from? >> birmingham, alabama. >> and why are you here? >> vacation. and come to see abc. >> we love that you came to see us. you're with these two ladies. who are they? >> those are my daughters, shelly and pam. >> all traveling three together. who is most likely to have a run-in with the nypd while you're here? really? they're pointing at you. and you're blushing just a little bit. so, it must be true. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you as you step outside your doors. how about a little clearing in the southwest. it's been a messy time in southern california.
8:09 am
central california, drying out as the storm systems move east. get ready, atlanta. you're up in the temperatures by the time we get to friday, it's the weekend. so is orlando, new orleans, miami, all those eastern numbers are going up, we have some areas of rain the billy south of with this morning. the steady rain is just about to exit 95 but is still rolling southern maryland and the the northern neck. some light morning rain and then thew thunderstorms into d evening later today. if you sunny bright spots and near 70 degrees. >> dangerous crowd in times square. dangerous crowd. lara? >> thank you, sam. so good to have you back. here's a look at what else
8:10 am
we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." the entire cast of "laverne & shirley" reunited. it is our most hilarious tv reunion blowout yet. plus, she's the celebrity chameleon internet sensation, who has transformed herself into countless stars. and she's in our makeup room right now, doing it live. we'll find out who she becomes next. and katherine jenkins, and her partner, the devilishly handsome mark ballas, are here. she's singing live, coming up on "gma." [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there. but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics. there's hidden acids in a lot of the foods we eat. salad dressings...fruits...
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8:15 am
one, two, three, four. five, six, seven, eight. >> "laverne & shirley." the show everyone watched and sang along with that iconic opening. and, boy, do i mean everything. >> oh. love the props. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> schlemiel. schlimazel. hasenpfeffer incorporated. ♪ we're going to do it ♪ give us any chance we'll take it ♪ ♪ read us any rule we'll break it ♪ ♪ we're going to make our dreams come true ♪ ♪ doing it our way ♪ nothing's going to turn us back now ♪ ♪ straight ahead and on the track now ♪ ♪ we're going to make our dreams come true ♪ ♪ and we'll do it our way yes, our way ♪ ♪ make all our dreams come true ♪
8:16 am
♪ and we'll do it our way yes, our way ♪ ♪ make all our dreams come true ♪ ♪ for me and you >> hang on, laverne. [ applause ] >> i love my shirley. >> that was fun. >> all right. thank you. we had fun doing that. and josh and i also had a terrific time meeting the entire cast in our tv reunion blowout. we caught up with them backstage at the tvland awards. take a look. >> one, two, three, four. five, six, seven, eight. schlemiel. schlimazel. hasenpfeffer incorporated. >> reporter: for seven years, laverne de fazio and shirley feeney, did it their way. >> all right, woman. i can't stand to leave you brokenhearted.
8:17 am
>> there's no need for this tape. >> ow. >> reporter: from dating to working at shott's brewery, laverne and shirley, with little help from neighbors lenny and squiggy, took on 1960s milwaukee. >> we never been to a bring your own. >> i like bringing my own. then, i know what i'm getting. >> reporter: we reunited with the cast. penny marshall, cindy williams, david lander and michael mckean, to talk about receiving the tvland fan favorite award. >> thank you all for this honor. i want to thank our fans. >> reporter: it's been a few years. and still, no impactful. >> you're so sweet. a few years. >> reporter: it's been a couple years. >> a couple years. >> reporter: you are still the fan favorite. >> i never knew the lines. >> that's true. >> get him. get him.
8:18 am
>> you were a spin-off of a very successful show, "happy days." there's one thing they may not remember, that you appear on "happy days" first. >> hey, fonzie? >> they're here. >> shirley and i appear as the loose girls. the girls that put out. >> this is laverne de fazio, she's mine. and this is shirley feeney. she's yours, as you can see. >> nice to meet you, richie. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: they were looking for a director, garry marshall, to produce. >> they want to do a spin-off with you two. >> mr. hopkins. she had a cough drop. >> very first show, for an audience. cindy's saying, you know, this probably won't go. but we're really having a great time. let's open a car wash or something.
