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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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from loudoun county that a portion of belmont ridge road is closed between cluster and about seven -- gloceucester and route 7. looks good as far as interstate travel. 395, showing you the pace of traffic, it's wonderful. we have no problems to report to the pentagon. mayor linda is our focus in less than 10 minutes. >> thank you. -- maryland is our focus. >> a plan involving the anniversary of osama bin laden. >> authorities looking into this and trying to figure out exactly who would of been the person to
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carry this out. passengers at the airport to say some of them believe there are a lot of things in place to prevent this, while others say this is alarming. this morning fbi experts and counterterrorism officials are studying the makings of a new sophisticated bomb designed to slip past airport security after the cia awarded a bomb plot aimed at bringing down a plane headed for the u.s. >> it never came close because they had insider information which implies they have somebody on the inside who was not born to let it happen if. >> the latest plot in yemen, a country that has become an outside a hotbed. the bomb was an upgraded version of the underwear bomber used in the failed christmas day attempt in 2009. >> we will continue to do everything we can to prevent terrorists from carrying out their evil acts of violence.
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this time the underwear bomber report contained no medals meaning the bomber likely could pass through metal detectors and possibly even through the controversial body scanners. this passengers said that he sometimes avoids flying and this latest news on the increases his concerns. >> it has changed a little bit the way that i live day to day. >> you heard secretary clinton saying the u.s. will stay on top of this and continue to try to prevent this from happening. the department of homeland security says they were made aware of this. brianne carter reporting. >> new developments this morning inside is hit and run until the fairfax woman. -- a woman in fairfax county, rather. police announced the arrest last night in the case. jummy olabanji has details for us this morning? . >> fairfax county police ever arrested 32-rolled gloria
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mcmillan's in connection with last friday's suspected road rage death of 21-old shelinda arrington. >> as long as they know who it is. that's what counts. that's all that counts. >> yesterday investigators found the black chevy trailblazer parked in the district. police say that mcmillan lives in alexandria just a few blocks from the victim and the crime scene. >> the way the world is nowadays, everybody's doing kind of what they want to do and thinks they can get away with whatever. i'm glad she got caught for. >> witnesses say it was arrington who cut off mcmillan's's suv and arrington got out of your car and into an argument with mcmillan. moments later, arrington jumped on the hood of mcmillan's's car and was thrown off and run over. regardless of how it turned out, arrington's friends say it did not have to end this way. >> you don't run over nobody.
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>> jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> two men who worked in the montgomery county school system now face several sex-related offenses if. the 50-rolled cuyler cornell in germantown sexually abused a 14- rural students that he befriended. he is on administrative leave. and a former media services technologist is facing sex abuse charges. 39-year-old aaron lamere used text messages in order to solicit sex from two students and inappropriately touched them, show them images of naked men on his cellphone, and exposed himself. is being held on bond. >> early on this tuesday morning, 59 degrees. >> still ahead, we could learn new details in the murder case against george zimmerman. we will have more on today's arraignment. >> the d.c. region has been named to the worst commute in
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the country. will look at some areas with low august commutes. >> we have a check of the commute right now with traf agents, be on the lookout for aliens. one small black cocoa creme iced coffee. uh-oh! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'.
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(bell rings) hi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's start with the forecast
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on this tuesday. >> you need the umbrella later this afternoon and evening in the metro area and. already this morning in the potomac highlands, western maryland and west virginia, the umbrella will be handy already. parts of west virginia, western maryland, areas of light rain pushing northeast. not moving towards the metro area at this time. temperatures near 60. 62 in the district, 59 in hagerstown, 56 in quantico, 57 in culpeper. 63 in college park. limited sun shine today with showers and thunderstorms especially this afternoon and evening for the metro area. a little breezy at times, highs in the mid 70's. fireable today and tomorrow if. you need the umbrella again tomorrow, more showers and storms expected to. by thursday through the weekend drying out in terms of the cloud cover and in terms of humidity. temperatures will drop a little for the end of the workweek. any new problems on the roads?
