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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. first, meteorologist, adam caskey. >> we have some areas of rain. later today, we will see a few more pop up around the metro area. a little unsettled again. that is the with three -- weather pattern we are in. some upper level energy up ahead. rain from pittsburg all the way down to dover, delaware. pushing to the southeast. 57 in washington and martinsburg. low clouds and a little bit of fog. some sunny breaks by the afternoon and a few thunderstorms later today. highs near 80's. >> in maryland, no problems. in and out of baltimore looks good. 95 in virginia, normal travel times.
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clear if you are going out to the airport. we will take you to a live picture of 395 traffic to and from the pentagon. moving at speed. >> it is 5:00 right now. new this morning, we are waiting to learn what led to the stabbing of a man and woman in southwest d.c. >> it happened on 27 street. the woman is in critical condition, but stable. the man suffered minor cuts to his neck. so far there have been no arrests. >> new developments in the scandal in the district. harry thomas jr. will learn his sentence are taking money that was supposed to go to youth sports programs. we were live at u.s. district court this morning with the details. >> good morning. prosecutors want harry thomas jr. to go away to prison for four years. his defense attorney would like him to only go to prison for 18 months.
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they say some of the claims made by prosecutors were unjustified. later this morning, harry thomas jr. will listen as the judge tells him how long he is going to prison. earlier this year, thomas admitted to embezzling more than two of depicted thousand dollars in government money that was supposed to go to youth sports. prosecutors have also asked the judge that thomas be on parole for three years after his release. they also recommend he be forced to pay more than $350,000 in restitution. he resigned in january after the charges were filed. harry thomas jr.'s lawyers say they want him to face a lighter sentence because of what they say are "positive is." we will have more on that side of the story coming up in our next half hour. >> it is 5:00 02 right now.
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a d.c. council committee rejected the mayor's plan to allow bartz to stay open an extra hour. supporters mean it would mean more tax revenue, but critics say it could lead to more noise crime, and congestion. the plan appears to be a nonstarter. >> we want to turn now to the caps game. game three against the new york rangers started after 7:30 last night and ended after midnight. >> it went into three overtimes. the capitals could not pull out a win in front of the home crowd. >> the rangers go upped 2-1 with a triple overtime victory. >> the rangers have a 2-1 lead
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in the playoff series. the guys may be a little tired this morning. they have a couple of days to rest up and prepare for the game on saturday at 12:30. quite that will be a big one. a lot of people sure to be tuned in to that one. stay with abc 7 and for the very latest on the playoff series. coming up, we'll have a live report from the verizon center. we have the developing story from montgomery county. >> police are looking for a man who impersonated an officer and pulled over a driver. >> detectives are still trying to figure out exactly who this person is that is impersonating police, already targeting one person, and they are concerned he is still on the loose. there could be more. >> oh my goodness, that is
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horrible. i live right around the corner. i cannot believe that happened. >> concern after a party say a police impersonator terrorized this woman wednesday afternoon. >> it is disconcerting. it is a safe neighborhood. there is always foot traffic. >> according to authorities, a party hot and waved at this woman, yelled he was police, and told her to pull over. the woman told authorities the man demanded her license and registration and told her to sit on the curb. that is when he took her purse and cell phone and pulled off. the woman tells of parties that the suspect did not use any lights or sirens but he was dressed the part -- wearing a police badge, black pants, and boots. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> fairfax county police asking
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for help in finding a 12-year- old girl who disappeared from the mount vernon area. ashley bryant was reported missing last friday. she told her parents she was going to a friend's house, but never arrived. police she is in danger. she is 5 feet 4 last seen wearing a red and white jacket. >> 5:00 06 is a time on this thursday. 64 degrees outside. >> learn where you can go to read some of the documents seized in last year's raid that killed osama bin laden. >> a woman took her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning salon. >> first, another check on traffic and we you're going down!
