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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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esburg. 67 in the district. 70's this afternoon. that is going to change tomorrow. less human, back to sunshine. i will have your seven day forecast coming up. >> nothing to disappointing to start this wednesday morning. we were moving relatively well after gilbert corner into camp washington. not bad on 28, 29 through the battlefield. good through false church. on the george washington parkway, even in the long term construction zone between 395 venti key bridge, this is 95, virginia traffic at the beltway. good in maryland along interstate 270. we will keep an eye on traffic. news now. >> the fbi is looking into who
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was behind the bomb threats. at airports in california and arizona. >> authorities did not find anything suspicious. flight 811 stops last night in orange county, california. another flight had a party arrived in phoenix. it was taken to an isolation pads so it could be inspected. all passengers were screened. the incidents remain under investigation. security was tightened over concern that al qaeda would try to retaliate on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> the cia did foil a plot. the bomber was actually a cia informant. brianne carter has the details. >> that is right. these new developments are surprising a lot of people at the airport that the person al qaeda had hoped would carry out this plot actually work for the
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cia. it is being called an incredible spy operation, an informant posing as a member of al qaeda to help the u.s. oil a plot to bomb a plane down for the u.s. >> it is quite an accomplishment to pass herself off as a terrorist to the terrorists when you are working for a u.s. or allied intelligence agency. >> the spy infiltrated the organization and learned of the plot before the attack had a chance to succeed. the would-be bombers got his hands on the device and delivered it to intelligence authorities. >> by having the bomb in its original state experts are able to figure out how it works, how it might be detected. >> the fbi is going to be analyzing the device, described as an upgraded version of the
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underwear bomb used in the attempt to bomb on christmas day. this bomb contained no metal. it is it potentially could make it past screening devices. >> u.s. officials are now planning on replicating the device the have and their possession to try to see whether or not it can make it through the devices at the airport. officials say that the current policies in place will remain unchanged. >> senator john mccain says the president has been bragging about the killing of osama bin laden. >> he spoke with us last night and made a direct reference to the president. >> heroes do not brag. his continuous bragging about taking out bin laden, most of the guys i know would say, let somebody else talk about that.
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>> president obama touted his accomplishments during the campaign event in ohio last night. mccain criticized what he called mr. obama's lack of leadership. senator mccain and dozens of men held as prisoners of war in vietnam gathered for a reunion in northwest d.c. last night. it marked 39 years since their release. a former pow wrote the book about how anyone can take that wisdom and apply to their own life. >> we had years to learn who we were. you realize you cannot be what everybody wants you to be. >> all of the former pows say they were proud to serve their country and that their experience inspired them to live lives of purpose. >> police hoping to police in egypt -- piece of evidence will help them catch an impersonator.
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reaction from one of the victims. >> the woman told abc 7 news the last week she was on their way home from church won a car started following her and honking its horn. she thought it was a police officer and she realized he was not who he said he was. >> i saw he was a police officer. >> cared for her safety, she tells us she is cured the man will strike again. >> he did not hit me but maybe the next person will be different. >> last week the alleged take officer came up to her car ordered her to sit on a curve and stole her cellphone and purse. the victim said he had a hat and a bat with a police symbol on it, item setter easy to buy on the web. police say these resonators usually prey on immigrants,
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seniors, and women. >> people who are less likely to ask questions and to be more concerned with cooperating. >> residents living near where the fake called the victim's olderver copious turned into the police. >> i do not want to nothing to happen to me or my friends. >> police " this man does not try to do this again but they say if someone is trying to pull you over and you do not believe they are police officers, the best thing is to stay in your car, call 911, and have them direct you to a safe area. if you know who the man is in the sketch, and give them a call. >> we appreciate it. tourism is booming in the nation's capital. the tourism bureau says nearly
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18 million tourists visited washington last year. that is the highest amount since the 9/11 attacks. last year, total visitor spending reached $6 billion up 6% from 2010. increase helped boost the hospitality industry. 64 degrees. >> still ahead, the latest from the john edwards trial including accusations about the money trail to his mistress. >> and we are kicking off a fun contest. how you can enter to play against tiger woods. >> that is going to make somebody happy.
