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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  May 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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over half-inch. in arlington, three-quarters of an inch. in germantown, two thirds of an inch. healthy rainfall yesterday if. back to sunshine today. greyson chance the next few days for. 52 in bowie 52 almost everywhere on the map. prince frederick is the exception at 55. leesburg, 52 degrees. shiner near 70 this afternoon. gusty out of the northwest at 15-20. as we venture into tomorrow, more sunshine, but a little warmer in the blow to mid 70's. now to lisa >> . the drive looks pretty good right now along 95, between richmond and baltimore. looks good on 66. nothing reported in the district. metro rail reporting normal service. a minor crash in urbana, 27 south0 found near 80. --south bou -- southbound.
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looks lovely elsewhere. >> something unprecedented in the debate over same-sex marriage,. president obama yesterday became the first president to declare support of gay marriage. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with reaction to this topic contested issue. >> reaction is strong on both sides of this issue. president obama's statement comes days after vice president joe biden said he supported same-sex marriage. the president acknowledges that those comments may have pushed the issue, but he says his decision has come over the course of several years. in an exclusive interview with abc news president obama made history, becoming the first u.s. president to endorse same-sex marriage. >> it is important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married if. this is the issue has been a
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discussion inside the white house for quite some time. he says his family helped him come to the conclusion. >> we had been talking about their friends and their parents and sasha and malia, it would not dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. it does not make sense to them. >> this move to inject another polarizing issue into the 2012 race for. mitt romney insists on this issue. he remains resolute. >> i have the same view on marriage that i expressed when i was governor. marriage is a relationship between a man and woman if. >> same-sex marriage is heating up in maryland where the issue if could end up on the ballot this november. >> it shows that he is a wonderful leader, to come out and say that he supports it. >> i am disappointed. i think this really needs to be something people to think about and not just manipulated by pr.
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>> president obama says he believes the issue should be left up to the states. it comes one day after north carolina passed an amendment banning same-sex marriage, the 30th state to do so. brianne carter and, abc 7 news. a man convicted of killing an off-duty maryland state trooper will learn his fate today. cyril williams was found guilty in february of killing trooper wesley brown outside a forestville applebee's in june of 2010. prosecutors want him to serve life without parole. another man named anthony milton, an accessory is serving a five-year sentence. former federal aviation administration chief randy babbitt scheduled to be tried today on drunk driving charges. he was arrested and trust in early december. this came after police stopped him for going the wrong way on old lee highway in fairfax city.
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this man could spend up to a year in prison if convicted. he did resign shortly after his arrest. >> a frightening experience for a man in fairfax county. >> he says kidnappers for him to drive to two atm machines, withdraw money, and then threw him in the trunk of his car. jummy olabanji is live this morning in fairfax with details. >> this man was on his way to work early yesterday morning when police say the three men came up and essentially robs him. now police in fairfax county are trying to figure towho are. -- figure out who they are. a 22-year-old man was walking out of his home on cumberland avenue in springfield if when he was approached by three men. the suspects had a gun and forced the man to get into his car, or they made him driver around to two atm machines and take out money. after they got their money, they
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forced the victim into the trunk of his own car and drove him to piedmont police in annandale. when the victim was able to get out of the trauma, the suspects were gone. >> pretty shocking. i've lived here since 1998. >> all three of the suspects were wearing a hooded jacket and had their faces covered. neighbors of the victim tell us they will not feel safe until police make an arrest. >> i am not going to go by myself know where. i will try not to go out at night. >> police say at some point during all this, one of the suspects took out a knife and cut the victim's arm. he is expected to be ok. police are asking anyone who knows about the crime to give them a call. reporting live in fairfax, jummy olabanji. >> we also have new developments this morning in the case of a videotaped beating in baltimore that was caught on tape on six patrick's day. this was an alexandria man beaten stripped, and left
