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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. . >> no accidents from virginia state police. we have a problem if you head out to the greenbelt metro. not with metrorail but edmonton road. there is an accident. we are good right here on 270. the headlights are on the northbound side. a good southbound road on to the beltway. now, to adam caskey. >> are right. warm and muggy day. thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. 4:00 p.m. and later. the on the lookout for some downpours and possibly even thunderstorms. a beautiful picture from our weatherbug camera in arlington. you see a few clouds in the distance. arlington, 66. 52 in leesburg. winchester 63.
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60's everywhere. here is the hourly forecast. 80 degrees by noon. humid. 87 for thou hide at 4:00 p.m. the and the lookout for the -- 87 for the high at 4:00 p.m.. be on the lookout for storms. >> 6:00 a.m. right now. no word on the agenda of these of the two women found shot inside the house of god in baltimore the man found dead nearby. >> no word on what led to the violence. a custodian discovered the bodies. john gonzales is live with what we have learned over night. >> just a terrifying situation. three people found shot at this church. this morning, police are trying to figure out if this was a murder-suicide. we know this place of worship, which has been here for 150 years, is where a custodian at
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5:00 p.m. made the discovery. two women were found shot inside an office. one was pronounced dead. the other was flown to the hospital in critical condition. they found a man dead in the woods behind the church. a gun was recovered. it does seem that he killed himself. still not confirmed this morning if he is responsible for shooting the other women. detectives tried to piece this together and secured the campus, which includes a school and often offers programs for people battling addicted. -- addition. -- addiction. >> it is really sad because it is across from my house and i probably know that we eat. -- lady. >> still a lot of questions this morning. priests are not saying if there was -- police are not saying if
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there was anything taken or if these people knew each other or if this was a random attack. police have not identified the man and woman found dead yesterday afternoon and again the other woman is still fighting for life. reporting live, john gonzales, cynne simpson. >> -- abc 7 news. >> optimism into the labor department report. employers are likely added 163,000 jobs in april. that is enough to leave the unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2%. we find out in a few hours. >> president obama's campaign to extend student loan interest rates comes to arlington today. >> he is scheduled to deliver a speech in washington. he is stopping at a high school. jummy olabanji is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> the white house says that president obama will be on an official presidential business in arlington today. he is kicking off his reelection campaign. it is like water years ago when
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the commonwealth was a highly contested battle ground. the president hold a roundtable with seniors and their parents before delivering remarks at a junior and senior class at a high school. the focus is student loans interest rates, and affordable education. the republican national committee quickly criticized obama's visit. he has an all cofield record with students." students and young people will be a critical group of voters for obama. they cannot big for him in 2008. there's probably a reason he is speaking to juniors and seniors. many of them will be the team by november and will be able to put in a general election. his visit is close to the public today. the arlington county police department will be helping to direct traffic. in the newsroom, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we turn to the campaign. the reelection campaign formally kicks off tomorrow with a rally at bcu. this rally comes as a new
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washington post poll gives the president a seven point lead over mitt romney. the polls show with a wide lead amongst women, blacks, and young voters. in 2008, the president became the first democrat to carry virginia in some 44 years. >> take a look at the day ahead. the judge in the south capitol street murder trial makes a decision today. a juror expressed concern about pressure from other jurors. he has been deliberating for more than one week. five men facing murder charges in connection with the shooting spree in march of 2010. a man who funneled the checks will be back to the stand at the former presidential candidate's trial. he received $725 in checks and then gave them to andrew young. he kept them and use the money to help hi john edwards'
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pregnant mistress. he is denying wrongdoing. >> metro launched a track -- traffic project. four station closures along the green line. yeah will come only running part of the normal route. -- yellow, only running part of the normal route. game 3 of the stanley cup tomorrow afternoon, the nastic the park -- the nats take to the park. activists join a breast cancer walk all over the district. officials say delaying the work would have had a spiraling impact on desperately needed repairs. writer should give themselves up to an extra hour to get around town. >> 64 degrees. >> still to come, new developments in the diplomatic standoff over a chinese dissident. the major concession from the chinese government. >> he is the greatest cozar of all time.
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his career could be over. we explain why. >> i am here in the belfort furniture weather ce
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>> mariano rivera done. he tore his acl time to get a ball. the all-star caught his cleats were the grasmick the track in kansas city. he says he decides after he hangs it up after 18 years.
