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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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lexington park. again amount of clouds some, but there will be sunny breaks. out drizzle or sprinkles a specially northwest of washington. going into tomorrow it will be warmer with a better chance of rain. now to lisa for the commute. looking great on 95 between richmond and baltimore. travel times in our favor along toll road, 66the centreville and the beltway. 270,.]ood on nothing complicated across the bridge, the american bridge, 50 between annapolis and 08. 495 near connecticut avenue moving nicely. 50 and >> al qaeda has released video of a rockville man being held hostage. >> warren weinstein is pleading for agree to alama to
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qaeda's demands or else he says he will be killed. gonzalez at the latest. in this disturbing video sunday, the father of two daughters is seen wearing a traditional pakistani outfit and killeds he will be the president agrees to the demands. the 70-year-old was kidnapped by group nearly -- le a year ago. appealing to president obama for help. >> my wife is in your hands,. mr., accept the demands, i will die. >> last week al qaeda leader's said freed ifman would be u.s. stopped air attacks and freed all terror suspects worldwide. that you're feeling not paying attention or care problems.
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>> eight armed men stormed into his home in pakistan. when or where the video was made. the former rockville president also speaks directly to his wife. i would like her to know that and am being taken of. >> after his kidnapping, is arlington, virginia, company in poor healths including heart problems. expert ined as an withnational development experience. >> thank you. we're learning more about what may have happened to a soldier during a video chat with his wife. in the middlewas with his wife from afghanistan when he collapsed. his wife noticed a bullet hole in a closet behind him. she contacted authorities for help. too.s it's not clear how he died.
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the al qaeda operatives wanted the 2000 bombing the uss cole is dead. officials say that a missile al-qusorone killed out of his card in southern yemen. another operatives also died in the attack. the man also had ties to the in 2009. bomber >> following a developing story in fairfax county. searching for the behind a fatal hit-and- run. 21-year-old shelinda arrington was hit shortly after getting out of your car on harrison lane hybla vallley on friday. more details from jummy olabanji. >> everybody needs to pray that did it will come forward. >> fairfax county police have posted electronic billboards in that someone with information about shelinda come for's death will
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and. her family is hoping the same. >> i would truly appreciate it forward.ome she did not deserve to die like that. >> authorities say around 11:35 morning she stepped out of turbulence saber, on harrison to confront the female of another car. police believe the two may have been arguing. that a some point overnda arrington was run and killed by the vehicle. >> it is sad. i know she did not leave the thinking thisning would happen. >> lisa is a neighbor. she said two people claiming to be witnesses told that if arrington jumped on to suspect's carhe before losing her life. police have yet to confirm that. >> its hard to believe anyone get that angry over something. was jummy olabanji reporting.
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>> stocks plunging after a political upset in france. socialist francois hollande has won the presidential election. ballot against austerity nationaland urged unity. has criticized the french program and wants to encourage growth by boosting spending. vladimir putin has been sworn in as russian term president. inauguration came a day opposition protest drew more than 20,000 people. he served as the president from to 2008 and has been prime fourter for the past years. 2018.l be in office until >> prince harry visiting the district today. he has a full list of activities planned. carter is live in what brings explain .he parents to our area -- the prince. " there's an air of excitement. that prince harry will two separate events.
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the most important is the award he will receive later this evening. called thetion atlantic's council holds an dinner where there are several people every year. one of them that will be honored today as prince harry. for his worknored with wounded members of the military, an award that he will receive from colin powell. he is also receiving an award on behalf of his brother. it is just one stop land on his trip to the nation's capital. he will attend a reception this britishat the residence on willchusetts avenue and the britishmbers of participatedm who last week in the warrior games. is similar to the paralympics that is held in colorado. for many trying to get a glimpse prince, of these events
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are open to the public. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. it is 56 degrees. >> still to come, you don't want this up. a new ford chance to win car. and $3,000 in car flexed more relief for drivers. continue dropping. flexed more relief for drivers. continue dropping.
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at traffic andk minutes onry ten this monday. let's say hello to lisa baden. during a happy dance. starting off on a good note. the beltway constructed out of the way. interstate travel working in our favor. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. if no disruptions from vre or rail. picture across the potomac river 395 and the 14th street bridge. a beautiful ride on memorial bridge, a key bridge, and roosevelt bridge. and across tysons corner and theugh bethesda, this is american legion bridge. entering now to the weather center of. correct we have some clouds in the sky again today. was mostly cloudy with the marine layer.