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unconscious in what appears to be an unprovoked attack at. 24 charges were filed against four suspects if. prosecutors have dropped 13 of those charges. they say too many charges were filed initially. >> it is 53 degrees. >> still ahead, we will tell you about a special honor that cindy i lauper received in the district. and a chance to play golf with tiger woods. >> here's a look at
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>> thursday morning, temperatures in the '50s. areas of rain have moved out of town. beneficial rain from the showers yesterday and the cold front. the rain is in parts of new england. 57 of the district's, 52 in winchester, a 53 in martinsburg. we are cooling down. have dry air, less humid air moving into town. you notice the gusty wind transporting that more comfortable air into place. by this time tomorrow we could have a few upper 30's off to the northwest tomorrow morning and mid 40's downtown. mostly sunny today, gusty wind near 70 the high temperature
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and the '60s in outlying suburbs northwest of town. mid 70's tomorrow and breezy. bright's and shine all the way into the weekend with a few added clouds on mother's day. near 80 by saturday and sunday. the extensive brain is monday and tuesday. it will be dry until then. >> we have enjoyed that a little bit of rainfall. quiet traffic is what we have around the beltway. interstate travel looked pretty good. maryland state police say there's a minor collision out of frederick where 80 urbana traffic merges onto southbound 270, but that was moved to the right shoulder quickly. long-term project on 355 near the new entrants for walter reed medical center at cedar lane. handling ok. no problems on the beltway at andrews air force base. 95 66, and also looks good in virginia. back to you. >> thank you.
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last night marked a special event in northwest d.c. >> the heroes of hope tribute. are very on leon harris was there. it honored young people from across the country who triumphed over the situations sing. cyndi lauper was honored for her work in helping the lgbt community there. >> i helped to moderate a panel discussion for holocaust survivors. this was a fantastic opportunity for 20 non-governmental agencies to come together in the holocaust remembrances program. there were three survivors who shared their stories. what an amazing opportunity to be able to sit there and listen to them talk about the events that change their lives 65 years ago. >> > have them, three of them in there together to share their stories. very well done, steve.
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it's 5:11 rainout. dated bill of our chipping contest. you have a chance to play in the egyptian contest against tiger woods. >> the winner will also get two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national in june for. if all you have to do is watch "good morning washington if and then listen for our daily clue. today's call is "putt." go to our facebook page and enter that. that you can anenter once a day and you have to get the call of the day. >> its 53 degrees. coming up, learn which technology companies are getting top marks for customer satisfaction for. >> and a reality tv star dating one of the most successful wrappers but not enough to get kim kardashi today is gonna be an important
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> the house is set to vote on a gop budget bill >> . it's regarding pension for federal workers. the pentagon could get hit with a cut in january. russian president vladimir putin will not attend the g-8 summit next week at camp david. the white house says he told them he needs to finish setting up his new cabinet. the two leaders are expected to me during another economic summit next month for. the russian prime minister dmitri medvedev will take his place at the camp david meeting. >> a couple stories to share
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with your friends today, including a moving video that has gone viral. >> i love this. it shows young cancer patients and hospital staff members jamming to kelly clarkson's "stronger." >> you get artists and singers a lot of times that don't like it if somebody uses their music without permission. not the case with kelly clarkson. a fantastic video. kelly clarkson says she loves it and is honored and sheen tweeted that she wants to she-- she tweeted them that she wants to meet them. >> that is so great. empowering for those young people. q will see that video a lot more. >> top about a big snub.
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kim kardashian was banned from the met gala. anna wintour is the editor of vogue magazine and she creates the guest list. she does not believe kim kardashian is a real celebrity. >> what about her or french kanye west? >> he was invited and he did go without her. >> we will see if there's any fallout from that. interesting that she was out. new competition for victoria secrets' coming from across the pacific. and a tokyo company has unveiled a new ice bra that has a miniature fan designed to look like a fist thanke -- fishtank.
