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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, brand-new details on that dangerous bomb plot to take down passenger jets headed for the u.s. the fbi now examining the newly-designed device. are more like them still undetected? more bombers on the loose? and will this change the way we're searched at the airport. watch the moment this car slams into teenagers on a buffalo sidewalk. one man hurdles through the air. he's okay. how the video helped solve the case. star talker. mila kunis and the man who is constantly trying to meet her face-to-face. when she hid in her suv until police finally showed up.
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and three-times the charge. "dancing with the stars" triples. maria and daniel's crowd-pleasing jive, that brought the audience to its feet. those trios were something on "dancing with the stars." >> they really were. >> and a little bit of -- last night. >> what do you mean last night? a lot to get to this morning, including the bomb plots that are probably headed here. the bomb plot at the center of the investigation, is being looked at quantico. >> and people are wondering is this going to change the way we're searched at the airport? plus, overnight developments in the case offer a missing mother and her three daughters in tennessee. police identifying two bodies
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now as that of the mom and one of her two daughters. the other two girls believed to be with a man that's at the center of a massive manhunt. and our blockbuster world record party. look at that. that's matt freeze. these trying to set the indoor skydiving record. that's live right now. can he last 1:31.30 to break a world record? >> if it happen, you'll see it here. let's get right to the foiled al qaeda plot to blow up a u.s.-bound passenger jet. brian ross first broke the plot last week. and now, new details on who was behind it and how it was designed to get around in airport in the world. >> reporter: al qaeda's bombmaker mastermind still at
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large, u.s. officials believe there could be more bombs and bomb plots under way. the cia says there is no more dangerous threat to the u.s. right now than ibrahim al asiri of yemen, the mastermind behind this new bomb plot. >> we know the bomb contains no metal parts. and therefore, would not normally been detected by any security measures. >> reporter: it was because of the work of the cia and other intel innocence agencies, that the latest design never made it near its intended target, a u.s.-bound aircraft. >> because they had insider information, insider control, which implies they had somebody on the inside that wasn't going to let it happen. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the latest bomb was a significant improvement on the underwear bomb al asiri designed in 2009, that failed to deploy on christmas day in 2009.
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extra security measures put into place ten days ago, remained in place this morning, including large air marshal teams on every u.s.-bound aircraft, out of certain european airports, including gatwick in great britain. still, officials acknowledge it was intelligence work, not security screeners, that kept the flying public safe. >> you have to wonder if this plot was foiled by someone on the inside. whether or not that means that source is blown, and therefore they no longer have someone on the inside, and would not know about the next plot. >> reporter: overnight, abc news learned that the insider, the source who infiltrated the cell and foiled the plot, is safely out of yemen. and brought with him, the underwear bomb through saudi arabia. george? >> thanks, brian. now, we're joined by the u.s. top counterterrorism adviser, john brennan. thanks for joining us this morning. we heard from brian ross this morning, that this plot was
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foiled by an inside source that's been taken out of yemen. is that source the would-be bomber? >> we've been working closely with our international partners to make sure this device does not pose a threat to the american public. we continue to work with them. there's sensitive operational aspects of this that we're continuing to pursue. the means that we were able to get this device, we're trying to make sure that we protect, again, the equities that are involved with it. >> but what happened to the would-be bomber? is he in custody? is he still alive? >> we're confident that neither the device nor the intended user of this device posed a threat to us. >> so, you're just not able to say what happened to the would-be bomber? >> no. i'm just going to say that the device is in our custody. the fbi is exploiting it. we're trying to understand the different aspects of the design to make sure that we're able to take preventive actions in the future to prevent this or other types of devices from getting
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into areas that could threaten the american public. >> but are you worried that will are other bombers at large with similar devices? >> well, you never know what you don't know. and that's why the president has directed us, from the first days that he was informed about this device, that although we had the device in our control and we were confident that it was not going to pose a threat to the american public. >> i know you've been examining that device very closely. for what we know, it's a sophisticated device. no metal. a better detonator than past devices. could it have gotten through the standard security measures at airports right now? >> we rely heavily on our intelligence services, as well as our partners overseas, to stop it before it gets near an airport or a plane. we continue to refine those measures. we've taken into account the attempts by al qaeda. make adjustments if necessary. we're confident that the
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redundant security system provides us the protection that we need. >> but if this type of device got to the airport, it could have gotten through, right? >> this ied was a threat the standpoint that the design we were able to determine. now, we're trying to make sure that we take the measures that we need to prevent any other type of ied, similarly constructed, from getting through security procedures. >> should someone getting on a plane today be worried? >> i think people getting on a plane today should feel confident that their intelligence services are working, day in and day out, to stop these ieds from getting near a plane. also, i think when they go through the security measures at airports, they understand why they're in place because there are terrorists groups, like al qaeda, that continue to try to evade those security measures. >> finally, mr. brennan, you were on "this week" a couple sundays ago. at that time, i asked if there's any indication that an actual plot is in the work. and you said, i don't see any active plots under way.
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but there was a plot under way at that time, wasn't there? >> we had confidence that we had control. that that ied was not a threat. it was not an active threat at that time. we had no intelligence that indicates that that ied, was going to be used in an attack that coincides with the bin laden anniversary. we were unaware of any other threat at that time. >> we're grateful that plot was stopped. mr. brennan, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, george. >> good intelligence. good morning to all of you. year going to begin with breaking news here. young boy missing in texas. an amber alert has been issued. he was last seen getting off the school bus near his home. police are worried because he was seen talking to an unidentified man in a red toyota. police have identified one person of interest thus far.
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a $30,000 reward is being offered in the case. a staggering headline this morning about the obesity crisis in this country. the government now predicts 42% of americans will be obese by the year 2030. meaning, they'll have a body mass index of 30 or more. experts are meeting in washington today to discuss any possible strategy to tackle this metastasizing problem. the company that makes beef slime is closing three of its four plants. 650 workers will lose their jobs in texas, kansas and iowa. major chains stopped selling the beef that contained the ammonia-treated filler. in buffalo, new york. you saw this at the top of the show. a hit-and-run driver, plowing through that group of pedestrians. you saw one go flying through
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the air. the boy is okay. police arrested the drive a short time later thanks to this video and helpful witnesses. it was a sticky situation for a little boy in arkansas. 2-year-old terrell parks was shopping with his pop, when he got his arm stuck deep inside a gumball machine. fire department was called in. they thought they could pour a little oil on the arm and get it out. they dismantled the entire machine. but ever determined, terrell, who was fine, held on to the gumball, the entire time. they took apart the machine. and he held on to it the entire -- the kid got his gumball. >> he worked for that gumball. >> kids at home, don't try that. >> don't try this at home. >> no. >> hope he enjoyed it. now, to the latest in that massive manhunt for a suspect police say abducted a tennessee mother an her three daughters.
