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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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is attending. whatever polls in battleground states may say. in gay friendly hollywood, the president is finding a receptive audience for his newly stated support for same-sex marriage. even if he was pushed to the sudden announcement by his chatty vice president who on sunday said he was perfectly comfortable with same-sex married couples. >> he probably got out a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit. >> reporter: seeming perhaps a bit irritated, the president told robin roberts he'd always intended to announce this change of position. eventually. >> would i have preferred to have done this in my own way, sure. but all is well that ends well. >> reporter: this afternoon we learned vice president biden apologized to president obama in the oval office for getting ahead of him on this issue. jake tapper, abc news. >> defense secretary leon panetta says a new pentagon report finds that repealing the
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ban on gays serving openly in the military has not affected morale or readiness. panetta says he gets monthly progress reports from military leaders on the impact of the repeal. and in his view, the presence of gays and lesbians in the military has become accepted. mitt romney has now apologized for what he called stupid high school pranks that may have gone a little too far, but he says he never bullied anyone. romney has been accused of being part of the gang that targeted a student presumed to be gay by holding him down and cutting off chunks of his bleach blond hair. the other classmates have come forward to defend romney saying he was clownish but never malicious. the alleged victim has since died but his family is expected to release a statement some time soon. federal investigators have interviewed the colombian prostitute at the heart of the secret service scandal. dania londonio voluntarily met with them at the u.s. embassy in madrid a month after the prostitution scandal broke and cost eight officers their jobs.
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the investigation is almost complete. a chicago jury will begin a third day of deliberations today in the trial of that man charged with killing jennifer hudson's mother, brother and nephew. hudson's former brother-in-law william balfour is accused of the massacre. prosecutors say it was an act of vengeance against hudson's sister, his estranged wife, for refusing to reconcile with him. >> they've been deliberating for a little while now. >> surprising you that it's taking this long? seems to be a slam-dunk case. the defense took 30 minutes for their side. >> it wasn't a slam dunk case for me so i'm not surprised they are grappling with reasonable doubt. >> no forensics. >> the csi effect. >> but strong circumstantial evidence. >> yeah, i think so. but jurors want that csi stuff. talking about other legal cases. the prosecution has wrapped up its case against john edwards after 14 days of testimony. >> the jurors in the case are getting a bit of a breather today as the attorney goes before the judge to argue that now the case should be thrown out because of a lack of evidence.
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abc's scott goldberg is joining us with more on this. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and sunny. the government finished its case against edwards without calling rielle hunter to the stand. it is still possible we'll hear from her as a defense witness. but the prosecutors spent their last day adding to the portrayal of edwards as a liar who was blinded by ambition. john edwards came to court with his parents at his side to listen for one last day to the government's case against him. and he heard his former adviser leo henry talk about political ambition that didn't end even after the presidential candidate's affair with rielle hunter went public. first henry said edwards wanted to be barack obama's running mate or if not, attorney general. and when it became clear obama wasn't interested, he said edwards turned to hillary clinton, offering to endorse her in return for the a.g. job which edwards saw as a stepping stone to the supreme court. the woman at the heart of this
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case did not testify, perhaps because prosecutors weren't sure what rielle hunter, often described as unpredictable, would say about the money spent to cover up the affair. and that is what the case is all about. whether edwards knowingly used campaign money to take care of her. >> maybe they've decided it's a distraction at this point. it could be overkill. maybe they just can't trust her as a witness on the stand so they are opting tactically not to call her. >> reporter: prosecutors ended the day and their case by playing the now-infamous "nightline" interview with bob woodruff in which edwards lies about fathering the child. >> not true. not true. >> reporter: today the jury gets the day off and edwards' lawyers will ask the judge to throw out the entire case. assuming that doesn't happen, the defense will start calling its witnesses on monday. rob and sunny? >> we'll be following that. >> yes, indeed. another story that we've been talking about here. "time" magazine's latest cover photo is turning heads and sparking a flurry of reaction across the country.
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>> yes, for obvious reasons. here's a look at the attention-grabbing shot of a los angeles mother breastfeeding her almost 4-year-old son. the story is all about attachment parenting which promotes a deeper physical and even psychologic bond betwe parent and child. >> yes, attachment parenting also urges moms and dads to co-sleep with their kids, carry them in slings close to their bodies. but i've got to tell you, i nursed both of my children. i am a big believer in breeftfeeding. i think it's very healthy for kids. but if your child can walk up to you or can -- has a lot of teeth or can spell or can say i'm starving, can i have brea breast milk, it's too much. >> that seems to be a little extreme there. i think it's a great cover because everyone is talking about it. so the folks at "time" did their job in terms of creating something buzz worthy. just the image of a kid that looks like he should be out playing a little football.