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>> time to hit it and get it this morning. but tarell is reporting a track problem -- metro rail is reporting a track problem. we're hearing about a minor crash before connecticut avenue a single vehicle accident just been reported. areas of what pavement, here we
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are where traffic is just starting to heat up. now we will go to run caskey. >>-- adam caskey. >> chesapeake beach, prince frederick, even down into st. mary's county, hollywood is also seeing some of that train pushing off. also down into the northern neck of virginia. temperatures in the 60's. a mile to start to the day. mostly cloudy, showers this afternoon and evening. we are not expecting anything strong, just moderate to heavy rain. then we will clear out tomorrow. it is going to be windy and less humid by a big factor to mark. sunny and comfortable through the weekend. temperatures into the 70's by
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saturday and sunday. >> gofl fan -- golf fans remember this. >> tiger woods at the masters with what many thought was an impossible chip shot at 16. that is what happened. he went on to win his fourth masters. now you have the chance to show him up. we want to give you the chance to go against tiger woods. >> we are starting our chipping contest, giving you a chance to play in a contest with tiger woods. the winner will also get a vip ticket to the at&t national engine. all you have to do is watch "good morning washington" and listen to our day the coup. today's clue is dirty. then take that to -- clue is birdie.
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then take that to >> that is an awesome price. good luck and keep watching curious 64 degrees. >> we should create a role that we're coming with. 5:13 right now. there is some bad news for the longest serving senate republican. white critics believe richard lugar lost his bid. >> teams to love to use up their data plans on the cellphone, are they doing so? we love theme parks but with fou, kids, it can just be too expensive. yeah, so tyesave money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot swells?! typhoon! first prize! it's a cheese grater. wooooo... this isn't scary. are you kidding me? look at that picture of your mom's hair from the '80s. .there's an easier way to save. wooohooo...
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> 5:15. the john edwards trial resumes today. yesterday a former speechwriter took the stand. she says she helped him to draft a statement admitting he lied about fathering a daughter. she said that at worst told her he knew his campaign finance chairman had been financially supporting hunter and the baby. that was absent from the statement he released, admitting paternity. turning out to the 2012 campaign, mitt romney is a step closer to clinching the nomination. >> he won yesterday's primaries in north carolina and indiana a day after he was endorsed by rick santorum. he still needs more than 200 delegates to secure the nomination. the longest serving senate republican has lost his bid for another term on the hill. richard lugar lost the primary to the state treasurer and tea party favored.
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he was first elected in 1976. some considered him to be moved to moderate. >> a young man went to some extreme measures in order to find a new job. it is paying off for him. >> it is a rather small investment. there you see the results. it has his picture and website. here is the catch. he paid $300 for eight seconds of air time. it worked. somebody hired him. give him points for creativity. >> he is working for a scanning company. that is a growing industry. you could call it another disturbing mission for an arizona woman, and at 800 pounds, she wants to be the world's fastest woman and she has been fitted for what could be the world's largest whetting
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dress. she is getting married and obviously wants to have a down for her big day. but this gown as a 107 inch waist, and 9 feet of land. >> she found it or is looking for it? >> she has been fitted for it. it is in the process. >> is disturbing that she wants to be the fattest woman. that does not sound healthy. she is getting married. she has to be excited about that. >> you are looking at the positive. >> in tech bytes no relief in sight for heavy use -- data users. >> a change of heart at at&t, the wireless giant plans to introduce a family data plan which will allow multiple users
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to share an allowance. there is no more excuses for a pile of old tech gadgets. many computer companies offer recycling programs. hp 's is one of the past. >> they have partnered with staples to allow anybody to bring consumer technology products into staples stores for recycling. >> last year, four hundred 60 million pounds of electronics were collected and recycle. it is confirmed, we love to disclose personal information about ourselves online. researchers say it is the same brain can be as getting money or having sex. >> 5:19 on this wednesday morning. time for a look at traffic and weather. we are going to get started with lisa baden. >> if you're getting ready to
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hop on a train, an additional weight to this morning for now. that is metro rail on the blue line. areas of wet pavement. we go to the 14th street bridge. nothing complicated. >> we have the wet pavement but no ongoing showers. into the northern neck of virginia the vicinity apple warsaw in the northern neck. a closer look at southern maryland, from prince, even into solomons island, it looks like hollywood is getting a little bit of a break. this is pushing off to the north and east. one sprinkle east of 301. germantown has had a quarter of
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an inch. arlington, healthy accumulations overnight. we still need it. over an inch has fallen in parts of carroll county and frederick county. that is a good dent in the deficit. nothing other than the sprinkles we have over southern maryland and eastern seaboard. as this front progresses, behind it for the next couple of days, noticeably less humid air. you will feel the humidity. that is going to change tomorrow. 65 now at dulles airport. a warm start to the day. we will make it into the 70's. tomorrow, back to the sunshine. it will be a gusty and cooler. >> you still have time if you
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would like to enter for a chance to win a new ford fiesta plus $3,000 in cash. >> go to see if your name is called. if it is, you have 30 minutes to call and then we will pick a winner later this month. >> you have to ask a question, who loves you? we love you. 5:22 and 64 degrees. >> the pressure is on the washington capitals. it is a must-win tonight.