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police say the two bodies found behind adam mayes mississippi residence, have been identified as jo ann bain, and her daughter, adrienne. the other two daughters are still missing. steve osunsami is in mississippi with the latest for us. >> reporter: this is a difficult morning for the bain family. those two bodies were found in this trailer behind me. down the road, police set up a command center, where there are hundreds of law enforcement personnel. their job this morning is to find the two surviving daughters alive. near the mississippi home at the center of this manhunt, more than 100 state troopers are here, searching every vehicle at roadside checkpoints. this morning, we're learning more about the man who police say is running from the law and holding two daughters. 12-year-old alexandria, and
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8-year-old cal ya. police say he's to blame for the two deaths so far. and they're worried he could kill the youngest girls, too. >> before we pull out of there, we want to make sure that we've exhausted all means. you know, satisfied us that he's not in this area. >> reporter: the mother and oldest daughter's bodies were found at the home in guntown, mississippi this morning. but he and the four he's accused of kidnapping, had to travel 66 miles. this morning, authorities say he may have gotten farther. as farther as north carolina, south carolina, florida or arizona, where he has plenty of connections. investigators continue to dig up the yard outside this home, searching for clues and gathering fingerprints. from a look up close, it appears they're searching for something specific. the neighbors say they are frightened. worried mayes is still in the woods and a threat to their
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safety. mayes lives here with his mother, father and wife. police aren't saying, george, whether they've been detained or questioned. >> steve, thanks very much. we're going to get to the latest on the high-profile trial of john edwards. the prosecution is in the home stretch, hoping to wrap up this week. and the big question, will the government call rielle hunter to the witness stand. bob woodruff is covering the trial in greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: so far, during this trial, john edwards' mistress, rielle hunter, has been called crazy and a loose canon. who advised on a spiritual adviser for everything. but prosecutors, who are looking to wrap up their case by the end of this week, have yet to call hunter to the stand. >> it is dangerous to call her at the end because if she flops for the government, it's not the note that you want to end on. at the same time, i think the story's incomplete without her. >> reporter: on monday, tim tobin, a friend of andrew young,
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testified that in the fall of 2007, he was given a secret mission. to drive rielle hunter and the youngs to the airport, in the middle of the night, so they could go into hiding. it was peculiar because rielle had black sunglasses on because it was dark. she was clearly pregnant. tobin also testified when the youngs and rielle hunter were living in california, he was asked another favor. to go to hunter's rental home in north carolina and relieve personal items. one of the items, a photograph of mr. edwards ms. hunter, and on the photo, i love you, john. and in her only statement since the affair was exposed, she seems to support the defense team's argument, that edwards was more focused on hiding his affair from his wife, than the voters. >> do you think he was more afraid of elizabeth finding out for the rest of us? >> elizabeth.
7:15 am
>> reporter: in this risque photo spread, hunter claimed to be in the dark about the $725,000 funneled through heiress bunny mellon, to andrew young. i had no idea. he told me he received two small checks. we don't know what rielle hunter will talk about when she gets here. we'll probably get more juicy information about the affair. but this is not about the affair. it's about the money. how much does she know about the money? how much does john edwards know about the money? and if the prosecution doesn't come up with enough evidence and proof, than john edwards will walk. and so far, they haven't done it yet. we're going to talk about rielle hunter in a moment. but john edwards seemed to be upbeat. he was overheard telling his daughter, quote, that the home team looked good right now. >> that's because bunny mellon's lawyer testified and gave the
7:16 am
exact answer that john edwards wanted. this is a personal contribution. and not a campaign contribution. those are the words he wants to hear. the problem, first of all, this lawyer was being lied to, by bunny mellon, about what the money was for. so, he might not have actually known. and number two, the question isn't what bunny mellon think the money was for. the question was, what did john edwards think it was for? >> and rielle hunter, the prosecution. what do you know about that? >> i don't know if the prosecution calls her. we heard her talk about the fact that john edwards was trying to cover this up from his wife. that's what he talked to rielle hunter about, elizabeth edwards. that's the defense here. the defense is that john ewadwas was trying to hide this from his wife and not trying to protect his combine. so, as a whole, rielle hunter
7:17 am
would be a slightly helpful witness for the defense. but she is one heck of a wild card. now, to an innovation that could change the way all of us commute. a car that doesn't need anyone behind the wheel to hit the road. david wright has the story. >> reporter: think of it as the ultimate cruise control. >> look, mom. no hands. no hands. >> reporter: a self-driving car, now moving one step closer to the fast lane. nevada is now the first state in the nation to allow these vehicles on to the road. florida may soon follow suit. the technology is not unlike what we already take for granted in huge, jumbo passenger jets. on the road, as in the sky, a human driver can take control by grabbing the wheel or stepping on to the brake. but otherwise, the car is on autopilot.
7:18 am
navigated by artificial intelligence. >> there's cameras inside. using traffic lights and other things. in order to use this thing at the top, which is a scanning laser. >> reporter: for now, state regulations require a human backup driver and passenger be present during test drives. in the limited test program approved in nevada, google is asking the government to exempt the divers. >> how much do we want to put in technology. you think of technology behind the wheel. we have so many distractions that are tech-based. and in this case, google is talking about technology inside the car to make them safer from distractions. >> reporter: clearly, these drivers will have more time on their hands. and yet, just imagine explaining that to the highway patrol. they'll probably want to give the driver a breathalyzer test. for abc news, david wright, los angeles.
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let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning. if it feels like it's been a pattern of gray skies in new england, it has. that runs up the coastline. the last six or seven days has been gray or rainy, no matter how we change out the weather pattern. heaviest rain will be upstate new york, into northern new england. but everybody will get showers by later on in the afternoon. and that rain goes all the way to the deep south, where this is the heaviest zone of rain in texas. we'll go into why that rain is important. but a large part of the country getting one to two inches of rain during the day today.
7:20 am
>> is 7:20 right now. considerable clouds overhead. but sunshine of ahead in the immediate metro area. also, a few showers northwest of washington. maryland and parts of virginia. especially around cumberland. moving off to the northeast. the rain will slide into metro area. >> a dry week on the west coast. and even some mountain snow west of denver. a lot of stuff to talk about in the next half hour. >> thanks, sam. coming up, frightening real-life drama for mila kunis.