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>> and that might not catch on as much as viral video of the young cancer patients. in today's "tech bytes" there are sales not so hot for the kindle fire. >> and now issunny hostin. >> the fire may have gone out of amazon's tablets. a big drop in tablets shipments in the first quarter more than 80%. has been saturation during the holidays. it appears there's good news ahead for the kindle electronic readers. downloads of the harry potter book will soon be available commercially. the authors web site did $1.5 million in sales just three days last march. amazon and apple top a new customer satisfaction survey for online retailers. amazon received a record high score of. apple was the no. 1 computer and electronics web site. a new robot vacuum cleaner does
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more than just clean your source. it sends text messages to you on its progress, watches your pet and says ouch when it bombs into the walls. i am sunny hostin. >> we finally got some rain. we have been waiting for that for a while. >> with an ovover an inch into the deficit. whenever we transition from one weather pattern to another, it gets windy. that will be the case today. >> that's ok. >> we will take it. if we will have a lot of sunshine and temperatures will be a little cooler than what we have been experiencing. overlooking the federal city, there's a little light on the horizon. you see the bridge on the right side of your screen and the washington monument on the right
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side as well. sunrise at 6:00 this morning. spotsylvania has 0.85 inches. three-quarters of an inch in arlington. in the district, two thirds of an inch. pretty much the same story in germantown. healthy rainfall totals from the system yesterday and. the wind is picking up, 20 miles an hour in the district, 22 in hagerstown and martinsburg. later by a around noon i will have numbers around 30 or 35 miles an hour for the wind gusts. keep that in mind today of. appears the satellite and radar. noticed the edge of the cloud deck exit thing on to the eastern shore. showers are moving up the eastern seaboard into parts of new england. there is the cold front that slowly moved through over the past couple days. it is the transition zone we are in, in terms of the gusty northwesterly wind today. temperatures right now in the 50's. 50 degrees in gaithersburg, 57 in the district, 51 in hagerstown.
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upper 50's in outlying areas this afternoon -- upper 60's. around 70 in the metro. bright sunshine into the weekend with added clouds by sunday on mother's day, near 80 degrees. >> we are in pretty good shape here there was a minor crash on 80 urbana, but that's on the shoulder. let's give you an idea of the pace on 495 in good shape all 66 miles of the beltway. north of the beltway in virginia on 395, a good run-up to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. we have another great giveaway to enter. >> the winners will drive away in a new ford fiesta and that winner will be $3,000 richer. there is the car. go to to enter
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and tune in for abc 7 news at 5:00 this evening to see if your name is called a. if so, you have 30 minutes to call us to become a finalist. and we will pick a winner from 15 finalists later this month. one of you can go away with a brand-new car. >> and $3,000 cash. be sure to enter. it's 53 degrees. >> one game down and one game to go. a look back of the capitals' big win to advance to game 7 in the playoff series against the rangers. >> an exclusive investigation, a high price of becoming a model and how desperate some mothers get to get their kids on camera if. brookside spent $160,000. >> do you have money for her college education? >> i don't. >> and oscar winner susan sarandon.
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>> what do you do for noncore?
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you have a little fun. this was the scene last night at camden yards. that was josh hamilton leading the charge for the texas rangers along with some other guys from the team. this was during a rain delay in baltimore last night. the game ended up being washed out. they will play two today. >> a little slip and slide. 5:26. the news is not so good for the nationals a. lost yesterday their third game in a row. >> but is great news for the capitals. they won game 6 against the rangers. game 7 will be saturday night at madison square garden. tim brant has highlights. glaxo again. there will be a game seven for the capitals. they dominated play last night beat the rangers, the series at three games apiece. the capitals won 2-1 and are going back to madison square garden for game 7. they jump on the rangers' early.
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ovechkin shoots passed along quest. jason chimera also scored in the second. braden holtby stood on his head. 32 shots on goal. the other came with less than a minute left. has been sensational. capitals win the game 6. final was 2-1. >> the way we ended the last game, there was a lot of desperation and we did not want to go home yet. >> it's awesome. we are fortunate to be playing these games. isn't aware garden is a fun place to play. it would be a great feeling to get to win. -- madison square garden is a fun place to play. >> game 7 is saturday night between the capitals and the rangers. >> 5:27 right now, 53 degrees. the news continues at 5:30.