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>> i mean, look. >> i think it's a little -- >> you don't want to judge, but it's -- i don't know. i'm still curious as to what our viewers think about this. but almost 4 years old. nursing. >> i don't have kids. what is the age they generally stop? >> a year. it's recommended to do it for at least a year and then i think the academy of pediatricians say over that, it's up to the mother and the child in terms of comfort. but i don't know that there are any real health benefits to breastfeeding your 4-year-old. >> well it is uncomfortable. >> 4? >> i'll let you mamas debate that one. here's your friday forecast. stormy across much of texas and louisiana with the heaviest rain and flooding from corpus christtoi houston. rainy day in the colorado and new mexico rockies. scattered thunderstorms from nebraska into the upper midwest. 70s from omaha to chicago and detroit. 69 in boston. 80 in new orleans. mostly 60s from seattle to salt lake city. just 56 in colorado springs.
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90 in sacramento. >> i can't get over this. >> i'll take it. as we said, we have a touching scene to share with you. maternal instinct on full display. >> here, too. take a look at this baby ilfant in south africa stuck in a watering hole in danger of drowning. have no fear. mom as always comes to the rescue using her trunk to nudge the little one to safety. >> but the mom gets stuck herself. she manages to make it out and then all the other moms gather to give her what looks like a rousing round of applause elephant-style. way to go, mom. >> moms are always there. what a great little troo to share on this mother's day weekend. lots to be thankful to moms for. they do a lot. >> can always count on mom. >> no matter what age. coming up, some medical news you may want to pass along to your mom on mother's day. get ready to pay attention. >> on top of that, prince charles taking on that daftardly scottish weather from the safety
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of a tv studio. he's doing the weather. he's in the forecast right here on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by arriva medical. ♪
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this next story affects millions of americans taking drugs like fosomax to prevent and protect against osteoporosis. two years ago dr. richard besser broke that story. >> his investigation showed for some people at least, long-term use of these drugs can actually increase the risk of a fracture. now the government has reacted. here's dr. besser with an update. >> reporter: it's a terrifying sound. the snap as your own leg breaks beneath you. jennifer snyder 3rd while standing on a subway. >> i was on the subway and the train jolted and i felt a big crack and i fell down to the ground.
2:47 am
>> reporter: sandy potter heard it while jumping rope with neighborhood children. >> i went up in the air and came straight down to the ground. the pain was excruciating. >> reporter: carol heard it as she simply put her foot down. >> i walked into my husband's bedroom and my leg just broke. i just went down. >> reporter: their thigh bones had snapped in two, literally. look at the x-ray. the strongest bone in their bodies in pieces. and the drug that was supposed to prevent broken bones is the very drug that caused it. a government study in the "new england journal of medicine" said for some people, osteoporosis drugs like fosamax actotonel and reclaft may do more harm than good if you take them too long. if you've taken them longer than five years, now is the time. schedule a talk with your doctor or you might end up with a photo you never want to take. for the right women using these drugs for the right amount of time, they're great drugs and prevented many, many fractures. so talk to your doctor and find out which group you fall into. dr. richard besser, abc news,
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new york. >> as we said, this can affect a large number of women. apparently according to some of the fda's recommendations. as many as 70% of women currently taking these kind of drugs could stop healthily after five years. >> that's significant. >> it's not something you need to stay on forever. >> according to the fda doctors wrote more than 150 million prescriptions for biophosphonates. coming up. devices you may be interested in. and that's in the morning papers. >> but first, prince charles going all sam champion on us. a classic and unexpected tv appearance coming up next. >> announcer:
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sleep is overrated. you're watching abc "world news now."
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>> lord have mercy. that is one of our favorite guests of all time. you may have seen her yesterday. aunt barbara. hopefully you did catch her on the show. a couple of great segments. >> even if you didn't see it yesterday, you can check out the entire thing. it's all online at >> check it out. now, in my entire broadcasting career, rob is the closest thing i've come to sitting next to a prince. no question about it. >> you lie well. >> i've sat next to a lot of frogs. over in britain when viewers of the bbc turned on their tellies, they saw a real prince. >> viewers probably thought they were hallucinating. but they did see prince charles and camilla doing the weather. david wright has more. >> let's take a look at the weather forecast now. >> reporter: since the day he was born, he's been groomed for one job. and forecasting is not part of the job description. >> we head towards the end of the week, this afternoon it will be cold, wet and windy across
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most of scotland. >> reporter: then again, the job he's waited for for 63 years doesn't look like it will be vacant anytime soon. his royal highness, prince of wales, earl of chester, duke of cornwall, et cetera, et cetera, has been heir apparent longer than anyone in british history. a lifetime of ribbon cutting and ground-breaking and courteous glad handing that must wear thin even for someone who was born to do this. in 2005, posing on the ski slopes with his sons, prince charles was overheard expressing contempt for the royal press corps. >> i can't bear them. >> reporter: can you blame him? these days, he doesn't even get to be the handsome prince. that job is now played by his sons. yet bbc's scotland, the duchess of cornwall gave it a shot. and her husband, the prince,
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> always amazing technology. check out this video from japan. a new robotic vacuum named coco robo. this thing speaks three different languages, including english. it will talk to you by saying things like, long time no, see. even will tell you hello. it will send you pictures as it carries out its chores. there's an iphone app for this thing where you can control its movements from your iphone. it will live stream the view from your carpet as this whirls around the house cleaning. so this is the latest big hit out of japan. the robotic vacuum taken to a whole new level. it talks, sends pictures and everything. >> doesn't look like it cleans that well. that's just me.