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>> love and in hd. this is an abc7 update. >> and steve chenevy. metroaccess things appear to be moving in the right direction. -- their on-time
7:27 am
steady.nce has remained also say more escalators were available for writers and fewer customers and employees were injured. crime did increase, but police making more arrests. former republican candidate rick is endorsing mitt romney via e-mail. but santorum says he and rumney that obama must be defeated. this comes on primary day. we have a live report in a few at 7:30. check the roads. >> we're checking on traffic. traffic is moving in a normal around the beltway during interstate traffic looks ok. on i-95 northbound of woodbridge, normal. we will take you live to a couple cameras. to plan.ow how the 14th street bridge, we're open to the third street tunnel. we will go to maryland, 50
7:28 am
westbound. accident close to 202. there is that camera showing in gone.ash is caskey. >> the areas of light rain off to the west. that was early this morning. near frostburg. around was to virginia. e will get areas of afternoon and evening. nothing too heavy. but a few showers. 60 and martinsburg. 58 and hagerstown. you will need your umbrella tomorrow. clearing out for the end of the week. >> thank you for joining
7:29 am
7:30 am
that is mila kunis. she is getting swarmed by paparazzi. they're outside her suv. she hid inside that car, trying to get away from the man who wouldn't stop trying to meet her. he's in the hospital now. we'll have all the latest on this real-life drama coming up. this is without a trace. in a twist that's straight out of a hollywood thriller. now, his family is speaking out and what they're asking everybody right now. >> this is a strange one. we have our "gma" world record event right now this morning. look at this man trying to set a world record for skydiving in a wind tunnel. he's been up there about two hours. has an hour to go to break the record. will he do it live, right here on "gma"? we're going to show it all.
7:31 am
>> that looks fun. >> i was just thinking that. >> he makes it look fun because he's really good. that's hard. >> does he get style points? i like the back and all that. >> how do you know it's hard? >> i've actually tried it for the show. >> if you -- >> hang you from your feet in times square. >> this is the show everybody wants you to try, "dancing with the stars," sam. >> yeah. >> there was a perfect 30 last night. >> sam, sam, sam. >> you can take on william and cheryl. they had a perfect score. wowed the judges. ricki lake and tony dovolani are going to join us live, to weigh in. >> i think everyone wants you to dance, robin. >> george? >> never, ever, ever. get away from dancing, i'll be happy to do that. getting to the mila kunis
7:32 am
story right now. this man was arrested once for breaking into her home. and tracked her down again. a terrifying happening in los angeles, had her hiding in her suv. it's scary. >> it is so scary. it's something that you would see in a horror film. but for mila, all-too real. the stalker reportedly terrorizing the star for months. mila kunis, snapped after a run-in with her alleged stalker, is likely feeling more at ease this morning, after his arrest. >> it's a scary situation. >> reporter: police say, the 27-year-old homeless man, named stuart dunn, showed up at kunis' gym, for the third-consecutive day last friday, trying to meet the star face-to-face. kunis, who was reportedly freaked out, hid in her range rover until police came in and took dunn into custody. >> he was detained apparently
7:33 am
for stalking miss kunis. >> when you don't want anything more from me than sex. >> you swear you don't want anything from me. >> reporter: he has been terrorizing the beauty for months. even attempting to break into her hollywood home in january. >> he was caught, charged. and he pled no contest to entering the house. placed on probation. it did not stop. >> reporter: kunis, who has reportedly hired security since the attempted break-in, is no stranger to falling prey to fans who cross the line. last year, 35-year-old christopher chaney hacked into her e-mail account, stealing private information and photos. charges to which he pleaded guilty in march. >> celebrities are just like everyone else. when they're being stalked, they're very fearful. they're afraid for themselves. they're afraid for their families. they're afraid for the people around them. >> reporter: dunn is now hospitalized and undergoing a mental evaluation. and dunn could go to jail, if authorities determine he violated the judge's order to stay away from kunis.
7:34 am
george? >> thank you very much. now, to the hollywood movie executive who has vanished into thin air, it seems. police say they have no leads for 57-year-old gavin smith, last seen on 1st. >> his family says it's been one week since anyone has seen or heard from gavin smith. police are stumped. and that family is desperate for a clue. gavin smith is a 20th century fox movie executive who helped put some of hollywood's biggest blockbusters in theaters. from "titanic," to "avatar," to the latest "star wars" movies. he even appeared in front of the camera a few times. >> congrats. >> reporter: now, this 57-year-old father of three is at the center of a hollywood mystery. after he didn't pick up his youngest son from school on
7:35 am
wednesday and hasn't been heard from since. his family is beginning to fear the worst. any cause of concern that would lead you to suspect any foul play in any way? >> he didn't pick up his phone in the morning. that's a huge cause of concern. he didn't call his office. he didn't show up to work. he's never done any of those things in 21 years. >> reporter: smith had been on a business trip in las vegas the week before. he came home to los angeles friday. and was supposed to spend tuesday night at a family friend's home nearby. >> he was watching tv downstairs when our friend went to bed. he was going to be coming up to bed shortly. >> reporter: instead, his family says he left his friend's house around 10:00 p.m., taking only his wallet and driving off in his black mercedes. sheriff's investigators are baffled by the disappearance. >> we're asking for the public's assistance in locating mr. smith. >> reporter: smith's family has turned to social media and the
7:36 am
internet, to help find him. creating a facebook page and a website. >> we want him home safe and sound. and we're doing everything we possibly can. >> reporter: smith's oldest son, evan, is following in his father's footsteps, as a basketball star. gavin smith played for ucla's championship team. his son is a forward for usc. evan has turned to his twitter followers for help. tweeting, still looking for him. i'll never stop. >> we need as much help as we can to bring him home safely. >> and somehow, if he's seeing this, we want you to come home, baby. we love you. our world is not right without you. be safe. >> reporter: now, leads have been coming in to police. but so far, nothing credible. also, no hits on gavin smith's cell phone. no usage of his credit card. his family says he has no enemies. for now, robin, this case remains a real mystery.
7:37 am
>> thank you. we're going to bring in abc news consultant and former fbi special agent, brad garrett. good to have you here, brad. the police say they don't suspect foul play. how do they proceed? >> you have to break the case down. it's either going to be random, like a carjacking. it's going to be personal, where he has left on his own because of another relationship. gambling. anything personal in his life. and the third is that he was possibly targeted by somebody. but you know, the problem with all this, robin, is that if he left on his own, no credit card hits. his vehicle hasn't been spotted. it's very troubling. and i can understand why the police, and in particular, the family, are very concerned about his well-being. >> most missing persons cases involve a woman or a child. this, of course, a 57-year-old man. so, do authorities -- do they approach it differently because of that? >> no. what you have to do is break
7:38 am
down the person's life. in other words, take the categories i just proposed. and look inside each one of those. check his credit cards. check his travel. pull all of his cell phone records. pull his hard line records. local long distance calls. has he mentioned any concern about someone who was angry with him, maybe in las vegas recently. all those little, bitty clues, you have to follow each one that maybe will uncrack this. >> and his son, evan, sending out tweets. and they're doing everything they can to try to find him. that's got to help, too. >> absolutely. >> thank you, brad. always very helpful. it's 7:38. another check of the weather. >> good morning. we're going to start with the pictures out from the west of snow. but the western pattern has been dust storms to snowfall. and just a couple hundred miles apart. this is six to eight inches of snow in the western mountains of the denver area. that's a little late-season. but we need all of the moisture we can get out of that area.