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once. stop weeds for months. >> welcome back. we will have a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we have some areas of rain mainly in the northeast area. if you go to baltimore this morning, you'll run into a few showers. this is heading to the south east. a little bit of lightning and thunder. carroll county getting a little bit of a thunderstorm. a lot of showers and storms all
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the way back to pittsburgh down towards dover, delaware and atlantic city. this should drop into western and northern maryland throughout the northern -- morning hours dissipate, and moves outward. the rest of iced after 3:00-for a plot will see a few scattered thunderstorms. we are in the 50's right now even warmer tomorrow and he did. daily storm chances through saturday. lisa, what is the latest? quite good traffic around the beltway. 170, 270 i 95 have normal travel times. 66 in both directions of the toll road. a live picture at to 70. headlights and southbound coming out of frederick down into montgomery county. quiet on the beltway.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. >> our top stories now. investigators try to find the person who's that two people in southeast d.c. a man and woman were stabbed late last night on 27th street. the woman is in critical condition. she is expected to survive. former d.c. councilman harry thomas jr. will find out today how much time he will spend in jail for deporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in city funds. prosecutors want him to serve four years for taking money meant for youth sports programs. capitals' fans not happy this morning, also a little sleep deprived. new york scored the winning goal after four hours and three overtimes. the two teams will face off again on saturday. >> documents from osama bin
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laden's hideout in pakistan will be released this morning. the combating terrorism center of the u.s. military academy, will post the documents on its web site at 9:00 a.m. the new jersey woman's love of tanning has landed her in hot water. >> she faces child endangerment charges for allegedly bringing her daughter into a tanning booth with her. she pleaded not guilty yesterday morning. authorities say she took her 5- year-old daughter to a tanning salon and brought the child into the booth with her. the mother is denying the allegations. >> absolutely not. it is not true whatsoever. i would never put a child in any form of danger. >> crenshaw admits her daughter was at the tanning salon, but not in the room with her.
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>> we want to take a look at some of these stories kidding buzzed on the web. virgin atlantic giving new meaning to the phrase "on the rocks per "you have heard of richard branson, the ceo and founder. now some folks in the business class of virgin atlantic can enjoy a little bit of richard branson in their drinks. they made ice cubes in his likeness. >> who would not want that? >> probably a lot of people, but richard branson apparently did. >> it took six weeks to come up with that mold. i definitely see his image there. >> but my image on the ice cube and served it. >> with richard branson that will probably come next. a flashback from the '80s. remember the sitcom "perfect strangers?"
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bali was from an imaginary island. they have a new video-game coming out where you can create a dream for balki to chase. >> why that particular show? i have to be honest, i remember the show, but i would not have remembered the show if you had not played the music. >> that is a nice little flashback. in other tech news, samsung will unveil its newest smartphone today. >> forget about buying a kindle at target. >> samsung reveals its new flagship smartphone today, but some details have leaked. it is expected to be called the galaxy s-ii. it will come in blue and white. target will no longer sell the amazon kindle because amazon
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encourages customers to check them out in brick and mortar stores and then sell them cheaper of their on-line stores. if you want to move music from your smartphone or tablet, consider jawbones take on the boom box. >> a big gm bought does live up to its name. it is clear. there is a good separation of instruments. >> the jam box goes on sale may 16. >> thank you. it is 5:18. looks like somebody spotted us once again. our picture on metro right there. we thank our viewers for sending back in. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> we will look at traffic as we do every 10 minutes. what mournings and humid afternoon.
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>> it is a summer-like. i think the pattern will break by sunday or monday. until then, i expected to be warm and muggy with a deadly storm chances, not just in the afternoons, but also the mornings. look around, you can see a few showers here and there. there is the rain, closer to baltimore. parts of howard county in carroll county it. baltimore northward of 95. here is the wider view of what is happening. i want to show you the storms began. it indicates a longer line of showers and storms. it goes all the way back to pittsburgh. see the white flashes? that is lightning. these are thunderstorms tracking to the southeast. this action will drop into the mason-dixon line and parts of northern maryland early this morning before it falls apart.