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>> a proposal to extend our hours in the district is not necessarily off the table. a compromise plan is being considered. >> plus, president obama once again making history. on the same-sex marriage shift, coming up. >> we are in a transition zone in the weather at. i will let you know what that means for tem
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a big announcement from president obama right in the middle of his reelection campaign. every action to his support of same-sex marriage. good morning, washington. it's thursday, may 10. sti am cynne simpson.
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>> i am steve chenevey. we start with traffic and weather. lisa baden. >> there's a collision on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway in the same location. here's a picture on the inner loop at georgia avenue. left lane is blocked. and we have one on the outer loop near connecticut avenue. two separate accidents near each other. outer loop after connecticut and inner loop at georgia avenue and 270 southbound near 80 urbana has an accident. now adam caskey. >> we are going to have bright sunshine today. we are in the transition zone from the rainy pattern for the past couple days back to sunshine. today is the transition and it will be gusty, significantly less humid and:. here's a live look from chesapeake beach over the bay. you see the edge of the cloud deck in the distance over the eastern shore and moving into
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the atlantic's. bright sunshine in store today. 56 at chesapeake beach, 51 in washington and rockville, 52 in fredericksburg to start the day. eyes will be near 720. 64 degrees at lunchtime. but it will be gusty. northwesterly winds at 50-20 adding a chill in the air. we will warm into the upper 70's by the weekend with more sunshine. now to lisa. >> we are did did that. we will just move on. >> we want to start with president obama making history on the issue of same-sex marriage. >> it happened during an exclusive interview yesterday with abc news. he shifted his previous stance and says he supports same-sex marriage. now more from brianne carter in the newsroom. >> president obama once again making history becoming the first sitting president to endorse same-sex marriage a. he made the comment that he thinks same-sex couples should be able to get married during
5:33 am
an exclusive interview with robin roberts. he says this is an issue that has been discussed within the white house for years. he has been under intense pressure to have a clear stance on the issue. earlier this week and vice- president joe biden and other advisers andit. president obama says that may have put a faster time line on the issue, but he insists his decision came after discussion with staff friends, and family including his two daughters. >> we had been talking about their friends and their parents and sasha and malia, it would not dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. it does not make sense to them. >> this is the issue should be left up to the states. 30 states currently have constitutional ban on same-sex marriage while six states and the sea of same-sex couples to marry. coming up on good morning america on abc 7 more on that interview and more analysis on the president's announcement.
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abc 7 news, brianne carter >> . d.c. council considering a compromise plan that will allow borrowers to stay open later. the washington times reports bars would be allowed to stay open until 4:00 a.m. on federal and d.c. holidays, they weakened, and the week of the presidential inauguration. mayor vincent gray wanted to keep the bar is open until 3:00 a.m. on weekdays and 4:00 a.m. on weekends all the time. the council knocked down that plant to. zynga services today for the church secretary fatally shot a week ago at a church in ellicott city. a homeless man had received help at the church and then he shot the pastor and the church secretary and then killed himself. the funeral for the secretary will be this act at st. john in ellicott city. drivers use in the southeast southwest freeway the eighth street exit ramp for the
5:35 am
westbound freeway will close permanently if around 10:00 this morning. signs will guide the drivers to a detour. a new ramp will open up in july. 52 degrees. >> still ahead a twist to the outcome of a plot. who really foiled the plan? >> learn if john edwards' and mistress is expected to take the stand.
