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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  May 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with adam for those details but first, here's list. >> -- lisa baden. >> the wind into maryland and virginia but now they're turning back around because of what adam caskey is going to tell us about. let's see if we can get a glimpse of news chopper 7. they're back in maryland. look at 270 traffic. here we are with some wet pavement but not as bad as it is in virginia. becoming out of gaithersburg and all the way down to the lane divide for the beltway. we did have a minor crash in virginia after braddock road. what is happening with that weather, adam? >> we have news chopper 7 in montgomery county. we have rain in 61k36 prince george's county, a few little spritzes and sprinkles. that rain converging on to the
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beltway and into the district. northwest of washington, steadier rain. allow doesn't county, and west virginia and western maryland. more moderate rain later this afternoon and this evening for the drive home. 4 in washington. that martinsburg. winchester 61. 72 the high temperature. off and on areas of rains today. and tomorrow damp start to our week and we need it. >> thank you, adam. 6:01 right now. at least 16 people are dead after a plane crash in the pal overnight. at least six other survived but they're in critical condition. the jet went down while trying to land at a mountain airstrip in the northern himalayas. at this point, investigators are blaming a technical problem. >> maryland lawmakers head back to work today. >> governor martin o'malley
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called the session after the senate failed to make a deal. >> this is back to work for three days for maryland lawmakers after having been called back by martin o'malley. they are expected to take a new budget deal and leaders of both the house and the senate. under these deal, what would be called for in this proposal is a tax increase of people making more than $100,000 or households making more than $150,000. a new proposal on the table includes almost $600 million in further spending cuts than originally proposed that was put forward at the beginning of the regular session back in january. during the regular session lawmakers failed to agree on any type of revenue packet forcing them to pass the doomsday budget including cuts in things like education and public safety with
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many not happy with that. it's one of the reasons why they're back here for the special session. governor o'malley is confident this will work out. that lawmakers will be able to reach a deal over the next couple of days to get a new budget. one of the issues that they did not take during that regular session was expanding gambling. so that will not been an issue during these three days and the governor has saying he's not opposed to calling them back up this summer to take up that issue as well. >> all right. thank you, brianne. it's :03. the virginia general assembly set to end for the year. they will select more than three dozen judges to feel vacancies all across virginia. >> a developing story from wall street where more heads are expected to roll after jpmorgan's chase blunder. three executives will resign
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today. the nation's largest bank admits it lost $2 billion in trades instead of reportedly thought out. the c.e.o. admits this could complicate efforts to fight new banking regulation. >> we know we were sloppy. we know we were stupid. we know it was bad judgment. we took far too much risk. the strategy we had that we vetted. it should have never happened. >> jpmorgan chase shares fell nearly 10% on friday. the dow lost 34 points for the day. >> a new insight into the struggle faced by young adults with awe tism. a study shows one the three have no paid job experience, college or technical schooling nearly seven years after high school graduation. that is lower than pream with any other disability. and with nearly half a million autistic children reaching adulthood in the next decade, experts say it's an issue that needs more attention. also new this morning, the
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garden -- guardian angels will patrol the streets today. >> it happened on friday near the busy u-street corner and that's where john gonzalez joins us with more details. >> it happened behind this new condo building. this man was brutally attacked last week and as you said it appears to be because of littering. police have been investigating this incident even taking a look at the crime camera here on the corner of 14th and w street. now while police continue investigating the guardian angels say they have been asked to patrol this area heavily. so starting at noon today, that's what they will do. walk up and down the 14th street corridor trying to deter some the crime here. the angels were very prevalent in this area just a few months back during a spree of violent street robberies. again, they will be focusing on the 14th street corridor here.
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especially the back alleys behind the condo and some of the other buildings in this area. this is just a block from the columbia highlights metro station where angels have been known to patrol the platform there and even ride the trains from time to time. now of course this group is made up of non-profit volunteers. they do not carry weapons but they will not hesitate to detain people and even make citizens arrests. they will start patrolling at noon today. >> john, thank you. the defense will call its first witnesses today in the john edwards conspiracy trial and they be likely include a former f.e.c. chairman, a political poll strer. it's unlikely that edwards will testify on his own behalf. friday, a judge dismissed a request to throughout the six felony charges that he faces. prosecutors wrapped their case after two weeks of testimony intended to prove that edwards used campaign funds to cover up
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his affair. a terror suspect accused of plotting an attack at fort hood texas, has until today to submit a plea agreement. he cuz discharged from the army last may. in july, he was charged with-a-plotting an attack in fort hood. he was said to admire the suspect in the shooting at fort hood that killed 13 people back in 2009. >> your time on this monday morning, 6:07. we're looking at about 61 degrees. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," a packed schedule for the president and a shock being claim in the fight over stadium samente we're going to -- same-sex marriage. >> anda mother's day delivery made more special thanks to social networking. we'll tell you why. >> and we're tracking areas of light rain. i will pinpoint it you're going down!