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a little dab to start the day in northern and western maryland and maybe parts of the panhandle of west virginia. there is a boundary overhead. our temperatures today are solely dependent on this boundary pushing to the northeast as planned. by this afternoon, we expect this to lift northward. it should pass the the washington area as planned and on time. we will make it in the mid 80's. should it be delayed a few hours, then temperatures will be a little bit cooler than expected. 57 in the district. on our way to the low to mid 80's. cooler and sunday by sunday. lisa, what you have? >> traffic moving pretty well right now. no worries on 95 coming up into springfield where we take you live to the geico traffic center picture. a good ride on the belt way through montgomery and prince
5:21 am
george's county. back to news. >> thanks so much lisa. it is 5:20 and 55 degrees. >> how you put a five game losing streak behind you? if you are the nationals you wait till the very last minute.
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>> lifted towards right. >> what a night for baseball. the major league's second no- hitter. only one walk, facing just one more batter. congratulations. >> also, d.c. united lost to san
5:25 am
jose 5-3. of course, the capitals lost that triple overtime home wrecker. here is tim brant with the nationals dramatic win. >> the nationals played arizona last night trying to battle their way out of a five game losing streak. but we take you back downtown. it was a stellar night with the national trailing 4-3. bryce carper ripped a liner to beat center field. the rookie had two doubles and a single. tying run at second. harper on second. long distance. look out. back back -- a walk-off two- run homegrown, -- a home run. top of the fourth. he gets a fat pitch. look out. he barreled get to right field. extra cheese, please.
5:26 am
377 feet. the orioles win at 5-0. there is a look at sports. have a great day everybody. >> it is 5:26 in the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> part breaker is the only way to describe last night's capitals game. >> i have tapped -- confidence the capitals will bounce back saturday at 12:30. we have some
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> that one might be difficult to watch. fans stayed up past midnight watching game three go into a triple-overtime. it ended with the capitals losing. good morning washington. it is thursday, may 3. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we will have a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will starts things off with adam caskey. >> the game kept waking me up periodically. and my wife -- it was a close one. we will bounce back. caps rocking the red in the
5:30 am
weather center here this morning. rain northeast of washington around baltimore this morning. northern maryland, parts of west virginia have a bit of rain early today. 53 in leesburg. 54 in will play the. -- la plata. a better chance of storms tomorrow. warmer with height humidity. >> you are talking about fizzling out, i am thinking about things speeding up. that would be morning rush hours. fortunately, a very quiet start. they're not be lulled into a false sense of security. it can change so quickly. we are in good shape right now as far as beltway traffic. we take you to the beltway at university boulevard, which is running nicely in both
5:31 am
directions for now. >> we start off with the bad news and the heartbreak for those who stayed up late last night. the washington capitals landed in the record books, but not like they hope. >> the game went well into the morning, making it the fourth longest game in team history. the capitals could not pull out the win. we are hoping the cleanup crew has finally wrapped up for the morning. i am imagining they are just getting finished. >> a lot of sobbing. the cleaning crew just finished up. i do not know if it is dedication to my job or the capitals the fact i stayed up for this entire game -- 4.5 hours. the 20th longest nhl game in the history of the game. the capitals lose a in a heartbreaker. the game started around 7:40 and ended actt 12:14 this morning.
5:32 am
the capitals losing in triple overtime. it appears most of the sellout crowd stayed throughout the game. metro closes in chinatown at midnight. a big question going into the game last night was how much playing time alex ovechkin was coined to get. he played a career low 13.5 minutes in game two. after the first two periods last night, he had close to 15 minutes. a lot more playing time. he hit the post twice in overtime. every fan bought the game was over. the lights went on. the buzzer sounded, but it did not go through, the replay showed. if there is any bright side after three overtimes the capitals will not play again for another two days. they will play game 4 here at the verizon center on saturday
5:33 am
afternoon. to put things into perspective the teens or five minutes shy of playing two complete games last night. they have to be tired. >> hopefully, they get a chance to sleep in before they take -- get back on the ice. be sure to stay with abc 7 and for the latest on the playoff series. game for saturday afternoon. harry thomas jr. will learn is sentenced today for stealing city money. we are live in northwest d.c. with more. >> federal prosecutors would like harry thomas jr. to go to prison for four years but his defense attorney says he deserves less than that because of the good he has done for the community. harry thomas jr.'s defense attorneys filed paperwork rejecting prosecutor's motions thomas e. used --
5:34 am
harry thomas jr. will be here in court at 9:30 this morning. his defense lawyers want him to serve about 18 months in prison. that is in comparison to four years prosecutors wanted to spend in prison. prosecutors want him to serve three years of parole after his prison sentence. they also wanted to pay restitution. >> 5:34. sentencing is set today for the prince william county woman who barricaded per 3 children in a room with a dry wall. the girls were four, up three and 1.5. christina moore pleaded guilty
5:35 am
to child abuse charges. michael gardner spaces at least 20 years in jail after a jury convicted him of sexually abusing two young girls. the girls say he abused him during at -- them during a sleepover party last june. they say the justice system works. >> just because they are in a position of power, they do not have more rights than others. >> a judge will formally sentenced gardner in september. his wife broke down sobbing when the verdict was read. work will begin next week to prepare the exterior of the court building. the work will take nearly two years. a chop of marble fell 100 feet from the stairs above.
