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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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random street attacks in northwest with a hammer within 1 mile of his home. he is charged with two assaults and one murder, the tourist from denver that was attacked with a hammer. davis has a history of pcp use and mental illness. this woman says her granddaughter is out of the hospital but still scared after being attacked by a stranger. >> she does not want to go outside and be by herself anymore. her 20th birthday is today. we're trying to have a little celebration for her tomorrow. >> davis is the younger brother of two nfl players. his attorneys argue it was a case of mistaken identity. their client was not the man with the hammer.
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the judge ruled there was probable cause. reporting live sam ford. >> this case does go forward, but another hearing will be held in mid july to determine whether he was competent enough to stand trial at that point. >> a brutal attack outside of a school in fairfax county has many residents on alert tonight. two an attack and sexually assaulted a 50-year-old woman in merrifield. horace holmes is live at the scene. >> a very busy road behind me this area back here behind me is secluded. it backs up to the woods. that is the holy cross church and its school. police say the attack happened on the front porch of the school. investigators were out for most of the day trying to find any evidence they could on the front
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steps of this school. two men attacked a 50-year-old woman here hitting her in the head with a brick or a rock and police say they sexually assaulted her. >> i think everybody feels pretty safe here generally. this is very disturbing. now we do not feel safe in our neighborhood. >> he says the churches provide services for the homeless. police told him the victim was a homeless woman. >> it is obviously tragic that somebody would harm somebody who is doing no harm in the community. >> we have a number of homeless people that come on a regular basis. >> she says she and the staff were horrified when they arrived to find a crime scene this morning. >> it is a terrible situation. >> police say after the attack
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the woman ran out onto gallows road and flagged down a passing car for help. >> i am shocked. i mean, this area is really quiet. >> the victim is recovering at a local hospital. she did not know her attackers. the two men are still on the loose. >> all lanes of 370 are back open after a truck fire. it was right next to shady grove road. most of the smoke is coming from the trash in the back catching fire. the exit to shady grove is still blocked but traffic is moving again in the area. 11 people were taken to the hospital after a car and a metro bus collided this morning. police say the car pulled out in front of the boss and the bus
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driver slammed on his brakes and could not stop in time. most received minor injuries. >> what a picture-perfect day all around the area. >> did you find anything to complain about today? >> no. >> let's challenge doug hill to see if he can. >> all across the area of bright sunshine. outside of the weather center, 72 degrees. let's go to the time lapse at the naval academy in annapolis. it demonstrates it is not fun being a key macleod in a dry area. these exist for about seven minutes and dissipate. a noticeable warm-up as you head into the weekend. 73 in washington. 72 in annapolis. sunshine and mild temperatures will drop to the 60's. overnight clear skies and cool
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temperatures 44-53. we will get close to 82 mar. yes, we will start with sunshine this weekend but mother's day might not and that way. we will talk about it in a couple of minutes. >> earlier this week we told you a about a gay gained in the d.c. that apologized to business owners for terrorizing them. prince george's county has busted some members for stealing $20,000 worth of stuff. brad bell with a surveillance video. >> police say this was a big theft ring. it was a lot of perfume. the rest of the story is what you referred to. these two young ladies are part of the gang whose founder earlier this week said his group was going to turn away from its criminal ways. the thieves were bold.