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>> amazing how it warm-up can change the course of your career. >> is probably something he does every day. geico traffic center -- traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> one disabled vehicle can be real so many people on the highway. on the baltimore washington parkway south bound, we had reports of a stalled car between the prince george's hospital exit and the exit 4 kenilworth ave. allow yourself some extra time. a beautiful to me between germantown and rockville. we are singing happy songs about 66 in 395. it just takes that click for things to change. we are going over to adam caskey. >> tomorrow night, we will have our super moon. the full moon " be the closest to earth -- will be the closest
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to earth. it is 14% bigger and 30% brighter than all other full moons of 2012. a cool situation coming up tomorrow night. it is at its biggest and brightest at 11:30 p.m. we will be able to see it with partly cloudy skies. it will be coming up shortly before sunset later on today. temperature was, 66 in the district. we are in the 60's across the board. 63 in martinsburg. 64 on the water in annapolis. 87 this afternoon. warm and muggy. thunderstorms after poor p.m. -- 4:00 p.m. 84 on saturday but 74 by sunday. partly cloudy. >> thank you. one election thing -- you should stop by our website
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and enter for your chance to win a brand new ford fiesta. you can enter every day. you can get two entries by sharing the content with your facebook friends. go to to enter or select -- to enter. we are selecting one finalist at day. that person has 30 minutes to call us to keep themselves in the running. we select the winner from 15 finalists later this month. good luck. >> keep watching.
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>> we want to express our appreciation for the excellent cooperation abdof this board meeting. >> hillary clinton and other officials trying to come up with a solution to a diplomatic standoff over a blank chinese activist, chen guangcheng. he says he fears to his life. he wants to visit the u.s. he saw refuge in the embassy after escaping house arrest. there might be a possible solution. he can apply to study abroad. >> the nfl facing a lawsuit by more than 100 players. >> they say that football -- they're a 1000 lawyers suing the league. not enough was done to inform players about the dangers of concussions.
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the nfl has said any allegation that the leak intentionally saw to mislead players is without merit. one other note from the nfl. a medical examiner has ruled junior seau's is suicide. he was found wednesday. no worldwide. >> we are getting a look at an arizona girl missing for nearly two weeks. her family released home video of the six-year-old who has been missing since april 20. there's been no sign of her. the police -- the family says they feel police are keeping them at bay. police say they are keeping much of the information close to the best for now. >> a look at stories making headlines. for d.c. council member harry thomas jr. spent a little more than three years behind bars. he stole hundreds of dollars from the city. still no word when that sentence will start. >> its principal free on bond but on administrative leave after she was arrested and
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charged with stealing funds. jenny georgina enriquez-de bermant used a school credit card to spend thousands of personal -- to buy thousands of personal items. >> 18 were speed cameras coming to montgomery county. if he would like to see where they are like credit, log onto our website at >> why michael jackson really is the king of pop. how much facebook shares could sell for when the social network goes public, we will have those stories and more. >> good morning. topping america's money -- good news on the jobs report. another indicator, the number of people applying for jobless benefits, declined again. the biggest tumble in nearly one year. when facebook goes public in two weeks, its stock is priced between $28.30 $5 per share but is valued at almost $100
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billion. big banks to the -- typically buy all the shares but ordinary investors may have a chance to buy shares, as well. mcdonald's has announced is wrapping up its items only offer for a short time. you'll see two iced drinks. pepsi is teaming up with michael jackson. his image could be used in a global ad campaign featuring special edition cans, contests, also the chance to download. that is "america's money." >> what you think about bringing back the king of pop? >> i love michael, but i think we need to let him rest in peace. he is not the one living to reckon that cash. >> marketing executives think it'll work. >> without a doubt. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with lisa baden. >> one glitch was on the baltimore washington parkway
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south bound the united states park police officers say everything was open heading past the hospital. edmondson road is closed in -- it terry wood lane. here we are live on 270. traffic moving slowly. that is normal. southbound out of frederick to get to montgomery county and on to the beltway. this "good morning washington -- geico traffic center tells the tale. delays out of woodbridge to get to springfield and up to the pentagon. everything is open. metro rail is on normal service. back inside. >> thank you. adam, this is a big weekend. how will the weather hold out for and all of the games? >> the ground might be damped buying expecting the sun to bust through the clouds.