7:39 am
most of the southwest is in severe to extreme drought. look at this zone in texas. the reason we point this out, is that's the zone that will get the heaviest rain today. coming in with two to three inches of rain in general. that's much-needed rain because they're so dry there. a quick look at the west. a nice, beautiful western >> all that weather was brought to you by progressive. robin? george? josh? don't you think it would be a lot of fun to hang with prince harry? >> yeah. >> well, mr. harry -- no. mr. wales goes to washington. i blew it. how he's trying to prove he's not the party prince anymore.
7:40 am
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america's capital rolled out the red carpet yesterday for great britain's fun-loving prince. honoring harry for his work with wounded veterans. and he did not disappoint. claire shipman is there, outside of the majestic british embassy this morning. washington can be a jaded place. but it seemed prince harry broke through that. >> reporter: oh, he did, indeed,
7:44 am
george. but this city couldn't help itself. it was awash in smiles and even schmooze. the dedicated, young prince, a balancing act. promoting a serious talk with serious charm. >> this isn't daunting at all. >> reporter: declaring himself humble, prince harry accepted the atlantic council's distinguished humanitarian award, for his and his brother's extensive work with veterans. >> for these selfless people, it is also the guns that fall in silence, the battle quieted, that the fight begins. a fight that may last the rest of their lives. >> reporter: earlier in the day, he got down and dirty. not on the dance floor. but planting trees at the british embassy, in honor of wounded veterans. and again, happy to ham it up for a few laughs. he dazzled the mix of veterans, diplomats and politicians, including an extremely smitten-looking jill biden.
7:45 am
for years, prince harry combined his official duties and his penchant for fun. but royal watchers say his reputation and his nickname is starting to wrangle. >> he's not just a playboy prince. he is a serviceman. he takes that role very seriously. >> reporter: last year, he was in the north pole, on a walk for the wounded. and spent months in the states for extensive helicopter training. he headed back to britain this year as an apache co-pilot. >> he wants to look his colleagues in the eye and say i've done my bit. >> reporter: even colin powell was amused at the charm offensive. he introduced the prince and said he noticed a large number of young, single women in the audience, george. >> obserabservant general. josh has "the play of the day." and a dazzling night on the red carpet. we'll show you who wore it best
7:46 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> oh. >> we should just get back. sam, you have a favorite song, don't you? >> i love the call me maybe. >> a lot of people do. it's been covered by everybody. and another group has covered this, not exactly expecting the harvard baseball team to turn to street credit quite like this. spring break trip. take a look at this. >> oh. ♪ >> my favorite part, the guy in the background was asleep the whole time. ♪ >> nice.
7:51 am
>> come on, sam. >> josh, is this some kind of sports signal, by the way? does this mean anything? or is this a dance move? >> hit and run. >> all right. >> sam, do that one more time. >> call me, maybe. >> really? that's all we get out of you? >> you can go online. ricki lake and tony dovolani. "dancing with the stars." go nowhere. a better home for spring. brought to you by stanley steamer. ouch. you spilled red wine on your carpet. so, what liquid should you use to dilute the spill area before blotting? go now to on yahoo! for the answer. [ female announcer ] can your body wash nourish this deeply?
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7:56 am
>> lives and in hd. is an abc 7 news update. >> it is 7:56 on may 8. i am steve chenevey. live proved that dc area worstnts have some of the commute in the country. nothing new. census statistics show that the worst of the worst, those who bristow, virginia. people in fort washington, clinton -- also some of the longest commute. police arrested and charged a with an connection
7:57 am
deadly hit and run last week. 32 year old gloria macmillan is down a 21 running woman after a fight sparked by road rage. channel 8 will have a report at the top of the hour. us find what is happening on roads. walter reed military center, you will find a new open.ce g to montgomery county center, theyement that entrance today. now, with a traffic pattern changed. as a result, we will take you to our camera. this looks good on the three rock fell park aside. but we take you to the beltway. delays from old georgetown road avenue.ecticut's rain off to the west. around hancock, maryland. to truly over frostburg.
7:58 am
we will see rain moving eastward the i-95 corridor. afternoon hours. on our way to the mid '70s. have an umbrella of ready. >> thank you. they are back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ sign out for the grandkids this morning. in times square, a very happy crowd. and how about last night on "dancing with the stars." robin, this one's for you. donald driver. >> yes. >> and that trio, just short of a perfect score. but look at him go. >> and look at them go. >> tony dovolani. >> and ricki lake. it's early. >> great to see you, ricki. >> oh, the sprinkler. the sprinkler. did you see tony? >> you're happy this morning, robin. but you think donald got robbed.