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clark's 5:25 and tonight is as do-or-die for the washington capitals. one win away from wrapping up the series. >> game 6 at the verizon center tonight. tim brant has your preview. >> let's talk about the capitals. it is a huge night. they are 1-0 in the postseason. 3-0 in games following overtime. believe me when i say despite the loss the other night, they are confident. the players know what they have to do and they will need some breaks. but they have been in this situation before and they have succeeded. >> we're going to refocus. i think last time we lost in ot, we came out harder the next
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time. >> the caps and rangers tonight game 6. the nationals are in pittsburgh with the pirates. there is a look at your morning sports. >> that is such a heartbreaker. not good. 64 degrees outside. much more this morning coming up up 5:30. >> new details on the fatal hit and run in fairfax county. the driver accused of killing a woman had passengers in her suv. >> new details in the foiled terror plot. i will have a report coming up. >> tracking some areas of light rain.
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>> lavonne dickerlive and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> is care for passengers in california and arizona. the fbi is looking into who is behind bomb threats. it is wednesday, may 9. >> i am cynne simpson. thank you for joining us. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with lisa baden. >> a >> problem at the blue line. anticipate delays. now there is a power problem at another station. they are setting up a bus service at the foggy bottom station. there are three separate problems on the beltway. we do not have any problems but
5:31 am
wet roads heavier volumes. the toll road is decent. now we go to adam caskey. >> we are going to go to super doppler seven radar with a few areas of rain. nothing on the beltway but definitely a little bit of road sprayed to kickstart tour wednesday morning. we did see about a quarter of an inch earlier this morning. take a look now at super doppler 7 and you will see the light green in covert county portion onto the eastern shore. even near baltimore. look at the temperatures in yellow. a warm start to the day. 67 in washington. in southern maryland, 71. it is muggy but that will change tomorrow. bright sunshine on our thursday. prepare for more rain later this
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afternoon and evening with highs in the '70s preparing -- 70's. >> one threat california, the second in arizona. >> flight 811 was stopped last night in orange county, california. it was scheduled to go to phoenix. another flight had already arrived from orange county and was taken for inspection. the incident remains under investigation. those threats, as we learn more about a boy a plot to blow up an airplane headed to the united states. >> the man who was supposed to use the bomb was an informant. brianne carter has more on the story. >> we are learning new details, including the fact that the man al qaeda had hoped to would carry at this attack actually was working for the cia. according to reports, the spy
5:33 am
had infiltrated the organization and learned of the plot. before anything could happen, the bomber got his hands on a device and returned it to intelligence authorities. the fbi is going to analyze the device described as an upgraded version of the underwear bomb used in the attempt to bomb a plane in 2009 and christmas day. the question is, officials are wondering whether or not this would make it through the measures already in place. >> by having the bomb in its original state before it goes off, u.s. experts are able to figure out how it works and how it might be detected. >> this newest version contained no metal so the concern is that it would be able to make it through the screening devices. we have learned that officials in the u.s. are going to try to
5:34 am
recreate to the same device and see if it would make it through the screening measures at airports. >> the woman charged with a deadly hit and run was not alone at the time of the incident. her boyfriend and a child or in the suv when she ran down a 21- year-old. records also show she as a criminal history. she is being held without bond. >> it is the 30th state to adopt a ban on gay marriage. north carolina approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. it passed with 61% of the vote and also avoids other types of domestic unions. opponents warn it could disrupt protection orders from unmarried couples. 5:34 and 64 degrees. >> the latest in the trial of the man charged with murdering three of jennifer hudson's
5:35 am
relatives. why a jury could begin as deliberations today. >> disturbing situation inside stuffed toys at an airport. how a gun got inside the stuffed animal.
