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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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y, the killing of osama bin laden. >> it did not occur to me it was the anniversary and i had not been -- noticed increased security. >> around any possible target, the cloud of concern exists and some try to downplay it. president obama arrived in a surprise visit. he said there will be no celebration. at the pentagon, they not -- marked another anniversary. 10 years since they pentagon protection agency was created in the wake of 9/11, print -- designed to protect the pentagon and its employees. >> we never let our guard down. one of the things and 9/11 taught us is you cannot be careless about the threat. >> the safety measures have paid off. steps taken around the country
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and giving travelers the confidence to fly. >> i am not concerned. >> i have seen on tv and they show me it has been working. >> just an example of some of the added concerns out there. newark liberty closed its terminal for about an hour after tsa officials realized the baby had not been properly screened. it says you how they're not taking any chances. >> the president is scheduled to address the nation from afghanistan at 7:30 p.m. and you can watch the address live here. >> we have more breaking news tonight. firefighters are on the scene at a huge apartment fire in chevy chase, maryland. the fire has destroyed a number of apartments on terrace drive. >> the sad news here is we have
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a lot of families that are without a home. we're walking of the year as firefighters clean up this mess. fire officials believe the blaze began in that corner unit and it jumped over to an adjoining building in these garden style apartments. the fire was fanned by a very strong winds and it took out a lot of apartments. witnesses saw smoke and flames and heard an explosion. people were screaming for residents inside their unit to get out. fire officials believe that everyone did get out without injury. one firefighter did sustain injuries. we believe there are expected to be ok. we have 20 units that have been damaged or destroyed and we have some 80 to 100 people who have
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been displaced. the red cross is here. they're talking with folks try to make sure they can get arrangements for someplace to stay. a lot of folks, everything in their apartment was destroyed. we're live in montgomery county. >> let's switch gears and turn to the weather. we have a spike in temperature. >> but he will be sticking around and also a chance for rain. >> we do see a chance of rain tomorrow -- and on thursday. it is a partly summnny and summery day. we see temperatures in the lower 80's. it is a warm day. temperatures around the area for the next day.
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notable is the difference between the temperature at now and what it was 24 hours ago. 17 degrees warmer. 22 degrees warmer in martinsburg. we will drop to the sum's later this evening but only this to's overnight. maybe a few showers and some afternoon number. warm temperatures will hang around a few more days. 90 degrees is a possibility later. we will include that in a few minutes. >> today is may day. in other countries, the celebration of the labor movement. this brings another day of protests by the occupy movement. demonstrators are demanding reforms on wall street, higher wages, and better health care. this was the biggest protests since last fall. in the washington area, protesters gathered on k street and malcolm x park. police are trying to find out
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if protesters were linked to this vandalism. these windows were smashed with a crowbar. they moved down street and smashed windows. one car was set on fire. no word on whether this was part rally in advance of mayday. at 6:00 p.m., we will have a wrap up of the may day protests that played out across the country. >> a hospital employee is the latest to be killed in the district. dwayne brisbon was killed after crashing his car overnight. we have details on this investigation. >> police say it is a mystery to them. all they know is they got the call from witnesses who said a car was driving along florida avenue when it veered off the road and slammed into a light post in the building. people inside and they found the victim of a murder. at the washington house -- hospital center where dwayne
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brisbon worked, he was known as a superstar employee. >> he just -- is not going to be the same. he is in a better place. >> the father of a young son became the fifth homicide victim in four days. police entered a call for a single vehicle car crash on florida avenue. they found him dead in the car. he had been stabbed. police have put together all the bits and pieces of what happened. >> the victim we know was driving down the street. at some point before he got out of his vehicle and became involved with the subject. at that time, the subject stabbed him. he got back in his physical and tried to get away. cressidas nunnelee bertran and his killer know each other.
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his co-workers and the people he met were the best things about his job, he said. -- they said. >> he was a great guy. >> police are trying to [unintelligible] in the hours and minutes leading to his death. many of the nightclubs -- police were looking for any video that could provide any clues. they're asking for the public to call in if you can offer any assistance in solving this murder mystery. >> we are waiting for verdict in the michael garner case. he is accused of molesting three girls. >> michael gardner is a well- known activist and his wife is
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a former mayor and current city council member in falls church. this case has garnered a great deal of attention throughout the area and in moments, we could have a verdict. in closing arguments prosecutors hammered at dna stains from michael gardner that turned on the underwear and pajamas of two little girls. three little girls, friends of his daughter told investigators gardner inappropriately touched them when they spend the night at the home last june. prosecutorsthe defense focused on inconsistencies. the jury was called on to use common sense. he cited the lack of prior evidence to indicate he harbored any sexual desire for children.
