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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now.begins >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, may 2. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. meteorologist adam caskey. it is a little damp outside. we have some areas of rain. need the umbrella throughout the day. sunshine in the then afternoon and evening and thunderstorms. heaviest rain is approaching and especially in stafford county, northern stafford county north word into william county and parts of dale city. this is pushing east across the into manassasving s county.harle 95 in maryland is in light rain. morning rain showers will end. scattered thunder storms later today. storms may be strong to with highs in the mid '80s. warm and muggy. watch in a little rain headed
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southbound on 270. things are getting a little better. 270 in the clarksburg camera. there's raindrops on the camera lens and father hurley boulevard. good other than that. the beltway looked better at gallows road. overnights construction in greenbelt is gone. of town at theh wilson bridge. improving your andrews air force base and interstate travel get beltway seems to be pretty quiet. we will have the latest from metro rail in our next report in a little while. back to news. we started breaking news from china. a diplomatic standoff over a blind legal activist is over. left the u.s. embassy and to care and becal reunited with his family. he escaped last week. dispute occurred just before talks between the u.s. and china and now the
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chinese foreign minister is demanding an apology. >> the search continues for carjacking atnd a university maryland campus before 11:30rk night. it happens three blocks away. a 35-year-old man was trying to his car when three men him and stole the car. it was later found in wheaton. >> now to the race for the white gop front-runner mitt romney campaign in virginia they, does days before hisident kicks off campaign in richmond. and newt gingrich visiting is where het this will end his campaign. brianne carter has a look ahead. romney heads to battleground virginia today. former massachusetts governor is to talk about the economy. is visit comes one day after a york where he joined forces with rudy deleon 8 to localzas to
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firefighters. rudi juliani. virginia is expected to be one statesel a battleground that could determine the election. in 2008, obama became the first amocrat to carry virginia in presidential race in 44 years. also expected in northern virginia today, newt gingrich. is expected this afternoon to campaign.uspended the made in advance announcement site. web >> i will officially suspended of a press part event. to know first because you're help is vital. >> it is expected to be a busy for republicans in virginia. event is at 3:00 this afternoon. tonight mitt romney is join with virginia governor bob mcdonnell and pentagon city for a fundraiser. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. president obama went back to
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surprisen after a visit to afghanistan. >> he met with u.s. troops and signed an agreement with afghan president karzai. u.s. troops will stay in to train afghan army for 10 years. this is after the pullout of troops in 2014. >> in the pre-dawn darkness of afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. up, you will not stand alone. >> there was some violence after the president left afghanistan. a suicide car bomber and taliban militants attacked a housing in kabul hundreds of foreigners. killed.people were it was a response to president obama's visit. >> during deliberations resume this of aing in the trial politicians church michael gardner. accused of molesting three
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girls at a slumber party. is the husband of falls church councilwoman as former mayor robin gardner at. a d.c. council committee whether tovote on extend our hours in the district. critics worry extending the would lead to more noise and crime. jummy olabanji is live in what was d.c. with the latest developments. good morning. >> good morning. under the mayor's proposal, morgan would of ago.d just about two hours are many who believe keeping the bar is open is big business for the city. others say it could be big problems. if mayor vincent gray has it his way, d.c. will be more like new city with are staying open until 3:00 a.m. on weeknights afm on weekends -- .:00 a.m is part of the mayor's 2013 budget plan. the extra revenue is estimated in the millions. gramm doesber jim
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not like the idea. >> it is another hour for antisocial noise, crime, you know, congestion, all the things bothering our going to have hour to occur. >> this solution is to keep the hours but impose a higher tax on the drinks. he suggests a 6 cent per drink on liquor at the wholesale level. >> that would produce $20 million. least one bar owner in his board is not buying into the proposal. the councilman keeps coming business owners looking for solve shortcomings hether it is policing or financial and of some point we cannot keep giving more. >> critics also say that another thing is a lot of people who come down to the prostate metro plans to extend
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its hours. the council is expected to vote on the measure around noon today. the people who come to the area take metro. >> it does not look like d.c. be paid for for they had to take last year. andsands of workers took 4 ease thedays to help budget shortfall. some council members want to use shore upfall to housing, health care, and assistance for needy families. it is wednesday morning. still ahead, there's still time to enter for a chance to win a new car. learn how to get additional entries. >> and the roger clemens perjury trial, his former teammates made a surprise appearance in court yesterday. said on the stand. >> first, traffic and weather. >> fyou're going down!weather.
