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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"good morning washington" continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning to you. it's friday, may 11. a beautiful sunrise. but there's a chill in the air. that will give way to a delightful weekend. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. happy friday. we will start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey in a moment, but lisa baden first. >> no accidents to report right now. interstate travel working pretty well. metro rail on normal service. we go to newschopper 7 flying over the beltway near tysons and at 66 where everybody is merging just fine in the area of hot lanes work. 66 between the dunn loring metro and the beltway looks good. >> the sun rose at 5:59 a.m. and
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the last time we had sunrise before 6:00 was september 25. the days are getting longer. you can see the son popping up over the district. it's gone to be aboard a stay with nothing but sunshine. in cumberland it is 37, winchester his 37. 41 at dulles airport 53 downtown in d.c. 52 along the water in lexington park. a little warmer along the waterways. nei and mid 70's this afternoon and with westerly breeze at 10- 15. a little breezy from time to time. to 80 degrees this weekend with sunshine until sunday when we see a few added clout by mother's day. that's a forecast. >> thanks so much. our top story, two tennessee girls missing for more than two weeks have been found alive. the man who took them is dead. splayed out yesterday in mississippi. it was one day after the fbi added adam mayes to its list of
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the top 10 most wanted. >> jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with how this ended last night and the update on the girls. >> they are doing fine. authorities say 35-year-old adam mayes shot himself in the head after police if acting on a tip found him and the two girls near new albany, mississippi. sisters were taken to a children's hospital in memphis tennessee, for observation. officials say they were dehydrated and hungry, but they are okay overall. the two were taken from their tennessee home last month allegedly by adam mayes, accused of killing their mother and older sister. right now it's not known what his motive may have been for the murders or the kidnapping but his mother-in-law said shehe may have believed the two girls were his. >> new details about the hazmat
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scare at nasa goddard in greenbelt. crews were called to facility last night after a radiation alarm went off in one of the buildings. it turned out to be a false alarm if. they are trying to figure out why the alarms went off. >> new this morning remembering the victims of metro's dileo red line crash. it was nearly three weeks ago. mayor vincent gray, first responders, and relatives of the nine people died in the june 2009 collision will come together to unveil the memorial. >> a plaque will be part of the memorial at the fort totten station. john gonzalez has a preview and explains why not everybody agrees with this. >> good morning. it's hard to believe next month will mark three years since the deadliest accident in metro history. there's already a plaque honoring the victims at the fort totten metro station. there's also this makeshift memorial at the bridge on new hampshire avenue overtop the track where this accident happened.
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but later this morning the mayor will gather with relatives of the victims, first responders, and transportation officials as they honor the victims with the unveiling of a memorial plaque just feet from the accident site where the two trains collided near the station in northeast d.c. the train operator and eight passengers were killed that day. dozens were injured. it was later discovered that a faulty electrical circuitry. in that circuitry this plan will eventually be a centerpiece for a $1 million memorial park off new hampshire avenue and south dakota, which will include benches and artwork. many of the south manor residents in northeast d.c. oppose the idea. they say it will bring more noise, traffic, and crime. they say no disrespect to the families, but they have already sent a number of letters to city officials. again, the unveiling of this memorial plaque will take place at 10:00 this morning. reporting live, john gonzalez,
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abc 7 news. >> the d.c. teenager accused of killing a tourist in northwest d.c. will be in court for pulmonary hearing today. this comes a day after police charged 19-year-old michael davis with the april attack that left denver resident gary dederichs dead. davis is also facing a charge is for two other attacks in the same neighborhood. if it's public defender wants the judge ordered davis to undergo a mental health evaluation. >> the defense gets its turn today in the john edwards corruption trial. attorneys for the former presidential candidate will likely begin by asking a judge to dismiss the charges. after 14 days of dramatic testimony, the prosecution rested yesterday by showing clips from an abc interview where edwards lied about fathering a child out of wedlock. the government says edwards used campaign money to cover up his affair. edwards denies the charge. a chicago jury today will spend another day delivering -- deliberating the fate of william balfour, a man accused of singing jennifer hudson's
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mother sister, and nephew. he faces life in prison if convicted. >> the president will focus on the economy as it continues to swing through the west coast today. the president will visit to nevada to promote policies aimed at helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. this comes one day after the attended campaign fund-raisers in washington and in california. vice-president joe biden is apologizing to the president for coming out in favor of same-sex marriage before his boss did. the president accepted the apology. it is believed the comments forced to the president to speak out on the issue earlier than president obama planned. republican presidential candidate mitt romney apologizing offer when the calls stupid prank steady pulled in high school. the apology comes after a washington post report in which the former classmates say that romney bullied students that he perceived to be gay. romney said he did not know what the time the two students retargeted were gay. >>-- students he targeted
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workday. -- were gay. >> and the redskins hall of fame player in a lawsuit against the nfl. >> and how you can get your hands on free cupcakes. to 37
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>> will have an opportunity to feed your sweet tooth today for free. georgetown cupcake is giving away one cupcake per person from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.