8:01 am
>> i always think he got robbed. he's underscored throughout the competition. he's great about it. >> don't sleep on packers' nation. you know why i'm really happy, too? eva longoria. >> gorgeous. >> listen to the music. after eight glorious seasons, it's coming to an end. say it ain't so. we'll talk to you about that coming up. >> looking forward to that. hi, eva. talking about beautiful women. gwyneth paltrow, heidi klum. who dazzled the most? all of the highlights from the hottest night in fashion here in new york city. we'll tell you about it. also, we need to check in. you know, we're -- >> the met institute gala. >> i didn't know. >> sam, it's the super bowl of fashion. >> we're soaring to new heights
8:02 am
for "gma's" world record party. checking in the with this guy right here. >> he's so close now. >> 2:30 and counting. >> look at that smile. >> does the wind make him look like he's smiling? >> amazing work. >> you can appreciate it. it's like being inside -- sky surfing for three hours. >> there's so much we need to go over. it's an ef-5 tornado. >> we'll go over that. we have news to get to. we're going to begin with new details about the foiled al qaeda plot to blow up a plane headed to the u.s. with a new kind of bomb. the insider that helped to foil the plot is safely out of yemen and brought the bomb with him through saudi arabia. the device that contains no metal parts is being examined at fbi labs right now. measures are in place, including large marshal presences on every
8:03 am
u.s.-bound plane from certain airports. and a manhunt is under way for a man who abducted a tennessee mother and her three daughters. jo ann bain and her daughter has been identified. but bain's two younger daughters are still missing. believed to be with mayes, a former brother-in-law to the family. and a mom is being criticized after this. you see a man threaten her with a knife. watch as she runs away, seeming to leave her daughter behind. the man then tries to grab the young girl, who somehow escaped. police are still searching for the attacker. meanwhile, very important headline for parents of teen drivers. who is in the car with your child matters a great deal. a new study finds that teen drivers' risk of death increases 44% when there's a teen
8:04 am
passenger in the car with them. but the risk drops if there's an adult in the car instead. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. a great tuesday morning to you. tonight, we're going to tell you about an explosion and the number of people who decided they would only build houses with everything made in america to create american jobs. what affect does that have? how many jobs do they create? it's "made in america" on "world news tonight." >> we'll be watching, diane. finally, the girl scouts are proving their business accumen. if you can't get enough of the cookies, get ready for girl scout candy bars. the candy bars are based on the thin mints and the caramel and coconuts. and soon, we'll have boxes of candy bars. >> it filters down to first grade. harper came home and said, we're
8:05 am
starting a girl scout troop. she wanted to sell the candy bars. >> sign me up. >> all right. >> we're all going to put on six pounds every week. good morning, everybody. how about some "pop news"? >> you got it. >> if you thought the presidential race could get ugly, we want you to check out these promotional videos for the campaign. starring fellow congressional candidates, zach galifianakis and will ferrell. >> do i sometimes fantasize about undergarments? sure. do i go -- when i see them? no. >> does he look like anybody? he is moving away from the george w. bush. moving into a different arena. you can vote for zach's character on their facebook pages. marty's in the lead. and in the new issue of
8:06 am
"harper's bazaar australia," we get a glimpse of nicole kidman and her daughter, margaret. the shots are still under lock and key. >> that's a great photo. >> beautiful family. and nicole said, go ahead, you can use them because their faces weren't shown. she felt comfortable with that. >> good. and school is out for justin bieber. the music superstar revealing that getting his diploma is his latest achievement. not sure if justin had a graduation party. and if he did, we're sure it's not like any other graduation party going on around the country right now. he said he got his diploma, quote, for his mom. and we said, justin, you did it for you, too. and finally, it's golden retriever versus fawn. dickens, the golden retriever, is more of a retreater, when he stumbles upon a baby deer in his
8:07 am
backyard in ohio. >> runaway. >> and even with wobbly legs, the fawn, not backing down against the ferocious golden retriever. >> look at his tail wag. >> i believe america's eyes just got -- >> yes. and that is "pop news." >> cool. sam, what have you got today? >> good morning, gang. we're outside in times square, trying to get a little bit of sunshine. just trying. let's look at the boards. we'll show you exactly what's going on this morning. there is some drier air. but it comes at a price, for chicago, detroit, indianapolis, louisville. it's a little cooler. today, you're 71 in chicago. you drop down to 57 by the time you get into the day tomorrow. let's go. i guess, rangers. here, we've got the west coast going on, with a pleasant day. and it's a better week than it was last week, all the way from the sea-tac area. san antonio, 83 degrees. you're on the edge of what could
8:08 am
be strong to severe storms during the day today. that's where the did i just hear him say, go rangers? not ok. doppler 7.ok at rain in the highlands. parts of west virginia. moving off to the northeast. temperature wise, we're hovering around 60 degrees everywhere. 63 in the district. martinsburg at 61. some scattered afternoon >> a lively day in times square. this is jen from toledo. now, it's back to -- >> lara. >> thank you, jen from toledo. here's what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." red carpet. big stars. wow. inside the glitz and the glamour in one of the hottest nights in fashion.
8:09 am
plus, "dancing with the stars," ricki lake and tony dovolani, with their take on last night's exciting ballroom battle. it's getting tough. and our friend, eva longoria is here, live. dishing ones be desperate. i do not think so. but how does she really feel about leaving wisteria lane? she'll tell us coming up, on "good morning america." no... ♪
8:10 am
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♪ born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce. to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born to be cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one. now, to one of the most glittering nights of the year. the met costume institute gala, here in new york. where hollywood's biggest stars join forces with the hottest name in fashion, for one
8:14 am
dazzling night of dresses, jewels and jaw-dropping looks. it is one of fashion's most glamorous nights of the year. the costume institute gala at new york's metropolitan museum of art. >> everyone converging in one place. you have designers. you have sports figures. musicians. actors. it's kind of everyone all in one place. >> this is incredible. celebrating glamour and fashion. and all that goes into it. >> reporter: fashion's biggest stars and hollywood's, as well, walked the red carpet. a fashion so full of glitz and glamour, it's been called the east coast oscars. anna wintour brings together a collection of stars, models, designers, all to bring money for the competition exhibition. >> it's about celebrating discipline and skill.
8:15 am
and celebrating the museum. >> reporter: the trend last night? it was a parade of shiny metallic dresses, worn by cameron diaz and carey mulligan. the prada, led by gwyneth paltrow. beyonce brought a touch of wow to the party. her floor-length givenchy, showing off her post-baby body. she told "entertainment tonight," she hopes blue ivy is the first of many kids to come. >> i don't know how many. but i want to have more, yeah. >> soon? >> i don't know about soon. >> reporter: always a really fun night. everybody's favorites? i'm going with emma stone. >> beyonce. >> beyonce. >> scarlett johansson. >> tim tebow. >> elegant. >> and? >> i got to go with j.p.
8:16 am
she does everything right. >> call me. it is "dancing with the stars" time. let's turn to the excitement last night. and double-eliminations will make for heartbreak tonight. ricki lake, the author of "never say never," and dancing pro, tony dovolani, here to weigh in with their expert analysis. first, last night's highlights. ♪ for the first time ever, the stars and their partners not only danced together, they joined forces with another pro, creating a latin trio. and with each star doing two dances, the stakes were even higher. but william levy did not disappoint, with a parisian fox trot that killed.
8:17 am
as did this paso, to the top of the leaderboard. roshon fegan came back with this fox trot. fegan's trio wowed with his paso. >> you were like two skinny fries playing catchup. >> reporter: and donald driver brought the drama with a tantalizing tango. but not shortchanged by the judges, after a crowd-pleasing, high-octane jive. >> nine. >> reporter: meantime, katherine jenkins tied for third, with her elegant viennese waltz. >> your technique is superb. >> reporter: and even though a wardrobe malfunction threatened her cha-cha, she did not miss a beat. >> let's burn this thing.
8:18 am
>> reporter: and a viennese waltz from maria menounos was a breath of fresh air. but len didn't like her bollywood inspired samba. >> there was no connection for me. >> reporter: and at the bottom of the leaderboard, melissa gilbert. despite delivering a citizening samba, with the brothers chmerkovskiy. >> i'm the luckiest woman in the world. >> reporter: tonight, we learn which four couples will dance on to next week's semifinals. ricki lake, tony dovolani here. now, you guys are wide awake. have to say, that was some dance last night with william. boy. >> it was great. >> i had a blast. those guys are so much fun. we laughed the entire week. i thought william did such an incredible job. he's a great student. but what's really amazing to me, as good as he look, he actually has a bigger heart. that was awesome. >> he was hot. tony was hot last night.
