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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> washington forces a game 7 in style. >> the president takes a stand on same-sex marriage. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the morning to you washington. it is thursday, may 10. after another damp start out there. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. we will have a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we would check with adam caskey. birth, lisa baden. >> we are rocking on the highway this morning. in virginia across the wilson bridge two racks on the beltway. problems with metro rail with a track problem outside the silver
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spring station. red line customers have been additional weight. the foggy bottom entrance escalator is out of service. here we are moving nicely on the beltway at connecticut ave. >> lisa, i am always rocking the red in the weather center. supporting the caps with my party. we are witnessing the sunrise this morning. one minute and 11 seconds ago. a cloud still shrouding out that early morning sun. it will be a bright and sunny day. cordis outside. 60 degrees. morningside maryland, 57. carlsbad, 53. 50's pretty much everywhere. northwesterly winds up to 30 miles per hour at a time. less humid. a refreshing breeze. crack open the window. let that fresh air circulate. a few degrees warmer. otherwise, pretty much the same
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thing. >> president obama's evolution over now. he has become the first president ever to endorse same- sex marriage. >> at a certain point, i have concluded that for me personally it is important for me to affirm that i think same- sex couples should be able to get married. >> the announcement played during an exclusive interview on abc. it thrust the issue into the national spotlight. it ignited a firestorm of support and criticism. >> reaction is strong on both sides of the issue. president obama's statement comes a few days after the vice president made a statement saying he supported same-sex marriage. the president acknowledges joe biden's comments may have forced the issue but his decision came over many years.
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in a an exclusive interview president obama that made -- made history, becoming the first u.s. president to endorse same- sex marriage. >> it is important for me to confirm that i -- affirm that i think things sextuples should be able to get married. -- same sex couples should be able to get married. they are often with their friends and their parents. it would not dawn on them that somehow their friend's parents would be treated differently. >> the president's move to inject another issue into the to the the 12 race. mitt romney says on this issue he remains resolute. >> i have the same issue on marriage that i have expressed many times -- marriage is a relationship between a man and woman. >> same sex is heating up in maryland.
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it could be on the ballot this november. >> he is a wonderful leader to come out and say that he supports it. >> i think this really needs to be something people think about and not kind of manipulate by public relations. >> president obama says he believes the issue should be left up to the states. this comes one day after north carolina passed an amendment banning same-sex marriage, the third state to do so. >> the president taking his use found support on the road now. today, the commander in chief will fly to washington state and california. a fundraiser at the home of george clooney. that event has raised $15 million for the reelection campaign thanks to a combination of donors and a ticket raffled for anybody who wanted a chance to share in the glitz and
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glamour. >> supporters of same-sex marriage here in maryland, the press the's support will help them at the ballot box. gov. o'malley signed a bill in march to force a referendum. critics of the president's announcement says the states will vote with conscience. we want to know what you think. please send us eight weeks or post a comment on our facebook page. we will post responses coming up. >> taking a look at the day ahead -- the man who shot an off-duty state trooper will learn his punishment tonight. he was convicted in february of first-degree murder for the shooting death of wesley brown after an altercation at a restaurant where brown was working security. prosecutors wrapped up their case against john edwards today but it does not appear his mistress, rielle hunter, will
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testify. edwards has pleaded not guilty to using secret payments to cover up his up -- his affair with hunter. findings about what caused brake problems on real cars will be prevented to date -- presented today. mechanical petite on the friction of rain caught the part to fail twice in january. also today, metro's board will get an update on the rush plus plan. >> today, a fairfax county neighborhood is on edge and police are on high alert after someone abducted and rob a man outside its home. >> the nightmare began wednesday morning along cumberland avenue in springfield. it ended on piedmont place. >> good morning. at this is a very scary ordeal
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for the 22-year-old victim. he tells police that early yesterday morning he was walking out of this house on cumberland avenue in springfield walking to his car to go to work when he was approached by three men, one of them showing him a handgun. they forced him into his car and told him to drive them to two different atms wary took out an undisclosed amount of money. after they robbed him, they forced him into the trunk of his own car. people living in the neighborhood say they are shocked. >> you never know who it can happen to. it could have happened to anyone. >> it is pretty shocking. >> police are looking for three men between the ages of 18 and 25, all of them wearing a hooded jackets and masks.