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they stuffed backs with perfume as security cameras rolled. they hit the same j.c. penney store for more than $20,000 worth of perfume. according to the detective who finally busted them. >> they go in and they do not hesitate. they put them in their purse and walked out. they normally hit the store three or four times a day. >> charged in this ring, the women are members of the eccheck it crew. many say they are turning their lives around by performing dance and fashion shows. >> we are trying to turn this around it a positive way. >> there is no indication that mungo or wilkinson were among
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those dancing on monday. according to the police, their crimes range far and wide. >> this group goes all over. they go to springfield mall. they sell them out of the trunk of their car. >> we should stress again none of the people who appeared on our story earlier this week was involved or charged with anything out here in prince george's county. this is a large group. police tell us their investigation of the thefts is ongoing. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> we are following breaking news coming in from chicago where jurors have reached a verdict in the trial of a man charged with killing three of jennifer hudson's family members. prosecutors say he killed the three out of a jealous rage
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after his estranged wife, hudson's sister, refused to reconcile with him. we will bring you the verdict as soon as it is announced. >> the trial for a jon edwards will continue. a judge refuses to throw out charges against him. the judge ruled the government met their basic burden under the law. the lawyers will begin calling witnesses on monday. >> seniors at a local university are crushed to night. their school will not let them graduate and they say it is not their fault. they say their advisers miscalculated their credits. ben eisler joins us with the details on that story. >> the students came to the art institute of washington and took all the clauses their advisers told them to. they were told they were on track to graduate. weeks before they got some
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devastating news. >> sunday ramon williams wants to make movies based on the bible. he currently works part time here at abc seven news while completing his bachelor's degree. >> this throws off the plans i have for my own life. >> six weeks before, the school told him he was six credits short. he would have to stay an additional semester. today we spoke to another student who said she has gone through the same thingh samearris and williams say dozens of other students have as well. >> that is like a wrecking ball into your world. >> part of the problem stems from a recent curriculum review that made some classes worth your credits than in years past. in a statement there wrote --
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williams and harris say they have already talked to advisers and were told nothing can be done. williams says he has struggled whether to speak out about it because he fears retribution. he made the decision because it is the right thing to do. >> i think about future students. i did not want that to happen to future students. >> they are asking students to meet with the dean. we will let you know the outcome of that meeting. >> thank you. still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00, a teenager is robbed at gunpoint. it is the location that has parents concerned. >> this guy can run for president right now. >> slowdown, he just became a dad. if they win tomorrow, his
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popularity will skyrocket higher. how much you will want to shell out if you want to go. >> the breast-feeding controversy is not going away. the mother is speaking out about the attention discover is getting. -- this cover is getting.
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>> the emotions surrounding the trayvon martin shooting is still strong. the fbi is conducting their own separate investigation. >> we are learning a lot more about the second investigation. it is being put together by the fbi as they look into whether or not there was a hate crime. the case is being generated by the department of justice. if they pursue it it would mean an entirely new set of charges and a separate trial as well.
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while wheat began to grow around this aging memorial, no reminders are needed. everybody is aware of what happened here. >> justice. >> what is justice? >> he should be doing time for what he did. >> many believe race is a factor and the fbi is looking into a hate crime charges. >> there is a split down generation lines here. deep cuts that i do not think will ever heal. what he believes after talking with eyewitnesses' it did not play a role that night. >> he has talked to the witnesses, i have not yet. >> george zimmerman is in hiding his attorney says with good reason. >> 1-10 what is his concern? >> 8. there are a lot of people if you
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look on the internet, there is a lot of anger. >> death threats are common. o'mara has gotten a half-dozen. >> if you would follow the laws in place and let people who do their job do their job yes. >> some believe much of the controversy could have been avoided. >> the media got it wrong. >> they are two different ages. within a month there were different pictures. >> coming out here at 11:00 we will show you the scene at night. we will show you how dark it was and why the jury might have to come out here and take a look as well. the discovery documents thousands of pieces of evidence
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are about to be released. we will tell you what unusual move george zimmerman's attorney is taking to handle it all. >> today dozens of local police officers rode out to gather to honor fallen heroes. they are cycling their way from valley forge pa. to the national law enforcement offices memorial in the d.c. the officer stopped for a ceremony in the ellicott city. it is raising awareness for police officers killed in the line of duty. the group is expected to reach a d.c. tomorrow afternoon. >> it was gorgeous for that. >> we have one more absolutely beautiful day tomorrow. sunday things will start to change a little bit. if you have plans for mother's day that is whether dependent once it hits the afternoon we cannot rule out scattered showers.
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first we will take you to bethesda. we will give you a view of the hd camera. watch people hurried down. at this rate to comply through holes and three minutes. it will be a nice evening. a little cool, if you have plans take a jacket or sweater. we would drop to the 50's tonight and 40's in the suburbs. 70 degrees in arlington. 72 was the high. the dewpoint is 33. tonight it will be clear and calm. the pollen count, no surprise. high range for grass, moderate for mold spores and tree pollen. this morning it was cold. 39 in gaithersburg. 51 was the low in quantico.
