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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>>live and in hd, this is breaking news. >> >> we have three stories for you to ninth. the first from mississippi where police found gross to have the missing four days. there kidnapper is now dead it. >> authorities in mississippi are confirming that adam mays is believed to have gotten killed. the two girls he accused of kidnapping are found a safe and sound. the search started on april 27 when he was charged with first- degree murder. their bodies were found outside of his home. mays adopted the two younger
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sisters. tonight police were able to track him down to an area near mississippi. when they went to arrest him he turned the gun on himself. >> the girls appear to be unharmed. they also apprehended adam mays. he was pronounced dead at a hospital. >> the girls were taken to a hospital for observation. it is not clear if they were with mays at the time of his death. his wife teresa was also charged with first-degree murder for the death of the girl's mother and older sister. those two girls are safe and sound and in police custody tonight. >> thank you.
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we have breaking news closer to home this evening as well. a scare that led to a has mapped crew -- hazmat crew. >> there was a massive response to the alarms that went off at goddard earlier tonight. check out how many fire trucks came out. we are told multiple radiation alarms went off in one of the buildings. we have just confirmed that apparently these were false alarms. still when it comes to radiation, false alarms are not supposed to happen. you can see how alarmed the fire department is. tomorrow they will have more information on what went wrong and why radiation alarms went off when they should not have.
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>> thank you. we have breaking news coming in now from laurel where a toddler is fighting for her life after she was found under water in a bathtub. the fire department says family members performed cpr after calling 911. the condition of the child is not known. let's get to our other big story of the night. the drunk driving arrest that caused the former head of the faa to resign from his job. just hours ago the charges were dropped. >> jay korff is live to explain why. >> the judge threw out the drunken-driving charge after he saw this. this is the dashboard video that a judge viewed thursday. this left hand turn is what convinced the judge to dismiss
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charges against randy babbitt. an officer pulled him over for driving the wrong way down the highway. the transportation secretary appeared frustrated that babbit did not contact him first. on this day he was vindicated. the judge tossed out the charge insisting the officer did not have a good enough reason to stop him because the video only shows him making what appears to be a legal left-hand turn. the judge dismissed the case before hearing evidence related to the blood alcohol content. the neighbor says he should have. >> if you blow that you have been drinking too much and you should not be behind the wheel. >> according to people with him,
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babbitt was not noticeably impaired. he said in a prepared statement now that this matter has been resolved he can look forward to doing important work within the aviation industry. >> thank you. new at 11:00 a brief scare at the national building museum after a propane canister exploded burning a man's face and hands. he was rushed to a nearby hospital. his condition is not known. one of the most beloved super bowl champions says he has memory problems, suffers from headaches, and has speech problems. that is why he is at the center of a lawsuit against the nfl. >> he is my favorite player of all time. i went to the induction ceremony in 2008. >> their respect monk for far
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more than his receiving skills. he is a man who is known for his integrity is putting his name at the top of the lawsuit, that means something. >> it definitely brings a different light to it. it brings validity. >> he is one of 63 players suing the helmet maker. he says he suffers from a short- term memory loss, headaches, and speech difficulty. in recent years over 1000 players have sued the nfl. the issues of a concussion has been in the news a lot with the recent suicide of junior seau. greg owens played before monk's a day but says that both played in a different era. >> when you got your bowel
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wrong, you went back in there. -- bell rung, he went back in there and play. >> his heyday was back in the 1980's and early 1990's. he won three super bowls including the last one day one in 1991. the quarterback of that team has also recently sued the nfl. >> also knew, we are monitoring a developing story from the food and drug administration. an fda panel has endorsed the first drug shown to prevent hiv infection the in healthy people. it is given to those who may be at high risk of hiv. a final decision is expected by the end of next month. it is important to know that the drug is already given to hiv
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patience who could become infected with aids. >> n n he has been giving tickets to family members for big-time concerts' and sporting events. we uncovered he has given tickets to sold-out bruce springsteen concert. tonight he gets his response to our investigation. >> vincent gray has this guy is week here at verizon center. >> we made an effort to use those tickets as much as we possibly can for the improvement and advancement of the city. clucks while they are intended for city business, documents provided by the mayor's office shows his son and daughter have been given thousands of dollars to tickets to nearly 20 even silver the past year. the mayor's sun has been given over 40 tickets to nine events,
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mostly sold out shows like chris brown, jay-z, kanye west, and the washington wizards. the daughter has also received dozens of tickets taking in shows including taylor swift and disney on ice. >> why do they not with all of their resources by their own tickets? >> i do not know. i actually never looked at the list. >> he did look into and got back to us the next day pointing out what the records show. the majority do go to furthering the business. >> we had i do not know how many nonprofit organizations just to give them an opportunity to say thank you for what you do in the city. >> first of all, my daughter is the official designated first lady of the city. my son is out and about doing things all the time.
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>> the son and daughter are not the only ones taking advantage of the sky suite. lots of employees at city hall and family members are also cashing in on the free tickets. >> records show that the recent bruce springsteen concert, he let them use them with the sun with his son and daughter. >> people say others are more deserving than your two kids what do you say? >> let me know and we will get them tickets. >> the national cathedral is a new home to a sculpture of rosa parks. her refusal to give up a bus seat in 1965 is continue to be a key moment in the anti segregation movement.