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it's too small. this is the other thing. a new bra called the triumph supercool bra was unveiled in tokyo. apparently it comes complete with some gel pads. it's supposed to keep you cool in the summer. the cooling piece of fashion was created by the underwear giants who encouraged japanese citizens to cut down on air conditioning. no woman wants an ice bra. this is something that was created by a man. >> i'm just worried someone could lose an eye. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪
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this kid got some skills. for more information, visit esrb dot org. this morning on "world news now" -- found alive. the young girls who were missing for two weeks are safe and sound this morning. >> the man who kidnapped them after killing their mother and sister is dead. it's friday, may 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. some late-breaking developments in the story that's had our attention since late last month. the amazing part of it is two young lives were saved. >> you have to believe this is against the odds a little bit here. there were some grim predictions on the way this case would end. those girls being found alive
3:01 am
was not the outcome most had their money on. who saw this one coming in the race for the white house? mitt romney's campaign this morning dealing with some new allegations that romney bullied a fellow student in high school. you running for president, they're going to dig up everything you've ever done and said. going back almost 50 years to his high school days. >> it's a character issue. some say, you know, you show me the 15-year-old. i'll show you the man. >> could be -- they are going way back in the file here. romney saying, obviously, i have evolved since then and getting into defense this morning. then it's like a new gold rush going on in the planes and lots of other places around the country. black gold that is, as in oil. our correspondent went to texas and talked to some of the new rich there. plenty of others are hoping to join their ranks. >> finding millions in your own backyard. wouldn't that be nice. >> can you imagine? it would be really nice. >> let's all go to kansas. also the big debut at the box office. "dark shadows" starring johnny
3:02 am
depp is get something lukewarm actually reviews from critics. we'll see what's up there in "insomniac theater." coming up later in this half hour. also we want to say good-bye again, kind of, maybe to sunny after another two weeks. this is your last night with us. at least for a while. for the foreseeable future. >> yes. we'll see. >> you never know around here. >> i may be back. >> it's been fun. here we go. one good show. more good shows to come. the big news of the morning. the two sisters are safe this morning after the harrowing ordeal. >> the girls were kidnapped after their mother and older sister were murdered. abc's larry jacobs has the latest details on their rescue. >> reporter: adam mayes who kidnapped them after allegedly killing their mother and older sister is dead. >> preliminary reports indicate mayes shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. >> reporter: the two murders spurred a desperate race against time to find the elusive mayes and his captives before he could
3:03 am
kill again. adam mayes was charged with murdering jo ann bain and her 14-year-old daughter adrienne and kidnapping bains' two younger daughters. his motives are unclear. mayes may have thought the two girls were his daughters. >> there was two little girls that he was just absolutely obsessed with. he was claiming that those two children were his. >> he made us all think that that was his kids. >> reporter: mayes was on the fbi's most wanted list as authorities scoured the country for him and the two girls. mayes and his wife teresa were charged with first-degree murder. police say she has confessed saying mayes killed jo ann in the bains' tennessee garage and doctor aen e-- adrienne inside house. larry jacobs, abc news. >> okay. in other news this morning, the defense gets its turn now in the john edwards trial. prosecutors rested their case yesterday after 14 days of
3:04 am
dramatic and often damaging testimony. jur vors the day off today, but lawyers for edwards will argue before the judge that the case should actually be dropped because of a lack of evidence. that argument is pretty much standard in these kind of cases. and if the judge denies the request, which is largely expected, edwards' attorneys will start their defense come monday. to presidential politics now and a new focus on mitt romney's past. romney has apologized for what he called stupid high school pranks that may have gone too far, but he says he never bullied anyone. romney has been accused of being part of a gang that targeted a student presumed to be gay by holding him down and cutting off his bleached blond hair. other classmates have come forward to defend romney saying he was clownish but never malicious. >> it's always a fair question. number one, the timing of this story in terms of same-sex marriage debate and the president's words this week in terms of this -- the timing of this, interesting the story broke in "the washington post." and romney, somewhat logically said he did dumb things but,
3:05 am
