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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  May 6, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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a collection with candidates and americans knew neither names. >> the results in france can have a far-reaching impact french border. thet was a tight race, time the challenger be to more than 30in years. rejection of sarkozy's get the crisis under control. >> i have tried my best to protect the french people, he said. >> it has been the biggest issue in these elections. this makes him the latest in a long list of european leaders to lose his job. >> many did not like the attitude. he is married to a famous model. now the president wants to put france on a different economic
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emphasize growth. makes european and american growth. -- how nervous. is to to the uncertainty dave's parliamentary vote in greece. many voters have ditched the two led for decades, billions in bailout funds in exchange for deep cuts. hit with the austerity plan in jeopardy. >> tomorrow morning, we will see market reactions. there is no doubt they have changed the landscape and their felt in the soon be u.s.. >> the vice president back at well known to cause controversy with some of his today was no exception. he came out in full support of
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gay marriage. >> i am comfortable with the that men marrying men and t mary 11 are entitled to exact rights, all the civil rights in liberties. quite frankly, i don't see much of the distinction beyond that. >> president obama believes marriages between a man and but admits that his view is evolving. governor romney is stronger opposed to gay marriage. >> thank you for being here with us. let's continue to touch of the remarks by the vice-president. the most outspoken how heard anyone in the , especiallyon be compared to what the president has said? >> is never quite certain if it comment orthe-cuff intended, in this case, it was a signal to a lot of supporters
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are with you, on the same page. holly until after the election side. will be on your the president has to be more cautious about it, why alienate to?n't haveyo his favorite term is that it is evolving. he has left it at that. he knows what words to use, and to get awayable with that. >> if it comes a time when there crucial vote about banning there,x marriage have hadlly, they north carolina? >> and the team won north the first time since 1976 the democratic ticket had won that state. it was a huge win that they were about.g if they can't turn back the of this initiative, it
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for their turnll out. they say we have the folks on side that are democratic , this will be out in able to and we might be win. it is also sort of in the face some other states are legalizing gay marriage. this is the first one that we see are going the other direction. >> let's talk about the officially being launched. what is the difference between that and unofficial campaigning? >> is sort of a distinguished without a difference. technically, it is the campaign ratherfor the travel taxpayers. they don't generally use other official trappings of the office. it is interesting to hear the team say they are campaigning. they usually say they are c business,the publi
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no choice.d adwill probably see a big push now. >> especially in this area. >> in the election in france, a upset. mean for theis u.s.? >> i think it will play our role in the 2012 presidential campaign ha ha. we have seen greece as the whipping boy, conservative republicans talking about deficits. i think france is going to poster boy for fiscal irresponsibility because they against austerity measures. i think it will be interesting for governor romney because he france as a missionary. >> we will see how it plays out.
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>> some state politics now, maryland's governor will give the upcomingabout special session. the governor confirms about what r lawmakers said last week. tops on the agenda, avoiding the .oomsday budget lawmakers ended at a stalemate with a budget containing $500 million in cuts. >> preparing for royal visit tomorrow, he will be honored humanitarian leadership award. the dinner will be held at the ritz-carlton. the to run the foundation benefiting local charities. >> we will take a look at l dominate theil headlines this week, including trayvonhearing in the martin case. and legitimate handicapped
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facing childhe is pornography and the voyeurism charges. has also been named the interest in his law's disappearance. the husband was also named a committedand e in february after his two children and setting the house on fire. >> george zimmerman has been in being freed and is appear in court. is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. police had initially refused to or charge zimmerman. >> governor romney is expected to win all three, the only other republican candidates that ron paul. the race is >> the capitals are still in the
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playoff hunt right now. the team heads the pittsburgh tuesday through thursday to take on the pirates and then heading cincinnati friday through sunday. saturday, they take on houston at 4: 30. >> and out to investigation, the of free parking spaces. >> hoyer not questioning whether the people in question should be spot into use the general, but we center of the drivers parking in these spaces for free for longer than the limits. bad, evenblem is so hasfederal government complained about it. they are abusing their handicap placards. not happy to see our cameras.
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i can't right now. onhe and other restrictions parking? gosh yes. >> they can park for free but r hours in the same neighborhood. we documented alarming of cars down town the placards the part all day and some of the busiest parts of the city. it is particularly bad downtown. he found more than half stay here all day long, including this black pickup truck. >> you know you're only allowed here for four hours a day? >> you park all day? hong >> i don't. >> but it was parked there for than eight hours a day after day. not everybody gets away with it parking enforcement wrote 409
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of 2010between october and october 2011. ticket a day,one fight is only $25. compared to $20 a day to park and abroad. odds are that they won't get caught. that is why they want to change the law. >> lived in focus on removing the incentive. >> still to come, matchmakers for dating.
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>> it is may end we are going to clouds, we need the rain. and we are going to get some. we have some drizzle and maybe some patchy fog. outside right now, we will start with this. i will go back and reset the computer, but in the meantime, you can also check out our website. how you can see exactly what is g on with the forecast of 24 hours a day. outside at this hour, we have degrees at the temperatures will
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fall. in the wind will diminish with a fog later on today. that is the current temperature in alexandria. the district about 59 degrees. the temperatures across the region, gaithersburg about 64. temperatures already falling into the 50's. tomorrow, we will watch for a warm front with mainly cooler conditions for the day tomorrow. it is not going to last very with increased humidity levels. in the frontal system to the will slowly go south. it is going to bring us a better chance for showers and thunderstorms late tuesday t into wednesday with much- atlanticin across the words of an inch or so of
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rain. temperatures hover in the upper lower 70's. remove the day on tuesday, just areas 80 degrees in some west,f to the north and bring us a better chance for the much-needed rain and the sunshine. it will finally make a bigger friday,ce for thursday, saturday. mostly cloudy with a little bit of drizzle. temperatures falling into the 50's. it'll not or so, for theany problems rush hour commute. the extended outlook, here it is. degrees for a daytime high. it will not last very long. tuesday night and wednesday t will be the west for
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love them all places? it is a way, and we are told how some of r area, it comes with a catch. pentagon, the justice department, and the capital. >> they are some of the biggest power players that paid big anonymous.main >> working from her capitol hill she screens applicants and them with potential of connections. >> they have very powerful .eople >> the cost of dating services
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vary. costs $35 a month. an upscale dating service of $5, fee >> when people learn that have aful, they don't of social circles. dodge a marketing consultant recentlywith two kids signed up. >> highboys were like, you need start dating. you need to go out. >> we are going in the same circles you have been going out in a number of years change a of ao little bit. >> he was a drilling to reveal identity, but so far, so good. am shocked it can happen
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like this. >> the stats are pretty impressive. there were 400 couples that got married. >> a pretty good track record haul right there. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it


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