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>> yes ashburn virginia, an accident on belmont ridge road, closed between clout tester parkway and route 7. in maryland, looking good between the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge, headlights are southbound leaving 270 toward the american legion bridge. crime scene investigation overnight is now complete, is open on branch avenue between allentown road and the exit for southeast and the beltway, everything is open and gone on route 5 near the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 5:009 no confirmation the d.c. area has the worst commute in the nation. >> residents of bristow virginia have the longest commute in the country. a one-way commute time of 46 minutes. fort washington, maryland, the
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august 8 at 42 minutes. clifton, maryland, a number 11. dale city, virginia, no. 12. if you are hitting the road in a new vehicle -- if you would like to hit the road in a new vehicle, there's still a chance to win a new ford fiesta and three grand in cash. >> go to to enter. all you have to do is tune in tonight to abc 7 news at 5:00 to see if your name is called off. you have 30 minutes to call us to become a finalist. we will select a winner from 15 finalists later this month. >> it is 59 degrees outside. >> learn how you can get a deal on an xbox 360. >> and an update on the woman who made headlines after being accused of taking her daughter to a tanning salon. a toy
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>> you're watching abc 7's "good morning washington with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. >> the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman scheduled to be arraigned today. his been in hiding since been freed on bond last month and is not expected to appear in court. is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. the case our national outrage when police initially refused to rest or charge zimmerman. do teenage drivers have a higher chance of dying in a car crash when other teenagers are in the car? >> a study says the 16-year old or 17-year-old driver poses a risk of driving increases -- risk of dying increases 40% with another teenager in the car.
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the risk is dramatically reduced when an adult is in the car. >> the fallout continues for the woman known as the tanning mom. >> now she is being portrayed in a -- a new doll. an action figure. this is patricia krentcil the action figure, $29.95. >> she looks horrible. 5:14 right now. the new york knicks earned their first playoff win since 2001 on the weekend, beating the miami heat. how do you celebrate your first victory in the playoffs in years? take a look. >> game over! yes! what the hell!
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>> that's one way to do it. it gets better. mom will probably kicked him out of the house soon. celebrating the fact that the knicks won. they have an uphill battle now against the heat. >> we will see how he reacts after the next game. >> the odds are increasing that you will see driverless cars on the las vegas strip. let's hear sunny hostin as. >> as the decision on android. a federal jury says google did infringe on oracle's patents and creating the android software, but it failed to decide whether that use of java was fair use. more litigation is likely. microsoft is offering the xbox 360 gaming console with kinect for $99 with a two-year monthly membership to xbox live gold.
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it works out to more than if you pay the regular price for the council bundle and the subscription upfront. google has the green light to take its self-driving car on to the next level. will streets. nevada has-- real streets. you will not be able to buy it for another three years and right now it still requires a person to be in the car. >> i saw one of those in los angeles and could not figure out what all that was on the roof of the car. interesting. when you get one, you will not have all that on the top of the car. it stands out a little. >> a dent in the rainfall deficit in the drought today and tomorrow. smooth sailing after that into the weekend. >> how much of a deficit? >> we are about four inches. we are slowly chipping away at
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it. it takes about as long to get out of a drought as it takes to get into the drought. we are still moving in the right direction. patience is needed but we are working our way out of it slowly. areas of light rain west of hagerstown already and into cumberland moving north and east. mainly staying west of interstate 81 early this morning. more organized showers in parts of ohio down into kentucky and west virginia. this will slowly push our way towards the metro area later on today. this is a slow-moving cold front, taking its time slowly pushing through our area if. it will take a couple days to fully move through washington if. today and tomorrow will be rather unsettled. behind it will be cooler and especially less humid air that will move into town. it's not overly humid outside right now, but it will be much drier behind the front.