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>> let's move to the ice. the capitals quest for the cup has come down to another game 7. here is how it happened. >> all about being in the right place at the right time. that is where jason was. that put the caps up two- nothing. the rangers got a lucky bounce in the third, but the home team held on, forcing game 7 saturday back in new york. >> a little momentum going into this game. >> they are doing well so far. >> still ahead and out by the terror plot broken up by a cia spy. now parties want to know who leaked the agent's identity. >> plus a white house tribute.
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♪ >> stevie wonder helped the president honored a legendary -- burt bacharach and hal david in the east room. they played songs like "raindrops keep falling on my head." >> looks like a pretty impressive evening over there. 6:11 is the time. we will start things off with adam caskey. he is outside right now.
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>> of the rain is out of here. no sign of any rain anytime soon until the early part of next week. it is very refreshing outside. i did not step out here just to get a whiff of the refreshing, thursday morning air. i came to get the -- get a whiff of the new-car smell. our ford fiesta. you have a chance to win. go to to enter. you can enter every day. all the way through the end of next week. if you share the fact that you entered this contest on facebook, you get two additional injuries. conceivably, you could have 3 injuries per day. the finalist -- a final list will be drawn every day. the news will be announced on abc 7 news at 5. call us within 30 minutes and
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you are officially a finalist. 16 finalists will be put into a pool and one winner will be drawn later on this month. this ford is pretty decked out. it has that microsoft synched system in it. it is way more advanced than any automobile i drive. we are also giving away $3,000. that will pay for the taxes on the gift, if you will. also the first 27,000 miles in gas money. whether today a nice a refreshing. crack open the windows this afternoon. we are on our way to act 70 with bright sunshine and gusty winds. lisa, what is the latest on the road? >> really busy. a five car crash in laurel. northbound baltimore park way. the ramp from 198 to go south on the baltimore-washington parkway is closed.
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we had a crash this morning on the beltway -- connecticut avenue, but that is gone. both directions, a separate rack but everything is clear. in potomac, a bicyclist hit by a big nickel falls road near brickyard road. we will have more from metro rail in our next report. >> thank you so much, lisa. 6
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>> brenda burlington will be laid to rest at 1:30 this afternoon at st. john's parish. randy babbitt will stand trial
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for drug driving charges. rosa parks was honored for human rights. >> today, the university of phoenix will team up with careerbuilder for a free job fair. we have result of a survey that shows what employers are looking for. starting us live with more details, jason. good morning. >> how are you? >> fantastic. the big thing is it is a great job fair. employers are taking part in this. the key here is letting people who are seeking jobs know what it is the employers are looking for in them when it comes to skills. what is it? >> what we have found through our research is there is tension
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about what employers want to see from them in terms of a particular skill set. we have found a disconnect between what a prospective employees want to demonstrate to an employer in an interview setting and what the employer is actually looking for. for instance, employers really value that they are looking for problem-solving and critical thinking skills above all else. prospective employees by employers were looking for someone willing to take on new skills and able to learn new things. while both of those skills are important, we find it is helpful to these prospective employees to let them know what employers are looking for some of the can match that in their job search strategy. >> we are looking at a few more on the screen right now. if you really break it down, it seemed like the job seekers are saying i am willing to learn but the employers are saying i
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want you to be able to execute what we are looking for. am i on target? >> absolutely. there is also a time of transition. employers are telling us that is the point of injury. when you jump into a job in this economy, we need to get right down to it, get involved, a jump right in, start problem-solving and critical thinking, and generating value to the enterprise. >> positions like business development and i t, finance health care, and sales among evers. we thank you for joining us. 10:00 until 3:00. thanks so much. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> for more details, we will put them on our website, >> save the post offices and a casino comeback. we have those stories and more.
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quite good morning. it is taking awhile to find a right first job. a rutgers study says many college graduates are settling for any job rather than holding out for a dream job. the postal service is suspending plans to close at 3700 small post offices. the agency hopes congress will move more quickly on a postal overhaul plan. honda will not have to play a hybrid of $10,000. in l.a. judge has reversed the judgment that found honda had overstated the hybrid's phil economy. there is another sign of the recovery. casinos are doing better. revenues up 3% over all. jobs are holding steady, although workers are not making quite as much. that is "america's monday." >> it is day two of our tipping
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contest. you have a chance to enter a chip shot contest with tiger woods. this is huge. >> the winner also gets two week-long vip tickets to the at&t national in june. >> what good morning washington every day. listen for our daily quiz. today's clue is "putt." go to facebook and use the clue to enter the contest. you can enter once each day. >> this will be like playing catch with stephen strasburg. you cannot get any better than that. >> what can i say. 6:21. we want to get a look that traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa baden, good morning to you. >> we have delays on the red line.
