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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:21pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hit is one of the hottest tickets in town tonight the and the white house correspondents' dinner in d.c. it wrapped up just a few moments ago. this is a live picture in the hilton ballroom where it was held. a crowd of politicians journalists, and hollywood celebrities. >> four years ago, i was a washington outsider. four years later, i am at this dinner. four years ago, i looked like this. today, i look like this. [laughter] and four years from now, i will
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look like this. [laughter] >> the president poking in the fun at himself. he spoke less than an hour ago. again, the dinner just wrapped up and now the party begins. for more on tonight's event, we will go to mike who joins us outside of the magazine party. >> beautiful people main goal with important people in our nation right here outside of newseum. despite this cold wet weather of celebrities and politicos were happy to be on the red carpet. there was glitz and glamour at the 90th annual dinner. >> hall of the crazy -- all the craziness and washington.
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>> miata mobil's, government leaders, and tv stars pose for -- media moguls, government leaders, and tv stars pose for pictures. even kim kardashian said that she might run for office in glendale, california. outside, fans waited for hours to spot their favorite celebrities. >> he is probably the only one recognized. >> i like looking at their outfits, the dresses. it is need to see the fashion. >> she is bold. she is courageous. she is classic. she is like a movie star in her own right. >> earlier in the day, the stars of "modern family" got a tour of the white house with the first family. >> it is fun to meet people. it is always sorry. >> jimmy camelkimmel had some big
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fans in the audience. >> he is such a wonderful friend of bolles. >> but most attendees were eager to hear the president's punchline. >> that he can laugh at himself. >> these after parties are packed with celebrities. we have mary j. blige, steven spielberg, lindsay lohan, and many others. proceeds from tonight's dinner benefit scholarships for aspiring journalists. they also recognize excellence in journalism. tonight, they honored our colleagues from politico. >> and their prom is still going on. we will turn to the breaking news story and get serious. a deadly storm moved through san louis tonight. one man is dead. 100 other people are injured
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including four critically. they're still trying to figure out what caused the man's death. >> they got hit with the metal pipes, the wires -- we have electricity in said the stand. we had a mix of about everything that could happen. there were live wires lean on the ground. it was handled very quickly very well by the fire department, but we have some severe injuries to quiet people. >> at least 17 people remained hospitalized tiepin the crowd gathered at busch stadium after the cardinals game. and we have storms moving through our area. >> panera some good news for the central part of the country. most of the heavier storms are now starting to diminish. this is out in st. louis. you see the storm that moved through. now all of the warnings have
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come down. the school back to the east coast. we're looking at showers across the area right now. in southern maryland is where the heavy showers are falling at this hour. the good news is that the shares will come to an end and we will see some sign for sunday. how about temperatures back into the 80's? >> we're learning more tonight about the murder of a pregnant woman in prince george's county. her body was found in the trunk of a car. her boyfriend is in custody. >> certainly, this family is just devastated. she looked to text and be on twitter and talk to our family on the cellphone. so when they did not hear from her, when she did not report to work, they get very worried. tonight, they're dealing with this young woman's violent
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death. a somber and cheerful gathering saturday night, the family stunned by the loss of jasmine moss. >> but has not really hit home yet. >> police were alerted about a suspicious vehicle. they found her body in the trunk of her own car. it was around 7:00 p.m. friday night. >> we discovered the victim and she had stab wounds to the upper body. >> there was something else. she was 14 weeks pregnant. her estranged boyfriend nathan rogers, the father, is now accused of murder. >> there were no warning signs. >> authorities say that rogers lived around the corner from where the car was found. police say they have interviewed him, but won't say they have a confession. >> i cannot even imagine. i am speechless. this is a senseless crime. >> we know police searched rodgers home removing evidence.
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her family does not know what to think. >> she would distance him from us. i don't know him. i don't know much about him. >> family members say that moss a legal documents specialist, was starting a new job and was excited about becoming a mother. and the family is coping with an image -- with an unmanageable tragedy. >> -- with an unimaginable tragedy. as far as they know, rodgers had never been a physically abusive to moss. rodgers does have a criminal history of burglary and assault charges on his record. he now faces a first-degree murder charge. he is in jail. he is due in court on may 25. >> that is a terrible story. thank you. also, d.c. police said that another victim has stepped
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forward in the series of violent attacks. police are not releasing the victim's identity, but are investigating the claim. the suspect in at least one of the attacks, michael davis, had a court hearing late today. he is the younger brother of two nfl star's was charged with two counts of assault. police are trying to determine if he is responsible for at least three other attacks. another weekend and another round of work on metro. that means some delays. most of the work is being done on the red light. trains her single tracking. there is also work on the blue line. the arlington cemetery station is closed, but they are replacing trains to get you to the cemetery. nearly 20,000 fans attended today's rally for the new redskins quarterback robert griffin iii.