5:36 am
it is 5:35 and 54 degrees. >> is still ahead, loved ones and fans morning the sudden death of former nfl star junior seau. what police are saying about his apparent suicide. >> find out who michele bachmann plans to endorse today. >> we will have another check on traffic and weather.
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>> good morning, washington. >> thursday morning. the week flying by. very unsettled in terms of our weather. some areas of rain early this morning from pittsburgh all the way down to dover, delaware. this line of showers is organized enough to drop into western maryland early this morning. otherwise, scattered thunderstorms possible in the metro area early on today. limited sunshine. i think it will be limited in the afternoon hours. high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. the sooner that pushes on fruit.
5:40 am
tomorrow warmer and muggy. >> we will talk about 95. northbound before the entrance to the hov lanes in dumfries, a minor collision on the left shoulder. 66 your eastbound commutes, so far so good. a crash in centerville of the ramp from eastbound 66 out of marshall and into fair oaks. good through falls church. quiet on 395. a nice one on the george washington parkway. we take you live to the geico traffic center picture. that is connecticut ave. traffic away from us leaving to 70 on the way towards college park. we on our -- we are on our way to the news desk. >> go right over to vote in 2012. former candidate michele bachmann is expected to endorse
5:41 am
mitt romney. >> its expected to happen at a campaign event in portsmouth, virginia. bachmann once said mitt romney could not be president obama. newt gingrich suspended his campaign yesterday. the maryland general assembly is headed back to annapolis for a special session on may 14 to make changes to a doomsday budget. they were unable to agree on a revenue plan before the regular session ended last month. gov. o'malley and legislative leaders said the they are close to a deal. >> the rights share program is expanding to include lower montgomery county. state money will help to establish the program in several areas. the 350 bikes and by docking stations should be up and running again about a year. >> the time is 5:41.
5:42 am
>> loved ones are honoring a pregnant woman from maryland allegedly murdered by her estranged boyfriend. >> a lot of questions this morning after the apparent suicide of sometimes she lets
5:43 am
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, do you feel chained to your desk all day? new health initiatives to get more activity into your workplace and to prolong your life. >> coming up at 6:00 this morning, one local airline. taking your luggage could be more expensive than buying your ticket. >> why more and more men are now getting into the beauty business. >> later, some love letters from barack obama before he was president and before he married michelle obama.
5:46 am
>> a vigil will be held tonight for a pregnant woman found murdered last week in prince george's county. they found the body of jasmin mosque in the truck of a car. they believed her boyfriend nathan rogers, strangled her to death. also, the man accused of beating a dog to death in northeast washington is expected to be in court today. he faces animal cruelty charges after he allegedly beat his roommate's yorker terrier to death in he faces five years in jail and a $25,000 to a fine. >> domestic violence may have played a role in a shooting in arizona that left five people dead. for adults and a young girl died. at the gunman is among the dead.
