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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  April 29, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> they y are cocoming across s our boers and huge numbers. >> i think it is is a racist law. >> this ek on n "inside washington," the immigration debate. for mitt romney, it is all over but the coronation. >> mitt romney, next president of the unite states. could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? >> tell them, don't double my rates.
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>> incoming revenues and trust fund resourcrces will be insusufficient totoaintain the ll benefits. >> newt gingrich decides to pakia. -- pack it t in. >> i think obviously, i would be the better candidate, but the fact is that the vototers did not. captioned by the national captioning institute >> let's start with the supreme urt and the arizona immigratio law. according to a study by theew hianic center, the largest period of immigration from one cotry, mexexico, is over. the flow has stopped and may have reversed. why? weaker american job market, tougher enforcement of the
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borders, and changing economic and dedemographic conditions in memexico. tell that to arina. >> this ia wholesale invasion of arizona. ouour federal government is not protecting the statete. >> caretls - cartels are king control with illegal trespassing. >> two years aarizona passed a tough new law at critics say amounts to racial profiling. this week it went to the supreme court, arizona are doing that i if the federal government will not deal with the problem the state has a constitutionalal right duty to deal with thatat. ariza governor jan brewer says she thinks the hearing went well.. nina do you agree? >> it wentnt well for the show me your papers part of the law.
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i think t court walpole that and strike out oth parts -- will uphold that and strike out other parts. >> evan isn't this the responsibility of the federal government? >> it is. congress is being dysfunctional these days could not handle it. you think that ththis would bee a good time to do the federal reform where ideas clearly called for. but don't hohold yoour breath. >> if a police officer in phoenix pulls you o over for speeding, he can c check the immigration status. we hear that there is a police officer in phoenix who says this amounts to racial profifiling.g. do you aee? >> whether i do or not is irrelevant. the case i is not hinging on that. it hinges on the federalism of the case.. is it an intrusion of the
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federal resnsibility to ask show me your papers? essentially tthe administration is arguing arizona oversteps by enforcing a law that the fed's refuse to enforce themselves. >> mark, your thoughts? >> this may be the answer for the republicans' dilemma on the latino vote. the bad economy has helped republicans in that latinos are counted on by democrats as being crucial. half the gwth in the country from 2000-2010 was latinos. by a three-one mmargrgin, they mcclean democrat. republicans have made this the
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core anti-democrat, , of thehe presidenential n nominatation of tt romney. he went after perry because he signed a lawhat entitled undocumented children to go to school a at the samame rate. he went after newt gingrich for saying that people wiwill have been here 25 years and worked and paid taxes ought to have a chchance. he has endorsedd the arizonana law. >> how big is the prproblem? the pew center says that as of march 2010, there arere 11.2 million authorized immigrants in the united states. is this -- unauthorized immimigrantsts in the unitestates. is this a demographphic problem political proble >> they have stepped up. what you have to understand abouout immration is t that ids a
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very complex problem. -- it is a very complex problem. you squeeze the borders in texas and california. also, farmers depend on immigrants to come and harvest their fields. a lot of states have passed strict laws, and state officers have said we did not know what we were voting for. >> somehow bypassed and losost 40 million -- >> right. >> the solicitor general has taken a beating again this week. even asotomayor it took him toto task. >> sb 1070 -- theections that are at iue do different ings. trying to uphold sb 1070 looks
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ateast at this point, to be a very difficult task. there are other sections ofhe law that makes it i illegal for people to work receipt work if they are notegally i the country. or receive wor if ty cannot legly in the country. that looks to be more in trouble becacause the federal government has a regime that deals with employment and it does not make it a crime to work. >> evan? >> even n inf hispanics are going on, which appears to be t case, , there are an awfulul lot here right now. the country is ill going to become more hispanic and that will favor democrats. >> by saying that the n numbers going in and out have now equalized, and then to declare the problem is over, is to
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predict a future you cannot predict. we had the worst receson since the early 1980's. it did not e exactly make the united states a jomagnet. we decrease in immigration, d as a result, irease in emigration where jobs are not available. when the american economy recovers as will, who k knows what will happen? romney was ridiculed during the campaign for saying that in the end, whawe will need is self- deportation,nd that was considered kind of weirdness. now everybody is applauding that we have an equal flow in and out, and that is self- deportation, and that is what everybody was laughing about fore. >> it hass come at an enormous price. 18% unemployed or underemployed in the country. in 2000, george w. bush carried white voters over al gore 12%.
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in008,ohn mccain carried white voters over barack obama by 12%. obama won in a landslide. that is because of the influx of latino voters. that is something that republicans, other than george w. bh, do not understand. nobody other than n him on the republican side have been able to speak ♪ ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation every solution comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place.
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for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a widede range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly at you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's berage companies are delivering. >> 3, 4, 5 6, seven years from now, if f i do the job as vice president -- i'm sorry. [laughter] >> you gothat, right >> b of a gaffe there.
