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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> the capitals hope to keep their playoff season alive with a win in game 7. >> president obama is playing tribute -- paying tribute to police officers. we'll take a look at the ceremonies taking place around our region. hear what mitt romney has to say about gay marriage during his commencement address at liberty university. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. abc 7 new ‚ô™captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> we are 90 minutes awa from the drop of puck. >> 3 overtimes. 6 second goals. tonight will be elector. the rangers have not made it to the eastern conference finals since 1997. and the capital since 1998. new york has never lost the game 7 at home. i am not trying to depress you. if game 6 is any indication, the capitals will be ready to play tonight. jay begal has a lower body injuries so will not be in the lineup. today, dale hunter talked about the fight in his team and this is do or die, game 7. >> there is nothing better than i game 7 and moving on.
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it's two teams playing hard. it comes down to execution. i know both teams are going to lay it on the line. >> if the caps win, they will face new jersey on the road. tonight 730, big game. >> most of these games are decided by one goal. >> we will have more in sports. >> you can stay with abc 7 and for the latest on the caps and rangers game. we will have the highlights at 11:00 barring overtime. >> the series of events taking place this weekend to honor police officers. earlier today, thousands of runners gathered for this year's national police 5k. natasha barrett emceed the event. the 5k raises money for
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nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting the families of officers who died in the line of duty. president obama and vice- president joe biden honored the nation's top police officers. 34 officers were recognized for showing valor in tense standoffs, shootings and rescue. >> earlier this afternoon members of the police unity tour group completed their journey to the national law enforcement memorial in northwest d.c. >> this is always an emotional gathering. thousands of police officers from across the u.s. and canada here to honor the fallen. the sound of the natspipes. >> this week, it is all about officers to have the ultimate
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sacrifice. >> once a year they come here. >> we fight for the same thing just as. >> to honor the fallen at this tomorrow. 362 names added this year including virginia tech officer deriek crouse. >> sometimes the grief is near and it takes awhile to understand that respect it and at that otter. >> names etched in stone. >> my brother david died in 2006. >> he was clearing a deer off a road when he was struck by a car. >> the people who have lost -- there is nothing like it. his sacrifice. it's difficult. >> this gathering, a healting time. >> it made us feel that people appreciate it what what it --
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what happened to him and he was appreciative. the time to honor, the bike ride from new jersey to d.c. >> people are coming out of their houses, to cheer us on. >> tomorrow, a larger gathering 30,000 people expected. among those in attendance, attorney general eric holder and numerous local police chiefs and the family of eriek crouse. >> the search continues for the man in a double shooting. police found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. michael smith was pronounced dead at the scene. the second victim was taken to the hospital. police do not have a motive. >> let's call it a great combination. good food for a good cause. a record number of people turned out for the annual chili
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cookoff. >> ben isler joins us. chil andi and chocolate? >> i got to sample a variety. it is for a good cause. all goes to benefit the national kidney foundation. while the food and the music both rocked and that is what it really is about. >> it is pretty good. a nice kick. >> more than 30,000 people expected at the 33rd annual dc 101 chili cookoff. 101 vendors went head-to-head. >> a lot of love. >> the event featured seven musical acts including incubus. each stand had its own character with some more tasteful the other. veterans will tell you that as
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the day progresses, the lines get shorter and though toilet lines get longer. this group says it took them five years to perfect their recipe. >> kind of smokey. >> they say a little bit of hershey's help the medicine go down your >> ladies loved a chocolate. >> they expect to raise $1 million this year. the area leads the nation and the prevalence of kidney disease occurred >> all of the money we raise today is a saving lives. >> that is why this chicken showed up to push chicken chili. and dwight of fairfax came back for his sixth year. >> i have an uncle on a transplant list. i know all of the fun that we do today is helping those people. >> moments ago, they announced the winners --beverly king took
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home the big prize. that qualifies her for an international competition. live at rfk stadium. >> thanks for during the sampling. >> ladies love the chocolate. >> now i need to try that. sounds good. the weather is looking great for any outdoor activities. >> the big question is what are things going to be like for mother's day? steve rudin has an early look her >> not so bad up there for the day tomorrow and a beautiful night ahead. we are looking at temperatures across the area -- mid 70's. martinsburg's looking at 72 degrees. 75 in orange. mother's day, partly cloudy, temperatures mid 50's to mid 60's. we have showers in the forecast. how long will the showers hold off for the day tomorrow? what can we expect for the upcoming work week, full details
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and a few minutes. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, mitt romney did not shy away from a hotly debated topic during his commencement address at liberty university. what he had to say about same- sex marriage. >> tragedy for boston university. how the school is remembering three students killed while studying abroad. >> forget about sending that latest tablet
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>> you are watching abc 7 news is 6:00. on your side. >> boston university will hold a candlelight vigil for 3 students studying in new zealand that were killed this morning. they were headed to the most famous hiking site when there manini van crashed. five other students were
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injured. the students killed were from new jersey california and paris. >> we are going to the latest on the campaign trail. president obama's weekly radio address, he asked for congress to act on his to do list. >> the president says the list is a 5 point plan. he proposes helping small business owners by giving them tax breaks. fo hiringr more workers. mitt romney spent the day in lynchburg where he was the commencement speaker at liberty university. he received a warm welcome even though the school teaches that his mormon faith is a cult. he addressed the issue of same- sex marriage. >> culture. what you believe, what you value, how you live matters. now as fundamental as these
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principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time. so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage. marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> you'll recall earlier this week president obama voiced his support of same-sex marriage making him the first sitting president to do so. >> michelle obama delivered the commencement address at north carolina agricultural and technical state university. she talked about the action that black students took in 1960 that led to desegregation of lunch counters. up next, learn why the post office is about to ban international shipments of ipads and kindles. >> a
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>> you can forget about sending that new ipad or kindle for christmas overseas. the post office will ban to national shipping. the move follows recent concern over lithium batteries found in these electronic devices. they could explode while aboard a plane. the post office believes it might be able to lift teh banhe ban by early next year. those who wish to send the product, will have to pay more for our private shipping company. >> plan to take metro? you can expect delays on three lines until monday. on the red line, trains are single tracking between forest glen and, and between van ness and dupont circle.