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there is a track problem at silver springs in the foggy bottom entrance as the letter is out of service. news jobber 7 is flying over the baltimore washington parkway. this is reported to be number down near 198. five cars involved. back inside. >> we are going to take you to our ruth cham where you can see the sun rise over the district. there is the kennedy center. notice that sunshine overhead for the day. quite a different story yesterday. let's go to camden yards from last night. baseball players get a little bored when they are waiting around for a rain delay. this is turning into a fun game. the ultimate slip and slide. the grounds crew put out the big tarp to protect the infield robbery -- the infield's .
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a little dusty out there. 70 miles per hour in the district. later on, at dusk closer to 30 miles per hour. a rather breezy day today. we will add another little chill to the air. a little cooler outside by about 10 degrees compared to the past couple of mornings. this afternoon near 70 degrees. a few degrees below average. with that wind out -- with the wind out of the northwest, it will feel cooler at times but there is that rain in new england. a good healthy beneficial rain yesterday. over half an inch at reagan national. we are transitioning from that damp and gray weather pattern to this high pressure system with bright sunshine throughout the transition a dusty northwesterly wind. tomorrow will be a little bit breezy as well. a little warmer as well. 24 hours from now, we could have a few upper 30 degree readings
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in the valley. at the moment, 50 in the district. 55 in fredericksburg. on our way to the upper 60's. tomorrow, in the mid 70's. sunshine i into the weekend with a little cloud cover on mother's day. right near 80 degrees for saturday and sunday. it looks like the next chance of rain is monday. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. 6:23 at the time. >> why millions of phone calls to 911 in new york are fake. we will tell you why.
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>> say hello to -- >> and amy. >> this is really cool on jimmy kimmel last night. members of a local family from maryland on jimi kimmel via skype with the scavenger hunt. >> that story is pretty incredible. >> they did some fun things. one of the things they did was most embarrassing outfit that you had. seanhawn brooks is one of the family members. we asked how they got sick. he said chico and aimee set a
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video. he is wearing a bathrobe that is pink and purple. he says he looked a lot different. >> we will not hold it against you. did you know that in new york they get hundreds and thousands of butt dials to 911 every day. 4 million calls a year. that is 38% of their calls. they are 10 seconds or less. that is the from people who had no intention of having to call 911. >> they had to call back to find out if there was a real emergency or not. 6:27 right now. the number we are watching out side right now
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> it to the golden rule. treat others the way you want to be treated. >> straight ahead, the president's historic evolution. he now supports same-sex marriage. the fallout from supporters and critics. it is now 6:30 on for the morning, may 10. i am steve chen added. >> i am cynne simpson. we will have a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> if it's a great morning. refreshing outside. low humidity. a bit of a chill in the air. breezy. overall, very refreshing. lower humidity. more comfortable conditions. there is a look at fairfax early this morning. nothing but sunshine to kickstart your third day. sunny today all the way through the weekend. 52 at dulles.
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55 at elected in part. temperatures were they should be this time of year. upper 60's for most of us. right of around 70 degrees around the beltway in downtown. most of the metro area in the lower 70's. gusty winds. we have the seven day forecast coming up. quite the foggy bottom entrance escalator problem has been resolved. work continues on the red line. expect red line delays. we'll take you to news chopper 7. they were flying over an accident now taken care of. lanes are open up to nfa. southbound moving at the normal pace out of laurel. more to come but now the news. >> it is a plot 32. president obama makes a historic declaration. >> i have just concluded that for me personally it is
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important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think -- affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> president obama became the first sitting president to say he supports gay marriage. it ended years of what the president called and evolving stance on the issue. mr. obama said his family helped him change his mind. he was under intense pressure to clarify his position, which came a day after north carolina approved a constitutional ban against gay marriage. not everyone agrees with the president, including mitt romney. >> marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. >> despite showing support for same-sex marriage, the president said it is up to states to decide how to handle the issue. 31 states have enacted gay marriage bans.