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the superman coming up tomorrow night. that is cool. 11:30 p.m. the moon will be brightest and 14% bigger than all moons in 2012. cameras are showing sun and clouds. just a few over fairfax. you cannot even see the track there. normally, you can see the track at laurel high school. very foggy. there is a bit of a layer over maryland and southern maryland. 53 degrees in laurel, maryland. you see the cloud deck in the distance. the sun is peeking through. temperature was, in the 60's. a pleasant start to the day. it will be warm and muggy this afternoon. 56 right now in the district and record bar. -- 66 right now in the district and fredericksburg. warm temperatures to kick start friday. 87 later on here for p.m. we will hit our high temperature
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of 87 and it will be monday. thunderstorms are round and after 4:00 p.m. the for storm should start popping the sky at 4:00 p.m. and thereafter and into the night we expect strong storms. gusty winds and possibly a large hill will be the biggest threat later on today. colder air off to the northwest. that will move into new england and make a stop on saturday and then drop down into washington. you'll notice the temperature difference on sunday around here. 80's tomorrow. slight chance of a storm early in the morning. on sunday, we start cloudy and break into sunshine with 70's. we are in the 70's from sunday through next week. >> thank you. we're looking at 64 degrees. >> coming up next, the summer movie season is kicked off with a preview of "the avengers." >> you sat on her leg allegedly what your boyfriend slit her
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throat. >> i was forced into it.
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>> it is the becoming fans are waiting for. >> would satisfy the fans? >> "good morning washington" -- i am arch campbell.
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>> war has started. we are hopelessly outgunned. >> that is the movie -- "the avengers." it is not for grown-ups. but an action fans will like it. 3 stars. >> is a luxury development where all the residents are in their golden years. it>> more elephants. >> the best exotic marigold film. there is a grand cast of seniors to retire to save money. they find mysterious challenges. 3 stars. pd-13. here is the weekend movie guide. >> "exotic marigold hotel."
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two stars for "raven." "safe" -- out. have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell. abc 7 entertainment. >> all right. >> i wonder if arch ever walked out of a movie? >> i bet he has had that experience. >> we still have another half hour of "good morning washington coming your way. >> how the home team is trying to fill the seats with home team fans. >>
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side.
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>> it is very sad. it is very, very sad. we are very -- our hearts go out to the people who were hurt. >> straight ahead, a murder- suicides inside a maryland church. the latest from the investigation. >> metro may have delays. we have a live report to get you a round for the weekend. it is may 4. i am the steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we get started with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, lisa baden. >> 15 to 20 minutes late. metrobus reporting normal service. normal volume in virginia, 66, 95. we take you to 395 in the geico traffic center camera. delays between duke street and seminary road. now, adam caskey.
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>> we have areas of fog. not here in arlington, where we have the camera. beautiful sunrise they're often the distance. currently, 64 degrees in arlington. areas of fog in washington and parts of virginia. especially in maryland and the culpepper area. debitor to start the morning 60's. 61 in low played a. -- la plata. in the upper 80's. thunderstorms likely later this afternoon after 4:00 p.m. some could be strong. into the weekend, partly cloudy and cooling. into the 70's by sunday. doug hill will be back with a seven-day forecast. >> thank you. no word on the identities of the two women found shot inside a house of god in baltimore. mena -- nour the man found dead. >> no word on what led to the
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violence. acus gordian -- a custodian made the discovery. but john gonzales is live with what we learned overnight. >> we can tell you residents here are very alarmed this morning to hear that three people were shot here on the grounds of this church, which has stood for more than 150 years. a custodian cleaning the church yesterday afternoon made the gruesome discovery. two women were shot inside an office. one woman was dead at the church. the other was flown to shock trauma. she is in critical condition. shortly after police arrived they found a man dead in the woods behind the church. a gun was recovered next to the body. it seems he killed himself. police have not confirmed whether he is responsible for shooting the women. detective spent the evening
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securing the building and trying to piece this together. we tell you there is also a school on the campus and they also offer programs for people battling with addiction. it is unclear if that had anything to do with this shooting. police are trying to confirm if this was a murder-suicides. we can tell you that this church sits about 1 mile from howard county police headquarters. and the county courthouse here in el cut city. police are not saying if there is any indication of a break-in or if anything was taken. the other woman is still fighting for her life this morning. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> thank you. new this morning cautioned heading into the labor department report. experts say employers likely added 163,000 jobs in april and that is enough to likely leave the unemployment rate unchanged
6:33 am
at 8.2%. >> president obama's efforts to prevent interest rates on student loans from doubling moves today. >> he visits washington lee high school in arlington. he will talk with students about the need to keep a low interest rates. the public -- republicans and democrats agree on any but they differ on how to pay for it. turning to the 2012 campaign, president obama kicking off his reelection campaign during a rally at virginia commonwealth university in richmond. that event comes as 8 "washington post" paul gives obama a seven. lead. he has a wide lead amongst women, blacks, and the young voters. mr. obama became the first democratic nominee to carry virginia in 44 years in 2008. >> the judge in the south capitol street murder trial expected to respond to a note from a juror today.
