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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with tape by two masked men. the victim was crawling into its own trunk. for the next hour, he was driven to a series of atms. >> it is beyond the realm of the neighborhood simple crime. >> just a week and a half earlier, on the same road, a woman made this call to 911. >> somebody was stopped at the side road. he would not go when it was his turn. in this recording you can hear the frightened woman asked the call taker what to do. you can understand why police are asking for help in identifying the masked man.
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>> 40 in, -- fortunately, they sped away from the scene and she was safe. there is a lot of concern from this community. i cannot tell you how many people have stopped to ask if there was an update. take a look at that photograph. it looks like a grade leatherjacket. somebody out there must know who this person is. >> let's hope they catch him. police are searching for a man who fondled a georgetown university student. this assault happened friday around 6:00 at the village a. the suspect was last seen running away from the scene. he is described as a young black man with crooked teeth, wearing a lime green jacket. the victim was not physically
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hurt. is kerrey often for a group of university of maryland -- a scary afternoon for a group of university of maryland students. >> this is an unusual case, police calling this a robbery- drug investigation. three masked men walked into a house leaving with a certain amount of marijuana. we have a 911 call from that house a little while after this happened. neighbors say just last night there was a large party at this home. around 1:00 this afternoon three masked men walked into the open front door and demanded money from the people inside. authorities say the trio took
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laptops, cell phones, and the keys to an suv. police later received an unusual 911 call from one of the victims. >> in that tape, the victim actually stated that he was robbed -- marijuana. his marijuana was taken. we also believe that the motive for the robbery was drug- related. >> that is kind of scary. it's a shocking to come home from the gym to see cops and caution tape wrapped around the house. >> police are still looking for that store in suv. it is a 2003 honda crv. we are told three current students lived in this house and to the zero former students live there. -- two former students live
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there. >> return to the weather. >> later this said a big warm up. a lot of changes in store. >> a warm front is on the away. 64 degrees in arlington. let's get you started. first up, a live look -- a live look from our rooftop camera. look at the numbers. the front is on the way. we will stay kind of cloudy because of that. it is not going to get terribly cold overnight. showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible as the warmer air moves in. we will see a line of showers moving through indiana western kentucky, tennessee.
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the whole kit and caboodle is heading our way. it will feel like the middle of summer of the next couple of days. >> the man accused of sexually abusing children at his daughter slumber party took the stand today in his own defense. michael gardner denies the charges against them and today he told his side of the story. we are live from the arlington court house. >> we have heard from a lot of witnesses during this trial. we have heard from character witnesses, even the alleged victims. perhaps the most crucial testimony for the defense camp today from the very last person to testify. the 48-year-old lawyer and community activist of the stand today in his own defense. >> anything to say? >> -- they did not feel like talking after court wrapped up today. he spoke at length on the stand. he is charged with
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inappropriately touching the three little girls, one during a sleepover last june. the other a few days later at a slumber party at his -- of his daughters. >> the defense also raised the possibility that michael gardner was not physically capable of testing the girls. stating that he had left notes removed from his arm. last may, he got an infection which caused his hand to swell and become painful. it made it difficult for him to move or reduce his fingers. prosecutors showed a video of him using his hands to open the heavy door to the courthouse taken just days ago. they also asked them to move his fingers for the jury. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow morning. michael gardner state should be in the hands of the jury by tomorrow afternoon. >> the man accused of killing his pregnant estranged
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girlfriend is being held without bond awaiting a mental competency exam. police think nathan rogers stabbed jasmine moss to death and stashed her body in the trunk of a car. her family spoke out about their loss. >> we will never have the opportunity to meet the child and to see her bright smile. >> investigators are still working to piece together the events of the night she was killed. they say nathan rogers was under house arrest when she went to visit him. >> montgomery county school officials are responding to allegations of a cheating scandal. an article is skeptical of high- tech -- high test scores at highland elementary school in silver spring. the school won the national blue ribbon award.
