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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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was something that was the right thing to do for our country. it filled my heart with joy. >> i believe marriage is the union between one man and one woman. the president and democrats could talk about this all the one. >> the big question, will this become a campaign issue? the obama and mitt romney campaign say it is unlikely it will produce a major shift. >> some people feel differently. virginia voters could go either way, november. rebecca cooper is live with more on what virginians think about the announcement. >> as you know, this is a key swing state in the campaign. in 2006, they overwhelmingly approved an amendment to ban same-sex marriage. as you noted, in recent polls it shows attitudes shifting and voters more sharply divided.
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how do voters feel? we came here to prince william county to talk to them. from the barber shop -- >> it makes me more energized to get out and vote. >> -- to the bowling alley and voters today weighed in on his change of heart. >> i think it will cost him some votes with some older people that might have been voting for him, but for the younger people equality might help him out. >> some people may not agree with it but they will vote for him because they agree with all the other good things that come along with him. >> voters we spoke to said even in conservative parts of the virginia, there are other issues voters care about more. >> i think health care is a big deal for me. >> gun control, there is concerned he is not as open-
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minded to second amendment rights as he could be. they are worried about the health care issue. >> other voters like tracy martin say they do care and are upset with president obama. >> i do not believe in gay marriages. the bible is man and woman and that is what i believe in. >> white house officials are anxiously waiting to see what polls will show in virginia. it is also playing out in the hotly contested race for the u.s. senate. george allen says he continues to strongly oppose legalizing same-sex marriage. in prince william county virginia, rebecca cooper. >> thank you. there has also been controversy about the timing of the announcement. it happened right after vice- president joe biden gave his support to same-sex marriage.
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he has apologized for getting ahead in the discussion. we ask you today on facebook whether you thought his opinion on same-sex marriage will help or hurt his chances of reelection in virginia. a 46% said it will help and 54% say it will hurt his reelection. thank you for voting. >> then there is this story about mitt romney's response to what appears to be principled as a teenager. the issues come to life in the washington post story today. he was a group of boys who held onto another boy while others cut his hair. he says he does not remember the story but he has changed since high school. >> an on-line petition has begun in response to this we oppose the passage of north carolina oppose a constitutional
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amendment banning same-sex marriage. the democratic party says their plans for september will not change and the convention will be held in charlotte. >> sentencing of a man who killed a state trooper two years ago. ciril williams will spend the rest of his life behind bars. john gonzales has reaction from prince george's county court. >> 29-year-old ciril williams learn his fate this afternoon. >> it has been a long journey for us. the herd the pain, the tragedy of the event -- the hurt, the pain the tragedy of the event. we are glad is over. what people remember this as the applebee's murder. williams was thrown out for being drunk and disorderly.
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he returned an hour later with a gun. >> mr. williams sentence serves the ends of justice today. justice has been served. it provides no consolation to us whatsoever. >> today's sentencing was the emotional filled with heartfelt testimony from troopers his friends and family. >> as a partner, you care for him. he cared for everyone else. you cannot comment about how you feel about it. >> he did get the maximum penalty of life in prison without parole and an additional 25 years. his attorney says his client maintains his innocence and a plan on appealing. >> a fairfax a judge has tossed out drunk driving charges on the
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former head of the federal aviation administration. an officer said he saw babbitt driving on the wrong side of the road. the judge dismissed the case after seeing video of him making a legitimate left turn. >> metro is scrambling to replace 95 the buses pulled off the street because of safety issues including fires. it comes one month after two bust fires within days of each other. the fires were due to design flaws a human error. nobody was hurt. they are using a reserve fleet. pending approval by the board, new buses could be in service by september. still to come, we will tell you about new numbers about the homeless population in the washington area. >> white retirement could be rough for half of america's working class, people who are
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not saving. >> details coming up in a live report.
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>> new details to net about the
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man behind a plot to blow up a u.s. airliner. >> his goal to get past the airport security. we learned the master bomb maker was attempting to upgrade the undetectable underwear bomb. we are also hearing they can turn to pets to take down a plane. >> his sole mission -- to terrorize americans. >> he absolutely hates the united states. he hates what the united states kolter has brought to the world. >> we are letting the hatred is learning the citizen learn new ways to take down a plane.
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even more gruesome, surgically hiding them in pets. >> a range of things that makes them so competent as a bomb maker. he is clearly very innovative. he has a skill to put together these types of bonds. he is very close to the leader of al qaeda. >> his methods are becoming more sophisticated and problematic. that has them preparing for the likelihood of additional strikes coming from al qaeda. >> we want to make sure he does not have the opportunity to build any device whatsoever or impart his knowledge to anyone else who wants to build these devices. >> just last night, five militants were killed in a drone strike in yemen. today he remains at large. >> out a virginia community is
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preparing to say farewell to a community school that was damaged during an earthquake. >> sunny skies to wrap up the work week. >> there is a huge celebration at redskins park.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> the number of homeless families in the washington area is on the rise. >> family homelessness has increased 23% in the last five years. in january of this year, nearly 1800 families were counted as homeless. that includes more than 3300 children. it has increased by 1%. >> there is some hiring that -- there is some evidence that hiring could be picking up across the nation.