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it's wednesday, may 2. welcome. 5:10 this morning. a pretty good trip around the region. caskey will tell you about rainfall keeping things little slippery, but i have no
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o report right t now. we look at va last time. 95 and 66 running at a pretty good pace. metro rail is on normal service. slow traffic developing out of frederick into montgomery pace along normal the beltway in montgomery county across the american legion bridge. travel times in our favor not only along father hurley but 95 in and270 baltimore. 7 will join us in a little while. but now adam caskey in the weather center. >> let's look at live triple dar.ler 7 ra i expected more rain later this morning and this evening. it is moving east. at baltimore, heavy pushing east just south of columbia, maryland, north of along the b-w parkway 95, moving into virginia is a moderate showers.
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centreville is in line for this moderate showers. then a heavy downpour crossing stretching from quantico towards marbury if and little lightning and thunder associated with it. waldorf and la plata will get 301.ed a long later today, severe storms possible. the mid '80s. in will talk about the rest of week, coming up. >> thanks so much. enter for a chance win a brand new ford fiesta. >> it is simple. go to our web site, we will pick another finalist at 5 and you7 news day and get two additional entries by sharing tet.contras if your name is called, you have finalist. to become a we will pick one lucky winner later this month. >> an update on facebook's new
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program which aims to increase number of organ donors. are saying about the response. >> jessica simpson cannot seem to get a break. she has been the but of jokes her intelligence and now mockedbeing
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♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds aand puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. you're watching abc 7's washington."g >> in the john edwards style, e iswife of a former aid take the witness today.gain yesterday andrew young's wife rebuffed questions about whether any incentive to lie. she said the only reason she and husband went public with the because john edwards
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to do so.a promise testified pettitte yesterday that roger clemens ago that heyears used human growth hormone. the cy young winner is charged with lying to congress when he used steroids or hormone.wth >> we want to look at some stories making headlines this morning. one of those big story is right is jessica simpson. gave birth yesterday. a lot of people have taken to talk about what they say it seems like a very long pregnancy correct. part of it has to do with the which is more of a manly name. name of thehe little girl. 9 pounds almost. people on twitter just had a little fun with it. jessica simpson has a hard time
5:17 am a break these the name does seem a little strange. person said that beyonce had baby of all >> another person said bed she so long that she gave birth to a 3-year-old. 9-poundit was a nighttim baby. for a person who has everything, how about a display face.r own >> number one is the actual image, number three is the in fireworks. a british company has created this. rockets in order to this display up in the sky.
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>> it lasts about five seconds. you better have a camera ready r money's worth. >> it could be cooled for a birthday party. >> $81. facebook's venture into doing e results.immediat >> sunny hostin planes. >> the power of social media to do good. facebook users now can share their organ donor status and link with a databases. just hours after the feature was announced, california's found the donors increased 840%. research in motion, the 10 is powered by new system and features control.en to developers to them to create new applications. the once mighty blackberry has losing ground to other smartphones with android the one.
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the apple iphone is the runner- up. 2 is a new video game release this fall. >> now traffic and weather. >> tracking some rainfall. its moving through now and more on the way later today. mid 80's and muggy, you feel the , the perfect scenario for this situation. we have showers this morning. a few downpours south of the area. thunderstorms if with hail and gustyge wind possible later on today. a wet start with live super doppler 7 radar. downpour pushing east from through remington and 7 county -- southern fauquier county.
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there are lightning flashes on moving east.hat's still passing through quantico crossing over the potomac. o clipping colonial beach and moving east towards la waldorf will get some action. 301 is charles county rather day, 64arm start to the now, 62 inon right 5 in lexington park. g rain will come to in the next couple hours. around 84, warm and muggy. muggy all the way through saturday. and 90 by friday. back in the '70s for the .eekend >> plenty of volume on 66 coming intof a market to get
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manassas and centreville. get into fair oaks and church. on 95 leaving fredericksburg and columbia.d 95 in fredericksb normal lull in the morning. we will take you to show you the pace at the pentagon on 395, looks great. good and dry on the beltway in montgomery county at university boulevard. back inside. being thehe honor of emcee for the u.s. dream y gala last night in the was the seat for thes money nducational needs of childre with incarcerated parents. evening featured erformances by the gospel duo peoplery and honored six efforts to raise support for the children of inmates. about $1 million was raised last night.