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a 2005, it was the lowest performing school in the country. now it has one of the highest scores. >> a multitude of factors go into a turnaround is gold. you have to have a committed and dedicated staff. >> and joshua starr released a statement saying there were no short cuts taken. >> all you capstans out there it is an important game tonight for the capitals. it is a game to end their series against the new york rangers. today, the mascot handed out the year it -- a year in anticipation of tonight's game. all the action will be taking place at madison square garden. >> you have to love new york.
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it is a gorgeous day in manhattan. tonight, we are next to madison square garden getting ready for game 2 between the capitals and the rangers. one thing about the big apple the spotlight is gets brighter and brighter. in case there was any doubt about where the capitals are check out to greet the capitals on the way to the visitors' locker room. >> movie stars and the crowd. " the most famous arena and the world's was not kind to the capitals in game 1. they are in danger of going down in the best of seven. >> stake in the moment. >> the bright lights may not be bright enough. he was outstanding in the first
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round over boston but allowed three goals on just 14 shots against the rangers. >> everyone is playing under the same circumstances. >> the caps are hoping game 1 was just a dress rehearsal a warm-up act. >> center of the world. great atmosphere. >> you are looking live at the empire state building in manhattan, where it is a gorgeous day. blocks away, here we are at madison square garden. this is a huge day for the washington capitals. we will talk to the guy who holds the key to the success of the washington capitals. >> good deal, looking forward to
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it. >> tonight at 5:00, we now know what caused an suv to fly over a barrier and crashed into the bronx zoo. >> this man is sitting at home watching cable tv. >> and local mothers anger after the man accused of sexually abusing per three-year-old kids out on bail. >> see the view from new york city's newest tallest building.
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>> the crash that killed seven members of the same family -- a minivan plunged 50 feet. police said the driver was speeding when she hit the barrier between the two sides of the road. that collision knocked her front left tire. the seven people in cyber all wearing seat belts but they were killed. >> a major milestone in the construction of the new trade center. >> the building that replaces the twin towers is now taller than the empire state building.
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>> it has been six years since construction of the trade center began. the building that rose from the ashes of a devastating attack has risen above every other structure in new york. >> what you see here today is a determination to remember what we lost, and rebuilt even higher. >> monday afternoon construction workers -- may history. it made this skeleton of the building tall enough to peek over the roof of the observation deck of the empire state building. for this retired firefighter today's milestone brings up mixed emotions. >> everytime i see it, i will remember my son. >> it has been an emotional day
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for crane operators working on the project. they witnessed the tower is falling down 11 years ago. >> people lose their lives for no reason at all. >> it is not expected to reach its full height for another year. at that point it will stand 1,776 feet tall. " such a special day to day. >> on the 100th floor, the day ended with these two teams in place. 1 world trade center now stand at 1,271 feet. >> in your second day on the stand, andrew young's wife told -- said john edwards wife said it was legal to take money to conceal his mistress. she said she had doubts about
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taking the money. last week, andrew tian an admitted to using $1 million for himself. edwards has pleaded not guilty to six counts related to camp kind -- campaign finance violations. >> terry thompson set the animals free from the farm last october. sheriff's deputies were killed two -- forced to kill 48 of the wild animals. five animals have been living at the zoo but will soon be released. >> the koala bear has now been placed on the threatened species list in australia. experts believe development and wild dogs are the biggest threat to the species. the koala foundation says 80% of koalas live in private habitats. >> we had issues here with the
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bald eagle. that is the symbol of the country. >> are you ready for some summer weather? we are talking 80's, close to 90. >> does that include humidity? >> summer a little bit early. here we go. here is a time lapse. this is arlington, looking west to route 50. a lot of cloudiness. we will have to wait a little bit longer for the warm front. i know it sounds crazy to talk about a warm front after a cold front, but it is a complicated pattern. 61 right now in sandy springs. 62 degrees right now on the
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campus of children's hospital. 66 out reagan at national. you have to get west of the mountains to find a warm staff. hi pot -- pollen count is on the high side today. look at the numbers. plenty warm, at atlanta 85 degrees, 75 in indianapolis. there is a little bit of the cool air behind the front. the or mark -- warm air will start to build right back again. this is an early summer weather pattern. there is a fair amount of the two had our way. cooler weather to the north but we do not have any cold air show in the upper right now. here is the from the sun coming in from the west. showers, isolated thunderstorms
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high pressure will start to build back into the area. this is the way the futurecast sees it. showers in the morning, high- pressure building from the atlantic ocean. each afternoon, shot with and thunderstorms are possible through wednesday thursday, and friday. 30% chance each day. here is the way it looks from the express format. late tonight, a 58. in the morning, a showers possible thundershowers los 70's midday. we will top out in the upper 70's, of around 80 on wednesday mid-80's on thursday. >> ok, a pretty active. very good. thank you. >> it is time to unveil the
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first of 15 finalists in our abc 7 car giveaway. >> our first finalist is henry md.arolen. you have 30 minutes to call. we will announce another finalist tomorrow. just go to we will select the winner from our 15 finalists later in may. good luck. >> life imitates art. patrick dempsey is a real-life hero. >> i would like to know what happened. " this virginia man just received a postcard from his parents. they said it's more than 15 years ago. >> coming up, and a day care worker is accused of trying to
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>> a day care worker is home free on bail tonight. >> that has the child's mother very upset we are live from northeast washington. >> we have learned the u.s.