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evidence which is also -- often found in the homes or computers of pedophiles. the jury began deliberating to 30 p.m. this afternoon after-- to 30 this afternoon. the question is whether they will have a bearing on its proximity to a verdict. deliberations continue. there does not seem to be any measure of calling off those deliberations tonight. >> let us know if anything develops out there. police are investigating an elementary school principal. this in prince william county. the principal h has been removed and is under investigation. quex>> apparently and allegedly,
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something happened with her and the school finances leading to her removal. by all appearances, it was a normal day. but it was anything but that inside the school. the top office. the principal senior in this promotional video was abruptly relieved of duties and a new principle rushed in to place prius officials would say that vermont was removed after an audit of the school's financial records. the preferred the investigation to prince william county police. what do you think about that? >> i am glad she is gone. >> no one told them the principle had been removed. >> i did not note that happen. >> nobody said anything? >> no,. -- no. >> with police starting the investigation, there are plenty of questions she will have to answer soon. >> the principle has not been arrested and has not been
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charged with the crime. the investigation does go on. >> coming up at 5:00 p.m. a woman accused of being involved in a romantic rival attack. >> while the washington nationals disagree, what he did that will have everyone at nationals park honoring him tonight. >> brand-new research that claims to have the secret to losing weight. >> will look at this and thought, this is amazing. >> how facebook is setting up to [ banker ] mike and brenda found
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i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my
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house is wherelants came to die. ♪ ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even lant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> new developments in the john edwards trial. defense attorneys questioned sherri young. she did not she and her husband did keep $1 million from wealthy donors to cover the mistress but the only reason she went public is because edwards reneged on a
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promise to do so himself. >> facebook is getting into the business of saving people's lives. you can share your organ donor status. we have reaction to this new addition. >> is a pretty deep amortization. some feel a little too personal. you cannot argue with this. is the easiest way to reach 100 to to million americans at -- and that is the point if you're sick and need a transplant. natasha has kidney failure and waited for 16 months. she thanks facebook -- thanks the effort will save lives. 13 what -- 113,000 americans are on the list and 18 people die every day. >> people are going every day on every hour and it will increase the [unintelligible]
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>> mark zuckerberg made the surprise announcement. >> when the tornado came through in missouri, a lot of people were using facebook to organize and returned items that were lost. in japan, people were lit -- using facebook to locate their friends and family. >> here is -- the phone calls come in all day as the match donors with recipients. >> this is our neighbors and friends and family members who would only live if people like you and me make the decision to become organ and tissue donors. >> what do users thing? >> it is innovative. >> is great. there are people out there who have some incident where there will need organs. >> it seems kind of weird. >> what if you decide to register and change your mind? you can do that and change your
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status. removing yourself from the list. half of all americans are registered as organ donors. >> what do you think? is your organ donor status to private of an issue to be put on facebook? 51% of those who voted said yes, it is too private. 49% said no. you can go to our facebook page and join in on the conversation. >> president obama is speaking to troops in afghanistan as we speak. as part of a surprise visit. >> all right. let me see if i have got this right. we have got the first infantry division in the house. we have the expeditionary wing we have got the bill skinner's
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-- mule skinners. we have the task force in the house. >> these guys seem fired up even though it is close to 5:00 a.m. >> you can walks right here at 730 p.m. >> it is worth waking up for. it felt like summer today. >> in the 80's. 15 to 20 degrees warmer. we will be close to summer in some spots.
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this is the first day in may. it has been a steady progression of clouds over the city. that is the evening review. we will call at parlay cloudy and warm to the evening. partly cloudy and mild overnight. tomorrow, maybe a couple of showers. we could use some rain. in the moderate range for tree pollen. a light breeze out of the northwest. 83 at reagan national airport. that is the story across most of the area or 80's. a bit cooler to the north. in new england, it is chilly. in the south and west is very warm. a frontal system is coming through. cooler weather coming but the strength of the warm air mass is we will stay on the warm side of things for several days to come.
