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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for watching, everybody. have a great wednesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a long night for some southwest airline passengers. two planes inspected following bomb threats. it is one stick, may 9. >> i am cynne simpson. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment of first adam caskey. >> let's take a look at super doppler 7. you will see the areas of rain in maryland over baltimore as well. for the most part, we're talking southeast prince george's county.
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overnight, we picked up about 1/4 of an inch. mostly cloudy today. i will not be surprised if we see some sun but mostly cloudy with more showers and a few thunderstorms. i temperatures in the 70's. near 70 tomorrow tomorrow, right now the weekend is looking agreeable. highs in the upper 70's. how is the traffic? >> very agreeable in that the rain scared away a lot of construction projects. traffic is moving nicely around the region. beltway travel. i have a couple pictures for you. here is 95, a good on 66. the dulles toll road even 270 moving nicely through germantown into gaithersburg and eventually
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down into the beltway to the american legion bridge. newschopper7 in a little while but now steven cynne simpson with news. >> we get started with a scare for airline passengers in california and arizona. authorities say planes have been cleared following bomb threats. >> southwest airlines stopped last night in orange county, california. it was scheduled to go to phoenix. another flight had are derived from orange county. it was taken for inspection. all passengers and luggage were screened. the incidents remain under investigation. this is as airports are on heightened alert after the cia foiled a plot. quite the bombing was supposed to mark the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden and now we're hearing from john mccain who is criticizing how president obama has discussed his death. jay korff has this interview.
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>> senator and prisoner of war john mccain criticized president obama lack of leadership tuesday night, specifically how he has talked about the killing of osama bin laden. >> heroes do not brag. it is continuous bragging about taking out bin lande. -- laden. >> tuesday night, we've learned that the cia was able to in for debt -- into its rate outside in yemen and get someone on the inside. >> it is quite an accomplishment to pass herself off as an al qaeda terrace to the terrorists when you are working for a u.s. intelligence agency. >> we have learned that the spy secured a bomb and slipped it out of yemen through saudi arabia last week. it is now being studied by the fbi. >> having the bomb in its
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original state, before it goes off, experts are able to figure out how the bomb works, how it might be detected. that is easier when the bomb is still intact. >> president obama touted his accomplishments on the war on terror during a campaign event over the weekend and no higher. >> osama bin laden is no longer a threat to this country. >> his opponent in the last election said that the will -- world continues to cry out for american leadership. >> heroes don't brag. >> john mccain also criticized obama for its handling of the bloodshed in syria. >> abc 7 news attempted to contact the administration but no one has returned or e-mail. >> montgomery county police may
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have a new clue in the search for a man passing himself off as one of them. >> a woman says she was driving to a church last week when a man in a black car honked his horn and got her to pull over. he stole her purse and herself on. police fear he may try it again. >> he did not hurt me but maybe the next person will be different. >> police say there have been several impersonator cases in recent years. >> a battle is brewing in the d.c. police department overplayed. -- over pay. the union says rank-and-file officers have had no raises for five years. so far that she has not
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commented. >> tonight is a must-win for the washington capitals. the team will host game 6 against the new york rangers. >> some are hopeful they will not disappoint. >> every time they have needed to balance back, they have done so. i think they have it in them. if they need to do it to games in a row. >> they lead 3-2 after the caps let the game get away from them. they were within 6 seconds but the rangers scored to send it into overtime. tonight it starts at 7:30. >> united airlines is letting pinballs on board. >> the justice department may be going after wells fargo. let's say good morning to linda bell. >> good morning. begin with wells fargo. prosecutors may seek penalties. it got a file alerting bank it
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believes it can bring it up on claims after investigating whether or not it violated anti- discrimination laws when financing homeowners. wells fargo is in negotiations to resolve a probe last year into whether or not it directed blacks to stop problems. it is also facing a review of whether it neglected minority neighborhoods. spokesperson declined to comment on the filing. united airlines is going to the dogs. the carrier has a hub at dulles. it is changing its pet restriction policy. now more breeds aren't allowed on board including pit bulls. flat screen tvs may not be coming down in price anytime soon. more on that and why disney is a hot stock to watch. live at bloomberg i am linda
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bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> 64 degrees outside. >> a lot more still to come on "good morning washington." the number of delegates and mitt romney needs to clinch the nomination. >> a series of solar flares could be headed toward earth. how could -- it could affect your gadgets.
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>> sunspots' could unleash solar flares quarters today. nasa has been tracking the solar storm, that creates the flares. it is not expected to cause damage but could have an impact on your electronic gadgets. just a heads up. >> time for a checkup traffic and weather. adam? >> i have a headache. it must be the solar flare. some might sprinkles, st. mary's, charles county. it is also went to the northern neck of virginia. not a whole lot of their right now but more on the way later
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this afternoon. especially after 2:00 p.m., i think. a warm start to the day. 64 in manassas and 65 in martinsburg. here's the forecast. we will rise by another 10 degrees. more widespread showers and thunderstorms after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon and evening. tonight we clear back out. temperatures will drop into the 50's. tomorrow, 70 with a lot of sunshine. how was the -- i will have the seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> now we are going to the solar stop and the solar flares. we cannot cut a break. what about the highway? a little bit of what haven. everybody is behaving. -- -- little bit of wet pavement.