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attorney's office prosecutors did fight to keep this suspect behind bars. the judge ordered otherwise. this afternoon the mother met as here at the day care were this alleged sexual abuse took place. she feels like she's been victimized all over again. >> he is a monster that my son is afraid of. >> the mother says -- the mother of a three-year-old boy says it was a nightmare. the facility did not tell her about it for two days. now, after police arrested the man, she learned a judge released the suspect from jail. >> somebody saw him doing this. >> we went to the suspect's home today. a woman yelled to us through the door. if the court conditions are being met, randolph king was
5:26 pm
inside the home. the judge lets him go last week under high intensity supervision. we are told he has a 24-hour curfew. he has to wear an electronic monitoring device. he must be with his parents when he leaves, which is only allowed for lawyer appointment and court hearings. >> this man is sitting at home watching cable tv while my son can barely sleep. >> the judge was greatly concerned about the charges but king does not have a prior criminal record. he was released under the strict conditions. he is innocent until proven guilty. >> this guy needs to be behind bars. he is a monster. >> we can safely assume that randolph king will remain in this house on house arrest if nothing changes for the next 53 days until his next court date.
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>> still ahead it is almost summer blockbuster season. arch campbell is here with what movies will be rolling the box office. >> a planned budget cut leads to mothers with children protesting in the council chambers. >> one of the victims in the hammer attacks and speaking out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order
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>> one of the d.c. hammer attack victims is now talking about what happened to him. >> we are live from northwest washington with the story. >> that the attack happened here in broad daylight. the victim says after a pleasant conversation, the young man suddenly turned on him. thursday about 3:30, this man was walking his dog when he spotted a young man walking toward him. >> he said, how are you doing? when i turned to look, i was hit with some type of object. >> this victim fell to the ground, blacked out. >> i was hit with an object
5:31 pm
which split might year. -- my ear. it was not until the next day when he recounted what happened to a neighbor that he learned of a series of several attacks and called police. >> i was shown some pictures and i believe i picked him out right away. >> police believe the suspected attacker is 19-year-old michael davis. he is also charged with another hammer attack on a young woman that same night. when undercover officers caught up with davis, who he was sitting on a porch on illinois avenue. police are also investigating whether davis is responsible for three other similar attacks in the same area. >> i am one of the lucky ones. >> davis is charged with two of those attacks. he is back in court on may 11.