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still dealing with lingering effects of that. considerable amount of clouds overhead, but i expect sunny breaks. it is 56 in bethesda, la plata, 53. 58 in leesburg. the mid 50's for the t to kickstart the monday morning. about 71 thist to a slight chance sprinkles early this morning. southeasterly wind at 5-10. moral and wednesday, a better rain especially in the afternoon on tuesday. tomorrow, well into the '70s. about 77. saturday will be the warmest, near 80. >> thanks so much. gas prices are still falling. >> the national average price for a gallon of regular, $3.78. that is four sense less than a ago. 16 cents less than a month ago. it d.c. the average is still over $4. $3.76 in maryland, $3.67 in
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey.
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this is "good morning washington," on your side. top stories, a rockville man abducted in last year says that all kited captors will kill him president obama meet demands. warn weinstein appeared in a video released yesterday. qaeda wants the u.s. to end afghanistan, in somalia, and yemen. authorities need your help to driver who hit and killed vallley.n hybla 21-year-old shelinda arrington after she got out of her car on friday. investigators believe it may have stemmed from. washington rolling out the red britain's prince capitaln the nation's receiving an award from the atlantic council. for his work with war veterans and soldiers in. also meet with wounded veterans a. some stories making headlines including a strange last night's
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lakers/a nuggets' game in denver. a woman wandered onto the court. you see her stumbling. police officer was able to safety.he woman to is this a concern? the first thing she said when she got out there was where is kenyan, in reference to a martin. woman who hade arrested in the past for stocking him. they got her off the court and charged with trespassing she. today. in court she probably does not follow basketball. he does not even play for denver anymore. it's she is a little disturbed. >> on a lighter note, republican presidential candidate mitt romney taking time off from the campaign trail last night. the was assaulted game against botox in boston. charm,a good luck .ecause the celtics won >> estranged bearing in sports.
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floyde big boxing match, whether, who shows up in his corner, none other than justin bieber. floyd has had some troubles recently with having to go to the big house. people say that justin bieber with his squeaky clean hanging out with a guy on prison, but he was there. representative showing some support. photograph in case you missed the fight saturday. we should see the new global tv in a couple weeks. >> it could take a bit longer to in the oracle and .oogle trial a date for global tv, a top it will go on sale in the u.s. in about two weeks.
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it allows you to access search from your screen. there's a copyright infringement between oracle and google, e of usingusing googl its technology. >> the zombies are almost a secondary force in the game. don't see them often. about humanall clevernships and being in solving puzzles >> . the walking dead can be downloaded for about $5. i am sunny hostin. thanks for sending this photograph. he spotted the bus. .e appreciate the shout out
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if you see the photograph on a or metro train, send it to us. we will try to give you a shot out. >> want to get a look at this week's forecast with adam caskey. looking pretty profitable all week. the '70se will be in with a good chance of rain over days.xt few a little unsettled to start the week with some clouds. the easterly flow off the ocean clouds. the we are still dealing with the aftereffects. let's look at temperatures, many in the '50s. low 60's west of town. 61 in culpeper and winchester, frederick. a bad start to the day. we do have extensive cloud cover still over our region. can see the moon in some locations. steppedke when i outside this morning in arlington. added clouds especially when you see the darker color. ongoing showers and
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thunderstorms in the midwest. nighttime routine this in partsear especially chicago and great lakes region. all part of an area of low pressure, along with its associated front. that will pass along the great over the next couple days off. a fairly slow-moving system. drag its front to our region and that will and chance are rain chances over the next couple days. barry slight chance of sprinkles today. i am talking about a 20% chance little drizzle this morning. for the high temperature. i would not bother with the umbrella today. tomorrow and wednesday is when that.ll need even warmer tomorrow. near 70 today. well into the '70s on tuesday. scattered showers and r in the days late tuesday and then on wednesday on.and the '70s all week except sunny,y, looks very highs near 80 degrees. other than tuesday and wednesday
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and forwe will be dry early sunday, looking good. commute looks pretty good. neighbors starting to hit the road. , italy's leading 80 to get to germantown. lanes are open with normal volume. back to you. >> thank you. 5:00 hour 21 right now, 56 degrees. >> tough news for the nationals. details on the injury that has jayson werth sidelined for several weeks. - kristenanderson" - talks about the latest headlines. cassolette?pe -- catholic? >> undercover cameras expose a bias.
