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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a major setback for same-sex marriage. and the end of the line for a senior republican senator. the latest from vote 2012? . correct and the cia infiltrated al qaeda and broke up a plot to bomb a u.s.-bound plane. >> and do-or-die for the washington capitals. "good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, may 9. 6:00 a.m., overnight rain to make a soggy start to the day. i am cynne simpson. i am steve chenevey. . we begin with traffic and
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weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast in a second. let's start with lisa baden and the wet roads. >> three separate direct on the beltway in montgomery county is what we started with. everything was moved. we have delays because of a track problem at franconia station. this is a picture of 270. southbound travel, more of it. the pavement is wet. it's not raining. >> 6:01 right now in the belfort furniture weather center. there's a little rain to in southern maryland, spotsylvania. low clouds over the district, a dreary start to the debt. there is the kennedy center on the lower left side of the screen. there's light rain shown in the green color on the doppler the staff. for a, fredericksburg, king
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george, a few sprinkles on southbound 95 and. the eastern shore, a few sprinkles. more widespread showers and storms later on today especially this afternoon and evening for the drive. mid 70's for the high temperature. cooler, less human and back to sunshine tomorrow. the extended forecast, coming up >> . thanks so much. federal investigators have sounded the all clear in arizona and in california. overnight someone threatened to blow up two southwest flights from huron county to phoenix. security crews held one flight on the runway while they searched. the other landed in phoenix. it was taken to an isolated areas so that the crews could screen passengers and luggage that. they did not find any explosives but the security threat is still under investigation. the two threads, as we learned details about a knockout a plot to blow up an airplane with a sophisticated underwear bomb and how the cia managed to stop it. >> the fbi is studying that
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device which an informant snuck out of yemen after infiltrating the terror network. tahman bradley joins us with more details on this plot. >> good morning. as was an incredible spy operation, like something out of a moving. intelligence agency infiltrating al qaeda in yemen remarkable. work given that al qaeda screens recruits. courts quite an accomplishment to be able to pass yourself off as an al qaeda terrorist to the terrorists when in fact you are working for the u.s. or allied intelligence. >> authorities tell abc news this by infiltrated the terror cell posing as a double agent learned of the plot, got his hands on a bomb, and left him and with it. ala congressional report is raising questions about what the government is doing to stop terror attacks. million of dollars of a vital airport
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security equipment is gathering dust at a warehouse in dallas. abc news has learned fbi agents plan to make a replica of the underwear bomb and they will run it through airport security to test whether or not it is detected. reporting live in nook west washington, tahman bradley, abc 7 news. >> in a store that you saw on 7, arizona senator john mccain attacking president obama's victor relapse one year after the death of osama bin laden. >> heroes don't brag discontinuous bragging about taking out bin laden. let somebody else talk about that. >> the republican senator made the remarks last night during an event honoring vietnam war veterans and prisoners of war. president obama touted his accomplishments on the war of terror during a campaign event in ohio last weekend. so far the white house is not responded to senator john
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mccain's comments last night. >> we want to return to vote 2012 to. mitt romney just about 225 delegates away from clinching the republican nomination. yesterday the former governor swept primary elections in indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. meanwhile, north carolina voters approved a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. president obama's campaign called yesterday's vote disappointing. 29 other states have similar measures. the other big story from yesterday's primary elections the end of the line for its-term republican senator richard lugar. >> i congratulate richard murdock on his victory in a hard-fought race. >> the 80-year-old lost to the tea party-backed state treasurer richard murdock, who spent the campaign calling richard lugar to moderno net. president, praised the longest serving republican in the senate for his bipartisan efforts.
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>> it is do-or-die time for the washington capitals. with a victory tonight and home they could force a game seven showdown. even with their backs against the wall, the odds could be in their favor. john gonzalez is live outside the verizon center in northwest to explain why that is. >> lived two states and other day, that is the motto at the verizon center. this is nothing new for the washington capitals. -- "live to skate." they are undefeated after overtime games. they will try to make it 4-0 tonight. if the capitals are going to advance, they are going to have to change their playoff history. this is the 11th time the capitals have trailed in the postseason. eight times things have turned out not in their favor. twice they have.