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>> a special mother's day for a couple in north carolina. despite being half a world away in afghanistan, staff sergeant darrion scott was the delivery room when his wife gave birth to their son william. he used skype to help us wire that delivery. dad gets a nice look there at the new youngster. >> precious. it's 6:10. time for a check of traffic and weather. >> lisa, good morning. >> it's like that movie "gremlin." they're all cute and cuddly until you add water. that's what happens to washington traffic. let's see how we look on news chopper 7. see if anybody's growling. just a volume between 80 and 109. uh-oh. stacked up already in german
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town. plenty of traffic but no accidents on down to the beltway. next, we'll quickly go so the likey traffic picture of 395 northbound. wet pavement but nobody's snarling right here, adam. >> i like the gremlins reference. we have the light rain falling across parts of the beltway this morning and scattered across the washington weather. notice it's not been raining everywhere but it is up and down 95 from even 395. springfield to stafford up into d.c. areas of light rain. this is all pushing to the northeast. i'm going to zoom in for you as we get a better look at the rain commuting arteries. around the beltway and prince george's county, no steady rain. spotty showers in montgomery county. and especially in western fairfax county through leesburg and 66 into prince william county, we have that light rain.
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this is all tracking off to the northeast. i'm expecting the steadier heifer rain later on today. so -- heavier rain on today. we're in the low to mid 60's. another damp day tomorrow. good beneficial soaking. and bright sunshine to finish the workweek and into the upcoming weekend as well. good timing for the rain. steve? >> thanks so much. if you've got to gosh going to have rain, might as well get it. >> "the avengers" hitting box office milestone. >> and the battle of same-sex marriage hits the poll states yesterday. a local pastor says he can't support the presiden
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>> it's 6:13 as we take a look at the day ahead. d.c.'s museum will rededicate journalist memorial which honors members of the media who died in the pursuit of news. 70 names will be added to that wall today. >> and the caps will be back for the teen booth for the last time. they'll be cleaning out those lockers today. washington fell to the new york yankees in game seven of the stanley cup semifinals on saturday. >> later, emily main yard will begin her journey of "the bachelorette." the single mom will pick from a crowd of 25 would-be suitors. at least she was the runner-up on "the bachelor." >> is that what happened? >> i'm pretty sure. >> all right. hopefully, things work out well for her. 6:14. marriage is the biggest issue on the campaign trail right now after the president expressed his support for same sex union. >> and the showdown playing out from the church poll.
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>> here's a look at one of those magazine covers. it's from the latest "newsweek" magazine. it calls president obama the first gay president. the showdown over same-sex marriage is also taking a religious turn. yesterday, many pasts and preachers across the country used the pulpit to speak out about the issue of same-sex marriage. black christians came out in big numbers for obama in 2008. but this large sector of the population now seems split on whether or not they will support the president and his re-election. >> i'm a black gay male and as a baptist, i feel that, you know, things, you know, will change and opinions will change. >> i don't plan to vote for romney for sure. right now, i plan to stay home. >> this weekend mitt romney delivers the commencement address at liberty university at virginia. romney used his address to confirm his stance that marriage
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is a relationship "between one man and one woman." both obama and his likely republican opponent mitt romney say they believe that the economy though, not same-sex marriage, will drive this election season. in newsroom, abc 7 news. >> the president with a busy day in the big apple where he will deliver a commencement address in new jersey and will tape an appearance on "the view." >> 6:15. a super weekend for a superhero blockbuster. also 7-eleven putting the slurpee on the diet. -- a diet. >> good morning. counting america's money. heads roll at jpmorgan chase. three executives will resign after the nation's biggest bank lost more than $2 billion in questionable trade. yahoo!'s new c.e.o. is out after an error was found on his resume.