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it's 5:24.
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tonight the capitals will take to the ice at madison square garden. been held to take back the the playoff series against the rangers. a good day on saturday. verizont the rangers at even up the series at games apiece. game 5 is tonight at 7:30. will have highlights after the game on abc 7 news at 11. a tough break for the nationals. right fielder jayson werth broke night on national tv while trying to make a catch against the phillies last night in nationals park. he will see a specialist today to buy with the injury. -- theis he will be word is he will be out at least weeks. still in first place. >> turning to football. speculation about whether forrt griffin will start the redskins can be laid to rest. coach says rg3 is the starter. it is a change in tone. previously, the coach said he would be promoted when he would
5:26 am
achieve the goal. mike shanahan said that he will be working with the team. share secondwill and third string spots on the team. is 56 degrees outside. the news continues at 5:30. >> vice president joe biden issue of gayn the marriage. his thoughts on the day north votes on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. to roll out the red carpet. the royals are coming to town. more on prince harry's visit, and a live report. on this monday morning, adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. caskey in the belfort furniture weather center.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, all, has video showing a man who is being held hostage. is urgent message to president obama. good morning, washington. morning, may 7. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad to have you along on this monday morning. we want to get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. forecast.y has the the lingering of low clouds intraday and easterly flow off the ocean. a fair amount of clouds will stick around today. we will have some sun breaks as well. 56 now rockville, 58 in aldie. little warmer in the shenandoah valley. stephens city, 51. 51 degrees in triangle and bowie. high temperature of 71 this
5:30 am
afternoon. cloudy tonight in the mid to upper 50's. more tomorrow with a little scattered late-day and thunderstorms. good chance of rain tomorrow and again on wednesday. that's it for the weather. everything in pretty good shape from metro rail. rail, can the mine train 841 is stuck behind a freight train. berdi 30 minutes late. hitting the road, you'll find normal travel times this morning 355 at cedar lane where they have been doing long-term construction. beltway,d on the 270, and this is 95 in virginia approaching the beltway, headlights on the left side. >> breaking news in northeast washington. a 10-year-old girl shot in the leg overnight in the 100 block of 42nd street northeast. we still don't know what led to shooting or if anybody has
5:31 am
been arrested. headed there and details as wee get them. >> it's 5:30. a humanitarian aid worker from rockville is being held hostage qaeda. >> warren weinstein warns that he killed if president obama does not meet the demands r group, in a new video. the 70-year-old was kidnapped by a militant group in the city nearly a year ago. he once called pakistan home and to presidenting obama for help. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president. if you accept the demands, i live. don't, then i die. >> last year of cut a leaders said if the would be freed u.s. stopped air attacks and freed all terror suspects worldwide. >> i know that you have two daughters that you enjoy and you them and you spend time
5:32 am
with them. but i get the feeling that you e not paying any attention or problems, needs. rex parade armed men stormed his home in pakistan. when and where the video was made. the former rockville resident, a development directlyr, also speaks to his wife. like third to know fine and am medications and am being taken care of. >> it's 5:32 right now. virginia man who allegedly threatened to kill president custody and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. man was arrested on friday. he made death threats against the president and threatened to the white house and other landmarks. documents show that he wanted to be sentenced immediately and is seeking the penalty. >> vice-president by then the gay marriage debate. biden. president joe
5:33 am
i am comfortable with the fact and married in men and meriting women are entitled to all the same rights liberties and i don't of a distinction beyond that. >> president obama has said he believes marriages between a man hisa woman if but that e evolving. north carolina residents will vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. a royal is coming to visit washington. >> prince harry is in for a busy around the district today. is live inter why he's to explain here. >> about a year ago prince charles was here. now today we will have prince harry in town to accept an award work with the wounded military members. this afternoon he will also be at the british embassy. \ a lot of things on tap for him
5:34 am
as he visits the nation's capital. an organization called the council holds an annual every yearer people. several he is among those being honored tonight for his work with distinguished humanitarian leadership. that is the war he will be presented. he will also accept that for brother.nd his his brother will not be in town. they will receive it together r work with the military. much with themso the past couple years. before the awards ceremony, today they will have an event at the embassy, where they will also be meeting with of the british and justcan teams who in the warrior games. paralympic sporting competition that just took place in colorado. will talk with them about that event. when the royals come to town, there is excitement that comes with it. get a pictureto
5:35 am
or glimpse of prince harry, but e events schedule today will be open to the public. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> that will not stop people from trying. is 56 degrees outside. >> still ahead, is said updates shooting at a church in ellicott city. parishioners are remembering the two women killed by a homeless man. the site of the kentucky derby turns into a crime scene. murderest on a investigation in the stable at. murderest on a investigation in the stable at. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... s♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-ea ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix.