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is the stanley cup half full or half empty? the biggest test will be how the team comes out after monday oppose a demoralizing loss when the rangers tied the game with only six seconds on the clout. for the fans it has been a mixture of arctic and hoe -- of heartache and hoope. >> every time they needed to bounce back in the playoffs, they have done so. they have to do it two games in a row. >> still cannot believe they lost with six seconds left in the game. were tied. -- they were tied. they came back in 1988 with dale hunter's or in the game-winner. and in 2009 against the new york rangers. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> we are wearing red to show our support.
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it is 64 degrees right now. >> you are in the spirit. we have more coming up on "good morning washington." montgomery county police looking to catch a police impersonator. a clue that could put an end to this. >> and a prom pictures that made ita splash. we have an explanation, coming up. >> i am talking red with my coffee mug. go cap
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>> not exactly a great start to
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the prom night for these wisconsin high school students. there is the before and the after. there were standing on a wooden pier when it collapsed. some of the teenager's fell into the water. no one was hurt. after some drivers and borrowed clothing and extra makeup, the students were able to make it to the prom. now they have pictures they will keep for a lifetime. >> my goodness. can you imagine being all dressed up for the big night and that happens? let's at least they are all in it together? . >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. to get things started, adam caskey. when is the rain moving out? >> we have a few lingering showers and then the rain will be out of here by tomorrow, back to sunshine. later on today you will really need the umbrella for widespread showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. now over stafford county and in fredericksburg we have a few sprinkles. still lingering over sentencing marin county, and near leonardtown, an isolated
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sprinkle. what goes around. it's 57 degrees in washington 61 in martinsburg, 66 in lexington park and annapolis. mostly cloudy today, a few sticks of sunshine this morning. showers and a few thunderstorms possible this afternoon and evening. it will be pretty widespread with ties in the mid-70s. tomorrow, back down near 70 sunday, and windy with significantly less humid air and placed, much more comfortable with bright sunshine lasting into the upcoming mother's day weekend with temperatures in the upper 70's by then. out lisa baden for a look at the commute. >> blue line delays for metro rail because of a track problem and outside of franconia's station. single-tracking in that area. foggy bottom entrance escalators are out of service. the station is open, but if you need the escalator, that's not working, so they have bus service. let's take you to a couple of pictures. we will look at maryland first
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at the pavement which looks like it's improvement. the volume is moving at a pretty good pace, outer loop from 95 at university boulevard and amou amount to the american legion bridge. bogging down at duke street on 395. >> golf fans will remember the chip shot heard around the world. tiger woods at the 2005 masters with what many thought was an impossible chiop at 16. the announcer said the aim was 25 feet above the hole. there'd goes. the 30-foot shot past anti went on to win his fourth masters. now "good morning washington wants to give you a chance to do the same thing. showed tiger woods what you have learned. >> today we are kicking off are tipping contest, giving you a chance to play in a tipping contest with tiger woods if. the winner also get two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t
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nationals in june. all you have to do is watch "good morning washington and listen for our daily clue. it will be different every day. today's clue is birdie. go to our facebook page and use that school to enter the contest. it is that easy. we will pick a winner next thursday morning. you can aenter once a day for the next week. >> we are excited about that. >> 64 degrees outside. >> good news for summer gas prices fanned why bake sale bans are becoming more popular. >> first, a local rolling i we love theme parks but with four kids,ur it can just be too expensive. yeah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what cod d be worse thant ninety-foot swells?! typhoon! first prize! it's a cheese grater.
