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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  May 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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juju chang, abc news. >> you're a big fan. you read them. >> i read all of them. >> wow. >> well, that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay tuned for "gma." have a great friday. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> the search has ended for two sisters who were kidnapped from tennessee. learn were they were found and what happened to their accused killer. it is friday may 11. >> so glad to have you along this morning. we're going to start with a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, adam caskey. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. we are ready to tackle the weather this friday and to the weekend. it is pretty smooth sailing. nothing to worry about.
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a little cool out. 39 in winchester. 39 in oakland. elkins, 37. are around the beltway at 53 in the district. -- around the beltway 53 in the district. it'll be seasonable this afternoon. temperatures around they should be. mostly sunny. a little bit of a breeze out there. did nothing but sunshine tomorrow. just a nice clouds -- some nice clouds. >> interstate travel books great. they're clearing construction out of the way. we will give oyu the okieyou the okie dokie. good if you're heading to the eastern shore.
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this is moving very nicely. more to come for traffic. >> the nine people killed in a metro rail crash nearly three years ago will be honored with a plaque. >> vincent gray will join relatives of crash victims responders, and the safety board to unveil a plaque. the crash was the deadliest in transit agency history. the malfunctioning circuit cost to trains to collide -- two trains to collide. 80 others were hurt. >> we turn to the latest developments regarding two sisters to reconnect from tennessee. the safely recovered the girls at to the man accused of kidnapping them killed himself. >> they believe they killed their mother and sister before disappearing.
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>> of the massive manhunt to find ended with them found alive. >> when i see those kids, it was a huge relief. it was unbelievable. >> other suspected killer was found in the woods behind this church. >> reports indicate that he shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. >> of the girls were treated at a local hospital. they were hungry and dehydrated. the man was at the tennessee home the night they disappeared. they say he can get them when they killed their mother and their 14-year-old sister. their bodies were found outside his home. he was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. they believe he drove the little girls and the dead bodies to destroy their where he lived.
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the fbi says his motives remain unclear but they may have thought the little girls were his kids. >> he was obsessed with them. he was claiming that those two children were his. >> he made this thing that that was his kids. -- us think that that aws his was hids kids. >> he has confessed. as for the daughters, they will soon return home to the care of their father. abc news. >> a toddler is in critical condition after almost drowning in maryland. she was found in a bathtub last night at her home. family members called 911. they also perform cpr. police are now investigating the
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incident. >> a committee expecting to take up a proposal today. the council approved this back in 2010 but was overturned. he asked the council to reconsider as the state moved to pass. officials say it would be paid by insurance companies and people without insurance would not be charged. >> a farewell ceremony will be held today for a virginia school which was damaged by last summer's earthquake. at 5:00 p.m., students and graduates will gather to say goodbye. officials plan to demolish the building next month. students have been attending classes in trailers at another school. >> anticipation over next week's facebook ipo. is it over hyped? >> for more on that, let's speak to linda bell. >> good morning.
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the facebook ipo is one of the biggest business news this week. it is picking up $96 million. a poll of analysts say it is overvalued. they are telling us that they will not put their money anywhere near it appeared only seven service surveyed said the ipo was just right -- anywhere near it. only seven% survey said the ipo was just right. jpmorgan take it with their own money. their overall earnings for the second quarter will take a hit. also taking a hit is the market this morning. they are having a lower open. if you're looking for a job d.c. is the place to be. plus, what you pay for youtube. that is coming up on business news. i am reporting for abc 7 news.