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we warm up nicely throughout the day to about 73. our average right now is 74. tomorrow we will go a above average. sunday is -- sunday morning is the better portion on sunday. a possibility of a shower. we will start to pick up an increase of strong westerly winds. that will bring and warm temperatures. you have the high temperature -- high-pressure that gave us the glorious day today. first you get some cloudiness. more clouds building on sunday. moisture levels will come up. we are in a situation where the possibility of a few showers could spread across the region. our future cast shows the high offshore later in the day and that is helping bring everything
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to the northeast. some showers possible in the afternoon and especially at night. then we have a slow-moving cold front late monday and tuesday. numerous opportunities for scattered showers through monday and tuesday and maybe into wednesday of next week. clear and mild late tonight. in the 40's in the morning. sunny and pleasant 73 by midday. we will head toward 80 degrees. it will be warm on mother's day. a chance of scattered showers on sunday. a better chances on monday tuesday, and wednesday. >> still not a bad mother's day just a chance. >> every mother's day is a good mother's day. >> time now to announce the 10th of our 15 finalists for the car give away. >> congratulations goes to linda buff. you have 30 minutes to call to
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qualify. we will announce another finalist tomorrow. up for grabs is a new ford fiesta and $3,000. you can enter every day and get two additional entries by sharing the contest with your facebook friends. go to to enter. we will select the winner a little bit later this month. >> coming up, two kidnapped tennessee gross are found safe. what they are now telling investigators about what happened. -- tennessee girls are found safe. >> we will talk about college graduates back at home with mom and dad.
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] virtual wallet can help yoyou be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >> we are talking now game 7. there is no tomorrow. in game 7 against the new york rangers. john gonzales today went out to see how the fans were propping up. the last practice at home before
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traveling to the biggest game of the year. the capital fans are having a hard time controlling their nerves. >> a little nervous, but i think it is a good sign. the new baby. i think that is a great sign. >> average price is $476. >> there are definitely more fans than usual at today's practice. if they are going to go to the game they will have to search hard. the tickets are nearly $600. fans here say it is definitely worth it to see the capitals play on the biggest age. >> a lot of us go a lot of times on trips. tickets were $225 and another couple hundred of dollars getting up there and back. maybe it is better to save money
5:26 pm
for the stanley cup finals. what's many are spending money on capitals gear. the team's store has been packed even on days they do not play. >> anything holtby. this guy could run for president right now. >> she is holding onto this deflected puck. >> i was offered $400 for it. what's in arlington john gonzales. >> get this, according to stubhub, tickets for tomorrow's game are going for more than the lakers and nuggets game. tim brant will have more later on in sports. >> still ahead what the first lady has to say to virginia tech's graduating class today. >> hear from the mother getting a lot of attention because of this magazine cover.
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>> a scam and a gun. robbery over tennis shoes
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling, doug hill weather, and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 dues at 5:00 on your side.
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>> a virginia teenager thought he was buying some shoes, but instead he became a victim of a robbery. >> a group of armed men robbed him right outside of the recreation center and woodbridge. >> i knew exactly where this was because it is one of the most popular recreation centers and all of northern virginia. this was right after school in the middle of the afternoon. >> he made the connection on facebook. somebody wanted to sell their expensive shoes. when he set up the time and place to make the deal, he and his neighbors never imagined he would be held up at gunpoint at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> why rub a little kid? he has money. these kids as mom and dad. >> there were three more men,
5:31 pm
one with a hand gun. they took several hundred dollars and his cell phone. they never had the shoes. >> it shows the desperation of criminals. we are hoping we get some leads in this case. >> the recreation center has a stream of people, not a place where there has been this kind of brazen crime. >> go to the center without thinking anything could happen. >> the idea of an elaborate way to commit a robbery put this community unguarded. >> they do not care about who they are robbing. >> there have been several gun. -- gunpoint robberies but they have never seen where somebody is lord to a location on facebook. >> the man accused of shooting at the white house and
5:32 pm
attempting to assassinate president obama faces two additional charges. he faces injuries to a dwelling charges. he used a assault rifle to take shots at the white house. >> let's look at the day's other top stories. the judge ruled a man accused of attacking people with a hammer and the d.c. is incompetent to stand trial. michael davis charged with first-degree murder and is also charged in two non fatal attacks and is the suspect in two additional assaults. he is treated in a psychiatric hospital and will be re- evaluated at a later date. >> police are looking for two men who attacked a woman near holly barack preschool. the church next door provides services for the homeless.
5:33 pm
>> it is graduation for most, but some students at the art institute of washington say the school will not let them graduate. they change the credit value of some of their class is. -- classes. >>world news is talking about breast-feeding moms tonight. good evening, great to see you tonight. this magazine cover everyone has been talking about you have the information. >> so many people talking about this. on the cover is a mother breast- feeding her three and a half year-old. that mother is here defending herself. we will get into that right after your broadcast. >> and you have your made in america series we enjoy so much. this one is especially for mother's day. >> attention moms out there, it has to do with tiny inventions.
