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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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pennacchio, for abc news. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america," everybody. thanks so much for watching. have a great wednesday. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> is a huge day in the race for the white house. mitt romney and if gingrich will make stop in urging yet. if this were new to gingrich will end his campaign. >> the morning. we're starting with a traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, met adam caskey. >> good morning. it is a very similar weather pattern. you will notice the humidity in the air. we have some more showers and
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thunderstorms to speak up. we are moving into this deadbethesda. we have heavy rainfall in montgomery county. a little down for moving through. temperature wise 60. 64 in martinsburg. 63 in manassas. we are expecting their 90s by friday. what do you have in the commute? >> i wanted to follow this. it is dry right now. look. the chief far downstream. that is where everybody is rolling on some wet pavement. we see this developing.
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once you get through bethesda everything is dry again. you want to stick close to adam caskey. he knows what he is talking about it. we will go back to the news. >> thank you. police are looking for the men behind a carjacking. police say it happened just before 1130 last night. a 35 year old man who does not attend the school said he is trying to open his car when three men assaulted and stole the car. it was later found. >> we have the race to the white house this morning. later, met romney will campaign and virginia. >> he will talk about the economy. it specializes in cutting edge technology for a trade show exhibits. later he will attend a fund- raiser. this comes three days before
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president obama picks up the reelection campaign. this could determine the outcome. >> president obama won the state in the 2008 elections. it is the first for the election appeared >> i will be suspending the campaign as part of this. >> i wanted you to know first. your help was vital. >> he will make it official this afternoon during an event in arlington. >> president obama is expected to return to the white house this afternoon. >> this command the anniversary on the death of osama bin laden. they got another reminder that the violence continues. >> president obama is home after delivering the first presidential address from inside a war zone. the president declared that the war in afghanistan is coming to
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an end. >> we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. >> the president a credit for a strategy that he said helped turn the tide in a decade-long war. >> we broke the momentum. we felt strong. the goal that i set to defeat al qaeda and denied a chance to rebuild. it is within our reach. >> the allies are set to hand of security to afghan by thes year. they signed an agreement by karzai. >> the agreement sends a clear message to the afghan people. as the stand-up you will not stand a long. >> the president also greeted troops while and afghanistan
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and thanking them for their sacrifice and service. >> a reminder of the fragile security situation with an early morning suicide attack in the capital. at least six people were killed. >> the president said his demonstration will work to determine what support they need past 2014. there will be no permanent military bases. >> thank you. the sex abuse trial of the husband of accountable men. he says that the girl has been inconsistent. he was chairman. >> a council committee had to vote today on the proposal to extend hours. he wants to lead our stay open until 3:00 a.m. on weekdays and
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4:00 a.m. on weekends. it'll mean more tax revenue. he wants to impose a tax. he said that could generate $20 million. >> if you're thinking about buying a new car did not expect to get a good deal. >> let's say good morning. >> the morning. let's begin with they pay out for walmart employees. they put in extra hours and may be getting this back. they agreed to pay nearly $5 million in back pay in damages to thousands of workers. this is after they found that walmart from lammas classified them as exempt from overtime pay. from bad news if you're thinking about buying a car. incentives offered by car dealers are at the lowest level in almost seven years. if your looking for a deal, the
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biggest incentives are offered on lower gas guzzlers. general motors is spending the must on it. they are also saying that some people are buying stick shift cars but the models are cheaper. apple's steve jobs is making his mark at the smithsonian. why more americans are choosing dark meat chicken over white meat. like and limber, reporting for abc 7 news. >> we will see you in a little bit. 65 degrees. >> more than 100 people are wondering what is next after a huge fire destroyed their apartments. the latest on their investigation. >> last night, bryce harper made his home debut. could he help them snap a four day losing streak? >> traffic and weather every 10
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minutes. do w
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>> time for a look at traffic and weather. >> then maybe some rain on the way. >> there is some heavy rain moving into stafford county. this is where we have a heavy
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downpour. in northern and eastern leg gumimontgomery county, we have a we care. >> this is moving toward week heaton. this is where we have the shower. 270 as well. this is northwest of staffer. this is pushing eastward pay it it is approaching manassas. right now it is moving into prince william county. a little bit of rain. scattered thunderstorms later. they could become strong and severe. they could be in the 80 + so again today. >> bring it on. we are going to be in some wet
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pavement depending on where to go. we begin with 270 coming in. it is right along the line. when the go to springfield, we are dry here. here comes the traffic. i do not have anything major going on. 81. 95 between richmond and baltimore. now back to the news desk. >> thank you. outside, is 65 degrees are ready. >> a different kind of drama for tyler perry. details on a fire which damaged the studios. >> expect a huge cloud. they have a chance to take the lead so, you're all set up. great. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's
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>> 15 minutes before 5:00. top stories include mid romney campaigning in northern virginia today. it is in to a fund-raiser in pentagon city. this comes three days before president obama kicks off his reelection bid appeared romney plus a rival planning to suspend his campaign. this is an event in arlington. qe1 south carolina and his home state of georgia.