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he was chief executive for four months and thompson has thyroid cancer and it figured into his decision to step down. "the avengers" setting box office record. the action film is now passed $1 billion worldwide in less than three weeks taking in $103 billion m.l. this weekend in the u.s. and get ready for the slurpee light. 7-eleven is rolling ought the drink after regional testing. it will have less than a third of the calories of regular slurpees. it will market slurpee light to women in their 20's. >> rob few. you have another chance to enter our tiger woods chipping contest where, yes you could find yourself chipping against the golf great. the contest winner gets two week long v.i.p. tickets on the at&t tournament. here's today's clue. just watch "good morning washington" every morning get your clue of the day. today's clue is the word, chip." now, go to and
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enter that clue. you will then be entered into the contest. we'll announce the winner on thursday morning. >> definitely get in on that. and a new segment called ask "abc news" 7. and some special guest something you like. this week, i'm the one answering those questions. if you have a question, send them to us on our facebook page, tweet us or e-mail us. >> time for traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. >> good morning. even with wet pavement, i don't have any accidents on the beltway. one has been taken care of the plenty of volume out of southern maryland. that's not a shocker. live, we'll go to news chopper 7. they were flying over 270 out of german town to get into gaithersburg. this is the pace of traffic. we're going to head to -- adam
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caskey? >> yep. well, as we get to adam, take a look at some of this video. this is a woman who was filming hail in new mexico after a few minutes, she realized what she was filming. it was not hail as it was a tornado right in front of her. >> wow. >> fortunately and quickly it disappeared. a small one, luckily and they don't see too many tornadoes in new mexico. every state in the u.s. has seen a tornado and does see tornadoes. but it's not as common out there in new mexico and then west of the rockies as well. >> you always hate to see tornadoes close to trailers and r.v.'s like in that video right there. they're especially vulnerable. >> doesn't take much of a tornado to slip around. so let's take a look at our weather. a lot of rain to talk about here. today into tomorrow and i'm going to give you some different zooms. first of all, starting with around the beltway.
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you can see d.c. smacked dab center part of your screen. areas of very light rain pushing northeast through washington. steady rain across bethesda and chevy chase moving into wheat on crossing over the beltway in montgomery county. beltway and prince george's county still dry in surrounding arteries. but in virginia, it's a different story. off and on showers through fairfax county even to 395 and 270 to rockville and gaithersburg. so now farther northwest of washington, west virginia, western maryland, light rain. tracking off the northeast up on the aye 81 corridor. a bit of a break in parts of southern maryland, especially in st. mary's county. steady but right rain. more organized rain, heavier
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showers down to the seventy -- southwest. tomorrow, more rain on the way. and by tomorrow night, we could see up to two inches of rain just west of 95. east of 95, lesser but healthy amounts on the eastern shore. highs today in the lower 70's. and by thursday into the weekend, nothing but sun. that's your forecast, cynne and steve. >> thank you, adam. it's 6:121 and 60 degrees. >> our local graduate gets her diploma and the surprise of a lifetime. we'll be right back.
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>> a few stories we think people may be talking about today. you've heard about texting and walking. we know that it's dangerous where people have been startled by bears and some crazy things have happened. but one area now really cracking down on this. fort lee, new jersey has made it illegal to text and walk. they have had 20 p.e.d. accidents in the last year. and now dangerous walkers are getting hit with $85 fine. >> controversial.
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a lot of folks talking about that. on the other coast on the west side out in hollywood, there are some new judges. it's official when it comes to simon cowell's show, the "the x-factor" he fired paula abdul and nicole sers gehring. now, one of her fellow pop princess in demi lovato could be the fourth judge. >> that's according to t.m.z. the official announcement has not come out yet. and final will you, two huge graduations over the weekend. this one is columbia europe. there was a lot of excitement because one of the garages was actually a custodian there at the school. he had then 12 years working toward becoming a garage of columbia. he was working full time as a janitor and still managed to get that degree. >> a lot of hard work.