quote, homosexuality was the furthest thing from his mind. this took place almost five decades ago back in the '60s. the country was in a very different place with gay issues back then. >> i've got to tell you. someone that would hold someone down and cut someone else's hair, that's pretty significant for me. >> boys being boys or was it related to the student who is now dead, his presumed sexuality. >> even if it's not about sexuality, even if it's just about someone being different, cutting someone else's hair off is significant. >> all right. we will see. >> and i think people will agree with me. but some people may not. >> it's interesting. they find everything on you when you run for president. >> they sure do. that's the one thing. the spotlight is bright. in president obama says his endorsement of same-sex marriage is simply theological extension of what america is supposed to be. a nation that treats everyone fairly. >> and that's his message to donors as he wrap ups a west coast campaign swing. abc's karen travers is in washington with how that's going
3:06 am
over. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. americans are still talking about the president's announcement from the other day about his new support for same-sex marriage. but the president got out of washington, headed to the west coast, to bring in some major campaign cash. it was a star-studded night in hollywood for president obama. a fund-raiser at actor george clooney's house drew a-list celebrities. billy crystal, robert downey jr., selma hayek, eddie murphy and barbara streisand. it also brought in north of $12 million for the president's re-election campaign. around the nation, americans are polarized about the president's new support for gay marriage. in an exclusive interview with abc's robin roberts, the president said his views on same-sex marriage changed as part of an evolution. and just like mr. obama, americans have also evolved on this issue. more than 50% now say same-sex marriage should be legal. but there's a significant generational and racial divide. most americans under the age of
3:07 am
40 support same-sex marriage. a majority of african-americans oppose it. >> i think it's important to recognize that folks who feel very strongly that marriage should be defined narrowly as between a man and a woman, many of them are not coming at it from a mean-spirited perspective. they are coming at it because they care about families. >> reporter: officials from both the obama and romney campaigns admit this probably won't be a major factor in the race but the president's team quickly went to work with this fund-raising appeal, and this new campaign video. >> same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> i indicated my view, which is i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender. >> reporter: the president's expected to bring inorore than $15 million today in his west coast swing. that's more than mitt romney has raised in his best month of fund-raising. rob and sunny? >> the u.s. postal service is warning that with losses topping
3:08 am
$3 billion so far this year, it may have to default on its payments. officials are pleading with congress for help. they'd like to eliminate saturday mail delivery and reduce soaring labor costs to try to offset declining mail volume and future retiree benefits. the senate has passed a relief measure but the house has yet to act. speaking of money, there is word of another huge financial loss this morning. this time for the nation's largest bank. jpmorgan chase says that one of its trading portfolios has taken an unexpected $2 billion hit in the last six weeks. that portfolio was designed as a contingency against risky moves the company makes with its own money. jpmorgan chase's stock dropped almost 7% in after-hours trading. a commuter jet had to make an emergency landing in boston after a passenger tried to open a cabin door in flight. the usairways plane was heading to philadelphia from portland, maine, when the man who appeared to be disoriented begone to pull
3:09 am
on an emergency door latch. he was quickly restrained while the flight was redirected to logan airport. he's been charged with interfering with the flight crew. >> trying to open that door. >> you know how i love to fly. that would have not gone over well with me. >> they subdued him. give him some pene utss and relax. another nasty day across texas. drenching rain, flooding, even possible tornadoes around corpus christi and houston. rain around dallas and oklahoma city and the colorado rockies. meanwhile. scattered thunderstorms from omaha to minneapolis. >> mostly 70s from kansas to detroit. 69 in boston. 73 right here in new york. and 87 in miami. a scorching 97 in phoenix. 90 in sacramento. and near 70 in seattle. 97! >> it's warm. for may already. they are used to it out there. it's a dry heat. >> that's true. if you were with us yesterday at this time you know we told you that sometimes everything just goes right at
3:10 am
the ballpark. and amaze league this morning, we have yet another example. >> this one comes to us from atlanta. and features a game involving 6-year-olds, believe it or not. check out at shortstop. he catches the fly ball, steps on third and tags out the runner coming from second. yes, folks, that is an unassisted triple play. well done, fellow. >> we're told ross loves sports and his favorite show is "sportscenter." he just might have made it on there, too. >> never know. >> with that play? >> the future is bright. it is quite possible. >> he'll be on "good morning america" in no time. coming up, the friday rewind. our weekly look back at the week that was. >> and what's growing up in lots of farmers' fields? well, oig rigs are. and they are making debtors into millionaires. our report from the nation's heartland coming up. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care.