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wooooo... this isn't scary. are you kidding me? look at that picture of your mom's haha from the '80s. there's an easier way to save. wooohooo... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen pepeent or more on car insurance. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of itsind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. >> welcome back. we want to look at the dead. testimony resumes today in the trial of former presidential
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candidate john edwards. jurors expected to hear from a former campaign spokeswoman who witnessed an argument between edwards late wife elizabeth and his former campaign finance chairman about a financial help for his mistress. governor o'malley and leading lawmakers meeting in annapolis today to discuss next week's special session. >> tonight president obama honoring the songwriting duo behind hits like raindrops keep falling on my head with a special white house concert commander-in-chief. also present burt bacharach and hal davis with the library of congress gershwin prize for popular songs. >> michael phelps will not be the only athlete from our area headed to the olympics if this summer in london. of virginia native will compete for gold in type 1 doai kwon do >> . e-6-year-old terrance jennings has won one of two spots to
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compete in the 2012 games in london this summer >> . it is a privilege and i am excited. >> more than a decade ago he began drilling of this moment. former track athlete was walking through landmark mall when he spotted a sign and went for martial arts class. the world champion teachers saw something special in the teenager. >> he had drive. very confident and his style is aggressive correct. it went from a hobby to hours of training each day. each step of the way the two have been there for one another. >> without him none of this would have been possible. >> he's one of the top. >> he says his driving force behind all this is his family, his coaches, and his love of the
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sport. while they will will soon head across the pond, they will not be on the same team. jennings will be coached by the u.s. 18 coaches while his coach will be coaching other athletes, including one from the ivory coast. >> you have six minutes to express everything you have done over the span of years of hard work. being able to bring back the gold medal would mean the world to me if. >> in alexandria, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we hope that he gets a gold medal. we would like to see that in virginia. you can go to to find out how you can help sponsor the olympic team. >> making news in america's money, mortgage payments, gas prices, and a ban on bake sales. rob nelson has those stories. >> good morning. doing better on house payments. new data says fewer homeowners were laid on their mortgage payments in the first quarter less than 6%.
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they expect the trend to continue. if you are retiring this year, it will cost 4% more to cover your health costs for the rest of your life unless you quit a year ago. the average for newly retired couple live time is $240,000 now. get ready to gas up and go this summer. gasoline will be cheaper than previously thought this summer thanks to lower crude oil prices. prices are forecast to be less than a dime more than last year. no more school bake sales in massachusetts. the state is banning fundraising treats in part of its no- nonsense nutrition standards the campaign against child of obesity. critics say it is not fair. i am rob nelson. >> let's look at traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> let's start with lisa baden. good morning. >> [no audio] the beltway near connecticut
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avenue and rockville pike, all three accidents were quickly cleared out of the roadway. because it was so slippery to start the morning, that has kind of told us what things will come. things are drying out right now. it's a little easier on the beltway near the mormon temple. metro's blue line as a problem with the track at franconia. outside the station, they're working on that right now. blue line delays. foggy bottom interest accelerator' -- foggy bottom entrance escalators are not functioning so they have buses running. no accidents as far as interstate travel in and around the beltway, although visibility is poor. >> this is our rooftop camera. you can barely see across the potomac. here's the kennedy center and the washington monument. now we can barely see the monument. there's a low cloud deck from the rain showers overnight.
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still a few isolated sprinkles out there near stafford, fredericksburg and spotsylvania county and king george and across the potomac into southern maryland. st. mary's county around tall timbers, a few sprinkles pushing off to the northeast. it's pretty much it. we picked up a quarter inch at many locations around the beltway overnight. more rain to come later this afternoon and evening. 67 now in the district. quantico 70 degrees,. a,. 63 in frederick, 61 in martinsburg in west virginia. mid 70's later on today. it will be monday, but temperatures will be comfortable. the humidity will drop significantly going into tomorrow. the cold front finally exited and east. s unit and back to sunshine more comfortable the next few days for. maybe a few rumbles of thunder and widespread showers today especially after 3:00 p.m.. and for the drive home around
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the beltway and. notice the showers just trying to organize in kentucky and tennessee. i expect them continue to organize and track off to the northeast and moving to washington later today. we will have sunshine tomorrow, gusty wind, highs near 70, but much more comfortable air. and pleasant all the way through the holiday weekend. >> 6:22 right now, 64 degrees. >> john travolta, under fire again. we will talk about "dancing with the stars." >> next "anderson sister lives, can the polygamous family keep from being torn apart. >> kristin is very different than she used to be. >> and kelly osborn. >> i was a terrified girl taking prescription pills in hopes i would not wake up. >> if she turns her life around.