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a little closer to home. big graduations go out to sarah cooper. got her degree and then got a little something special from sam miller, her boyfriend. now fiance as he proposed on stage in front of everybody at the a.u. commencement. congratulations. >> very sweet. >> outside 62 degrees this monday. >> coming up, animal adoptions
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>> straight ahead, back to work in annapolis and your taxes taking center stage. we'll have a live report. >> and heads roll at jpmorgan after a $2 billion blunder. good morning, washington. >> we'll check in with adam
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caskey in a moment. first, lisa baden. >> there was just a crash north on 95 between lorton and details better out of dale city. picture on the 395 delays leaving the delays. here's the pace to seminary road. it improved to the exit to the pentagon. right now, 270, delays for southbound getting out of overmedicine town, gaithersburg, rockville and no accidents from the topside of town. >> you can see wet roads some light rain falling around 395 95 and parts of the belt we. spotty showers there. let's talk temperatures. feels pretty good outside. 63 in washington. hagerstown 69. and cumberland, cooler. there's a live look from our rooftop camera. some drops on the camera lens there. it's damp. going to be a wet start to our
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workweek. areas of light rain pushing through fairfax county, montgomery county and around the beltway. prince george's county, now you're starting to see that rain move towards austin hill and temple hill. i'm expecting some heavier rain or moderate rain later this afternoon and evening. more organized. 72 the high temperature. and then tomorrow, more on the way. but doug hill will be back to talk about that in a few minutes. >> adam, thank you. at least 15 people are dead after a plane crashed in the pal overnight. six others survived but are in critical condition. that jet went design while trying to land in a mountain airstrip. at this point, investigators are blaming a tech capital problem. >> and closer to home, maryland lawmakers heading back to work. your taxes going to take top priority. >> governor o'malley calls the session failed to reach a deal.
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>> during the general session beginning back in january, they failed to include a revenue package in the budget passing what they were called the doomsday budget that included cuts to things like public safety and education and so now they are back to the drawing board and will be back for the special session at 10:00 this morning. included in this budget deal that was passed over the past couple of weeks by the leaders and house and senate, it includes things like tax increases of people making more than $100,000 and households making more than $150,000. the governor says this is needed in order to avoid those cuts on those key priorities. speaking out about this, the governor says building america's number one schools making college more affordable and continue drive down violent crime and defending our a.a.a.
6:33 am
bond ratings, these are all choices. none of them are free. that's why we need a balanced approached to move forward. the senate will queen at noon this afternoon. -- convene at noon. the governor is confident they will be able to reach a new budget deal. >> all right. thank you, brianne. it's 6:33. and this is the last day of the year for the general assembly in virginia before adjourning. lawmakers considering more than 100 amendments. all of them made by governor bob mcdonald. they will select more than three dozen judges who will fill vacancies across the state of virginia. >> heads be likely roll on wall street for three top executives of jpmorgan chase. this comes after the $2 billion trade blunder. >> investors wondering whether wall street and the banking industry have learned their lesson.
6:34 am
here are more details. >> trying to calm fears about the $2 billion loss. it appears jpmorgan chase will accept the resonation of three -- resignation of three top executives. it is a painful reminder of the 2008 financial collapse. many of begun loss of the ground. after the crisis, there was a big push for financial reforms so that risky bet like the ones that led to these losses would no longer threat then financial system. jpmorgan chase crow's jamie diamond admitted his bank's credibility has been hurt. >> we know we were sloppy. we know we were stupid. we know it was bad judgment we took far too much risk. the strategy with bailey vetted. it was bailey monitored. it should never happen. >> diamond says the bank might lose an additional $1 billion
6:35 am
this quarter. reporting live in northwest washington tim mon bradley. >> yahoo! making some changes at the top. the search engine says the c.e.o. left the company. he had been under fire for more than a week over revelations he lied about his education. it listed a computer science that he never earned. >> new this morning, the guardian angels will be patrolling the 14th street corner after part of a beating last week. south of the columbia highlights metro station. head of the group's d.c. chapter says people in the neighborhood asked for their help. he said they will patrol that area at least twice a week for five to six hours at a time. >> and the roger clemens perjury trial. the prosecution will put its star witness on the stand. brian mcnamee says he injected the pitcher with steroids and human papillomaviruses -- human
6:36 am
growth hormones on three occasions. >> more combat roles about to take over by more female soldiers. female soldiers were excluded from those jobs because they were close to ground combat or directly involved in combat. advocates pushed for the change saying women already risk their lives by serving in patrols and military police unit. outside, 62 degrees. >> and still ahead on "good morning washington," how mitt romney's campaign will try to avoid the mistakes made by john mccain in 2008. politico's mike allen weighs in. >> and the at the enterprise continues its journey. >> and doug hill with another check of traffic and weather. stay wit
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>> the space shuttle enterprise one step closer of to heading to its new home in new york city. the the shuttle would you detached from the modified 747. it flew on top of to the big apple from duluth. the enterprise will be moved to its new home at the space museum. that will happen next month. before we get to doug hill with a look at the forecast, it's 6: 39. let's check on traffic with lisa. >> good morning on the interloop
6:40 am
at the beltway leaving springfield to get to andale her field. that's been taking care of. victory very poor. we're just going to hunker down and enjoy the rain because we need it, right? no designs report right now in virginia along 66. slow in manassas. see if we can pull up a picture and see traffic southbound on wet pavement out of frederick. now back to steve. >> all right, lisa, thank you. doug good morning. >> good morning. off to a good start. the rain is beneficial. a good four to five inches blow average. -- below average. light showers, occasional showers and that's going to be the drill through most of the day. steadier rains later on.