8:19 am
>> i thought, i'm going to get to stay in town, not have to move out of town, which i was going to do. and i've got my rent for the next year. ♪ i know that i love >> reporter: and would you believe the characters, lenny and squiggy weren't originally part of the show? >> squiggy? are you okay? >> i've been singed. >> reporter: david lander and michael mckean created the characters in the late 1960s, performing them with their comedy group. the two were hired as writers for "laverne & shirley," when penny marshall suggested they perform their fact for her brother. >> penny invited me and michael to a party, celebrating the sale of laverne and shirley. penny said, maybe you can do the characters. i said, if we go there, let's do lenny and squiggy. >> they didn't need much prodding. >> how about just the -- whoa.
8:20 am
oh. looky here. >> were they the obvious characters to put next door to laverne and shirley? >> i think we were thrown in there to make these two look a lot classier. >> reporter: i want to hear about your famous entrance. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello. >> we took the poetic license of it because someone said, they don't knock. so, no. >> reporter: by its second season, "laverne & shirley" was the most-watched show in america. >> there is only one fair way to settle this. >> fine by me. >> here it is. i've got it. >> thank you. >> reporter: this female odd couple with a knack for physical comedy, creating some of the most memorable moments in tv history. shirley's boo-boo kitty. >> hello, boo-boo kitty.
8:21 am
>> reporter: the "ls" on all of laverne's clothing. and the drink, milk and pepsi. >> why milk and pepsi? >> i went to kosher camp. i'm not jewish. but they drink milk with meat. i would say, why can't i have soda? they said, drink your milk first. so, i dumped the soda in. >> not bad, lara. not bad. >> like a cold float. >> reporter: it's not bad. can we find out for once and for all, what schlemiel. schlimazel. means. >> i used to do it on my way to school. we were shooting. schlemiel. schlimazel. hasenpfeffer incorporated. >> so, she taught it to me. >> reporter: and they both taught us all. ♪ make all our dreams come true ♪ ♪ for me and you >> and with our milk and pepsis,
8:22 am
i propose a toast to one of the great tv casts of all-time. >> by the way, before you drink. i'm really sorry. i have to warn you. >> it tastes like an ice cream float. don't be dramatic. >> nope. >> it's really -- >> except there's no ice cream. >> it tastes like an ice cream float. >> thank you, sam. >> if an ice cream float was made from milk and pepsi. >> the after taste, however -- >> thank you. >> your "l's" a little slidey. >> that happens when you get older. the tvland awards -- airs sunday, on tvland. you can see fun behind the scenes photos from our "laverne & shirley" spoof at on yahoo! and tomorrow, the show that made valerie bertinelli a star. "one day at a time." that's what we say every day. >> don't miss that, everybody.
8:23 am
we'll be right back. cheers. >> actually, we're going to continue on. >> shall we? now, to promise phan. more than 100 million views on youtube, iffer the woman who transforms herself into so many stars. since we began this morning, she's been turning herself into someone we adore. a singer we love. we're going to have the reveal in a moment. but first, a look at -- isn't she great? a look at the amateur makeup artist that's become an internet sensation. >> so, first, i'm going to apply the liquid foundation. >> reporter: she calls herself just a normal girl who loves makeup. but these transformations are way beyond playing dressup. >> hey, guys. this is justin bieber. >> this is my kim kardashian look. >> reporter: her name is promise phan. and she can turn herself into just about anyone. celebrities like angelina jolie. and taylor swift. so, guess who?
8:24 am
yep. that's johnny depp. and there's michael jackson. she's even mastered fantasy characters of "avatar." jessica rabbit, and pocahontas. phan says she's purely self-taught. >> here, i'm with another lady gaga makeup look. >> reporter: she shows her fans, step-by-step, the miracles of mikeup. her videos have more than 100 million views. phan's skillful tricks, transforming the shape of her nose, by contouring with eye shadow. add a wig and colored contacts and she's scarlett johansson. or kate middleton. or even marilyn monroe. and joining us now is promise phan, made up to look like --
8:25 am
it's nicki minaj. hey, nicki, or promise, nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> you have the pink going on. how did this all start for you, promise? >> since i was a little girl, i was fascinated with makeup. my mom would put her makeup on. and i would sit there and watch her. when she left the house, i would go into her makeup bag. and before she came back, i would put it back. since i was a kid, i was fascinated with makeup. that's just -- you know, as i grew older, i used my face as a canvas, instead of -- >> that's a good way of putting it. how did you transform yourself into nicki minaj right here? >> at first, i used a dark foundation. and a liquid foundation. and then, i did a lot of highlighting and contouring my face, to look like hers. the slender nose. and a lot of highlighting on the
8:26 am
cheeks, the forehead, the chin. and i put some vibrant eye shadows on. and plumped my lips. >> and voila. >> voila. >> your website is a huge, huge success. i know you met your husband that way. >> yes. >> give us one, key makeup tip. >> i would say since i do crazy transformations, i would say be bold and experiment. you know? by changing your hair color and changing the shape of your eyebrows, you can look like a different person. so, just dare to try some things. >> that's good advice there. have fun with it. >> yes. >> you were fun this morning, promise. thank you so much. coming up, great "steals and deals." and also, katherine jenkins and mark ballas. i know you've seen them dance on "dancing with the stars." they're going to be performs live right here in times square. come back, everybody.