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at the store in georgetown, the one in bethesda, and in new york. this is celebrating the birthday of the mom of the sister owners >> . lisa baden, are the cars lining up toward georgetown already? >> not yet. we will keep an eye on it. i will be one of those looking for the coconut cupcake. . looks do we look good on the highway? on 66 at the beltway, looks good. and it looks good on route 7 during nothing complicated on 66. if tlooks good near the dunn loring station. metro rail looks good. now to adam caskey. >> you prefer the coconut cupcakes, but i like a peanut
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butter and chocolate. there's one with chocolate inside and peanut butter on top. almost 6:11 this morning. sun rose a short time ago. this is laurel maryland, the sun rising. it's 44 degrees in montgomery village, 42 in waldorf, winchester, 37 degrees along with cumberland. definitely chilly outside. warming nicely, mid 70's this afternoon, bright sunshine and a little breezy at times. close to 80 degrees on saturday and sunday. low humidity on the weekend. added clouds on mother's day. looking good overall. >> thanks so much. check this out. this is the brand new car that you could be driving. the best part is it is free.
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we will give away this car and $3,000 in cash to pay for gas or whatever else you might want. enter our contest at then tune in to night on abc 7 news at 5 to see if your name is called. you have 30 minutes to call in after that. we will announce a winner from 15 panelists later this month. >> it is a very nice car. it is a little chilly out there, holding on to is barely two 50 degrees -- to 50 degrees. >> coming up, the prince of wales and showing off his best adam caskey impersonation. >> and the nation's biggest bank admits it lost $2 billion. what will that? mean for that? >> and dentistry from the heart. we will talk to a local doctor treating patients for free all day long. these people know a good
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> 6:14 right now. a month and county council committee could decide today whether to move forward with county secondexecutive ike leggett's plan for a ambulance fees. >> an earthquake damaged a school, thomas jefferson elementary. it will be demolished and they will build a new school. >> a dance troupe will perform at the clock tower. pennsylvania avenue will be closed during the big show. >> 6:14. frederick county dentist today is opening her doors to patients for free clinics, fillings
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extractions'. this is part of the dentistry from the hard program. you do have to get in line early to take part. to explain the program is michelle. a few people are lined up already outside your office, d -- doctor. >> yes, we already have a crowd of people. i'm excited. >> if you are donating a lot of time and resources. >> it's a great program that started 10 years ago by a dentist in florida and it caught on across the nation. this is my first year doing it. it basically provides free dental care for patients who cannot afford it. we will be doing cleaning's, extractions, and fillings. it's on a first-come first- served basis. >> i see what looks like dozens of people lined up out there. if it is there still time for people to come and try to take
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advantage of this opportunity? >> absolutely. the sooner you get here, the better. we start taking patients at 8:00 a.m. and will be working as hard as they can prove 3:00 can see as many people as they possibly can. as sooner you get here, the better your chance of getting in. where are you located? >> we will part on 130 thomas johnson drive in frederick, maryland. have a table already set up and numbers will be passed out. basically it is getting in line. first-come first-served. dr. michelle, we applaud you for giving back to the community today. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> absolutely. for more on the dental screening some go to our web site, >> that's a great opportunity for folks out there. making news, a shocking admission by the nation's biggest bank about huge losses. mother's day spending, and the