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>> i am jody with gallery 555 pc on 12th street. i support the washington metropolitan artists. the exhibit changes every month. support your local arts community. good morning, washington. >> in college i took a pottery class as a general elective a. developed a huge appreciation for it because i was absolutely horrible. rights and sent to start the day in arlington once the sun rises at 6:00 with just a few clouds out there. edge of the cloud deck is in the distance. 52 degrees at washington-lee high school where it we have this camera. in the '50s pretty much everywhere. 57 and the district -- in the
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district, low 50's northwest of washington to start this thursday morning. rise in the mid 60's and the potomac highlands to about 70 degrees downtown -- highs in the mid 60's and the potomac highlands. any, gusty, cooler today, less humid. still low humidity tomorrow as well. the weekend, norman a little, near 80 degrees by saturday and sunday. sunshine throughout, but a little added cloud cover on mother's day, but at least mother's day looks dry. and the roads are dry this morning. >> but we had a crush on both sides of. first i will take you to the outer loop, west of connecticut avenue the crash is after this camera shot. newschopper 7 is on the way. stick around. we will take you to 395 northbound past duke street, leading the beltway still on their way and it's good open to
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the pentagon and good on 66. the entrance escalators are out of service today at the foggy bottom station according to metro. if you take the blue line or orange line, trains are on normal service for. foggy bottom station is open, but the entrance escalators are out of service again. >> thanks so much. platoon reports this morning about how the recent fall, a plot to bring down a plane was really foiled. cnn reports the man was stopped the bombing plot was not a cia double agent. he worked undercover for saudi intelligence. the saudi counterterrorism officials are upset that details of the operation were leaked in the united states because it could compromise a network of agents working inside al bayda. >> ticking as a nomination, a chicago jury will resume deliberations in the trial of the man charged with killing three members of jennifer hudson's family. jurors that the case against william balfour after a heated round of closing argument yesterday. is accused of killing the
5:41 am
actress and singer's mother, brother, and nephew in 2008. he faces mandatory life sentence if convicted. we may know why a mississippi man allegedly abducted but tennessee mother and her three daughters. adam mayes thought that he might be the father of jo ann bain's two young as daughters. the bodies of the woman and her 14-year-old daughter were found behind his home. authorities are searching for him. he is believed to have the two young girls the. is on the 10 most wanted list for the fbi. >> prosecutors plan to wrap up their case today against the former presidential candidate john edwards, but rielle hunter will not testify? . is not among witnesses the prosecutors said they planned to call to the stand, but the defense could question her when it presents its case. edwards has pleaded not guilty to campaign finance violations. from the crowd of 41 on this thursday morning, 54 degrees. >> learn how local arts program
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is helping turn around the lives of inner-city children in prince george's county. >> and up against a wall. the capitals get it done last night. rocking the re ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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>> to lead 5, surprising new information in the case of trayvon martin and george zimmerman, we are on the scene in florida at the gated community where martin was killed. -- . tonight at 5:00hear the neighbors are saying. that's tonight at 5. >> the top three skills employers look for when hiring. we're going live to a job fair today for what every applicant needs to know. >> it's not what you might think. stick around for that and learn the best skills to have. for the first time, the fda could approve a drug to prevent hiv infection 7 is on your side with. 6:00 with details.
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>> and later, why a local family was on jimmy kimmel live last night. >> and the latest on the president's historic announcement on gay marriage, all at the top of the hour. >> 5:45 is the time. >> good news for capitals fans last night. >> the team lives on to play game 7 against the new york rangers on saturday. john gonzalez is live at the verizon center this morning with a recap. good morning. >> this was the best three hours of sleep never. capital started off strong pan's control the entire game. another distressful finished. would you expect? we are becoming very familiar with these last minute, tense games, scoring with a minute left the rangers' scoring the and the capitals win. after suffering the most painful loss of the season, these guys
5:47 am
keep fighting back. they are now 4-0 in the postseason after an overtime game. they tied the series in front of a home crowd and will play in game 7. >> the way we ended the last game, there was a lot of desperation and we did not want to go home yet. >> the rookie goalie was outstanding again. and the superstar alex ovechkin did not disappoint. he orderly and that set the tone for the rest of the night. >> pretty fortunate we get to play these games. >> now the series goes back to broadway. prime time saturday night. >> msg is a fun place to play. it will be a great feeling to win in that building. >> the capitals will attempt to come back from a 3-2 series for