8:27 am
the time is 8:27. prosecutors will release more unrest in theout of the 16-year-old filly cheryl barnes. disappeared in 2010 while visiting family members her body found months later in the susquehanna river. baltimore police arrested michael johnson, the ex- boyfriend of her older sister. the metro board is expected to approve a 5% fare hike that d take effect july 1. the board will also consider the silver line station and newschannel 8 will have an in-depth report in just
8:28 am
a few minutes. here is lisa baden with traffic. this is brought to you by the for sloppy and slow this morning. get to vanr loop to a huge car, there is wreck in the rain. two lanes now get by but the done in both directions. we had an earlier crash on route 4 in upper marlboro that has been taken care of. this is the beltway in montgomery county going from new avenue past university boulevard/colesville road and g better at connecticut avenue. is damp out there on the beltway withthe of light to moderate rain. there is heavier rain in the neck of virginia to the south east e back edge is approaching the 95 corridor. on our50's this morning, near 70 with a few sunny breaks south of washington and
8:29 am
thunderstorms expected in the afternoon and evening. umbrella handy all day. sunshine to moral. at 8:56.l be back
8:30 am
♪ katherine jenkins and mark ballas. boy, can they dance. they've been doing it every week on "dancing with the stars." and look at them right here in times square, live, right now. they're warming up. and we're going to get something very special today from the two of them. we know they can dance. we know that katherine can sing. but this is going to be the first time they're going to play and sing together. >> that's great. >> she's a wonderful classical
8:31 am
singer. he's got the guitar. and big smiles to see olivia newton-john. she's with us in our kitchen this morning, whipping up tasty and healthy dishes from her first cookbook. the proceeds go to a cause very dear to her heart. we'll explain all that coming up. and we continue with our reunion blowout. we like to call it the finale. we're bringing back valerie bertinelli and the entire cast of "one day at a time." >> it's going to be great. next week, all-new episodes of abc's "modern family." starting with this sneak peek of next week's show, mitchell and cam are going on a little trip. take a look. >> we took lily on her first train ride. a quick trip to china town. >> i was worried she would think we were taking her back to vietnam. but she seemed okay. >> probably because she was an infant when she left vietnam. and vietnam's not china. >> i had a lollipop just in case.
8:32 am
it's important for her to explore the diversity. >> my shoe's untied. >> have a seat. hold bunny. >> no, no, no. >> bunny? >> how did you miss that? >> i was purelling. >> because my hands for full. >> let's ride the next train until it catches up. >> they don't catch up. it's called a collision. >> do you have a better idea? you lost it. >> no. you lost it. >> daddy lost bunny. >> she means you. >> "modern family," every wednesday, 9:00 p.m., right here on a abc. yes, robin. i want to apologize to the great people. get in there. i cut myself shaving. >> i thought you were trying to grow a soul patch or there. >> he shaves five minutes before
8:33 am
the broadcast. >> okay. little big mouth here. i wanted to celebrate the return of one of our member from our modern family, under the sea. there was sam. that was the greatest segment of your young life. >> have you seen it yet? >> no. i still have not seen it. >> where else are you going to get weather underwater? >> it was all wet down there. >> did you just say that? >> yes, he did. so, lara, do you have steals or deals or something? >> welcome back, sam. listen up. an exciting day is upon us. just days away from will and kate's first wedding anniversary. we all love that kiss. and in honor of the duchess and duke, we cannot get enough of, tory johnson is here and has picked out some of the best products you can get to honor kate's special glow, shall we say? a really exciting "deals and steals."