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looked into the animal arlington,gue of where there is a pet waiting for anyone. the animal welfare league. good morning, washington. >> there were low clouds the easterly to flow off the ocean. are still dealing with the that.s of considerable cloud cover to with some sunny breaks here and there. temperatures are mainly in the to low 60's out west in the shenandoah valley. 71 later this afternoon for the high temperature. right now at reagan national, in at 57 degrees. 55 in gaithersburg, 51 in
5:39 am
in martinsburg. mostly cloudy today, 71, but of sunshine periodically. chance of rain by tomorrow afternoon. besday and wednesday will the best chance of rain all week. otherwise, we will be dry. lisa. >> no hot spots on the highway rail. you are taking marc camden train 841 is averaging 30 minutes late, stuck behind a disabled freight train. metro rail is in pretty good shape. out of the norm for take you to two live pictures. 395 northbound approaching and passing duke street, a beautiful ride up to the pentagon, moving at speed. nothing complicated in maryland. 270 southbound traffic starting grow at shady grove road, the headlights being southbound.
5:40 am
back to you. >> thank you. morning for the congregation at st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city. shooting, aeadly second victim has died. named douglas jones shot the rev. mary kohn brewington,y brenda then shot and killed himself. was made angry when he was should limit his visits the church pantry. >> we will continue help the needy and we will not do it from behind glass. >> i am sad. the secretary died on thursday. the rev. died saturday night. her family kept her on my support so that her organs can transplants. your time on this monday, 5:40. >> bizarre story in colorado. a 6-year-old student has been
5:41 am
suspended accused of sexual harassment. >> we have a look at the weekend box office. tao the avengers
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tonight at 5:00 o'clock, the signs behind the things that you buy the grocery store. take you to a laboratory entice youways to buying certain brands. shop smart by knowing the tricks. i will see you at 5:00. younging up at 6:00, a in northeastrnight d.c. with thehe scene latest >> . the record holder for export arlington. from today he is in our studio. sport stacking. >> and we will be live inside w unity medical center in anacostia. those stories and more coming up hour. >> op of the a montgomery county father
5:45 am
charged with killing his son is expected to be in court today. a bond review hearing. 23-year-old matthew price was att to death saturday night an apartment complex in gaithersburg. investigators say that his wayne price told them he son after an argument. not said why the father and son are fighting. >> new across the nation, investigators waiting for the autopsy?f an was found dead at e home of the kentucky derby. is among 200 or so o work and live at churchill downs. we get more from tahman bradley. >> over the weekend, churchill downs posted a thrilling derby in and then turned into a crime scene. police are searching for clues of the 48-year- old, a guatemalan worker, was in the barn morning from where the derby winner was in stable.
5:46 am
it takes away some of the excitement from the race. >> perez worked as a horse groomer calvin borel,r of e time-kentucky derby winner. treating the case as a homicide. e don't have an exact cause foreath so we are waiting the corridors report. his body was found on the downs andf churchill raises questions about raises questions about what some call an underbelly of course racing. workers performing heavy labor, caring for wages.hbreds at low >> working with horses is a up beforeand you are dawn. a way of life for them if. >> authorities have no suspects that the death has no the derbyonnection to as of yet. it's not a great way to end the event. it's is the second death on the
5:47 am
about a year. surely after last year's derby, dead in his found r after an accidental drug overdose. a tahman bradley, abc news. the actor better known for pyle ober >> he joined the andy griffith on 1964 and then carried to theracter over series. he spent 20 years as a regular hee- haw. he spoke with andy griffith and y said a fewng the you.i love hundreds of people took to the tribute to junior seau, a former nfl linebacker. the committed suicide last wednesday. he was often seen riding the ines in front of his home the san diego area. new orleans saints quarterback
5:48 am
him brees, who played with was among the folks participated. >> i am not sure if there was a more beloved in the community. so many people that he touched, whether directly or indirectly. says that his is revisiting his decision to donate his brain to research into how football- related injuries. 5:48 right now. 6-year-old boy suspended from elementary school in aurora, colorado, for sexual harassment if. he sank a popse sexy and i know it, by star. child had been disciplined for singing that song before. hope they give us an apology and a clear picture of why they decided to. call this sexual to with discharge at follows him the rest of his life.