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founder of facebook and his fashions faux pas. now rob nelson. >> topping america's money, shocking news from j.p. morgan chase, the nation's biggest banks as it lost $2 billion. but the ceo says the company remains profitable despite the loss. not so for the u.s. postal service, reporting a first quarter loss of more than $3 billion. 1 billion more than a year ago. the agency says it's running out of cash and blames congress for failing to give it some help. spending this mother's day is expected to increase by 8%. almost seven out of eight of us plan to celebrate the holiday with traditional gifts like flowers and cards and electronics like electronic readers and tablets. o street folks say that facebook cdo mark centermark zuckerberg urge should ditch his hoodie because
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they feel it's disrespectful. >> >> day three of our chipping contest to play against tiger woods. >> the winner also gets two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national in june. all you have to do is watch "good morning washington" and listen for the daily clue. today's clue is "fairway." take that to our facebook page. you can enter once a day until thursday. >> it's like 89 now, time for traffic and weather. let's get things started with lisa baden. >> in maryland 270, 95, quite a ride. route 4, route 5, nothing on 50 or the b-w parkway. looks good through southeast and northeast d.c. we thought we would take you to a picture of traffic travelling in maryland. it's good on the beltway and on
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270. north of the beltway and falls road. now to newschopper 7 flying in tysons. bayshore broken-down truck on 7 66 westbound at route 7. only the right lane is closed. there's no delay. we will go back to the news desk. >> thanks so much. 6:19 right now. a lot of people were surprised when they were watching the bbc and sop prince charles plane weatherman. i think we have some video to show you. he was in glasgow, scotland. he gave the weather forecast. >> looks like he was joking around a little and lasting about the weather and what's going on. >> the lighter side. >> he did not do a bad job. party did a great job. >> working the equipment and giving a forecast. >> it is not as easy as it looks because it is all at
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lived-libbed. >> verisimilar whether -- very similar weather. >> harry was just in town. " there must be a princess somewhere. >> let's take a live look from the rooftop camera. a beautiful morning over washington on this finally friday. bright sunshine and nothing but sunshine to start the day. the sun rise was one minute before 6:00 a.m. and the last time that happened was september 256. there's a look at damascus wi. it's 37 degrees in manchester
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41 at dulles airport. 43 now in frederick. definitely a chill in near this morning. your furnace probably kicked on overnight. we will warm up quickly into the mid 70's by this afternoon. bright sunshine today with high- pressure. same story tomorrow. nothing but blue skies. the upper level low pressure system over texas will throw a little energy our way by mother's day on sunday. anticipate added clouds to round out the weekend. 74 degrees today, breezy. 80 on the weekend. low humidity. next chance of rain on monday. >> thank you. 6:00 hour 21 right now, 50 degrees. >> the time magazine cover causing so much controversy. you are watching "good morning washington." >> next "anderson," it wouldn't be a mother's day show without my mother gloria vanderbilt. every day that i have with you is a blessing. plus, jessica alba and chandra wilson join us with their mothers for a celebration full of surprises. and a mother's amazing story of survival.