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♪ thursday never looking back it's friday i'm in love ♪ it's friday. we are in love with fridays. happy friday, everybody. what we need. welcome back. of course it is friday morning. that means it's time for our look back at the week that was from the avengers setting records at the box office. >> and to the history-making interview from our own robin roberts in which she -- which president obama gave his support to same-sex marriage. and that was a huge story. >> big story. >> here's our "friday rewind." they're off in the kentucky derby. >> there is foul play involved. however, we still do not have an exact cause of death. >> you never want to have this. it takes away from all the excitement of the race. >> my life is in your friendhan. president. if you accept the demands, i live. if you don't accept the demands, then i die. quite an accomplishment to be able to pass yourself off as
3:16 am
an al qaeda terrorist to the terrorists when in fact, you are working for a u.s. or ally intelligence agency. men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. >> do you believe that same-sex men and women should be able to get legally married in the united states? >> yes, i do. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. if i want to wear my glasses, i'm wearing my glasses. if i'm pulling my hair back, i'm pulling my hair back. at some point, it's just not -- it's just not something that deserves a whole lot of time and attention. this isn't daunting at all. >> he's not just a playboy prince. he is a serviceman. he takes that role very seriously. floyd mayweather. >> tonight was a tough obstacle
3:17 am
and i got past it. june 1st will be a tough obstacle and i will get past it. >> are we allowed to call you shaq anymore? >> no. only children can call me shaq. adults will address me as doctor. >> we're looking at the biggest summer by far. "avengers" is blowing the doors open. >> certainly was a big movie. back to the gay marriage issue briefly for a second. "the new york times" did report that right before the president sat down with robin roberts, joe biden let the cat out of the bag a little bit. he apologized to the president for kind of getting ahead of himself and forcing the president's hand. so joe in the oval office, before mr. obama sat down with robin, did offer an apology for kind of starting this whole thing before -- >> that's interesting. because i thought it was perhaps calculated they were sort of dripping out the story. >> joe was being joe. >> joe was being joe. you were right on that one. still ahead this morning --
3:18 am
"insomniac theater." first, black gold in the heartland. we're off to kansas next. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: 
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♪ then one day he was shooting at some food and up through the ground come a bubbling crude ♪ ♪ oil that is we all know that little diddy. >> i know. welcome back. with many struggling these days, a rising number of americans are finding a windfall right where they live. >> it's amazing. that's due to some new drilling techniques that are making finding oil in your very own backyard easier than you might think. sharyn alfonsi has the story. >> reporter: the wind of change in anthony, kansas in the rolling wheat fields and county courthouses, they are digging. looking for land that could hide
3:20 am
oil. >> do you feel like a millionaire? >> no. >> reporter: meet alan and debbie francis. a year ago, they were struggling wheat farmers worried about the crops, the weather, the massive mortgages on their land. today, they are still farming, but with some new toys. >> the tractor sells for -- >> like $174,000. i think that's what this one cost. >> that's a ferrari. >> well, yeah, yeah. i'd rather have the tractor. >> reporter: a knock on their door changed their lives. an oil company leased their land for big money. they haven't hit oil yet, but if they do, the franciss could get a second payout. royalty checks that could be enormous. >> that would be about $500,000 or better. a month. >> $500,000 a month which is why everyone is hoping oil man kenny hoop knocks on their door. he's one of the new kingmakers of kansas.
3:21 am
scouring dusty land records and back roads, banging out deals on the spot with land owners. >> depending on how much acreage they had, the bonus money has got these landowners millionaires overnight. >> reporter: like carl willy. the retired grocer had no idea he was sitting on gobs and gobs of oil, but today his property is pumping out hundreds of barrels a day and pumping big money into his bank account. and we saw up close what's creating hundreds of new millionaires in kansas. a new drilling technique that finds oil on lands once thought to be sucked dry. >> there are rigs popping up everywhere. >> reporter: susan croft is one of the new oil barrons of harper county. an oil well now sits on her family's old farm. she just hopes the rest of the world doesn't stampede their way into kansas. >> often i think maybe i should tell them about the tornadoes and the hot weather so nobody is tempted to flood our state.
3:22 am
>> reporter: a temptation that could transform the midwest into the new mideast. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, anthony, kansas. >> i need a flight topeka. >> i'm moving.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
♪ welcome back, everybody. time once again for "insomniac theater" with "the avengers" wraking records last weekend at box office, will johnny depp's new move a "dark shadows" stand a chance. >> my thoughts on depp's new film and why i'm so excited to see it in a moment. but some news on "the avengers." >> it's going to be another blockbuster ridiculous weekend. it's already grossed over $200 million. the biggest opening weekend ever. not even adjusting for inflation here. folks lining up in droves to see iron man, captain america, the hulk and black widow. so far, globally, $775 million.
3:26 am
well on its way to joining the billionaires club here. only 11 members of that club. they are in very good company. they expect another $90 million this weekend alone. so basically "the avengers" is the movie to beat. nothing is going to beat it, but they're on a roll. >> i beg to differ. i am predicting "dark shadows" will have a very big opening and perhaps a bigger opening -- not a bigger opening than "avengers" but will compete with "avengers." this show -- this movie is based on a soap that was on abc from 1966 to 1971. the star in it is barnabas collins played by johnny depp. what's not love? barnabas collins was a rich playboy who was turned into a vampire by a scorned lover who turned out to be a witch. buried alive in a coffin for 200 years. freed by some construction workers. he goes back to his childhood home and finds his dysfunctional descendants, one of which is michelle pfeiffer.