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we have had a lot of reaction to the announcement. >> for more on the press the's announcement and the impact it could have on his campaign, we turn now to add the. happy thursday. let's talk a little about this. where does this put the president? >> it puts him in an uncertain place. he is doing this in part because there is a lot of support among democrats, among that gave voters, among young voters to support same-sex marriage. on the other hand, in a lot of swing states, it is unclear what the electoral impact will be. colorado florida, and north carolina will have conventions this fall. >> one place where it has been
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debated many times is california. that is where the president will be out later today at the big fund-raiser at george clooney's house. tell us a little bit more about the precedent's endeavors. >> he is going to be talking to a group of very adoring supporters people who have waited for him to make this a complete. the fund raisers this weekend will be very good for the president's coffers. he will raise millions of dollars. as much as $12 million at george clooney's fund-raiser. it will be very important for him to cash in on the decision he made yesterday and make a statement about why he did it. it will be an opportunity for him to speak to the electorate. >> he is getting a lot of attention for both issues. but the same sex issue in the sea in the fund raising in cent -- i nbc and the fund raising in california. >> one u.s. official said the
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probe came after stories of the would-be suicide bomber was a double agent working for both u.s. and saudi intelligence. that agent foiled a plot to detonate a sophisticated underwear bomb on an airplane. >> the man who shot and killed an off-duty maryland state trooper will learn his punishment. he faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced today. he was convicted of first-degree murder for the shooting death of was the ground after an altercation at a restaurant where brown was working security. a jury will resume deliberations in the trial of a man charged with killing members of jennifer hudson's family. william belfour is accused of killing hudson's mother brother, and nephew in 2008. he faces life in prison if convicted. metro's board meets today to
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hear a report on what causes problems on real cars. mechanical fatigue on the friction ring of older railcars causes parts to fail twice in january. metro's board would get an update on the rush plus plan. it will provide better rush hour service. the plan takes effect next month. >> there is a new report out about homelessness in the d.c.- metro area. the report shows family homelessness is increased by 23% in the five years since the discussion began. overall, the homeless population is also up by 1%. this year, there are more than 3300 homeless children in the d.c. area. >> it is 6:37 and 54 degrees. >> still to come, do you do -- don't you dare to out of the
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caps out. in game 7 showdown. "
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>> welcome back.
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6:40 is our time. we will have a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> a different kind of weather day out there today. breezy. a little change in the weather pattern. it is bright sunshine as we look across the chesapeake bay. we are going to keep the sunshine all day long. we are looking pretty good across the area. temperatures are running mostly in the 50's. near 70's this afternoon. a little bit cooler than average. the wind is kind of gut the. the satellite system shows the system put off to the east. and have this -- we have had a half inch of rain in the washington. we will be in fine shape heading through the mother's day weekend. as the high pressure moves in,
6:42 am
increasing northwest winds. with that wind in the shady area, you will feel a chill in the air. close to 80 degrees by saturday with sunshine. the same foremother day. late on mother's day afternoon, a few clouds. the nets cold front poised to move in monday or tuesday. there is a chance at the shenandoah valley could get a shower. that is all i have to say. >> thank you so much. >> let's say good morning to lisa baden. >> the entrance escalators are back on line at the foggy bottom station. a track problem in silver springs on the red line. southbound to 70 at 1 and 9. 95 virginia. a collision northbound in woodbridge. delays out of dumfries. this back up is going to take us
6:43 am
to king street. we are open across the 14th street bridge. baltimore washington parkway, a crash on both sides -- open now between the beltway and 32. >> thank you lisa. 6 ipod 42 and 54 degrees. >> the symbolic start to the summer olympics. >> the capitals get it done. we are rocking the r
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>> coming out tonight at 5:00, new information on the case of trayvon martin and george zimmerman. hear what the neighbors are saying now. a report you see only on seven