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>> here's some stories you probably will be talking about. maybe you saw the "time" magazine cover that came out yesterday. quite a bit of controversy. it's not only about the cover photograph which speaks for itself, but some say it takes
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away from the real story, which is attachment parenting. >> attachment parenting is about keeping your kids really close to you and in many cases breast- feeding until your kids are little older. not necessarily until they are 8 years old like this child appears to be. >> they say that these three years old, but he is big. >> that is getting lots of attention. another story that has people talking, reese witherspoon's parents dealing with a little bit of an issue. her father apparently has taken on a second wife. the first wife her mother, is upset about it, especially because her father's will been changed recently. mom says she believes maybe this is a case of early onset of dementia and she's trying to get involved. she wants to have the second marriage annulled a. apparently dad claims he did
6:25 am
not remember, marion this moment who mom found out about while reading the newspaper. a messy situation. here is something we want to show you. there have been only 18 major league players that have turned a triple play unassisted. in georgia watch this shortstop catching the ball and go to third base. no. 3 is out. he did it all himself in a matter of seconds. the best part is i don't think even realized what he did because he had a total look of bewilderment on his face. his teammates had no idea. the rest of the players just wanted to stay out there and play more. congratulations. only a few people have done that in the majors. >> just six years old. >> jonica once that forever. >> well done. squaw 25 right now clear. coming up, still another 30
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, the hunt for one of the fbi's 10 most wanted ended, and how the two girls are doing. >> how we remember the victims of the deadly red line metro train crash almost three years later now. good morning, washington. it's friday, may 11. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. want to start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will start with meteorologist adam caskey in a moment, but first lisa baden. >> adam caskey will fill you in on the sunshine, coming up. looks good in reston and looks good on the dulles toll road. uncomplicated out of leesburg and ashburn to join that traffic. 95, will travel times between richmond and baltimore right
6:30 am
now. the green light along 66 between centreville and the beltway. a couple of brief slowdowns. 270 looks good in case you take 355, in good shape. adam caskey a. in a gorgeous morning and gorgeous into the weekend. very low humidity. that helps temperatures fall off the deep end and night. we have a few readings in the 30's right now. 37 right now in manchester, 39 in gaithersburg, 43 in frederick, 53 downtown. 47 in fredericksburg. that was a live look over fairfax. waldorf is 43. aldie, virginia, 39 degrees. there's a chill in the air to kickstart our friday. we will be warming up quickly into the 60s by lunchtime, mid 70's this afternoon for the high temperature. bright sunshine and a little bit of a breeze. as for the weekend, warmer.
6:31 am
7-the forecast high with doug hill in a moment. >> our top story on this friday morning, two tennessee girls missing for nearly two weeks have been found alive. the man who took them is dead. this played out yesterday in mississippi one day after the fbi patted adam mayes -- added adam mayes to its list of the most wanted. tahman bradley has an update. >> good morning. overnight the girls were taken to hospital for observation. remarkably given all the been through, they appear on harmed, although they were hungry and dehydrated. the suspected kidnapper, adam mayes, was found in mississippi. when police moved in to arrest him, he shot himself in the head. he was at the tennessee hummable girl -- the tennessee home of the little girls on the night he disappeared.
6:32 am
some say he may have bullied the little girls were his kids. his mother and wife were charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. the two girls will return to the care of their father. tahman bradley reporting >> . thank you. new information will be released today about the hazmat scare at nasa's space flight center in greenbelt. they radiation alarms went off last night, but it turned out to be false alarms. officials are trying to figure out why the alarms started sounding. >> new this morning, remembering the victims of metro's deadly red line crash almost three years later. d.c. mayor vincent gray, first responders, and relatives of the nine victims of the 2001 clinton will come together to unveil a new memorial. that will be part of the memorial at the fort totten station. >> john gonzalez has a preview.
6:33 am
>> next month will mark three years since the deadliest accident in metro's history. there's already a plaque at the fort totten metro station honoring the victim's who died that day. and there's a makeshift memorial on the bridge on new hampshire avenue overtop the tracks where the accident happened. this morning the mayor will gather with victim's relatives -- with relatives of the victims, first responders, and others. the two trains collided near near the fort totten station. the train operator and eight passengers were killed. dozens were injured. it was later discovered that a faulty electrical circuit triggered that accident. this black, which will be unveiled later this morning will eventually be part of an entire memorial park, the centerpiece. the park will include benches and artwork. interesting enough many of the south manor residents in
6:34 am
northeast oppose the idea. say it will bring more parking problems traffic, and even more crime. they say no disrespect of the family but they have already sent a number of letters to city officials opposing this memorial park. this unveiling will take place at 10:00 this morning. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the d.c. teenager accused of killing a tourist in northwest will be in court for preliminary hearing today. this comes a day after police charged 19-year-old michael davis with the april attack that left denver resident gary dederichs dead. davis is also facing charges for two other attacks in the same neighborhood. it's public defender wants the judge to order davis to undergo a mental health evaluation. >> and other developing story. j.p. morgan, the nation's biggest bank, says it guessed wrong on a major trading that and lost $2 billion. but the ceo says the company still remains profitable.