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>> it was a big night on dancing. a double elimination. two people went home. rochon fegan the disney star. and melissa gilbert. she was the second of the two to go home. we are down to the final four. things heating up. >> not a good birthday present for melissa gilbert, but she says she was happy for the experience.
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down to the final four. how about the stantanning mom from new jersey? is being banned from the mesons all around new jersey. -- she is being banned. they have a picture of her up in case employees don't recognize her. john travolta apparently getting more trouble saying a second masseur has accused him of sexual advances. he said that he has an alibi for the first case or allegation saying that he was on the east coast when this allegedly occurred on the west coast. is battle has been going on for years. there are pictures of travolta in new york on that day, so it was a strong alibi. >> here's the new trends in london, to scare your kids. new hhire a scary clown purities
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stocks them for a week and sends them scary messages. you can cancel it if the kids get too scared. i will pass, from the beginning. we have a lot more still to come on "good morning washington."
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, a crushing blow for supporters of gay marriage in the tar heel state. the end of the line for the gop's most senior senator. >> new details about the double aboutwho foiled an all, the bomb plot. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, may 9.
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i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. adam caskey has a check on the forecast but we start with lisa baden. >> the latest from metro rail, no longer single-tracking trains for blue line customers can. problem resolved. but residual delays continue. the entrance escalators remain out of service at the foggy bottom station. the rain did not help us much, but we are drying out. 270 at old georgetown road headed to the new entrance of walter reed medical center off jones bridge road. now adam caskey. >> still dreary in the metro area. look at the weather but cameras showing slightly different situations. and start with doppler to indicate areas of rain especially in stafford county financing erie county. 56 degrees in washington -- 66. and 66 in lexington park. a mild and muggy start to the day. what roads in arlington, low
6:32 am
clouds. we have some clearing in frederick. and some clearing in the shenandoah valley and points far west of washington early this morning. enjoy it while it lasts, because we will have more clouds moving in later today with more showers and a few thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening mid 70's. today. sunny, cooler, less humid tomorrow near 70. >> federal investigators have sounded the all clear in arizona and california. somebody overnight threatened to blow up two southwest flights from orange county to phoenix. security crews held one flight on the runway while it was searched. the other had already landed in phoenix? . it was taken to an isolated area so the crews could screen passengers and luggage. they did not find explosives but the security thread is still under investigation. this comes as we learn new details about an al qaeda plot to bring down the u.s. bound airplane. double agents infiltrated the
6:33 am
terrorist cell in yemen. best buy learned about the plot, his hands on the new sophisticated bomb, and left the country with it. they it is remarkable, considering how careful a kaukauna screens its recruits. >> quite an accomplishment to be able to pass yourself off as an all cut a terrorist to the terrorists win in fact you are working for the u.s. or allied intelligence. abc news reports the fbi plans to make a replica of that bomb and send it through airport security to test the system. is comes amid revelations that airport security equipment is sitting at a government warehouse gathering dust. >> we have a store that use of first on seven. another john mccain attack against president obama's victory lap a year after the death of bin laden. >> heroes don't brag. his continue was bragging about taking out bin laden, let
6:34 am
somebody else talk about that. >> the republican senator made the remarks to abc 7 last night during an event honoring vietnam war veterans and prisoners of war. president obama toyoda is accomplishments of war on terror during a campaign event in ohio last week. the white house has not responded so far to the comments. >> vote 2012, mitt romney just about 225 delegates away from clinching the republican presidential nomination. yesterday the former governor swept primary elections in indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. in the meantime, north carolina voters approved a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. president obama's campaign called yesterday's vote disappointing. 29 other states have similar measures. the other big store we are following from yesterday the end of the line for six time republican senator richard lugar. >> i congratulate richard murdock on his victory in a hard-fought race.