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tonight at 5:00. >> a mississippi man accused of kidnapping a tennessee family now on the fbi's 10 most wanted list. a manhunt is on the way. police say he killed jo ann bain and our daughter and buried their bodies in their home. documents say he believes he is the father of the children. quite the justice department intend to file a lawsuit against a top arizona sheriff. they will sue him over allegations of a civil-rights violations including racial profiling of latinos. he denies engaging in racial profiling. he says bringing in a court monitor would undermine his authority. >> news in the fight against aids. the food and drug administration will meet today to discuss a steady that says a bill could
6:47 am
help people avoid contracting the virus that causes aids. regulators will see whether truvada should be approved. >> the capitals search for a stanley cup come down to another game 7. >> we are heading back to new york for a saturday showdown. winner-take-all. >> the best three hours of sleep ever. the capital started off strong last night. 88 seconds in, they control the entire game. of course, another stressful finish. what else is new? the rangers score with 1 minute left in the game, but the caps all on. these are the t-shirts fans were buying before the game. keep calm? yeah, right. two nights after suffering the most painful loss of the season, these guys keep fighting back. they are 4-0 after overtime
6:48 am
games. the caps tied the series and will play in the second definitive game 7 during these playoffs with braden holtby. alex ovechkin did not disappoint. he scored early. that set the tone for the entire game. the series goes back to broadway, prime time saturday night. >> another game 7. we are fortunate to be playing these games. it would be a great feeling to win in that building. that would upset a lot of people. quite the capitals will try to come back from a three-two series for only the third time in team history. >> john, i think it is a nap
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when you get three hours, but well worth it. on the baseball field, bryce carper continuing to prove himself in the outfield. no doubting the skills. al expressly with the shot. getting the job done. unfortunately, the pirates beat the nationals 4-2. day two of our chiping contest giving you the chance for an injury to chip against the one and only tiger woods. the winner, also gets to play a little golf with a tiger. two week-long vip tickets to the at&t national tournament in june. watch "good morning washington" every morning and listen for the daily clue. take that pollute, and go to, and enter "putt." you can enter once a day. we will have a different clue
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every day. >> 6 a lot 49. let's check in with lisa baden for a look at the traffic. >> the word is "putt." what is the news on the highway? news choppers seven. is it not beautiful? baltimore-washington parkway. a little bit of volume for you. some debris in the road was quickly cleared. the accidents gone out of the road between the beltway and 32. beautiful trip on 270. who is that loving life this morning? let's go back to the news. >> also, a look at weather. quite good morning. right sunshine sums it up. a nice breeze to dry things out. probably late in the day, the pollen will get crazy.
6:51 am
this is damascus in montgomery county. a beautiful time lapse. it is, to be a spectacular day. looking live from the rooftop camera in arlington. gusty winds and dry air. a satellite and radar shows the storm system rapidly moving to the east, north east overnight. a massive area of high pressure will build back in. the next? is late sunday night as the net cold front comes eastward. maybe at some areas around the mountains will see a brief shower saturday night. temperatures across the region right now are cool. cooler than they have been the past couple of mornings. the winds picking up out of the west as northwest. temperatures just about lower 50's. a chill in the air, but during the course of this thursday, winds up 15-20 miles per hour.
6:52 am
temperatures close to the upper 60's to near 70 degrees. a chill in the air as we head to the days. sunshine, gusty winds approaching 70. cold night. 38-47 degrees. tomorrow, mid-70's's. sunshine. >> thanks so much. have a great thursday. it is 6:52. 56 degrees.
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are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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>> coming up, robyn's exclusive interview with greta van obama. taking a definitive stand on one of the most divisive issues in the country. it could have big consequences of the election to come. quite the that is coming up in a couple of minutes. right now 6:55. the president taking is that you found support for same-sex marriage on the road. he goes to california and washington state for a series of fund-raisers. >> the montgomery county council will hold a discussion about the impact of maggot gas stations in the county. >> rosa parks -- a rosa parks carving will be located in a section devoted to human rights. >> 6 a lot 55. the countdown to the summer
6:56 am
olympics under way. >> the flame lit in ancient olympia just a short time ago. that torch will now be carried around greece before making its way to england in may. the olympus take place july 27 through august 12. they just let that torch a couple of hours ago. quite fantastic. >> i am rocking the rosetta stone. let's take a look of the seven day forecast. while a lot of sunshine today. gusty. you will notice the winds today and tomorrow. upper 60's this afternoon. closer to 80 for the weekend. clouds on sunday. the next chance for rain is monday and tuesday. >> can you say capitals win? >> we have to keep practicing that line.
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