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high pressure will be developing. check our temperatures across the area. in the 80's right now. humidity levels are creeping up, adding to the feel of summer. we are watching clouds that are coming through late tonight and showers. they may come along this cold front and you may wake up with some showers and there is warm and humid air. maybe some afternoon thunderstorms. this way that futurecast sees it. it does not indicate much in the way of showers. isolated showers and storms. it will repeat the process as we go through thursday and friday. very warm and humid. chances of thunderstorms. this is where you see this warm air. that will be the biggest and that could come close to the 90- degree mark. maybe a patch of fog in spots. showers possible in the morning
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and through the afternoon isolated thunderstorms. the temperatures in the low 80's. a daily chance of afternoon and evening showers. friday is 93. dry air, cooler air moves back on sunday plane wrecks -- back on sunday. >> time to name the finalists. kathy rogers of sterling, va. you have 30 minutes. you can call this number. in order to qualify. we will announce another finalist tomorrow. >> you have time to enter. you can enter every day and you can get two additional entries by sharing the contest with your
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facebook friends. we will select a winner from our 15 finalists there this month. excitement is building at the national zoo. we go back on panda watch. w>> it is great. >> with gas prices as high as they are, how do reward programs save you money? we have the fine print. the newest star of the washington nationals baseball team valley will take the field tonight. he saves
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>> the man who saved two children from intact by dogs will be honored tonight in a big way. >> he stepped in when his young neighbors needed him. hawthorne suffered injuries to his arm. >> this national park gusher is getting a big ball park water. -- honor. >> a lot of people talking about the fact that bryce harper will be taking the field. andrew hawthorne works here and
5:26 pm
will be on the field tonight. you may be standing next to a hero. >> i will be glad to be in the right place at the right time. >> andrew hawthorne will tell you he is no hero. anyone seeing this video, including the washington nationals will agree. two dogs were chasing children. >> he grabbed a kitchen knife with one hand and let one of the dogs climbed onto his arm. the children were safe. >> he did it anyway. >> with an armful puncture wounds, he is getting the vip treatment at tonight's game. he will walk out on the field for the first pitch. he and his family have seats behind home plate and he is
5:27 pm
having assured signed by the team. >> he is such a wonderful guy anyway. >> the mayor will proclaim this day andre hawthorne day. >> all employees get a day off with pay. >> andre hawthorne has spoken. >> thank you. >> he still has a sense of humor. as far as his arm, he cannot move that hand. still recovering from that. the dogs were captured. they do not have rabies and that is what he was happy about because he was doing ribby shots. he is working on getting that mobility back. quex>> he is thinking of everyone else, he wants everyone else to have a day off.
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still ahead it will be half the size of a football field and siege 1500 people. see where the largest mcdonald's is being built and why it is only temporary. re>> i learned everything -- how to do everything is in my feet. see how he is making that happen. >> the trial has begun for the prince george's county ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the trial has begun for the alleged mastermind of the attack. >> severely injuring a mother and her 3-year-old child. we have what happened in court today. >> prosecutors say the party's were involved in a love triangle with the same man. that is why tamara jackson told her friend to do this. >> i can only just cried. you do not want that to happen to your child. i was not used to seeing her like that. my daughter is beautiful regardless of our she looks. >> katrina watts per gone on the
5:32 pm
stand. she threw a cup of acid on their faces. >> they should be locked up. rolli doing this to me but a child. >> jackson told anderson to do it because she was considering getting back with the boyfriend. the defense argued jackson never had any animosity toward what said she would not do this because the man at the center of the love triangle did not get back together with what spread the hardest part was watching her daughter struggle. quex when i first started, she was smiling. it hurt.
5:33 pm
>> anderson is serving an eight- year prison term behind bars. she arranged plea deal in which she agreed to testify against jackson. watts has scars on her body and may have to use eyedrops and ointments for years. >> thank you. one person was taken to the hospital after a hit-and-run on the embassy of maryland campus. rav445 -- about 1:45 p.m., a student was hit. fuentes is charged was leaving the scene and driving with a learner's permit without supervision. >> let's take a look at the other top stories. a washington hospital center was found overnight. this was the fifth homicide victim in a four -- four days.
