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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 8, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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go. who's your favorite to win? >> levy all the way. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> straight ahead new details in friday's hit and money from fairfax county. police have made an nars the case. >> good morning to you, washington. it is tuesday, may 8. >> glad to be with you. we start with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa in just a minute but first up, meteorologist adam caskey. >> nothing but sunshine for the end of the week and the upcoming weekend. first i'll talk temperatures and explain doppler. 62 in washington. 62 in college park. another mild morning.
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light rain in american maryland. it is going stay to northwest of the metro area. we're expecting a few showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening and it will be a little breezy at times today with the south wind at 18 miles per hour. tem-wise, i think we'll be in the mid 70's this afternoon. tomorrow, more widespread showers and thunderstorms expected. lisa? >> hello. we found some overnight construction for you this morning but gone now on the belt way close to the exit for new hampshire avenue. this is live on 270 taking you north and southbound out of frederick through montgomery county. very good ride. look at us live here at 270, shady grove road. here we are in the belt way at new hampshire avenue. everything is open. that long-term construction pulled out of your way past
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university boulevard. more on the traffic side, information about branch avenue and an intent northbound at the belt way but now we'll go to news. >> we'll check back in this a few minutes. the the c.i.a. has aparently foiled a plot to bring down an airplane from al qaeda. it was similar to the one the called underwear bomber used to try to blow up a flight to detroit on christmas day, 2009. this had a better detonation system and had no metal which means it could have passed through metal detectors and body scanners. >> if this happened before 9/11, it definitely would have succeeded. you would have had large numbers of americans killed. >> officials say the attack was to take place around the first anniversary of the raid that took out osama bin laden. >> it is 4:32 now.
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we're following a break in a fatal hit-and-run case in fairfax county. late last night police made an arrest. >> fairfax county police have arrested 32-year-old gloria mcmillan of alexandria in connection with the suspected road rage death of shelinda arrington. cynthia farmer knew the victim well. >> as long as they know who it is, that's all that counts. >> monday investigators found mcmillan's chevy trail blazers parked in southwest washington, which led them to the driver who lives only a block or so from the victim and just around the corner from the crime scene. >> everybody just kind of does whatever they want to do and thinks they can get away with whatever. i'm glad she got caught. >> what unfolded remains hard to fathom. a witness who asked to remain anonymous tells abc 7 news aaron
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was the one who originally cut off mcmillan's s.u.v. the witness said arrington got out of her car and went on to the hood of mcmillan's s.u.v. and fell off and then got run over. there are car went around her and kept going. >> regardless of how this horrible series of events began cynthia farmer is sure it didn't have to end the way it did. you don't run over nobody period. nobody. >> mcmillan now faces the charge of felony hit and run. >> thanks so much, jay. rick santorum endorsing his one-time g.o.p rival. >> via email, santorum urged his supporters to work with him and mitt romney to deny obama a
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second term. president obama plans to lay out an election year to do list for congress. he will urge lawmakers to take a look at proposal to help job creation and help families refinance their mortgages. he will detail the list today in albany new york. >> mechanical fatigue on two of the older rail cars caused rail cars to fail. in january crews discovered a fractured brake part. also in january, a similar part fell off a 2,000-series rail consider on an orange line train. >> another heart breaking loss for the washington capitals last night. they were within six seconds of winning game five against the rangers and then it slipped away. brad richards managed to get
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past goalie braden holtby and sending it into overtime with just a few secondses left and then marc staal scored the a game winner giving the range terse win. game six back here at home at verizon center wednesday nights. >> this is going to be a nail-biting series. it has been incredible. bank of america mailing out letters to thousands of home owners, but don't worry, it is good news. >> plus a charity aimed at helping disabled vets is under fire. linda, good morning. >> good morning to you. let's take a look at the national charity. they are called the disabled national veteran foundation. they got over there are 60 until donations but after digging through the i.r.s. forms most of that money never wound up in the hands of the disabled vets and families it vowed to help.
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one tells them they helped them out of more than 11,000 bags of coconut mm & m&m's. you mentioned good news from bank of america. they sent out letters to reduce mortgage payments. to contact b of a to find out if you're available the number is on my twitter at linda and bell. find out how your cell phone bill is becoming a part of your daily life. more of that coming up in the next hour. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> we'll see you soon. 4:37 is the time. 58 degrees. >> still to come, a man being held hostage by al qaeda. >> and and cutts on cell phone
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camera. a woman held down by a metro police officer. why she is following a lawsuit. >> take a look at the lincoln memo
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>> welcome back. 4:40 is the time. we want to get a check of traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> six seconds adam.