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>> i am with the united states army drill team. good morning, washington. >> and a good morning it is. wednesday morning. go caps, later on tonight. i am having a hard time getting out of -- getting that out of my mind. all the way down toward point lookout. just south of frederick down into solomons island and a little bit here hanging on south of annapolis. moving on to the eastern shore. it is warm and muggy. is going to change tomorrow. 66 in culpeper. 70's this afternoon.
5:39 am
more widespread showers, maybe a few rumbles of thunder later on today. and around the beltway, some areas of rain. probably a good, soaking rain. bright sunshine tomorrow all the way through the upcoming weekend. cooler tomorrow, and near 70 degrees. low humidity. that will be enjoyable. >> wet roads and poor visibility. live will take you to the geico pictures where we are moving nicely on the beltway at new hampshire avenue. you can take the blue line anticipate an additional weight. if you go to the foggy bottom station, entrance escalators are
5:40 am
not functioning. now back to news. >> we're checking news around the nation. closing arguments are going to begin today in the man accused of killing three members of jennifer hudson's family. he is charged with killing her mother brother, and that he. the defense rested without balfour taking the stand. he is facing life in prison if he is convicted. he says he will fight extradition from peru. he faces extortion and wire fraud charges in connection with his disappearance -- the disappearance of a teenager. prosecutors say he to $25,000 from her family after promising to lead her to his body. he did not do so. he is serving a sentence for killing a peruvian woman in 2010. >> the body of junior seau
5:41 am
released to the family. researchers have expressed an interest in studying his brain. seau fatally shot himself in the chest last week. a private funeral will be held tomorrow in oceanside california. a public memorial will be in san diego. >> police are speaking out about an incident in which gun parts and ammunition were found hidden inside of a child's stuffed animal. police a domestic dispute was behind the incident. the 4-year-old and his father traveled to detroit when a tsa officer and officer -- officer noticed the gun. they were allowed to travel after concluding the man did not pose a threat. >> it is 64 degrees. >> more on last nights double elimination on dancing with the stars. here which start got the boot. -- hear which star got the boot.
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>> a report on i'm more of an absentee
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>> and local family had a contract for home repairs that trained their camp. this was one a sink that there plumber never touched. where was their refund? see what happens tonight at 5:00. >> 5:45 and coming up in 15 minutes, a major setback for same-sex marriage. we're going to talk with a political reporter. >> and we will introduce you to a local olympian looking for gold at the summer london games. >> later wrong, a prom picture that made a splash. those stories and the latest on the broken up al qaeda bomb plot. we will explain the photo you
5:46 am
just saw. >> here is hoping the capitals did not disappoint tonight. >> it is a must win situation if they want to stay in the playoffs. john gonzalez is getting an early start with the help of some optimistic fans. >> this is nothing new for the washington capitals. they faced elimination in the first series and they came out on top. how is this for a stat? overtime games, they are undefeated. not only is tonight's game a must win for our boys in red, but if they're going to advance, they're going to have to change their playoff history. this is the 11th time they have trailed in the postseason 3-2. eight times things have not turned out for the best. >> we have two more chances. i'm hoping the next game be will be onto the next. >> the biggest task how they
5:47 am
come out after it got lost when the rangers tied the game with six seconds on the clock. for fans, it has been a mixture of hard it and hope. a blogger is the past month has kept him on the edge of his seat. but he is not ready pour it to be over. >> every time they have needed to bounce back, they have done so. i think they have it in them. they have to do it two games in a row. >> as we stand out here, it is fun to look at the history of the team. the two times they have won the series when they were down, the first was in 1988. the game-winning scores -- score made the current coach. the came back to beat the new
5:48 am
york rangers. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> we have our fingers crossed. hopefully we will get a good result. a lot of folks are talking about this, the chip shot heard around the world. 2005 at the masters. many thought it was impossible. never doubt tiger. he went on to win his fourth masters. >> now we want to give you a chance to go against tiger woods. >> we are kicking off our chipping contest to play in a contest with tiger woods. the winner will also get vip tickets to the at&t national in june. all you have to do is keep watching "good morning washington" and listen to our day the clue. today's clue is birdie.