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later today, we will reach about 75 with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms in the metro area into the afternoon and evening. early afternoon just west of the beltway. mid to late afternoon in the metro area and east of 95. a little breezy at times, a south wind at 8-18. mid 70's tomorrow, scattered storms. close to 70 degrees thursday and friday behind a cold front with less humid air in place. upcoming holiday weekend looks spectacular, especially saturday with total sunshine. mid to upper 70's. mother's day, partly cloudy, 77, looking good so far. >> we are looking good on 95 with the green light. . route 3 fredericksburg and dale city and between dale city and springfield, looking good. more headlights spotted
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northbound, but still clear, and good on 95 in maryland. travel times along 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway, 66 between centreville and 495 looking good and both directions of the dulles greenway and the toll road, here comes the work at the navy medical, long-term project inside the beltway. they are getting ready to move those barrels out of the way. >> that's a good thing. thanks so much. it's 59 degrees. >> coming up, a reminder that every second counts in a game even though last six. the capitals blew it with just seconds to go. >> all new "anderson" -- >> she had 6 to 8 months to live. she wanted a dream wedding. >> she faked having cancer to pay for her wedding. but you are standing by her? >> i am. >> and child abductions. how any child can prevent their own kidnapping. and the latest cast off from american idol.
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>> it the philadelphia phillies pitcher got a five-game suspension for how he hits the bryce harper. he admitted after the game that he intentionally hit bryce harper during sunday's game on national tv. the also received a fine. >> the washington capitals trying to recover from a heartbreaking loss at madison square garden. >> if you stayed up, you know what we are talking about. the capitals were just seconds away from beating the rangers last night. >> hello again. capitals within 6 seconds of beating the rangers last night in regulation and let it get away if. they played it close. in overtime. the capitals had plenty of opportunities to win. the capitals on the powerplay in the third. he gets the past long quest. blunt quist had no chance. it was 2-1 washington, seemingly
5:24 am
in control. it stayed that way for a while. time running out. six seconds left. richards hit its the far post a. was tied at 2. a penalty carried into the extra period. bang. if elected. 3-2 final. the capitals now down 3-2. nationals are in pittsburgh to play the pirates tonight. but they will have to play withouth jayson werth playe had surgery on his broken wrist and will be out at least 12 weeks. there's a look at sports. >> it's 5:24, 59 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> another big endorsement for mitt romney. another formal rival -- former rival giving him their support for. >> and a confirmation on a foil terror plot. that's coming up in a live report.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> tourists stopped in their tracks. the cfa has supported a bomb plot aimed at bringing down a plane headed to the united states. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, may 8, i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. we start with traffic and weather. adam caskey has the forecast. >> grab the umbrella today and tomorrow if. by the end of the we come back to bright sunshine. right now we have a little action popping up on the radar screen far west of washington. locally, the morning commute will be dry. the drive home will probably be
5:28 am
a little damp. you will notice the very light rain west of interstate 81, even along interstate 81 south of martinsburg if. that is an isolated sprinkle of. status town as well. along 70, light rain in the potomac highlands pushing northeast. right now, 62 in washington. mid 70's this afternoon with limited sunshine. overall, more clouds and sunshine. scattered late-day showers and storms. lingering storms tonight and a repeat performance tomorrow with a cold front, mid 70's. seven-day forecast coming up. >> an accident reported in cheverly. it is 50 the john hanson highway, westbound near 202. it is on the roadway. westbound 50 maryland's inside the beltway. will take you to a couple of cameras and so you will know how to plan. in maryland on the beltway, it's gorgeous between the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge.