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jobless claims dropped to 367,000. the current jobless rate is 8.1%. >> if you are not saving for retirement, you are not a lawn. a new study shows 49% of americans are not contributing to a 4 01 k or ira plan. nearly half say they cannot afford it. most people not saving are in the 18-34 age group. it is predicted social security will run out well before they get to that. >> students, staff, and graduates of thomas jefferson elementary school will get a chance to reminisce and say goodbye. officials plan to demolish the 58-year-old facility and build a new school. the earthquake was centered in
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the county. >> wish them the best. a different day today. >> it is sunny and breezy. a little on the cool side. a nice warmup coming this way. let's start with a nice time lapse from one of our rooftop cameras just before sunrise. it was a beautiful sunrise. some cloudiness, even though it was gusty and mild at the surface, now that the heating of the day is coming to an end the clouds are disappearing. we will have a cold and the chilly night. 70 and 56 the high and low at reagan national. we could still have wide extremes this time of may. the pollen count is high. i suspect tomorrow will not be much different. we picked up rain the past
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couple of days. still, the latest drought monitors show moderate droughts are still in eastern and delaware. we are still averaging 5 inches below average rainfall as we get into the middle of may, we will get more chances early next week. cool temperatures well below the averages. 65 in baltimore. during the evening with clearing skies and diminishing winds, we will have a chilly overnight. 41-49 the range of temperatures by tomorrow morning. a little warm air to the south, but most is pretty far to the west. that is on our way with temperatures as good a degrees warmer in spots tomorrow and even warmer over the weekend. that high will slide off the coast on saturday and sunday and we will pick up more wins.
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in other slow-moving cold front may give areas west of the city and isolated shower. i think best chances will hold off until monday or tuesday. warming up into the upper 70's and hear a 80's -- near 80's, with the approach of a slow- moving front and a 30% of chances and thunderstorms each and every day next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the washington redskins -- not the players, the team -- 80 years old. >> i bet some of the players feel 80 years old. but i guarantee i do. there is a huge celebration. while they look back at the celebration and the throwback uniforms, i think he is trying
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to put a new face on the washington redskins. the new indoor practice facility is state of the earth. it was christened the joe gibbs bubble. it is filled with some of the greatest redskins of all time. they modeled new throwback uniforms. mike shanahan said it is still about winning with rgiii and the entire team. >> you cannot have a stone unturned. you have to build that foundation. there is going to be some growing pains. he will be here for the next decade and he will bring a lot of excitement to this town. >> everybody hopes that is true. it is way too early for celebration for the capitals, they get ready to go to game 7 under the bright lights of new york. a >> live from new york, it will be saturday night.
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>> both teams will be pumped to play game 7 where the winner takes all. >> the capitals got today off. >> we cannot play the game tomorrow or today so we are just worried about taking care of ourselves right now. >> a chance to win after last night's convincing season saving after which earned them a return trip to madison square garden. >> we keep playing the same way. even back at game 5 where we were six seconds away from winning. we won game two and there. >> they won game 7 on the road in boston. they lost a heartbreaker in triple overtime in game 3. they prevailed somehow last night. >> you will have your ups and downs in the playoffs. they have a lot of character in that room. >> game 7 in new york. for baseball fans strasburg
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will be on the mound tonight. while the nets have lost three in a row harper continues to make big plays. that is our play of the day. harper with a catch in the left field. petersen has his doubts next week his rematch postponed. petersen has been tested positive for drugs. he has failed his drug test. he says it was a mistake and he is sorry about it. that is the beasts -- that is the story out here at redskins park. it was fun to see the old players. i think we all feel like 80. >> bobby mitchell looks good. how is he doing? cox he says he is fine. it is good to see him out here. >> today's 80 is actually --
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>> today's 80. >> that is what i keep telling myself.
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the improvement and advancement of the city. what is up with the family freebies? >> a quick reminder of our card give away. >> you can see them parked outside in arlington and you can get a look at it by going to follow the directions to enter to win the car and $3,000 in cash. you can enter once a day. if you share your entries will give you two additional chances to win. we will pledge a grand -- we will select a grand prize winner. >> bob ryan will have more on the weekend forecast coming up at 11:00. check out our latest blog at some of the top whether movies. a lot of good clubs in there.
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