6:34 am
we have learned that juror is concerned about pressure from other jurors. the jury has been deliberating for more than one week. five men face murder charges in connection with a shooting spree in march of 2010 that killed five people. two people close to the heiress to provided the money at the center of former presidential john edwards' corruption trial be on the stand. it is a rounded view between the democrat and his mistress. -- there was a run a few between the democrat and his mistress. he denies wrongdoing. >> fans of the caps and then that nats track work beginning on metro could put a dent in the busy plans for the weekend. brianne carter is live in hyattsville with what you need to know so you can get around. >> a lot of excitement to look forward to this weekend. what could be some extra unintentional excitement is trying to figure out how to get
6:35 am
around town on metro. that is because of the track work that will affect all five lines. we break it down for you if you are going to be riding the rails. four stations on the green line will all close starting at 10:00 p.m. and will remain closed through sunday. shuttle buses will be in place to try to ease some of those troubles. the red lines will be single track and the yellow line trains will only operate between mount vernon square and huntington. on the orange and blue, a single track through certain areas. metro says this is needed to improve the safety and reliability of the system. they know there is some much going on this weekend, the rescheduling was not an option. >> there are hundreds of workers, contractors, all of this has been mobilized and is ready to move into positions starting at 10:00 p.m. friday night. >> i was planning on doing a lot of traveling through the system, but now i guess we will have to
6:36 am
adjust that. >> if you are like so many planning on using metro, we have some tips. plan ahead. perhaps, use a different route than you would normally use getting on and off or a different station that will help with that. there will be additional trains running on the tracks that will be headed to both the stadium's for the games. you can sign up for metro alert on your phone to try to make this easier. reporting live, brianne carter. >> thank you. patience this weekend if you're heading out. 63 degrees. >> still ahead, we have an inside look at the last days of all osama bin laden. how this killer network is still plotting to attack the u.s. >> video of an 11-year-old that is getting national attention. >> doug hill is here with
6:37 am
another check on traffic and weather every 10 minut
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"this 11-year-old -- >> this 11-
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year-old is getting attention. he will take on kelly rip but during an appearance on "live with kelly" right here. >> who will win? >> i have my money on this guy. it is hard. >> you have to have greater coordination. >> we check in with lisa baden to see how things are moving. >> is all about coordination to get out of maryland with a collision on the interlude of the wilson bridge in the through lane. no equipment on the scene. callers are telling us it is good samaritans stopping to help everybody involved. the interval through lane mid span on the wilson bridge. local lanes will take most of the traffic. 95 and 66, we have typical volume of traffic for you. let us go to the top side of the
6:41 am
beltway in the geico traffic center pictures. around the durjava avenue, you see we are running at a normal pace. plenty of sunshine out there adam caskey. >> we have doug hill. we want to look at today's forecast. >> good morning, everybody. fauquier. 62 degrees. -- fog here. 62 degrees. in annapolis, skies are clearing. 64 degrees right now if you look out towards the baby. temperatures around the area in the 60's. 63 in hagerstown and at dulles, 66. a warm front still separating cooler air east of washington geared warmer air to the west. we will have a separation
6:42 am
between the west and east. cooler to the east. human and we have a good chance of thunderstorms -- humid and we have a good chance for thunderstorms in the evening hours. our seven-day shows we get rid of the precipitation today. tomorrow, a slight chance of showers. otherwise, a slow and beautiful day with cooler air. pleasant weather through sunday and monday. 70's. that is the latest. >> thank you. >> coming up, are you bringing an attitude? we hope so because we take back the park from phillies fans. >> the fight for boats -- votes. >> window into the states of al qaeda -- the state of al qaeda.