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we're going to pick a winner next thursday. up until then, you can enter once a day for the next week. somebody is going to be happy. >> do not miss any opportunity to enter. >> mother's day is on sunday. if you're trying to find a gift -- >> president obama wants to help you out while helping his reelection campaign. supporters to give her $5 or more by the end of tomorrow could be selected to have president obama tweet to their mom on mother's day. the campaign says the cancellation price his is playing a role in building a campaign that the winds in november. >> good marketing for the campaign. you have to hope that mom has a twitter camp. also budweiser is getting a makeover. >> more americans are visiting disney theme parks.
5:50 am
let's go to linda bell in new york. >> exactly right about disney, proving it is still magical. earnings rose 21% despite the top ticket john carter. theme-park attendance is also on the rise. and it is looking to bank on "the avengers'" success. if you heard that flat screen tv prices have gone down, we have not seen it yet. big screen tv prices have gone up 11% since december of last year as newer models continue to retain their value. big screen tvs with more features like internet connectivity are popular. anheuser-busch is going red white, and blue this summer. this is in a dance of an initiative in which it will
5:51 am
donate a portion of all sales to help raise as much as $2.5 million for a military charity. it provides secondary education scholarships for military families and personal killed or disabled of serving their country. that is to use this news in new york. i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> it is 5:51 and we have adam caskey joining us on the set. a wet start to the day. >> it is going to get rainier they iran and then tomorrow is going to be less humid -- rainier and then tomorrow is going to be less humid. let's talk about the weather. i need to get over that before i get more concerned about the caps tonight. super doppler 7, some of the rainfall totals. here is a look at a radar.
5:52 am
especially now want to the eastern shore. a few sprinkles around stafford county this morning. which roads are on the beltway. we have picked up a quarter of an inch. in the district, a third of an inch. if you factor in the rainfall, monrovia, frederick county, and 0.87 inches. you can tell where the bulls i was near tears county and pressure county in terms of the heaviest rainfall. beneficial rain still chiseling away at the drought deficit we're dealing with. it is a warm start to the day is also a monkey out there. highs in the 70's -- also muggy out there. highs in the 70's. we had a break in the cloud
5:53 am
cover over the shenandoah valley. i am expecting a few peaks of sun. it was very limited. i'm expecting the rain to continue developing kentucky west virginia, and spread to northeastward into the afternoon over our metro area, especially the beltway. less humid air tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. lasting all the way through the weekend. what is the latest on the commute? >> train delays because of a problem and a power problem at the foggy bottom station entrance escalators. they do have a bus service established. the beltway, looks like we are drying out at university boulevard. heating up is virginia, northbound looks good. 66 bogging down.
5:54 am
now back inside. >> it is 5:53 and 64 degrees. >> good news for the fans of "the avengers." you might get to see anot
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> unfortunately the dancing is over for two more celebrities. >> last night was a double
5:57 am
elimination. the first to go, roshon fegan. later we learn that melissa gilbert was the second contestant to get the boot. interesting timing because yesterday was her birthday. four contestants remain. they will return next week as part of the semifinals. you can catch it monday night at 8:00. >> it is just getting good. >> also getting good, "the avengers." is should not be a surprise that a sequel is now in the works. >> you do not usually hear that. the ceo made the announcement yesterday. it has already earned more than $700 million worldwide. in addition, disney has three other marvel super hero fla ilms. if you are a captain america phan the first avenger is planned for april 2014.
5:58 am
you have a whole bunch coming your way. >> i wonder if all of those super heroes are going to end up in a film together. this collaborative effort. >> you have to get all of them together. much more coming up in the next hour. >> tonight, it is a must win game for the caps. we are live at the verizon center with a preview. >> lisa baden will be back with us. traffic and weather coming up.
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