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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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"good morning america." thanks so much for watching, everybody. and have a great tuesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> you can expect tighten security at airports worldwide. new fears al qaeda could strike. it has been one year since the death of osama bin laden. it is tuesday may 1. i am cynne simpson. >> we begin with traffic and weather. first up is adam caskey. >> good morning to you. we have some areas of rain to kickstart tuesday. you will see the area in green,
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yellow, and orange. indicating the heavier rain in orange. mainly out of charles town into loudoun county and frederick. you have a moderate downturn. hagerstown, lighter rain interrupt the the other parts of virginia, front royal madison county, light rain is pushing through this morning. we could see and isolated shower but i think this is it for the rainfall for the most part. highs around 80 degrees. the same story the next couple of days. it looks like we crank up the heat by friday. >> look at the beltway. i'm going to take you in a couple spots. things are running nicely for us right now. first of all montgomery county between the american legion branch, traffic is moving nicely. overnight construction is being put to bed in greenbelt and in college park, the long-term
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construction is still on the road right. a virginia, the geico picture 95 66, and the beltway, all construction out of the way in the next half-hour. >> we start with a developing story from northeast india. official says more than 100 bodies have been pulled from a river after rates vary boat capsized. at least 100 people are missing after the boat broke into two pieces. it was carrying 350 passengers. security has been stepped up at airports as we approach one year of the death of osama bin laden. >> officials warned members of al qaeda want payback for the attack on their leader. the newest threat could involve body bombs. >> with tonight marking the one year anniversary of osama bin laden's death, security is tight
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amid fears of a new threat. authorities are studying the possibility of terrorists using body bombs. experts say that a terrorist could have explosives implanted in a body, perhaps in the stomach. >> the surgeon would of the -- incline to the explosive device among the internal organs. >> u.s. and european authorities have warned that the master bomb maker for a cockeyed in yemen -- al quaeda has been designing bombs with no physical parts. >> nobody wants to be the person who overlooked a clue. that has happened in the past and we have paid for it. >> officials say there is no credible information of an imminent attack but officials warned that the group in yemen
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remains a threat. it continues to seek the opportunity to strike our homeland. >> when year ago, president obama ordered the raid to kill bin laden. yesterday, he called on americans to remember those who participated in the operation. >> the american people remember what we as a country accomplished in bringing to justice somebody who killed over 3000 of our citizens. >> authorities say they have made adjustments to security such as turning up the radiation to try to detect body bombs. >> drones one day be flying over the beltway. fairfax county tells wtop they could be used to spot a traffic tieups and send information to vdot. some say using drones on u.s.
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soil could be an invasion of privacy. >> police investigating separate stabbings and the district. when happened after 2:00 this morning along florida ave. police and saw a man stabbed in the neck. he was taken to the hospital. we do not know his condition. police were called to a separate stabbing in north trees washington at the forefront hundred block of coral street. officers say the victim was stabbed in the abdomen. police are not saying what led to the stabbings or if they have any suspects. >> turning to vote 2012, and today's election day in many places in virginia. voters will be selective school board members. polls open until 6:00. you can see a list of the races on line at a >> congress is looking at changing the provision letting you ship beer and wine in the mail. >> with more on that, and let's
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get to linda bell in new york. >> we are watching right now stock index futures. they are a little changed. we have manufacturing. it accounts for more than 10% of the total u.s. economy and is expanding less vigorously than last year. the forecast for the report will probably show expansion in april but still at a slower pace than a month earlier as the industry calls off a bit. the homeownership rate fell to the lowest level in 15 years in the first quarter. borrowers are losing homes to foreclosures. there is tighter inventory and credit keeping buyers off the market according to a report from the census bureau. one way which may ease the financial losses for the postal service is to change a provision letting you ship wine and beer. it dates back two times before probation. that changed with saturday
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delivery in the hands of congress. the cost of flying out of d.c. is on the rise. i will explain in the next hour. live at low brick headquarters, i am linda about. back to you. >> outside the temperature is 50 degrees. very comfortable. >> still to come, learn how a local man is being honored for helping to save the children from a vicious dogs. >> high lies between the caps and the rangers. could they even the series? >> and you're going down!
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>> a good tuesday morning. it is a good tuesday morning. the caps tied the series one- one. we have some rain moving through earlier in the morning. most of it will be confined to the early morning hours. a little bit of cleaner -- clearing. 51 in washington. basically moving into leesburg out into frederick and also up into northern frederick county. otherwise, a light action in green tree the interstate a corridor and on 66 to about prince william county. some sunny breaks later on today. the rain confined to the morning hours.
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close to 80 degrees for the high temperature. tomorrow, and no real changes out there. a chance of thundershowers and temperatures into the low 80's. what about the commute? >> a lot of construction is being cleared and checkout 395 north of the beltway on our way out to -- they were doing some construction. edsal lroad everything is getting through. just a little further up, there we go. that is quiet as well. we are getting back to normal. >> sounds good. and i sure will be honored today for helping save children from a dog attack. >> two dogs started chasing the children when their neighbor tried to run them off with his knife. they attacked and wounded him but the children were not heard.