5:29 am
and in virginia, heavy volume, but we will take it, to get into springfield if. beyond to the pentagon looks great. more to come on the traffic scene. newschopper 7 is in just a little while. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this tuesday a plot to use a sophisticated new abominable a plane headed to the united states. >> the cia managed to thwart the plot that was supposed to mark the anniversary of the death of bin laden. >> this morning, fbi experts and counterterrorism officials reportedly picking through the new type of underwear bomber try to determine whether it could've gotten through the security measures at airports. the device is an upgrade purportedly of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate on a plane on christmas day on 2009. this time according to authorities it reportedly contained no medals, meaning the
5:30 am
bomber likely could pass through metal detectors or even the controversial body scan hours. what we are learning is that this all came about through a cia mission in yemen. that is where they learned about this. at this point it is not clear exactly who would of been the person to carry out this plot. u.s. officials say that they were aware of this prior to there being any threat of united states. passengers are concerned about this, saying once again it is a warning. u.s. officials saying at this point there was no danger to passengers on jetliners coming into the airport's. reporting from reagan national, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> the white house says it is concerned about the rock hill aid worker kidnapped in pakistan, but it's as it is not negotiable with al qaeda if. 70-year-old warren weinstein appeared in video al qaeda released on sunday. in it he said he would be killed unless president obama
5:31 am
agrees to al qaeda's demands. white house spokesman jay carney says the administration condemned the kidnapping and is calling for his immediate release. >> vote 2012, one of the biggest endorsements yet for republican front-runner mitt romney. learned his former rival rick santorum is giving his support. john gonzalez is alive but the white house this morning with more on this story. good morning if. >> good morning. once bitter rivals not long ago, rick santorum now giving presidential candidate mitt romney is full support. it begs the question this morning, could this go even further, perhaps a gop ticket? the announcement was made late last night. this was in an e-mail from the former pennsylvania senator urging his supporters to back romney. in this e-mail, rick santorum reminded his supporters of the major differences between the two during the campaign. you will remember santorum even
5:32 am
described the former massachusetts governor as the worst republican to challenge president obama. yet in the e-mail last night, santorum wrote, "above all else, we both agree that president obama must be defeated." reporting live at the white house, john gonzalez reporting. >> president obama plans to lay out an election year to do list for congress. he will urge lawmakers to take another look at a proposal to create jobs and help families refinance their mortgages. the white house says the president will veto the list during a stop today at a college science complex in albany, new york. >> the senate plans to vote today on whether to start debate on the democratic plan that would keep some college on interest rates from doubling in july. the $6 billion needed for the plan would come from social security and medicare payroll taxes. this isand from high-earn earners.
5:33 am
the proposal is expected to win the votes needed to pass, but both sides expect a bipartisan deal before july. the gay marriage debate takes center stage in north carolina today. residents will vote on a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between men and women. the battle is drawing high- powered support on both sides. former president bill clinton recorded calls opposing the amendment. the rev. billy graham's is supporting the ban in a newspaper ad. >> metroaccess mechanical fatigue on the friction ring is of two of its older railcars caused will cross to fail if. in january discovered a fractured part on the 3000 series will car during an inspection at shady grove road art of. also, a similar part fell off a 2000 series will car on an online training january if. the train was disabled near the stadium-armory station and there were delays more than two hours.
5:34 am
a woman is suing metro over an attack at gallery place that was caught on cell phone video of. the video shows a metro police officer andy vihn chasing karissa ronkin and then throwing her to the ground. catholic university student at the time had been horsing around with friends for. that apparently prompted the officer to bar their entrance to metro if. she was arrested after the scuffle. metro is not commenting on the case. it's 5:34, 59 degrees. >> learn how the district is at the center of a new campaign aimed at fighting obesity. >> and prince harry was in d.c. for a big honor. hear what he had to say about the recognition. >> first, another (bell rings)
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>> i am jackie at the reptile discovery center at the national zoo. i have with me a northern pine snake. come and meet a friendly new face. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. 5:37 is the time, time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's find out what's happening right now with adam caskey. >> we will get a little sunshine today especially this morning but it will be limited to the morning. in some areas of rain this afternoon and evening. west of interstate 81 there is some rain. from hagerstown through hancock and in cumberland, light rain
5:38 am
pushing northeast and moving out of town. 52 right now --six to two right now in washington, 60 in fredericksburg. all the way to the mid 70's today. showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening in the metro area of. tomorrow more showers and storms expected. still comfortable in the mid 70's, but noticeably less humid by thursday and friday with bright sunshine for the end of the week into the weekend. there's an issue in cheverly >> . and something in loudoun county and something in maryland. we will go live to cheverly, maryland. an accident on 15 west, a major commuter route to get to north avenue john hanson. highway, traffic getting by a collision to the right. right after the for 202 where its two lanes. you will find delays that begin near 410, already at the new carrollton metro but at least
5:39 am
we are getting by. in loudoun county there's a collision on belmont ridge road, closed between route 7 and gloucester. that is from our friends in ashburn, virginia. back to news. >> we're giving you a chance to win a fourth fiesta and $3,000 in cash. somebody will be very happy. go to to enter. you can enter each day and you can get two additional entries by sharing the contest with friends on facebook? . tune in to night to abc 7 news at 5 to see if your name is called. so, you have 30 minutes to call us to become a finalist if. then we choose one winner from each of 15 finalists later this month. . . -- good luck. >> there's a troubling report on the future of obesity in the u.s., a new campaign aimed at fighting the epidemic.