3:27 am
take a listen. >> oh, my god. we've been sitting on top of a fortune. >> know this. i mean to stay. i mean to be a part of this family again. >> on one condition. >> yes. >> promise me that this, all of this, will remain our secret. >> fabulous! i mean, bottom line is, it hasn't been getting great reviews. the "l.a. times" blames its demise on tim burton. but tim burton and johnny depp, this is their eighth collaboration. they understand each other. i suspect this is going to be a good, good movie and a very big weekend for "dark shadows." >> you love "the avengers" you are all excited over this pirchlths love science fiction and all things vampire. so this speaks to me. >> you have a little crush on
3:28 am
johnny depp? >> what's not to love. what's not love. it's johnny depp.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- they are safe. two youngsters found alive last night after being missing for two weeks. >> the man who abducted them fatally shot himself as authorities moved in. it's friday, may 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin. it was a fast-moving and stunning series of events last night in mississippi. the good news, the news everyone wanted to hear, is that the young girls who were kidnapped are fine this morning. and that's unusual news. >> yes, for as long as they were gone, this is not the ending people expected. and the heartbreaking part is
3:31 am
now they recover, they are getting treatment in a hospital and now they have to come to terms with the fact their mother and older sister have both been killed. >> and they may have apparently been witness to that. so authorities are investigating whether or not that's true. >> heartbreaking. also this morning, some politics. mitt romney's campaign having to answer claims stemming from decades ago when romney was in high school. a new question this morning, was he actually a bully way back when? and also president obama and in the news again. he's in l.a. hanging out with so many stars and collecting millions in donations. just days after declaring his support for same-sex marriage. of course, hollywood, big fan of president obama. always a big democratic base. and money was rolling in last night. >> apparently so. >> and his same-sex stance met with a lot of applause out in california. and in "the skinny," something we found intriguing justice days before mother's day. who are the most powerful moms
3:32 am
of the year? we'll tell you who. apparently it's not me, unfortunately. i'm not on that list. i'm on the list in my own mind. >> you have a tougher schedule than some of those women. you're on my list. our favorite story of the day this morning, you want to talk about a very brave little lady. she is battling cancer, but that is not stopping her from helping others who are battling as well. get your tissues out for this one. this one is going to break your heart. you'll see very quickly why this is our favorite story of the day. just turning her disease into something very, very magical. >> and i cry easy. i'm just waiting for it. >> your tissues are right there. >> thank you. before all of that, the sisters were taken to a tennessee hospital to be checked out, but they appear at this point to be unharmed. >> the man police say kidnapped the girls and killed their mother and older sister is dead. abc's yunji de nies reports on the very latest from mississippi. >> reporter: it all ended here in the woods behind this church in guntown, mississippi, just a few miles from adam mayes' home. two hours away from the place he first kidnapped the girls and
3:33 am
killed their mother and older sister. police say mayes was found by mississippi highway patrol officers who came upon him in the woods. >> preliminary reports indicate mayes shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. >> reporter: the two girls he kidnapped, alexandria and kyliyah bain, were found alive and appear unharmed. the drama began about two weeks ago when the bains went missing and the hunt for adam mayes began. he was at their home in tennessee the night the family disappeared. mayes was charged with first-degree murder after the bodies of jo ann bain and her daughter adrienne were found buried outside his home. police say mayes kept the younger girls alive, driving them with their mother and sisters' bodies to guntown, mississippi, where he lived with his mother, father and wife. 65-year-old mary mayes and his ex-wife, 31-year-old teresa ann mayes, were both arrested monday night and charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit especially aggravated
3:34 am
kidnapping. the arrest warrants say teresa mayes helped her ex-husband by, quote, driving the vehicle that contained the victims from the bain family home in tennessee to the mayes' trailer home in mississippi where the two bodies were found. court documents charge mayes and his wife teresa with first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. his wife teresa is now behind bars, and police say she has confessed saying mayes killed jo ann in the bains' whiteville, tennessee, garage and adrienne inside the house. the fbi tells abc news mayes' motives are still unclear. authorities tell us they are giving those little girls lots of hugs this morning. there's no telling what they've been through. their mother and their sister are dead. they are recovering, and, thankfully, this manhunt is now over. yunji de nies, abc news, guntown, mississippi. >> apparently they are saying he believed those two girls were his children. >> so maybe is that the theory why he didn't kill them but did
3:35 am
kill the oldest girl? >> that's right. and that may have been the motivation behind the entire crime spree. he wanted them. >> so strange. and fascinating to hear from the wife and the mother who were in on that. have been charged and arrested at this point. they have to have some insight, you would think, into what led them to do this. and this was family affair. >> and the wife has been charged with first-degree murder. first it was aggravated kidnapping, then first-degree murder. the mother, i believe, sort of conspiracy charges have been leveled against her. so they knew what was going on. >> they are singing to the cops, too. they are talking. >> the wife, teresa mayes, drove the -- with the bodies and the two children. >> glad -- partially happy ending. let's say that. well, moving on. if you are flying this welcome, you may notice that security is a lot tighter than usual. abc news has learned that airports are increasing those full-body scans as well as working bomb-sniffing dogs some overtime. the heightened security is all
3:36 am
the result of that foiled al qaeda bomb plot we told you about earlier this week. and vice president joe biden has apologized to president obama for coming out in favor of same-sex marriage, forcing the president to speed up his own public endorsement. we're told the president has accepted biden's apology. the president's embrace of same-sex marriage was a huge hit at a hollywood fund-raiser last night. actor george clooney hosted the star-studded event at his home. it raised $15 million. apparently a record for a single fund-raiser. >> hollywood is happy with the president. all right. in other news now, mitt romney is on the defensive this morning over accusations that he bullied a high school classmate who was believed to be gay. abc's david muir covers the romney campaign for abc. >> reporter: one of mitt romney's former high school classmates at the prestigious cranbrook school in michigan tells abc news the incident was supreme bullying and that the teenage boys, himself included, acted like a pack of dogs. that classmate, philip maxwell,
3:37 am
now a lawyer, offered more on the scene first reported by "the washington post." telling abc news that mitt romney was part of a group of students who targeted a boy, another student who most thought was gay and who had dyed his long hair blond with peroxide. maxwell told us it's a haunting memory. i think it was for everybody that spoke up about it because when you see somebody who is simply different taken down that way and is terrified and you see that look in their eye, you never forget it. maxwell says he and romney were among the boys who held the student down. i had an arm and leg. he was pinned down by the state champion wrestler, the captain of the football team. this was bullying supreme. maxwell says romney was holding the scissors. i saw with my own eyes. it was a hack job. clumps of hair taken off. mitt romney was asked about the account first reported in "the washington post." >> i had no idea what that individual's sexual orientation might be. going back to the 1960s, that wasn't something that we all discussed. i don't recall the incident myself, but i have seen the reports, and not going to argue with that.