5:47 am
it is not clear exactly how he died. authorities at not identified the victims or the gunman in this case. >> there are questions about what led to the death of nfl star junior seau. >> he was found inside his home dead of an apparent suicide. >> this morning, a search for answers into why nfl great at junior seau may have taken his own life. the medical examiner hope to provide more information about the 43-year-old's death. police say he died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. his family and former teammates are in shock. >> my brother was a loving brother, a caring citizen. >> nobody knows how great a hard he had. >> after retirement, he is
5:48 am
survived a fall down a seaside cliff of our his -- hours after his arrest on domestic violence. he joins a large number of former football players who committed suicide, for in a little more than a year. also signs of head trauma. >> we think head trauma could be related to depression. depression can be a cause of suicide. >> it is not just nfl greats that are at risk, high school football players suffered two million brain injuries a year. junior seau often advised young players about facing adversity. >> stick it out. >> seau's death follows the suicide of a chicago player who ask that his brain the study. >> the john edwards trial begins
5:49 am
today after some explosive testimony yesterday. a former adviser testified about an incident in which the former candidate's now deceased wife confronted him at an airport. christina reynolds said it happened the day after a tabloid reported edwards was cheating on her. reynolds said elizabeth edwards 4 offers her and screamed at him in front of a staff members. saigon is promoting its latest vehicle with a new tech gadget. >> how about brought onto lenore's? -- all entrepreneurs? >> good morning. more than 60% of today's students get financial help from their parents. a new study says parents do play favorites with kids who are more cheerful and get along well with others before the age of 12.
5:50 am
they are more likely to get more money from mom and dad later on in life, whether it is the college tuition or car insurance. that is in at usa today. from now until july 31, buyers of the 2012 s ioncion iq will get a new entertainment system. it gets good fuel economy and its size make it easy to park. the wall street journal says more city dwellers are renting out their garages or driveways. some people made a business out of that, creating a business called "parking panda." that is business news.
5:51 am
people are very ingenious. >> that is true. >> a little unsettled out there. things will calm down by the end of the weekend. a bit of the humidity out there. tomorrow will be the warmest day all week, potentially upper 80's, maybe even 90 degrees. that will be tomorrow afternoon. yet today temperatures closer to the bay were in the mid 60's. some areas of rain close to dwi airport. moderate showers there. especially on the eastern shore and in pennsylvania. on the upper left-hand side of your screen, a few downpours. temperatures are in the 50's pretty much everywhere across the board. plenty of thunder associated with this batch of rain in -- and thunderstorms.
5:52 am
dropping its outward approaching the mason-dixon line. it will continue to fizzle out as it gets closer to the metro area. we have a boundary overhead. just west of washington. our temperature forecast for today is dependent upon this boundary moving to the northeast later on today as expected. sometimes these boundaries do not follow the forecast exactly. they get hung up for a little bit or do not move as far as expected. if that happens, temperatures will be a little bit cooler than expected. right now, we are expecting a low to mid 80's. warmer tomorrow. close to the upper 80's. a better chance for showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. some could be strong or severe. a daily storm chance in the afternoon through saturday. by sunday and monday, cooling down back into the mid 50's. 70's par highs in -- on sunday
5:53 am
and monday. busted to lisa. >> happy to say we are in good shape as far as beltway travel. eastbound on 66, everything is good. 95 northbound has a minor collision before the hov entrance in dumfries, but is moved onto the shoulder. the beltway has started off with a couple of racks and overnight construction but everything is gone. also good on the virginia side. >> 5:53 and 64 degrees. >> coming up, a crazy event to get a foul [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street
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>> one of the most famous paintings in the world sold for a record sum of money. >> it was "the screen." is hit the auction block at sotheby's and was sold for nearly $120 million. it is in 1895 painting. the only person still in private hands. the other three are on display in a norwegian museum. the buyer is choosing to remain anonymous. a lot of people trying to figure out who it might be. >> if there is one guy who might -- uh-oh.
5:57 am
the stock of the landing. >> he stuck the landing, but spilled his beer. >> it was a good ending. it gets major style points. trying to catch the ball during the mariners, tampa bay game. fortunately, he was not hurt, but again the beer is gone. >> he probably had a few beers before that to land right there on his feet. >> he did something. >> more to come in the next hour of "good morning washington." quite a tough night for capitals fans. triple overtime. >> lisa baden coming back helping us navigate the for the morning commute. --
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight at head -- heartbreak in triple overtime and we have highlights from the caps marathon loss. >> : harry thomas jr. could spend behind bars. >> the changing face in the cosmopolitan -- cosmetology industry. good morning, washington continues now. >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side.


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