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during ceremonies today, and he will be presented with a jersey. >> the washington capitals heading home with a tight series. >> alex ovechkin's power play helped to snap a tie game at madison square garden. >> issues, he scores! alexander ovechkin has restored the lead for washington. >> seven and a half minutes left in the game, this series is tied at one game apiece. the next game is here tonight at the verizon center. >> we're looking at 59 degrees. >> important news for pet owners. >> new developments in a series of attacks in which a driver ramsey recalls. th
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[ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really want. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it beforore they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are
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a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're rdy to move. >> police have released images of men who allegedly rammed a man's car and adopted then dropped him. they tied him up with duct tape and took him and his cash card and dump him in a parking lot. some intensely around another woman along the same stretch of jones lang. she called 911 and the dispatcher told her to get out
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and exchange information but she did not because she was scared. the attackers may have been arrested before they struck again. >> knowing what happened to the man after me, when they did not follow up, it is upsetting. >> the suspects are still on the loose. >> on this mayday occupy marchers are being planned and 120 cities across the united states, including the nation's capital. >> members of occupy d.c. our plan in a rally this afternoon. at 6:30, they will march to the white house. they are calling today this part -- start of their spring resurgence. d.c. council is expected to repay city workers for the for they were taken to -- forced to take. council members are also expected to vote for another
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bill. legislation to delay tax on out- of-state bonds held by d.c. residents. turning to the 20 top campaign comedy about a campaign is wrapping up efforts in virginia, launching a new effort to win the common law. >> it is important for women to have a president to care about women's rights. [applause] >> and holton and valerie halosted and event's last night. her husband is running for the senate seat held by jim webb. achy mitt romney supporter made headlines yesterday. -- a key mitt romney supporter made headlines yesterday. that's new jersey john boehner -- to governor chris christie.
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resisted a curse to run for president. romney is expected to settle on a running mate before the national convention in tampa florida. >> news for pet owners with an important dog food recall. diamond pepsi foods is recalling its in dry dog food because it may be tainted with salmonella. it was sold in 12 states including maryland and virginia. operations have been suspended at the south carolina plant. scientists at the national zoo are trying to inseminate the female giant panda. >> for the first time, officials are sharing the process with the public through. -- twitter. the wrote about the procedure once said we will know whether she is pregnant or experiences a
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fake pregnancy. >> outside we are just shy of 60 degrees. >> a different challenge for the contestants of "dancing with the stars." sexiness to classical music. >> well, marc the only dancer going shirtless. learn who got a perfect score.
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supporter of babies' play. ♪ ♪ >> we have some areas of rain to talk about but i think it will be confined to the early morning hours. here is a look at live super doppler 7. moving into parts of montgomery county. a few showers and over falls church we have one downpour that is just moving into parts of arlington. there is a closer look at the yellow which indicates moderate rain. on and to frederick county and upper montgomery county. we have some heavier rain. the rain will and within the next couple of hours. we will have some sunshine.
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we will make it into the lower 80's today. there is a chance we could be cooler. showers and thunderstorms here and there through saturday. near 90 by friday. >> what are you going to do? are we moving that fast on the beltway? i hope not but you could. they are waving the green flag between baltimore and richmond. good if you are going to the airport. have a great flight. open on the george washington parkway and to and from thurgood marshall. they clean right on 66, interstate 70, quiet on the beltway at the wilson bridge and 50 between the bay bridge in new york ave. >> we continue with "dancing with the stars."
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the seven contestants took part in team dances. >> somebody is going to have to go home. who landed the highest scores last night. >> dietrich baker is joking about how great they feel about the triple tens for their vampire inspired dance. while maria menounos was perfection her feet are a bundled bandage of bones. your feet scare me. >> me too. i have to go to the doctor tomorrow. why should i bother? i am not going to stop. >> it also included 18 tango but those scores barely affected the leader board. in seconds place they were thrilled watching the others. >> we were jumping around more
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than they were. >> william and cheryl are tied for third w. >> we're trying to match them now. >> i think i am trying to get a better dancer. >> in fifth, chelsea hightower after their argentine tango. >> it was a very inviting and welcome back hug. that boosts our confidence to be back next weekend bring even more fire. >> i tried to search the judges for the things i can apply every week. i was very happy to that -- with the dance. things can always be improved. >> they are counting on viewer votes to save them because they do not believe that judges will. >> the only thing that will keep
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us it [unintelligible] >> this time he will be singing. one more couple goes on. >> 60 degrees outside. >> still ahead more trouble for the woman known as
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>> expects tighter security at the airport. as we mark one year since the death of osama bin laden. >> learn how the national baseball team is honoring a man who helped save children. >> also -- his anger koses team. -- could cost his team. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is tuesday, may 1. >> i am cynne simpson. so glad you're starting your day with us. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment but first adam caskey. >> a very good tuesday morning to you. grab your umbrella as you venture out this morning. you will only need it early


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