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ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>> tonight at 5:00, an overnight sensation returns. as accidental runner crossed the finish line at a marathon race for charity. he was at it again this year. that's tonight at 5. >> coming up at 6, putting the rumors to rest. we have an update on d.c. musical legend chuck brown's health. >> and the girl scouts trading cookies or candy bars. that's raising a few eyebrows. >> and ambulance fees are back on the table in montgomery county. we will preview tonight's public hearing with councilman phil andrews. >> and a broken terror plot, coming up of the top of the hour. prince harry was at the ritz-
5:44 am
carlton in northwest last night. received an award from the washington -- a washington think tank. so many lives have been lost and so many changed forever by the wounds they have suffered. >> he was among guests of honor at the atlantic council's 50th anniversary celebration. he and his brother prince william work with a number of charities that help retrain and reeducate veterans. >> a developing story from mississippi. authorities have identified the bodies of the missing tennessee mother and her daughter. the bodies of jo ann bain and her oldest daughter was found behind a house owned by family friend adam mayes. is accused of kidnapping the woman and her three daughters last month. police believe his other two daughters are still alive and are with him. >> 7 is on your side with a new report on america's obesity epidemic correct. the cdc reports over one-third of u.s. adults might now are
5:45 am
obese. by 2013 it will be almost half the. severe obesity is expected to double by 203111% of adults will be nearly 100 pounds overweight or more. an unprecedented public health campaign is aimed at fighting the nation's obesity epidemic of. >> it is called the weight of the nation. includes a book, a documentary and a conference in d.c., one of the fattest cities in the country if. john gonzalez spoke with some of the people behind a campaign it. >> this d.c. resident is not surprised to hear 66% of americans are overweight or obese. >> it is a struggle to find a time or make the time to work on being physical, which helps to keep the way down? . >> stressful for this mother is that one in five children is over risk or at risk of fighting obesity. correct things and changed so much. we are not as active as we were once,.
5:46 am
>> the first lady has had an aggressive attempt to get americans and people back in shape, and it's helping. >> it's clear the epidemic of obesity is something that will not get solved just at the doctor's office or at the hospital if. >> now documentary series targets the factors that feed the country's obesity problem from the craving of food restaurant portion sizes that pack a days worth of calories into one meal. >> we've gone from a nine-inch plate to 12-inch plate >> . d.c. has the highest prevalence of overweight children in the country at 23%, in a city where half of the top 10 causes of death are diet and weight related. >> kids have a 50% chance of developing the type 2 diabetes if you are african-american or latino. >> the hbo documentary series, which is being distributed to more than 40,000 organizations
5:47 am
and premiers next week, is touting itself as the most far- reaching health campaign on this issue. >> i think that people are really recognizing that the way we are living our lives is not working for us anymore. is the showcase at this week's obesity conference in the district. >> some people are shocked by it and some are angry and others are deeply moved by it because it is built around a store is a people struggling with their weight and struggling with illnesses that come from that weight. >> john gonzalez, abc 7. >> that's on hbo starting next. >> if you would like more information, go to our web site, >> the company that makes the finely textured beef known as pink slime is closing three processing plants. this is because of the controversy surrounding the meat product that is treated with ammonia in order to kill bacteria. beef products inc. says another plant will remain open but at reduced capacity. the company says attacks over
5:48 am
its products are unfounded. people mean it when they say they cannot live without their smartphone. >> in d.c., linda bell explains. >> there's a list of top u.s. destinations. washington came in at no. 11 on the list, based on millions of reduced. new york city takes the cake at #one. i spoke with the president and ceo of events d.c. and he has this to say. he spoke about wonderful hotel packages and properties and also restaurants and he says it's really about hospitality industry coming together. we have cell phone as that are playing a bigger role in our daily lives. research says 86% of smartphone users have used their phones in the past 30 days, do everything from coordinating meetings, to
5:49 am