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>> we will see you soon. it is early on this friday morning. the temperature is 50 degrees. >> it is still chilly. did you want to plan ahead as you take met showed this week and pureed track or is affecting several lines. quack's -- you want to plan and had as you take the metro this week. to track work is in effect for several lines. >> adam has some competition. we are going to have more from this. >> here is another check on our traffic and weather
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>> delivering the afternoon and weather forecasts. prince charles and his wife visited the tv station. they were celebrating their 60th year of broadcasting. they visited scotland to celebrate achievement. but i love the fact that he is out there. we should do a little bit of the forecast earlier. >> one thing that i have noticed
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working in television is a lot of things people what to do the weather -- is that of all the things people want to do the weather. >> they want to learn more about it. they're fascinating by it. i love their using the old school and detonator to change their graphics. we do not even have hours plugged in any more. we can actually go backward with the clicker. that is a big deal. we're in the 40's. 45 in the district. if you upper-30's here in there. -- a few upper-30's here and there. unseasonably cool out there. a little breezy at times. winds are gusting closer to 20 miles an hour. nothing but sunshine tomorrow
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and then some at the clouds on mother's day. the weekend is 80 but not to humans appeared the next chance of rain is monday and tuesday. >> one thing everyone does not want to do is sit in a traffic delays. that is why we are here. we will take you live to a couple of pictures. we will take you across the potomac river. good at the 14th street bridge. next we will take heed to rosalind across the roosevelt bridge. also good on the key -- next we will take you to the rossly n bridge. also good on the beltway. >> orange line train to a single track between eastern market and chevrolet. blueline trains single tracking between easter andeastern
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market and this. >> time magazine is stirring up controversy with invisible the cover. why some critics say it is overshadowing [ female announcer
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girls are say. there kidnapper is dead -- their kidnapper is dead. they adopwere abducted. >> the nine people who died in a train crash will be honored today. vincent gray and others will unveil a plaque near the site were to read line trains collided. it was in northwest d.c. in 2009. a committee could decide whether to approve a plan to institute an ambulance. the overturned in a referendum in the fall. >> charges dropped against randy babbitt after viewing police video. it shows a trendy babette making a normal left turn even though the officer says babbitt's -- randy babbitt
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making a normal left turn even though the officers said randy babbitt was not. scary moments that a government facility. -- over a government facility. hazmat crews were called on radiation alarms. they were false. scary moments at the national building museum last night. authorities say a small propane canisters exploded. one man was seriously burned burned. he was taken to the hospital. >> art monk has filed a lawsuit against the national football league. he said they concealed the long- term effects of concessions. he has suffered short-term memory loss and speech
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difficulty. >> he does not talk that much so when he does, people listen. >> it brings a different light to it. bring some validity. >> more than 1000 players have sued the nfl. the news of concussions has been in the news a lot. >> a magazine cover has been the talk of a nation. it shows a mother breast beating a child that much older than an infant. that is not the focus of the story. >> it is the cover that does not cover enough. the provocative picture greasing the latest issue of "time" magazine. >> and do not appreciate the cover. i have no problem with women breast-feeding. >> the picture is promoting
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attachment parenting that she is using. >> i feel i am in to end with my children. >> she used several tenants including breast beating him until he was 3 years old. she carries them instead of pushing them in a stroller. >> i think i grew into a healthy and confident adult as a result with a close relationship with my parents. i feel that i am developing that with my children as well. >> she says she can understand the outcry that claims it is a lack of understanding. >> people think it is this new thing but it is not. >> those just seen the image cannot help but blush appeared . >> i do not understand. >> it is a little weird.
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you have to grow up. >> the concept of attachment parenting has been around since 1992. while there are some interesting techniques that is not what people have a problem with. what we heard is that the image seems to go a little too far. >> all right. thank you. rosa parks is now immortalized at the natural cathedral. a stone carving at her on the human right porch. it celebrates those who struggled to bring equality. she refused to give her bus seat to a white passenger in 1965. it is considered a key moment in civil rights history. >> it is 50 degrees. >> a bit of a spoiler for "agrees anatomy" -- "regysgreys
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>> is this time for a look at traffic and weather. i do not want to say it is cold out there but it is better than what we have had recently. >> a little brisk. your furnace may have kicked on overnight.
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temperatures are down. unseasonably cold this morning. near average dimeters for the afternoon. let's check out our overall pattern. we've had some pretty easy weather. this is going to kick a little energy away. there are a few clouds. it is looking pretty good to the weekend. 39 in winchester. 53 downtown. 54 in annapolis. a little warmer along the water. a little breezy at times. some measures this afternoon very comfortable. mid-50's is where we should be this time of year. low humidity. comfortable. mostly cloudy on sunday. let's go to lisa. let nothing problematic to
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report around town. construction barrels have been moved out of the way. interstate travels look good. a pretty good run on the beltway if you're going to have neared the air force base where we take you live. -- if you are going to head near the air force base where we take you live. headlights are northbound toward the beltway. we will have newschopper 7 in a little while. >> thank you. it is a special time for the redskins. >> the owner keeps up the team's 80th anniversary with a party in the brand new indoor facility in virginia. the redskins also showed off their 80th anniversary uniforms. a are cool. they will be worn in two home games. they were designed by nike.
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the exact dates will be announced later when they will wear them. >> they are looking good. >> we have a spoiler alert for "grey's anatomy" fans. if you have all watched it, put it on mute. >> some of your favorites are returning for the ninth season. according to the deadline,headlines. these members have signed on appeared last nighlast night. you have to stay tuned for the season finale which the greater has called very dark. >>----creator has called very dark. >> still ahead it appears chris brown has struck the ronald i'm more
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with miracle gro. >> an end to the search for two sisters kidnapped from tennessee. where there were found alive >> . and victims of the metro will crash are being remembered today. >> the issue of same-sex marriage has prompted vice president joe biden to apologize to pre


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