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>> still to come, have you seen this yet? prince charles let you have never seen him before. >> big news about the remaining original cast from gray's anatomy. it >> this cover of a mother breast feeding a child much older than an infant was the talk around town.
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>> bad place bedtime -- bad time? the cover has been the talk of town and all over the country tonight. >> the parent strategy behind this photo. >> it is this image that got
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people talking, a mother breast feeding her three and a half year old son. many are questioning of the cover goes overboard? many think it was for shock value. it is the cover that does not really cover enough. the picture bracing the cover of time magazine is creating a controversy almost overshadowing the reason behind it. >> i have no problem with women breast-feeding in public. >> the picture is actually promoting attachment parenting a concept she is using for a second time. >> i feel like i am very in tune with all my children need. >> she used several tenants including breast feeding her son until he was 3 years old. >> i was km this way. i think i grew into a healthy
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confident adult. -- i was apparent hit it this way. i feel like i am doing that with my children as well. >> people think it is some new things it, but it is not. >> at first blush those seeing the image cannot help but blush. >> it is confusing. i do not think it is inappropriate. >> it is just a little weird. you have to grow up. >> the concept of attachment parenting has been around since 1992. while there are interesting methods, those do not seem to be what people have a problem with. what we have heard is the picture just seems to go overboard. >> thank you. new at 11:00, a big story for "
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"gray's " fans. patrick dempsey has signed on to remain on staff. sandra oh, and pmpeo and chambers have all signed on for another season. >> also tonight bob brian there may be two members of the british royalty who may be eyeing your job. we're talking about prince charles and the duchess of cornwall. they received a tour of bbc studios. while there they took turns at the weather wall and gave the forecast. unfortunately, charles called for a cold and rainy day across the united kingdom. then he said, now to your, your
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highness. >> here is the satellite picture. his forecast was not too bad. there you can see at least around the homestead, some chilly, wet weather. meanwhile back here in the colony's this was our day. what a great day with a beautiful sunset. i wanted to show you our time lapse looking over this special city that we have named after a rebel. 59 degrees. sorry about that, your highness. only a little bit of daylight at the tail end of the day. when we get into the summer solstice, our sense is it will not be that different than what it was tonight. the monthly rainfall " -- closing in on 1 inch.
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a windy day over 30 miles per hour. tomorrow will be breezy. has it been warm? it is an overall warm pattern. i think we are in for another long hot summer even though we had nice breaks into the warmth. temperatures were around 70 degrees. you can see some spots to the north into the 40's. as to go through the next couple of days, tomorrow -- overnight tonight and when you go out tomorrow, dry weather in and around us. that will be the story over the weekend. high pressure on us. tomorrow night and on into saturday generally sunny. there is a bit of moisture. it will be in coming our way. that really will not be until late sunday. mother's day itself will be
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fine. tomorrow morning when you get up and head out, maybe a nice warm jacket. it will be a bit on the chilly side. the difference between thursday and friday, when the versus breezy. temperatures mid to high 70's by the afternoon. a little gusty wind. a lot of sunshine even on into mother's day. temperatures by the time we get into mother's day will be the high 70's. some of the moisture may give us a chance for showers. you can always keep posted about the weather 24/7. a new blog about your favorite movies -- the great weather movies of all time. guess what my favorite is? i will tell you later. a nice day tomorrow. >> the perfect storm?
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>> you gave it away. >> the redskins show of some new uniforms and the new bubble. strasburg turns the tide.
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>> the national's fought their way out of a three game losing streak tonight. they got a terrific game out of strasburg. let's pick it up at the top of the sec said. -- sixth. over the bullpen and into the stands. the next batter brian zimmerman walked and would set the stage for laroach. it was a two run during year and it was 3-2 nationals. he struck out seven in a row and ended with six strong innings. he gets his third win of the year and the nationals and their three game skid. the rangers and orioles they started the first game by making american league history. they started with three home runs. they got a couple more later on
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and beat the rangers 6-5. look who it is again. jos hamilton has another home run tonight. he has 15 on the year. the texas rangers beat the orioles a 7-3. a big day at redskins park. now the redskins can prepare for dome games and get out with a new bubble. they showed off their new 80th anniversary uniforms. orakpo is excited about monday so he can meet rgiii. '>> it is another step toward having a good season. getting the whole team together and finding out who we will be going into war with and trying to get better as a whole. >> did you see cabrera on the
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17? he got all wet. he ended with a 9 on the par-3. it looks like he would be rather -- it looks like he would rather be having a root canal. tiger woods shot a 74 and is tied at 100th. in the nba the 76ers eliminated the bulls. they advanced to the second round for the first time since 2003. >> we will be back.
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>> we have a blog on our weather page about the 15 best weather- related movies. my favorite was "the perfect
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storm." "twister"they saw more tornadoes and one day that researchers have seen in years. >> you have to love a flying car. -- flying cow. >> that is true.
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