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six seconds left in the game. >> don't even mention it. all we needed was to make it through six seconds. i was actually sleeping and my wife gave me the big jab to wake me up. i wasn't a happy camper when i woke up and saw that result. ok. game six coming up on wednesday. we'll bounce back. let's take a look at the live doppler radar. just clipping romney, west virginia. temperature-wise, we're near 60. let's stick to the 50's. 59 in winchester. 59 in frederick. 57 in culpeper. a little breezy at times with the south wind at 20 miles per hour. a good shot of afternoon and evening thunderstorms . you'll want the umbrella today and want it again tomorrow. it will be unsettled then by thursday we'll clear become out
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with good sunshine thursday. temperatures comfortable. 70's all week long. let's go to lisa. >> it is comfortable now in virginia. 9 5 66 overnight construction, they are calling that a day. nothing complicated in springfield where i take you life in this geico traffic center picture. northbound picture, the head islights. northbound was closed. a crime scene investigation now the only thing that remains closed is northbound ramp to the inner loop. the second exit that would take you to the beltway you can access the outer loop for the time being. >> thanks so much. 4:42. your temperatures just shy of 60 degrees. >> coming up, soon a trip to the hospital could cost you more in montgomery county. >> plus more on last night's big
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>> funeral will be held today for a pastor who was shot and killed last week. he and church secretary brenda brewington were shot. police say a homeless man who received help at the church shot them and then killed himself. the funeral will be held at 3:00
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this afternoon in baltimore. brewington's funeral will be held on thursday. a montgomery count will hold a proposal to raise ambulance fees. ike leggett asked the council to reconsider the idea as the state tries to pass on pension costs to the county. people without insurance would not be charged. >> the white house says it is concerned about the rockville aid worker kidnapped in pakistan but said it will not negotiate with al qaeda. in the video he said he would be killed unless president obama agreed to al qaeda's demands. his neighbors in rockville are keeping a very close eye on the situation. >> i couldn't tell whether he was looking well or not. but i sure hope he is. we have been praying for him every day. >> he was abducted in august. he suffers from heart problems.
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in the video he says his captors are giving him his medications. >> a soldier based has been killed in the war in afghanistan. he died friday in kabul. he was assigned to the logistics agency. he was originally from arkansas. a wreath laying will take place at d.c.'s war memorial. on may 8, the world war ii allies accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of nazi germany. it begins at 9:00 a.m. >> prince harry at the ritz-carlton last night where he received an award from a washington think tank for his work to help wounded soldiers. >> so many of our service me and
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women have made the ultimate sacrifice. so many lives have been lost and so many changed forever by the wounds that they have suffered. >> he was among the guests of honor at the 509 anniversary celebration. harry and his brother prince william work with a number of charities. >> it is 4:48 now. on the hill, the senate plans to vote on whether to start debate on the deament democratic plan to college loan interest rates from double in july. republicans have their own bill which would also freeze interest rates, but the money would come from eliminating a program in president obama's health care overhaul. neither proposal expected to win the votes needed to pass but both sides expect a bipartisan deal before july. >> a woman is suing metro over an attack at the gallery station
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caught on cell phone video. it shows metro police officer andy vihn chasing karissa ronkin. she had been horsing around with friends and that prompted vihn to ban their entrance to the metro. >> she sat in jail overnight in a sun dress where she was harassed by over detainees and ultimately the officer didn't even appear in court and the charges were dismissed. >> her attorney calls the incident an example of police brutality. >> metro wants to consolidate bus stops in order to improve efficiency and on time performance. they are going to host three public meetings on the smufment the first meeting set for 7:00 tonight. it will take place at mathews baptist church. the other two meetings will be
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held this thursday and next thursday. it is 4:49. >> coming up next, new challenges for the six contestants on "dancing with the stars." >> there is an example of the trio the stars had to perform using two professional dancers. >> and a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> welcome back. it is 4:52. time for a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with adam cass -- caskey. we have a few light showers out there. later on today, i think early to mid afternoon we'll see some rain migrating to the metro area. 52 in the district. otherwise, upper 50's in the beltline area. mostly cloudy skies. a few breaks from the clouds, kind of like yesterday. we barely got a glimpse of the sun periodically. same story today with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening pasm little breezy at times. tomorrow another good round of showers and storms expected. a nice little dent in our rainfall deficit.
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tomorrow thursday, friday, saturday we clear out. lots of sunshine for the tail-end of the workweek. mother's day on sunday. lisa, what is the latest on the commute? >> pretty good deal. around the beltway interstate travel looks decent south into richmond, north into baltimore. construction barrels are being pulled to the side. with all of this rain coming, we'll have to see what happens with the midday road work which usually starts at 9:00. what's happening now is crime scene investigation northbound in clinton on route 5. northbound route 5 is open. the only thing blocked is the ramp to the inner loop, the second exit ramp, you cannot access the southwest side of the beltway. make legal u turn and take southbound 5.
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then you're on your way. >> thank you lisa. 4:54. another busy week for the contestants left on "dancing with the stars". >> six stars performed a regular ballroom dance. when the night was done, william levy ha had the highest score of 57 points. only one point separating him from disney star roshawn paying then. in last place, melissa gilbert. tonight, not one but two couples will get the boot. they are getting serious. >> two couples going to be eliminated. that's intense. 4:55 now. >> still ahead, no surprise here. the d.c. region tops the worst commute in the country. see which local areas hav
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>> will learning more about a foiled plot to target america on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death./ it would have involved a sophisticated new type of bomb. and an arrest in a fatal hit and run in fairfax county. >> a bad night for the capitals. within seconds of winning game 5 and then everything went wrong. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is tuesday morning, may 8. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad to have you along. we get started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment, but first adam caskey. >> it could be a little damp later on today. this morning we may have a few showers out to the west. some showers this afternoon and lingering into the evening for the metro. west of hagerstown and all the way through cumberland there's light rain pushing northeast and temperatures are around 60 degrees. 59 in frederick, 58 degrees in camp springs. 75 today for the high temperature. scattered showers and thunderstorms later on. breezy at times. tomorrow, more rain on the way. >> i am


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