3:38 am
there's no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school and, obviously, if i hurt anyone by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it and apologize for it. >> reporter: meantime, another romney classmate greg durth came to romney's defense saying he did not witness the event but had a vague recollection of it. >> it's kind of like when somebody comes to a pool party and you threaten to throw him in and maybe somebody actually does. my suspicion is that they jokingly said, hey, let's go cut his hair. >> again, he did not witness the event itself. that was abc's david muir reporting. the alleged bullying victim has since died, but his family did issue a statement saying they are aggrieved that their brother is now being used to further a political agenda. an fda advisory panel is recommending approval for the first weight loss drug in more than a decade. the panel said the benefits outweigh the risks which include the possibility of high blood pressure in diabetics or
3:39 am
damaging heart valves. the fda does not have to follow the panel's recommendation, but it usually does. and here's a look now at your weather on this friday morning. up to five inches of rain, flooding and also a chance of tornadoes from texas into louisiana. rain in the rockies from colorado to new mexico. also some pop-up thunderstorms around omaha, des moines and the twin cities. scattered showers in miami and the florida keys. >> 80 in new orleans. 70s from atlanta to new york. 75 in indianapolis. and 65 in fargo. phoenix inches close to triple digits. 77 in albuquerque, and 65 in salt lake city. a routine day turned out to be anything but for a second grader in wisconsin. >> 7-year-old emma zinkel had no idea she was the reason cameras were at her school so she couldn't believe it when her dad walked through the door. that's army 1st lieutenant ryan zinkel just back from kuwait. >> love these stories. emma had not seen her dad in almost a year. she said she was so excited she didn't even know what to say, but she certainly is looking
3:40 am
forward to spending some time with dad. congrats to that family. good scene. and coming up next, everybody, what is trending online? we'll hear from our friends at yahoo! coming up next. >> and john travolta, all sorts of allegations this week. and now maybe an alibi. that's in "the skinny." stay with us. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished?
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and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. ♪ now, what's got everyone's attention online this week? last-minute gifts for mother's day is certainly stirring up a number of queries. >> i have to get on that. but we start with president obama's historic move in supporting gay marriage. for the details, we're joined by
3:44 am
yahoo! web life editor heather cabot. good morning, heather. >> good morning, guys. president obama's newly announced support of gay marriage continues to ripple across the web. and reaction exploded on twitter and on facebook after the president explained his position in an exclusive interview with abc's robin roberts. the news came on the heels of north carolina's passage of a controversial amendment banning same-sex unions in that state. yahoo! users in north carolina monitored the vote most closely followed by people in south carolina, delaware, washington, d.c., tennessee and kentucky. all of that interest pushed amendment one into the top 1,000 overall search queries this week with an almost equal split between men and women looking for information in the last seven days. in movie news, "the avengers" box office bonanza last week kept them focused on superheroes.
3:45 am
mark ruffalo as the hulk was the favorite among yahoo! users. and fans love fantasizing about hulk matchups, including hulk versus loki, hulk versus thor and hulk against wolverine. iron man was the second most searched. but it was someone who wasn't even in the film generating the most online attention this week, the dark knight. right now, batman has double the look-ups of iron man. and if you aren't taking mom to a movie this weekend for mother's day, there's still time to make some other plans. yes, sunday is mother's day. we're actually seeing a lot of look-ups asking when it is. searches for mother's day gifts are up more than 6,000%. cakes, flowers and printable cards are all big right now. searches for mother's day poems are spiking more than 2,000%. and last, a lot of curious people are going to the web to ask a lot of questions involving the words "how much?" some of the most popular queries this week, how much water should i drink?