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we have a look at all of this. >> you can buy the jersey. it is no. 10. he is here to stay. robert griffin iii is already a household name in washington. yes, hi said it. almost 20,000 people were at fedex to catch a glimpse of him. he did not come cheap. he is the third round pick and a second round choice for st. louis, but this team needs it. there have been 22 quarterbacks since the redskins last super bowl glory. this is what he had to say about his future. >> i just hope that they know that i'm here to work. it is not all about the show. you can never walk up to a 30- year-old man when you're 22 and tell him what to do. you have to earn his respect. so i want them to know that i'm
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here to work ready to help this team win. >> john beck getting released and there is a new quarterback coming to town. stay tuned. we will tell you more about it appeared >> something unusual about having two quarterbacks. still ahead, one year later what defense secretary leon panetta is saying about the approaching anniversary of the osama bin laden death. and new details about the new conduct regulations. and a maryland man at the center of the controversy. >> it is kind of hard to be funny with the president of the united states sitting right next year. yet, day in and day out, joe biden manages to do it. >> jimmy kimmel headlined tonight's white house correspondents' dinner. [ tires squeal,
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>> still no positive id yet, but the search appears to be over
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for a washington's demand suspected of killing his wife and daughter last weekend. police blowoff a top of a bunker where they found a man's body. he had been on the run for days after his family was found dead. it is the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's the death. remembering what it was like in the situation room as u.s. special forces carried out their mission to get osama bin laden. leon panetta says that keeping the mission a secret was critical to its success. >> if you can imagine, there were a couple of tense moments going to the operation. just the fact of having those helicopters 1 150 miles into pakistan and the concern over whether or not there would be tested. >> he was the head of the central intelligence agency at
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the time of the raid. we're learning new details about some of the rule changes that are affecting the secret service. the agency will no sign chaperones on some trips to and forcing a code of conduct to curb excessive drinking and prevent agents from visiting questionable establishments. today was national take back day. more than 5000 locations participated for people to safely dispose of a prescription medication. >> a little spring cleaning for your medicine cabinet. at the university of maryland, nearly 30 pounds of on used, and wanted and expired prescription drugs were collected. -- nearly 30,000 pounds of unused unwanted, and expired
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prescription drugs were collected. students in the area could drop off the drugs no questions asked. they will be safely destroyed by the da instead of being tossed in the trash where drugs are more tolerable to getting in the wrong hands. >> i have a young child. that is my concern also having expired vacations flying around. -- expired medications lying around. >> these are so important on college campuses like here at university of maryland because college students are so tempted to trade them back and forth. >> and give it back. no questions asked. dropped off at the drop box. it is no longer safe to put old prescription drugs into your toilet because it will mix with the water supply. >> in a landfill or some of his
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garden or the bay -- it is better to dispose of them properly. >> a safe means of disposal was just what the doctors ordered. >> you know they will not just to go to -- i have so many of them. it would stop my toilet. >> we want to give you a little bit more now from tonight's white house correspondents' dinner here in washington, d.c. abc's jimmy kimmel was a ghost. >> mr. president, remember when a country rallied around you? that was hilarious. [laughter] >> some journalism awards were handed out during the dinner.
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and they won the marion smith award for excellence in presidential coverage under deadline pressure in the broadcast and print categoryies. >> the weather for the most part cooperated. the showers will come to an end by tomorrow morning. that is good news as we move through the second half of the weekend. outside, the showers continue and the heaviest is across southern maryland. it will be a quick clear up for tomorrow morning. it fell cool today and it fell -- it felt cool today and it felt more like march.
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44 degrees in washington, virginia. the had a high at 55 degrees today and a third of an inch of rain. temperatures are slowly cooling down. heat is 43 degrees in winchester. head further south and quantico is now at 53 degrees. milder temperatures to the south and west of us. this will make its way northward during the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. high pressure will start to build a overhead. once we get the high pressure just off the coast, the wind return more south and west. that will signal a nice warming trend by monday and tuesday and even warmer by wednesday and thursday of the upcoming week. this is the line of nasty showers that brought that tented down in st. louis overearlier in the day.
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now the heavier showers are mainly across southern maryland. this will move toward the northeast in the overnight hours and steer conditions out to the west. he will see sunshine by tomorrow morning. by the mid afternoon hours, we look for more sun for the district and toward the chesapeake bay. temperatures well into the 50's. depending on how much sunshine we see, that will tell us how warm it will get. monday looks good also. a few clouds for the afternoon hours. scattered showers overnight with temperatures in the 40's. tomorrow, partly-to-mostly sunny skies. highs again in the upper-7. as. in to the eight -- upper-70's. into the 80's by thursday and friday. a lot more sunshine for the day
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tomorrow. it will look really pretty out there. >> dad is still above normal. >> yes. -- fact is still above normal. >> yes. >>


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