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there is a single track between eastern market and cheverly. on the blue line trains are single tracking to adison road. >> today was beautiful. >> can we have mother's day brunch outdoors tomorrow? >> tomorrow is fine. north and west, we may run into a few showers here and there. we take a look at what is going on outside at this hour. lots of sunshine for the remainder of the evening. the sunshine is going to make a little bit of a comeback early tomorrow morning. if 78 degrees. that was the high temperature earlier in the day. 74 the average. 93 is a longstanding record. george washington university at 77 degrees. a high of 80. made it up to 78 in takoma park. 75 over in manassas.
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it feels like 76. not much of the heat index but it will start to feel more humid the day tomorrow. winds will be out of the south and that will keep our temperatures up. 80 in quantico. 77 in fredericksburg. plenty of warts to the south -- warmth to the south. things will start to change as we move through tomorrow night into the day on monday. we have a lot of rain on the way. so far since january 1, we are down over 5 inches of rain at reagan national. satellite and radar -- the high clouds moving off towards the north and east. the clouds will stick around overnight. some sunshine early tomorrow morning, mother's day brunch will be dry but then things start to change. the next 48 hours. temperatures falling into the
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50's and 60's night. tomorrow, highs just around 80 degrees. but the showers and the heavier rain even some rumbles of thunder, all arrive for the day on monday. heading over to the nationals game monday night, this is what it looks at 6:00. wet for the district. the showers will continue into the day on tuesday. partly cloudy and milder tonight, mid 50's. daytime highs tomorrow around 80 degrees. morning for mother's day brunch will be ok. monday and tuesday he will want to keep an umbrella handy. it will be cool. on monday, highs around 70. the dreary skies will make it feel like not such a great start to the week. but by wednesday, thursday and friday, lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> beautiful in time for the weekend. >> beautiful weather to walk. on a green screen or other was.
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>> did you happen to hear about bryce harper? >> the wound to the head. speaking of hockey, that is all the town is talking about. rock the
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> it all comes down to today. should the capitals beat the stanley cup champs in a seven game series, but all of the hard work they put into it to make this series against the rangers go to seven will be another page turned if the capitals did not win tonight. teahhe team hi tthe ice early this
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morning. the excitement was out there. ovechkin on the ice. 12-13 capital's postseason games have been decided by one goal. the rangers have never lost a game seven at home. >> they'll be fine. they've been through before with these big games. you go out and play, and again they will give it all. it will be a heck of a hockey game. >> you have to trust your stuff don't over think things. as a simple game. if we can limit our mistakes and to try to capitalize on theirs that will be the difference in the game. >> it may not be the nationals ace but geo gonzalez is proving a consistent picture. he lasted five innings and gave up 2 runs and struck out 9. last night against the reds
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helping the nats get the first w of the series. the shark going deep. that sends ian desmond around. ryan zimmerman walked. adam roach keeps his hitting streak alive. zimmerman would score with that long double. and again, clap your hands. gonzalez -- nationals beat them 7-3. the biggest story line to come out of cincinnati -- bryce harper. you can see a little bit on his face, he had a battle would. he was 0-5 last night. a reason to be upset. but not this upset. he swung his bat at the wall
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hit him in the eye. he required 10 stitches. but the manager says it is part of the game and he is used to it. >> bryce made out. i heard him come in. he swing and hit the wall with his bat. was frustrated he was not centering on the ball. that is what ballplayers do, break bats. throw helmets. >> well, tiger woods finished with a 72 at the players championship today. matt kucher is the lader at 12 under part. >> the
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>> a few pet owners decided to do more than take their dogs for walks today. >> they decided to try out some dog yoga. [laughter] it was one of the activities to celebrate the washington humane society's mobile adoption center. it will help find pets good homes. >> downward dog. >> nice. >> -- whether for a little yoga. >> perfect weather. temperatures for mother's day around 80 degrees. showers will hold off until the afternoon hours. monday will be a washout with cooler temperatures. look at the warmer air on wednesday and thursday back into the 70's with sunshine.
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>> you have an iwonder coming up. >> it is a good one. >> that will do it


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