looking up sports pages and scores, and traffic conditions. 27% have even used it to settle an argument. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news in new york. i'm not sure how you can use your cell phone to settle an argument if. >> pew research the. thanks so much, linda. tonight, the contestants on dancing can go from six to four. >> last night the sixth performed a ballroom dance and a trio for a second dance. >> coming out on top was william leaving with 57 for a combined score. one point separating him from disney star rochon fegan. don all driver and katherine jenkins led behind with 55 points each, followed by maria menounous and melissa gilbert in last place. wh wo goes on tonight at 9:00 on
5:50 am
abc 7. >> two couples will go home. this has been an unpredictable season. some of the people who been at the top are now a bottom. and those that have been at the bottom are at the top. >> keep watching. >> maria menounous, issue at the bottom? this week, but she was at the top of weaker so ago. prexy will be there again. >> you guys will be calling in, i am sure. >> we are just supposed to show the highlights of her dancing in the videos. >> i requested a little william levy. >> let's look at sky conditions that. we have some breaks in the clouds,. look at this. we will see a little sunshine this morning. as is arlington, washington-lee high school looking southeast. you can see the edge of the cloud deck that's moving overhead the. in fairfax, there's some clearing, 58 degrees in fairfax right now. are around 60 degrees for the
5:51 am
most part. 62 in d.c., 60 in fredericksburg, 62 in lexington park. 60 in martinsburg. 59 in cumberland. pretty uniform temperatures to start the day. sprinkles in morgan and berkeley counties in west virginia and western washington county, eastern allegany county. they are falling apart a bit. these are like sprinkles, not even enough to give your garden a good watering if. later on today we will have some good rainfall to give your lawn and garden a good watering, especially into tomorrow as well. we have sunny breaks overhead in the metro area. showers off to the west. that will slowly push our way. enjoy the morning sunshine while we have it, because it will not last all day if. there is a cold front associated with the rain. that will continue to die southeastern to washington if. this is a slow-moving front. it is moving from ohio to d.c. and will take a couple days to fully move on through.
5:52 am
of the umbrella today and tomorrow and with the cold front crossing unsettled weather periodically today and tomorrow. -- have the umbrella. there are sunny breaks through the morning, then mostly cloudy, and a good shot of showers and some thunderstorms into the afternoon and evening. earlier to the west of washington where we already have a few sprinkles. 75 this afternoon for the high temperature, a little breezy at times with a south wind. that will increase the humidity a little. once we get rid of the rainfall by thursday and friday back to a lot of sunshine with less humid air for the end of the week into the weekend. today and tomorrow we could still use the rain, a good chance of rain. more moderate showers and storms for wednesday. lisa, any new problems on the road? >> bill dealing with old ones right now. i was just thinking that as far as interstate travel, that looks ok between richmond and baltimore. normal volume.
5:53 am
66, no accidents, no surprises on the green light or the toll road if. southbound 270 loading about a frederick into montgomery county. i will take you to 50 at 202 accident cleanup, traffic getting by to the right. that is 50 maryland westbound in cheverly. next, virginia gorgeous near the pentagon and washington boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53, 58 degrees. >> apparently, the son of an nba star, chris paul, likes watching
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5:56 am
>> apparently, the son of nba star chris paul watches kia commercials featuring his teammate blake griffin. >> his young son watches and he got some laughs during a recent press conference after a game. >> make the blake face. >> one bulletwhen blake wants the ball he makes a certain facial expression of. that's very cute. to come in the next hour. >> more signs that mitt romney is a lock for the republican
5:57 am
presidential nomination. former rival is now supporting him. >> and lisa baden is helping us navigate the tuesday morning commute the. we have traffic and weather when we continue. this appears to be a problem on 50.
5:58 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00, and underwear bomber stopped before
5:59 am
he could launch a new attack on the united states. authorities say that the threat is far from over. >> a penalty that cost the capitals the series lead. "good morning washington" continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine, washington. it's tuesday, may 8. could be in store for rain. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you on this tuesday morning. adam caskey in a moment. first, troubles on the road. checking in with lisa baden if. >> newschopper 7 flying over the scene of a crash we have been showing you. 50 westbound in cheverly after 202. this is a major commuter route for people coming off the beltway or out of bowie to access new york avenue. after the new carrollton metro we will slow down?


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