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>> a council committee expected to vote today to extend our hours. he was forced to stay open until 3:00 a.m. on weekends -- on weekdays and 4:00 a.m. on weekends. >> a hearing will be held today for a tour bus driver accused of killing four passengers and a crash. he fell asleep at the wheel while driving from north carolina to new york last may. he is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter and faces 10 years if he is convicted. >> residents are waking up in shelters after fire destroyed their apartments. it injured two firefighters. we have more. >> >> and a couple of seconds in paris. >> this shows up in flames
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erupting tuesday afternoon. >> it is from a top level unit in chevy chase. >> residencets grab what they could and escaped with their lives. >> a neighbor was saying there was a fire. >> they watched in horror as the fire quickly spread. >> everything is lost. it is tough. >> bellies we have each other. >> no residents were hurt. 20 apartments were damaged or destroyed due to fire or smoke. >> [unintelligible] >> officials tell me more than
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100 residents and of being displaced because of the fire. we should add the two firefighters sustained injuries. >> we were trying to find out what caused a fire. firefighters were there. one building partially collapsed. >> not turning to sports. game 3 of the playoff series between the washington capitals and new york rangers. >> they are tied to take the lead. >> keeping an eye on baseball.
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the excitement surrounding the rebels got enough to help break a four game losing streak. the 19 year olds it to the field two years after being drafted. >> saturday was the mood. >> a we are going to get on our way and maybe make it to the playoffs. >> they like to get things started with the strike out. they beat the nationals five- one. a lot more baseball to be played. >> an usher was honored for his bravery. >> vincent great help to recognize andre hawthorne.
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>> the hawthornes' saved two children. the dog bit him as you. officials presented him with a shirt which was signed by all of the team members. >> very brave work. >> 65 degrees. >> another star leaves dancing with the stars. >> they did it out in the stands up. they voted to keep on the show for one more week. >> another check on ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers
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>> 53 on this wednesday morning. we have some areas of rain to talk about even some heavy showers moving of an 95 in stafford county. echoes of toward dale city. we have a downpour hitting ruby at this time. it is a downpour at the moment. some moderate rain in the bristol area. it is moving into manassas and
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approaching woodbridge. the brain where talking about is pushing eastward. just a wimpy little sprinkle that is approaching 95. to mr. wise, 59 n. frederick. 55 and the district. 66 and culpeper -- temperature was, at 59 in frederick. 55 in the district. 66 in culpeper. daily storm chances all the way there saturday. we are still talking near-90 by friday. >> i was saying he said a wimpy little sprinkle. we are getting hefty on the highway with the volume starting to wake up. i'm going to give you the travel times. some wet pavement on 270. quiet out of aspirin and
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leesburg. -- ashburn and leesburg. we will go back to the news. >> thanks. the academy awards are going to stay at the same theater that has hosted the oscars for the 10 years but the name will change it to be known for did will change. the vineyard has known for decades as the kodak theater. they keep the oscars there for the next 20 years. >> across town, the dancing is over for another contestant. >> they have whittled down the six celebrities. all three judges decided that fagan should stay. he admitted he would on lasted for three weeks. at what it was learning in new
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dance each week. -- at first it was tough learning a new dance each week. >> it was terrifying. it kept me up at night. i am going to get some sleep now. >> that is the upside. the six contestants will return to the floor monday night on abc 7. >> good morning america is celebrating. >> they beat the today show and a ratings war. it happened on april 23. he can catch this right after good morning washington. keep in it locked them. >> 64 degrees. >> twitter announced that just the simpson gave birth.
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>> mitt romney getting a clear a path to a good republican presidential nomination as he prepares to speak in virginia today, and newt gingrich preparing to speak in the commonwealth and planning to announce that this is spending his campaign for. >> a d.c. council committee expected to vote on extending bar hours in the district. >> and taking a love of angry birds to the next level, a theme park.


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