5:34 pm
he got into an argument. that person stamped brisbane who tried to drive away. >> the jury in the michael gardner case has gone home. he is accused of ever protecting. the girls might have meant the story, the prosecutor said, and there were assistant sees -- inconsistencies in their testimony. >> mr. obama met with hamid karzai and signed an equal partnership agreement with him. outlining a cooperative effort after international forces will draw out. >> a new diverging diamond exchange.
5:35 pm
this is the side of maryland's largest slots parlor. it will include 5000 slot machines and table games, is fazul to open in june. >> we talk with the bulldogs about how to stay focused behind the wheel of a car and talk about how many mistakes new drivers make and how to avoid them. we also blend into no dangerous this time of year is 14 drivers. if you want our program to come to your school, make sure you get in touch with us. it is time for a trekcheck up on the traffic situation. >> on 395 south heading down toward duca street. the biggest problem is a single left lane getting by without a serious accident. also westbound arlington at
5:36 pm
gallows road, you have a crash lane. in the beltway near georgetown pike. this table of vehicles -- disabled vehicles gummed things up. tan earlier crash there has been cleared as well. back to you. >> still to come, later bar hours and such a liquor sales tax. >> and new task for secret service agencies following that scandal in colombia.
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>> have we been here before? we're back on panda watch. >> she was artificially inseminated. we are live from the zoo where expectations are flying high.
5:40 pm
>> there is lots of excitement at the national zoo. everybody wants to get a glimpse of these pandas. even though we will not know for some time whether or not this panda is pregnant. dinnertime crewcut crowd to watch the panda feast on bamboo. she was artificially inseminated after they were not to mate on their own. >> it is amazing to see them as close. you feel like they're right there. >> their fascination is growing. it is crucial because officials say this could be the last time it tries to break the pandas. they have produced one couple in 10 years. >> not something you see every day. it brings attention to them. here is the zero and i am sure there will have a lot more visitors. quex if she is pregnant will be
5:41 pm
awhile. several months by checking, run levels. >> there is also a chance she could return to china and find love with a new mate. >> she has a few years to conceive and have maybe. >> it will be three months to even five months before we know whether or not this panda had maybe -- has a baby on the way. >> in other news. jessica simpson is a new mother. we will reveal the baby's name. >> find out whether -- where they're building the world's largest mcdonald's. >> what you need to know ♪ ♪ ♪ hit
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>> with prices this high, people are hoping to save radicand.
5:45 pm
-- where they can. >> they can save you but you had better know the rules. we see how the different programs stacked up. >> when was the last time you saw a gas at $3.50? do you think those days are gone? gasche rewards programs can help you cut the price at the pump. >> it was 30 cents a gallon i am saving. >> 3 brick q 3 popular programs. while membership has its privileges, and has big limitations. read the fine print. >> i do not know how it works exactly but it is great. >> bear stearns discounts for buying special items on circulars like this one. the discounts expire the last day when martha after it is earned. you can get up to 20 gallons of -- at $1 =-- .2.
5:46 pm
at safeway you can set up to $1 per gallon. one point for every dollar spent. it can be redeemed only at safeway gas stations. the points expire at the end of the month. >> the giant card gives you a bit more freedom and offers a bigger potential discount. it works just like the safeway card $1 is equal to one. . the discount maxes iyt at -- out at $2.20 per gallon. >> every little bit helps.
5:47 pm
people are really feeling the pain at the pump and they're looking for ways to lessen the pain. discount cards if used properly can be one of those ways. >> we put together a comparison on line and you can look at the program side-by-side. and read all that fine print, we have simplified it for you. go to >> we have the secret to weight- loss, sleep. researchers at the university of washington and studied identical and fraternal twins and found that those who slept more than nine hours a night had a lower body mass index. >> what is the last time you know anyone sups for more than nine hours? >> babies. >> and people with the flu. mcdonald's is building its
5:48 pm
biggest restaurant ever in london. they are building for the london olympics. this will be open during the summer games. the restaurant is expected to have 2000 employees and feed 1500 people. it is a sponsor of the olympics. >> that is a lot of french fries. jessica simpson is a proud new mother. the singer and her fiancee welcome the baby girl today wearing -- weighing 9 pounds 13 ounces. they named their daughter maxwell drew johnson. she thanked fans for their support saying this has been the greatest experience of their lives. >> let's see what is coming up tonight. >> we have a look ahead. >> we are following developments on the president's surprise trip to afghanistan. more on what the president is doing on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death.