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5:21 is the time, 64 degrees. there's a preview of tonight's capitals game. is a look-alike showdown with a star parks and recreation. and our favorite 85-year-old critic tells us about her restaurant.
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that was a big swing and miss. bryce harper did not have the hoping for fans were an home. -- at the was a questionable .all the nationals loss to arizona -1 last night. pitcher edwin jackson will the mound this evening. but there's another game tonight chinatown with slightly
5:26 am
bigger consequences. tim brant has a preview of the capitals came to. it's a big game tonight at verizon center. they arrested yesterday, but the guys on the ice. the main topic of conversation ovechkin's lack of playing time. theits a game winner other night. it's notates say enough. when guys are able to chip easier, takest off the pressure. scoring, it is dale not to put them on the ice. >> game 3 is tonight at verizon center. >> we want to return to the nba playoffs.
5:27 am
amare stoudemire will not play during tonight's game 3 against the miami heat. injured his hand after game when hes punched a glass gates surrounding a fire extinguisher. he had a small muscle in his hand appeared yesterday and is doubtful to play on sunday. he apologized on his twitter whicht for his action the knicks without player as they tried deficit.from a >> all over this one. >> tim tebow getting some love nba during last night's /hawks game midcourt. peirce scored 36 points as the the hawks anded series at one game apiece. >> showing some love in the nba. 65 degrees.
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>> an update to the secret service scandal. agents will be professors from university. >> + a big day for republicans in battleground virginia. ahead, coming up. if >> brianne carter and as the l need onend you wil if >> brianne carter and as the l need onend you wil d on throughs things fun.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. 5:30 right now. two presidential campaigns are in different places this morning. romney will be in virginia as he gets closer to nomination. gingrich will appear in to suspend his campaign.
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good morning, washington. it's wednesday, may 2. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we get things started with a look at the roads and lisa baden. hearing that northbound virginia, but southbound on the way to the marine base, an accident reported near quantico marine base. let's pull up a picture. 95 looks like we are near springfield moving well up to the beltway. in colombia and silver spring. is live at colesville boulevard at university. >> heavy rainfall in charles county. take your umbrella throughout the day. now, lightunty right moving intorain arlington if and about to cross northwestotomac into d.c. and putting parts of bethesda. plata downfrom la towards colonial beach along the
5:32 am
knights bridge, heavy rain. thunderstorm action. spots of linn county moving towards fredericksburg and stafford has another downpour. spotsylvania moving towards fredericksburg. on our way to the mid 80s today, lateday storms could be severe. >> vote 2012, republican front- runner mitt romney will appear in virginia today to campaign. is the better to newt in virginia ase be suspendingill its bid for the white house. brianne carter is live in chantilly with details. >> good morning. that's right. a busy day in battleground virginia for republicans. expect mitt romney will be in chantilly for an event scheduled , a about 10:00 this morning event expected to focus on the economy, something that will be a big issue and in the
5:33 am
general election. virginia is especially going to big issue in the general election. it is expected to be one of a of battleground states determiningnd up the outcome of the election. democrats and republicans will be focusing in the commonwealth. romney will be here this morning at 10:00. tonight he has another fund- arlington ass in well. talk about the republicans being in virginia. gingrich is expected to be in arlington at 3:00 event to ,ormally suspend his campaign making romney the presumptive republican nominee. from newt gingrich site talkings web about suspending his campaign, had about 180,000 people donating to that campaign, but was time to step aside. this will all play a big part next 24 hours in shaping what the general election will look like. there's a lot to come that we will follow throughout the day.
5:34 am
brianne carter reporting from chantilly. >> the president headed back to b.c. after a surprise visit to afghanistan on the anniversary laden's that. >> he met with u.s. troops today agreement with afghan president karzai if. u.s. troopsal, some stay in afghanistan to terrorism and to train for 10 years after pullout of combat troops in 2014. in the pre-dawn darkness of afghanistan we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. as you stand up, you will not stand alone. left afghanistan, a bomber and taliban militants attacked a compound in housing hundreds of foreigners and several people were killed. it was inn says obama's to president visit. >> about 100 secret service will undergo ethics training. it is taught by johns hopkins university professors.