8:19 am
>> he's up at the top now. >> i just pretended all of the screams were for me. >> that's a good way to get through the day, tony. i'm sure a lot of them were. so, i've got to say, a little editorial opinion right here. it seemed to me, ricki, maria got robbed. i thought the bollywood -- >> i actually did, too. i thought it was so inventive. that's what derek does best. he's such a visionary. and it was so clever. it was something that had never been done before. i do, too. i think she was shortchanged. >> i thought she was shortchanged on the viennese waltz. she had two 8s. the bollywood idea was a great idea. it was well-executed. but i don't think the judges are ready for things like that. >> i guess not. but all of you have been there. katherine jenkins last night, she had that wardrobe malfunction. she couldn't get it to
8:20 am
breakaway. you think, does she stop? does she find a way to take it off? and she found an elegant way to get out of it. >> she's such a pro. i'm not a pro. but that was incredible that she kept going and did not lose her cool. >> what was amazing to me, it goes to show you what a performer she is. she knew that the show must go on. she continued. she was slipping all over the place. never gave up. >> there it is. >> and gung-ho about it. >> that's the right thing to do, right? there's no way to stop at that point. >> there's no stopping. she's a trained performer. she has to complete the routine. the fact that the judges rewarded her for it, i'm so pleased. i believe she should be in the finals. >> the judges did not reward donald driver last night. >> i know. >> i -- i love him. i'm partial t to that guy. i think he is so lovable. he's in it for just the right reasons. his a family guy.
8:21 am
it's so fun to watch him. he looks like he's enjoying every second up there. and i love that routine with karina. it was absolutely amazing. >> i thought that was the most successful trio of the entire night. i thought he did such an incredible job. energetic. the crowd was on their feet instantly. and the fact he didn't get a perfect 30 was very surprising to all of us. and i hope he gets the encore tonight. >> i was -- he was amazing. >> he was. tonight's going to be a tough one. two couples have to go home tonight. i guess this is it for melissa? >> it's only right. when you think about it, the highest of highs when it comes to "dancing with the stars." this was probably, by far, the most entertaining night we ever had. followed up with two incredible dances that are going to be voted off. >> melissa, i think did her best dances last night. i think she peaked last night. it will be hard to imagine her going home. i think she was at the top of
8:22 am
her game. >> honestly, if you take any of these contestants, and put them in any season, they would be a win. >> everybody's been saying that. >> it's hard to pick who is going home. >> it sure is. find out who goes home at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. robin? now, a special treat. after 8 years, about 200 episodes, "desperate housewives" will air its series finale this coming sunday. and eva longoria has played gabby for the entire run. and you're going to join us with the behind the scenes. >> i'm not telling you anything. >> i know you're not. you never do. we've enjoyed you being with us talking about the show. you're going to still be with us, doing all sorts of things. saw the cast on the cover of "tv guide." and all of the great pictures of you on twitter. >> the last day. my empty trailer.
8:23 am
yeah. i lost it when they said, that's a wrap. and that was the moment right there, where i said, that's a wrap. and we just fell apart. it was -- we stayed at that table. that's where our final scene was, for two hours after we wrapped. and it was surreal. eight years of like, family and the crew. and seeing each other every day. and the routine. and people bringing you coffee in the morning and do your hair for eight years. >> it's family. you don't throw that word around lightly. >> no. >> we had the most amazing crew that was really with us on this ride. this phenomenon, when it exploded. it exploded for everybody. everybody's, the camera guy and the boom guy. >> and i think about all the cast members and how many came back for the series finale. and there's a lot of pressure when ending a series. people want closure. >> yeah. >> i know you can't give anything away. >> i want to say, when we did the last table read, it was so
8:24 am
satisfying. like, there was nothing unturned. nothing not tied up. it will be fascinating. i invest in series. i'll watch a series on dvd on vacation, seasons one through five. and i'm like, that was the end? i get mad when it's not satisfying. and this was really satisfying. we had a year to build up to the end. we announced the end at the beginning of the season. and marc always wanted to write backwards, which he did a great job. >> and it gave us time. >> i didn't process it until the last episode. how do you feel? i don't know. when you're in it, day-to-day, and you're working, you don't get to absorb the finality of it. >> let's play a flip. this is carlos. your husband. gabby and carlos. >> listen to me. i'm a victim of abuse. the jury's going to side with me. who they're not going to side with, is you, a two-time felon.
8:25 am
>> gabby, you're crazy. >> no. i'm not. since the first moment we met, you protected me. and i've been happy to let you do it because i've been this selfish, spoiled brat. i don't want to be that person anymore. i'm tired of taking from you. please, this time, just let me protect you. >> there were so many different emotions that you took us on. it was like a real rollercoaster. >> that was the great thing about the show is it was a dramedy. we got to do serious stuff and campy stuff. that was a big blessing of the show. >> what's next? what do you want to do? you're working on things still. >> yeah. i'm producing a lot, behind the camera. a movie coming out june 1st. "from greater glory" here june 1st in the states. it premiered in mexico this last week, with andy garcia and peter o'toole. in the 1920s, there was a war in
8:26 am
mexico that when the government l outlawed religion. a dark time in mexico's history. nobody really knew about it. an interesting script. it was fun to play in a period piece. i always wanted to be andy garcia's wife in my own period piece. it was fun. we shot that in mexico. that's coming out june 1st. >> we're very excited. we're partnering abc news with univision. we're going to be bringing these stories. you've been a tireless advocate with the latino community. >> i think it's great that abc is paying attention to the largest emerging market. >> got it going on. don't be a stranger. >> i'm not. i won't. i'll be back. >> you have to take a picture with my sister, dorothy. >> hi, dorothy. >> for now, "desperate housewives," airs sunday, at 9:00, 8:00 central. we have this guy going for a world record. stick around.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd. this is an abc7 news update. morning. it is 8:27. five men will be sentenced in being foundter guilty in the capitol street shootings. these five mend appeared all first degree murder. convicted of second- degree murder. santorum is endorsing mitt via e-mail. joinged his supporters to him and supporting rumney. presidential primaries are in indiana, north carolina and west region and. newschannel 8 will have an in- up in a few coming
8:28 am
minutes. l be at 8:30 a.m.. lisa baden? >> at walter reed medical center, a new entrance opened today. is between connecticut avenue and rockville pike on s bridge road. your id ready. you the impact. we will go live to our camera. now, and virginia, we have the flow on 395.d in springfield to get to the beyond to the 14th street bridge. >> we of sunshine peeking clouds in arlington. of sun and clouds to start today. will be increasing into the afternoon with showers and thunderstorms later today. here is a look at allied doppler. rain in western maryland. more will move toward the metro
8:29 am
today. rain to mar. you so much. thank you for being with us. you so much. thank[ male announcer ]h us. this was how my day began. littltle bird tolme about a band... ♪ an old man shared sosome fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] all right. >> it's gray and all that. but it's nice out here, for a change. >> change, sam. >> i want to see some world records go down. >> that's going to happen right now. >> we're we go. "gma's" world record party, all week long. we've been breaking records. yesterday, right here, literally, igor, cirque du soleil, the largest duration by his team. today, the record is about to be broken for the longest indoor freefall. indoor freefall, you ask, seems
8:31 am
o oxymor oxymoronic. cameron mathison is here. >> reporter: it's a sport they call indoor skydiving. matt freeze from ifly hollywood, has never been skydiving from a plane. but with two years' experience in the tunnel, he's setting a sky-high goal. the guinness world record for the longest time flying in the tunnel. here's how it works, on the top of the tunnel, there's 2 450-horsepower fans, that circulate the wind down, that comes back up through the vents on the floor. more than 170 miles per hour, as strong as category 5 hurricanes. i was ready. when i stepped into the tunnel, i was immediately struck by the sheer force of the wind. i was getting comfortable with the movements. and before long, matt had me flying up and down, like a
8:32 am
seasoned pro. an incredible sensation. love that. i was in there for like three minutes. i got tired. you're going to be in for two hours-plus. >> yep. >> it does look like fun. i do believe we have a new world record holder in our midst. let's get to los angeles and cam. >> josh, you are absolutely correct. matt freeze has shattered the previous record at 2:06. let's get matt of there over to us to celebrate. before he does, we have kimberly partridge from guinness world records. as matt's feet touch the ground, we'll stop the clock. matt, you did it, man. come on out. let's shut it down. here he comes. i have to tell you. whoa. matt, easy, man. there it is. there it is. a new world record. we have the time. we're not going to reveal exactly what it is until matt gets out.