5:49 am
the school system released a it has policies place to prevent any of the learning environment. the suspension will end today. >> seems a little harsh, but i'm sure they will review that. a group of super larose said a at the box office. >> the avengers earned more $200 million in its u.s. debut. that made it the biggest opening ever. it shattered the previous record of $159 million set last year opening of the harry potter finale. coming in way behind that in think like awas man, and earning $8 million. the "hunger games rounding out along with the lucky ones and the pirates. .t's 5:49 right now to heat uphings during tonight's episode of dancing. will perform as part of latin week. there is a new challenge yet again.
5:50 am
it is called the trio around. each team can recruit another professional dancer for their routine. tomorrow another couple will go home. actionl the dancing tonight at 8:00 on abc 7. >> speaking of contestants on is about tono's a new type of pizza. >> and the tsa has something to about. linda bell has more from new york. good morning. >> happy monday morning. program that lets you through airport security and just hit a milestone. far it has screened 1 million passengers since it launched in october. is despite operating at handful of the nation's airports including dulles. you may notice united pilots internationallles from 5:00 p.m. through 7:00. the pilots are asking the public them in demanding the carrier's management stop taking
5:51 am
bonuses and pay as it works under. a 9-year-old under finally, domino's is expected to startce plans today to offering a pizza made with a gluten--- ree free crust. it is for people that cannot with wheat,cts made rye.ey, or i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> it's 5:51. we have adam caskey with us. >> not quite as cloudy as yesterday. low clouds are lingering in many locations. let's go to the rooftop camera arlington. you can see some clearing in the skies before sunrise. sunrise is a few minutes away. fairfax, low clouds overhead.
5:52 am
55 degrees in arlington, 56 in fairfax at st. leo the great. 57 degrees in the district, 61 in winchester. 64 degrees in cumberland. 60 in hagerstown. here's a look at our satellite and radar. see the low clouds satellite pictures, but lingering especially in northern virginia. off to our west, areas of d storms in parts of the midwest, especially in chicago. associated with an area of low great lakesthe region and the midwest. this will pass through lake erie ontario and drag its warm fronts and cold fronts through the washington area over the next couple days. that will in chance are rainfall chances. be an isolated sprinkle today's special the northwest of washington. seven the one, a high temperature. much better chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. 77 tomorrow.
5:53 am
other than tuesday and l be dryy i think we wil of the weekend very especially by thursday and friday. >> typical commute. 270 southbound out of frederick into montgomery county. 109.we are approaching 66 and 95 in virginia, no accidents. look at the volume. that has changed. metro rail has a switch problem at the anacostia station. customers should delays because of this issue. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53 right now, 55 degrees. >> the house being used by octomom is(bell rings)
5:54 am
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update on the woman known octomom. today her california home will be sold to the highest bidder. >> her home was foreclosed on after make payments for the year. nadya suleman filed for bankruptcy last month shortly after going on welfare in order yourself and all 14 children. >> another crazy baseball fan has been caught on tape doing something crazy. game, there was run and watch what after that. he goes right into the water to get the ball. he got a free escorted out of the stadium.
5:57 am
hopefully he dried out afterwards. still got the ball. at least got a souvenir. more still to come next hour. >> the district in paris for a royal visit today. bringing prince harry to washington. sans lisa baden helping us [ male announcer ] get to subway® for the new smokehouse bbq chicken. a smokin' new $6 footlong™ special! slow cooked chicken in tangy, sweet bbq sauce on freshly baked bread. it's a barbeque-licious $6 footlong™ special! come and get it! subway. eat fresh.
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at 6:00, a plea for help from pakistan. l man held on a loca
5:59 am
hostage for a year and what his captors want in exchange for his life. >> overseas market plunged in o a presidential election in france. mean for wall street? >> and why prince harry is on his washington. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it's monday, may 7. it could be and grey and drizzly this morning. thanks for waking up with us, i am cynne simpson. i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. caskey in a minute. first, lisa baden. averaging841 and 843 or 30 minutes late. green line delays for metro rail h problemf a switc outside the anacostia station. 66 eastbound just got


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