6:35 am
president obama on the road to reno after his big hollywood fund-raiser and is still riding a wave of good will after showing support for same-sex marriage. and mitt romney is responding to reports that the bullet a classmate in high school who turned out to be gay. -- that he bullied a classmate. now to montel williams. how does all this play at out? >> hollywood is quite differently. a lot of active people in the community there. president obama was greeted as a hero at george clooney's home event. >> now let's talk about mitt romney. first, joe biden apologize to the president about the marriage, saying he should not have brought it up before the
6:36 am
president had a chance to talk about it. do we buy that it? . >> it seems to . he and president obama have a good working relationship, but are not necessarily close friends. -- it seems to be legitimate. >> when it comes to mitt romney, he is getting a little heat. there's a story coming out that he believed -- bullied gay classmates in high school. >> it sets him up as a rich kid that people tend to resent in high school. even though high school was quite some time ago, we are talking about'the s to of years. -- we're talking about the
6:37 am
candidate's formative years. romney says he does not remember the incident, but the victim sure does, as well as other people involved. it makes him look and sensitive and a little bit of a bully. at best it looks like he was may be a knucklehead in high school and does not want to atone for that. >> thank you. >> investigators have interviewed the colombian prostitutes epicenter of the secret service sex scandal. a woman spoke with investigators at the u.s. embassy in madrid. she's as a secret service officer took her back to his hotel in colombia last month after a night of heavy drinking. he refused to pay her the next morning. the scandal caused eight officers their jobs. 6:37 is the time, 51 degrees. >> back in time with johnny depp. the actor posing latest
6:38 am
collaboration with director tim burton. >> and a special surprise for a soldier and father home from w
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6:40 am
>> unbelievable tearjerker. a heartwarming video of a u.s. marine returning home from afghanistan being greeted by his
6:41 am
6-year-old son if at a ceremony in the school gym. the boy has a record palsy and had not been able to walk when his father was deployed. when dad came home the youngster walked up to give him a big hug. his mom said heto wanted to do something special. >> that's amazing. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's say good morning to doug hill in calvert county. it's friday. >> finally. good morning. off to a chilly start outside. chile numbers. laurel high school on their campus this morning, bright sunshine, clear skies, chilly temperatures, 39 degrees. we have upper 30's in western maryland, 39 in gaithersburg, 47
6:42 am
in fredericksburg, 39 in culpeper, 53 at reagan national airport. we will be under the influence of high pressure to keep the school, but a little warmer than yesterday, sunshine. near 80 degrees tomorrow. sunday, a cold front will approach from the north. we will have more clouds and maybe a shower west in the mountains by sunday night. for today, temperatures will climb steadily into the low to mid 70's in many areas. it will not feel so cold when it's in the mid 70's. showers and storms likely by monday the. it's the latest. >> let's check in with lisa baden >> . it's good roundabout way. a little sunshine in your eyes. no accidents to report across the wilson bridge, the american legion bridge, but let's look get the volume of traffic changing on 66 eastbound coming out of manassas through
6:43 am
centreville, and into fair oaks. there we are on the left side. this is normal everyday. out of manassas into centreville is flowing like this again between 50 and nutley street. back to you. >> thank you.
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, it's the time of year to celebrate the accomplishments of college graduates and it's the time that many are moving into their parents' basement. this evening we will talk to new college graduates as they head into the tough economy without a job. the road ahead for them, tonight at 5:00. >> the redskins with a new look for least two games this season, but a familiar look yesterday. they debuted their 80th anniversary uniforms during a celebration at the new practice facility in ashburn.
6:46 am
burgundy mostly. the redskins legend art monk its epicenter of a lawsuit against the nfl. he says that his playing days have left him with memory loss, headaches, and speech problems. >> brianne carter is live in landover. with landover >> more than 60 former nfl players have filed a lawsuit in los angeles joining others across the nfl, saying that the agencies did not do enough to protect the players from concussions. the lead plaintiff in all of this is hall of famer art monk who played wide receiver for the redskins more than a decade. he suffered multiple concussions that are still causing problems to this day. reaction to the news redskins fans say art monk is usually known for not saying much, so when he speaks up, people listen. >> with his name being on this it's definitely sheds a different light on it. it brings wjla.--.