5:32 pm
we are live in northwest d.c.. >> time now for a look at the other top stories. police have released this surveillance video of one of the men wanted for a violent attack and burglary in potomac mills. >> police are looking for several men they say robbed a group of university of maryland students. the men were armed and wearing masks and walked into that house. they apparently still marijuana during the robbery. >> new york city's tallest building is 1 world trade center. 21 feet taller than the observation deck of the empire state building. and not to america's heritage --
5:33 pm
a nod to america's heritage. >> sam ford is live in northwest washington. >> on the eve of the council vote on how to spend $240 million budget surplus, a parade of groups came to the chairman's hearing today. none louder than the homeless people and their advocates who are trying to stave off a cut. two dozen or more homeless families disrupted chairman brown's budget hearing. demanding that can be restored to housing for the port. -- the poor. those protesting are from the old d.c. general hospital site, or d.c. shelters homeless families. the latest figures shows that the number of homeless families
5:34 pm
have gone way up, 46%. if the city is getting -- the city should restore a $7 million cut in housing. >> we are all single mothers trying to raise our kids. in d.c. general, there is mold in the building. >> the chairman warned many cuts would stay. >> there is not enough money to return money to everyone. i would love to see money come back to programs. >> for the mothers and their supporters -- >> why are they trying to shut down are rising -- our housing? >> that they say they want out of the shelter and into a home. as referred to earlier, chairman brown has now joined mayor greg in saying that he wants to restore all four days that the
5:35 pm
employees were furloughed. the homeless advocates are saying they would like to see the homeless funds restored as well. >> this week marks one year since babe -- navy seals killed obama -- osama bin laden. coming up tonight you have something new on the death of osama bin laden. >> that is right. we have personal letters from his last days of showing what was really going on. we never could have guessed what they reveal. new details about the terror alert the fbi is watching tonight. >> what is this about a makeover? >> when you think about it, it is about some time somebody added up all the chemicals in the cosmetics and lotions men and women use. congress is looking into this.
5:36 pm
we have a reality check. >> sounds interesting. you can see the stories and more tonight. >> it is time for a check on our traffic situation. >> we will start you off with a look at the legion branch. this is heading to the westbound toll road, where an accident has only the right lane getting by. interloped is not looking great. -- inner loop not looking great. taking a look at 95 in virginia springfield interchange, southbound delays are further south of this. watch for the slow traffic as you travel to 123.
5:37 pm
just the usual volume delays. >> why neighbors are divided over a proposal to put a whole foods and other stores in prince george's county. >> fasten your seat belts before the summer movie season. blasting into town this week. i am arch campbell with a preview. >> a dramatic drop in gas prices. we will show you how far they have gone down. we love theme parks but with four kids, it can just be too expensive. yeah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot swells?! typhoon! first prize! it's a cheese grater. wooooo...
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>> this weekend, we have the first big summer blockbuster coming out. >> arch campbell joins us. it looks like super heroes dollar over the place -- super heroes are all over the place. >> brace yourself for a parade of blockbuster's between now and labor day. summer movie season 2012 begins with one of the greatest collections of super heroes ever -- "the avengers."
5:41 pm
those characters joined with several others as the avengers 41 giant black. first, fighting with each other and then standing together. it arrives may 4. it is an early kickstart for the blockbuster season. speaking of blockbusters, "the amazing spider-man" arrives for the july 4 weekend. "the dark knight rises" looks like the year's biggest movie. >> are used downed or something? -- you stoned or something?
5:42 pm
>> may brings johnny depp in "dark shadows." will smith returns for memorial day weekend for "men in black 3." a nice surprise at the movies this weekend. "think like a man" was number 1 again. >> we could call ourselves the avengers. >> thank you.
5:43 pm
speaking of backers, coming next how about dr. mcdreamy to the rescue? he turned into a real-life hero to save a car crash victim.
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>> a virginia man got a very unexpected delivery. >> he got a postcard that was sent by his mother more than 50 years ago. >> talk about a special delivery. >> "we will probably be home before this gets there." they were on vacation in chicago summer around 1957. >> i was totally surprised. it is like hearing from somebody you never expected to
5:47 pm
hear from before. >> 82 sent thomas jefferson at stamp. -- a 2 cent thomas jefferson stamp. it ended up in daytona beach florida. >> what she was doing something i never expected to find. >> as a retired historian he sees the long forgotten cards as a long lost treasure. >> to appreciate these ancient documents. >> the post office has not offered an explanation -- asks explanation of why it took so long. >> he was a retired historian
5:48 pm
how ironic is that. >> the clock hands of georgetown's famous towers had been stolen. they are likely the work of some students. it is a longstanding tradition to steal the clock cans. they were last stolen in 2005. >> he does not just save lives on television. patrick dempsey rescued a teenager who became trapped in his car. the tv doctor pulled the california teenager from the mangled mess last week. he flipped his mustang three times. the actor raced out of this sum fire extinguisher and crowbar in hand.