5:49 pm
also police keeping an eye out for any possibility of terrorist action on this anniversary. a couple of republican candidates for president will be in syria. -- only one, i guess. details at 6:00 p.m. >> we look forward to seeing you. another couple will be eliminated tonight on "dancing with the stars"." a perfect score but other contestants are nipping at their heels. >> someone got it tonight. we're trying to match them now. >> as the weeks go by, i am getting to be a better dancer. it makes me feel a little more confident. >> followed by "private practice" and the news.
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some showers are showing up on the maps. yellow areas are tornado watches. a line of storms across western ohio and eastern indiana and northern kentucky. it looks like the showers will move along the cold front that goes through the area. there will diminish but a look at the camera in downtown cincinnati. some of that may hold together. morning showers here tomorrow. temperatures in the lower 80's across the region. dropping into the upper 50's to the mid-60's. our futurecast shows showers as we head through the afternoon hours. temperatures warming into the lower 80's. through thursday, a carbon copy. warm and muggy weather. we're still on target to reach
5:51 pm
the upper 80's for the day on friday, possibly near the 90- degree mark. partly cloudy and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. highs in the lower 80's. daily chances of storms through saturday. drier air will come through the area on sunday. more for you in a bit. back to you. >> we will need to get you an apartment in new york. >> it is so much fun to follow this series. the caps have been looking for some of offensive production. all the talk was about playing time poor decisions, and the rangers crowd chanted his name all night but in the third, how about this? taking it to the top, scoring on the power play. we were with the caps last night and today and we will hear from them at 6:00 p.m. the nets go to the series with arizona.
5:52 pm
the top story tomorrow i will be the first pitch thrown by tom willis. he was born with some challenges but nothing he can not handle. >> the second step on the field everything disappears and is just me, the ball, and the catcher's mitt. >> he is a pitchman without -- like no other. >> i was born without arms. i had to learn everything using my feet. my father died and my mother raised us on her own. she said if you want to do things in life, go do them. you'll have to find a different way you can do them if you want to. >> tom grow up in the washington area and went to the university of maryland. we first brought you his story more than 30 years ago. >> last year, he finished with a 3.9 average. not bad. >> he got to throw a first pitch in the san diego padres game. his goal is to pitch in all 30 parks. >> this will be my 15th team.
5:53 pm
i will be halfway through major- league baseball. >> he and his wife live in san diego and there is a huge home coming on deck. >> tomorrow will be fantastic. i have a huge group of family and friends that are coming. people i have not seen in years have come out of the woodwork and the want to see this. >> his mission is simple. inspire others like him. >> a person may have a disability but it does not mean that person doesn't have all had a lot of abilities you cannot see. >> when he was done practicing he got in his car and drove himself home. >> it is getting people to understand even though i am not the same on the outside, i am the same on the inside as you and everybody else. >> whatever you do, never tell he cannot do something. i guarantee you he will do it. >> that is something. >> it will be fun to watch
5:54 pm
him throw out the first pitch. >> amazing. >> next should they extend
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> the d.c. council will hold a hearing on extending our hours as a revenue raiser. >> it is on the table being discussed. >> he says keep the bar's open blogger and she says now. >> i think 3:00 is enough time. four-o'clock is pushing it. >> some are looking at alcohol. the mayor wants bars to stay open later. many club owners like that. >> is a good thing. it will help the benders and the neighborhood. >> it is great if they serve one
5:58 pm
hour later. >> it means more tax revenue but jim graham -- >> it is another hour for anti- social noise crime, congestion. all the things that are bothering to neighbors will have another hour to occur. >> higher taxes on the drinks and keeping the present hours. he would impose an 6 cent per drink tax. >> extentthat would produce $20 million. >> not popular with this baroni. >> he keeps coming to the business owners looking for ways to solve shortcomings, whether it is policing or financial. at some point, we cannot keep getting more. >> the wholesale liquor people are not happy either. if the new tax is passed it will impose it. the bar owners will pass it along.
5:59 pm
>> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> life and in hd. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> stepping up security and the presidential surprise on the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. >> president obama is in afghanistan. the visit caught a lot of people off guard. high alert as patrols are stepped up. we have tonight's top story. more on the stepped up security. >> a few minutes ago, the president thanked us for helping keep the country safe. there will be heightened concern at home surrounding the anniversary of bin laden's death. president obama's arrives in afghanistan


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