5:48 am
the first time in their history. some of the loudest cheers were for brandon holdtby. hard to believe he was in the minor league just months ago. >> we will switch gears. going to the putting green. chance for you to get an entry in our chipping contest, which will give you a a spot in the chipping tournament against tiger woods. >> the winner will also get a two weeklong fieldvip tickets for a the at&t nationals in june. watch and listen. today's clue is "putt." go to our facebook page and use that to enter the contest. will pick a winner next thursday. can anyou can enter once a day
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till then a. there's a program changing the lives of young people in prince george's county. >> in moves them into productive members of society. the impact could go well beyond the children. >> this 11-year-old is growing up in a neighborhood plagued by drugs and crime. there's a lot of people in gangs and a lot of violence. he struggles to stay out of that world, but he has found a passion. the only thing i like to do is dance. >> a new program has given him a chance to explore this away from the streets. >> it really helps me. >> higher hopes to the outcomes has joined the school for the arts to help local teenagers write and perform a play about themselves. it is entitled "little red riding in the hood."\
5:50 am
it tells the story of a girl who can achieve great things. >> you cannot do some things just to beat me cool. >> bruce the founder says the arts function as a popular and positive way to draw kids in. once he has their attention, the real work can begin, and entering them into positive productive members of society. they become more outspoken and more active. the kids say it does not stop with them. they want to show the community if what together they can achieve. >> a lot of people come to see our plays, so it is holding up a mirror and showing them how things can be. we are trying to change the community for the better. >> the show will start a 7:00 p.m. tonight check out our website for details. ben eisler, abc 7 news. >> so much creativity and talent. we have an up close and personal
5:51 am
look at the late steve jobs in his early days. >> do mac users really book fancier hotels users? have we thought about that before? we will find out from linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> if you about thought about it, now's the time. the hotel industry may like mac users. mac users are 40% more likely to book a five-star hotel than pc users. things like that may influence what type of hotel certain web sites recommend to users. and some newly released video of the late steve jobs. look at this. 1985 footage of the apple co- founder. the video is set to the tune of ghostbusters and it was aiming
5:52 am
at big blue, apple's biggest competitor at the time. here's another video of steve jobs at his 30th birthday. he no idea there would be so much interest when they started posting the videos of steve jobs. back to you. >> thank you. >> in know when they did the ghostbusters spoof they got there were the coolest people in the world. >> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we have adam caskey here. good morning. >> it's a great thursday morning. it is gusty out there. it will be gusty today. let's look at annapolis first the severn river into the bay. you can see the edge of the cloud decks in the distance. currently 64 degrees at the naval academy -- 54.
5:53 am
bright sunshine today. we got some rain yesterday 0.85 inches into pennsylvania. three-quarters of an inch in arlington. temperatures in the low to mid 50's at this time. the wind is picking up a little. clocking gusts at 20 miles an hour in d.c. hagerstown and martinsburg, 22 miles an hour out of the northwest. that is the cooler and drier direction of the wind. so that's less humid. bright sunshine as well. there's the rain that moved through last night and it's now moving up the eastern seaboard and into new england. we are transitioning into a damp weather pattern into the high- pressure system. we are in the transition zone and that usually means gusty wind. that holds true for today. northwest wind this afternoon at 35 miles an hour at times. we're in the fifties right now 57 in the district. a comfortable start to the day. refreshing. open the windows and let in the
5:54 am
fresh air. it will not be nearly as human as the past couple days. high temperatures in the upper 60's with sunshine. senate tomorrow, still breezy. rebounding to near 80 on the weekend with added clouds on sunday for mother's day. what is the latest on the commute? >> it was a collision on both sides of the beltway. near the mormon temple. that crash is gone on the inner loop and how low. this is that rockville pike. i love that. the beltway is moving nicely. light volume on 270. looks good to the american legion bridge and to the mormon temple. we will talk about metro rail because we have red line delays, single-tracking because of a track problem outside the silver spring station and the foggy bottom entrance escalators are out of service today. we will have more information's not only on traffic and weather but the ne
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>> get ready to see some old faces on the new season of "dancing with the stars." revenue they would do this eventually. season 15 will likely be an all- star auditioned with possible people returning like mario lopez and mel b. kyle leslemassey spilled the beans.
5:58 am
abc is not commenting on the report. it would be good to see the all stars return. coming up in the next hour. more on president obama's big announcement on supporting gay marriage >> . and lisa baden helping us navigate the thursday morning commute.
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