3:46 am
how much is my house worth? how much does an mri cost? and how such a stamp? and that's your weekend search. have a great weekend, guys. back to you. >> thanks, heather. what do you want for mother's day, mom of two? >> i want the day off. i like to be pampered on mother's day. i always put my children first and my husband first and my family first. it's nice to get that breakfast in bed and just be pampered and spoiled. >> so in addition to not having to come back to the overnight shift next week, you'll start the week off right on mother's day sunday. a little pampering. breakfast in bed. >> that's what i like. >> alone time. >> hopefully hubby is watching this. >> hint, hint, man. get on the ball. when we come back, the friday morning "skinny." >> howard stern on something of a tear. who is he blasting and why? you are a big fan. >> yeah. >> "the skinny" is next. stick with us. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ and now it's time for the friday "skinny." >> yes, indeed. >> interestingly enough, "working mother" magazine is
3:49 am
honoring ten entertainers, entrepreneurs and executives making waves in their respective fields and proclaiming them supermoms. 2012's most powerful moms. some of the folks on the list, angelina jolie because she's got like 100 kids, beyonce and melissa mccarthy, ann curry, the security and exchange commission chairman mary schapiro. >> of course, mary. >> i know her. "hunger games" author susan collins and the facebook c.o.o. sheryl sandberg. i'm not so sure about beyonce's inclusion and my exclusion on the list especially since beyonce has only been a mother for like four minutes. >> yeah, that's an interesting pick there. but she's beyonce so -- >> i am not hating on beyonce. i love me some beyonce but she's only been a mom for like three minutes. >> angelina jolie has all those kids. melissa mccarthy. interesting little list there. but i guess maybe it's not -- it's mother's day this
3:50 am
weekend so it's in the spirit -- >> all moms are powerful. it's a tough job. especially those new moms that are watching this show that have -- that are sleep deprived. >> they are learning. who unlike women on that list don't have nannies and don't have cooks and fitness people and makeup artists. women that are doing it the real american way. >> i believe those are my most powerful moms of 2012. howard stern is back in the news. he's going on his press junket. you aren't a big howard fan. i know this now. he's the newest judge on "america's got talent." on nbc here. he's going to -- >> how can he judge. what talent does he have? >> he's the most successful radio show host ever. makes a gazillion dollars a year. been around 35 years now. trying to drum up ratings by putting howard on the panel. he's wasting no time being controversial, taking shots at j. lo from "american idol" and britney spears who will be the newest judge on "the x factor." >> britney still thinks the earth is flat. i think we're going to tune in
3:51 am
to see her, you know, if she can sort of function through the thing, right? as far as any real criticism, i think simon and l.a. reid will be doing that. i think she's going to sit there like j. lo. oh, you're wonderful. you're terrific. do you think i can get a perfume endorsement out of this? >> howard is back talking that trash. on top of that, he was on "the view" yesterday for the first time ever. and suggested barbara walters needs to start dating charlie rose. and this is how that went down. >> are you saying barbara needs a 100-year-old guy? >> well, no, she needs a mature man. i thought charlie was the right -- there you go. also, a travolta update as well. >> yes, a third man has now come forward to say that he, too, was somehow sexually propositioned by john travolta. he's a caribbean cruise worker. his name is fabian zonzi. he says travolta gave him a naked hug and offered him $12,000 for sex. >> they have an alibi. >> that's right. the first accuser came out and
3:52 am
said this happened a certain day. john travolta's plane landed in westchester county airport on that day. so probably impossible that john travolta did what he is accused of doing on that particular date. so an alibi for him. >> interesting.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ i can fly higher than an eagle 'cause you are the wind beneath my wings ♪ that's a tear-jerker already. it's getting me started. >> you'll see why this is our -- >> -- favorite story of the day. it's a 5-year-old girl with cancer. she's making the most of her life by helping other children who also suffer from cancer. >> this young lady has a huge heart and on top of that, she started a foundation that gives little girls bows and some flowers. wabc's dr. sudha parikh has this incredibly inspiring story.
3:56 am
>> if you want to put the bow on, you have to clip it through the middle. >> reporter: brooke hester is showing you her blossoms. she gives little girls with cancer flowers and bows so they never stop feeling beautiful. >> the girls who lost their hair love the blossoms. >> reporter: brooke has battled cancer since 2010. diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma that has spread throughout her body. she calls cancer the lumpies. >> it hurts you. and sometimes they make you vomit or make your hair fall out. >> reporter: but one day in the hospital, she met another little girl who was admiring her headband. >> and i gave it away to her. >> reporter: and that's how brooke's blossoms began. she sends them all over the world, turning winter into spring. >> let me tell you this. since it's been spring here, it's getting colder in
3:57 am
australia, so we sent all the hats. >> reporter: brooke just celebrated her 5th birthday and had just one wish. >> what do you want for your birthday this year? >> brooke's blossoms. >> reporter: the flowers are created through donations. and for the first time, a new york city company called princess expressions is joining brooke's mission. >> thank you so much! this is for my birthday wish. >> it is. here's hundreds of flowers. >> i watch how she feeds off of the joy of others. she wants to give. she wants to give to anybody and everybody. >> looks like that. put it in your hair. >> thank you. i love it. it makes me so happy. >> you can have it. >> oh, if that doesn't touch your heart. what an adorable little girl here. taylor swift found out about her charity and is supporting it now as well. >> that's wonderful. >> brave little girl. >> well done. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
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