8:34 am
take it away, tory. >> first up, the ring. everybody knows the ring that kate was given. it belonged to williams' mom. has created a replica of that ring. white and blue sapphires with little diamond accents. so gorgeous, regularly, they are $65 to $120. we're slashing that in half. $32.50, is where it starts, 50% off. plus, free shipping. >> we need to remind everybody, go to our website. you can only get the link from "good morning america." >> on yahoo! >> while supplies last. >> exactly. >> we notice it looks like she doesn't have those on. but it's the shear hose. >> it's the shear hose. a big assortment. control top, noncontrol top. they're regularly three for $22.50. we're slashing that in half. $11.25.
8:35 am
>> 50% off for "gma" viewers. i love those. i use them, as well. >> everybody knows that kate has an unbelievable glow, no matter what she's doing. one of my favorite brands, benefit cosmetics makes this box, finding mr. bright. it is their best products that will conceal anything. regularly, the little box that has all of the products is regularly $36. but they're slashing it in half. 18 bucks. >> while supplies last. >> billion-dollar brows. that's what kate has and you can have, too. the brow booth that's going to fill in thin or damaged brows. it's clear but there's a couple you can choose from. it's going to fill in, vitamins, moisturizer and all that stuff. and you also get with it, the brow jell that's going to hold
8:36 am
them in perfect place. >> she has great brows. >> this, regularly, $35 for the two pieces. slashing it by 54%, to $16. >> upping the ante. >> speaking of upping the ante, kate only has the pale manicure. and deborah litman is like royalty when it comes to nails. her polish is on every superstar. you can have a manicure, fit for a princess. worn by lady gaga, mariah carey, all deborah lippmann polish. regularly $6.40, to $8. for us, slash off 60%. i'm saying the old website. >> on
8:37 am
yahoo! >> to get the locks that kate's got. >> love her gorgeous hair. all in honor of the first anniversary. go to on yahoo! for all of the details. right now, though, our own royalty. >> i just want to say. i've had a mani/pedi, with you. do you have the same color? >> i amad due for another. >> i'm going to paint lara up while we do weather. >> no, you're not. >> i am. i'm going to pick a sparkly color. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. we're going to start with -- lara, this is really nice. >> thank you, sam. >> if this day job doesn't work out, we can get you a job in a salon. >> are there a couple of places you know of? you are a job guru. >> are you going to paint nails under water.
8:38 am
>> back to the boards. in our twitter facebook pictures. we're dripping. gulf shore is highlighted there. in comes some colder air. some of the country is getting nice, warmer temperatures. by the time we get to the end of the weekend, we're not the northeast. >> he can do it without looking. >> there's severe weather during the day to 50'seratures are in the t now and they will rise to 70 this afternoon. we have morning rain south of area and around the beltway and we will get a break rain >> is it supposed to be -- all that weather was brought to you by pet armor. is it supposed to be on your fingers? >> not supposed to be on the skin, sam.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we are delighted to have olivia newton-john here. we know her best as a star singer and actress. she's even been named a national living treasure in her beloved australia. let's just say all over the world. and she has a new role. she's a cook. and she shares her recipes with
8:42 am
everyone in her new book called "livwise, kwt" easy recipes for healthy, happy life. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome olivia newton-john. always good to see you. so appreciative. we're not survivors, we're thrivers. >> absolutely. >> after going through cancer. did that sway into the recipes you chose for the book? >> absolutely. all of the profits are going to my cancer center. that's what inspired me to do the book in the first place. they're healthy recipes. they're easy recipes and tasty. especially the ones i cook because they have to be. >> you're my kind of cook. we have to reiterate again. 100% of the proceeds are going to your cancer and wellness center, due to open in june. >> yeah. it's actually opening. >> can't wait for that. that's fantastic. >> yes. >> so, baked apples. >> you want they're healthy, nutritious. kids love them. you can have them hot or cold in
8:43 am
the morning with yogurt. it's really easy to do. take an apple and core it. here's a corer, if you have such a thing. split the skin so it doesn't wrinkle. this is a new trick i learned. stuff them with cranberries or raisins or whatever you like. i like the cranberries because it gives them tartness. put them in a dish. and pour honey or maple syrup whatever you like. if you mix it with water, it makes it easier. and then, you pour the orange juice over it. and you put it in the oven at 350. you can do it with all kinds of fruit. it works best with apples and pears. >> now, for a main dish, you have chicken. >> this is so easy.