8:33 am
we want him to be the first to hear it. i'm personally, a little concerned about him physically. i did this for less than ten minutes and i was very sore the next day. he was in there for over three hours. we won't give it away. matt? congratulations, man. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you did it. how do you feel? >> i'm winded. >> i'll bet you are. take a sec. do you need medical attention? are you okay? >> i'm a little light-headed. >> want to hear what your official world record is? >> yes. >> it gives me great pleasure to award you a new guinness world record, for the time of 3:01:46. >> what was the hardest part in there? >> the hardest part is just keeping my concentration. you know, it's easy because your body starts to go numb. it's easy to lose track of where you are in the tunnel. tried to focus the whole time. >> is your body partially numb? >> yeah. i'm a little numb on my face.
8:34 am
body a little. >> i saw you feeling your face. all the vibrations. >> yeah. >> the fact i've got my arm around you is probably a good idea. >> yeah. >> what was some of the parameters. what were some of the parameters that matt had to stay within in order to set this record to make it official. >> this record is a real physical endurance challenge. he had to be no cork from above or below, and no extended wall touches during the entire flight. >> the new world record holder, indoor freefall. i'm going to suit up and go for four hours here. i think. back to you guys in new york. >> best of luck there, cam. you've done that. is it as fun as it looks? >> i was in there for two seconds and kissed the glass. >> the world record party is just beginning. let's get upstairs to lara. makeover marathon salon. what is it? we're trying to set a guinness
8:35 am
world record upstairs with the most makeovers in a 24-hour period. this has never been done. so, giddiness has set it at 320 makeovers in a 24-hour period. but josh asked a good question. what constitutes a makeover? nine steps that these makeup artists from ulta beauty will be doing. "lucky" magazine, ulta, are you ready? the guinness world record guy is here with a stopwatch. we're going for 24 hours. we're transforming women. go. makeover, ladies. sam, give us the support cast. >> live in times square, the world record makeover group is going on. >> nine steps. >> i know moisturizing is one of them. i can't remember the rest. let's get to the boards.
8:36 am
one or two things going on we want to tell you. lots of pictures of the rain going on around the country. the gray skies of spring. more than that in sweetwater, texas. from the bright, red dot going on in texas. you need the rain. you're going to get a got dose of it today. as we stand right here, there's going to be scattered shower >> the class will be moving back into side. some areas of rain a >> all of that weather brought to you by purina. george? >> thank you, sam. it's time for the world premiere of ben afflecks new thriller. he is the star and director of "argo," which zeros in to free american hostages from iran.
8:37 am
it hits the air in october. but here it is right now. >> actions of iran have shocked the civilized world. >> go, go, go. >> everything has been seized. and more than 60 american citizens, continue to be held as hostages. >> if we're going to go, we need to go now. >> what happened? >> six of the hostages went out a back exit. >> where are they? >> the canadian ambassador has him. >> we have the revolutionary guard going door-to-door. these people die. they die badly. >> what else? >> they want the six of them out. >> what else? >> bicycle. >> you can send them training wheels and meet them at the border with gatorade. >> it will take a miracle to get them out. >> what are we watching? >> i got an idea. >> they're a canadian film crew
8:38 am
or a sign fiction movie. >> we all fly out together to tehran as a film crew. >> i want you to help me make a fake movie. >> you want to come to hollywood without doing anything? >> yeah. >> you'll fit right in. >> the script? >> argo. we need an exotic location shoot. >> you'll need a producer. >> if i'm doing a fake movie, it's going to be a fake hit. >> this is the best bad idea we have, sir. by far. ♪ >> you have 72 hours to get them out. >> you haven't stayed before? >> no. >> we're asking you to trust us with our lives. >> this is what i do. and i've never left anyone behind. >> they know who they are. they know they're hiding out. >> it's over, tony. >> if they stay here, they will be taken. probably not alive.
8:39 am
>> we're responsible for these people. >> i'm responsible. ♪ >> you really believe your little story's going to make a difference when there's a gun to your head? >> i think my little story is the only thing between you and a gun to your head? >> it got me. >> thought i was in the theater for a minute. >> that looks like a good
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
the megabest-seller that became the movie "eat, pray, love." now, a bit of a departure for elizabeth gilbert. she's remade her mother margaret yardley patter's cookbook. it's called "home on the range." it's out today. and it would make an ideal mother's day gift. how is everything going? >> good. i married a brazilian, from "eat, pray, love." make everyone happy. i'm living in new jersey, which is where you would live if you could live anywhere in the world. and life is great. >> we're happy you're happy. >> very happy.
8:43 am
>> glad everything worked out. and then, you find your grandmother's -- >> great-grandmother. >> how did that happen? >> my great-grandmother was a before her time foodie. and she published this cookbook in 1947. and it was 20 years before julia child, she was advocating for a new kind of food. >> she's quite a character. she has recipes like, put the bread in the oven, go have a cigarette. you don't see that in cookbooks anymore. she used to have parties where she invited people to come to breakfast in their pajamas. she's kind of a wild, free spirit. >> she had the ultimate emergency food refrigerator list. >> we can hear the buzzing. sam and josh are passing out the goodies.