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>> the 80-year-old lost to the tea party-backed state treasurer who spent the campaign : dick thetoo to read. in a statement, president obama praised the long serving republican in the senate for his bipartisan efforts. >> the man suspected of robbing a driver while dressed as a montgomery county police officer keith is still on the run. police open new clue could help catch him. investigators released this composite image of the suspects yesterday. jummy olabanji joins us now live with the very latest in this investigation. >> good morning. there has been no oresteia, but montgomery county police are hoping now that they have this composite sketch out there that someone will come forward with information. -- there has been no arrest. we spoke with the victim yesterday. last week in the afternoon she was driving home from church when a car began carher. the man was honking his horn and
6:36 am
waving for her to pull over. that is when the man approached her car when she pulled over. he was wearing a police-like pad and a badge and told her to sit on the curb. then he robert her of her cell phone and her purse. -- her robbed her. >> he showed me his id and his dad and i thought he was a police officer. i want to be arrested because i don't want another victim to go through what i went through. >> that victim was speaking with help of a translator. police in montgomery county say these impersonator's usually go after people who are immigrants, the elderly, or women. anyone recognizing that sketch police are asking them to call. >> it is 64 degrees outside the.
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>> much more to come. the washington capitals must win. we have a live report. >> saying goodbye to a beloved children's author. >>
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>> the man who changed the face of children's books has died. maurice sendak passed away yesterday in connecticut. he was 83. his best known work was 1963's "where the wild things are" which did not sugarcoat childhood like other children's books. that is a classic. >> you don't find a lot of books like that which live on from generation to generation. >> absolutely. >> 6:40 right now. let's look at traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden. >> on the beltway in montgomery county there was trouble, but that's gone. 95 between richmond and baltimore, usual volume. metro will back on normal service on the blue line. the foggy bottom entrance escalators have been repaired. we told you about a power problem, but they have everything going now. let's show you a couple of cameras. first, across the 14th street
6:41 am
bridge upstream, beautiful. in maryland next not bad on the beltway and at georgia avenue. back to you. >> we will check in with doug hill this morning and get a look at our forecast. raining on this wednesday morning? . >> a little bit. it has pretty much ended, but there's more coming our way. this is the camera in rosslyn high above the weather center. low clouds, gray skies. we will see a line of showers stretching south and east of the city and across the potomac river, stafford, a spotsylvania county the. but most of the rain is in southern maryland and the eastern shore. but there's more coming later today. we're keeping track of the slow- moving cold front. even though we don't expect a lot of sunshine, it will be in the mid 70's, but the front will have enough energy to give a lift to the atmosphere, and
6:42 am
stable enough to fire up showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. we might get a few downpours out of that. as far as our by hour, temperatures ramping up slowly, the wind becoming westerly at 5- 10. the next seven days, windy tomorrow dry. sunshine and mid 70's on saturday. partly sunny skies on mother's day. showers possible late monday and tuesday. >> thanks so much. 6:00 hour 42. golf fans could never forget this. sometimes called the chip shot heard around the world. >> they thought it was impossible for tiger woods to do this again. the 30-foot shot. he went on to win his fourth masters. >> now we want to give you a chance to go against tiger woods.
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>> we are kicking off our chipping contest to play in a contest with tiger woods. the winner will also get vip tickets to the at&t national in june. >> all you have to do is keep watching "good morning washington" and listen to our day the clue. today's clue is "birdie." go to our facebook page and use that clue to enter the contest. we're going to pick a winner next thursday. up until then, you can enter once a day for the next week. somebody is going to be happy. >> 6:00 hour 43 right now, 64 degrees -- 6:43. >> quite a night it was for george hamilton. he is in the record books. we will show you why. >>-- josh hamilton. >>
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and tonight's big game for t
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>> tonight at 5:00, a local family had a contract for home repairs that drained their account of thousands of dollars. a leaky sink that they never touched. where was their refund? see what happens, tonight at 5:00. >> taking a look at the day ahead, closing arguments will take place in the trial of the man charged with killing three members of jennifer hudson's family . william balfour accused of killing the singer's mother, brother, and nephew in 2008. an expert will tell the loudoun county board of supervisors today that the county could lose thousands of potential jobs and billions of dollars in revenue if they decide against helping
6:47 am
pay for the metro extension to dulles airport. >> president obama tonight will honor the songwriting duo behind. like raindrops keep falling on my head, with a special event in the east room at the white house. he will also present burt bacharach and hal davis with the library of congress gershwin prize for popular song. >> primary voters will take a step to the right in north carolina and indiana. tar heel state is the 30 is now to ban same-sex marriage. the hoosier state is unseating and nearly 40-year senate veteran. this is six-term senator dick lugar. what went wrong for him? >> is thin the economic downturn, being a long-term incumbent is the most dangerous thing. people want new blood. that is what went wrong for him.