6:41 am
the steady sloth of rain on the eastern tour. late rains. more moderate from southwest to northeast and every time a patch of rain moves out, another patch shows up on radar. we can look downstream on storm scan and all those yellow patches, moderate rainfall. heavier downpours over portions of west virginia, western north carolina, kentucky, and tennessee. call for showers southerly winds. temperatures approaching 70's. but it will be late this afternoon with heavier rains and isolated thunderstorms kick in. 100%, the probability. 80% of showers and storms tomorrow. lingering showers approaching 80 degrees on wednesday. and sunshine and pleasant mayweather through thursday, friday, and throughout this upcoming weekend. >> all right doug, thank you. it's 6:41 right now. temperature dropping just a bit down to 60 degrees. it's a big week for facebook
6:42 am
founder mark zuckerberg. how he will celebrate turning 28 years old. plus bringing adoptable pets right to your front door. the washington humane society's newest outreach effort. first, mike allen joins us with an inside look at mitt romney's campaign strategy and why it
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>> behind the scenes with the power players who are putting all on the line in the special d.c. edition of "jeopardy." what the celebrities are saying in front of a d.c. and national audience. join us at 5:00. >> we are live outside this morning with the washington humane society. they have a brand-new feature here. the mobile adoption center.
6:45 am
we brought out some adoptable animals this morning. tell us about this mobile center. >> this is brand-new and it has enabled us to taken a malls into the community and to the neighborhoods to where people work where people live and be able to meet them right there and learn more about our organization. >> tell us a little bit about who you brauth out this morning. >> we have rocky raccoon here. he's our senior dog. he's about 10 years old and was found as a stray. he's looking for a loving home. very energetic. dual is a stray with some kittens and now that her kittens has been adopted, she's looking for a home of her own. she's a year old. >> and ginger over here. >> ginger. she's a really sweet girl who just loves give kisses and sit in your lap after you go for a nice run. she would love someone to could
6:46 am
with. >> i love this concept of the mobile adoption center because instead of people having to come in to the shelter you're bringing these animals to them. >> exactly. we can take it neighborhoods, community festivals. we can go to place where is people work and do a lunchtime adoption event so people can have time to meet animals while they're working. >> and outside of the shelter maybe people can warm up to the animals more and envision them inside of their own home. it's a little less sterile. >> exactly. and it's better for the animals. sometimes with a shelter, they're a little -- a lot of other animals, they're barking. when they're out in the neighborhoods, they can just with be themselves. >> they could strut theirselves. thank you so much for joining us bright and early this morning. and if people want to the mobile adoption center, are you going to be out any time soon? >> i tell people to check our website and you can see where we're going to be. >> all right. thank you so much. steve, back to you.
6:47 am
>> what a great opportunity that is. it's 6:46. in today's politico minute, how mitt romney's campaign is looking to avoid the same mistakes john mccain made four years early. it's the top story in politico this morning. happy monday, mike. i guess this is the key. let's look at what john mccain did and do the opposite, right? >> hoping to get a different result and it's starting with a very tight it in team. most of the people at the top of the campaign were also there in 2008 whereas mccain's campaign, he didn't know a lot of his top staffers. so the most important way that we're going to see this is in the vice-presidential election process. the sarah palin episode is impossible that mitt romney will go with a risky surprise. they told us what we're going for -- they're going for is boring white guys. >> that list is a list of former presidential candidates. >> most likely is rob portman,
6:48 am
senator from ohio. knows both ends of pennsylvania avenue. but another top person might be tim pawlenty he's their backup guy. mitch daniels the governor of indiana would be on the list. the only hint of paprika in our vanilla here is the paul ryan, the budget chairman from wisconsin who is controversial, but would help them in the rush belt. >> and the other idea about going against what happened four years ago, really putting the focus on the economy and knowing that that might be that trigger issue. >> that's why we are hearing so little from mitt romney about gay marriage. even in his speech in battleground virginia at liberty university, just a sentence or two about marriage. he wants to stay on the economy today. the obama campaign is engaging the economy in their own way.