8:44 am
>> oh, good. the proceeds of this cookbook go to an amazing organization, called seller match, which helps kids pay for college education. to me, she's helping get kids through college. >> so, what have we got? tell us what we've got here. >> this is one of the oldest recipes in the book. she was a food historian. this was a prerevolutionary war recipe. and it's for quick tea cookies. a lovely, simple, old-fashioned recipe. >> this is such -- >> this is a trifle. she was a philadelphia hostess. and back in the time, there was not a philadelphia hostess who would not know how to make this. >> really? >> sponge cake. and beautiful cream. >> i'm trying to be a good hostess. >> she wouldn't like it if you didn't feed anybody. >> this one i'm taking. >> this is her sticky rolls. almost like a sticky roll cake. i grew up eating this, not
8:45 am
knowing it was my great-grandmother's recipe. we have this every morning. >> this is a real one. can i pick it up? >> there's no way to do it other than to tear at it. there you go. >> it's nice and sticky. >> i'll do it with you. >> do it. >> yeah. >> watch it. i know, right? this is christmas morning for me. >> this is delicious. >> this is the taste to which i open presents. this is an apple pie. a wonderful, old-fashioned recipe. my grandmother used to make it with me. we used to have this in my family all the time when i was a kid. >> i love it a la mode. >> this is my sister's favorite. >> i turn around and everybody's -- >> oh. give me one second. >> you know, some people say
8:46 am
it's eat, eat, eat. >> so happy everything's going well for you. this is delicious, delicious. you have so much in your family to be proud of. >> thank you so much. happy mother's day. [ cheers and applause ] >> you can get the recipes on yahoo! coming up, karmin performing live. we're going to eat. ♪ i want to do it
8:47 am
8:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] wow. welcome back, everybody. so, the duo karmin has had a terrific year. they're massively popular youtube channel, approaching now, 250 million views. and their debut record, "hello" is out today. karmin is amy heidemann and nick noonan. and they join us now.
8:49 am
are they not the cutest engaged couple ever. congratulations. i know you from your youtube covers of popular artists. everyone from katy perry to nicki minaj. and listen to you rap, that makes your sound so unique. how did you know you could do this? >> coming from a small town in the midwest, i used to rap in the shower for fun because it sounded good. i never thought the rest of the world would appreciate it. >> now, you have original music. and the sound is quite different. very quickly, describe your new sound. >> absolutely. do you want to take this one? >> sure. already, we have a good relationship. there's a lot of big hip-hop drums. it's hip-hop, pop inspired music. and a little bit of rapping. >> let's get to the music and the dancing. by the way, we play it all the time on deejay friday. "hello" is in stores today. now, with their chart-topping
8:50 am
hit, here's karmin, performing "brokenhearted." ♪ come on ♪ oh, yeah, yeah come on, yeah ♪ ♪ this is more than a typical kinda thing ♪ ♪ felt the jones in my bones where you were touching me ♪ ♪ oh, oh ♪ didn't want to take it slow in a daze ♪ ♪ going crazed i can barely think ♪ ♪ you're replaying in my brain find it hard to sleep ♪ ♪ oh, oh waiting for my phone to blow ♪ ♪ uh, oh yup ♪ ♪ now, i'm here in a sticky situation ♪ ♪ got a little trouble yup, and now i'm pacing ♪ ♪ five minutes, ten minutes now, it's been an hour ♪ ♪ don't wanna think too hard
8:51 am
but i'm sour ♪ ♪ oh, oh i can't seem to let you go ♪ ♪ see, i've been waiting all day ♪ ♪ for you to call me, baby so, let's get up ♪ ♪ let's get on it don't you leave me ♪ ♪ brokenhearted tonight come on, that's right ♪ ♪ honest, baby, i'll do anything you want to ♪ ♪ so, can we finish what we started ♪ ♪ don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight ♪ ♪ come on, that's right cheerio ♪ ♪ what's the time such a crime ♪ ♪ not a single word sipping on that patron ♪ ♪ just to calm my nerves oh, oh ♪ ♪ poppin' bottles by the phone oh, yeah ♪ ♪ back me up pat me down ♪ ♪ turn me inside out that's enough ♪ ♪ call me up
8:52 am
baby, i'm in doubt ♪ ♪ oh, oh and i don't even ♪ ♪ think you know no, no, no ♪ ♪ see, i've been waiting all day ♪ ♪ for you to call me, baby so, let's get up ♪ ♪ let's get on it don't you leave me ♪ ♪ brokenhearted tonight come on, that's right ♪ ♪ honest, baby, i'll do anything you want to ♪ ♪ so, can we finish what we started ♪ ♪ don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight ♪ ♪ come on, that's right cheerio ♪ ♪ anything you wanna do i'll be on it, too ♪ ♪ everything you say it's like a go with a view ♪ ♪ business on the front party in the back ♪ ♪ maybe i was wrong was the out really whack ♪ ♪ this kinda thing doesn't happen usually ♪ ♪ i'm on the opposite side of it, truthfully ♪
8:53 am
♪ i know you want it so, come and get it ♪ ♪ see, i've been waiting all day ♪ ♪ for you to call me, baby so, let's get up ♪ ♪ let's get on it don't you leave me ♪ ♪ brokenhearted tonight come on, that's right ♪ ♪ honest, baby, i'll do anything you want to ♪ ♪ so, can we finish what we started ♪ ♪ don't you leave me brokenhearted tonight ♪ ♪ come on, that's right cheerio ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
they are known as karmin. hot. thank you. enjoyed it. appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> you've got it. >> amazing. >> have a great day, everybody. >> hi, mom. lives and in hd, this is an abc7 news update. >> it is 8:56.
8:57 am
services held today for the pastor that was fatally shot an episcopal church last week. will be held at 3:00 e cathedral of the incarnation in baltimore. it was a homeless man who -- shot at them after he from theturned away food bank. gin and you want to stack up on supplies for the hurricane get a tax break. the sales tax holiday starts on may 25. it will be one week. tax breaks on batteries and bottled water. let us get a look at today's commute. >> hour commute is winding down. no accidents to report on the beltway. improving. we will show you a live picture of the beltway traffic. heading over towards the mormon temple. kind of standard.
8:58 am
and next, we will go inside the beltway. northbound 395. now, rain coming later on? like it.ks we have some areas of sunshine area. the metro all to the west, areas of light rain. steady, light rain. over near romney, cumberland. this is a very slow. eastward. into the evening, and expecting around here. in the 60s now. seventies tomorrow. rain to mar. >> is 858. will be back here at noon. meantime, keep it right here. "live with
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