8:44 am
people used to say, what have you done? it's so simple. take a lemon. you have fun doing this to it. make lots of holes in it. >> aggression. >> let the juices out -- you put the lemon inside the cavity of the chicken, after you've washed it. put it inside, with olive oil or better, you preference. salt and pepper it. stick it in the oven, 400 for an hour. i like it a little longer. >> does it dry out? >> isn't it good? hi, guys. >> that's beautiful. >> it's perfect. you can add some rosemary. you can add parsley or herbs. you make it your own, of course. >> the veggies that you have there. >> sweet potato and broccoli. they're two of my favorite vegetables. they have all of the nutrition we need for good health and to stay fit. >> sounds yummy.
8:45 am
>> george. >> how are you? >> sam. >> hello. >> and josh. >> do you sing when you're in the kitchen? >> i like to have music going. and i sing along. that's what i play. jack johnson. i love him. >> we just so happened to ask that. >> can i taste some? >> please. >> i want to try this because i love it. >> i go with the pear. these are healthy recipes. 100% of the proceeds go to her cancer center. you can get all these recipes at at yahoo! coming up, get ready to sing with the stars. trying to be polite. with the stars. tryin[ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
8:46 am
8:47 am
a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ ♪ love that jacket. love that couple. dazzling this season on "dancing
8:48 am
with the stars." katherine jenkins and mark ballas. week after week after week, they are at the top of the leaderboard. today, we're going to get something a little bit special. here they are, right here. katherine jenkins and mark ballas. >> good morning. >> you gave yourself a little pat on the back here. this is going to be the first time you guys have actually played and sing together here. >> yes. absolutely. we've done a little bit in the studio. rehearsal. this is the first time we've done it in public. >> you're used to working together. what a season you are having. did you expect it to go this well? >> oh, my gosh, no. not in my wildest dreams did i think this would be happening. and mark and i are getting on. >> that is clear. >> we're having a lot of fun in the training sessions. >> we get along really well. and it's humor. it makes the whole thing fun.
8:49 am
a great experience. >> who do you have your eyes out for right now? >> it is really strong this season. >> it is strong this year. >> people keep saying, this is the best season ever. but it really is this time. the standard is amazing. everyone's done a great job. >> mario was telling kelly, there might be a "dancing with the stars" all-stars reunion. >> that would be cool. that would be a great idea. >> first, you have to get through this season. and next week, you'll be back in your wheelhouse, classical week. >> to me, it's exciting to make it to classical week. that's where the whole thing started for me, when i sung on it two seasons ago. it's going to be exciting. i hope it will be fun. >> did you have any idea then you would be up dancing? >> no idea. i was excited to be asked to perform on the show back then. never in my wildest dreams would i be returning as a contestant. >> you're doing so well. good luck the rest of the season. now, we're going to hear you
8:50 am
sing. it's from the album, "katherine jenkins, the essential collection." ♪ i wish i was in carric fergus ♪ ♪ where the castle looks out to sea ♪ ♪ i would swim over the deepest ocean ♪ ♪ for my love to be with me ♪ ♪ but the sea's wide and i cannot swim over ♪ ♪ nor have i  the wings to fly ♪ ♪ i wish i had
8:51 am
a handsome boatman ♪ ♪ to ferry me over my love and i ♪ ♪ i wish i was in the land of aaron ♪ ♪ where the mountains reach the sea ♪ ♪ where flowers blossom as i do remember ♪ ♪ where my true love came to me ♪ ♪ but the sea's wide and i cannot swim over ♪
8:52 am
♪ nor have i the wings to fly ♪ ♪ oh, to be home now in to be together ♪ ♪ my love and i to be together ♪ ♪ my love and i ♪ my love and i [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
tomorrow's big finale, reunion of "one day at a time." right now, we want to thank all of our guests. you were so beautiful. what a great finish. good luck next week.
8:56 am
>> thank you very much. >> have a great day, everyone. >> tgi friday tomorrow. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
good morning at 8:56. a training exercise will take maryland today to test spot --on's ability to a mass casualty. the drill will be from 9:00 until 3:00 and will involve a simulated air demonstration at based in whichs will collide in mid- air. the washington region is home to overnight millionaires. bought a winning power t worth $1 million at a congressional ax on a national massachusetts ave. -- winning numbers are at traffic.k >> we had an accident which is gone in upper marlboro and
8:58 am
route 4 at 301. the beltway, inner loop of street, a huge with delays that begin across the wilson bridge and northbound 95 and 395, look at that back up out of newington to the 14th street bridge. we are still dealing with early this morning this orrin see pushed out. we can use the rain but it will out within the next couple some heavy rain is potomac. the district and the dulles airport. make it to near 70 today e showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next. i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
8:59 am
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