5:34 pm
how one tiny invention could make you a million dollar mom. it could bring in some cash and we will get into that tonight. >> great to see you as always. >> good luck to the capitals. >> thank you. >> how about that? he is a brave man in new york supporting the caps. but today in frederick county people in need got a $1 million mile for free. they provided one free filling or extraction or cleaning for those who cannot afford it. the organization has provided over $6 million in free dental care. time now for a check on the traffic situation. >> a happy friday to those on 395. what we are looking at right now on southbound washington
5:35 pm
boulevard, a huge delays at seminary road. look out for an accident off to the left. that will add to your minutes on the commute. once across the beltway southbound for 95, it is one slow crawl. the crash at quantico on the left shoulder stopped traffic to courthouse road. from the belt way toward 50 fairfax, we will take a trip around the beltway right now. towards to 70 you will be typed. as you go by old georgetown road through montgomery county over to new hampshire ave. 270 will be tight as well shady grove up towards 80 urbana. >> have a good weekend. >> still to come, the personal story the first lady shared with virginia tech graduates as their commencement speaker. >> new details about what happened to the two girls
5:36 pm
kidnapped two are now home safely. >> see how a popular food trucked is now getting a second
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>> new developments as the search for two kidnapped girls in tennessee comes to an end. >> the kidnapper adam mayes killed himself after officers found his hideout. they went three days without food or water. >> the girls are now out of the hospital. it took 13 days to find alexandria and her sister, moments to get them away from their captor adam mayes. >> a lot of prayers were answered when we found these two young ladies. >> rescuers saw that behind this church. he thought -- he shot himself in front of the girls when the police moved in. he was announced dead at the hospital. the girls were brought into
5:40 pm
this memphis hospital. after spending two days in the woods, they were dehydrated, hungry, and full of poison ivy. >> they had been several days without food and water. they were really relieved. >> mayes killed their mother and 14-year-old sister. he told the friends and family the younker girls were his. histhe two sisters are now reunited with their father. >> they can now restart their lives and hopefully live happily after this. >> authorities are questioning friends and relatives to find out if anyone helped him on the run. >> three additional arrests have been made in connection with
5:41 pm
this case. one person was arrested for making a false statement to investigators and two others were charged with illegal possession of a firearm. >> it is really becoming the norm for college graduates, and neither the parents or the students are thrilled about it. >> there has been a lot of backlash. >> the mom from the bre
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>> it is graduation time for college students across the country. >> many graduates are ending at back at home with mom and dad. >> rather than start a new job and live on her own, she is moving back home. >> i am not excited for it at all. >> he is also days away from getting his degree in biology and heading to live with his dad. >> it will be his rules again
5:45 pm
and that is tough to do. >> they are called the boomerang generation. a 15% unemployment rate for people ages 20-24 is forcing a higher number than ever to move back home and your mom and dad's home. >> during the recession years it has continued to increase during the recovery years. >> it is a near 20% increase from six years ago. she still cannot find a job so she has nowhere else to go. >> i love my family, but it is not really where i want to be. i want to be on my own doing my own thing. cox>> this single parent is readying her son's room for his arrival. she is disappointed he cannot
5:46 pm
find a job and is moving home. but it will be a adjustment for him. he is probably used to staying out. for me, i am moving back into the parent mode of, is he okay? >> high loan debt is also forcing those with jobs to move back in with their parents. it is a reality the class of 2012 is trying to live with. >> i did not think i would be in this position, but now i am. >> unlike past generations, there is no stigma to moving back home. many help the economy will continue to improve and they will be able to find a job and move out on their own. >> we also heard some encouraging words for graduates today. michelle obama delivered the commencement speech at virginia tech where she called on them to go forward and use their skills
5:47 pm
and knowledge to change the world. >> the power of inventing the future a call to chart your own course and live life on your own terms. but she encouraged students to follow their dreams. she told them a decision to work for a non-profit and help students. market warner also spoke to graduates. >> it looks like more people will be spending money to celebrate mother this weekend. the average american will spend $152 on mother's day. that is $12 more than last year. americans will spend $18 billion for mother's day. two-thirds will be on flowers. >> if you are a student asking bonn to live there, it might be smart to buy some flowers. let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has the look ahead.
5:48 pm
>> the political world stills -- still talks about mitt romney's days in prep school. he says he does not remember bullying a student. this is a student presumed to be gay. also if you need a job you are in the right place. the washington, d.c. area is a pretty good place to pick up a job. we will see you at 6:00. >> we have been following this breaking story coming from the jenifer hudson murder trial. he was just convicted of killing the mother, and a nephew in 2008. he killed the three out of a jealous rage after jennifer hudson's sister refused to reconcile. >> tonight "20'20" is all about the extremes of the diet fads.