5:35 am
there's a new code of conduct includes a ban on excessive drinking and bring foreigners to their hotel rooms. >> 5:34 right now. investigators searching for the apartment devastating in chevy chase that sent firefighters to the hospital. flames broke out in the top of one building at the on tariffsapartments drive. spread to an adjoining building. it damaged or destroyed 20 apartments residents. i love trying to pick up the pieces. >> everything is lost. what we had is gone. it's tough. at least we still have each other. the injured firefighters are expected to be ok. no residents were injured but. assisting mores that have been displaced by the fire. >> 65 degrees outside. >> more to come on "good morning ."shington rachael ray cooking up her
5:36 am
itinerary for an upcoming trip to d.c. her about therom reason for this it. .- for the visit and a duo dance off on dancing. is going home.
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>> onramp rick at the national -- i am rick at the national zoo. there's about 500 of these birds left in the world. out.check him good morning, washington. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. still use the showers and we are getting them not everywhere, but in spots. heavy rain in charles county along 301 south of la plata. some of the heaviest into western st. mary's county and some heavy central san mary's county moving east. there's a closer look. and clipping leonardtown and pushing east. newburg getting heavy rain and lightning and thunder. moving into stafford and ruby and fredericksburg and approaching 95, rain.te
5:40 am
light to moderate rain moving into a d.c. beneficial rain this morning. another dent in the rainfall deficit. more showers and storms later today, some of those to become strong to severe. near 90 by friday. warm and muggy today, mid 80's. southbound 95 in virginia, a collision southbound exit for the marine base. is getting southbound 95 in virginia. account is open. upstream looks pretty good in springfield with the normal pace get to the beltway and beyond to the pentagon. rail is on normal service. back to the news desk. >> it is 65 degrees. >> coming up, the nationals honored risked his life to from a dog attack .n the district >> a big game for the capitals tonight. hopefully, this place will be rocking. but how much playing time will get?ovechkin
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5:00,ing up tonight at pain andnd chronic relief?et we will show you a procedure help people suffering migraines, arthritis, and back pain. many hollywood stars swear by it. 5:00. tonight at >> banks. what's coming up at 6:00 morning in about 15 minutes. between work, stress, pets. why more offices are going to dogs. >> when facebook investors calendars andeir what sent stocks soaring to the in four years. dramatic video of a deadly crash pennsylvania river. know what's going to happen. and the latest on the president's surprise trip to of can stand. of that coming up of the top hour. if >> 5:00 hour 44 right now.
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acordia is expected to file today in connection with a florida a&m university drum major. the 26-year-old robert champion outsided dead on a bus hotel last november. officials say he had been hazed by fellow band members. have not said how people will be charged or charges they will face corrects. activists all across the u.s. winding down after a day of protests. there were clashes between demonstrators and police and a dozen people were arrested. demonstrations also took place chicago, san francisco,. and, >> it's 5:45 right now. the capitals hope to impress the home crowd tonight. if they beat the rangers tonight
5:46 am
leadwill take a one-game a playoff series of. john gonzalez e root verizon center with a preview. we have become familiar with the red, ink the chinatown. i saw a t-shirt yesterday that said "keep calm and brought the red." and rock the how much playing time will alex against? he has been the hockey darling the city for years, but his has hit career low numbers. in game two, 13.5 minutes. for those not familiar with hockey, it is a 60-minute game. with the lack of playing time, alex ovechkin was still able to get the game winner. that begs the question this morning, can this team win ovechkin?ex
5:47 am
of course, is a big game in the york, tied 1-1. and the capitals head back home. a victory for the capitals is huge. fans.xciting for the for businesses in chinatown, if they've been annexed in the a plus that is always here.e businesses win an extension of the season means less sleep for us morning folks. john gonzales reporting live for abc 7 news. >> a big honor for an usher and nationals park last night. but it happened before last night's game. d.c. mayor vincent gray paid tribute to andre hawthorne for .is bravery >> i am declaring today as andre hawthorne day in the district of columbia. >> it was about a week and a ago that hawthorne saved children being tased in two massive dogs.