6:48 am
>> if you talk about wanting new blood, is that something president obama needs to be concerned about? >> that has to be a concern particularly as you look at what happens last night it in the indiana senate primary. this will shape the ability of congress to work with one another and with the president. it's hard to even get close to compromise with your colleagues on the other side and if you cannot, your job could be at stake. >> and banning same-sex marriage in north carolina. >> this could have implications outside north carolina. joe biden commented on merit to quality as well as arne duncan and this is an issue that the obama reelection campaign will be looking at. in north carolina, democrats
6:49 am
will meet later this summer to have their convention and there are much broader implications. three more states are expected to vote on the issue of same-sex marriage this year putting it in the forefront for the november elections if when president obama will be on the ballot with mitt romney. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> while the politicians battle on the hill today, hockey players will battle on the ice. do-or-die time for the washington capitals. they will force the game 7 showdown tonight. brides-to-be in their favor. they have done it before. john gonzalez is outside the verizon center to tell us why. -- the odds could be in their favor. >> they are undefeated after overtime games this playoff season. they are going to try to make it 4-0 tonight. if the capitals are going to advance, they are going to have
6:50 am
to change some of their playoff history. is is the 11th time they have trailed in the postseason 3-2. time things and not turned out for the best. but twice they have. is the stanley cup half full or half-empty today? how will the team respond after monday night pose a demoralizing loss when the rangers tied it with six seconds left? the capitals have come back in 1988 with dale hunter scored in the game winner. and in 2009 they were down three games to one and they came back to beat the new york rangers. reporting live at the verizon center, johjohn gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> the nationals were not facing josh hamilton last night, but the orioles were. >> goodbye home run. >> not enough room in the ballpark for josh hamilton's
6:51 am
baseball. that was one of four home runs for him last night at camden yards. that makes him one of just 16 players ever to hit four in one game. the rangers beat the orioles 10- 3. first time that has happened since 1993 or something like that. pretty impressive. >> doug hill has the latest on the morning whether. >> good morning. it's cloudy and damp. most of the rain has moved out of the metro area. a live look at fairfax gray and drizzly, 65 degrees off. to the north of town in frederick, a little sunshine breaking through. if this looks familiar. we have seen this pattern for few mornings now. a third of an inch of rain in washington overnight. we are picking up maybe a quarter inch at a time and wiggling away at the rainfall deficit. even more so later this
6:52 am
afternoon. more showers and maybe thunderstorms. in the 60's right now. 66 degrees at reagan national, 67 in fredericksburg, 63 with a little bit of blue skies in frederick. still a few lingering showers to the south and southeast of the sitting on. later this afternoon i think we have a chance of a few more showers and maybe a few downpours and the rumble of thunder. that all that cool air coming behind the storm system and that will be moving in tomorrow. futurecast shows pretty good amounts of rainfall predicted. the heaviest stuff will be off to the south and east of the city. we will keep a close eye on that for you. beneficial rain is expected. things will clear up tonight and we will drop into the 50's. cooler and sunny and windy tomorrow near 70. any rain for mother's day? that's part of adam caskey's seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. i hope not. >> what's going on with lisa
6:53 am
baden? >> i will show you 29, that's normal, getting past trader joe's, southbound out of columbia down to the beltway in silver springs and plenty of traffic into and springfield on
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>> good wednesday morning.
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coming up, the inside man. new details on the double agent who foiled the plot to bomb a u.s.-bound plane. how did he full al qaeda and get away with the bomb? we have exclusive new details. don't miss this. that's next on gma. >> today you have another chance to win a new ford fiesta as well as $3,000 cash for a. >> go through to enter. tune in to abc 7 news at 5:00 to see if your name is called. after a minister call and we'll pick a finalist out of 15 viewers later this month. >> $3,000 would get you through some gas money. >> that will take you through the first couple years. >> tomorrow back to sunshine after today's rainfall. windy and less humid tomorrow. then sunday into the weekend. >> loo
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