5:49 pm
>> and afternoon snack is very important to take some suites. chocolate, dark chocolate is good. >> wine? >> two glasses is no problem. >>"20/20" is followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> checking the weather now heading into the weekend. >> tomorrow it looks like it will be spectacular for any activity. sunday outdoor weather will be better in the morning than the afternoon. let's take a look down the river from the rooftop camera. nothing more than a few fairweather clouds try to form. they do not hang around long because the air is so dry. the lighter winds and a much cooler temperatures. the sun was up this morning at 5:59.
5:50 pm
the june 21, the summer solstice, later in july, the equinoxes in september. we give you an idea of how we go through this. we are right in the heart of the season where the amount of daylight gets longer and longer every day. temperatures will get lower and lower by the hour overnight. the weekend looks fine. sunshine and low humidity. sunshine sunday morning and then some clouds in the afternoon and may be a shower as well. if you go to the beaches, water temperature is about 60. the weekend looks fine. lots of sunshine straight through. we will see a slow ramp in temperatures through tomorrow and sunday and with a slow- moving cold front monday, tuesday, and wednesday with more chances of showers and thunderstorms. >> thank you.
5:51 pm
i do not think a lot of people will care what the weather will be like tomorrow night because they will be inside. >> he will be able to hear people all over town tomorrow night. game 7 once again it is survive and advance. i keep telling you that the capitals are 2-0 in 11 asian games. this has been a good stretch for the young goalie, especially since two days ago he had his first child. >> there has been a lot going on. it has been exciting. >> an understatement considering the 22-year-old just became a fought -- a father read before the biggest game of his life. glucks when i am at the ring, my thoughts are on the capitals. away from the game they are on him. >> teammates applauded him for
5:52 pm
his success on and off the ice. >> the guy has the nerve pressure on him already he has something like this to deal with, too. he seems to be great. we are all pumped up for him. >>holtby has entrenched himself as the no. 1 goalie. the coach offered an early scouting report on his other new full-time job. >> he has a lot of character. he will be a great dad. just the way he is around the guys here. >> they will come out and leave for new york today. it is the 12th time in franchise history they will play in a do- or-die game seven. >> you know how quick he is with that glove, you ought to see him change a diaper. there is nothing better than seeing little kids make great plays. in atlanta that has the camera on his son.
5:53 pm
he steps up and makes one of the most elusive plays of all of sports. a triple play and that is the play of the day. what a heads up play. make the catch and go after him big guy. unassisted triple play. only 15 of those ever and the major leagues. >> universities are already calling his dad. >> coming up next on abc 7 is at 5:00 -- >> a woman who has all of america's talking. the woman featured on the cover we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ ♪ but wetarted using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months. my plants grew bigger...
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more beautiful... with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. everything changed with miracle-gro. for you are these flowers, like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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>> that recent time magazine cover continues to spark controversy and debate. >> the woman that appears on the cover is speaking out about the issue. >> autria is a the satellite center with what that mother has
5:57 pm
to say. >> she says she agrees it is a provocative picture. she knew there would be some raised eyebrows and she even goes on to say she understands why they picked it for their coverage. she says it is not a fair depiction of how she feeds her son. >> it is the magazine cover people cannot quit talking about. but if they can walk and talk, they can go to the refrigerator. it is gross. >> gross or great marketing? she says even she understands the outcry. >> i understand why they chose the 50 that they did. i have seen a lot of backlash and breast-feeding advocates saying it is not present how it is perceived. it is true, that is not how we breastfeed at home. >> she defends the fact sheet still is breast-feeding her
5:58 pm
nearly four-year-old son. it is a method of child rearing that promotes prolonged breast- feeding, bet sharing, and wearing your baby instead of putting them in a stroller. >> society is looking at me like i am the weird one. we are not weird. we are quite normal. >> people seem to be more irritated and intrigued by the cover, they think the move might backfire. >> to look at these extreme opinions about it it might turn some people off to the whole thing. >> she is in the process of child winning right now and she is helping his fourth year will be his last year of breast feeding. she said this is not for everyone and every mother should do what is best for them and their baby. >> as you might imagine, that story sparked discussion on our web site and facebook and twitter as well.
5:59 pm
two-way in yourself on this topic, go to and way in there. that is it now for abc 7 news at 5:00. i will see you back at 11:00. we continue now with abc 7 news at 6:00. >> live and in hd this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> allegations of bad behavior decades ago are following mitt romney on the campaign trail. he is then north carolina today and wants to get back to talking about the economy. everyone else is talking about allegations that he bullied a gay classmate in prep school. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom. >> mitt romney and his aides deliberately avoided focusing too much attention on the gay marriage to keep the focus


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