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everybody is behaving. 50 out of annapolis. interstate 97, a minor collision. back to the news desk. >> the d.c. taxicab commission is holding a hearing on whether to reinstate a cap companies right to operate. the commission shut down the anacostia tampa association in january for violations including fleeing inspectors and operating with expired licenses. the hearing takes place at 10:00 this morning on 14th street nw. 64 degrees outside. >> voters in north carolina have spoken on the issue of gay marriage. what they decided on a constitutional amendment. >> how congress is using a
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>> checking our top stories authorities say airplanes having cleared following bomb threats. it was about to take off from john wayne airport in california and another threat was made against the southwest airlines plane which had just landed in phoenix. montgomery county police are releasing the sketch of a police impersonator. a man in a black car got a woman to pull over last week. the man and stole her purse as well as her cellphone.
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the washington capitals have to win tonight. this is in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. they almost one on monday but the rangers were able to send the match into overtime where they were able to beat the caps. >> it is the 30th state to adopt a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. it passed with 61% of the vote. it also avoids other types from domestic unions. opponents warn that could disrupt protection orders. turning to the 2012 campaign, mitt romney is one step closer to clinching the presidential nomination after winning primaries and west for jr. north carolina, and indiana. this came after he was endorsed by rick santorum. he needs just over 200 delegates to win the nomination. >> a documentary on bullying
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will be shown to mom -- members of congress today. the director and producer will be there to discuss the issue. when out of every four children have been physically bully. percentages grow each year. a news conference will be held today discussed marilyn's special assessment. mike miller and michael bush will be at the event. the special session will begin on monday. lawmakers will try to change the budget with half a billion dollars in cuts. >> residents of quantico may be required to show a special id card to pass through the base. a hearing on the proposal is set for tonight at 6:00. that town of quantico was the only municipality surrounded by military base. 64 degrees. >> coming out, the results of last nights double elimination
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on dancing with the stars. which start got the boot on their birthday. >> another check on traffic and weather.
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>> time for a check on traffic and weather. >> adam? >> we keep chiseling away at our
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drought. since midnight, we have had about a third of an inch of rain in the district. temperatures right now are on the mild side, the mid 60's. it is nice to see these help the rainfall totals. we are going to add to that later on as well. probably doubling those in several locations. the heavier showers will be on 95 later on today. all pushing off to the northeast. 66 down in leonard time. 75 later on. mostly cloudy conditions. widespread. clearing tonight. temperatures down to near 70. cooler and less humid.
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bright sunshine and gusty winds. looking agreeable for the upcoming weekend as well. >> agreeable around the beltway. looks good into baltimore. nothing complicated right now. good in the district. metro rail is anticipating -- let's go to our camera. no. down at the pentagon moving nicely. >> tonight president obama and the first lady will host a conference in the eastern of the white house is part of the performance in the white house series. they will honor songwriters will be awarded the gershwin prize for popular song. the program will feature performances by sheryl crow, and lyle lovett, and -- >> melissa gilbert, chances are
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she will not forget his birthday because she got kicked off the show. >> then again, she got to put her birthday on the show. it was part of the double elimination, roshon fegan also got the boot. reaction from both stars. >> disney's roshon fegan left in sixth place. viewer votes were not enough to save them. >> i am happy to be alive. that is what it is. every moment of my life has been amazing. i'm going to cherish everything that happens and miss it. >> the double elimination continued minutes later with one more couple also getting the news it was over. with a big fan support, melissa
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gilbert and her partner made it to fifth place, despite being at or near the bottom almost every week. >> my son how to me and said you are the bravest person i know. cannot ask for more than that. >> one of the best partners i have had in my life. >> what did you win? >> i won the gilbert in my life. >> and melissa of love to the journey. >> whatever comes next, i am ready. >> now we are on to the semifinals. the remaining couples will tackle more dances hoping to make it into the finals. >> getting down to the final few. 64 degrees. >> still to come, fans helped to give "avengers" the biggest we love
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>> a frightening experience last night for dozens of southwest passengers. details on bomb scares. >> a new clue in the search for a police impersonator in montgomery county. >> we still have two more chances added. i'm hoping we'll have another
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chance and beyond to the next. >> the crucial game 6 tonight. the caps are fighting to stay alive against the new york rangers. "good morning washington" begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> rise and shine. 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, may 9. >> we start with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. for stop is adam caskey. >> a little damp to start the day. some what ground and what road around the beltway and metro area. here is a look at the steady rain. just clipping parts of charles county. this is tracking off to the northeast and later on we will have more rain, maybe a few thunderstorms.
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