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but if you look at the nbc-"wall street journal" pol romney is trailing obama with latinos. romney-bio, a match made e in heaven. >> match made in purgatory. [laughter] no, he has incredible strength. he is articulatate, smart, makes a great case, has a record in florida -- >> but? >> but we went through this four years ago. everybybody isis an amateurunning for national office. the republicans learned painfully in 2008 with gov. pan. >> this guy is no sarah palin. >> no sarah palin but you are tataking a chance. he has a very prickly relatitionship with the florida press, and there are questions. does the cuban connection --
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the dominant connection through the legs in a community is from mexico and central america. >> ideally, and he e is on the ticket andould solve the problems the repepublicans have with the hispanic vote. but i've talked to people around romney whoho say there is something about rubio that makes ththem nervous, that his record needs to be thoroughly vetted. yo can be sure they are scrubbing his record like you have never seen. little gaps in his story that maybe arel ittle. -- are little, but he will get a thorough scrub. >> he would help in florida, which ain't chump change. but people vote for president not for ce president. >> when i h hear this guy speaker, i reminded of tony bir. even when u don't agree with
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tony blairou like heing this guy speak. >> he is. he is like tony blair kennedyesque. for example to come up with something subststantive he has come up wh a revisionon of the dream act which, in the e end doeses not give his citizenship, but t saysou don't have t to worry abouout ling the rest of your lilife. you want citizenship, you have got to get in line that the rebels. > -- like everybody else. >> for the childldren of illegal immigrants. the idedea is that citizenship is a ft, could be a lure. ththerefore, we give permanent residence and you don't hahave to worry about deportation. that is the kind of compromise that could get support on both
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sides of f the aisle. it is a ph tt is posossible for republicans to walk back what happened in the primaries. >> "what about what happenened in the primaries closed what t is the central line in -- "walk back what happepened in the primariri" it is the central line in charles' statement read john boehner candidly said this could not pass the house of representatives. they're ain every one of the last nine elections the republicans won, the was it someone on the national ticket a candidate named eitherixon or bush. if you're lookingng for florida in 2012, there is onenerison to look to -- one pson to look to. jeb bush. >> the n name "bu" never comes
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up in this campaign. >> i applaud his ability to lay low. >> i'm not tal about him, i am talking about romney. >> jeb bush,h, before it george ran scessfully, was always the oneonsidered the political star. it did not work out that way. >> if he had a different last name, he would be the vice- presidential -- >> hsays h he's not interested. >> he left the door open. >> change his name. what about jeb ochocinco? [laughter] >> what the spanishsh word f "bush"? >>
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>> what we said is simple. now is not time to make schools more expensiveor our young peoplele. >> aw, yeah. [laughter] you suld listen to the president. or as i call him preezezy of the united steezy. >> preresident obama on "late night with jimmy fallon." "the wall street journal" says that the president is waging a brilliant campaign to win over incoming college freshmen. was this appropriate for the president? >> i am so close that i did not t it, but it says more about -- about s -- so clueless that i
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did not get it, but it says more about me. >> the consensus with the chattering classes is that it was undignified, and i think at is just the chattering classes. we are all old. i thought it was kind of funny. it was borderline, but i thought it was kind of funny, and it appealed to young people. >> old? my goodness. at cries of condescension to young people. i know the ad es not appeal to our demographic, was scratching my head away evavan -- the way evan was -- >> not an ad. >> it is s is one thing to play saxophone. i don't rememberer clinton arguing anything between sax riffs.
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i would agree, it is and the like nixon going on "laugh in." >> that was a campaign riff -- >> but he d notot argue -- >> thihis was a takeoff of his argument on that position. is thiss as appropriate as bill clinton going on after his enesess nominating speech of michae dukisis, at admitting to johnny carson thatat it was not the best hour of his life. thatas self-deprating and it worked for him. >> i in 2008, president obama got 67% of th youth vote. only 6 of 18-to-29 orders are registered, only 46% say they are definitely going to vote. there is an enthusiasm gap.
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>> because they are y young. >> they had it is a chasm in 2008. -- enthusiasm in 2008. >> the thingss that inspireded them in 2008 are gone. it would take a miracle. >> everyoung person i knein 200000 it was out canassing. >> youth is the ultimate solution of hope over experience. i think the lighting is no longer in the bottle. >> if you listen to that treasury secretary this week talking about social security not being there for them. >> right now it is and jobs, and the job market -- for a young peon comoming out of college, a test -- it is tough.
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>> kids whwho get jobs easily and are foughtht over our kids to get certain -- are kids who get cecertain kinds of skills. they on let me during in englilish literature i was taught -- they aer not majoring in english literature. i was talking to o an electrician in newton, massachusetts, and the shutdown the program to train electricians because not one kid appied. >> -- applied. >> americans now owemore in student loans, $1 trillion, it doubled in the lasast five years then we ow one on credit cards. no question that president obama has w, tactically, this round from the republicans. mitt romney changed his
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sition, moved away from the ryan budget. the reality is that if you are going to spend $6 billionon what it costs to makake a difference in the terest rate, maybe we ought to think in terms of spending for people whwho are getting out of high school and heing them along. those are the ones wewe need to help the most of all. >> there is a serious qution about what we get out o college. a lot of interesting research ended at shows that kids don't learn anything in college. college is about to through a big reform movement to bring down costs and teacheoplpl. we don't know how this is going to work, but it depends on whether you are getting your money's worth. >> who is the liberal will lea the fight on college costs? >> i heard at paul ryan talkk about it at georgetown university. >> it will t te a liberal to
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>> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in c camp as the nomineen august -- in tampa as the nominee in august. >> well, it did not work out that way. if you don't believe in yourselfina, who else is going to? >> some people believe in newt. he has been down and out before d come back with a great pontificating life and making a fortune. i suspect he will do it one more time. i don't know h but i suspect he will dot. >> nt is always on the fine line between visionary info. -- v vionary and fool.
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>maybe he will come back. >> not at the presidential level. but he is talalented, smart, and often has a very good ideas. think he would -- i would love to see him as u.n. ambasdor. [applause] [laughter] he would tell the truth is nobody else would. >> he was a candide of big ideas, and i did not hear what other than colonizing the moon. >> see you next week.
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