6:47 am
the concussions have been a topic lately. about a thousand players in recent years have sued the nfl. we will have to wait to see how this particular lawsuit plays out. brianne carter, abc 7 >> . steven strasburg had a striking performance against the pirates on the mound yesterday, striking out seven in a row ending the night with 13 strikeouts in six innings. they beat the pirates. strasbourg got his third win of the season. >>3>> day three of our chipping contest to play against tiger woods. >> the winner also gets two weeklong vip tickets to the at&t national in june. all you have to do is watch "good morning washington" and listen for the daily clue. today's clue is "fairway." go to you can enter once a day until thursday when we announce the
6:48 am
winner. good luck. >> 6 a cult 48 right now, time for traffic and weather for 10 minutes. let's see how the roads look. if >> cooling a little because of sunshine in our eyes. no accidents-- slowing down a little. a little slow from college park into the bel-- looked at this impact of the sunshine on 95 at georgia avenue. it is not slowing down motorists yet. back to you. >> thank you. we will not complain about the sunshine. >> not a bit. it will be spectacular today through the weekend. a few clouds on sunday. let's look from our live camera
6:49 am
looking to the east, clear blue skies with sunshine. let's look at a time lapse from frederick. sunrise at 5:59. first time in a long time for sunrise before 6:00. 48 degrees in frederick. they will climb into the low to mid 70's like everybody else today. high-pressure, clear skies breeze out of the northwest. tomorrow, high-pressure overhead moves off to the east. we will warm up into the upper 70's to nearly 80 with sunshine. an area of low pressure on sunday from the southwest and approaching cold front will bring a few clouds. sunny and breezy today, 76. clear skies tonight. temperatures will drop to 50. over the weekend sunshine, warmer temperatures, above average, 80 degrees with low humidity. a sunny start to mother's day with some clouds for the afternoon and maybe a sprinkle or light showers late in the day west of the blue ridge. our chance of showers will increase next week. exactly when that will be, adam
6:50 am
caskey will have that. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> right now, 6:49, 52 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington."
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>> good friday morning to you. the cover story generating controversy today. a woman breast-feeding her nearly four-year-old son. but it's good for him physically and emotionally. mother who touched off a national firestorm answers her critics this morning. that's next on good morning america. >> we want to take a look in the day ahead. the defense will begin its case today in the campaign fraud trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. the prosecution rested yesterday after 14 days of testimony. first lady michelle obama will speak at today's commencement ceremony at virginia tech. white house says that she chose the school because of its resilience in the face of several incidents of campus violence. metro will do track work this weekend. red line trains will single track between takoma and forest glen. and between van ness and dupont circle. orange line trains will single track between eastern market and
6:54 am
cheverly. nine trains between eastern market and addison road. that's 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. >> looking ahead to the weekend if you don't have plans for tomorrow night watched as the capitals tried to take the next step to the stanley cup, taking on the rangers in game. 7 game there will be rocking the red. -- game 7. you have a couple days left to find a special gift for your mom. mother's day is on sunday. don't forget. we will say goodbye to our friends on wisteria lane. "desperate housewives" all air the final episode on sunday. >> good morning. campbell with your weekend movie guide. look for another giant leap for the avengers. if johnny depp hopes that you are in the mood for vampire comedy based on the television show "dark shadows."
6:55 am
and lovers kurdistan's him into a vampire, buried 200 years and the lands in 1972. -- a lover's curse turns him into a vampire. >> i will put you back in the box. >> it is a rematch between jonica and the witch. it starts great, but runs out of gas. -- it is a mere rematch between johnny depp and the whicitch. the "hunger games gets four stars and the avengers and think like a man gets three stars. i'm arch campbell, abc
6:56 am
entertainment. >> johnny depp in a movie means it will being strange. >> adam caskey greg. it's bright sunshine today into the weekend, pretty comfortable. it is in the 40's right now. a few upper 30's northwest of town. in the '70s later on today. mid 70's, breezy and sunny. open the windows. we will be near 80 degrees saturday and sunday with a little added cloud cover on sunday. in west virginia or western maryland, you may run into a sprinkles sunday night. that's all. if we are looking dry until monday for the next chance of rain around the beltway, mid 70's by then. we will be pretty stable and steady in temperatures and we will continue that. >> well done. >> that does it. keep it here for good morning america next.
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