6:49 am
they're starting their assault on mitt romney's bane capital record. >> always good stuff. you can read more about it in "politico." thank you. the president has busy day in the big apple. he will deliver a commencement address in bonner college in new york city. and scheduled to tape an appearance on "the view." let's switch gears from politics to the baseball diamond. the washington nationals is going to be without wilson ramos if their rest of the season because of what happened right there. he tore his a.c.l. in his right knee during saturday's game against the reds. the game the nats won. jesus flores will take over for ramos. the nats called up sandy leon to back up flores. special mother's day. at dodgers stadium. the game kicked off with the mothers of seven players throwing off the first pitch to their son. i like that. after trying out, derek jeter
6:50 am
gave his pink boot a young girl who was sitting behind the dugout with the yankees cap on. very nice. today, you have another chance to enter our tiger woods chipping contest. you can find yourself chipping against the golf great here in the d.c. region. the winner receive twos week long v.i.p. tickets to the golf tournament. just watch "good morning washington" each morning and get the clue word of the day and today's clue word is the word "chip." go to and into in that clue word. you'll be entered into that contest. and we're going to announce the winner on thursday morning. so good luck. 6:50. let's check weather and traffic. let's start with lisa baden. >> i'll take that and chip it right on in to news chopper 7 through college park. look at that pace of traffic going into silver spring. it is sad and slow but no
6:51 am
accidents to report from 95 to get to georgia avenue. also that pace expected on 270 south out of german town and northbound 95 to a crash on the shoulder now between lorton and newington. >> we're going to head right down to calvert county and say good morning to doug hill. good morning doug. >> good morning. we'll start with our time-lapse. currently 60 degrees in damascus. one of these mornings with a little bit of rain east of the city. more rain west of the si and these low clouds continue. get used to it. we've had 38 of one inch in cumberland. so generally, we'll run into a 10th to a quarter of an inch. live super doppler 7 shows periods of rain. patch offense rain, occasional showers in the morning as it drifts from south-southwest to
6:52 am
northeast. and possibly heavier as well. live super doppler close-up. the darker green shows some steadier rain off west towards washington duluth and the west. satellite and radar shows us a good idea of what's happening. it stretches well through virginia parts of north carolina, eastern kentucky and tennessee because of an area of low pressure that's pushing to the northeast. so periods of rain through the day through tomorrow, tomorrow night and futurecast computer model predicts rainfall through late tomorrow night and some of it is west over two inches and the lesser amounts as you go to the east. it's all beneficial rainfall. occasional showers and steadier rain later on. 72. rumbles of thunder late this evening. and tomorrow morning, showers and thunderstorms and mid 70's. warmer by wednesday. will the sun come back? sure. question is when? adam will let you know coming up
6:53 am
in a couple of seconds. >> thank you. 6:52. you're watching "good morning washington." we
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>> the day ahead now. the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms will pay tribute to william hurt killed the line of duty after reconstruction. >> the washington capitals
6:56 am
expected to clean out their lockers after the new york yankees eliminated them from the playoffs saturday night. >> and facebook founder mark zuckerberg celebrating his 28th birthday today. days before the social networking site goes public. that's going to be a nice day to celebrate knowing that you've got a few extra billion dollars coming your way just a few days. >> let's check in with adam caskey the rain is coming down out there. >> it is. you were just outside. >> yeah. my hair is definitely feeling the effects. >> i like it. [laughter] looking good. it's one of those days with the humidity will give your hair some extra volume. a little volume in the hair. off and on rain today through tomorrow. nice good healthy beneficial soaking here. occasional showers throughout the next couple of days. clearing out. back to a lot of sunshine thursday into the weekend. but drying out and clearing out just in time. >> thanks so much, adam.
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