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>> guess who is taking advantage of the handicapped parking spaces? you'll be shocked at what our cameras show and the reaction of the drivers when we confront them. an investigation tonight at 5:00 p.m. >> to a developing story. documents recovered from osama bin laden's compound provide insight into his thinking and activity. analysts say he was worried about bumbling within al qaeda and his regional affiliates. it website is calling on extremist to set fires in remote areas. it has instructions on how to build a bomb and how to analyze whether -- weather maps. president obama's two days in
6:46 am
the commonwealth money in politics reporter joins us now. i understand the president will be in arlington today. he will be in richmond tomorrow. moving on to columbus, ohio. is it fair to say that we have ended the warm-up? the president is getting into hard-core campaigning? >> we have ended the warm-up. he is officially going to launch his campaign in a couple of days in ohio. there is no coincidence even the -- is so close and we are here right now, he is spending so much time in virginia. it is a battleground state. he won a in 2008. his -- he will lead to win it in 2012 if he wants to have a strong map when it comes to the electoral college map. mitt romney absolutely needs to make some hay in virginia, which is no coincidence that he is here. >> we have seen both of the candidates spending a lot of time in virginia. we look at traditional
6:47 am
battleground states like ohio and florida, how will virginia compare? >> is a battleground state in a way it has not been before. it beats recent history. a poll came out that showed that it is within six percentage points. that is within the margin of error. there is a lot of room in virginia or both candidates can move. it left to pay attention. they will have to -- they have to pay attention. they have to speak to the electorate. it is very split right now. >> virginia voters have an opportunity to make a big difference. thank you. >> thank you. >> we look at some stories making headlines around the area. former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. spending more than three years behind bars for spending money. no word when the sentence will start. another slain low-cost player
6:48 am
-- lacross player, love is suing the school. they ignored it george huguely. she has filed against him. >> 18 speed cameras will come into montgomery county. to see where they are located, log onto >> time to break out and added to because the nationals are riding high. bryce carper doubling last night. -- harper doubling last night. the nationals are first place in the east. they welcome the philadelphia phillies. if you have been to the park on the phillies began, there can be a few too many fans of philadelphia. we are taking back the park. the ceo tells us how to do that.
6:49 am
los risqué -- no disrespect to anybody. if you need two reasons to go to the park, st. -- steven strasburg and bryce harper. >> he had a special night last night. he drove in the winning run. if you add other players and you see the talent, it is an exciting time. >> fans are following winning. you have a great fan base. now, you are playing winning baseball. what is different this year? >> the energy. it starts with the team. they had a lot of comeback wins last year. really the players themselves and the self-confidence and assuredness. that is added to. those guys feel good about who they are. they're playing together. >> concerted effort in
6:50 am
particular because as we have seen, if you get a team from philadelphia, they bring fans with them. in the past, the nationals were underdogs. not this time. >> it is a great series. they have some great pitching. this is our opportunity as a community to come together and show that we can support the hometown team and watch a great series. >> special event this weekend. some added incentive. >> we conduct a few great players into the hall of stars. tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the nationals park you'll see the top three guys pitching. jordan zimmermann has whathad one of the best seasons. it should be a fun weekend. >> pitching number one in the major leagues right now 16 and
6:51 am
9 record. on a roll right now. no competition from the capitals. we get down to the park. thank you so much. >> see you at the ballpark. >> thank you. log on to our website at >> we want to check in with lisa baden. >> a collision moved to the shoulder on the into live through lane of the wilson bridge. everyone is heading to the local lanes. we are heading to whether, now. >> hi there. we are in fine shape. . fog here and there. if you like summer, that is on tap. let us look at frederick county. a look at a time lapse from the camera in southern frederick county. the moon is plunging. it is a good reminder that the moon will be a big player tomorrow night with the super moon. it will line up and be 14%
6:52 am
bigger. we are southbound. montgomery county damascus, 62 degrees. beautiful sunrise with a nice batch of clouds. 60's across the board. 25 degrees added to temperatures. slightly cooler in and around the open. -- anne arundel. west of the appalachians, you see the cold front moving in later this afternoon and tonight. a good chance of thunderstorms. it is clear cooler and drier air into the area for the weekend. afternoon thunderstorms likely. possibly strong. 85 to 90 degrees. this is the warmest day of the week. the weekend? there is a slight chance of showers tomorrow as we head through the midday and afternoon, especially south and southwest. 80's. a beautiful weather day on sunday.
6:53 am
sunny and pleasant. 70's. low humidity. adam will look at the weekend and the next seven days coming up in 10 minutes. >> thank you. you are watching "good morning washington."
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>> let us get a final attack on our top stories. police are searching for clues
6:56 am
that left -- in a shooting that left two people dead and another person in critical condition. >> president obama visiting arlington to talk about stopping interest rates on student loans from doubling in july. >> track work on metro. get ready. red, green, blue, orange could make it tough to get to the games this weekend and because of those delays, the yellow line could be affected. just about anywhere on the system. >> prepare for that. let us check in with adam. we are getting ready for a big weekend. the weather will be all right? >> a lot going on here the nationals versus philadelphia. the virginia gold cup. the terrier races. today, we have storms likely on friday. this afternoon and evening, they could be severe. tomorrow maybe one or two. that would be hit. looking good for the weekend. 80 tomorrow. comfortable by sunday. another set price if you have low clouds in the morning.
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-- do not be surpr
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