5:49 pm
the teenagers that you recognize the good samaritan. -- the teenager said he recognized the good samaritan. >> he used that crowbar to pry the teenager from the car and stay by his side until paramedics arrived. the teenager suffered a concussion, but is expected to make a full recovery. seven couples remained on "dancing with the stars." in addition to the individual dancers, there will also be 18 a team tango petition. that is at 8:00. >> we will see if they keep their shirts on. >> doubtful. >> gordon peterson is live in the news room with a look ahead. >> there is a dna debate in maryland tonight. the court of appeals has ruled
5:50 pm
that the state police must stop collecting samples from suspects. coming up at 6:00, please are worried that it could and fear -- interfere with their investigations. if you have a problem with airport screeners you can report them immediately through a new smart phone app. >> it is time to take another look at our weather. it is about to change quite a bit. >> mainly, you will notice the temperatures starting to climb. let's take you early this morning to montgomery county. every now and then, we saw a little bit of sunshine. we may see a little bit more clearing over the evening. overnight, that will change again. here it comes a pretty good line of shower stretching from
5:51 pm
north to south. all that advancing eastward. with the warmer, more unstable air, we will see some morning showers. only 58 in hagerstown. 70 at quantico, 66 degrees in washington. we could even had 90 by friday. here is what futurecast says about things. some showers overnight some shoppers as we get through a metal part of the week -- showers as we get to the middle part of the week. very warm temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 80's, even near 90 degrees on friday. that is the very latest. >> let's talk about the caps. a big game tonight against the
5:52 pm
rangers. >> oim brant is live from madison square garden with all the action. >> these two teams split during the regular season. each 11 on the road. the caps are a better team -- they each one won on the road. this has to be there night. the players were certainly focused. it also appeared loose competent, but businesslike. there is no question where this game will be decided. he is torn, and here is the dilemma. remember game 14 motivation, or just forget about it like it never even happened? >> id is no different.
5:53 pm
" the rangers got only 14 shots in game 1 but got three of them passed. it was by far his worst performance of the stanley cup playoffs. as far as tonight goes, the numbers seem to be on his side. he has gone 24 games in a row without back-to-back losses. >> i did not even know how long it is. the key is not letting it get to you. >> he has played strong hockey for us. >> i will have more on the caps coming up at 6:00. what a weekend this was in washington d.c. let me take you back to fedex field on saturday. rg3 was in town, a fan
5:54 pm
favorite already. they hope he is the future franchise of the washington redskins. the beloved more coming up coming at 6:00 about the caps and rangers. >> good deal.
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5:57 pm
>> a big development project is in the works for riverdale park. >> not everyone is excited. >> this is a quiet little tree- lined roadway that dead ends near the railroad tracks in the heart of riverdale park. a big developer wants to bring in some big-time business to these folks backyard. this family once to build a
5:58 pm
sprawling development that would include a wholefood supermarkets, other stores, office buildings. >> we already have a lot with university of maryland, the traffic. >> she has lived on the street for 30 years. she thinks the development is a good idea. >> it would be nice to have a gross restore close by. i think -- a grocery store close by. i think people are complaining about traffic. >> the prince george's county did something and has only done one other time. held a public zoning meeting today. >> our roads cannot handle that. >> a chance for the developer to answer questions. >> we were aware of the issue concerning of the traffic. we feel we have addressed the traffic. >> the county council says it
5:59 pm
will take its time to go over all the evidence before it puts it to a vote. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6 on your side. >> are big story, a battle brewing over the collection of dna samples from suspects in the maryland. >> an appeals court says the state cannot collect a dna sample upon the arrest of suspects. that has worried some police departments. rebecca cooper is covering tonight's top story. she is live in prince george's county. >> last week, it was the maryland court of appeals, the highest court in this stage that struck down the collection of dna samples. law-enforcement are saying they want a lot -- said they lost a valuable tool in their arse


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