5:48 am
the dogs and bit him. recovering from the puncture wounds. during last night's on field ceremony the national officials a shirtd him with by all the team members. there's davey johnson right there. rayr this month rachael back here to the district. x yesterday i spoke with the tv host and author about her trip. >> aye understand you are to the white house to do cooking with the first lady. >> yes, the first lady, very exciting. she has a cook book coming out down there in about a so to tape an entire episode that we will air on may lady.h the first i love every opportunity i get to spend time with her. a veryried to be attentive partner with the whole .let's move" campaign our organization has worked to helpyears to try have set a healthier
5:49 am
relationship with food to help childhood obesity and rates, to work with our systems, to try to nutritione quality of kids.r to the next-door neighbor is childhoodsity hunger. if i have been enjoying working to even the playing andnd to reach every child f obesity.ue o >> i remember you were campaigning in virginia and schoolat an elementary fairfax, virginia, which also let'sthe first lady's move initiative. turkey some delicious tacos that the kids gobbled up. they used our recipe. it was exciting to be there with at the school seeing some of the things we lobbied for if the summer to life.ming
5:50 am
all the new initiatives rolling out. was funny to see the kids. seen the kids so a nutritious lunch. rayou can catch rachael at 10:00.n abc 7 usually kids enjoy recess. sales for dark meat chicken are going sky high. the smithsonian is jumping on e fever with a steve jobs exhibit. bell from bloomberg headquarters in new york. out the newck exhibit at the smithsonian. national museum of american display the apple 's patent in a new expanded exhibit opening this month. it includes a series of panels t iphones.e gian dick morgan chase is offering a living social rewards visa card. partnership lets users earn
5:51 am
points to be revealed as deals on the daily deals website. a way to show support for small local businesses. maybe you've noticed your cuts at thek meat and chicken grocery store. is growing in popularity as as a cheapereen to boneless chicken breast. the usda says dark green and white me now cost the same. a supermarket chain says dark the sales in parts of risery have been on the possibly because of the milder weather kicking off an early season. the growing -- usda says dark meat and white meat now costs the same. >> for me there's no such thing as growing season. even in north dakota in college be growing right
5:52 am
in 20 below.oor there's some rain today, heavy town thisuth of severe and possibly on today.ter that is something we will keep in the afternoon and evening, the chance of severe thunderstorms with potentially large hail and gusty wind. we will spend a lot of time on doppler this morning because of the widespread rain. first, a look at the southern fromon of our viewing area e beltway south. widespread rain is, and down 81 in the shenandoah valley expand moving east across the blue ridge. in shenandoah county and paige county, moderate rain now moving into western fauquier county, county, and another around thein beltway. showers in prince , pushing easty towards clinton and brandywine get aper marlborough will showers as crossing over the potomac into a national harbour right now. keep pushing towards
5:53 am
in virginia and alexandria. you will get a break shortly, rather. is beltway in virginia beginning to dry out. plenty of road spray if region especially across the beltway. just crossing 95 is a heavy line of rain. the bull'snty is heavy downpour with moving toand thunder 235 as we speak. 64 degrees in the district, 61 in frederick. we will break into sunshine once the morning rain comes to an end. that will destabilize the atmosphere. there's a thunderstorm this afternoon and evening, possibly strong to severe thunderstorms. muggy.d 84 again for the high. near 90 by friday if. cooling off sunday into monday, in the '70s. wednesday through saturday, a chance of storms. what about the road spray? >> have a minor crash for
5:54 am
anyone headed through gaithersburg along north summit avenue at park road. and a crash in the middle of the in ashton,n 08,yland, and an avenue at directing folks around the fender bender in the middle of the intersection. serious crash on 301 north of randywine road, northbound at dyson wrote, they have called for a medevac helicopter. back to you. >> thank you. it is 64 degrees. >> thank you. ii should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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are you a big fan of angry words? you can visit the theme park based on the game. >> this is located in finland. designers created a dozen and adventures course all built around the "angry birds team. there are stations that visitors the mobile game and it on your smartphones while they are there. >> try to hop into the game. we have more still to come in the next hour of "good morning ."shington >> the republican presidential campaign in virginia. mitt romney ramps up his bid and will suspend his campaign. >> and lisa baden coming back to help us navigate the wednesday morning commute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, washington. . it's wednesday, may 2. we are on storm watch with heavy rain and lightning working its into the area. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. i am steve chenevey. . it's


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